Scottish Cup Final: Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian Sportscene

Scottish Cup Final: Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian

Rob Maclean and Pat Nevin present highlights of the Scottish Cup final between Hibernian and Heart of Midlothian at Hampden Park, the first the two teams have contested since 1896.

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Scotland's capital is emptying... The cup final... The nerves. To MAP


-- two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Edinburgh, where


we lay Yelesina. From ancient grudge break into new mutiny, where


civil rivalry makes civil team's dream of what might be, from 4th


the city makes these two foes, a pair of star-crossed neighbours,


whose Cup story is there for all to no and the continuance of their


followers' passion, which they end cannot remove. The shot! Is now the


90 minutes traffic of our stage, the Witch, with you -- if you with


patient ears and eyes shall attend, what you shall miss, our toil shall


strive to end, that final, the cup. The rivals. Never has an Edinburgh


derby mattered so much. To date at Hampden, a capital conclusion to


the Scottish Football season, the first meeting of Hibs and Hearts in


the Scottish Cup final with 1896. With Pat Nevin and me is Sandy


Clark. That was an Edinburgh exodus with tens of thousands of


supporters switching from east to west to take their place on the


march but has been more than a century in the making. It was as


much can't lose as must win. And the commentary comes from Billy


to win but even worse to lose. -- a game. Absolutely fantastic here in


Hampden Park. To meet your neighbours in a match of this


magnitude is unthinkable for her birdie and and parts of Midlothian.


-- four Hibernian and Hearts of He has been a colossus. They are


going to have a go. They are going to be tightened attack. Chris this


is in the corner, dangerous. Others why McPake is important. They will


want to get their hands on the trophy for the first time in a long


time. No Beattie in the starting line-up sex to the hamstring injury.


Templeton is is out. It is Skacel, who scored in the game against


Gretna here in the final in 2006, before that was won on penalties.


them. These other substitutes. -- second Scottish Cup Final and his


third Edinburgh derby of the season. He is up to the European


Championship in Ukraine in a couple of weeks. Just listen to the noise


as Craig Thomson gets the William Hill Scottish Cup final under way.


The true value of bragging rights is about to unfold in front of us,


this time there is a silver lining spoils. Paulo Sergio was a cool


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


players are waiting for this It's not a classic goal, is it? It


start for Hearts. Barr chooses the Scottish Cup Final to score his


don't get the ball, there is only one outcome. The referee was left


with no option. Kujabi has to be careful now. Not the best of starts.


The sun beginning to break through Skacel's challenge. Claros


appealing for Rijkaard. -- for a O'Connor, he looks to the referee


more in hope than expectation. McPake does ever so well. For me,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


well on their way to glory. They could almost touch the Scottish Cup,


they are that close to it now. That is the difference, he finds


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


the far corner. Hearts are in a chance, look at this. Watch


Kujabi. You want a decent ball and the gap, he gets slightly behind a,.


-- slightly behind O'Connor. What a to see that again. Doherty, left


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


Stevenson getting forward, makes a decent connection. They will hang


something! It's their skipper who gets it, McPake breeds new life


into the Scottish Cup final. Well and truly came on. It is crucial.


They got out from the corner, eventually McPake gets a touch,


comes to Claros, shows composure, open. Well, it has been about the


difference McPake has made at the other end of the park. He scores


his first two Bernier goal in the Cup final. -- his first Hibernian


into a mini job -- minute of stoppage time. Not so easy, but he


will be happy with the weight the team has played. Sproule able to


would be a sensational level before are getting so much more of the


ball because they are running up against the time. What a first half


Darren Barr opened the scoring, Darren Barr opened the scoring,


Skacel made it two. This is the opener from Darren Barr, stabbing


in from close range. That gave Hearts the lead. They looked


comfortable them. The former skipper of Falkirk opening the


scoring and looked even more comfortable then. Skacel's


deflected goal of James McPake made it two. But then that paid made


amends because of his deflection which took it past Mark Brown.


