Scottish Cup Final: Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian Sportscene

Scottish Cup Final: Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian

Rob MacLean and special guests present Scottish Cup final action as Hibernian take on Heart of Midlothian at Hampden Park. Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds commentate. Kick-off at 3pm.

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today. You can see why Hampden Park is the choice. It is the first


Scottish Cup Final for Hibs 62001. On that occasion they lost to


Celtic. -- since 2001. Eight times they have contested finals since


their last won it. A lot of jibes penalty shoot-out victory. Rudi


Skacel scored in that final. He scored three Scottish Cup goals


already this season. Garry O'Connor, in his second spell at Hibs. He


opened the scoring early on against Aberdeen in the semi-final. Craig


Thomson takes charge of his third Edinburgh derby of the season. He


is off to the European Chaabi jette in Holland and the Ukraine in a


couple of weeks. -- European Championships. Billy Dodds, just


before kick-off, what an ASDA? noise is incredible. The pressure


is so intense on both of these teams. Absolutely vital to win it.


That is why the atmosphere is the way it is. Craig Thomson gets the


Scottish Cup Final on the way. There is a silver lining to go with


the bragging rights in this match. To the Victor go the capital's


boils. Himself one two Scott is Cup finals. Hearts have won seven. --


Scottish Cup finals. We predicted AKG affair. Do you still go along


that line? That depends on the first half-an-hour. If there is not


a goal scored Butt macro it will get tactical. I think at tactical,


nervous affair to start with. A goal would blow of his game right


open. -- this game. Pat Fenlon early state of the game.


Particularly a game of this magnitude. Stevenson missed the


semi-final. He was suspended. The customer. A couple of nervy looking


touches in the opening minutes. Pat Fenlon replaced Colin Calderwood as


Hibs boss and managed to steer them Kier of relegation in the SPL,


eventually. -- steer them clear. A big win for them against


see that ball, go to his feet. -- come to his feet. Both players have


Bishop composure. -- to show composure. Claros is not going to


get that much time on the ball today. That is a tactic Hibs will


use all afternoon, to try to get Leigh Griffiths in behind the


Hearts defence. One thing the Hibs forward line will do is try to drag


the centre halves out to the wide areas. Yes. Hibs will not stay


central. Sometimes they will. Most of the time they move down the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


just watched Claros, showing good protection. When they drop in


between defensive midfield, some of the Hibs midfield certainly need to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


have won 192 of them, Hibs over 176 but this is the derby. Forget all


the others. -- Hibs won 76. Hearts of the teams coming into this game


inform in this fixture. They haven't lost any of the last 10 end


of the Derby's, they won all three of the season's meetings and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


finished 19 points above Hibs in Better possession that time for


Hibernian. It doesn't surprise me after seven minutes gone that it is


cagey, tense and nervous. People taking too many touches, that will


be the way it is an to that settles down. Get a couple of touches,


don't take too long on the ball. We saw what happened on the right side


with Claros. The team that will when will be the team that shows


more composure. -- that will win Today. -- Glasgow is Edinburgh for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Side here. Not much in it at all. It is a chance for Hearts to bring


set pieces. Another chance to demonstrate that. Danny Grainger


involved. Craig Thomson wants a word with them as well. I think he


could win the ball, if he wants to win that header, he can play in


this is the ball and came off second best in that occasion,


Griffiths. Seems to be telling someone of, Craig Thomson. Just


putting Leigh Griffiths know he is think of that there was no card for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


quality about are not just his that right hand side of the pitch,


it gives it to Kujabi. Slightly offside, a good decision by the


linesman over there but if he carries on his run, he is moving


into that Channel. A good ball back Still in play. It is Rudi Skacel's


Claros, they are getting a bit lucky when the ball comes in. Rudi


Skacel gets himself into a good mystery as well. On his way out at


Tynecastle like Ian Black. Such an important player for the Jambos. 16


goals this season. 46 goals in 96 appearances over two spells for


Rudi Skacel. Does not always play as a striker. Today it in behind


said, not surprising. As far as I am concerned. They need to show


sides of Hibs. First corner of the match, lot of players waiting for


this Danny Grainger corner. Still in the mixer... He will get a


second bite and drops the ball... lips, they lead the Scottish Cup


final! Not a classic goal, is it? But it does not matter, not a jot.


The Hearts players are good in the air but Ryan McGowan eventually


turned round, Kujabi is too deep, he has got to clear it but he


doesn't. He wolds at home. What a start for Hearts. -- or wallops it


home. His first goal of the season, stabbing past the man who captained


Falkirk, he has one hand on a winner's medal now. A possible


historical goal from Darren Barr. Just 14 minutes in. What a moment


for him. He was a forgotten man of Tynecastle. Most of the season,


people wondered if Darren Barr was still at the club. He scored and


the Cup final. What a comeback for the lad. Not just any Cup final,


score first today. Hearts have got Another opportunity for Hibs to put


a good ball in to a good area, put towards the back post and it


perhaps got a slight miss touch because he Bernier have a corner.


Such an important touch from Hibs' first of the Cup final.


Hearts scored after their first and only, so far. What can Hibs do


is only one outcome. The referee left with their option. Kujabi have


to be careful. Not the best of Gambian, Pa Kujabi. Pat Fenlon


the clouds above as Danny Grainger prepares to take this free kick for


Hearts. The noise is coming from the left-hand side, the Hearts


Drops to Webster. Mark Brown holds on eventually be. No doubt it is


beneficial to Hearts, it already has been. Again causing problems


for Hearts, a decent ball in to a good area. He just still well in


this Cup competition. -- Hibs still trying to get some confidence,


trying to string some passes together. Too much on that for a


car. -- for O'Connor. Could Chaabi is called the Gambian of Roberto


Carlos. -- Kajaki. Look at him. It is a moment in time for him. He


stands there. Picks nobody up. Darren Barr is played onside and


Skacel was waiting. Grainger was just jumping the challenge. Hearts


getting some joy down the wide areas. Driver, Skacel into changing.


Certainly getting down at the wide areas. I wonder if at some point


Hibs may think about flattening out that midfield four. Stevenson wins


the free kick. Skacel's challenge. Claros appealing for a card. He did


little bit. Claros wanted further O'Connor. He looked at the referee


more in hope than expectation. McCague did ever so well. -- mack


pace. It was a fantastic header. No in that at all. Never a penalty.


Cup for an the time. That would take them two-thirds in the all-


Falkirk. He was their captain before the left. -- before he left.


He has a runners-up medal in a Scottish Cup Final. Years as the


centre half, and Paulo Sergio just looked at him and thought, you can


be a central midfielder. You can see just how much he enjoyed that.


