Episode 5 Super League Show

Episode 5

Tanya Arnold presents a complete review of round five of the Stobart Super League. Castleford play host to Leeds, Huddersfield meet St Helens and Warrington travel to Bradford.

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very good chance. What they have to do is get more When's away from


home. A have not lost at home since 10th September. The they got a


chance. Hartlepool are on a run as well. Why are Caroline so bad away,


what is in their mind set? I'm not too sure, to be honest. This will


play the same game are planned as at home. I have seen them on


numerous occasions and they're very good and they have option in the


diamond and they do it very well. I think Greg will be looking to get a


few more winds away from home, will keep the home form going and there


were other good chance. Not bad when you are up against MK Dons who


are right up there. A very good performance. I saw a few headers at


the weekend. A good performance from them and they're starting to


climb up that League again where they wear at the beginning of the


season. They could be in with a chance if you are there or


thereabouts. Was your assessment? Yes, a strong side. We went up


there and got as 0-0 draw. They were tough to beat at home but they


have got to get winds as well. But they need to have around but they


have some tough fixtures. Have you had any little Smith's have


anything? Not too much, obviously go they have had our advisers and


people talk to them. They get the right job and we will go and do it.


Good will obviously pick up a little bit, there will be staff


that will come up but we knew we to the summer? I don't know, for me it


Tanya Arnold presents all the action alongside features and analysis from round 5 of the Stobart Super League, as Castleford host Leeds, Huddersfield meet St Helens and Warrington travel to Bradford.

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