Knocking it past Jamie MacDonald. That is what is made in -- making


it interesting. James McPake has called Hibernian back into ring --


into it. Half time at the National Hampden Park this afternoon. A


once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everybody to see Hibernian take on


Hearts. Once in a century and once consultation with the linesman, but


Hearts had a penalty at the start of the second half. Bad is a body


blow for Hibs. Griffiths does not do enough. And it is a red card! A


red card for Kujabi! Hibs hopes, having resurrected them before


half-time, but a second yellow or Kujabi. And has he goes up the


tunnel does he take the hopes of Hibs with him? Double jeopardy for


Hibernian. I think it is a harsh sending-off because it is not


intentional. A certain penalty, a clear opportunity, and a little


pool on the jersey, not just a clip. Hearts, a fantastic chance to go 3-


goal. On the occasion you want calmness and composure. He just


steps up and even if MacDonald goes the right way, he doesn't get it. A


great penalty from Danny Grainger. Hibernian with 10 men, it is a long


way back for them. Danny Grainger, he would have been heart of the


squad that would have played against Hearts in 2006 but it was


cruelly snatched away because of a loan spell at Brede in -- Brechin


City. But it could that be the crucial goal in the 2012 Scottish


men. It was funny watching the replays come through, Ian Black


didn't look at it. He faced away. Then Black started celebrating.


Tugging the Jersey, that is why he unintentional clip on the heels.


That is why Craig Thomson gives the second half for Hibs. The manager


has made the right changes and makes the right formation changes


and he realises that the momentum is going well, but suddenly there


is the penalty. The question I ask, where does Pat Nevin go from here -


Ryan McGowan makes it four. Suddenly it is a rout. It is all


over. Again, Hibs switch-off. They are down to 10 men but you cannot


leave Skacel in the box. A little touch and then Abdel Bassset Ali


easy. A knock over the line with his head and it is game over for


Hibs. Ryan McGowan knocks the ball into the net. It is his third of


the season also a two of them have exit, and the worst thing for them


is that it could get a heck of a you suspect it will not finish at


four. You do not want to open it up more as a Hibs player but I think


it is damage limitation for the shout. Play it tight, compact, Nick


Haig goal, but do not open up. -- act. Again, from the set-piece. I


know they are down to 10 men, but all day long they have lost goals


Another yellow card. Not even a hard decision for Craig Thomson.


You feel for Hibs. They got back in again, but Hearts have been rampant.


You cannot legislate for Kujabi making that sort of challenge.


There is another one, they are getting frustrated. He picks up


quickly after the challenge. Let's have a look here. A little shove.


But he comes away the ball. This is what turned the game at the start


of the second half. The referee, right on the line, inside the box.


Grainger made it 3-1. And not too long after that, Hearts got the 4th.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


is a five-star Hearts. Rudi Skacel's second. His 18th of the


season. And this is going to go into the annals of the Edinburgh


derby hammering us. Well, if he is going to bow out, what a way to bow


out. Suso Santana and Skacel do so well, shifting the ball. It goes


through the keeper's legs. There is no chance. Eclipse the inside the


post, and Rudi Skacel celebrates. - - eclipsed the inside. Rudi Skacel,


with 15 to go, and they have changed their mind about the change.


It will be Suso Santana who goes off, not Stephen Elliott. Craig


Beattie. The man who unlocked all the possibilities for the afternoon


was that man there, Craig Beattie. Listen to the applause for Craig


Beattie. He scored that penalty in injury time against injury --


Celtic in the semi-finals. George Francomb will replace Tom Soares.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 96 seconds