You'll never see Paulo Sergio's emotions really. He will be


absolutely delighted with how offside. Really difficult for the


linesman. A foul by McPake. He in the way to winning the Scottish


Cup. -- Hearts. They have given themselves a chance to do it for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


doubled their lead. They are well on their way to glory. They can


almost touch the Scottish Cup. Rudi Skacel again. You said Hibs were


toiling. Black faded into Skacel. I am sure it took Alnwick off James


McPake. That is the difference. Hearts in dreamland. I long road


back for Hibs. Seldom has anybody else over the last few years had


such an impact as Rudi Skacel has. The hero of the Hearts supporters


has put them two head against their most bitter rivals. It was a well-


worked goal albeit with a deflection. Hibs are being done


down the outside today. Hearts have plenty of time on the ball. That is


why Black fed into Skacel and he did the rest. It is looking like a


party down Gorgie way. He doesn't need the mother of all comebacks in


the Mother of All of Derby's. Skacel's 17 of the season. He


scored in the Cup final in 2006. This is a different kettle of fish.


Hearts looking to pile on the pain for Hibernian. That was frustration.


They need to stop Hearts getting forward. Hibs two behind. They need


a goal, but they cannot afford to Hibs deal with it eventually. The


ball. Grainger mops up. Great cover. Griffiths and O'Connor did well. It


Grainger did not get across, he has had a chance. -- he has had a


chance. Hibs need inspiration from somewhere. Kujabi has a second bite


at it. Hearts thought that was that was a chance. A decent ball in


the box. Slightly behind O'Connor. But make sure you hit the target.


He does not do it. What a chance. The next goal is so crucial. Hearts


get it, it is game over. It is looking that way anywhere. --


Griffiths on the edge of the Hearts pair of the area. It would have


been a lovely ball about 10 seconds earlier. He just delayed.


Fenlon, his entire career was spent in his homeland, the goal there.


Played 4 Bohemians and Shell Boro. -- Shell barn. Pat Fenlon may be


asked to make a change. Hearts going down the wide areas.


in the box. It is all Hearts at the moment. On his game, Driver is a


top player. Still reminds his team- mates that he was worth �3 million


the Craig Beattie not being able to play today. They may not need him


away things are going. -- the way things are going. Hibs fans


desperate for their team to get something. They cannot afford to


lose the next goal. I do not think Hibs have turned up yet. Get the


next goal and the game will change. That is what has to happen. If you


get to half-time, that is exactly what Pat Fenlon will say to them.


Hibs have not turned up. They have to get the ball to O'Connor. Maybe


change the personnel, changed the shape. Something has to happen. The


when teams have played Hibs. This through, they will have to see it


again. Doherty left for dead by Driver. This in turn by Hanlon.


Great goal line clearance from James McPake. Doing what he does


best. Hearts again. Far and away the more dangerous. They have got


to go Driver matched or keep him the way things are going, they


would love to get a goal back. Tried to regroup, as Billy was


Doyle as well, they still have attacking options. But it is


creation they need because we know what damage Griffiths and O'Connor


can do. Sometimes you can't do anything, but at least they have


stuck Tom Soares into the right hand side now, tried to match


Driver up early. James McPake, the Hibs captain, reported intervention,


this one. He doesn't see it too North Stand, thought he had taken


deep. Darren Barr is enjoying himself out there. All the hard


players are, they have got the extra energy. -- all the Hearts


players are. Pat Fenlon took Hibs the way to Dublin last week to try


to get away from what was a bit of a media circus ahead of this game,


understandably so. Since 1896 in the Scottish Cup Final, the last


time they met but he has flown into the Queen Of The South to in that


Billy Dodds was mentioning earlier. In the final defeat to ranges back


in 2008. Four years ago now, I can't believe that. The first goal


I think Stevie toss got the first goal. Hibs need that and get


inspiration. I am sure they will get that if they score but if they


lose a goal, I am sorry, all over. On that occasion, it was Darren


Barr finding Suso, they have got make a change, Ivan Sproule will


come on for them as Lewis Stevenson plays it into Griffiths. They need


a bit of magic, he tried to put it just now. Tom Soares will take the


something! It is the skipper who get it, James McPake breathed new


life into the Scottish Cup Final. The Hibees are back in it! Well and


truly game on. I said the next goal is crucial, well Hibs getting that


goal out from the corner. Eventually James McPake takes a


touch, comes to Claros, they work it back out to Tom Soares and they


what a ball in the dangerous area and Tom Soares produces it. McPake


get a tap-in. This Cup Final is well and truly blown wide open. It


has all been about the James McPake defence, he scores his first Hibs


goal in the Cup Final. Hibs have something to grab on to as Ivan


Sproule replaces Jorge Claros. Game Where do we go from here? Griffiths


is out left, I think Ivan Sproule certainly have got plenty to


support. A good change in my book, from Pat Fenlon. It is a Hibs free


kick. Andy Webster back in the Scotland squad, the Scotland boss


in the studio at half-time, they will be going to Florida for the


friendly against the US. It is a Hibernian free kick and although a


sudden they are looking for an equaliser just before half-time.


They might need the interval to regroup, we thought earlier.


can see how much a little changed shape... A goal has just changed


this goal and turned it on its head. back. Good play from Stephenson,


They need to keep their heads the innocent one. I don't think


that is intentional from Ian Black. Perhaps a free kick, but not


intentional. Craig Thomson has let it go. That incident, the potential


to his right up it into the last minute of the first half, it has


flown by. We said a goal early would blow this game wide open and


This William Hill Scottish Cup into that minute of stoppage time.


A trickier team talk now, Paulo Sergio. Everything we were talking


about a moment ago, Ivan Sproule, getting to Driver, Hearts are


pushed back, James McPake gets fouled and Hibs get the ball again.


They have got momentum now, no doubt. Can Hibs find what would be


a sensational level there before the ball... Was a WHISTLE BLOWS For


what they first half we have had. The Skacel made it two. A fantastic


first half. This was the Open -- opener from Darren Barr to give


Hearts the lead. They looked comfortable at that stage. The


former Falkirk skipper opening the scoring, it looked even more


comfortable, Rudi Skacel's deflected goal off James McPake


made it 2-0. The Czech hero does what he does best but then then


knocking it past Jamie MacDonald. That is what has made this


interesting. James McPake appalling Hibernian back into it. It was the


first half that flew by, the second half is not to be missed. Half-time


at the National Stadium is a Bennion 1, Heart of Midlothian, two.


