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Aberdeen v Celtic, Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Hearts, St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, Rangers v Kilmarnock and Hibs v St Mirren. Introduced by David Currie.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the Results show.


It's a six game Premiership Saturday - more fun than dooking


for chips at Halloween and a lot less dangerous.


That's why we've roped in two top quality guests.


The man who lead Inverness in their historic Scottish Cup


winning year - John Hughes and former Scotland international


and Sportscene regular Steven Thompson.


There are games afoot across the nation and one results


already determined - let's have a look, shall we?


The lunchtime match, leaders Celtic one against Aberdeen. The game is


underway currently, Dundee one up, Dundee the bottom club. Plenty of


goals at the park, too. Rangers 3-0 up at home. In the championship,


four games on. No goals at Tannadice. There is a game kicking


off at 5:15pm. Right back to the match of the day


at the top of the Premiership. There were seven points


between leaders Celtic and Aberdeen There are now ten


after Celtic's 1-0 win. Here's Liam Mcleod with his story


of the match. Celtic when again, and yet another


huge mug of the champions, who go well clear at the championship --


huge one for the champions. It deceived Joe Lewis and gave the


champions the leader. Armstrong should have made it two at the


break, but contrived to miss from two yards with the goal gaping. But


for Lewis, it would have been more handsome scoreline. He twice, with


the best coming from Scott Sinclair effort. The Dons through what they


had at the visitors, shinny went close as well. It is only October,


but in Aberdeen title challenge looks to be the stuff of fantasy


this campaign. Just one goal there, but plenty across the country. There


has been another at Fir Park between Motherwell and Ross County. Let us


say hello to our reporter. It'll be too little too late for Ross County,


but they have a goal in this game. It is Alex Sharp who has them on the


scoresheet this afternoon. County have been poor, but at Alex Sharp


has at least even the fans something to cheer. Let's return to that big


Match of the Day, the one at lunch time between Aberdeen and Celtic. We


Match of the Day, the one at lunch can hear from both managers and


indeed a Celtic player. First up, it is the Dons boss. There's acceptable


way of losing games, and today was one of them. Too often I have seen


teams play against Celtic. But really, try and have a go against


them. I think the danger of that need don't begin to be too


stretched. Today, they found the quality from the Finnish. We've


shown moments of great football. We pressed the game very well. Moments


where there are direct and going long into the box, we had to stand


up and be counted. It is a tough place to come. I think it has shown


that over a period of time. I thought it was an outstanding result


for us on the back of what has been a difficult week. Of games. To get


the three points, keep another clean sheet, create many chances and win


the game was very pleasing. Always a tough game. Aberdeen did all they


the game was very pleasing. Always a could to beat us, and try to bully


us, but I think today we showed this other side of our game that we can


also play the physical game. That's what a team of completion is about.


The manager saying there are acceptable ways to win a game and I


was one of them, do you agree? I saw there are good in the first half.


There wasn't a lot in it in terms of chances. In the second half, Celtic


up their level. If it wasn't for the Aberdeen goalkeeper, and the save he


makes from Sinclair was shot in the top corner was unbelievable. There


are two or three other good saves. They could have won by more, but in


the end was a great save that kept the score 1-0. Quite a good header.


Celtic uncatchable now, but they also looking like the could be


unbeaten? A tough question, because there's a long way to go. They are


looking very good. If you look at their team selection against Ross


County the other night, it's like they have another team just waiting


to come in. Brendan will be absolutely delighted with that


result. Aberdeen beat Celtic twice last year. At Pittodrie. There might


have had a clever multi--- there might have had a penalty. I've


worked with shinny macro. Said he didn't get clip then? I thought it


was a penalty. That go back to the games that are underway. That


started Ibrox, Rangers against Kilmarnock. Rangers fans will be


happy with this. 3-0 up. Goals from Captain Lee Wallace. The third of


the season and second of the week, they are 3-0 up against Kilmarnock.