Hibs going very much through the have been. Stephen Elliott involved


with a final shot, but Craig Beattie into macro Skacel, and he's


enjoying it. You see what he's know Skacel has the double, but he


started it, getting on the ball, when there was 11 on the pitch. A


lovely moment for this young lad. Good luck to him. A top player for


us. Ian Black lives and breathes minute of the 90. And whatever


Craig Thomson wants to add on the end of that. He is going to speak


to Pat Fenlon. He has been sent to that a -- away from the technical


area. It has got word for -- was the Irishman. They can only be


frustration from Pat Fenlon. But for Hearts fans it is something


else for them to lap up. The run-in with Craig Thomson, that happened a


few weeks ago as well as a Hibs game. I don't think he was happy


with the appointment either. He now finds himself... He's he sent to


the stance? The policeman telling him to go up. He kept on giving


in the opening moments of the match. He did fix it, but he never got a


chance to build on it. But after Kjaer beat sent off and he was 3-1


Hearts have won the cup. Edinburgh will be painted by room tonight.


Barr got the party started for the Gorgie side, the mother of all


Edinburgh derbies has been won by Heart of Midlothian. They have


filleted their great derby rivals on the biggest stage in this


country. Paulo Sergio guides Hearts to there eight Scottish Cup triumph


and second in six years. It finishes Hibs one, Hearts five. Ian


Black is trackside with Chris McLaughlin. -- congratulations.


Outstanding. The way the boys went about their business, brilliant.


They deserve every minute of it. What a scoreline, did you expect a


tough afternoon? We did, but we knew if we went about the business


the right way we could do it and the boys have been absolutely


unbelievable. What does that mean for these players and the manager,


do you say? Massive, we got past Celtic, we said let's go and do it.


The manager has kept as calm and cool. He told us to enjoy it, enjoy


the occasion. We went out there and did the business. You will enjoy


the occasion, well done. Thank you very much, thank you. Not an


afternoon for Hearts. Brilliant. It has been a great game. Did you


expected to be tougher? You always expect a tough derby. It is never


easy. Sometimes you make it look easy but it is never easy. Well


done, enjoy the party. Thank you. It is a day these guys are not


going to forget, ever. It is the day the Hearts fans could only have


dreamt of. Not in several lifetimes has there been a cup final quite


like it, and Edinburgh derby Cup final which has been one, it in


1896 bike Heart of Midlothian. Paulo Sergio, he joins the


glitterati at Hearts. Where will his future be? Then name is etched


on to the oldest trophy in world football. There has to be a loser.


On Cup Final day. Today, it is to Bernier. The pain continues for


them. It will now stretching to 100 -- 111 years since they last won


the Scottish Cup. There dreams have been shattered as Hearts realise


there's. T Stekske Primary School - - Sproule, who won the League Cup


in two dozen and seven, Stevenson, who won in 2007, troop off as they


It is the medals no one ever remembers. Heading straight at the


tunnel, as well. A horrible feeling. The stage is set for Hearts and


Zaliukas to lift the Scottish Cup. He has dreamt about it at its media


-- he was asked if he had dreamt about it at its media conference


Antti replied that he had. He is about to realise it now. Now he


does make his way up, the Hearts skipper, leading the heroes in the


room. Never mind the more recent cup victories over Rangers in


Gretna, this is the one that will mean the most that -- to the people


who came from that East, in the Zaliukas lifts the William Hill


The 7-0 defeat in 73, the defeat in 2000, they have been trumped this


time. Andy Webster, who lifted the Cup, that same trophy, a couple of


seasons ago for Dundee United. McGowan, his family is here to


watch this. At close quarters. Beattie got them here with the late


penalty. Driver, misery for the last few years, he can put that to


bed now. Santander, a surprise start of the sun, but a special


Man of the match. He played his part, brilliant all day. He got a


couple of goals. Black will get a special cheer as well. That will be


and they Black family album very soon, that picture. Just before


Prychynenko there as well. Paulo Sergio, who has guided Hearts to


the Scottish Cup. Those guys to And eight Scottish Cup triumph for


Hearts, above Aberdeen in the pecking order, behind third place


Queen's Park. The Celtic have won this more than anyone. This means


as much if not more than at any other triumph in hearts' history.


