2016 St Patrick's Day Schools' Finals


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It's the ultimate day in Ulster colleges football. There are the


students, the players. They've been here just once before in the final.


St Patrick's Maghera have been here so many times, aiming to where the


15th cup. It is about the families and the supporters. Welcome to the


2016 McRory cup final in the splendid sunshine of the athletic


Grounds. St Paul's Bessbrook and St Patrick's Maghera. You may be


watching on BBC television or right across the world on the World Wide


Web. You can get in contact. We would love to hear your thoughts and


opinions. It is not just about the McRory cup, there is also the


MacLarnon Cup. Highlights at half-time. Everybody here in the


beautiful athletics Grounds. We have Ryan McCue here. Let's talk about,


what shall we talk about? Your suit, you are looking the part. It is a


special occasion, isn't it? Great occasion with the sun shining. We


had a great MacLarnon Cup final beforehand, and I am looking forward


to this. People might think of Armagh when they think of you, and


the 1994 cup final. I hope they don't because we were beaten on that


day but it was a fabulous occasion. That defeat did me no harm because


you learn a lot of lessons. Somebody will have to lose and somebody will


have a great journey ending in winning the final. If you are


playing colleges football, this is where you want to become a leading


out your team and St Patrick's Maghera eight in the MacRory Cup


final. That is the trophy they want, particularly Saint Pauls, they've


never lifted that trophy. They have played in the competition for times


in total and been here just once in the final in 2013. They lost on that


day, and they lost against today's opponents.


It was very sad to see the boys cry. Even though we lost the game on that


day, that team inspired another generation of young fellows. Even


though we didn't recognise it at the time it was success in that sense.


The different year, a different thing. Key to success is the care.


He is dreaming about winning the MacRory Cup, most of the time. We


don't put too much pressure on ourselves. You may not play great or


something like that but it will be special, my family will be talking


about this. It's a really big game for me so hopefully we can do it. If


they do it will be the man on the left lifting the precious cup. You


might not recognise him but you probably recognise his dad. If we


can win Paddy 's day, the first one is always the hardest one to win, so


it will be unbelievable. It will just be another one for them but for


us it will be very special. So, Saint Pauls ready for action but one


of those players of St Patrick's Maghera, their supporters are


hearing their thousands, and varies the team led by Conor Glass. They've


been here so many times before and won the competition 14 times.


There's the trophy they want to get their hands on. They are led by that


man in the middle, Conor Glass. He is off to play Australian rules in


the near future. His fourth MacRory Cup final and he is leading them


this afternoon. The first thing I did was go to see


the sports team. Baby faced. Lost my head a few times, especially after


losing. Made friends with most of the players. What was it like when


you were brought in as a fourth-year? Amazing. I watched it


about ten times over and over again. Something to be proud of. One of the


main things I got out of being thrown in the deep end, I have been


able to mature as a person. Talisman in the group but carries a


tremendous modestly as well, and a good sense of responsibility. He may


be spoken about the same terms as Jim McKee, Darren Nicholls. How many


games have you lost? Not many. There is a fierce rivalry between all


those players. I was one of those people who looked up to an athlete


from a young age. People will be looking up to me hopefully in the


next couple of years. Just being a good role model. I've played enough


games to understand what I have to do. It is no different. It is


something to look forward to. He will be a massive loss to Caylib


football when he takes up a professional contract in Australian


rules. Dermot but Nicholl played in five MacRory Cup finals, it sounds


incredible, but the fact that young man is playing in his fourth final


is a staggering accomplishment. When he was only a fourth-year he looked


very comfortable and like a grown man. He has developed into a superb


player. It can go one of two ways, if you have too much success early


in your career. In fairness to, glassy has kicked on and moulded


himself into a leader of this team. He has accomplished players around


him. At the same time you have to give it to the light, even though he


has had so much success he still looks as hungry as ever. He


certainly has one big game left in him for today. Let's talk about


Saint Paul's. What they lack in pedigree probably doesn't matter


much for this site. I imagine they will not be bound down by history as


a new team. Will they care that their opponents have won so many and


they've won so few? Definitely not. In schools football it is a


different team every year, coming up against different players. They just


need to enjoy their football and play the best they can. You made


your championship debut for Donegal at the age of 18, in front of a big


crowd, that must have had a big impression. For those young players,


live on television, with a massive crowd, will they be bewildered? It


will be tough and there will be nervous. Everyone is going to be


nervous. There is great support here from both sides. Take it all in, and


once it is thrown in, the first two or three minutes, the nerves will


get underway. Thank you. Splendid sunshine here, absolutely baking,


but the boys are looking well in their 3-piece suits. Thomas always


dresses well and he is with a few interesting supporters. If the area


behind the goals is dominated by Saint Paul's, the section behind me


is all blue and white for St Patrick's Maghera. Fantastic buzz


around the stands here, and there are number of fans, parents,


spectators. If we come down here, two of the best seats in the house


are dominated by a few very familiar faces. We've got the former St


Paul's Bessbrook pupil Steve McDonald. Two years ago, how much


will that benefit them this time? They've got the experience of being


to the final before. It should stand them in good stead. Who will be the


key players? You have to look at their captain, Burns. But the


problem is he's coming up against Conor Glass. For me he is the best


player in this age group. This is the trophy both sides are playing


for sitting around here. Who will get their hands on that famous


MacRory Cup? Just behind Stephen Lee of the principle of St Patrick's


Maghera. First year at principle, what is it like to be involved in a


MacRory Cup decider? Nerve wracking at the moment but amazing. Great


feeling. Everybody has been getting ready for a week so we are up for it


today. It is not just about the players or the teachers, it is about


the pupils in the school. How have they embraced this occasion once


again? It has been like this all week in school, our support is


renowned across the whole area. It's not just about the players, it is


about the school and wider community and everybody is urging everybody on


to bring this home. You could hardly get closer to the action, how will


you feel? If we win, immeasurable, it will be an absolute delight,


especially in my first year as principal of the college. MacRory


Cup is massive to the school so it is an important occasion to me


particularly in my first year as principal. There will be a lot of


nerves on the pitch and in the stands as well. Thank you very much.


There is just a cacophony of noise, amazing atmosphere. Hard to think


that someone so young, the 16 and 17-year-olds here, I will not call


them boys but they are certainly very young man. Always a danger the


occasion could get to them. When you look back at 2013, the first


occasion for St Paul's in the final, you could say the occasion got to


them. The more the game and on, the more St Paul's came into it, and


Maghera were sort of hanging on. For the first half-hour St Paul's were


finding their feet, today will be different. It is about coming out


and concentrating on playing the game. It is a game of football the


same as any other except there is a massive prize at the end of it. Who


do you expect to win? That's a hard one to call, watching the two


semifinals, they were both good games. Maybe the team who gets off


to the better start will win. Maghera may make it with their


experience. Just about Maghera. This Saint Paul's team are finding their


feet in the competition. They have been a breath of fresh air, but I


just think Maghera look like big physical units. We look forward to


your thoughts through the course of this afternoon. Let's get to the


action. COMMENTATOR: This beats the


classroom any day of the week. The sunshine of the MacRory Cup final.


Martin Clark was a finalist here a decade ago, man of the match on the


day even though your school loss. Does it feel like ten years ago? It


doesn't, but the experience from the journey was fantastic. These fellows


are starting their careers, exciting for them. And right now moment for


reflection as we remember a former Maghera player who passed away this


week. A beautifully observed minute's


silence for Sean Conway from dairy, former MacRory Cup player who passed


away this week. This is the moment they've been


working for. St Paul's Bessbrook may be relative newcomers but in four


years they've reached two finals in the semifinal. In midfield, Burns


was a substitute in the final two years ago, he is the team leader


today. Much will depend on the scoring power of Liam Kerr, who got


eight points in the semifinal win. As for St Patrick's Maghera, going


for the third success in four years, if they are going to win it they may


think their goalkeeper Shaun Cassidy who made three great semifinal saves


in the win over Dungannon. Shea Downey continuity a proud family


tradition. Up front they will look to Shane McGrath in, scorer 1-6 in


their narrow victory. high standard referee, still playing


club football with his club. And here we go. St Patrick's Maghera in


blue. St Paul's Bessbrook in the familiar maroon and white.


An early opportunity for Maghera to launch their attack with their


captain, AFL man in June, Conor Glass takes it quickly. A lovely


start by St Patrick's Maghera. Winning the free kick, and that


finish from that angle, a phenomenal start. France's Kearney, one of the


twins from the club in Derry. That is nice start. Almost an early


summer 's day rather than a mid-March day on St Patrick's Day.


Maghera look hungry, look eager. Here is the son of the school


principal, feeds the ball neatly to Conor Clarke. An early opportunity


for Richard Keenan, a late addition to the St Paul's team. It is a


family day, of course, and they are enjoying themselves. Here is the


late call-up, Richard Keenan of South Armagh. St Paul's will be


looking for him as a source of scores in this MacRory Cup decided


today. Glass the target, and again he is


the recipient. That is a man that St Paul's will have to watch today as


Maghera come forward, looking confident in the opening exchanges.


Jack Doherty, previous MacRory Cup winner. They are the midfield


combination for Saint Pat 's Maghera.


Enterprising play by St Patrick's Maghera. A chance for Shane


McGuigan! There is the goal! The start gets better and better! 1-1


and some fans have yet to take their seats, less than three minutes


played! France's Kearney just turned inside, went off the left shoulder,


and the awareness to flick it across, took out three defenders. A


relatively simple finish. He is deadly from there, it is a brilliant


start from Maghera. You fear the worst for Bessbrook. They call him


we Shane even though he is six foot two in height. If Maghera were


accused of starting slowly in earlier rounds of the MacRory Cup,


that cannot be a criticism levelled at them today.


The tackling and carrying is ferocious from Maghera in the early


moments. Conor Glass is central and pivotal to much of what they are


Another chance for Shane McGuigan, thinking again about the goal. The


movement inside from Shane McGuigan and Francis Kearney has been


delightful. They were providing options. It was an intelligent


option for Shane McGuigan to take his point because to go five up is a


big score. It was a more difficult opportunity than the one he has just


taken, very smart play. Maghera are dominating.


Glass fouls, another free. Taken quickly. Ryan McSherry will keep the


ball in play. This will be a scoring opportunity


for St Paul's, and, boy, do they need it, just to steady the ship,


settle things down. It is interesting that Conor Glass and


Jonathan Byrd have matched up with each other. I had a feeling that,


given their strengths lie in their attacking ability, both boys are


doing a lot of damage going forward, so it is great to see them going


head-to-head. First scoring opportunity from Shea


Loye, not one of his better ones. Drifts wide. Could that be nervous?


It wasn't the easiest free you will get, though I was down on the pitch


beforehand and the ground was immaculate, the conditions are


perfect, so you would expect in two kick that in. Bessbrook will just


have to rely on their experience, they will have to try and settle,


though Maghera have shown phenomenal start here. Two wides for St Paul's


Bessbrook so far. He is judged to have over carried


the ball, St Paul's have the free. Aaron Boyle is the man to take it,


scored an important goal in their semifinal a few weeks ago.


Plenty of composure at the back, Maharaj don't do panic. They fell


behind to the Academy Dungannon in the semifinal but they were not


fazed and found a way back into the game. They have started like a steam


locomotive here. Another opportunity for Tierney. And the ball is in the


net again! It is a dream start for St Patrick's Maghera. It is becoming


a quarry nightmare for St Paul's. -- a MacRory nightmare. It was a fairly


simple finish but the space they are getting, the quarterback make a


great run up the ground, knew his limitations, David after the forward


and before you know it is in the back of the net. It will be a long


way back for Westbrook. 2-2 to know school. -- no score. Even with just


eight minutes played the alarm bells now are ringing.


At last, Bessbrook have a badly needed school. McGuinness knocked


that one over the bar. Badly needed, and John Rafferty knows it. Into the


ninth minute now, it was good to see him come through and feed it off, a


lovely finish as well. No need to panic just jet, still a lot of game


to play and hopefully that will settle this St Paul's team down. A


mountain to climb, if not an insurmountable one, but it has


certainly been some start by St Patrick's Maghera.


Well intercepted by Rory McCann the St Pat's.


Ryan Gaskin, also a member of the McCrory 2013 St Paul's panel.


Conor Glass was not as intense, that was a fantastic school, dead centre


but 40 metres out. He knows this ground well, being an Armagh boy. It


is good to see St Paul's showing this courage so early in the game.


They have steadied things with those two scores in the last few minutes.


A bit more purpose now from St Paul's. Maybe they have decided to


let the shackles of a bit, having conceded those two early goals.


Lori was trying to do what he could, but his options were limited there.


