23/10/2016 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL. St Johnstone v Dundee, Inverness v Kilmarnock and Partick Thistle v Ross County.

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Good evening and welcome to Sportscene. We have highlights from


the weekend's three Premiership games, and reaction from today's Old


Firm League Cup final today. In the company of Steven Thompson and Scott


McDonald. We begin in Perth for the Tayside derby between St Johnstone


and Dundee. COMMENTATOR: Sam Johnstone looking


to bounce back from defeat against Kilmarnock last weekend. David


Wotherspoon starting in preference to Blair Alston.


Lovely flick, great touch and a chance for McGowan to create for


Teijsse. What a chance, what a mess. Paul Hartley is jumping around in


the technical area in frustration. You don't get opportunities to much


better than this to open the scoring. But 1- to between


Wotherspoon and Foster. Hope made the challenge. Still alive for


Davidson. Skewing that across goal. Just behind Chris Cain. There looked


to be a bit of contact there in the box between Holt and Maclean. The


pair got tangled up. Steven MacLean didn't make a great deal of fuss


about it. This looks promising. Down goes


Murray Davidson with little contact involved. That is how it seemed from


here. Yellow forcing elation is the charge against Davidson. There did


not seem an awful lot of reason for Murray Davidson for hitting the deck


here. No way past Hateley. St Johnstone do


have the ball now. Great skill from Swanson, lovely nutmeg, and plenty


behind the strike. There is the nutmeg of McGowan. The shot,


although well struck, straight at Bain. Diving header from Foster.


Wotherspoon looking for the 1-2. Davidson, and a free kick will be


given for the late challenge on Murray Davidson.


Swirling in at the back post, Steven Anderson strikes for St Johnstone!


In the 62nd minute, it is his third goal of the campaign. Following in


the free kick from Craig. It was delivered into a good area. Steven


Anderson was completely unmarked. Chris Cain. Foster, good ball in.


Down goes Steven MacLean, penalty. It is a yellow card for Kevin Gomis.


It is a chance for the Perth team, you would imagine at this stage, to


make the points safe. It was all a bit obvious. It is Danny Swanson,


and it is half a dozen successful penalties for him this season. His


ninth goal of the campaign. And that could be the goal, you would


imagine, that means there is no way back for Dundee, the goal which will


keep the dark Blues at the bottom of the Premiership, and hoist St


Johnstone up to a share of third place.


Steven MacLean, and now Swanson. This looks threatening. Lovely ball


in. Back off the bar from Michael Coulson. Delicious go from Danny


Swanson. The looping header bounces back off the bar.


Teijsse, was there a push? Yes, there was. Penalty given. A chance


for Dundee to at least get a goal back. It was fairly obvious, wasn't


it, from Steven Anderson. It is Rory Loy, and it is 2-1. A fourth goal of


the campaign for Rory Loy. Injecting late hoping to this for Dundee. I am


really pleased with how we played and moved the ball. We worked all


week on it. Moving the ball quick, getting the full-backs involved in


the game, getting them high up the pitch. Delighted to win, but I


wouldn't like to have the last 2-3 minutes again, because we put


ourselves in a position that we shouldn't have been in. We are in


the position where we are having a fight right now. We haven't got


enough points. It is not good enough. We had to take


responsibility, and do our talking on the pitch. STUDIO: Sam Johnstone


back to winning ways at another defeat. Did the referee get this


right? He got one right and got one wrong. I don't think there is an


awful lot of content between Gomis and Steven MacLean. The goalkeeper


is cited. A note in the back? It is soft. I'd like one of those every


week. This one is slightly more obvious. Steven Anderson here, two


armed push in the back. Clearly a penalty kick. It is a blatant push.


Just the two hands. The referee is in a perfect position to see that


one as well. It will be a good win in the end forcing Johnstone, but


how big are the defensive problems for Dundee? St Johnstone played very


well, but Dundee did not defend well. They are trying to hold the


line. Darren O'Dea drops, and for a player of his experience, he will be


disappointed. Darren O'Dea knows how to defend. You can see Michael


Coulson makes a run into the box. Unbelievable skill from Swanson, and


a header coming back. Problems for Dundee defensively. Here again,


Gomis is deeper than the rest of the players. When the ball is played in,


he goes to sleep. Watch this. If Steven MacLean headed back across


goal, it is a tap in. There are problems defensively. Paul Hartley


admits there is a fight on their hands, bottom of the table, five


straight defeats, how much pressure is he under? Massive pressure. Five


straight defeats, no wins in nine, three points from 27. Massive


pressure. The game on Wednesday becomes a huge game against Partick


Thistle. If they can win, it could be a catalyst for them. Good three


points for St Johnstone. They churn them out. That is them up to third.