They absolutely annihilated their great rivals at the National


Stadium. I am sure they could not have dreamt it would be such an


emphatic manner as it has turned Congratulations, you look a very


happy man. Thank you very much. It finished the right way for some I


am pleased to we showed everybody, there is only one team in Edinburgh.


Fantastic scenes behind you. What does it mean to you? They deserve


it, big thanks to them. It was a tougher afternoon today. Yes. It


will be remembered for over 100 years. These fans want to know if


they will look forward to seeing you next year. Will you be here


next season? It is in my hands, we will see what happens, never say


happen -- never say never. Well How are you feeling? All right,


very happy to give them all that Tchoyi, the pride they can feel


today. These are the days you what, the cup finals, it is more special,


today was massive for me and my family and my goal for my grandad,


who passed away. I noticed that T- shirt. Yes, definitely, I have not


been able to get over things but today it has been a massive day for


all of us, my friends and family travelled up from England to


supporters and my son is here as well which is great for him to look


back on in a few years' time. I am so happy for all the boys. Skacel


deserves all the credit he gets. He has been fantastic all season. A


lot of boys are moving on but today A fantastic scene behind due today,


what an afternoon for Hearts. listen. It is a brilliant feeling.


You have been around this club for a long time, you have grown to love


this club. What does it mean to you personally? This will take the


place inside of me have and all the time I will come to this and watch


again, brilliant will start a very big party tonight? And tomorrow as


Darren, can you quite believe you helped make this happen? I can, to


see the supporters is unbelievable. It is absolutely brilliant. What


was going through your head? I was getting my best back, I got a break


with the ball, it was my first goal, I was happy we came out in the


second half and started brightened got goals when we did. It is


something you dream of as a boy, scoring in a Scottish football


final? This is why you play football, this is what it is about.


A congratulations. Thank you for stamp -- St Ewe. -- thank you.


the start of the season I was not involved in the first team and to


finish winning it is unbelievable. Your father came to watch it?


he surprised me during the week, they said they would not come over


but I got a phone call to say he was over, it is something I can't


put into words. A very proud moment. It is. We will have drinks tonight


to celebrate. Well done. Thank you very much. Hibs van Pat Nevin with


me in the studio, a former Hearts player and manager Sandy Clark as


well. Hearts went in as firm favourites but we could never have


expected that game to be that historic match, that it would and


been quite as an Fadiga win? think you were Hearts supporter, I


thought it would be tight, I really did, and at half-time -- and at


half-time were thought it would be interesting second half but when


you look back at the game the way Hearts started, their attitude


towards winning the ball and trying to have a good team, the manager


deserves credit and they were strong winners. If you want a


Hearts fan you were delighted but you feel for your opponents. It was


always painful going -- it was always going to be painful for the


losers, agony for Hibs. We were chatting before the game about it,


they turned up at the Celtic game, 6-1, the players did not turn up


for this one. But I don't, just before, how many players would you


have that would get a game for Hearts generally? Hearts were far


better. It needed Hearts to have a bad day and Hibs to have a good day


and the opposite happening. Barr's opening goal demonstrated that they


loose ball, they get it. Barr, and delighted for him. He has not had


the best of times at Hearts, but he is up there, positive, he has a go.