Let us move on to the home of Inverness, Tulloch Caledonian


Stadium. They are to home to hearts this afternoon. Let us call upon


Martin Dowden. An absolute cracker here. A brilliant finish after great


work to level. Doumbouya, Hearts back in it. They got level through


across, pastoral onto the net. Doran nicked possession brilliantly. Great


goals, there may well be more. Will hear more if there are. John Barnes


is watching St Johnstone against Partick Thistle. We have to be


content with a point apiece, he says. It is currently 1-1, both


goals coming in the space of 60 seconds in the first half. A free


kick in. At the back post, Doolan was there to hit it in. Stephen


Maclean with a shot from eight yards. It is 1-0. Too far park, and


we can hear once again from Jonathan. -- far park. The ball got


rolling early doors. Then there was an own goal from Van der Weg. Tait


fired home to make it 3-0, before aims worse made it 4-0. Motherwell


very much on top. They have had a goal pulled back, but it will be a


consolation. This will be nine games without a win for Ross County, quite


worrying. To Hamilton, Dundee visitors this afternoon. Dundee at


the bottom club. How is it going? The first half was 45 minutes long,


and that's all you need to know about that. The second has been


better. Dundee are ahead by 1-0. It came after 61 minutes. It was


McGowan at the edge of the box. Another try to get a backheel on it,


didn't get a touch. It beat goalkeeper, who was diving. Since


the goalkeeper, who was diving. Since then Dundee have been a much


more confident side. Hamilton have in themselves today. They beat


Aberdeen here during the week, but trying to fight harder and


equaliser. At the moment, good news for Dundee, the bottom club, leading


1-0 -- leading 1-0. He Banyan -- Hibernian. Sparkling form for the


home side this afternoon. Opening the scoring after eight minutes. The


second 11 minutes before the break. Cruising. Dundee United have just


gone one up. The goals are coming in thick and fast. I don't actually


know where to begin! Let's go to Inverness. Join your firm account


the -- former club. They are due one. The last time, it was 5-1. I


fancied Inverness. They are a good side and if you can keep their own


injury free, you'll get anyone in the league. Interesting team


selection from Hearts. They haven't been scoring a lot of goals. After


the disappointing performance against Kilmarnock during the week,


he busy fancied changes. It was a really good goal in the first half.


He's trying to claim a second goal, but doesn't budget. It is just


across. It is one of those that misses and deceives the goalkeeper.


Another eye-catching school with Motherwell and Ross County. I didn't


see that one coming. Quite a change today. They have certainly made up


for it from midweek. If you see the first goal, McDonald's header. Ross


County will be very disappointed. They came down the right-hand side,


the full-back, all the way and smashed it into the post. The


goalkeeper will be very disappointed, folks. It's great,


they were struggling. They were struggling to score goals a few


weeks ago, and you wonder whether he has changed the emphasis to scoring


goals, now they are leaking goals. You wonder if there is a small


hang-up to the success they had last year. There is this a bit of


stillness when they came back, like Inverness, winning the cup. It will


be put right, I'm sure of that. A poor start to the week after a loss


to Celtic in the League Cup and then a jaw against St Johnstone. There


had to be a reaction on Wednesday night, per against St Johnstone, it


has to be said. It's good to see Ghana getting another goal, that


will boost his confidence -- Garner. He had to win today, and it is a


good success. They could end the day in second spot? I fancy them to


finish second. As we heard America, they have budgeted either. I'm


Wolverton fan, as affable podge -- as a football coach, wishing all the


best. Some critics say he doesn't have a plan B. What is a plan B? Put


a big centre-half upfront? A plan B for me is changing a system. At


Inverness, people try to play straight mid-fielding and getting


beat and really going for it, that a plan B. He doesn't change his system


and tactics either. It's just a case of trying to do it, but doing


better, I think you says. Sometimes it can be predictable. Things aren't


going to plan for Dundee this season, but today there are 1-0. --


they are one up. I'm very pleased with the ball. -- with the goal. It


was daily in the stands! With the supporters. They've really needed a


result, and I'm pleased for them. When you're doing it and losing


games consistently, your confidence goes. And this will give him a


boost. Will start the second bounce at Inverness. It is three apiece in


that thrilling match. It is still thrilling, 3-3. Inverness is coming


up with Gary Warren charging. It came off the post, the referee gave


a free kick. They're going toe to toe, will there be a winner? Will


find out. Let's had to McDiarmid Park, St Johnstone against Partick


Thistle, 1-1. We've just had one for Partick Thistle. That play on the


left-hand side. From ten yards out batters it into the back of the net.