-- Hibernian 1. ROB MACLEAN: It is 2-1, Hearts here


This Hibs fans right in front of us in the studio were desolate and


disconsolate and probably contemplating heading homewards but


that's James McPake goal has changed the complexion.


certainly has and that is what makes football a wonderful game.


Just when you think trouble as Hibs did, up pops James McPake and


brings them right back into the game. It will be a different half-


time in both dressing rooms. Hearts going in winning 2-0 would have


been a situation where the manager just needs to praise them for what


they have done. After that, keep them on their toes and get an early


goal in the second half. Now the momentum has shifted a bit. Pat


Fenlon's team talk will be a lot easier than it would have been.


much doubt about who was the better team? By a long way, Hearts a


better team in almost every single department. The tactical battle,


they have won that quite easily. 2- 0, I was like the rest of the Hibs


fans out there. I could not see any way out, lack of belief. Craig and


I were both saying that they were all over the place. But a couple of


changes near the end, a substitution made a bit of a


difference but the goal, that is it. In the end, there is a bit more


belief in the Hibs team. He can see it, they are not hiding. From what


was a hopeless situation, they have set alight to the Hibs fans and


players. Pat and then it will be pleased that his team is back in,


are concerned will they be about that they are getting ravaged in


the wide areas? His two best players are his strikers so after


that, what he has done his play A narrow midfield. Almost like a


Diamond. It has not worked. Immediately they are looking for a


safe pass and that saved pass which Hearts have every time his wide.


They have not managed to get it. They tried to force things, p very


disjointed but Hearts, Ian Black in particular, he is bring the ball


all over the pitch, changing the point of attack and getting Driver


and Suso on the ball. I think they had been out-thought in the first


half. Ivan Sproule coming on gives You did suggest that organised


chaos at set pieces from Hearts may chaos at set pieces from Hearts may


wreak havoc and it certainly did? They have a lot of power in the air.


They will chase everything. There is a great willingness within their


group. It is good play. It is not a fluke. He played for it. You cannot


lose two header is in your own box. You asking for trouble. You have


got to defend better than this. You are asking for trouble. You cannot


get an organised structure in defence when the player as are


running everywhere. Go And When You're ball. They did not win it. -


The ball control absolutely anywhere. Kujabi should have been


out. Yes, he was too deep. He was ball-watching. He got caught. Basic


defending, When You're header. Height and distance. Make sure you


get the header out of the danger area. It has been a problem for


Hibs. Hibs have not been taken by surprise. They cannot claim that.


We saw the organised chaos for the first goal. Rudi Skacel's ability


to find pockets of space. Give him this sort of room and he is liable


to do this sort of damage. This is the first reasonable passing


between the lines. He is unmarked. Great played by Black. You cannot


leave Skacel in the box. He is so accurate with shooting. Good play


by Ian Black. This is poor defending. Do not give cat --


Skacel space. That is far too much space. They want the Claros to kill


the space. That must have been a big part of the pre-match


discussion for Hibs, on top of what they were going to give themselves.


What is the danger in the Hearts team? Rudi Skacel. They would have


spoken about their ability in set pieces. And Skacel's ability to


pick up good position to in front of that defence. They get the two


goals from exactly the two things I think Hibs are lucky to be back


in the game at this point. Hearts have been the better side.


Deservedly in front. That lifeline could be crucial for Hibs. They may


be lucky to be back in the game but be lucky to be back in the game but


it does change the complexion? have not been getting wide. Until


now. They get the ball wide here. Hearts get plenty of players behind


the ball. But they are not that good at defending from Balls in


this area. Having said that, it is the hardest area to defend. What


happens here, Zaliukas left that area. He cannot get out to the ball


to stop the cross. There is no point. He has made the decision to


go. He could never get there. It encourages the past. It is poor


defending. They had plenty of defenders. They will get the


numbers back there. But you get close enough to make sure they do


not do anything. They were still plenty of guys in there.


Zaliukas left that position but always must be filled, -- he left


the position that always must be filled. It leaves a hole. There is


not time to react. It was a fantastic ball into the box. You


must credit James might pay quick following the ball. It was a dummy


by O'Connor. -- James McPake. It changes the game and makes the


second have more exciting to stop these guys are now making the noise


behind us. Every time Hearts get a set piece, there is chaos? I do


like what they do. They run in all sorts of different directions. How


do you Mark that? There are so many bodies. If you are fortunate that


it happens to drop there, you get a shot. Driver has been struggling to


return from his injuries. We are starting to see him getting back to


his best. This was good old- fashioned wing play. They should


have scored there. Great defending from James McPake. He is having


some effect on the game. Forget that, he is having some effect on


Hibs's season. Kujabi is having a difficult afternoon in the left-


back area. Rapaic scored the goal and the saved HIPS twice already. -


- McPake. He may have to do more. What Hibs do have is a goal threat.


They need to provide ammunition for och, and Griffiths. This is one you


would expect Garry O'Connor to put away, isn't it? I think this was a


harder chance. It bounced just before them. It is really difficult


on the spin to keep the ball down. He has courted halfway up his shame.


-- he has kicked it have where position. Let's be fair, Hearts


have been a lot better. Hearts have been a lot more dangerous. The vast


majority of the play, the vast majority of the chances, it has


been happening down there in front of us. Will Hearts had the belief


to think, hang on a minute, we had that game won? 2-0 is always a skip


-- dangerous score. There is nothing to lose. I do not think


Hibs can be any worse than they have been in the first half. Hearts


played quite well in the first half. The momentum shift towards Hibs.


They have not played particularly well. They have now got a little


bit of width and pace. Well done to Pat Fenlon. It did not go well at


the start. He lost the tactical battle. But if he had to change it,


he tasted before half-time. lucky was Ian Black not to see a


card for this? Yes. If we slow it down, have a look at it again. He


has led with his elbow. Because it was early in the game, he has got


away with it. In a 90% of games other than the Scottish Cup Final,


that is yellow. The other 10% is a red. I think the referee wants to


keep the game from boiling over. Ian has been committed in going for


the ball. There is nothing wrong with that. But when you lead with


you Al ball, you asking for trouble. There are a couple of times he has


been wound up by players. Do you expect Hibs to get back into this


game? Have they got the belief? I do not think they can have anybody


sitting deep as a midfielder, which means more room for Skacel. I do


not know what Hibs can do to stop the danger from be crosses, from


the long throws, from the corner kicks. I still think Hearts are so


far Fredericks. We have talked plenty. Let us some up the story of


the first path of this Scottish Cup Final. Drama from the opening


moments. Darren Barr with his first goal fur Hearts. Garry O'Connor


missed that chance. Almost inevitably Rudi Skacel with his


17th goal of the season made it 2. And James McPake has breathed life


back into Hibs just before half- time. Back to Liam McLeod and Billy


to the first. It is a lot Philip up do. No changes in the Hibernian


side at half-time. Ivan Sproule came on further Claros before half-


time. No changes for Hearts either. Making their way back onto the Park.