-- Loye. A lovely side footed ball and,


almost nonchalantly, a third St Patrick's goal. Brilliant, not an


easy path to take. He had to spin round his man, the ball in wasn't


ideal but the way he caught it, held off his opponent, and that finish


was absolutely brilliant. Those two boys upfront are causing absolute


havoc. The way he won the ball, protected the space, took it in,


strong enough to hold off the defender, and that finish is so, so


good. He made it look easy, if it was to a good it was called us and


calmness personified. A third St Patrick's Maghera goal and the gap


is nine points already in this MacRory Cup decider. If the first


two goals did not reach the Bessbrook crowd, that one certainly


has. It is a big ask now, even at this early stage.


You can see his influence, he pops up everywhere, little linking moves.


Even at this early stage you wonder where the initiative to turn the


game is going to come from for St Paul's. Still a long way to go.


Under pressure, the shop was Holyrood. -- hurried.


Damian O'Hagan, that is more like it, shot straight through, third


score the St Paul's. A very clever flick down there from Aaron Boyle. A


lovely finish, didn't try to kick it too hard, just floated it upon the


wind. Maghera, their two semifinal and quarterfinal opponents, titanic


struggles against them, it looks like they have freed up playing


against a more familiar opponent, it seems as if they are playing with a


lot of pre-med and -- freedom and sometimes that can happen if you


have had a difficult path to the final.


The sun in their eyes, but it has not distracted them so far.


The Maghera team is peppered with links to the 1993 All-Ireland


winners. Good tackling from Loye. A free out


for St Paul's. It is about keeping their composure, too, St Paul's,


making sure their heads don't drop. Yes, it is about not being too


concerned with the scoreboard, sticking to the process and the game


plan that has taken you this far, and the score will look after its


self. It is when you start thinking about what will happen here, I will


do something different, that is when it gets dangerous. They need to have


the composure to do that and trust themselves they can claw this back


one point at a time. The problem for St Paul's, however, is that all of


Saint pats schools have come from two players. I was going to say that


is about to change but that effort drifted to the right and wide from


Paddy McCormack. This is Michael Murphy. His club has


a strong representation in this MacRory Cup panel in 2016. Little


things not working out for St Paul's in these early exchanges. Eamon


O'Neill and Ryan Gaskill combining. Loye again. Nile McGuinness showing


well when he gets on the ball. Maghera have plenty of numbers back.


That was not one of his best attempts.


St Patrick's Cavan were heading for the third MacRory Cup success,


remember. Another chance here, and another goal! Another nail, you hate


to say it at this early stage, but Paddy Crick has found the net for St


Patrick's Maghera, four goals and two points for the Derry men, three


points for St Paul's. The movement inside, it is hard to point fingers


at the defence because the movement is such high quality, but they have


lots of space to work in front of them to move on these passes. You


would expect St Paul's Bessbrook to have rectified that by now, put some


defenders back to stem the flow for a little bit, because every time


Maghera go forward they are capable of scoring goals. Four goals in 80


minutes. A great run around the keeper, you still have to get the


ball onto your boot under pressure so not as easy a finish as it may


have looked. A great no mistaking his influence


in this match, he is causing havoc in the forward line. The Martin


stretches again for Maghera. -- the margin. It's a big ask. This is Liam


Kerr. Scored eight points in the semifinal win but has yet to


register in this final, this is his first opportunity. And it's good.


They are going to need lots more from him if they will turn this


particular contest around. An accomplished free taker. His club


has celebrated through the years. -- a celebrated history. Dinky kick


out. Patrick Kearney. Able to mobilise free men very quickly. Time


and playing with plenty of confidence on the ball. Thought he


was fouled but play continues. Nice enterprising ball into McGuigan,


toying with his man once again. He will try to get it on the left foot,


his preferred kicking foot. On this occasion may be too much one way and


then the other. The referee is going to have a word with McGuigan. , a


lot better. Hard to ask players to be playing one-on-one this level. I


feel sorry for the two boys in there. What should they try to do?


Put a halfback in just in front. It is bouncing and they are able to get


it on the turn. Just clog it up for a few minutes so they can get a


foothold in the game. They are being ruthless, Maghera. I would expect


them to look at that before they move completely out of this game.


Trying to get Liam Kerr on the ball a bit more, St Paul's. He has been


dispossessed. Swarm of blue shirts. Here they come again. Keen to get


that ball forward as quick as they can. McGuigan is one of the man who


has been doing much of the scoring so far. Not one of his best passes


and Konta class will do well to keep it in place.


He heads to Hawthorne in June after his A-levels are completed. Looking


for an option inside. Shane Lowry has done well to hold onto it. Over


the top. Slowly but surely they are beginning to find the range. That


was a great move and he took it well. Very unlucky, just over the


bar. They will take that point. And full credit for their start,


Maghera. To come out of the box and score 4-2 is absolutely brilliant.


Saint Pauls are struggling to get the pace of this team the minute.


There is the bench of the St Paul's Bessbrook panel. Maybe a little


shell-shocked but there is still a fair distance to go. More danger


here from St Patrick's Maghera, and an opportunity for Williams to


increased the lead. From that sort of distance he'll make no mistake.


They have clearly been working on it and have corrected it today. They


are determined to try to rectify it and they have certainly done that.


Smart option to take the points. Aaron Boyle, whose goal in the early


moments of the second half in the semifinal really swung the game


decisively St Paul's way. They could do with one of those goals today.


And another scoring opportunity for St Paul's, albeit from a fair


distance held. Within the range of Liam Kerr. Perhaps sensibly he


decides to go short. Sprinting forward, under pressure. Picks out


Shane Lowry. Combination plays nicely, execution of the shop not as


convincing. The chances gone. Some inexperience, tried to brush the


shot before he had the ball completely under control. Of course


he was under good pressure by Maghera defenders. But the shot was


not the best option. He's got to be happy, Paul Hughes. Joint manager of


St Patrick's Maghera. Highly experienced. He has led so many


college teams over the years. His team have defending to do here. That


effort from Aaron Boyle not one of his better ones. That is the worry,


if some panic sets in and things go wrong. Heads might start to drop.


Those whites are often the thing that deflate young players more than


conceding. The goals so far have been of real high quality. You would


expect somebody of Aaron Boyle's quality to put that away and he has


been doing that all season. These two have contested 26 Ulster College


football finals between them. The difference being Maghera have been


in 24, this is the second for St Paul's. History tells you there is a


big gap in experience and knowledge of showpiece deciders like this. It


will be a big test of character, how they manage this game and get back


into it. Maghera with McGuigan. No panic if the initial avenue


doesn't work out, they will change it and try another route. Patrick


Kearney's long ball in, looking for the brother and finding him. Turning


inside his man again. This is nice. He may have won the 45. He is their


target man. Those balls, they are not precision passes. Extremely


intelligent play, here. To win himself the 45 for his team. Lovely


piece of showboating. To think to do that in that space of time shows you


what sort of head he has on his shoulders as well as being such a


smooth mover. Still hard to credit this is his fourth MacRory Cup


campaign. He wore the number two jersey when they last met in the


decider three years ago. He is renowned as a man marker but


he can score, too. And then I give him the commentators curse. Move it


up. Nice combination play with McWilliams. Just look so comfortable


on the ball, St Patrick's Maghera. Men running off the shoulder and


into space. Not always precision passes but more often than not they


can make something of the. Started from a long ball out, and Maghera


had a spare defender back, they were able to mop up the danger. That is


exactly what I suggested potentially Saint Paul's could have done to help


their insight defenders out a little. He's gone short. Francisco


who was the target. Great vision, simple but effective


play from Maghera. Bessbrook have it back. Aaron Boyle combining with


Declan Loye. They need the ball up the other end, St Paul's. They will


have to work very hard even to get the ball out of their own half.


Richard Keenan feeding Conor Clarke. Kurt tries to turn inside but Feeney


got a hand to it. Ryan Gaskin is fouled, couple of


hands in, there. Jarlath Og Burns, the team captain.


Bessbrook try to work an opening from a long way out. Conor Clarke


with the effort. It was speculative at best. I know he is a team-mate of


yours. Yes, he was working hard to get back after knee injury. He just


dropped his head after that shot. The defence has been fairly compact.


One minute of additional time in this first half. They will try to


finish the half with another flourish. McGuigan and Kearney


utterly dominant. They've scored 3-2 in this first half and that's been


the main reason that the gap in the scoreboard is so big. McGuigan


combine. Patrick Kearney, and the unmarked man is, McAllister. It's


almost leisurely at times. Shane McGrath and will look up, and when


he gets a roommate that there will only be one outcome. Shane McGrath


in is enjoying himself out there. -- showing McGuigan enjoying himself.


1-24 McGuigan in the half. St Patrick's Maghera utterly in control


in just about every sector of the pitch. And it's the long road back


even at this early stage for St Paul's Bessbrook. France's Kearney


finding the net. Key to so much of what they created. McGuigan and


Kearney scoring 3-3 of the first half tally for St Patrick's Maghera,


that is why they are in charge. It will need to be a special half-time


talk from John Rafferty. They say that goals win games, and


they also say that if you take your points your goals will come. It


seems as though Maghera have been the polar opposite to that.


Phenomenal start. Looking at McGuigan. Two wonderful goals. We


said before, the team that got off to a better start would have a


greater chance of winning. Kearney winning the ball, taking on his man,


but being very unselfish and passing it. Was that a throw? Debatable,


hard to know. Saint Paul's probably will not be happy. Next goal, Feeney


finds great space, doesn't panic. Kearney has a shot, and it bounces


four McGuigan, easy task of finishing in the back of the net.


Kearney made the first goal and made no mistake with the third goal for


Maghera, wonderfully taken shot. He's been very impressive. Had a


hand in all the goals. His finish for his own goal was good. He has a


very acute angle, he is able to slide it under the goalkeeper. Up


front between Kearney and McGuigan, invariably they will win it, the two


big and strong men. They have the physical edge. With the


opportunities they are able to take them. That's why Maghera are so


comfortable. We were almost thinking it was over before it started, and


then another hammer blow. Another well taken shot. Absolutely. They


built from deep, slightly different to the other goals. Making the run


on the blindside the invariably Kearney wins it. Seven or


eight points up, you think they will just knock it over the bar for


another score. But they went for the jugular. In those five to six


minutes they completely finished off this game as a contest. The key


question, what does the management team of St Paul's Bessbrook say to


their players? They are young men, inexperienced, and going by this


scoreboard, it does not look good, what can they do? Their heads will


be down. You just have to take a minute and don't forget there is


another whole half of football. They are such big man, great site, some


excellent players. You've just got to do your best. There's a great


battle in midfield between, class and Jarlath Og Burns. People talked


about the Armagh element, one thing they all have in common is the


ruthlessness. The minute Maghera have the ball, they go for the goal.


Yes, they will go for the goal every time. The battle in the middle of


the field, Maghera will have fancied themselves before the game. In


actual fact it is about 50-50. But they are able to build from the


back. And when St Paul's get an opportunity, it is not a simple


opportunity and they have to work so hard to get that score. That is one


thing you can notice from afar. Comprehensive first half from


Maghera. What about the MacLarnon Cup? It was played before the


MacRory Cup final, and we can get highlights now.


Charging through, passed back, find the debt, Andrew Woods with the


finish. All the hard work by Keane. Well one by Finnegan. Clinical from


across. That is a super school. Holy Trinity Church really need to score.


That is a super point opened the second half. Well taken. Options off


the shoulder with O Conor. He taps sitting. David Garland with the


finish. -- taps it in. After O'Connor's shot, it rebranded to


Garland. He does not miss opportunities like that.


An inspired score from Garland, he has been terrific. Back with Devlin.


He has been very impressive for midfield, James Devon. Garland,


high, over the top. Holy Trinity really need a goal.


Finnegan goes himself. Carrick across Harvey champions, defeating


Holy Trinity. Raising the McLarnon cup in front of


the rest of the players. A fantastic individual performance from Garland,


the real star of the show for the team. He hit one goal and eight


points to win this very famous trippy. To give you an idea of how


in demand this team is, they have been raced back for a parade, they


are being brought up on stage, they could not hang about to be


interviewed by us! They are superstars now. One man trying to


keep his feet on the ground is the headteacher of the school, how


significant is this? It is very significant, we are delighted to be


the holders of the McLarnon cup. We were beaten by a very strong team


last year and it ran deep through the school, throughout the football


fraternity, the Gaelic fraternity and the school itself, so we had to


make amends today. We had a plan in place, it was executed perfectly


today, and we have some superstars but a super team and we hope they


will go forward now and represent the colleges in the decider to see


who represents all Star in the All-Ireland series. The school is


also going very well overall, success has filtered down?