You have to be determined and have a hunger to get there. That will


some it up. Any kids watching that, a brilliant goal from Hearts's


point of view but Hibs, the thing that disappoints them, don't take


away from Barr, he is a defensive player, he will enjoy that one


thoroughly for years to come. He could not catch his breath, all the


excitement, I am pleased for the Hearts came up with nothing that


should have surprised Hibs. They allowed Skacel the sort of room


from which he will only do damage? All the stuff we talked about,


everything we expected. To be fair to Pat Fenlon, he tried to put out


a system where they were mocking Skacel but in fact there marking


was too clever, so when he got himself a little bit of space, he


black today he was fantastic. Skacel, he usually catches


everything cleaned. This isn't clean. It is not a surprise. You


watch him there, he drops of a little bit, it is hard to pick him


up. He is good at hitting the target. I am not sure if he tried


that pass but he gets time to turn, that is where Hibs let it fall


today. He plays that in no man's land between the midfield. You need


a man in front and the man behind. They set out to try and do that


and... It did not work. That is the way Hearts play, they played game


after game, they are really good team and Skacel today got in those


areas once or twice in the game and when he gets that chance he is


deadly. McPake's goal was a godsend. They had been outplayed but this


changed the complexion. Yes, he had not got wide at all, they tried to


change it before half-time. They bought Sproule on. The ball goes


out wide. If anybody deserved a goal this season, it is Mick Bates


-- it is McPake. He has the desire. That was one of the few times Hibs


to a wider area and put it in. Hibs, Hearts get players behind the ball.


They have a determination to get behind the ball. They don't always


defend particularly well when they get there, that time the ball


crossed Cup -- the ball got across the middle. There was a willingness,


and will lift the Hibs, can they keep their heads? Well, some of


them did that one did not and it was something a lot of people who


have been watching them all season, Kujabi was an accident waiting to


happen and all the accidents happened today with Kujabi. It is a


shame, to point to one player. gets behind him. If you are


defending, don't do that. Don't died in unless you can win the ball.


And do not get off your feet. He takes a chance there and that is


obviously a yellow card. And that is the way he plays the game. I do


not know what he's thinking about. It is a yellow card, no complaints.


You cannot have anyone saying it should not have been a sending-off.


It is a stone wall sending off but I'm not having it is a penalty, it


is outside the box. By the tiny moves in the box he goes over. I


don't think there is a trip. The referee, a fabulous position. It is


a sending-off, he got that right but is a penalty? For me, no where


near. I just cannot see why he gets it wrong. Having said all that, I


don't think that is why Hibs lost a game. A great penalty from Grainger


but if you look back at the defending, they are trying to stop


Suso Santana down the line. He shouldn't be near the box by


eventually falls outside it and I'm surprised. I am saying it was


inside the box. Now, I agree, really. A bad start, a yellow card


already. If you how someone playing like that in that position, change


them. We did say he was having a stinker and he was on a yellow card


and then there is a massive danger. Hibs were not playing well and if


they were going to go down to 10 men, that was the game over and we


will ride. The penalty was conceded 39 seconds into the second half and


five minutes after the restart, game over. The set piece again.


Three times at Hibs have a chance to make a challenge in a 50/50


situation. Ryan McGowan, there is no way he will be second to the


ball and that sums up the game. Hearts had the desire to get there


first and make sure they would win the 50/50 and get across people and


make sure they would stop the Rudi Skacel got the 5th goal, 15


from time. At this point we did and by the time you get to seven


that is something never forgotten. I'm sure this won't be any way.


They really did find the corners. The three players between him and


goal and no one puts in a tackle. I will grant you that, but I don't


want to go on about the negativity towards Hibs and Skacel does very


well, time and time again, generally dense Hibs and he hits


the corners. The amount of time it hits the post and goes in his


A quality player. Once again he picks up or Cup winner's medal and


he is off, Skacel. I would love him to stay. They have a lot of things


to fix in the summer and the manager is up for debate but I


don't think they will worry at the moment. A great day and a day to


enjoy. The Hearts plays turned it on that performance. You talk about


the fall back getting sent off, but he is not the only one who didn't


play well. There were a few of them who need to have a look at


themselves. It is certainly the end of the line a Hearts or Ian Black.


He is often the summer. No doubt about his passion for the club, he


made that clear again and again there was the lucky to stay on the


was a penalty, he would have been off. I am not sure. When you jump,


your arms are therefore balance. There is a left-foot pass and he


has acres of space. Look at the Spacey gets here. This was him all


day. -- the space he gets here. He just got the ball time and time


again. I think he was a player who was the player of the match by a


distance. He had a good game. You talk about the image of him being


hot-headed. But today we could have played in the space he had. If you


look at Ian Black, he is a top footballer and you tend to forget


that. Do you think he cares? That is why Hearts have won the Cup,


that his passion. They wanted it more than Hibs. You talk about the


fact that Hibs have a lot of players on loan, and that makes a


difference. Do they care enough? I thought it might take the pressure


off, but do they care enough? Certainly not as much as the Hearts


As the dust settled on the emphatic win, the Hibs manager Pat Fenlon


tried to explain away a devastating defeat. I am guessing that must be


one of the most painful experiences you have had to endure in football.