Those Hibs fans will be in better spirits than there were five


minutes before half-time. James McPake scoop one of the line. And


at the other end he brought Hibernian back into the Scottish


Cup Final. Andy Webster, lifted the Cup a couple of years ago when he


was with Dundee United, he skippered them,... Hibs have won


nine of the 30 in Scottish Cup meetings and have lost the last


three against Hearts. It will be them who kick-off the second half.


They need a ticket on from that shock in the arm they got at the


end of the opening 45 minutes. -- shot in the arm. Rudi Skacel making


his way on to the Park. Such a good atmosphere here today. A once-in-a-


lifetime opportunity for everybody to see Hibernian take on Hearts.


Once in a century, once in many bottom of your screen. No further


Hearts have a penalty kick right at the start of the second half.


was a body blow. A red card! Red fur Kujabi. Hibs, having managed to


resurrect their hopes before half- time, the second yellow card for a


Pa Saikou Kujabi. Hearts have a chance of a third. Double jeopardy


for Hibernian. I think it is a harsh sending off of. I do not


think it is intentional. It is a certain penalty. Not appear


goalscoring opportunity. A little Paul the Jersey. -- a little tug at


the Jersey. Hearts with a fantastic chance. Danny Grainger... Yes


Coors! -- he scores! Hearts had composure, he steps up, and even if


the goalkeeper goes the right way, it is a great penalty. With


Hibernian down to 10 men, Hearts lead 3-1, it is a long way back for


Hibs. Danny Grainger had so much Scottish Cup partake in the past.


He would have been part of the Gretna squad that played against


Hearts in 2006. That was snatched away from him a few days before. He


could not play, but he is playing in this one. That could be the


crucial goal in the 2012 Scottish Cup final. His manager knows it.


is a safeguard now, 10 men, and a two-goal lead. It was funny,


watching the replays, Ian Black could not look at it. Then, Ian


Black started celebrating. He has been sent off for pulling the shirt,


it is a booking events. -- events. The clip of the heels is why Craig


going to be a very long second half for Hibs. The manager makes the


right changes, he makes the might - - right formation changes,


personnel changes, the momentum is going well, and then they concede a


penalty and go down to 10 men. Where does Pat Fenlon go from here?


It is another! Hearts are rampant! Rhianna Govan! -- Ryan McGowan!


is all over. Hibs switch-off. They cannot leave Rudi Skacel in the box.


It is a little touched, and you cannot leave Rudi Skacel there. It


is helped on by Stephen Elliott. Ryan McGowan is gambling. Game over


for Hibs. Ryan McGowan gleefully heads the ball into the net. It is


his third goal of the season, two have come against Hibs. Paulo


Sergio is on the verge of greatness, as is Ryan McGowan. The stuff you


dream about. Ryan McGowan's father came over from Australia on Monday,


he did not know about it until he came to pick him up from the


airport. What a moment for the barely had time to celebrate,


because Ryan McGowan made it four, and the Hibs fans head for the


exits. The worst thing for the Hibernian supporters, it could get


a heck of a lot worse. It is cruel. They have not played well for long


spells, but they gave their supporters something to cheer about


just before half-time. But when you give a penalty away, Pa Saikou


Kujabi goes off, he leaves them vulnerable. Hearts get a fourth


goal. Hibs fans do not want to risk four, this game. They do not want


to open it up any more, as a Hibs player. But damage limitation is


the shout now. Try to play compact, still a goal. Do not open up like


this. This could be a rout, you do not want that in a Cup final.


header is over the crossbar. Marius Zaliukas trying to get in on the


act. Again, it is from a set-piece. All day long, they have lost goals


from set-pieces. They nearly did so again. Marius Zaliukas got the


it will be a yellow card. Not even a hard decision from Craig Thomson.


Hearts have been rampant. You cannot legislate for Pa Saikou


Kujabi making that challenger. They are getting frustrated now. I do


not think it would have been his second yellow card for the


unintentional clip, but people to shed, the referee had no choice. --


there. Craig Thomson had a look at that. Credit to Suso Santana. He


does not play for the penalty. Leigh Griffiths has got to calm


down. They cannot get frustrated the semi-final against 2006. Hearts


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


beak Gretna in the final, 4-0. It does not matter! They are getting


more room all over the pitch. Pat Fenlon has been put through the


mill today. He made the right tactical changes, but now Lewis


Stevenson is having to fill in at right-back, there is no way to turn


for them, they just have to make sure they do not lose this by a


barrow load. It is all going horribly wrong for Hibernian.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


for Pat Fenlon. Still 35 minutes to fancied them in that situation.


Andy Webster did ever so well. He thinks, I will have a go, but Andy


Webster stands up. It was a great block, really good defending.


McGowan is still struggling. It is because of this, A&E into the side.


a player or a coach. -- lost to Hibernian. His career was ravaged


by injury. It looks as if he will have another enjoyable night. He


looks relaxed, he can really enjoy it and now, 4-1 up. Hibernian down


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


wall of maroon jerseys. He was a half-time, we are looking at


Hibernian's frailties, but you have to credit Hearts, the way they have


gone about their business. They can now enjoy it. They have dominated


it. The performance they had against Celtic in the semi-final


player. Sometimes, you just want to leave the bitter end, but they


cannot afford to do that. Especially after Pa Saikou Kujabi


for Celtic when they beat Dunfermline in 2007. This is not a


Cup final he will want to remember. Sadly for him and his team-mates,


they will not what -- they will not Santana. But it was taken well by


Hearts alongside Jim Jefferies. Who easier watching. -- he is here


in the second half has been a 75% to 25%. -- Hearts. Sheer


frustration for Hibs. To add to their problems, Griffiths goes down.


This is what turned the game at the start of the second half. Just


inside the box. Grainger made it 3. Not too long after that, Hearts got


a fourth goal. It was Grabbi. They do not care. -- it was a scrappy.


Paulo Sergio spend the vast majority of his career in his


homeland. A brief spell in France as a player. He was in charge at


Sporting Lisbon last season. Good Khamis. That has come through in


his players today out on the pitch. Not much Pat Fenlon can do. Some of


your players have let you down. Been a liability. Pa Saikou Kujabi


has been a liability, got himself sent off. No way back. It is an


indictment of where Hibernian are, they are going to bring George


Francomb on and Leigh Griffiths off. season. But Hearts have managed to


move their goals around the team. Managers always harp on at


midfielders to get their quota, to get themselves on the scoresheet. 5


or 10 s season always helps. Hearts heading towards an aid macro


Scottish Cup. -- eighth. It is only really time that separates them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the match. Hearts with that fourth will be back next season? Not a bad


way to bow out. Surprised Hearts are not keeping Ian Black? I am.


