Episode 3 Super League Show

Episode 3

Tanya Arnold reviews round three of the Stobart Super League. Huddersfield play Warrington, while London travel to Hull. And Leeds take on Manly in the World Club Challenge.

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Hello, it was Super League against the world at the weekend as the


Leeds Rhinos took on Manly for the right to be considered the best


rugby league team on the planet. Highlights from Headingley and the


tries from the weekend's six Super League matches. Here's what's


coming up tonight: No time for losers, but who are the champions -


Leeds and Manly go head to head. We meet the St Helens star who's a cut


above the rest. And seconds out, it's round three of egg chasers,


Huddersfield face our giant challenge.


Danny McGuire of Leeds and Huddersfield's grandly titled


business development manager, Robbie Hunter-Paul, have joined us


in the studio to give us their take on the weekend's action, which


began on Friday night in Leeds. Three years after their last world


title bout with Manly, the Rhinos Oh, it's a heart breaker for Leeds.


Terrific. It's Manly's year, 2009, world club


champions. Kallum Watkins returns from a wrist


injury partnering Ben Jones-Bishop on the right.


For Manly a return for former St He's the man responsible for


keeping a lid on a night of a highly charged atmosphere here at


Headingley. Already with the noise inside the ground, vindication for


bringing the game here and already, a mistake. Jason King, the skipper


on the night, knocking on. It was a the young English centre! He ripped


his way through. It was all about a test between him and Steve Matai.


First blood to Watkins. Brian McDermott keeping a cool head


here. The chasers are on. But Hall will go. 30 yards away. Ryan Hall


will score the second. 95 yards to glory. Brett Stewart with the pass.


Fantastically well read and handled by Ryan Hall. At the other end a


try. What a night it's turning out concerned at the way things have


gone here. What's the referee going to give?


He's given a penalty. It's a strange night for Klein because in


the last couple of years he's been used to refereing with another on


the pitch. And it's all too easy for Brett Stewart. Leeds' defence


not moving across quickly enough. Ablett left stranded here.


The question initially was that a penalty in the first place. Leeds


had to get up with it. Ablett across. On the inside was Stuart.


hand. It's a second for him. A third for Leeds. Would you believe


it? What a night Ryan Hall is having against -- again against


minutes of the second half played and Manly might be finding their


has been magnificent. It's like a curtain of defenders.


There's no way through set after set after set. Oh, it's caught! Has


Matai touched it down here? The question here is was there a push


on Kallum Watkins? I think Stewart put a hand on his back. No try.


finish by Jones-Bishop. Brough to Watkins to Jones-Bishop. Leeds are


creeping closer and closer to champions here, you would have


thought, eight points up and seconds remaining.


Ablett! That might put the tin hat on it.


We'll have to wait for the second opinion of the video referee Ian


smedge. -- Smith. Was there a touch by Watkins on the way through? If


not, this is a try. It is! No doubts now. Leeds will be


the world club champions. Ablett the scorer. It's a position he's


well familiar with Kevin Sinfield carrying the trove yay loft,


amongst his team-mates to signify that Leeds are the club of 2012.


They have beaten Manly by 26-12. They have beaten Manly by 26-12.


Let the celebrations begin. What does it mean to you, to the club to


be world champions? It's a fantastic tag for the club to carry.


To be a world champion it's great for me personally and for the rest


of the boys. It was such a tough game out there. 80 minutes hard


work and to get away with a victory against an outstanding team, it's


something they can be really proud of. A special atmosphere, wasn't it.


You play there week in, week out, it was special. Do you think it


unnerved Manly at the beginning? Yeah I think they were probably


surprised, not many of the Australian boys had played at


Headingley before. I think they were a bit shocked at how noisy the


fans was. It was a fantastic experience. I love playing at


Elland Road in the previous world club challenge matches. I were


nervous about Headingley, but it lived up to expectations and to get


the win as well, it were an extra special night. Ryan Hall loves


playing against Australians, another couple of spectacular tries


for him. That first one was really important. Yeah, it was. I think he,


I was inside him defencively. Brett Stewart was on the outside there.


Ryan has been fantastic for a few seasons. He's one of the best


wingers in the world to. Come up with that play there and here,


catching the ball, it's a fantastic skill. He does that week in, week


out in training. To do it on a big occasion was a real plus point for


the team. For Brian McDermott he had a torrid time at times last


year. He seems to be growing into the job. You must be pleased for


him. Definitely. Last season was tough at times. They went through


real turmoil. We stuck together. We all believes what Mac and Jimmy


were bringing to the table. We knew it would bring dividends at the end.