Absolutely, all the young lads want to play ball, but on the jersey, be


part of the setup, of what is the highest Gaelic tradition. We are a


small school, we don't have the best facilities, local cover have been


helping us out, I will sponsors, etc, and all the young lads want to


come and play ball, they are talented, committed, and very well


coached. It worked for us today and we are delighted, I couldn't be more


proud of the school, the teachers, parents, supporters, and in


particular the team mentor is today because they put a plan in place,


followed it perfectly, played the games start to finish, it was a


mature, level-headed, brilliant performance and we are absolutely


chuffed, and I offer a debt of gratitude to those guys, their


families and the school. They should be on stage in Carrickmacross in


about half an hour, it might be a bit tight for you to make it down


but congratulations to the school and two of the happiest men inside


the Athletic Grounds. Some very, very proud people today.


Congratulations to Patrician haulage in Carrickmacross. They looked


brilliant. -- Patrician college. To win it today must be redemption for


a lot of the players who were involved last year. What does John


Rafferty said to his troops at half-time? It looks like Mission


impossible from the outside looking in. He has a difficult team talk.


One thing is to leave everything on the field, they have not done that


so far, they have been poor on the back. The chances of friends they


have not taken -- the chances upfront.


St Paul's need to get a period of dominance in the second half, get


three or four goals, make a game of this. You would expect Mahabharata


kick on and win the game but we talked about the experience of the


St Patrick's Day MacRory final, you don't want it to be unhappy because


that is not a great experience for a young blood to take into the next


round of his football career. But St Paul's will feel they have not


performed defensively and when you get those opportunities upfront, to


visit maybe, they need to take them. We will wait to see whether St


Pauls' Bessbrook can make a comeback in the second half. The MacRory Cup


is about the players on the pitch, but also about the fans.


Yes, fantastic atmosphere amongst the supporters, and many of them


have made a lot of effort today. Let's get a quick run through of


some of the supporters. Some of the best dressed supporters inside the


Athletic Grounds! I am dressed as St Paul's bus, I have supporters, the


manager, the mascots. Go on, St Paul's! They are projected on the


big screen as well! Pick up your drum, give us a beat of that! I'm


the bass player of St Paul's, come on St Paul's! We will try to get


some crowd interaction in a moment, find out who they think is the best


dressed of all. Next up, you are live on BBC, can you see?! Tell us


about your outfit. I'm a blue person! Next up, it wouldn't be


March the 17th without this man, said Patrick. Tell us a bit about


this, because you don't find these things just in your wardrobe! No, my


name is Liam, I support Saint pats, I thought, it is Saint Patrick


State, go for Saint Patrick. -- Saint Patrick's Day. Let's try to


find out, as the players come back on the pitch, who people think is


the best dressed. Is it the pair from Bessbrook?


The drama? The blue man?


Or Saint Patrick? And the winner is... Said Patrick!


Who else?! Congratulations! Thank you very much.


It looks like Saint Patrick in more ways than one. Certainly dressed for


the occasion! The worrying thing is then Patrick 's Maghera looked


almost as if they were just in cruise control in that first half,


almost as if there is more to come, is that reading it wrongly? It was a


phenomenal performance. If there is more to come, I am looking forward


to seeing it. Hopefully St Paul's can come out here now and making


game of it. I am looking forward to the second


half, hopefully St Paul can make a game of it.


Let's rejoin our commentary team for the second half.


COMMENTATOR: 11 point margins have been hauled back before but it is a


big ask for St Paul's high school of Bessbrook.


They won't give up without a fight, any side prepared by John Rafferty


and Barry Shannon will contest this to the very end. This is Liam Kerr,


the man of the match in the semifinal. That is more like it, the


outside of the boot, the sort of start Bessbrook badly needed in this


half. We have heard a lot about his place in the build-up to the game,


you showed it there, 20 seconds after half-time. Up into fifth gear


and a fantastic finish as well. The psychological advantage of getting


the first school so early. His second point of the afternoon.


Loye is in there, trying to win it back, but well recovered by Conor


McAllister. Conor Glass and Jack Doherty in full


flow, it is a hard partnership to curtail.


Declan Loye needs to be careful here, under pressure from Shane


McGuigan. But there are enough St Paul's shirts to help out.


Nice combination play, this is better. The captain tries to go


inside Conor Glass, he is fouled by Conor Glass, wins the free. The two


number eights combining. I contest worth watching, on that occasion


last adjudged to have fouled his man. This should be straightforward


for Shane Lowry. -- Shea Loye. And it is, and the first two scores of


the second half go to St Paul's. That is what the neutrals wanted to


see, what the St Paul's fans wanted to see. Come out and get those first


two scores, they were able to stop Maghara's first attack and school as


well. Nine points, three goals, who knows? Still 30 minutes left. As


well as the MacRory Cup, the prize awaiting the winners is a Hogan cup


semifinal next Wednesday against Summerhill College. St Pat's and


Bessbrook went been thinking about that now, it is about taking the


main Ulster prize here on St Patrick's Day.


Eamon O'Neill's ball is long. Under pressure that time round but they


have got the sideline ball. St Paul's will try to get this man on


the ball wherever they can. High tackle from Ryan McSherry. The


referee just having a quick word, nothing major.


A perfect example there of not giving the easy first ball. A great


run, delayed it. Now McGuinness sprinting forward for Bessbrook.


Potentially that last attack from Maghera could be making them think


they have this in the bag. You saw the wide count a moment ago,


six for Bessbrook, John Rafferty knows changes need to be made and


here is one of them. That foul produces a free. St Paul's


need to try to turn the tide here, can this man provided, Stephen


Finnegan? Waiting for his opportunity to come in.


Bessbrook can make their change and introduce Finegan. And the man


making way is Richard Keenan. A pat on the back from his manager. Worked


hard, but, as has been the case for so many St Paul's players today, not


everything they have tried has come off.


Another opportunity here, polite argy-bargy between Dame Linda Hagan


and Conor Glass, good-natured, I think. -- Damien O Hagan.


Conor Glass one that free, he was outnumbered but used his body was to


set up the team again. Bessbrook have not given up the


ghost by any stretch of the imagination.


McWilliams is fouled by Ryan Gaskin. Such a fantastic win on that ball,


really bailed his team out, helped the St Paul's attack. Great to see


two younger lads putting their bodies on the line for the school.


Uncle Henry will be proud! They looked like they can move up a


gear or two if they need to. This particular move in danger of


breaking down and becoming untidy. Shane Lowry is back to help out. The


referee spotted an infringement. Lots of trophies in his cabinet at


home, Dermot McNicol. Umpteen MacRory Cup titles both as a player


and a manager. Joint managers when they won back in 2002. Receiving


treatment for this challenge, McGuinness coming down on him,


there. Saint Paul's will make another change in the moment. He is


up and OK. 13 maybe behind but plenty of voice and noise from the


St Paul's supporters. They've brought so much colour to this St


Patrick's Maghera cider. Josh Durnin comes in. -- this St Patrick's


Maghera decider. Declan Loye under pressure.


McGuinness. Showing a good clean pair of heels. Bearing down on goal,


chance here. And that's more like it from St Paul's. They needed a spark,


and they've got one now. Absolutely fantastic response from St Paul's in


this half. What a great goal. Great run from Conor McGuinness, and he


gave it to the right man. Directed into the roof of the net. Phenomenal


goal. And the catalyst was the McGuinness to win combining and


setting it up. And the finish was deadly. Suddenly the margin is down


to six points. And still St Patrick's Maghera are waiting for


their first score since the restart. You mentioned it was important they


got one. It was that one piece of play, simple past not given, I


thought it might come back to haunt them. They need that score to settle


them. A little question or two being asked right now, is this going to be


the response? The answer is no. The effort from McWilliams is wide. Very


surprised that St Paul's don't have a football behind the goal. The big


teams would have three or four, you need to get it moving as quick as


you can. Thankfully somebody in the crowd threw it back out to young


Michael Murphy to get the ball moving against quite a little over


18 minutes to go. Can they do it? Let's see.


Maghera in possession, leading by six. This is good play by Francis


Kearney again. The kick from Patrick Kearney, the radar is off in the


second half. The key thing is St Paul's had bodies down there,


throwing themselves on the line. That did not happen in the first


half. That was a crucial part. St Paul's putting them under pressure


and the result is a wide. That is one thing that John Rafferty


rectified in the dressing room at half-time. Maghera had lots of it up


front in the first half, not so much in the second half. Murphy's kit in


towards his captain. The bounce may deceive Declan Loye. Bit more


purpose and intensity from St Paul's since the restart. Getting forward


to get into whose goal-scoring positions. McGuinness's control


can't prevent that ball from drifting out. McGuinness from South


Armagh, one of three McGuinnesss. Patrick Kearney's ball looking for


the twin brother, if he can keep it in, and he has. Kearney, right


footed. Again he was under pressure. That helped to skew the chance.


That's all it takes. The bit of defending by Declan Loye before


that. Those boys took a hammering in the first half. The character they


are showing now, they are making them earn their scores more this


half. They have not got any yet so they are doing a great job. St


Paul's ball once again. Josh Durnin wants to get on with it quickly but


the referee wants him in the correct position. Another switch being made


by Saint Pauls. Looks like now McGuinness is making way. The man in


is Ryan Hughes. Conor Clarke trying to gather it, in


the end Shane Lowry does. He has been working tigerish lay in the


second period. Maghera win it back. Combine well


again. This is nice play by St Patrick's Maghera. McWilliams goes


for the score and now they have their first score, could that be an


important one for Maghera to settle it all down? And the gap is seven


points again. Great team score. We talked about the importance of that.


You can see from the reaction, he knew how big a score that was. You


expect them to go on now. And misses an opportunity for Paddy quick, they


will take the point. Could have gone under, it's gone over. McGuigan


again. It's as if that score has released Maghera and let them


release. Doing the sensible thing and popping it over. Might have got


the touch, glanced up over the bar off the goalie. He's got a powerful


drive online. But it's still a point, another one that St Paul's


need to get back. Here is Ryan Hughes, just on a moment ago. This


could be an opportunity to cut the deficit back to six. That wasn't an


easy angle but it was a beautiful score from Shane Lowry.


Whatever was said at half-time by the two managers, it's as if they


almost have nothing to lose now, they are enjoying the occasion.


Perhaps the pressure got to them. Now we are seeing what they can do.


It is turning into a fantastic game of football. The supporters may be


asking why they couldn't do this in the first. But this is much better


from the South Armagh school. Still going forward. This is Liam Kerr


territory. And if it goes over it will cut the deficit back once again


to six points. Very distinctive style and


preparation. Why change it if you can do that? These fans still hope


their team can applaud this final back.


Just over 11 minutes ago in the MacRory Cup final. Jack Docherty


under pressure. McGuigan the target. Declan Loye policing him.


McWilliams's kit is off target. Six points the advantage, it's a


comfortable lead. Relatively comfortable. But in this half St


Paul's have outplayed Maghera big-time, and the scoreboard


suggests that. If St Paul's still believe, and they look like they do,


and their fans are creating a great atmosphere. St Paul's are still in


this as long as they believe it. No sign of any head struggling, least


of all the use, although he's under pressure. This is an opportunity for


Ryan McSherry. It's a 45. He went for it but that's a fine save by one


of the unsung heroes of the St Pat's team, Sean Cassidy, getting a hand


to that, and what a vital says it may prove to be. McSherry went for


the near post. Nice height for the keeper but fantastic reactions. Much


every new it was a big shock to take on. He has provided so much in this


competition already and has done so again. Great quality by Bessbrook,


definitely not out of this. Quite good off the deck but it is a big


kick on the athletic Grounds. From County Down. Conor Clarke to try to


cut the deficit to five points, doesn't quite have enough meat on


it. You do feel that every chance is going to have to count now for Saint


Paul's in the remaining nine minutes.


Paddy McCourt mug. Turner continued his run.


Good tackling from Conor Magennis. The St Pat's supporters thought it


was a foul. No question it was a free kick. They can feel very hard


done by on that particular occasion, Maghera, but it was not given. And


they come forward with Conor McDonald, Liam Kerr gathers it.


Knocks it on to Eamon O'Neill. He's got a bit of space. O'Neill on hand.


Laid off to Josh Durnin. It is wide. They need to be good in these last


few minutes. The last two chances have gone begging. Snatched that it


little. He had Liam Kerr screaming for it up front, probably should


have passed it. He took it on himself. And it was one he probably


should have put over. Sean Cassidy's save so important. He is a hurler by


trade, he became a football goalkeeper by accident. Maghera make


more changes. The lead is six points. A pat on his back from his


manager. Coming forward now, Maghera looking


to extend the advantage. Gives it back to McGuigan. With that trusty


left peg, he makes no mistake. These two boys have been so dangerous


upfront. They give them a simple task every time. Great finish, he


knew how important that score would be. He's very happy. Didn't try to


kick it too hard. You would have to think that the MacRory Cup is going


back to Maghera. Two goals and four points for McGuigan so far. Seven


points is the Maghera league. St Paul's will not give up, it is not


in their ethos. A little discussion over who the line ball should go to


on that far side. Declan Loye arguing his case with the match


referee. Bessbrook want them to get on with


it. Declan Loye has gone into the referee's notebook. Rarebit of space


for Ryan McSherry. Feeding it in nicely. Hughes has shown well since


being introduced but that particular pass is intercepted by the captain,


Konta class. Jack Doherty sprints forward making


himself available. Shane McGuigan, the two men causing more damage.