Really surprised they are letting him go. Somebody else's game.


seems to have matured. He has taken his combat its style to Hearts as


well but he has slotted well into the midfield. There is so much more


to his game. Technically very good McPake now at the centre of that


Hibs defence. You just wonder if Hibs can keep him. He does


everything. He never stops competing. Four-to-one behind, 67


minutes and he is still making last bit tackles. He could be a big


player for heads, or somebody else. little bit. -- livened. A bit of


afters as well from Leigh Griffiths. Good skill. Good turn. Always a saw


start the match -- rather than Templeton. -- Suso. Suso has been


exceptional in the past few weeks. He was top man against Dundee


United. Alastair Ross just waited, the linesman on the far side.


the mines man and the referee always wait. A poor decision.


is going to be forgotten. Unless the there is Emerick will at hand


end, the final quarter of the game. after the fourth goal. They will


have to be built. Pat Fenlon has a huge job on his hands over the


summer. Lose the loan players. It was already a squad that needed to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Edinburgh derby goal at New Year. - time ago since Darren Barr scored


the opening goal. Set piece, Hearts runner, Hearts header. All that was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


missing for Hearts fans, a Hearts have an extra man. Kujabi sent off.


Danny Grainger took the the resort -- took the resulting penalty it.


second ball has been scooped away by the Griffiths into the Hearts


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


End. At 0-0 that would not have next 35 minutes, maybe less, will


get his hands on the Scottish Cup. since coming on as a sub. Not a bad


game of two come on the do. Team winning 4-1. Plenty of space on the


pitch. Semi-final hero. Going to five * Hearts. Rudi Skacel's second.


His 18th of the season. This will go into the annals of Edinburgh


derby hammering us. -- tamarins. he is going to bow out, what a way


to bow out. I double in the Cup final. It went through McPake's


legs. No chance for a Mark Brown. Rudi Skacel celebrates. The cherry


on the cake. Rudi Skacel, with 15 minutes remaining. They have


changed their mind about the change. It will be Suso who is coming off


and not Stephen Elliott. Craig Beattie, the man one lot all the


possibilities for this afternoon. A big cheer for Craig Beattie. Scored


the penalty in injury time against Celtic in the semi-finals. He is


very much going through the motions. George Francomb coming on for Tom


Soares. You do feel for Hibs. Nobody wants to lose 5-1 in a Cup


Final. Hearts have been the better team for most of the game, apart


from a ten-minute spell. He has played for 10 minutes, got


themselves back into the game, a moment of madness from Kujabi, a


real Downer for heads and their 1973. It was much celebrated by


Hibernian. B62 game when Hearts were thump. But this, by a long way,


will supersede those. The Hibs fans know it as well as the Hearts fans


do. The cry is, we want sex. -- we want six. It's bad enough losing


key rivals and the final, but even worse with the scoreline. They want


damage limitation. You do not want Scottish Cup win in two years. He


a good season Ryan McGowan has had. From the first match against


Rangers at Ibrox, when he has been in the team, he has been terrific.


He had made his -- he has made the frustration. Hearts on 11 minutes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


have been! James Beattie to Rudi Skacel, a lovely flick. He is


enjoying it. He was going for the far corner, he does not miss by


much. He has done well, Stephen Elliott. He got the important touch


for the fourth goal. A suspicion of He will be delighted just to get on


for the final 10 minutes, to savour their fans are. Andrew Driver will


come off. When he has been on the ball, he has looked like the player


has proven that today. He just needs to get a run in the team and


get some fitness, he could be a top 1972. Finally, the 3-0 loss to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Celtic in 2001. In 2012, you can open-top bus will already be


painting did maroon and white. There will be a parade tomorrow.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


paraded down that way tonight as midfielder. He was brought to


as well. We said that the whip was hurting her Bennion. -- Witt was


corner. It is his last game as a Hearts player. He has not been


offered a new deal. He will be replaced in a moment by Scott


Robinson. He has had another pivotal role. There was a foul. He


has found a home again, Andy Webster. He was at Wigan down south,


he did not have won at Rangers. He had a home at Dundee United. He is


back in defence for Hearts, in the room. Ian black comes off. What a


moment for him. He has been man-of- the-match, as well. He started it,


getting on the ball. A lovely moment for this young lad. Good


luck to him, he has been a top player for Hearts. It he lives and


breathes marooned. He has realised a massive drain in his final game


for the club. -- massive dream. His future will be one of the most


keenly spoken about in the summer. Sergio when he took over. His first


game was in the Europa League qualifiers. They ran into a vibrant


Tottenham Hotspur. It was good experience for a young squad.


Hearts the only team not to concede a goal at White Hart Lane this


season. A goalless draw. The match was finished in the first leg. They


will be back in Europe. Essien Joss Stone will be delighted about this


result, because this puts them up to the Europa League qualifiers as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


well -- St Johnstone. They finished sent off in the opening minute of


the second half. A second yellow card. Darren Barr scored the


opening goal. Rudi Skacel has scored two. Danny Grainger took the


penalty. Ryan McGowan scored the on to the 90... He is speaking to


Pat Fenlon, he has been sent from the technical area. It has got


worse for the Irishman. It can only be frustration. For the Hearts fans,


it is something else for them to because it has not on his way. I do


not think his formation worked in Nightmarish for the Hibs fans are.


Hearts have won the Scottish Cup. Edinburgh will be painted no rain


tonight. -- maroon. Darren Barr got the party started. The mother of


all Edinburgh derbies has been won by Hearts. They have filleted their


rivals on the biggest stage of them all in this country. Paulo Sergio


guides them to their eighth Scottish Cup triumph, and second in


Congratulations, what an afternoon! Phenomenal, absolutely outstanding.


Everything about it, they went about their business Brearley. We


deserve every minute of it. Did you expect a tough afternoon? Yes, but


we knew that if we went about our business, we could do that. The


boys have been unbelievable. What does it mean for this bunch of


players and the manager? It is massive. We got past Celtic, and we


said, let's do it. The manager has kept as relaxed, and he told us to


enjoy it. We did the business. enjoy it. We did the business.