It is one minute into stoppage time and it is 1-2. Remarkable stuff


there. I don't think too many people would have predicted Partick Thistle


getting a win. They have them playing reasonably well and getting


back-to-back wins is brilliant for them. It's been a brilliant match


actually. Very even. St Johnstone will be raging, because to lose at


home after a good result during the will be raging, because to lose at


week will be disappointing. Jonathan, still 4-1 Motherwell


against County? Certainly. Motherwell have an excellent today.


Ross County had their problems, but let's not under emphasise how good


Motherwell were today. They definitely deserve this victory.


It'll be a 4-1 victory. What a great goal for Ainslie. It's been released


a week since highlights on Sportscene, that is definitely one


to watch. They got two in at the end! Let us hear from Paul Mitchell.


Hamilton Dundee, are they still holding on? They are still holding


on. We've had a couple of injuries in the second half. Dundee about to


make a change. This is just going to waste more time. Hamilton had plenty


of the ball in the last ten, 15 minutes but have been unable to


break through the back three. Dundee just trying to waste time. Marcus


Haber almost going backwards as he's coming off the field. Deep into


stoppage time, Dundee lead 1-0. In the championship, off we go to


Easter Road. At the top against the bottom. Still 2-0? It is. It has


been a championship performance this afternoon by the Easter Road side.


Martin Boyle has just received Man of the Match from the sponsors and


will get another round of applause as he is being replaced by


substitute Alex Harris. Another sitting on the bench this afternoon,


terrific decision by the manager. Thank you very much. I believe the


first full-time reports are beginning to trickle in. Let us had


to Fir Park Stadium, final whistle has gone and it finishes 4-1. Yeah


the Motherwell manager told me before the match he wasn't worried


about the team pulls back form, despite three straight defeats going


into this match. To be fair, he has probably been proven correct.


Motherwell got an early goal in this one. It has to be asked about the


Ross County defending. The second well goal from Motherwell at the


back. Bundled over his own line by the defender Van der Weg. A shot at


the near post, seemed to evade the keeper and it was 3-0. Ainsworth


then started to enjoy himself. Rounded the goalkeeper to make it


4-0. Definitely worth watching on the highlights. As for Ross County,


pretty post. This is the ninth game and victory. They did get


consolation goal. He looked lively when he came on off the bench. Of


the second bottom place. Final score 4-1. Well worth watching on


highlights tomorrow! It is full-time in Perth, St Johnstone against


Partick Thistle. It has reached its conclusion. A late win for the jags?


It sure is. It is the captain leading for example. One minute into


stoppage time, claiming the winner for Partick Thistle. They had taken


the lead after 70 minutes. Chris Doolin with a close range effort. It


was knocked into the back of the net by Doolin. All the drama came late


in the second half. Some fine goalkeeping by the St Johnstone


goalkeeper. It kept Partick Thistle out, but could do nothing in that


minute into stoppage time as the player down the left-hand side, cut


the ball out and it was blasted into the top corner of the net. Victory


for the side incident as an's 600 competitive fixture. It is all over


at Hamilton. A win for Dundee. Joy on the faces of the Dundee players.


The body language said it all. Dundee with the first win since


opening day in the league. The one who scored in the first one, you


made the difference today. The goal that proved just enough. A curb on a


very different match, with the first very different match, with the first


-- it could have been a very different match. Someone came close


three minutes later, great header from the corner. With two chances in


their opening four minutes, we expected much but very little came


in those 45 minutes. The difference in the second half was Leganes's


goal from the edge of the box. It was a trundling shot. Marcus Haber


and get out the way. We didn't get it out, it was enough to fall the


goalkeeper and the ball nestled in the back of the net. Saluting their


fans, much-needed for Dundee this afternoon. It is 1-0. Bye out of


there as a huddle on the pitch at Caledonian's Inverness against


Hearts, allover? This man securing the point when the visitors in what


was absolutely outstanding contest. Inverness took the initiative early


on. Doumbouya netted his third goal in three. He finished brilliantly.