Yes, he was desperately disappointing today. We never


showed up from the start of the game. No complaints. How do you


explain it? It seemed for the first half-hour that the Hibs players did


not seem to be there. We can explain it with the position we are


in the league and we have struggled over time in the club. Last week


and we went Inverness and that showed me what was wrong with the


place. A lack of desire and a lack of effort. You can lose games, but


if you don't show passion and desire, especially in the Cup final,


it nothing's going to happen. the scoreline a fair reflection in


the gulf between the teams? could have been more in fairness. I


am devastated for the supporters, to be honest. I am only here a


short time and it was a massive game for them and we let them down.


What was your view of the penalty decision and the sending off?


didn't see the penalty, but from where I was it was impossible to


see where it was. In fairness that has changed the game but we were


second fiddle for most of the game. The main feeling is frustration and


annoyance at giving the ball away so cheaply on a regular basis. I


apologise to the supporters for that. A bad day for us and you have


to take it on the chin. To clarify any confusion, did the referee sten


-- Sen due to the stands for a gesture? It is my M plays giving


the ball when it was frustration and they should have shown more


frustration and desire and passion about the game. So much build-up to


a massive cup final. Hibs weight in the Scottish Cup Final stays in the


wilderness. What is your message to the fans this evening? What other


rice say this evening will not make it any event -- easier for them --


whatever I say. The we apologise for the display. I am the manager


and have to take responsibility. It is not good enough. The two


weekends a show me what is wrong with the place and we will change


it. There was confusion as to why Pat Fenlon was sent to the stand.


He said it was a gesture which was aimed at his own players and the


disappointment he felt about the performances. The indication at the


time was this was aimed at the Hearts supporters who were so


Casserly shouting at the time that there was only one Pat Fenlon. --


sarcastically shouting. Have a look at this and make up your mind.


it has to be said. It is frustration, isn't it? Pat will be


embarrassed but you can understand it. I thought his comments were


brilliant because he is not hiding behind it. His team did not perform.


They have let the fans down. He picks the team and has put his


hands up and he has a big job to do. It is frustration from Pat Fenlon,


and he will be embarrassed and I think he will apologise. I like the


fact he showed some passion. That was good. These pictures do not


show a great case for the defence. He cares. His team are getting


hammered. But you cannot do that. You have to have dignity. If you


are a manager of a big bore all club, you have to have a standard.


-- a big football club. You have to stick to what you're doing. Let's


remember there are a lot of fans are doing a helluva lot worse to


him constantly and he does one little gesture. I think sometimes


we can get carried away. It's not the end of the world. Hibs played


like a team who had only just scraped survival in the SPL. They


didn't play well today but that is where they are. It is back to what


Pat Fenlon said. He has not been working with them and hardening


them, he has the money coddle them. He was brought in to do a job, keep


them in the SPL. And he has done it, only just, but he did it. It is a


bonus getting to the final. Getting hammered by Hearts in the Scottish


Cup, the hoodoo goes on, but that is not his job. His job was to keep


them in the Premier League and Buffon from there and change the


team, but it's a big job in itself. Joy for the jumbos inside Hampden.


Banner mood of the supporters hadn't changed much -- and the mood


of the supporters hadn't changed much. It was a cup final and maybe


the fact there are lot of guys on loan, maybe that was behind it. But


Hearts will more up for it. To go down like that is pretty much.