At top-class performance from Ian Black. And a top-class team


performance from Paulo Sergio's team. This result was not in much


doubt from start to finish. Hearts will shortly receive the William


Hill Scottish Cup. Pat Fenlon heads for the shadows. Edinburgh will be


a city cot in the half. -- cut. The biggest one of all. He is a happy


man, suppressing a smile, Alex Salmond, Hearts supporter. Pat


Nevin and Craig Levein here. We could not have expected that we


would see such a one-sided final? No. Apart from possibly five


minutes before half-time, Hearts completely dominated. That is very


unusual for a cup final. You do not often see that. You do not often


see one team so in control. Once Hibs went down to ten men, it was


only a matter of how many goals Hearts would score. They kept


possession of the ball rather than trying to go after more goals. That


guy in the picture, Ian Black, I thought he was the best player on


show today. I thought he was excellent. Andy Webster had an


excellent match. Really pleased about Andrew Driver. He is eligible


to play for Scotland. He has worked hard to get back to the levels he


was that. -- he was that. I am thrilled he is back. He can fly


next year. Very special player. Today was always going to be about


winners and losers. For Hibs to lose was bad enough, to take that


sort of battering was a nightmare? Yes. In the end, he just did not


turn a up. Played poorly. Player for player Hearts were better


anywhere. On the day they were far better. I think Paulo Sergio came


in and took over a good group of players. They are good players at


Hearts. I feel Pat Fenlon has had to come in to the Hibs job and has


had to do a patch up job it away. Andy, how long will it take to wipe


that smile of pure Phase? Probably Monday morning when I fly out.


modern afternoon. Brilliant. Great to go two up. They got a goal back


before half-time. He expected to be tougher? The wall is expected to be


tougher than that. It is never easy. It is a day these guys will not


forget ever. It is a day that the Hearts fans can only have dreamt of.


Not in several lifetimes has there been a cup final quite like it. An


Edinburgh derby Cup final. It has been won, as it was the last time


in 1896, by heart of Midlothian. Paulo Sergio joined the glitterati


at Hearts. Where were his future the? The jumbos name etched onto


the oldest trophy in world football. -- the jam boils. As Rob said,


there has to be a loser. Today it is Hibernian. The pain continues


for them. It will now stretch into 111 years since they last won at


the Scottish Cup. There are dreams have been shattered as Hearts


realised there's. Ivan Sproule. He won the League Cup and 2007. So did


Lewis Stevenson. They trooped off. Claros was sacrificed early in the


game. Nobody ever remembers where they put these medals. A horrible


feeling? Not nice. Garry O'Connor has thrown his medal away. That is


how much it means to them. Nothing. Or 80 minutes they did not play.


There were circumstances in the second half when Kujabi was sent


off. Such a frustrating day for the Hibs players and fans. You have got


to feel for them. You do not want to lose to your biggest rivals.


Especially by this scoreline. Thomson off to euro 2012 in Poland


and the Ukraine. -- euro 2012. The stage is now set for Hearts. And


four or Marriott's Zaliukas to lift the Scottish Cup. He has actually


dreamt about it. He is about to realise that now. He is excited,


the Lithuanian. He makes his way up, the Hearts skipper. Never mind the


more recent Cup victories, this is the one that will mean the most --


for those who came from the east. Marius Zaliukas lifts the Scottish


Cup. The 7-0 defeat in 1973. Big capital claim for Hibs. They have


been trumped by this, Big Time. Ryan McGowan, whose family is here


to watch this. He scored. Craig Beattie. He got the late penalty


against Celtic in the semi-final. Andrew Driver. An end to the misery


of the last few years. Suso lifting the trophy. Perhaps a surprise


starter for some. A special cheer for Rudi Skacel. They love him.


of the match. I would have gone for Black, personally. He certainly


played his part. Ian Black will get a special cheer as well. That will


be in the Black family album very soon, that picture. Mark Richards,


the substitute goalie. -- Mark Ridgers. Paulo Sergio. He has


guided Hearts to the Scottish Cup. I think there is a bit of emotion.


Not often you see that. It is not a normal day now. He is certainly


enjoying it. Great moment for a Paulo Sergio. Plenty of managerial


experience in his homeland. His first spell in Scotland. He has


come to London and has guided Hearts to Scottish glory. -- Camden.


Those guys are late in snow at Tynecastle! -- legends. Three


And eighth Scottish Cup triumph for Hearts. Does see map now above


Aberdeen in the pecking order. -- they are above. This means as much


if not have more than any other triumph in Hearts history. To


absolutely annihilated their great rivals in the National Stadium. I


am sure they could not have dreamt it would be in such an emphatic


Hearts went out of this competition at the first hurdle in three of the


last four seasons. They had gone Gary Lough. He was the man who was


left standing when Jim Jefferies and Billy Brown left the club in


August. To be replaced by Paulo Sergio and his team. Gary Lough is


still there. The Hearts players go agreed their families. Most players


on the pitch. You cannot beat this moment. You really cannot. Rudi


Skacel is with Chris McLaughlin. Congratulations. A very happy man?


Bankia very much. I'm so pleased. Atomic mack the better team. There


is on Lee one team in Edinburgh. What does this mean to you?


Everything. These are expected to be tougher and? Yes. These fans


waiting to see if you will be here next season? Probably not. The best


way to say goodbye. See what is Rudi Skacel, whose first spell at


the club ended with the Scottish Cup. He scored that day as well.


That game finished 1-1 and went all the way to penalties. Skacel may


have ended his second spell with the Scottish Cup again. You never


know in this game. That is one of the cliches they always is. -- used.


I'm sure Gary Locke will sympathise for his old mucker, Ali Brown, the


I think they will be closing Gorgie road to traffic right about now.


Let us hear from Paulo Sergio. Congratulations. How does this


feel? Thank you very much. Great. It is what we want. It is what


these people deserve. I am so happy and so proud. I am sure you could


not have even planned for 5-1? does not matter. The final is to


win. Not to play very well or mack. We played what the game gave.


Nothing to save. Unless a word for Hibernian. For them and their


supporters, hopefully in the future they will have all the big games


like this one. All the respect for our opponents. Congratulations.


Thank you. Will it Paulo Sergio t a one season wonder or What t be back


next campaign? We do not know. Joyful Hearts in Adam Brett tonight.


-- Glasgow. It is a day of horror from -- for Hibernian. Danny


Grainger. The happy Grainger family. These are the days you want to be a


footballer for. To score M1 is even more special. I lost my grandad


before the semi-final. Today was massive for me and my family. The


goal is for my grandad. That was an She Ju deal for you today? Yes. I


have not really being able to get over things. Today has been massive


for all of us. My friends and family travelled up de Simic. My


son is here as well. It is great for him to look back on. I am so


happy. Reidy deserves all the credit. He has been fantastic.