Hearts got back in it after some poor defending, they equalised when


there was a cross sent in. The ball bounced into the corner despite the


goalkeeper's best efforts. Inverness went ahead again. Doran went in and


brilliantly converted. Hearts pulled straight forward, pushing for an


equaliser and got it. In truth, both sides could argue they deserved more


after a fantastic 90 minutes. 3-3 at full-time. Full-time at Ibrox, and


Rangers have won that 3-0. That victory good enough to take Rangers


to second spot in the table. Goals from Neil Wallace, Andy Halliday and


Joe Garner, giving them a 3-0 win over Kilmarnock. Let us had to


Easter Road in the championship. Ward at home to the bottom club this


afternoon. It is over once again. It finished 2-0. It really was a Martin


Boyle this afternoon -- Martin Boyle show, justifying him being on rather


than the top scorer this afternoon. Great composure to clip the ball


over the advancing opener. Boil or so with a hand in the second goal,


bouncing around the visitors Martyn yard. Simone should have been ahead


early on, but an effort was cleared off the line. It was pulled down


inside the box, the referee pointed to the spot. Probably just about the


only saving grace for St Mirren this afternoon. It finished here at


Easter Road, 2-0. Letters find out how second placed Dundee fad. They


are at home this afternoon. -- Dundee fad. It is enough to give


United a victory. The defender is playing his first game after a


suspension. A bit cruel on the Falkirk keeper, who made a string of


important saves, particularly denying Norwich striker Tony Andrew


on a couple of occasions. He also urged to parry the ball away when


they looked set to scoring the second half. United creating the


better chances, but Falkirk were always a danger the counterattack.


Three chances. In one, try to get through on the goalkeeper but it was


a comfortable save. In the end, that was vital for Dundee United. Five


games unbeaten since their last at Falkirk last month. Hibernian


looking good? I fancy them to go on and win it. Especially at home, they


are a good side. I'm a little bit surprised that Cummings is finding


himself on the bench. Dundee United, a fantastic result. Keeps them right


on the tale of Hibernian. In the Premiership, Rangers up to second. A


terrible week it's been for them? At the start of the season, I predicted


they would finish second. And I think a lot of people, you know,


predicted the same thing. It has been patchy, their form, but if they


can stay in second and maintain that, you are right talking about


the budgets. They have foreign away the second-biggest budget in the


league and they should be second -- far and away. Why do we get has been


for Partick Thistle. Two wins away from home. Yes, and he was linked


with the job at Shrewsbury, stayed at Partick Thistle. That has turned


around for him and I'm absolutely delighted, because he's a smashing


bloke. Football's about momentum. Anyway get momentum and confidence


is results. Ross County suffering a lack of momentum. Unfortunately, a


country bought their momentum was a few weeks ago. They are struggling


very badly. But you have to give credit to Motherwell, because they


had to show reaction after midweek, their 3-0 loss. And to come back


today and win 4-1. John is right, they're defending, we watched the


game coming in. Some of the defending was abysmal from Ross


County. There's a lot of work to be done. What you think has gone wrong?


That was one of their strengths. I don't know. The goals they are


losing are far too easy. The first one was from six yards out, header.


He was not the tallest player, certainly one that should be up in


the box. That's not good enough. There was another one, the writeback


runs and challenged 40 yards with the ball then hit a decent strike --


the right back, Tait. An awful lot of work to be done. The Dundee


United players were on the pitch in a huddle. Picture shows, I'm


absolutely delighted for Paul, because he's going through a hard


time. He needed a result. Saying before that, just keep a clean


sheet, or get a draw. Just take something. That gives him a bit of


hope. He works hard and I'm delighted they got that result. And


that is their second win, their first on the first overseas and.