McGuigan turning illegally, according to the referee.


He almost had to many options. They seemed telepathic in the way they


are linking up with each other, a massive part of why Maghera have


such a big lead. That was not one of his best


efforts. While the heads are not dropping, as such, I think the


realisation is beginning to set in the sum of these players that this


MacRory Cup is slipping away. It is, it is not a nice feeling, I played


in a lot of semifinals and lost them, it is a horrible thing to have


to be out there and play until the final whistle, knowing that you will


not be taking the cup back to your school and county on this occasion.


The noise and thinking is coming from the St Patrick 's Mahavira


fans, they sent a 15th MacRory Cup title is imminent now.


Francis Kinney has been so influential today.


I thought that was going to be a free in but McGuigan is adjudged to


have carried the ball illegally there. Perhaps he took too many


steps. The challenge put him under severe pressure. Conor Glass gets


some running repairs. More changes for St Pat's Maghera, Conor


Mulholland coming into the fray and Conor McAleny to have played his


part, he is the man to make way. How do you think Conor Glass will fare


down under when he goes there in June? He is obviously a phenomenal


athlete, he has got pace and a great size for someone of his age. I was


skinny and small at that age but he had a busy of a man so he will have


no problem, he is going to a great club. He has every chance of making


it providing he can pick up the pace of the game and the skills. The


thing I like if he doesn't try to do too much, he plays his role. He is a


really intelligent player, I wish all the best. Playing a captain's


Park today, as St Paul's have a free to move ten yards forward for


dissent. You can feel the belief losing


finally out of the St Paul's players now as we are deep in the last


minute and added time beckons. This is some pats -- some pats Maghera's


24th MacRory Cup final appearance, they have won 14 of them previously


and are on the another milestone today. Three minutes of added time


on the referee's clock. I think the notes will be, this is our day.


Maybe he is thinking about the Hogan cup semifinal next week. Can St


Paul's finish with a flourish of their own? Well caught out at the


back by Conor Glass, he pops up everywhere! I see he is holding -ish


older. He has had a history of shoulder injury, it is a shallow


joint. He has taken himself back at this stage of the game, it is that


type of play that will be inspirational. He knows it is a


matter of playing at the game, it was a great interception. You have


to say Mahavira deserved the win but great character by St Paul's


Bessbrook in the second half. Another goal opportunity, this is


going to be a penalty. An opportunity for St Patrick's Maghera


to add a touch of class to this MacRory Cup final from a Derry point


of view. Colonel Darrel got in there and caused the opening. I don't


think Bessbrook can have too many quibbles about that particular


challenge. Trying to dispossess him. St Paul's could have the argument


that the initial contact was just outside the 40 metre line but it was


very, very close call, certainly a free kick, and this stage will not


make much difference to the score. The man who was fouled will take the


kick himself. It is the icing on the cake for St


Pat's Maghera. He has enjoyed himself today, and so have they.


Perfect penalty, such a leisurely run-up for a schoolboy to come and


hit a penalty like that. I know it is almost the last kick of the


MacRory Cup Final, but such skill and closure no doubt he will join


the celebrations in few minutes time. It was composed finish.


Textbook illustration in goal-scoring. Another illustration


of the prowess of St Patrick 's Maghara in Ulster colleges Gaelic


football because for the 15th time in the school's history they are


champions of Ulster, the MacRory Cup heading to St Pat's once again! Lets


joint Thomas Kane with the man of the match.


The pitch has been invaded by an army of blue and white.


Congratulations, you are man of the match. How does it feel to win the


MacRory Cup? After last year, it was a big end last year and we knew we


had to get by them, we were right up there, we knew we had a chance. What


was the key to the victory? Francis and Shane McGuigan, they couldn't be


handled. They are unstoppable. How special is it to enjoy this moment


with your brother? It is good to have someone out there. Is there a


Hogan cup in this team now? Oh, definitely. How important was it not


to become complacent after the early goals? We made sure we were not


going to do that. The same happened with another team who were 11 points


up at half-time, we knew that could happen to them. Patrick Tierney, you


are the man of the match. I think there is a celebration, you had


better get involved down their! Congratulations to Patrick and St


Patrick's Maghera, for the 15th time the MacRory Cup champions. Paul


Hughes joins me, you never seem to get tired of winning these


competitions, do you? I might not see too many more of them but it is


tremendous for the school, tremendous for the clubs, there is


great enthusiast for MacRory Cup football in St Patrick's, there has


been for years. We are torchbearers, we are trying to pass this other


people. We are passing this on to another generation, another group of


kids who want to do this thing. Really embrace it and love it,


because it is special, MacRory Cup football is special. This may be too


soon for one generation, it is a sweet success? We have won the


MacRory Cup, cannot get better than this, doesn't get better than this.


Can I talk about the forward line? St Pat's Maghera seemed to bring out


these great things throughout the years. We were looking at the


McGuigans and Tierneys, phenomenal. We stopped using the ball and


playing as a team... I will have to stop you there. We will do in the


commentary team. COMMENTATOR: It doesn't matter how


often you win it, these are the scrapbook moments for every young


footballer. The current Ulster colleges chairman introducing the


presentation of that shiny MacRory Cup, which will be handed to Conor


Glass. One of the real Ulster Gaelic football talents. He heads on a


professional Australian rules contract Down Under in June after he


completes his A-levels. He will be missed but he will favour this


particular moment. The man of the match award is presented to Patrick


Kearney. This is a special moment. Whatever level of success these


young players have had. Yes, it is the most exciting time, or both hard


work they have put in from November time, training over Christmas, this


is the reward. MacRory Cup number 15 For St Patrick's College Maghera


resented to Conor Glass. Let's hear from the man himself, the


captain. Congratulations to St Patrick's


Maghera and Conor Glass, phenomenal footballer, we wish him all the best


with his career. Did the best team win? Definitely, the best team on


the day one. St Paul's came out in the second heart and made a game of


it. But definitely St Pat's Maghera, the best team won. Just to let


everyone know, there is an important programme coming up on BBC One on


Monday night at 9pm, it has been following the Crossmaglen team for


two years, that is on Monday at 9pm. Congratulations to St Patrick's


Maghera, thank you to both of the boys for joining me today. Time now


for the Schools' Cup Finals. Congratulations to St Pat's Maghera


on their MacRory Cup success. The focus switches to Ulster rugby


headquarters and the 140th Schools' Cup Finals. It is RBAI against


Campbell College. Hello, welcome to the Kingspan Stadium, it is that


time again, St Patrick's day wouldn't be the same without the


Schools' Cup. Alongside me this afternoon, two men with plenty of


experience, a finalist of Ballymena Academy in 99 and 2000, Ian


Humphreys, and Ulster and Ireland centre Darren Cave. The pain of


defeat in the final, have you got over it after all these years?! Not


really! It was a long time ago, but two of the best days of my rugby


career. As a county school we were not expecting to do too well but we


got to two finals, which will ultimately lost. But it lives longer


the memory. How important was schools rugby to you, Darren? It was


massive. When I was coming through, we were in the quarterfinals two


years in a row, it wasn't a bad result, but I still look back,


despite what I achieved in my career, on those days very fondly,


and some regret that the teams I was part of have not been able to click


to a semifinal never mind an occasion like this. It is an


occasion that stands out in Ulster Rugby? It is, over the few weeks a


lot of us who have managed to play in the Schools' Cup Finals have


talked about it. As a school play this is the pinnacle, it is what you


prepare all year for, it is a great occasion, great crowd. You can hear


them building up now. A lot of history between two big Belfast


schools today? Yes, it was great to see die rider coming to the


semifinal but at the end of the day these two are incredibly


competitive, two good prep schools feeding them. Some of these players


will be building potentially 14 years for this, it is where it all


culminates. Some of them might not play rugby ever again, some of them


might play for Ireland, but either way and massive occasion for them.


And it is coping with that occasion, as well? They will not be used to


crowds and atmospheres like this and the whole school will be watching,


but they have to feed of the pressure and any nerves they have


once the whistle goes, they will have to be forgotten about. They


played here a fortnight ago in the semifinal, had a bit of experience,


the RBAI boys winning last year would have experienced it as well.


The focus will be on the two teams taking the field but off the pitch


the excitement has been building. We sent our star reporter and a


familiar face to get a sense of what this day means at Campbell and Inst.


One of the biggest disappointment of my rugby career is never making the


Schools' Cup Finals. The BBC have sent me out to Campbell and insert


to find out about the pre-match atmosphere and the build-up to the


big-game -- Campbell and Inst. I have just come from the school


assembly and now I'm in the sixth form centre to chat to a few of the


players and the school band. Show me what you've got. Riding high, up in


the sky! Flying high, up in the sky! Daly ago, nice to meet you, thank


you very much! -- there you go. Whenever I was in school we


literally had about two of these machines. We didn't do any gym work.


Did you start last year? Yes. Unbelievable. I was not that nervous


last year compared to this year. I think it takes the pressure off.


Thanks very much, best of luck. We had look behind-the-scenes, now we


are at Campbell College to see what these guys have got to offer. Hello,


boys, how are you? Good morning. Any songs you will be singing for them?


CCB! CCB! You are scaring me with that, so you are. I feel sorry for


the other team with you guys cheering them on like that. Good to


see you, how are you getting on? All right. You must be excited, are you?


It's been a dream for ten years. Unbelievable. It's only half the


dream. Of course it is, corset is. And what is the atmosphere in the


school I? Buzzing. Really? Yes. Huge excitement. Well done, lads. That's


pretty impressive. They were showing me their drum as well, so you are


going to be up against it. Not just the noise on the pitch, you lads as


well. Right, lads, what are we having, I think I'm going to be


serving. Two sausages or one? I'll give two, she's not watching.


Anything else? Good man. It's been brilliant to be given the


opportunity to look round both schools, two very ambitious teams,


two incredible sets of support. It all comes down to the day on the


pitch, made the best team win. He is a rock star, Tommy Bowe, but


you get the feeling from the two schools of the is floating about the


place. Oh yeah. Both sets of teams look really up for it and excited.


You saw how times have changed. The gym is state-of-the-art, many clubs


would be pleased with it. When I was at school there were no gyms or


weights lifted. Great for rugby that the schools are getting this kind of


development from an early age. I imagine not much schoolwork has


done, atmosphere building. Surprise that the Campbell supporters are


only arriving now, it means they must have been in class. The


standard of facilities is completely different from when we were playing


at school. It is professional. At the end of the day this is what it


is about, we cannot rely on Ulster consistently signing these World Cup


winners from South Africa and New Zealand. We need to become more like


Leinster. Certainly a different ball game. Let's soak up some of the


atmosphere and noise. He's not Tommy Bowe but he's the next best thing,


my foster. I wouldn't say that. It's a quiet and sombre atmosphere, pitch


side... Not. This man lifted the schools cup 50 years ago today.


Captain of Campbell College in a famous 3-0 emphatic victory over


Coleraine. What are your memories of that special day 50 years ago? My


main memory is that it was a horrendously bad weather day. The


gale was howling up and down the pitch. In those days there were no


stands at either end. Just a big stand here. I'm afraid it was not a


great spectacle to watch. But an amazing game to play in. Any


schoolboy who plays rugby, this is where they want to end up. And when


they get here they certainly don't want to lose. So we were very


fortunate to come out 3-0 at the end. Special day today, 11 members


of that team are here to take in the class of 2016. How special is that


bond you made all those years ago? We have kept in touch one way or


another. And it's very nice to have them back after 50 years. One boy


has come from Canada, three have come from England. One has come from


Dublin. And the rest are all local. It's a big thing to get them all


here. Two boys sadly died very young and they are no longer here, but


that's the way life goes after 50 years I'm afraid. We will let you


enjoy the rest of the game with the rest of those team members. Special


day for John Dixon and the Dixon family, John Junior is part of the


RBI team. How special is this occasion? Great excitement in the


family over the last week or so. Same as last year, we enjoyed it


very much, and this year will be no different. Are you as nervous as


your son John when the match starts? Excited is more the word. I was with


him this morning, took him to school and he was very confident and


relaxed and looking forward to today. Thanks for your time, I hope


it goes well. For a bit of fun on St Patrick's day, you can guess how


many pictures he's going to take, I'm going to guess 1987. It's all


about family. The crowds have filled the place. How will the players be


feeling? Probably a little nervous, a bit excited. They will have done


their pre-match routine. Both like to throw the ball about a bit.