Today shows how good a team we can A big surge of emotion for Danny


Grainger, the scorer of the second path penalty, followed by the row


Rudi Skacel's second put the icing on the cake at the end. No room is


the colour. -- marooned. It will be the colour in the capital tonight.


The celebrations go on and on. No Hearts fad has left. At the other


end of the ground, the stands are completely empty. Conflicting


emotions at the end. It was always going to be this way. Yes, one team


had to win and one team had to lose it. None of us expected such an


emphatic victory for Hearts. All of their best players were wearing a


maroon. They thoroughly deserved the victory. The trepidation that


the supporters had before the match about not being able to celebrate


at the end was proved unfounded. They have won the game very


comfortably. Some great performances. Let's hear from the


captain. Fantastic scenes behind you, what


an afternoon. It is brilliant, Alison! It is a brilliant feeling.


You have been around a long time, you have grown to love the club,


what does it mean for you personally? This will take a place


inside of May. -- inside of me. It is brilliant. A very big party


tonight? Yes, and tomorrow as well! We have interviewed at just about


everyone now! Smiles on faces all round, what a special day for


Hearts. An interesting sadistic, three Scottish Cups in 14 years for


Hearts -- statistic. It is not really about Hibernian today, Pat


Fenlon had to save the club from relegation, get into a cup final


was a bonus. It is painful, but he has got to rebuild the team. Half


of those players will not be here next season. I feel sorry for


Hearts, in an awed way, because they played brilliantly today, they


were by miles the better team, and Paulo Sergio does not seem excited.


I do not think he has got the chance to build what he wants to


build. Will the best players be there next season? On days like


today, you think that you are greedy for it, you want to give


this to the fans every year. But once he gets a team capable of


winning it, can he afford to keep it on? These are questions for


tomorrow. Although I will ask them again in five minutes! For the


moment, it is about that special feeling. You have got to the cat


what has happened to them this season. -- you have got to look at


what has happened. There has always been something going on, but this


season has been really tough for the manager. He does not know the


club, the players, it has issues with a salary problems, it has got


to keep the team together, and it is a great credit to the players


that they have got to the Cup final. Today has been easy, the way they


have played. Hibernian were not capable.


Can be quite believe you have helped to make this happen?


cannot believe it is happening at the minute. To see the supporters,


it is unbelievable. It is brilliant. Talk me through the golf. I could


not get my breath back. It was the spur of the moment. It was my first


goal. It was a pretty important one. I was just happy that we started


brightly in the second half. this something you dream of? This


is why you play football. This is why you train every day. This is


what you aspire to. His goal started it all, 1-0, early


in the second half -- first half. Craig Levein was talking about


Hearts, in recent times, they have defied analysis. This season, at


times you thought they were about to implode, and yet they have come


through to this. The big question is, what happens next? That was the


point I was trying to make! Paulo Sergio had a tough season, and the


biggest difficulty, looking at the team, they might be able to do


something special, but he knows that Hearts will be downsizing next


year. They are losing a lot of the best players. That could be why


there has not been a contract agreement between him and the club.


The future for the club looks like it will be to develop Academy


players, rather than keeping established players. Perhaps he


does not want to go back to the start. I will watch with interest


to see what happens. He has got a reputation to think about. He has


built it up in a troubled season. But he has got to be thinking, if


their best players will be sold off in the summer, it will be difficult


for him to recreate this sort of success. Yes, managers want to do


the best they can. His stock is very high at the moment. He might


think it is a good time to move on. About Hearts, if you win a cup, it


is fantastic, but to see every player when inkwell and winning


easily, and being able to savour it, that is really unusual. Every


manager loves this moment, they remember it, but it flies by. But


they had 15, 20, 30 minutes at the end, they thought, this is it


cannot I will remember this for the rest of my life. -- this is it, I


will remember this for the rest of my life. You would imagine that


Paulo Sergio deserves a helluva lot of credit for stopping them


becoming completely unstuck. They have gone through some very


troubled times. In football, their skins -- those things are never


kept private. He has had to deal with that, he has had to answer


questions about things that are not related to football. He has handled


himself extremely well. He has been very dignified. I am thrilled for


him, to see the culmination of all of that hard work. What a lucky


manager, to have 40 minutes of the match where he has been able to


relax. It almost was 40 minutes. After the third goal and Hibernian


went down to 10 men, he could relax. It was a situation which we all


dream about. It basically does not happen to any manager. He Bennion,


against Kilmarnock, they had a bit of enjoyment, but that seems a


helluva long time ago -- Hibernian. A lot of people say Hibernian


played poorly, but I thought Hearts were very good. They did not come


up with any special surprises. As we look back on the first half


goals, one was organised chaos, but the second, Rudi Skacel making the


The inability to clear the area. The first goal came from that. We


spoke about at half-time. Darren Barr reacted quickest. There was a


lack of discipline in the defending. You do not walk out. You see a line,


you have to be aware. He had a bad day. I do not want to destroy


anybody on a cup final day, but yes. Foodie stature or picking up those


positions again. -- Rudi Skacel picking up those positions. This


was the goal but Hibernian came back with it. A good ball into the


box, and James McPake, their best player. We thought, waiting in it.


Will they be back into the game? That was the happy moment, when the


cup final came back to life. But when you look at it, did Hearts


look like a team who scraped survival -- did Hibernian? Yes.


Everybody is aware that they have to have major race surgery, but are


not good enough to go forward to where they want to be. It all came


down to the penalty kick. Was it a penalty kick? In the end, Pa Saikou


Kujabi had such a tough day. He dives into every tackle. Fans love


him, because he is wholehearted. Hibernian had to build a platform.


The bill believe that they could turn this game around and to


concede a penalty was disastrous. Yes. You have got to credit Suso


Santana. He goes past two players. That is so silly. Is it outside or


inside? That is not a penalty from a. -- for me. Pat Fenlon is angry.


That is a disgraceful thing, but it is nowhere near a penalty. That has


changed the entire game. Hearts would have won that game, they were


by far the best team. It was not a penalty, but they deserved a


penalty for it. It was a crazy situation, to bring somebody down.


We spoke about this area, around the front post. I do not know how


many times the Hearts players got in there, unmarked. Well done to


Ryan McGowan. He will love that moment. He has got a cup final goal.


Hibernian were wary and, how many would be? -- away rien, how many


would it be? Rudi Skacel is a class act. He reminds me of John


Robertson. Never from that far out! This uncanny ability to hit the


target. It is amazing how many breaks you get. He was always going


to be a problem for Hibs. They did not deal with him. They tried to,


but Jorge Claros never got near him. Does he want to tackle from there?