We won the Super League trophies at the end of last year and now the


this. Do you think some of the hard times came to pay on Friday night


because the defence were awesome at times. Yeah, Manly threw a real


threat at us. The previous week against Wigan were -- we were


stkpoipbtd with our performance. It was important that we took it to


them. They laid the platform for us and made it easier for the backs


out wide. A lot of talk of expanding this and having more


English clubs playing Australian clubs, is that something if they


can make it work, you'd like to see? Anything that promotes the


game of rugby league on an international scale would be


nothing but good for the game. We did trial this in 1997, where the


full two competitions played together and it didn't really work.


The thing that they really must do is give buy-in by the players. They


deliver the product. If they can, if all the players believe in it


and go through with, it we'll have the best competition in the world


because we'll have the four best teams from both competitions


playing against each other. That would be awesome to watch.


marquee match in round three of Super League was at the Galpharm on


Saturday. Early pace-setters Huddersfield welcomed last year's


league leaders Warrington, with the Giants keen to avoid a repeat of


last year's hammering in the play- We had four games against them last


year, two wins and two losses. The last loss was, certainly not what


we were hoping for. We know what's required and it's going to be a


really good test. I'm looking forward to see how the group goes


but in particular some of the younger guys. They will be up there


at the end of the season with Wigan. It's the usual suspects. We need to


keep up with them boys. Wae want as many victories early doors as we


can. COMMENTATOR: Quite a night for


Crabtree 300 not out, with a club he's been at man and boy. Adrian


he's been at man and boy. Adrian Morley is making his 400th club


to have a second look here. But this, if it's given, is a try in


the very first minute. It's an electrifying start by Warrington.


Does he put a foot on the line? That says no.


That suggests it's all good. And the try is given. So a minute


played and Warrington already have there. I think it's Ben Harrison.


score Huddersfield's first of the night. Robinson doing the hard work


shrugging off the defensive efforts of Monaghan. Danny Brough with the


What a night to celebrate. 300 appearances for Huddersfield and a


try to boot. Didn't look like he was going to


loves that. The handling was spot on. Atkins with the initial surge.


Myler with the support and Riley on just a little -- with just a little


dummy. Well crafted again here by


Warrington, a little duck from Briers. Myler with the surge in.


Bridge beating two with a dummy to score the try.


On a rainy night, Warrington's hands look sound enough at the


moment. Oh, my word! Well Lee Briera has


gone down. The hit from Tommy Lee, snapped his head back and Tommy Lee


might be in big trouble here. It's on report. He's a lucky lad. Have a


look at this again and look where the referee is. He sees that


Went blind on the last and despite that tangle of limbs he's found a


Bridge didn't like it. He wants a bit of retribution. The sparks are


flying again here. It has been a sparky game at times.


Look at Brown. Whether that was intentional or not, the


disciplinery will have to decide. It's on report. The penalty goes


Joe Montana. -- Monaghan. Warrington back in the lead in this


game. Westwood knew the line was two tries in quick succession for


Warrington. It might make it an advantage that Huddersfield can't


referee is not sure whether he touched it down. The video referee


called upon. You can see the ball there. That would suggest the Bam


was touched down. This should be a try here for Greg Eden. It is


confirmed. So Huddersfield find a route back. Westwood's lost it. Oh,


the referee says play on. Myler's dived over. But this has to be


looked at again. Was this a knock- on or a touch from a Huddersfield


hand? It certainly touched the Huddersfield hand, whether it was a


ball steal or not doesn't matter. It was played on. The try is given.


It will be Warrington's night. A It will be Warrington's night. A


terrific performance and terrific game. So Huddersfield have come a


long way, but a reminder there's still a way to go. It's a reminder


that they haven't got everything coming together yet. A lot of the


combinations are coming together. That's not just awe fencively, but


defencively as well. We saw on a couple of occasions it's defence


that was questioned and come unstuck a bit. That's something you


work on over the first quarter of a season. One controversial incident,


Tommy Lee. It was put on report. He has been charged by a disciplinery


panel. Should he have been sent off? Well that's the referee's call.


In slow motion, it doesn't look great. They take that into account.


If you look at it properly, Tommy's not looking at the contact. Kevin


Brown? That's the sort of thing, you put your arm up going into a


tackle. I don't think there was anything too malicious. Is there an


element that because he can put him on report he doesn't have to make


the decision. That's it. One of the camera angles from behind shows


that he's in a great position to see exactly what's going on. These


things are happening in a split second. We have the luxury of


looking at things in slow motion. He doesn't. So that's why referees


will tend to use that as an option. You guys beat Warrington in the


semi-final stage in the play-offs last year. Will that spur them on


to go further? I imagine so. Warrington are a talented team and


have fantastic coaching in Tony Smith as well. They'll have been


disappointed in the finish at the end of the season, losing to us.