Level on points with Hearts. Was Murray Davidson lucky to stay on the


pitch? I think he was. He was booked for a dive here. He is arguing with


a couple of Dundee players that he accidentally fell over. As we see


here, it is probably a nine. He gets booked for that one. He is on a


booking. In this challenge. You can see it is definitely dangerous play.


The referee lets get away with this one. Ouch. Not where you want to get


kicked. Definite yellow, maybe even a read. He was lucky Tuesday on.


Neither Partick this'll all Ross County have managed a win in their


last 13 league matches combined. Yesterday provided a fresh start.


Not the best start to the season. We need goals. We are lacking


confidence. We will finish sixth or seventh. Fifth, maybe. Top ten if we


are lucky. This'll change shape. A couple of


changes for Ross County after heavy defeat from Aberdeen.


This all doing all the early pressing in this match. This is as


these against Andrew Davies. Davies sticking to his task. Giving away a


corner kick. Sean Welsh's one. Down goes Kris


Doolan and a penalty has been awarded. The referee spotted


something amiss. He had no hesitation as the corner was swung


in. The ball flicked on there and Doolan goes down under the tackle of


Ryan Dow. Sean Welsh, coolly taken. The dominance of the match so far


has merited this. Welsh with a third goal of the season to give his side


the advantage. County will be looking to do much better in the


second period. They haven't been at the races so


far. A chance here. There is current. So close to the equaliser.


The chance might still be on. Into the arms of the grateful Ryan


Scully. Curran coming closest. Partick this'll will want to add to


their lead. They are always susceptible to that kind of mood.


The challenge from Osman. A free kick goes Thistle's way. Into the


feet of Azeez. He goes down looking for the penalty kick. The referee,


in fact, has awarded a free kick against him. It will be a booking


for Azeez. Paul Quinn not happy with Aziz going to ground. They yellow


card shown to the Thistle striker forcing elation. He rather frozen


self to the ground -- for simulation. Can Ross County create


something here? The ball comes all the way through to the certitude. --


to the substitute. Here goes Azeez. He is through on


goal and is clipped. Just a yellow card. County not happy at all that


they were denied a penalty. The cross came in from van der Weg. It


is a clumsy challenge. A let off for Thistle.


Ziggy Gordon backing, allowing but a shot at goal. An injury time


equaliser for Ross County. They had barely been in the game until the


last few minutes. Again, Partick Thistle have conceded late. They did


so last week against Hamilton Accies, and they were punished


thereby Chris Burke. His first goal for Ross County. A late leveller


from Chris Burke. Is there time for a Ross County winner? The visiting


fans in the main stand will be hoping so.


A fine save by Ryan Scully from Ryan Dow. That could so easily have been


the three points for the visitors. I can't keep feeling sorry for


ourselves. We drew the match, which feels like a defeat. We have to


stand up and be counted, no one else will help. We have been in this


position before a number of times. I feel Partick Thistle dominated the


first half. They came out of the traps far better than us. So we


changed things in the second half. I thought we were far better in the


second half and finished the game really strong. After eight hours of


golf free football, Ross County finally find the back of the net --


gold free football. Lacking cohesion in the final third. They are playing


well, but in the final third, they are making poor choices. Azeez


should give them something. Maybe make a run across the defenders, but


does neither. It has to come out wide. Ross County are getting


numbers back and the attack fizzles out. It was indicative of how


Partick played yesterday. Azeez makes this run well, but they


do not give it to him. He has options, decides to shoot, poor


choices. We see Elliot breaking down the right-hand side. Azeez just


rocks, does not really make a run. Perfect opportunity to play it on


the inside. They will be screaming, saying, get out the box.


The poor referees are under the microscope tonight. In this match,


did he get it right? For the first one, definitely. In my eyes, it is a


complete penalty. He gets the to the ball, did not see too many


complaints from the players. I can see why this one was not given, it


could easily have been given as well. But this one here, the context


mac contact is made. But he takes another touch and then tumbles. It


is a definite penalty. It is more a penalty than it is not, but I can


see why the referee has chosen not to give it.


I cannot believe there were not more clubs interested in him.


Inverness and Kilmarnock began the weekend level


on points as they met at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium.


Kilmarnock aiming to build on that away victory


Caley Thistle hoping to pick themselves back up after that


Inverness bring back Meekings to central defence. Jonathan Byrne was


injured early in the win overseen Johnson.


Anderson knocking it high. Here is McKenzie.


He is looking for Kula Bali -- Coulibaly. It's Coulibaly himself.


And he picked it home. Williams seemed to get a hand to it but could


not keep it out. McKay, cotton possession nearby Jones. No Tyson.


Jones continues his run. It was Coulibaly beer, and he should have


done better, and he knows it. It was good play in the flank from Tyson.


But it came off the side of Coulibaly and into the keeper.


McKay. Anderson's header, going the wrong way. In towards Doumbouya.