No. Rudi Skacel was too clever. spoke to John Robertson about Derby


domination, because there was a phase when Hearts got to 20 games


unbeaten. They now have 11. That matters. You want to stay ahead of


your rivals. Psychologically, it affects the team that are the


underdogs. In some of these games, you are involved in 22 games in a


row, and we did not deserve to get anything from some of them, but


psychologically, the field you will get something. When one team feels


that, you guarantee that the other team is feeling under pressure.


That is what is happening now in this situation. When Hearts got


back into the game, the third goal killed the game -- when Hibs got


back to the gain line. The next time there is a derby match, the


last time they played, 5-1, to You talk about the third goal, is


that what made Pat Fenlon furious, he ran on to the pitch. We saw Pat


Fenlon being sent to the stand late on, let's hear from the Hibs


I'm guessing that must have been one of the most painful Hibs


matches you have had to endure. desperately disappointing today. No


complaint. How do you explain that? It seemed that the Hibs players for


the first 30 minutes, they did not seem to be there on the game.


think we can explain his with the position where we have struggled


over a length of time now. A lack of desire and effort is what is


wrong with the place. You can lose games but if you don't show


passion... Particularly in the final, we know what needs to happen.


Do you think the scoreline was a fair reflection? Yes, I think so. I


am devastated for the supporters to be honest. Try have said it before,


I am only here... And we have let them down badly. Have you had a


time to look at the penalty? Inside or outside the box, I have not seen.


We were second fiddle to most of the game. The sending off... It is


just giving the ball away so cheaply on a regular basis. I


apologise to the supporters for that. A bad day for us, we must


take it on the chin and congratulate Hearts. Were you being


sent to the stands, was it a gesture to the fans? No, just


kicking the ball out of frustration, a bit of desire and passion about


the game. It was such a massive Cup Final. So much build up to it as


well. Hibs long wait in the Scottish Cup wilderness goes on,


what is your message to the fans now? Whatever I say will not make


it any easier for them. We apologise for that display. I am in


charge of the team and there must take responsibility, that is not


good enough but over the to -- two weakens, we have shown what is


wrong and we must change that. There will be a few changes but we


knew we needed to change things around. There is an acceptance that


is not acceptable from our point of you. Can you enjoy your summer now?


Probably not but that is football. Commiserations today. Cheers.


Tony -- ROB MACLEAN: It is a difficult time to find out that a


positive note for Pat Fenlon, but is it a summer surgery case?


Interesting, he said there is a softness about the team. Being sent


off for shouting at his own players, is that the first time?! You can


see the players out there that have not had enough Hearts. -- enough


passion. The players haven't got the pressure but they also don't


have the feeling to go level. There are players with a professionalism


and the feeling that the Hearts players showed today, and he will


know that that is not good enough a display. He has a job, keep them in


the Premier League. They are in there now, total change for the


start of next season now. Lot of Hibs chance will be upset and


disappointed with him, I don't think they should be. Next season


judge Pat Fenlon on what he does then. You cannot help but feel


sorry for the Hibs fans, can you? Such buzz about the final, it all


fell horribly flat early on. Yes, but if you asked every Hibs


supporter if you thoroughly thought you had a better team than Hearts?


The answer before and would be no, they were basing their hope on


being their year but if you went individually through the two teams,


Hearts have got on top international players and if they


are at their best, they will always be too much for Hibs. Hibs' big


chance was Hearts underperforming. That did not happen. Hearts reached


90% of what they can do. Every player did what they could do. As


Hearts were good, Hibs were really sub-standard. They really were. And


I feel for Pat Fenlon who is very honest there. He has patched a team


together and if I was to be honest, play in a Cup Final with that


cripple players was really difficult. He has only managed to


put that in together between the last transfer window and the end of


season. Papering over the cracks? s. That is what he was saying. He


was saying he needs to change it. He started with a system that was


very tight in the midfield area. That all my shows you that he does


not think he will have belief in it and he will wait for a break. It


never happened and too much intelligence and the other team.


All joy for Hearts tonight, they always celebrate but that durable


quickly turn to consternation about what will happen to their squad.


Ian Black off already, other players going as well. Rudi Skacel


who has talismanic properties for then, 17 goals and ended with a


Scottish Cup win. He is so important to Hearts, will he be


allowed to go? They are losing some top players and every club must cut


its cloth accordingly. He has spent a lot of money and finally come to


the realisation that you cannot keep throwing money at it. The club


from now on will have to run itself and balance the books and to do


that they must get the wage bill down and that unfortunately means


losing good players. Ian Black, we spoke about. My opinion on him has


changed to what it was previously because of the way he has played.


Today was a typical example, Rudi Skacel is a couple of goals but Ian


Black was excellent. Craig Beattie? Yes, losing Craig Beattie. They


would not be here if it was not for Probably Hearts fans know that as


well but everybody in football is in that position. Making cuts. It


is not the end of the world. A good chance that had can go on and bring


a few young lads through and it is great to have a Driver back. I


think Elliott had a great game so there is enough there to make a


good team. Do not worry about relegation next season. Greeting


what was on a big day a really big performance. Love at the moment,


lovely time. It is the end of the season and a time for celebration.


A great night in Edinburgh. It was great to have an Edinburgh derby. I


hope it is but another 100-odd years before we have another one


and I hope next time it is more fair. I knew I should have gone to


Munich! I will be back tonight at half-past 10 as we reflect on what


happened here at Hampden today. A special occasion it was a will have


all the reaction to it and celebrations which continue in the


capital tonight. In the biggest ever Edinburgh derby, Hearts have


had their greatest day in this Scottish Cup Final. They hammered


Hibs and said to their biggest # Today this could be the greatest


# Stay close to me. # Watch the world come alive


Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian (kick-off 3pm)

Live from the National Stadium, Hampden

Today's match is a historic event as Hibs and Hearts contest the first all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup Final since 1896. It's one of the oldest rivalries in world football and is sure to produce an occasion full of passion and excitement.

Hibs have had a troubled season on the pitch which has seen them fighting a relegation battle. Pat Fenlon took over the managerial hot seat in November and has guided them to SPL safety. Meanwhile Paulo Sergio, who became Hearts manager at the start of this season, has won many plaudits against a background of off-the-field problems at the club. However, all of this will be forgotten today as both sets of supporters look to the players of 2012 to secure their bragging rights for years to come and create football history. There will be a massive exodus from the Capital as a capacity crowd travels west to the National Stadium.

Introduced by Rob Maclean, with special guests including Scotland Manager Craig Levein, Pat Nevin, Craig Paterson and Hearts and Hibs greats John Robertson and Pat Stanton.

Commentary from Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds.

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