Hopefully we will see exciting rugby. There were some good tries in


the semifinal. Rory Scholes, Ulster winger, how important is it that the


ex-players give a little bit back? Its key that the players now


understand that this is a massive occasion and a massive game, but it


is a game, and they have to treat it like any other. Think about how many


times they have executed their skills in training and other


matches, commonly times they have performed. You just have to deliver


like you have every single day in training. The team that does it


better will win. And enjoy it as well? Absolutely. These are some of


their biggest games and they are playing with their mates which will


not necessarily happen again. Just enjoy the experience. Your


prediction? The backline are very dangerous and will possibly score


more tries. Just to make it interesting I will go with Campbell.


We can cross to the commentary team. COMMENTATOR: Good afternoon. It


really is a good afternoon. Certainly turned up the warm side of


the stone for this. Only the London hospitals cup has been going longer.


Longest running rugby trophy in Ireland. Only the 14th final between


these two great sites. Between the three they have wanted more times


than anybody else. When you played here against Dalriada, it was


probably one of the biggest games of your life. Yes, one of the best


games of my life. At 17 or 18 years old, like these guys, this is by far


and away their biggest sporting occasion. They are really living for


this. The captain of the Campbell side 50 years ago, it was a good


side. Some future internationals in the side. They contained the great


Ken Goodall. In those days everybody played rugby after school. Alas that


is not the case today. Certainly not. If you had the pleasure of


seeing the clips involving Tommy Bowe earlier, you see the


preparation that goes in, and for the members of staff as well. No


stone left unturned in terms of player recruitment and their


physical conditioning. I talked to a number of finalists who said even


the thrill of playing for Ireland could not be surpassed by the thrill


of walking out here on Saint Patrick stays. Definitely not, and we have a


privileged position here on the halfway line. The moment has


arrived. They are simply champing at the bit.


It is Campbell College against the Royal Belfast academical


institution. They have a number of players back


from last year. Campbell are led by James Boyle.


Call 02 arrived from Australia at the start of the season -- Paul 02.


The referee during his first schools cup final. His great, great


grandfather played in the very first Irish team that played international


rugby against England at the Kennington Oval in 1875. This game


is underway, and Inst playing towards the warmer Morrill end.


Looking to establish field position. Well disciplined Campbell pack has


made sure of the ball. Good kick taken in by Laurie. Research on all.


This is what Inst are good at. Strong pace. Almost got the float


away. -- the float. If they play with this kind of attitude we are in


for a cracking afternoon. Pace in both sides. Inst on this occasion


well fielded. Moved sweetly from the right-hand side to the left. Justin


Savage just forces the intercept. It came off a Campbell hand. But more


is very pacey. Well set up by the lower six scrum-half. Once again all


the pressure coming from the holders.


Set up for Dixon. Good strong run by the tight head prop. Inst get the


penalty. John Dixon very involved as the main photographer. O'Donnell set


it up. Nice sidestep. Good pressure by Inst. Yes, good pressure by Inst.


The Campbell number eight giving away the penalty. Inst will look to


soften up the Campbell pack around the edges. And unleashed this


potentially devastating backline. All he will be caring about our the


first points in this cup final. Yes, he's got right underneath it. Right


between the posts it goes. Good start for the holders. And we've


played less than three minutes. Just the start that Inst were looking


for. Never looked like it was going anywhere. Took them a long time


before they met in their first final in 1960. Of the 13 times they've


met, Campbell have had the edge. Winning seven. Couple of games have


been Though Donald pulled it in field a


little bit. Taken by Ben Webb. This is the big fellow himself, Tom


O'Toole. This time last year a member of the Queensland Academy.


Not allowing much in the way of room, once he gets up ahead of steam


he is very hard to stop. There goes go tool again.


Not a bad kick but straight into touch. Pragmatic approach from both


teams. Fantastic chase from Charlie Friars for Inst, making the


turnover. Tom O'Toole weighing a mere 115 kilograms. That's about 17


and a half or 18 stone. He is trimmed with it at the same time.


Taken well at the back by the number eight. Again they take it forward.


Back inside, great chance, this. He's got it away, and the past two


O'Donnell just couldn't quite be held by the scrum-half. That really


would have made it difficult to Campbell but they've got it away.


Good clearance. Fantastic tackle again. There is the ball inside


coming through. Just stripped the ball down. All the pressure and


possession with Inst. They have really started quickly. So close for


Rhys O'Donnell. Across the Campbell 22. It's been


all yellow and black so far. There is the switch to Joe Finnegan, who


played on the wing last year. Lost his footing but Inst still have


the impetus. They give away their first penalty. Give them a bit of


breathing space. Campbell looking slightly shell-shocked. No


possession, just defending inside their 22, just hanging on manfully.


Good clearance kick by Campbell. Coming up to seven minutes played,


3-0 to the holders. For their 31st out right wing.


That looked high, the referee has a hand-out. Touch judge indicated on


this side there was a high tackle. Wonderful break, awakens Jamie


Macartney. Inst's defensive line, I think they were waiting for the


penalty. They have got the penalty but I


think the referee will have a word with the Inst tackler who put in the


high one. James Hume on this occasion.


Super feat by Jamie Macartney. A good piece of officiating, there was


no malice in that, the referee sent to be saying to James Hume, keep it


down. He stepped back inside, a swinging


arm, good work by Jack Howard, whose dad I saw earlier.


Campbell have a useful line-out, but not if they lose the ball like that.


Good tackle by Callum Reid on Jack Barry-Glendinning.


Good defending by Inst. Invented by both teams, keeping the ball alive.


We are seeing depth, some nice running angles outside, Tom O Toole


standing in the first receiver position.


Good line-out by Inst, well away. Callum Reid has been named on the


Irish schools three Nations side. Another good kick by Rhys O'Donnell.


Good strike by the Inst's scrum-half whose dad Keith played here it the


losing side in 1980 against Campbell College. His dad played in a winning


side against Campbell College in the 40s.


Great steel by Inst, good work by Charlie Fryers.


Inst might have thought about releasing the speedy Mark Keane on


the left wing but they will be happy with that. Slick handling, good wits


on the past as well. At this stage they are happy to pay the possession


game, just get into the Campbell 22 and turned the screw. Quick ball,


Rhys O'Donnell has a beautiful pass on him as well.


Good challenge by Inst but Campbell have done a pretty good job


defending their line. That is well struck by Corrie. Good tackle by


Justin Savage. He has overcooked that one. Not much


in the way of a breeze down there. Michael Lowry, who played a year ago


as a fifth former, he has had injury problems this season. He is


tenacious, highly regarded by the academy system that Ulster have.


Good communication, one would have to say that is the first mistake


that Inst have made in these opening 15 minutes.


Good acceleration by O Toole, good strength and nice presentation as


well. Good continuity now by Campbell probably for the first


time. It has gone into touch, cup final nerves? Yes, in the last


minute they have both made simple errors, noticeable from Inst


whenever Campbell have the ball, not committing. First man making his


tackles, puts his opposite number to ground, and Inst don't compete, they


fan out. Campbell go looking for speed to unleash the backline. 45


minutes each way in schools would be so coming up to the halfway point in


this first half, Inst still in the lead.


No advantage to Campbell from the knock forward by Inst. The first


Campbell scrum of the afternoon, nearly 50 minutes gone. Lowry unable


to get that pass over his shoulder. Never before in the history of


schools rugby has a side completed what is known as the double double,


winning the Schools' Cup and medallion Shield competition in


successive years, Inst did that last it, they have retained the medallion


shield having kept it three years in a row, and now they are hoping to go


one better. Nobody has ever made it a double double, if we can call it


that. Campbell with the chance to make up


a bit of territory. Great covering tackle. Switch play, that is him


with the number four on his back, holders line, thesis which, picks up


James Hume inside. He bears a proud name, Nelson.


All of these guys are so well conditioned now, almost verging on


semiprofessional, even though they are still at school. They are


looking for these guys to appear potentially in an Ulster shirt in


the pre-5 years. James Nelson has appeared for the underage teens. He


is in lower fixed at Campbell. -- lower sixth.


Not the sort of ball from the line-out that most half-backs like


but he did his best, well tackled by Jamie Macartney from Campbell.


Again, the Campbell line-out, a bit of nonsense. What a charge by the


tight head prop, still another year of school, still in lower sixth.


Play-on, says the referee. Campbell will be ruined not able to get the


ball back quickly enough -- not being able to get.


Joseph Finnegan has plenty of time and has made a decent touch. Now in


the second half of the first half. Only 3-0 to Ulster, Campbell have


come back into it, it is fair to say. But the line-out play from both


teams have been scrappy. They have had the intent to throw to the back


of the line-out but the lack of accuracy for both in the throwing.


Ben Webb does well to get across the halfway line.


A rare mistake by La Roux. -- by Michael Lowry. Michael Lowry looking


to move across the pitch rather than taking it flat, but from a Campbell


perspective Tom O'Toole is definitely the go to man, carrying


ball, doing a lot of damage but sucking Gynt two or three defenders


at one time. Eventually that will take its toll. Good work at the


breakdown by Campbell. This is the younger of the Crowther


Brothers, Matthew, in lower sixth. John Crowther, the elder of the two,


his dad was a fine flanker in the day. Inst give away another penalty.


Inst committing a lot of offences at the breakdown. In this occasion,


nowhere near behind the back. We have seen Campbell go round the


corner, John Dickson trotting back, tries to kick it through, nowhere


near the back foot, and the referee in a perfect position. The


interesting option Campbell may have, it looks like it will be John


Crowther, the openside forward, who will be handed the duties 1st of


August afternoon. The last fellow wearing number seven I can remember


kicking goals was way back in the early 70s, John Taylor, who kicked a


monumental conversion at Murrayfield to give Wales a grand slam. That was


before your time, Tony! A fine player in his own regard.


From straight in front, directed between the Inst posts. Terrific


kick by John Crowther. After soaking up a lot of early Inst pressure,


Campbell have come back after 22 minutes of the first half at the


Kingspan Stadium. It is even, 3-3. A great strike by John Crowther, took


his time, kept his head down. Probably had a few more metres in


that as well. Campbell facing a very strong low spring sun.


That has gone straight into touch, that should not happen. Careless by


James Hume, I'm sure he knows that. The ball clipped the line, it is


out, that is what happened. There is the great Brian Francis


Robinson, former Ireland number eight, scored four tries against


Zimbabwe in the World Cup in 1991, a rare feat for a back row forward.


Finegan with lots of time and what a good reply. It is the sort of kick


that forwards like to see. Better as a forward if you have two initially


turned to go back after a kick to see your full-back picked it up and


kick it well over your head, more importantly getting it into touch.


It buys you a few seconds of respite.


Campbell took it to ground. Inst will get the put into the scrum.


Robinson will not be happy with that as a forward. Winning the line-out,


you need to transfer that to the back of the maul as quickly as you


can. Campbell will be disappointed with that. Put in for Inst. Against


Matthew Russell. Quick pick-up from the back. Nicely done. Good little


break. Presented it nicely. O'Donnell gets it away quickly.


Could support yet again by Charlie Friars. Lowry. Ben Webb has to run


and cover and does really well and gets it away. Terrific piece of


play. Hasn't found touch, but found Finnegan. We bit of room on the near


side. Inst kept it in play on the far


touchline. We thought they had, but the touch judge's flag is up.


Somebody in black and yellow in touch. Coming from left to right.


Mark King from the left wing making that incision. Putting pace onto it.


One-handed flick out the back door. Sensational play by these 17,


18-year-olds. Great skill level. Good take and drive. O'Donnell has


to dig it out himself. Good ground made by Inst. A little


overcomplicated, perhaps. Away goes Jack Hart, but he runs into the even


bigger James Hume. That's good work by John Crowther, the kicker of the


penalty. James Nelson met by Dixon. Good looping round by Ben Webb.


Justin Savage looking for a bit of work. The referee has told Inst to


release and they haven't and again they've been penalised at the


breakdown. I think he's going to have a wee word with the skipper


about the consistent nonsense going on at the breakdown. Think you


landed awkwardly on his shoulder. Couple of Inst guys down as the


water comes on. They are starting to get ragged around the edges. One,


two, three offenders hanging off him. Saps the energy of the


defenders seeing somebody of that size coming at you. Three or four


stone is a big weight advantage. Anxious times for John Dixon.


Terrific support for both these schools.