Terrible. We were not as good as them. But we will come back. I feel


let down. We were really disappointed. I felt as if we


started quite well but the longer the game went on, Hearts dominated


and Ian Black got a lot of touches and we didn't seem to get close to


the important players. And we lost a couple of soft goals in the first


half, got one back and thought we had a chance and I think a sending-


off and penalty the whole game has Absolutely delighted. For me, the


game could not have gone better. Just absolutely delighted. Best day


of my life without a shadow of the doubt. 4-0 this time, 5-1 this time.


Nervous wrecks, but this is all worth it. It has been brilliant.


Every nerve and feeling, this has been worth it. 5-1, Cup final.


Words cannot explain how good it was. I am very sorry, but chaps,


hard lines. 1896! Amazing for Hearts, we knew we would do it, but


the expectations were broken. Nothing will ever be that. That is


them finished all the rest of their lives. Party tonight? A party


tonight. My mates told me not to suggest -- to send a text to them.


Well done, guys, I hope you enjoyed yourselves are no speech you in a


month when you can talk again. gloating will continue. Lots of


Hearts and Hibs fans did not have tickets and they watched TV


coverage in Edinburgh. This was the reaction in two supporters' clubs.


Ever-changing moods. That could have been the soundtrack for the


clubs. Two goals behind, despondency all around, then


suddenly, James McPake scored just before half-time. And their hopes


were up again. Not for long. These were the Hearts supporters watching


their team going 5-1 ahead. Rudi Skacel's second of the game, and


then when the full-time whistle went, that is how it was. So, what


is happening in Edinburgh tonight? Our reporter can answer that


question as the Hearts celebrations This morning two sets of fans are


left Edinburgh dreaming of Scottish Cup glory. However, only one set of


fans are partying tonight and that is those of Hearts and in a few


moments time the team will make its way along Gorgie Road and these


Yes! Getting there! Yes! Many congratulations, you have just


driven along Gorgie Road. How does it feel? That is what makes me


happy, to see the happiness of the other people. A cigarette moment


for me. Because I can feel the pride of my parents, my wife and my


kids, that is what matters for me. For me it is not money, it is not


being on the spot, it is the feelings of the other ones. I am


strong enough to survive any storm. I want those around me to feel


happy. You were close to tears? Very emotional. When I spoke about


my family, all the love I have for them, I know and I want every


single day of my life to make them proud. Because I am so proud of


them. I am not sure if they do this and Portugal, do they? Win cups?


Yes, they do, they do. We had a similar people in the way we do


these things, it is very important to me, having a family seeing us


lift the Cup. A fantastic moment. After the final whistle, it is a


different day. Until the final whistle it is a day like any other.


Darren Barr, you were distraught at Hampden a couple of years ago when


you lost a cup final with Falkirk. Was it feel like today? If I am in


honest, I cannot believe it, it has not sunk in. It is a pleasure, the


team performance was immense, and can't complain. What about the


celebrations driving along and the bus? A great day my life, I am


taking it on. This is supposed to be your last game for Hearts, I am


sure there will be talks over the next few weeks. What was the


feeling like when the 90 minutes, the final whistle went today?


was an emotional time, not just for myself, for the squad. We set out


to do this after beating Celtic and to get the result we did was


delight for. It was a team game, we all did great. An occasion that is


going to meet -- going to be magnificent. The celebrations, you


don't get a taste that very often, do you? You don't, maybe once-in-a-


lifetime and I'm bowing out on the biggest high of my life so I will


enjoy every moment. You look as if you have enjoyed every moment.


Jamie, you have the winners'' medal. What does it mean to you? It means


everything. In 2080 I was distraught, to win it today is...