Inverness trying to maintain a good run of home form. They have only


suffered one defeat in the last four, and that was to last weekend.


-- to Rangers last weekend. Here is Jones, he is giving McKay a hard


time of it so far in this first half. It's Coulibaly's shot blocked


the. It looked like Meekings was the man who made the stop. Kilmarnock


have not had a win in their last nine visits here.


That was creeping in at the post, but for the arrival of Jamie


McDonald. -- MacDonald. And it is off the post. Kris Boyd,


whose old me on the park for a couple of minutes as a substitute,


takes a deflection. -- who is only on the park.


And that is the equaliser. Four minutes from the end. And it is


Doumbouya with a second goal for Inverness. And he may well have


denied Kilmarnock the three points. Kilmarnock could not get it clearer


and the striker took full advantage. Is there still time for a


Kilmarnock? Here is Taylor. McKenzie was thinking about the short, it


came off the post. It just will not go for the visitors. One piece is


how this might finish. It can be tough to get the players


going again, but I have to ask whether my passion and the team talk


was good enough. Have a look at yourself before you look to blame


other people. A disappointed dressing room, we will dust


ourselves down. It is an indication to people that we are strong team.


We have got quality we can battle. The points are shared between them.


We have seen doom and gloom for a Kilmarnock so far this season.


Things look more likely, Jones, someone that you knew at


Middlesbrough. Another hot prospect from the Middlesbrough Academy. He


has always been seen as somebody with something different, that


little bit of talent. He was more of a central player, but he seems to


have found his position for him. He loves being direct, beating players,


he goes on to get into the box to try to get on the end of things. I


think Coulibaly should do better there. A lovely little trickier. --


trick. It Israeli exciting for Kilmarnock to have a player like


that. He really quick. He has got pace to burn. He is a player that


gets fans after seats. It has come together. At the back,


was Addison competent? They do not know. He should have


been giving depth, but he goes and gets in a bit of a mess. When you


tried to recover, he comes into the picture, slips, tries to defend with


his head. I think John Terry did that a few years ago. He's in good


company. , And it will be disappointed, it is far too easy. A


ball into the box that is not dealt with immediately. Addison tries to


use his head to clear the ball. He would be better to get his body in


front of it. Strange defending. Kilmarnock and Inverness on the same


points. This league is crazy at the moment. We have talked about Paul


Hartley been under pressure, but there is only a few points between


him and the other teams. And after all that,


the Ladbrokes Premiership No change in the top three,


but St Johnstone now level Dundee bottom of the


table on six points. It's been huge weekend


of semi-finals in the Yesterday Aberdeen reached the final


after they beat Morton 2-0. Today it was all about


the Old Firm derby. Rangers and Celtic vying for a place


in the final. A showdown at Hampden


Park this afternoon. An absolutely fantastic semifinal


here which finishes with Celtic taking on Aberdeen next month. A


very clever late finish from Dembele, a man in serious form. Pat,


Celtic were superb on the day. The only difference between this game


and a 5-1 defeat in the league last month was the fact he did not take


all of their chances. They had their chances, in the last third day could


have done better on your decision-making. He will be


delighted to be in the final. It was a great game, I really enjoyed it.


Celtic had the class, Dembele's finish was superb. They had the


opportunity to bring on quality players who also created something


for Celtic. Brendan Rodgers was powering about his team after words


-- air. I think Rangers did their job tactically. I think if they had


gone with Wallace high and wide on one side and Leicester centre has


exposed, they could have been in trouble. -- and left the centre has


to fix posed. Tactically, nearly spot on for a Rangers but Celtic


have moved on to another level. They were fantastic today, they hit the


crossbar, perhaps one wrongly ruled out as well. Aberdeen beat Martin


2-0 yesterday in the League Cup final for the chance to lift the


first over where of the Scottish football season -- beat Greenock


Morton. Were Celtic deserved winners today?


Had you not think anyone could argue that they were not deserved winners


today. Had they taken their chances earlier on in the game, it could


have been a few more. Rangers, to their credit, stayed in the game. He


thought that the longer that it went on, they kid get it. Overall, Celtic


finally got that goal. It was absorbing stuff. Mark Warburton


suggesting afterwards that the gap had shrunk between Rangers and


Celtic, would you go on with that? No, the gap is still there.


Rangers's performances in recent weeks have improved. Tactically they


got it right today, but the gap remains. In terms of the final, what


would you see about that? Aberdeen against Celtic, mouthwatering.


Aberdeen are capable of getting a result against in the body. Yes,


Celtic could get the double, it would be great if Brendan Rodgers


could do it. And abridged Sportscene for you


tonight. We are back to the full hour next weekend. Until then, good


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights of the weekend's Premiership action. St Johnstone host Dundee, while Inverness take on Kilmarnock and Partick Thistle entertain Ross County.

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