I used to like the chance from the Methodist College, when they said


you've got no girls are your school. Great support here from both


schools. In the family stand, if you know it, here. A cacophony and great


deal from both sets of fans. Credit to the schools. John Dixon seemed to


have a problem with his left leg. Don't think it is cramped, but it


might be his knee. Couple of useful prop forwards on the bench. Jake


Chambers been demoted because of progress made by Carol Reed.


He doesn't look too comfortable. Carries a lot of experience. One of


their leaders in the front. Captained the side a few times. He


is tackling, in your face. Sure he's not short of a word or two. Knowing


his father quite well, he's not short of a word or two, either. The


clock will start again, coming up to half an hour played, Honours even.


What a great competition it has been down the years. Great players have


raised this crown. Here come Campbell again, this is great stuff.


Chip and chase, this could be the opening try. Just cleared by Inst.


That was so close. Beautiful. The Campbell centre, loads of gaps down


the right side. Fence off my glory. Defended superbly, there.


Short and chunky but plenty of pace. Very nearly got to it. Because the


ball was in play when it was kicked that it will be a five metre scrum


to Campbell, the closest they have been to the Inst line. About half an


hour played. Crucial scrum, particularly with John Dixon


struggling a bit in terms of his fitness. Try scorer in the


semifinal. Low centre of gravity, very strong. If he can get across


five or six metres he will be more than happy. Campbell have dominated,


but now they have a great chance. Good squeeze in the scrum. Well


covered by the men in black and yellow. Here is the Campbell number


eight, taken around the ankles so he cannot move.


That's knocked forward. The referee playing advantage to Campbell, can


they take advantage? Again Inst have him by the ankles. Still therefore


Campbell. That's good defending in the middle of the park by Inst. But


they conceded a penalty. So what do you do here with half-time


approaching? Quite simply take the points. I think Patrick Beverley Mr


point on the play before that. Last defender inside the uprights.


Justin Savage was in acres of space. Unable to read the situation.


James Hume again. What a decision by the Campbell skipper, James Doyle.


Pops it into touch. His dad Charlie was the outside-half when Campbell


won the final in 1980. Richard Kennedy was the skipper. In the


front row was one Gordon Hamilton. Big line-out, this, for the Campbell


skipper. And it did not work out for them. What an awful pass by Inst.


Great chance now for Campbell. Wonderful tackle. What a terrific


piece of tackling by the left wing Mark King. Still Campbell have it.


Corrie has a little guard himself. Need somebody to play scrum-half.


Skipper James Doyle obliges. Keeping that black machine churning forward.


Bevel and again. Good pass. Here comes Howard. Inst may have stolen


that one again. The tackling from Inst is good, preventing the big


fellow from going forward. Here is Nelson. Campbell edging ever closer.


Looking for the first try of what has been a pulsating final here.


Play on, says the referee. Again Inst do not clear it particularly


well. All the way back was Ben Webb. He has got away. Good transfer to


Justin Savage, who can scamper a bit. They have managed to steal it.


Reese O'Donnell gets it away for the holders. That's a knock-on. I think


the sun in the eyes was responsible for that rather than a lack of


ability. A bit unfortunate for Jack Hart who knocked it forward. He's


had a good half as well. Two really tired sets of players out here. A


fast and frenetic opening 35mm. And look at that tackle. Driving his


opposite number into the ground and quickly back on his feet trying to


get the turnover. I always hope for three things in the schools cup


final, that nobody gets injured, that we have a great day out, and


that we see as many of these young men as possible carrying on with


rugby at whatever level after the schools cup final. A lot of these


young men have put a lot of time and effort into rugby. Different


situations can arise for tertiary education. The academy system Ulster


have in place is as good as anything out there. Player retention is


something they know is of paramount importance. What concerns me is that


they are not scooped up by the academy and go on to development,


don't play rugby for the fun of it. Some clubs are struggling to get


second and third teams. A little glimpse of Rory Scholes, cup winner


for Campbell five years ago. Heading off to Edinburgh next season. Just a


few seconds remaining the first half with no tries. Both sides had their


chances but couldn't quite take them. So a penalty apiece. James


Hume and Jack Crowther. Quick pick-up by Inst. This is better.


Half a chance here if this can be shifted. Needs to get it away and he


does. Spilled forward, though. That was Konta field. He missed the final


last year because of injury. Had a few injury problems. Lorry again,


threading the past. Jack Howard makes a good tackle. There's been no


lack of invention. 3-3 is hardly flattering scoreline the level of


rugby and the quality has been befitting of any final. This may


well be the last piece of this entertaining and energetic first


half, Campbell scrum. Bit of a squeeze by the holders. Back inside,


that's a charge down but it's going to go dead. That was something of a


chance. The referee has decided it is a 22 drop out. By our timing


device we have played more than a minute of the normal 35. I think the


referee has been told he is into extra time. Inst could have scored


quite easily. Very prosperous afternoon so far in the number seven


shirt for Inst. Good in the turnover and on that occasion putting good


pressure on the kick chase. That has gone to nobody in particular. Taken


in by Carol Reed who has had a quiet game by his own standards. Medallion


shield winner couple of years ago. We bit isolated. Charlie Friars


takes it forward into the Campbell half. Inst putting some width on it


and losing possession, that it went backwards. Good defending by


Campbell. Lowry has done terrifically well.


The ball has been stripped forward and Inst have got the penalty.


That's better, taking the ball flat, trying to commit some of the


opposition defenders. Perhaps in the first half he has been guilty of


sliding across the pitch to easily. Some utterly unforced errors. In the


last 15 to 20 minutes he has been full of inventiveness. Keeping the


backline very honest. The Inst skipper has asked his goal-kicking


centre James Hume to try to give Inst the half-time lead. Bit of


attention being given to Carol Reed, I think he will be fine.


Done really well to survive a couple of nasty bangs.


This for a half-time lead. He has given that a fair belt. Needs to


come in. What a kick. He got it right when it mattered most, at the


end of the first half of the schools cup final. He has given his side the


lead, just by three points, but that will give them a real Philip. Beast


of a kick by James Hume. I am sure Ian Humphreys will have plenty to


say about that. Great first half of rugby with both teams showing plenty


of invention. STUDIO: That's the best 6-3 I have seen in quite a


while. Have we got our money 's worth? As you said, 6-3 does not


reflect how good a game it has been. Both teams have shown plenty of


ambition but been unfortunate with the final pass. They are both trying


to throw it about. They have been showing their skills with nice


off-loads, hopefully the same in the second half. Have you been


impressed? We have seen some good play, particularly from Inst.


Campbell have been building through the phases nicely. This was one of


many carries. Unfortunately there has also been a lot of soft errors.


There we are seeing one of them. All in all a lot of positive rugby being


played. Not many tight head is art that


mobile and involved? No, he is a big fella! Another good break there,


just a shame it could not be finished off, the story of the half.


But O2 has carried well and the Inst defence have been sucked in by him.


There have been a few mistakes but a lot of good defence, both teams will


be happy with how they have defended, just disappointed with the


couple of mistakes they might not have made on a different occasion.


If either team can get rid of those small errors they could go on and


score a few tries here because we have seen ambition and enterprise.


Campbell had a decent opening about five minutes from the end of the


half. Yes, we had a similar move at Ulster, just an over read there. A


great option to chip in, a fantastic run across, great play all round.


That is what you want to see on days like today. They were unlucky not to


finish it but it was great ambition and good pigeon from the centre to


put the kick through. The inside pass was covered well. Two back Bill


with us today but set piece in schools rugby is always a big


factor. It is, Inst have been good of first and second phase.


Unfortunately here for Campbell the line-out went awry.


They have been unlucky, it has been good defence by Inst. If they can


sort that out in the second part I'm sure they can make in dent into the


defence. Is it a game that is calling for a cool head, maybe even


at half-time the coaches having a quiet word? I have seen Campbell go


to the five or six man line-out using a tall. We might see more of


that in the second half. As I said before the game, Campbell have had a


successful line-out all year, they have executed many in training. They


have got to get their head around the fact there are a few people here


watching the game. As ten, does the game need someone to dictate the


pace? I think it is a case of, towards the end of the line they


were attacking well, getting space. I think if they can manage the game


well they will win it. Have you been impressed with the skill level?


Absolutely, apart from a couple of small errors, we have seen some


incredible off-loads, particularly from a couple of Inst backs, some


lovely play and hopefully more to come in the second half. The boys


have been impressed, I wonder about the Ulster director of rugby.


What did you make of that first half? I'm loving it. Some


interesting happenings. The line-out under pressure for Campbell, they


are fighting hard. Some lovely breaks but great defensive play by


the 11 and 12. Inst have made nice inroads but have not been clinical


enough to take the points. Worthy of a final. What sort of platform is


the schools cup Finals for these lads to impress people in the Ulster


management structure? It is massive, we want to improve this area of the


game so that we can target players to come forward into the systems and


what we are seeing today is indicative of what we are after,


good "A great day, seeing some talent. With your Australian hat on,


how is this competition beauty in the outside world? In every major


rugby area deep schools competition is important. In Sydney similar


crowds come to a competition like this. I'm glad the weather is like


this today, and that we are seeing two teams that are willing to back


their skill sets. Still in the balance, 6-4 it, it will be


interesting. There is an Australian line-out on the pitch today, what


have you made off in safe? Tom is doing well, he has made some good


surges. If they get the line-out right Campbell can be back tonight


but the backline of Inst have thrown some nice plays in there. It is


going to go down to the wire. Thank you for your time. Back to you. Good


to see the Ulster director of rugby here. How important is it that


Ulster are generating young players? We have said before, they cannot


keep buying World Cup winning players, it starts at 15, 16, and we


have seen plenty of talent on show today. Players don't have to be the


finished article at the stage, they have to have areas of skill they can


develop, and if they showed those skills today they could get into an


academy and the world is their oyster. Thank you very much, I think


the boys are ready, let's join our commentary team of Tony McWhirter


and Jim Neilly. Come on label it will be the


Campbell centre Nicolai Koplewsky who will get this underway. His dad


played for Stade Francais, if my reckoning is right, and got a B


international cap. Blair Robinson has come on for


Pierce McLernon. In Steve Waight the first penalty.


-- Inst give away the first penalty. Nick Campbell will feel if he can


sort out the set piece which malfunctioned badly in the first


half they certainly will have another opportunity in the second


half to potentially win this game. From a Inst perspective, it is clear


to see what their game plan will be, they will try to stretch Campbell


and look to unlock their defence with quick outside backs. Consider


that we haven't mentioned Conor Field in the first half, he has bags


of place and potential, he will look to get himself involved a bit more.


John Dickson puts in south into a strong tackle. -- puts himself.


Jack Barry-Glendinning, well set up by Campbell's number eight. James


Boyle making inroads into the Inst defence, which has been pretty solid


so far. That was rather unfortunate for


Malcolm Corry. Mixed feelings in the Corry household because his dad is a


member of the Inst Board of Governors. He is supporting his son


this afternoon, you would not blame him. Surgeon by profession so if you


need to have your need done he will do it for you in the blink of an


eye! There have not been many scrums in this game, which is pretty


indicative of the skills level and the interned by both teams.


Inst get it back to loosehead prop Callum Reid. Off the bench in the


final last year. Away goes the Inst skipper Conor Field.


Clever by Ben Webb, he saw a bit of space, here goes Justin Savage and


again Inst's defence is good. Bob tool in there quickly. -- Tom Hoge


tool. Again, Justin Savage trying to create mayhem in the middle of the


park. This is better by the men in Black.


Good switch by Martin Corrie. -- Malcolm Corry.


Beverland has a go, this is good stuff, here comes Ben Webb, looking


for the first try. Campbell pressing as they did in the first half, to


Riddick start to the second half will stop -- terrific start to the


second half. A real chance here if they can shift


this, it has to go. Good recovery by Inst. A genuine chance there, well


read by Inst. Inst's defence was struggling there, they were trying


to plug the holes very quickly, Campbell getting repeat possession,


stretching the pitch from side to side. Good defence by Inst.


Inst seems to have enough defenders in the right place at the right


time. It has been a great start to the second half by Campbell, they


have asked a lot of questions. The referee having a word with the Inst


captain. REFEREE: We have had a couple of


incidents of foul play with your site, the next may go for impaired


and is. Being told there will not be a penalty this time, a bit of foul


play there. -- may go for an impediment. The referee had played


an advantage and Inst will get a line-out. It was John Dickson who


invoked the tackle. Inst warming up another replacement.


Not a good time or place to be losing your own line-out. Tom


O'Toole, headgear firmly back on his head.


Numbers one and three in black have been outstanding, here is number


three. Good footwork. Martin Corrie again -- Malcolm Corry again. Surely


Campbell will benefit from this? Tom oh tall pile them. Jack


Barry-Glendinning, what a wonderful tackle by instant -- Tom O'Toole


piles in. Wave after wave of black attack.