Just speechless come to be honest. It has been a great day especially


against a local rivals. Hearts fan, man and boy, been there as a player,


what does it mean? It was brilliant, the best day. I did not think it


would go as well as that. The sending-off was a turning-point


macro. We will take that and enjoy the night. What about the reception


from the fans? Fantastic. My close friends, we will be quicker this


time than last time, but it is one to enjoy, I am looking forward to


seeing my wife and kids and have a good night tonight. Have a great


How do you feel? Great, we did really well, we showed everybody's


there is only one team in Edinburgh. Fantastic. It will be quite a party


tomorrow. It will be similar to 2006, a massive party for the


bigger heart of Edinburgh. Hopefully, if I don't lose tonight,


hopefully tomorrow. All the best. A few tired and emotional people


around in that celebration party tonight and not surprising, who


would blame them? I wonder what sort of Hearts team we will see


next season. It will be a big change in the summer. Yes, it is


transition again, down to the owner, the budget, the players for next


season. They have lost one or two already. They could lose the


nucleus of the team. He will be a massive mess and if that happens


three or four macro times than they were hard to replace. They have


young players that Hearts but they will want to bring in some players


as well. It is down to the owner, how much she is prepared to back


the manager, whoever that may be. Normally you would expect the team


to kick on, but in a title challenge domestically, and of


course they are in the Europa League play-offs saw a big


opportunity for Hearts but you wonder about the strength of the


squad with costs being trimmed. is the classic shout of the


football fan, go to the next level, it means through more money at it.


He is not going to do it again, painful though it is for Hearts fan,


-- fans, and when you have a nucleus of a good team, you take


Skacel out of that, Beattie out, Black, that is the core part of the


team. I agree, there is enough good young players coming through. I am


impressed with some of the guys, Driver will be a good player next


year if he is free from injury. A lot of teams in Scotland a maybe


not as strong as they have been in the past. They have to cut their


cloth. They will build up again. From Paulo Sergio's point of view,


he must think he could do something out, he could go a challenge, get


close, be the second force. It will be tougher now. Another of your


board teams are celebrating tonight, St Johnstone with a place in Europe


courtesy of Hearts winning the Cup. Yes, they have had a good season,


they have kicked on in the last two of three years. They will be


delighted. They will lose players because of the financial contract,


but my time at St Johnstone, we played in the European competition,


so good look to them. Our final word tonight should be for Paulo


Sergio, who was so emotional in that interview. He has clued Hearts


together, it seems, because they have looked on the point of


imploding with late wage payments and the usual sides Joe going on.


It is not the easiest job in the world being Hearts manager. Maybe


this year as much as anybody else. I like the way he has been, after


the game to date he was very quick to say he is thinking about Hibs


and the pain they are going through. That is a real professional,


somebody who understands. He has behaved fantastically. He has kept


the team together. You have a football club, your directors,


people at that level but on the day-to-day basis in the dressing


room at training you have to stay together, have a bond, there has to


be trust and that is the biggest thing for me. In adverse


circumstances with the wages, he has kept them close-knit and you


could see it today. It showed in the game and it showed in the


celebrations. They are happy with each other. That is a big thing,


you don't see the managers and players, their reaction to each


other was fantastic. They adore him. It will be a sad day for them if


they lose him. You feel it was a well-oiled machine, all the parts


were working in sharp contrast to the opposition. You have the


tactics, incredible. They did not change, but is the way they play. I


keep going back to Hibs today, they knew exactly what Hearts were going


to set up and they got it wrong at the start. They could not react.


knew what they would do. Sometimes you think player for player you can


change everything you like, you can drop a little bit deeper, you can


cut out, actually they have 11 players that are better than your


players, whatever you do is highly unlikely to work so you try


everything and I was not to down on Pat Fenlon in the end because he


tried something different, it didn't work, so he moved on from


that and accepted it but it will be a different team next season. We


have to say well done Hearts, the better team, I am gutted, I put my


hands up and my heart is broken as they say, but something will cheer


It's the all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup Final. Hibernian and Heart of Midlothian haven't contested the Scottish Cup final since 1896. Hibernian haven't won the cup for 110 years and Hearts last picked up the famous old trophy in 2006. The two capital clubs meet with a lot of history at stake.

Join Rob Maclean and Pat Nevin for extensive highlights of Scottish Cup Final from Hampden Park.

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