They were desperate for a win. When you're in that run, you just need to


stop. You need any kind of result, a clean sheet, a 0-0. For much of the


match, declared it would be 1-0. Obviously they popped up with the


winner. Letters go straight without any further delay to today's


classified results round-up. Dumbuya Aberdeen Neil, Celtic one,


Hamilton versus Dundee 0- one, Inverness County versus Hearts 3-3,


Motherwell versus Ross County, 4-1. One match this evening, Raith Rovers


versus Queen of the South. In League 1, Alloa athletic versus Albion


Rovers nil - nil. Brecon city versus Livingston 0- three, East Fife


versus Eddie Ronan 's 3-1. And here in the Scottish League 2. In the


English Premier League: Two matches tomorrow, Everton versus


West Ham United and Southhampton versus Chelsea, Stoke play Swansea


on Monday. In the Sky Bet English championship:


Lets have a look at the league tables. The top of the Scottish


premiership shows Celtic at the top, nine points in hand. Rangers won 3-0


against Kilmarnock. Aberdeen dropped to fourth. At the bottom of the


table, Ross Co down to second bottom just ahead of Dundee, who enjoyed


that much needed victory at Hamilton this afternoon. In the championship,


it makes a pleasant reading for hits, three points clear at the top.


Dundee United going well in second. Great Rovers playing this afternoon.


Saint Mirren, at the bottom. Air United lost to Morton, sitting


nicely in six. Livingston are the new league leaders. They unseated


their man at the top. The two looks like this. Forfar athletic just one


their man at the top. The two looks point ahead. They do have a game in


hand, they dropped points today in the bottom club against Edinburgh


city. A big win for Manchester city today, and Arsenal. They share on 23


points. Liverpool could join if they win their match later on.


Sunderland, still without a win, three points adrift of Swansea city.


They have a game in hand. The other team in the relegation zone at the


moment is Hull city. Three points for Newcastle United, their lead at


the top. They played against Brighton and Hove. The bottom of the


table, Rotherham United 's. Wigan athletic move up to third bottom


after a good win against cars if today -- against Cardiff today. I


after a good win against cars if got the William Hill Scottish cup


results. Annan athletic 2- East Ayrshire one.


Gretna, 2008, at this all six. A good win for them this afternoon.


We've been on a bad run by Kant thought my players. A beautiful away


fixture. Hamilton didn't really threaten us. We deserve that win


today. We were the better team. You've made a few changes. You


looked like a different site today. We were different site, a site that


thoughts today. We are going to get a little bit nasty in terms the


pitch and how we play, but altogether our players' work ethic


has changed. Did he say he wouldn't shave until Dundee got a win?


LAUGHTER Sometimes you got to change your


style of it. He is asking purely for attitude, and that's the key thing.


If you are dealing the results will turn to you. He looked relieved, to


tell you the truth. They are going to be harder to beat, keep clean


sheets and resolute. They want James Pater back. He's a big character in


the dressing room. Who do you think Pater back. He's a big character in


will be happy with that Hearts' game? For Hearts to come back into


the match on three separate occasions, because Inverness when


two goals up. It was absolutely pulsate in March. It looks like


Celtic eased into the title, but we've got some scrappy play in bits.


I think the teams in the top six, I don't think there will be much


difference, come the end of the season, but the league is so tight


that anybody can beat anybody, apart from Celtic who are clear favourites


are better than everybody else. Do you fancy Rangers for second? I


think they will strengthen, come the window. You will see wacko oncoming


back -- you will see them coming back. Hearts and Aberdeen will push,


Evenson Johnstone. Highlights of all today's


Premiership matches can be enjoyed or otherwise depending


on how your team fared, tomorrow The Results show is back next week


at half past four On BBC One - Steven gets the Off The Ball


treatment on the wireless Stuart Cosgrove and


Tam Cowan presiding - That's it though -


thanks to John Hughes And thanks to you for


watching - see you soon. And thanks to you for


watching and see you soon.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, the lunchtime match is at Pittodrie as Aberdeen take on Celtic for the second time this season, with Derek McInnes's side looking to make amends for their 4-1 defeat at the hands of the champions in August. Then, among the three o'clock kick-offs, Hearts are in the Highland capital to play Inverness Caledonian Thistle, St Johnstone host Partick Thistle in Perth, while Rangers entertain Kilmarnock at Ibrox. In the Championship, new St Mirren manager Jack Ross takes his team to Easter Road to play Hibs.

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