A chance now, this could be it, Campbell are going to get it, no,


they are not, terrific tackle. Inst have somehow kept their line intact


and have somehow managed to get a defensive scrum. How many times have


we mentioned this afternoon in terms of scrambled defence. Just does


enough, more importantly stays on his feet. Inst really hanging on


here. Replacement in the front row, Corrie Barrett is going to be coming


on, John Dickson, who has battled and weathered a few injuries, goes


off. On comes number 18, Corrie Barrett. John Dickson will have to


sit and wait and see to see if you will get a second successive schools


cup winners medal, unless of course something happens and he has to come


back on again. It will be interesting to see how the coaches


decide to use the bench. There has been plenty of open play, I'm sure


there will be lots of guys out there who are tired. Guys will pick up


cramp and potentially injury in the second half. It could be the


substitutes and the strength of the bench that decide the outcome of the


game. Campbell making a replacement in the front row. John McKee is


coming on, the Campbell tight head prop.


They said the tight head prop is now the cornerstone of the crumb. Inst


have got that away. That is called a good exit strategy,


I believe. Outside centre coming in a short line, beat the first


defender. Beautiful. Inst have made another change, flanked at Yasser


Omar, only a lower sixth, has come on for Charles Cloke, who was


struggling a little bit. That was not backwards. A big gap


opened up but there was some obstruction in the middle. Inst will


be relieved to get a penalty. Perhaps just miss read, don't think


he did too much wrong. My glory Reddit and peeled off in quite


simply, but the intent was there. Bolster schools under 17 and under


18, and he has been selected for the Irish schools under 18 for the


forthcoming championship. Here is Niall Salters, whose grandfather


John was instrumental in funding the lights here. Inst have gone through.


Campbell have secured it. Looking for something to chase. Not a bad


kick. Very clumsy by Inst. Playing with a


degree of anxiety at the moment. Taking their right off the ball. It


was the right call. Clever box-kick. Inst had a two or three man


advantage. Taking his eyes off it and Campbell pick-up in midfield


scrum with options aplenty. Eight minutes played in the second half.


Still 6-3 but under pressure. Better scrum on the back foot. Got it away


well. Into contact. Barry Glendinning. Wonderful tackle by


Inst. Four men outside him. For the first time his call was not the


right one in terms of passing. Oh, Cory has made a break. And again


Inst need to be good at the tackling. Campbell get on the front


foot. Ben Webb into the line. Inst have stolen that. They have done it


illegally, it would seem. The penalty count against Inst is


getting very high. The referee has had a word with the young skipper


Conor Field about that and may well think about going to the pocket. He


doesn't want to but he may be left with no choice. Persistent


infringement, no matter what game, the yellow card will come


eventually. He reads him and get on the blindside of him. Campbell are


getting the first man over the ball. Campbell have got their foot on the


gas, on the front foot as well. Inst are struggling for inspiration.


Campbell have decided their skipper James Boyle has asked his flanker to


kick a penalty in the first half to bring the sides back on level terms.


Played about nine minutes in the second half.


Tough enough kick, and the angle is pretty narrow. Well it looked as if


it was going out then it looked as though it was going in, and it


didn't fall between the two. It went to the far side of the posts as John


Crowther was kicking. Somehow Inst have survived a lot of Campbell


pressure and it stays at 6-3 for the holders. 15 minutes gone in the


second half and Inst taking their time, trying to get the game plan


back in operation. Clearing the lines well. Inst will be looking for


a good kick chase. He has put that long and put it directly into touch,


and that's the second time James Hume has done that. Well may he hang


his head, but he shouldn't do that. One hastens to say a schoolboy


error, but it was. Given the circumstances, straight up the


middle of the park would do nicely. One of those nothing kicks, not long


enough to cause any problems, not short enough to catch. Not sure what


sort of kick he thought he was doing. They will not be happy. They


may well be bathed in sunshine and leading but they will not be too


happy. It was attired kick. They are rocking. Nicely away.


Taken above his head by O2. Nicely done.


A little readjustment. It is still in play.


Defending well. Campbell thundering in. Rhys O'Donnell has come away


with it for Inst. Nobody on this nearside. The kick is charged down.


James Hume is having a bit of an afternoon to forget. He is


struggling in the second half. Campbell are on the front foot,


everything is going their way bar the points on the board. The tackle


by young Mike Laurie on Tom O'Toole, absolutely flattened him. Campbell


applying all the pressure. Hoping to emulate his dad, the much loved


Charlie, schools cup winner. Hard to believe it is 36 years ago since he


and Gordie Hamilton played in the team captained by Richard Kennedy.


That was 3-0. Not much difference between them here actually. That was


an awful day, if I remember. This is the point in the match we have seen


over the last few years, 15 or 20 minutes to go, a big occasion for


these young men, lots of nervous energy spent before the game starts.


What we tend to find in the second half is a degree of injuries and


cramps. Any space that can be attacked can be a real source for


the opposition. Unfortunately for Campbell James Nelson their second


row forward is going off. He is replaced by number 20, Tom Brady.


Nelson has had a good game, out of touch, carrying the ball. A tower of


strength in the cab or pack this afternoon. And he is a lower sixth,


so he has another year to play. Little bit of running repairs for


Rhys O'Donnell. What a glorious afternoon it has


been, here. Rhys O'Donnell on the Ireland under 18 squad with Johnny


Stuart from Wallace high school. Brilliant to see Ulster having two


quality scrum-half 's being represented at such a high level.


Malcolm Corry is in the Ulster under 20 squad as well so he is a useful


player as well. Still getting some treatment. Plenty of supporters from


all ages. Two draws between the sides in the 13 previous encounters


came in 1954 and a way back in 1960 when Robin Hope from Campbell and


the great John burst from Inst shared the trophy. Campbell had the


distinction of having Freddie Cray, schools cup winning captain way back


in the early 60s, and Michael Gibson, has opposing captains in the


varsity game, Oxford and Cambridge. Only time in the history of that


particular fixture that it has happened with players from opposing


schools. Campbell Pozo scrum. It has been all Campbell in the


second half but nothing to show for it, will that change?


Campbell need to get in quickly and recycle, they have done. This is the


replacement, Tom Brady. Fresh legs. Off-loaded to John McKee. Campbell


rumbling forward. James Boyle, the captain. Well tackled by Inst. That


was silly from a Inst player, about to put his foot in. All it needs is


one missed tackle. And Campbell are in for the game's first try. Their


discipline has been terrific. Particularly in the second half. And


they give away a penalty. Charlie Frye. Campbell just going back to


type a little bit. Looking for one-off runners. In some ways that


is easy to defend. Over the ball very quickly. Campbell able to get


him out of there. Once again good communication from the referee this


afternoon. The game has flowed for players on both sides. Makes the


game in awful lot easier. Huge amount of pressure on these boys.


There was some doubt about the fitness of Nicolai Koplewsky for


this final but he has come through pretty well. That might be the


Campbell skipper who is down injured. James Doyle, no relation to


the Dail who played number eight in the 1960s. This is the cramping


situation we have talked about. It has become more evident. The game


loses its ebb and flow. What has been a fantastic opening 54 minutes,


the game just loses a little momentum and tempo as these injuries


start to pop up. Both schools have got strength and conditioning


coaches, isn't that extraordinary? Just another name for PE teacher, is


it not? Know, these are not PE teachers, they are employed as


strength and conditioning coaches. They've got directors of rugby as


well. It has been apparent from Ulster intends of the academy setup,


lots of development officers going out to the schools and doing some


coaching and giving their knowledge and time. Subsequently what we are


starting to see is the fulfilment of that product on the pitch for both


these teams and many other Ulster schools. Not sure how much longer


James Doyle will be able to keep going. He's going to give it a go.


Got a nasty bit of cramp, there. It's going to be cleared by Inst.


Still no decision yet, can't see anybody warming up on the far side.


If he is not OK there is no point in him continuing and he is not OK. And


that's rather sad, to see anybody leave the field. I think that has to


be the right call, he is struggling to walk never mind run. For the good


of his team and school he has done the honourable thing and decided he


cannot continue. Said Josh Campbell is on and it will be James Hume for


Inst to clear. Josh Chambers, I should say. They have their own


line-out put in, chance to get some possession, potentially. Still


inside their own half, though. If it stays like this they will be quite


ecstatic. Can Inst thunder forward from here? Vote on the narrow side


has another go himself. Counter integral by Tom O'Toole.


They need a scrum-half, there is nobody there at the moment. That's


pretty hopeless at the breakdown by Inst. There was nobody there to pick


up that ball. But they have regained possession. Callum read with the


handoff. Good defending by Tom Brady. Humour.


Set up perfectly for Ben Webb, and away goes Campbell's full-back. Good


linkup with John Crowther, the openside flanker. Good inside pass


by Glendinning. Not a good pass but well gathered in. That's a good


kick. Well taken by Jack Howard. Campbell get the penalty. I think


Inst might have a man in the bin, here. The referee by his own


demeanour is not very happy about something. We will have to wait and


see. There are bodies all over the place. I think it is all just cramp.


You wonder what it is about this Ravenhill pitched that schoolboys


can't play on. Certainly a bit of an issue. Mark Keane takes it. Uses the


touchline, but the ball inside. Great cover by Jack Howard on the


left wing. Maybe a bit of a head collision. Don't think there was too


much intent. Picked up the ball, looking to go to ground. Somebody


has been yellow carded. Not quite sure who it is. It may be a salt is.


We will have to wait and see. So many players down with clap, it


was reminiscent of Cheltenham this week -- down with cramp. Was it a


high tackle? I don't know what the yellow card was for, there was


nothing wrong with the tackle on the Campbell defender. Going over to his


other touch judge. I'm at a loss as to why anybody might be carded.


Destined to be having a discussion. I don't think anybody is going to


the bin yet but the referee is taking his time. Mark Keane is going


to go to the bin. Let's hear what he has to say.


REFEREE: Yellow card. He said it was a high tackle? I would like to have


another look at that. Only 15 minutes remaining, Inst down to 14


man, one player gone because of cramp, Mark Keane after the bin. It


has all been very stop start after half-time. I don't think there was


anything wrong with that. Jack Hart has done well -- Jack Howard. I


don't think there was any intent there. Fair play to Jack Howard,


back on his feet, has not made a meal of it. Mark Keane coming


inside, Howard comes across, picks the ball up. I don't think that is a


high tackle. Nothing in that whatsoever. Inst have a player down


on the far side getting a bit of a bandage around his head, I think it


is the outside-half Michael Lowry. Still 6-4 recon as it was at the


interval. Campbell looking the more likely to cross the opposition line.


-- Inst give away another penalty at


the breakdown, Lowry takes it quickly. Another Inst player down


with cramp. Koplewsky. Surely Campbell must take advantage. Inst


down to 14 men are another injured. Inst really digging in, defending as


hard as they can go. Here is a man who could cause Inst


problems. Campbell have meant out wide. Jamie Macartney, the flanker,


goes straight. Inst in quickly with the tackle.


Joseph Finnegan put in a very good tackle and the ball was knocked


forward by him but I thought Inst might be penalised, but just as


Granta Campbell. Campbell looking the more likely to win the game.


Yes, they are applying pressure. Young Martin Corrie took the wrong


decision there, -- Malcolm Corry. Inst with a man in the bin and


another man down receiving treatment. The space was all down


the Campbell left hand flank but credit where it is due to Inst, they


picked up the tackles but one would say although Campbell are behind in


the scoreline one could only see the next points coming from the team in


black. It might be Charlie Fryers, the Inst brined side flanker --


blindside flanker who is down injured. A lovely day here at the


stadium, last year was pretty good, Inst just about came through that


one and no more, they will have to find something special to keep


Campbell at bay, because the boys from Belfast are impressing. Another


cramp victim. I cannot see them going to much further. He looks in a


lot of bother there. Inst have brought on their second two Mane


back row forwards already, I'm not sure who Inst would bring on to play


if they lose this man. They have to make a decision soon, they cannot


leave him lying there for the rest of the game. He seems to be in a lot


of pain. It has to be grump, if it was anything else they would have


taken him off. If it is hamstring cramp, it is one of the worst out


there. I feel his pain! A lot of old boys from both schools here, it has


brought them out in their droves. Looking back down the years, some


great players from both schools have played in Schools' Cup Finals and


gone on to play for Ireland. Jimmy McKelvie, Jonathan Moffat, Brian


Marshall, Mike Gibson. More recently, Gordon Hamilton and


Paddy Wallace. And Inst have a great heritage in terms of producing Irish


rugby internationals, no fewer than 85 have played for Ireland, 13


British and Irish Lions including Robbie Thompson and Sammy Walker.


Inst making another replacement. Charles Cloke coming back on again.


Looks like it. Off goes Charlie Fryers, on comes Charles Cloke.