Throughout the season they're probably the best team in the


competition. They've added new additions to the squad. They're


looking strong again. Crabtree, his 300th appearance. A try, you'd have


thought he was a young lad. He's in the form of his life. A lot of


people don't realise he started off his career as a centre. I think his


first game was at a ridiculous age of 16 or 17. But he's definitely


grown into some size into the front row. He's a lovely person as well.


He played what 79 minutes? actually did a bit of an interview


after the game with him. I said, you played a fantastic 79 minutes,


high quality, I think he had 43 tackles, made 147 metres and he --


I said what about the last minute. He said, yeah I'm not talking to


Browny at the moment. Bradford and Wigan record Bradford and Wigan


recorded their first wins last week. Another heavy -- They met at Odsal


on Sunday, and it was another heavy home defeat for Bradford. One thing


that Wigan do really well is take the ball straight on. They have


numbers moving in play and because they've got those numbers there,


they can come up with lucky plays as well. There's a couple of times,


though, in this game, you have to question Bradford's effort,


because... A couple of the players tweeting that they were embarrassed


by the performance. That's great honesty by them. It takes big


players to actually say that. A lot of people like to hide behind


excuses, but what they're doing there is showing some


responsibility. This is one of the most dynamic tries of the game.


Mick Potter not happy with suggestions the defence was soft.


Yeah he came out in the press and said no, he didn't question. We


only have the highlights to look at, but the highlights don't look great.


There's players dropping off tackles. It doesn't look like


there's a lot of energy there. When you get yourself into some games,


they just become so far out of your grasp you start to truly struggle


getting back into the game. It becomes like a virus. But Wigan are


hot. Wigan really moving the ball around. Wigan have a nice triangle


at the minute. We played them last week. They were really strong in


the middle as well. They've got some special players at Wigan. That


try there. Do you think this result setslet tone for both teams? From


Bradford's perspective they're probably thinking I hope not. We've


seen this consistency for the past couple of years. They do the same


things over and over very successfully. It's the teams that


stop them early on that do a lot better against Wigan. Sometimes


they can go away from what they do very well, taking a line on,


hitting the guy up the back and creating space. Now the new


generation of stars at St Helens guided their team to two wins from


their opening two matches. The likes of Lomax, Gaskill and Wheeler


have received rave reviews, but what about Jamie Foster? The goal-


kicking winger is a stylish performer, on and off the pitch.


I'm Jamie Foster. Welcome to our new home. Got the new stadium. Got


the new kit. Now it's time for a new hair cut. After bursting onto


the scene in 2010, Jamie has provided St Helens with a real


cutting edge. He may be labelled the David Beckham of rugby league,


but it's his mum who styles his hair. She's cut his hair from being


quite young. I think she's quite good. She's a dog groomer by trade.


Says a lot for me! With his good looks and funky hair styles, it's


no surprise Foster has to deal with his fair share of stick. You hear


the opposition saying come on, pretty boy, let's go Beckham. It's


just something that come was it. I know what I'm going to get when I


walk out of the house with these kind of hair cuts. When you get


them in the crowd and you can hear them calling the players and I


think, I'd like to see you on the pitch and play.


A fans' favourite he may be, but John Major yip used to idolise


Wigan. I don't get many nice things said about me from Wigan fans. I


used to be a fan until I was about ten years old. I have been to


Wembley heeps of times. I have different pictures going, just


watching the likes of Sean Edwards score fantastic tries, all them


kind of things really. It was Wigan's New Zealand international


who would have a huge influence on Jamie career. I remember him


kicking goals. I remember saying to granddad, will he kick this one. I


used to think how is she doing that all the time. It's near enough two


points every time. I remember saying to my granddad, that's what


I want to be able to do. I want people thinking I am going to kick


them. He said I could do it. But it will take a lot of time and effort.


Now I'm doing. It it's been a dream come true. He's a wizard with his


hands, squeezing into impossible COMMENTATOR: Unbelievable. It was a


bit behind me. I just managed to get it behind my back, when I felt


it in my left hand. I just had to get it over. Luckily I got it down.


I hope you're going to give me a tip for doing this? A tip? I'll


give you a tip. Go and put that kettle on. Cheeky! His tip for the


top is schoolboy pal Robbie Wheeler. He's one of the best. He's going to


be world class. What do you think of that? Looking ream.


His own salon is opening very soon. Looks after his hair. A bit


confident. Remind you of anybody Robbie? I never had my own salon,


did I. Nails. You did nails not hair. Good on him. He's taking on,


trying to go into a different industry and broaden his horriezons.


Almost left you speechless. Jamie Foster was back in the -- Jamie


Foster was back in the St Helens side that travelled to Hull KR


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


yesterday. Andy Giddings was Robie. He's scored the pick of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Kingston Rovers lead for the first Kingston Rovers have the chance to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Penalty to St Helens. When it matters Jamie Foster, inch


perfect. Great rugby league drama. perfect. Great rugby league drama.