Should Inst win this, I don't think he would get two medals. It is


unfortunate, that looks rather nasty. The clock. Again. 12.5


minutes of normal time remaining, Inst handing on that 6-3 lead that


they enjoyed at the end of the first half -- the clock will start again.


The referee is just checking the substitutions here. We know Charles


Cloke went off in the first half and will potentially come back on. The


assistant touch judge on the far side drawing the referee's attention


to this. REFEREE: You cannot do that, you


must go off. Once it is done, it is done. They are telling him that he


cannot come on. He will check the nature of the injury. He may get a


bit of clarification. All kinds of controversy, it could be going on


tomorrow! He went off as a replacement, another player is down


with injury so he has gone off and I'm going to bring this guy back on,


tactical substitute. I can't have him once he has been tactically


substituted. You are happy enough? Something confusing about the finer


points of it all. Charles Cloke is not going to be allowed to come on


to replace his injured back row colleague Charlie Fryers. I think


that is fair enough. If there had been blood involved I could see the


reason. And it was a front row forward, of course, but he cannot


come back on when he has been substituted tactically. Subsequently


the refereeing team have done well to pick that up as well only on


before it has become a situation, because if he had been allowed to


stay on the pitch and Inst had won this it would have been a bone of


contention. Inst are bringing gone a replacement. More of that in a


second. They have lost two of the back row


forwards, they have lost both flanker is now. I Campbell scrum,


surely Campbell have the chance. A quicker ball by Campbell, which is


what they need. Terrific defending from Inst, Rhys O'Donnell should


have got that away. Campbell have swallowed up the Inst scrum half and


Inst give away another penalty. I don't think I have seen a higher


penalty count against any side in the Schools' Cup Finals for quite a


while. A big chance there, Rhys O'Donnell, after the initial


turnover by Inst just to clear his lines. The second half, that it is


-- that is what it has been about four Inst. It has been all Campbell,


get they have had the inability to put any point on the board.


Do you think it says more about the lack of place kicking than the


line-out ability? Maybe, I think it does. We said the last scrum was a


crucial set piece, this is an even more crucial set piece for Campbell.


Jamie Clarke, replacement prop, to throw. Inst have managed to squeeze


them into touch. That short ball to the front is the easiest to defend


against because once you catch it they have only got five metres to go


to touch. We talked about that at half-time, it happened in the first


half, in the second half -- in the second half they have gone short but


Inst have defended well. As soon as a man hits the ground they run it


into touch. Neal Foulds is has not put too many target men. An awful,


awful throw down in the scrum half, Inst have given away a penalty. Rhys


O'Donnell could do nothing with that awful ball.


The referee having a good look, they are not quite over the line yet.


Inst get the scrum and somehow, yet again, Inst keep Campbell out. The


important thing from a Campbell perspective, there is still ten


minutes to play. Inst are playing as if the next whistle is the final


whistle. Malcolm Corry, who took a quick penalty on this occasion, Inst


depended with tremendous commitment and drive. The team in yellow and


black once again keeping Campbell out. Inst still playing with 14 men.


Mark Keane, the winger, is in the bin.


That goes into touch and the pressure, albeit momentarily, is off


Inst. Inst looking now to wind down the clock, which is difficult with


14 men and with ten minutes still on the clock. They have to contain them


until they can at least get parity backwards numbers. Can Rhys


O'Donnell be a Schools' Cup winner like his grandpa, Des? Or will he be


a Schools' Cup runner-up like his father, Keith? That was not


straight, not the time to be throwing the ball like that. Perhaps


the loss of Campbell's Captain James Boyle is coming to bear a little bit


as well. On these days, experience can be everything. Inst now back for


the last little period of this game, back to 14 men. Mark Keane, who we


thought was sin-binned somewhat harshly, is back on, so the holders


of the 14 men. They have hardly been outside their own 22, never mind


their own half, since the second half of this game began. James Hume


sitting into outside-half for Inst. Campbell back to just outside the


Inst 22. They have taken both prop forward out of the Campbell


line-out. Russell and Tom O Toole in the middle of the park. Wonderful


tackling there by Inst. A heck of a tackle by Young Yasser


Omar there! Right underneath the knees, stops him at source.


Tremendous commitment. Great technique and even better


determination from the Inst replacement. He is just in the lower


sixth, and member of the medallion winning team a couple of years ago.


Inst still within touching distance of that first ever Schools' Cup and


medallion double double, two years in a row.


Campbell is starting to wind things up but can they finish it off?


Again, Inst hold it up. That should have been given, there


were three men outside Patrick Beverland.


How would trying to create a bit of a gap. -- Jack Howard. Plenty of


wits in that one, where is it going to go? This could be the clincher!


He is going to score, it is all the wafer Inst, and the holders might


just have snatched another victory from nothing whatsoever! Can you


believe it?! Inst had no ball in this second half, Campbell again


showing that little bit of desperation to pass. James Hume has


done some great things in this game of rugby, he has also made some


mistakes, but big players in the right place at the right time. He


showed plenty of pace and good attributes to go 50, 60 metres


underneath the Campbell post. The revelry is having a little work with


-- a little word with Mark Keane, who is still unhappy about being


sin-binned. Jack Hume had plenty of strength, he thought about the past


but he didn't need to pass, and he has scampered in for what could be


the conclusive try, although we still have a fair bit to go.


Campbell just couldn't get to him. And the referee has blown the


whistle and it is all over, it seems a bit on the early side by my


reckoning! I thought there was a fair old brick to play, I'm amazed


the whistle has gone so early, but it doesn't really matter as far as


Inst are concerned. They have won this Schools' Cup. I don't know what


else Campbell could have done today. Potentially they turned down two or


three opportunities but take nothing away from the team in gold and


black. They have been superb, great first half showing plenty of


invention in the second, they really held on. Great determination


defensively. Such will and desire, last effort tackling. James Hume


going the length, 50, 60 metres at the end, to win that the Inst. A


great final and a great spectacle by both teams. Fantastic commitment and


level of skill, no shortage of skill from both teams.


The second half was poor by any standard. A lot of injury, a lot of


chances not taken. One single chance in the second half and, my word,


they took it when James Hughton scooped it up and have the pace,


strength and sheer determination to get across between the Campbell


posts. No conversion but it didn't matter. We can go and speak to the


victorious Inst captain. You have completed the double, how does it


feel? Indescribable. I cannot describe this feeling. I'm so proud


of them. Fair play to Campbell, that was an unbelievable amount of


pressure. We really felt it coming. But we defended strong. After the


yellow card, did you feel like the game was getting away from you? I


knew we would have to work a bit harder. But that wasn't a problem


for us. The last-minute try, what was it like seeing that from the


other half of the pitch? Absolutely amazing. My heart goes out to the


Campbell lads, I know how much that would have meant to them. This man


here was the try scorer. How did it feel touching down? It was amazing.


Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Quite a turn of pace you have. I didn't even


know I had it. Turned out for the best. To complete the double is a


special occasion, how does it feel? Amazing. Last year, but it is


something else to do it this year. Over to your coach, Dan. The 140th


schools cup, two years in a row, how special is it? Listen, I am starting


to look old and I feel a lot older. That was a hell of the second half.


Campbell threw absolutely everything at us. I wasn't sure if we have the


resilience to defend as well as we did in the second half. Everything


was going their way. They played really well in the second half. But


we kept getting up and making those tackles. Pretty special to win it,


and as tight as that. What did you make of the yellow card? I'll have a


chat with Stuart afterwards about it. I don't know, it was a high


tackle I think. We will worry about that later. This man was so


influential in the winning try, how did it feel when it touched down?


Unreal. He latched onto the ball and got into a bit of space. I was


roaring, I was out of my seat. So yeah, look, I'm delighted for the


guys. And for James with his goal-kicking, he has worked really


hard on his goal-kicking. He made all three shots at goal which was


pretty crucial. Go and enjoy the celebrations. A very exhausted but


delighted Daniel Soper who came to RBAI from Ballyclare high school,


where he had done a particularly good job. What a season it has been,


retaining the schools cup and the medallion shield, winning the second


15 and third 15 Trophy. It's been more less a clean for the boys from


College Square East in the middle of Belfast. Bobby Stuart is saying a


few well chosen words, and the medals will be presented by Dorothy


Kingston, wife of Kevin Kingston, the chief executive of the sponsors.


It has been a terrific first half, and I guess for various reasons the


second half was not as good but you will not get a more dramatic finish.


And your heart goes out to Campbell College. In the second half they


could not have done much more. One thing that did not help them was the


nature of the game, lack of tempo. Campbell threw everything at them.


You have to take your hat off to Inst in terms of the last-ditch


defence, trust in each other. That's something they put together through


a lot of these guys over the years and the belief in which their


coaching staff hold them. They didn't panic, they made some


substitutions. I can count the number of tackles, they gave away an


inordinate number of penalties, but you can count the number of tackles


missed by Inst on one hand. Very much so, technically superb. Young


Yasser Omar and his tackle two or three minutes before the end, Tom


O'Toole was outstanding for Campbell College. Blatant disregard for


himself and just threw himself in there, giving everything for his


school and his team-mates. The rather sad looking, not


surprisingly, boys from Campbell College, who thought this might be


their year. Defeated last time out in 2011. A very close game.


Certainly in terms of finals against RBAI, it is now 7-5 and two drawn.


But they have a fair old number back for next year. They will get


together and be ready for yet another schools cup campaign. So we


will get the presentation of the medals for the winners first of all,


and then that all-important Trophy which Inst first won away back in


1888. In their fifth attempt. They have produced a remarkable


season, winning not just the cup but the medallion shield for the second


year in a row. Something no other school has ever done. I suppose one


person who wishes she were here is the school principal Janet


Williamson who is over in Melbourne on Churchill scholarship. Not a bad


place to play rugby and certainly not a bad place to visit. So the


Inst skipper who unfortunately missed it last year, the final, will


collect the schools cup this year. He's just guiding some of his


players through, the team and replacements coming through to get


their winners medals. Something they will treasure for ever and ever. We


hope to see some of them playing rugby at all sorts of levels.


Important for them and just for their social life as well that they


keep playing this game which means so much to so many of them, and has


done to so many generations of boys who have worn black and yellow. A


few words coming up from the skipper. Needless to say he will


thank the very gallant opposition. Absolutely. Nice to see Campbell


standing and watching and saluting the Inst team. Nothing more than you


would expect from the Campbell boys. To their credit they are staying


out. And here it is. Valerie Stuart Hine is over the oldest rugby trophy


in Ireland and the second oldest in the world. And for the second year


in a row it is the captain of RBAI lifting the Ulster schools cup.


Memories and photographs to be kept forever and ever. There are plenty


of old ones around, I have seen some that go back generations, and they


will be very happy. They were made to sweat for it by a Campbell side


that pushed all the way through the second half. Inst held on and right


at the end the breakaway try from centre James Hume gave Inst the


victory. So Inst, in their 56 final, have won the cup for the 13th time.


Eight double 44 a day they will never forget. We


have seen the whole spectrum of emotion out there this afternoon. I


am absolutely delighted for Dan Soper. I remember doing extras at


lunchtime with him when I was in fifth for many years ago. Shows you


how long he has been coaching. What a fantastic job he is doing at Inst.


Seem to be dominating all the age grades and charities. They were


successful when he arrived but they are absolutely dominating and I am


delighted for them. Came down to a breakaway try right at the death.


Yes, the second half Campbell had been dominating with all the


possession and territory. Here it is. James Hume showed good turn of


pace, he had the winger in support and realised he might as well run it


in. Three out of three kicks proved crucial. The advantage was massive.


In these big games having that lead, quick penalties proved vital. Some


stoppages in that second-half purely because of the pace. Yes, and I


think credit has to go to Inst. Campbell dominated large chunks of


the game. The line-out faulted a little. It didn't matter in the end


because they got more than three ahead. That try came from wave and


wave and wave of Inst defence. Campbell tried a long pass that was


not really on, the ball found a bit of grass and went straight up in the


air. It came from 20 or 30 minutes of solid defence before that. The


great joy of schools rugby, commitment on both sides. Yes, they


were throwing themselves in the tackles, especially down to 14 men,


their defence was exceptional. They were throwing everything at it, and


everything Campbell tried to throw at Inst, they repelled it. Very good


and enthusiastic, and you saw how much it meant to them, they were all


excited. Good to have Ulster rugby in safe hands? I think so. Plenty of


talent on show. Don't think they're right in the finished article is at


this stage but they don't have to be at that age, they just need to show


potential. Plenty of rugby to come here on BBC sport.


Thanks to my guests this afternoon. Inst add their name to the long list


of schools cup winners. A day both sets of players will never forget


and that is why we love it. From everybody here, goodbye.


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