Everyone in Rugby League was saddened to hear yesterday about


the sudden death of Robbie Millward. The son of Castleford coach Ian


Millward passed away at the age of 19. The thoughts and sympathies


from everyone at the BBC are with Ian and his family at this time.


He's now on compassionate leave from the club.


Well on Saturday, Castleford were away to Catalan. Andy Giddings has


away to Catalan. Andy Giddings has the details. Castleford made a


dream start in the south of France with Richard Owen's pass sending


Josh Griffin over in the corner. Catalan hit back with a move from


the scrum. Half back Lee yon price with good hands. Thomas boss scored


received by Josh Griffin. He scored his fourth try of the season.


The visitors extended their lead midway through the first half.


Rangi Chase took centre stage. He bumped off an attempted tackle


before creating the space for Joe Arundel to burst through. The young


centre won the foot race to the line. The Tigers were ten points up


at halftime. Trent Robinson's side hit back.


Vincent Dupport squeezed in at the corner. Castleford's ten-point lead


was re-established thanks to more Chase magic.


Josh Griffin with the hat-trick. Cue the Dragons' come back. Ian


Henderson's kick was spilled by Griffin and Darren Millward pounced


to score. -- Darren Millard pounced to score.


Millard finished off with his second try.


The home side went into the lead Catalan are propelled to fifth.


Two out of two for Catalan, but Widnes and Salford were still


looking for their first wins when they met yesterday, and it was


another heavy defeat for the Vikings. Another Yeah it's been a


tough start in the competition for Widnes. Salford are playing


attractive rugby here. Widnes are a completely new team. They have a


lot of new players. It will take them a while to find their feet,


develop partnerships. I wouldn't be too down at the minute. They'll


develop over the course of the season, but obviously it's


disappointing how they're performing at the minute. A few


Salford guys in tights there. Will you be wearing tights next week?


I'm not sure yet. I don't want to get into a debate about it. I think


you can think about things too much. We just want to play well. I'm not


worried about the pitch, just do our job. Have you spoken to your


mate Richard Mathers about it? had bad grazes there. And I think


they got infected. Not sure whether it was the conditions with the ice


and snow on the pitch as well. It will be interesting to see how we


go this weekend. What have you made of Salford, your old club? They're


coming into their own. I think they're talking about how the first


half of this game they did a great job. Then they let it drop away.


That is something that as a team, as a coach, you need that


consistency. If you're going to be competitive in the Super League,


you need consistency. We were talking about Wigan, about the


teamles that you have to beat. These are the teams you have to


measure yourself again. Offencively they look pretty hot, but these


issues are the defensive issues. If they can prove they can score tries,


what they need to do is exactly the same we are talking about with


Salford, create consistency there. At the moment, after watching them


play last week, they struggled there. They will have to get


together and get numbers together and work on combinations. Now the


Hull FC London game, in the a great first half this one. No, the first


half was quite flat. Both teams trying to find it. There were a lot


of errors as well. It's something that is quite surprising. In the


first half, Hull were definitely the more dominant of the two teams.


What have you made of London, they've lost the games so far?


They've made some astute signings, Robertson from Australia. Again


it's probably going to take them a few weeks to find their feet and


get the combinations going. They had a heavy defeat last week to


Warrington and lost to Hull now. It's been a tough start for them.


I'm sure they'll improve as the weeks go by. After this try,


absolute brush off there, they won't be happy with the defence.


I think these, there were a few tell tale signs in the first half.


I think... This was probably the talking point though. Is this a


sending off for you that challenge? Well, for me, I probably would have


said no. But you know, he's in the mid. Park. He has to make a


decision on the information he's given. He's decided that it's the


right play. Does the shoulder charge need to be looked at? That's


a real talking point in rugby league. I think it's a dynamic play.


I think it's very interesting to watch and one of those things that


grabs headlines. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But majority of


shoulder charges do not end up in this circumstance, as you saw


against Manly, Ryan Bailey did a great shot on one of the front


rowers, the play rolled on. It's a dynamic type of play. I don't think


we should get rid of it. So that's round three of Super League


So we've seen the Super League leadership change hands, and the


Leeds Rhinos claim the World Club Crown, time for the important


business of the evening, round three of Egg Chasers. Here's Dave


Woods. This week we've landed in Huddersfield, with a giant egg and


giant spoon. So guess what, it's the huzered field Giant's turn to


take on the egg chasers challenge. It must be carried by three men


Tanya Arnold presents a complete review of round three of the Stobart Super League. Huddersfield host last season's League leaders Warrington and London travel to Hull. Also featuring highlights from the World Club Challenge at Headingley as Super League Champions Leeds host Manly.

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