Episode 6 Super League Show

Episode 6

Tanya Arnold presents highlights from round six of the Stobart Super League. Current champions Leeds welcome Warrington to Headingley, and Bradford travel to Hull Kingston Rovers.

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with that buzzer. You can let go. Which current Championship striker


was born on July 5th. Me. What's that about? Which claret's player


has the middle name Clement? Martin -- Marvin. Which member of the


Royal Family declared themselves a Burnley fan? Harry. Prince William.


Prarls. Hang on he didn't press his thing. Rerun the tape. In which


country do Boca Juniors play. Brazil. Argentina. Who won? You did


Marvin, easily. With the hectic Easter period looming there are a


couple of games this week. Ronnie will try and make it three when


Preston are hosted while Oldham make the trip to Stevenage,


coverage of those games all week on your BBC local radio station. Well,


that is not only it for tonight, that is it from Late Kick Off for


two week, we have fallen victim to the BBC's rotation system. So until


Monday March 26th keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to


Ronnie and might bele for being us with. Michael assure misClement is


going to get stick in the dressing room. Don't forget as ever, the


Super League show is up following us, so until two week, we will see


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 139 seconds


We're half-a-dozen rounds into the Super League season and it was


traumatic and offensive the table. Over the next 45 minutes we will


have a complete review of the events of Round 6. He is what is in


store tonight. Here is. Headingley highlights the best of the action


as Warrington went to Leeds. Ryan Atkins talks about his 100 tries so


stop and, could Widnes find some Hall Kingston Rovers coach Craig


Sandercock is alongside Brian Noble to digest the events this weekend


and restart at Headingley where it was world club champions Leeds


again Super League leaders Warrington, with Warrington rules


looking to avenge last year's dramatic play-off defeat. --


It is just getting tougher and This is the moment. It is Kevin


Sinfield's boot, and it is Leeds's couple of regular season battering


as last year's. Ryan Bailey back in the 17 and a home debut for


Leonardo. Ben Westwood returns to Leeds an opportunity from the scrum.


Here is Kallum Watkins making a bit of room for his winger. The


question is, was their enough room for Ben Jones-Bishop? As you got


the touchdown? The flag does not come into it Lou this season, so


that elbow doesn't matter, but he has touched down on the sideline so


it will be no try. Watkins again, setting a platform for this leads


at that. Options, right and left for Sinfield. Danny require with


the dummy and the step. How many times has he bamboozled the fences


like that, it seems to be weak in, week out! -- week in. Liam Hudd on


the bench. And here is Ryan Hall on the inside with the defence


committed, and Zak Hardaker scores! The danger from Ryan Hall. Look how


many Warrington got across to try and cut down his options. When he


steps back on the inside, there is a simple enough Channel 4 Zak


Hardaker to run into. -- channel for. Briers looking for room for


Gricks. Higham awaits. Miler with the pass! The response for


Warrington, finally, just about half-an-hour played and they get


their first try, and if it in the Higham has a go, the Leeds defence


is hanging on. Penalty. Not square, of side, here. -- offside. Here it


comes, the short pass, and Chris Hill, the youngster with real


strength and determination. Chris Hill, with the drive. And Lee


Briers makes it will live and grow and the score, Leeds, back in the


driving seat. And it is John Kallum Watkins who has put in there. --


defence, on their mettle. Westwood with a try! Has he got there? I


think he has. Not clear enough for the referee to give it on the first


occasion. The video referee will tell us yes or No. Has he lost


control or get it underneath his arm? The latter might be the case.


The video referee has given it. That was high. It is always a


difficult target do it properly, the frame of Rob Burrow. This is a


big kick for Kevin Sinfield, to late stages. Dropped on by Liam


Hudd! Myler knocked it back. Then failed to deal with it. Liam Hudd -


two appearances from the bench, two tries, and surely enough to give


Leeds seem to be right on their mettle from the start this year.


Yes, it was a good game on Friday night. Tony Smith will be


disappointed they didn't get a victory but will not over-react.


Two teams that like to play football will socket was swings and


rained and Laussucq until the death. A lot of mistakes early on and


their account was pretty ay for them. This, it looked a bit like


that, sometimes it comes off for them and they did, fortunately, on


Friday night. It was pretty greasy conditions and Leeds, to their


credit, are really played well. Let's have a look at Kallum Watkins.


He scored a hat-trick. He's a great player, he has got a great right-


foot step. He can carry the ball with both hands. His skill level


for his age is phenomenal. He has had his fitness problems in the


last couple of years. Yes, when he is fit, he has got a good speed as


well. He is as exciting as anything we have got in the game and I just


hope that he stays healthy. How do you think Rob Burrow is going at


number nine? He is a bit quicker than me and he organises his feet


better at number nine than I did. He is a threat right across the


game. He changes so many games, over the years. He had a fabulous


run at the back end of last year which help to convince him that No.


9 sport is the role for them. was a turning point with that


Richie Myler try that was not allowed. Correct by the rules, but


Mickey Higham was not interfering with play. We need to have a look


at this one. You can see the referee calling out Mickey Higham,


but it is a blackened white rule, if you are within 10 metres of the


kick, and he was, as a debating point for the game, was he involved


in the play? Probably not. It is a tough call when you look at


commonsense but the black-and-white rule says that is within 10 yards.


The other side is, where do you draw the line? We could be getting


the slide rule out if we are not careful. He was within 10 yards so


it was a penalty. It is a rule you might like to see a look that?


think it is a great thing, the rule, especially with the video referee


there for assistance. That was a discretionary penalty. Warrington


beaten. So Wigan have the chance to take over at the top of the table


and may be short trip to Widnes. The Vikings lost all five of the


matches so far, but their coach said they were sting positive. --


staying positive. We talk about this pre-season. The players talk


about winning, putting in a performance to get them the victory.


The problem being is that everyone else is out there doing the same


and are ahead of us at the moment, but I have got great faith in this


group at the moment and that is the magic formula, to work hard. The


game is pretty simple. When Harden tackle hard, and you have got a


jazz. We're not doing Blues for long enough peonies. -- you have to


have a chance though step for the Wigan Warriors. A good start


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 139 seconds


perfect start for The Warriors. The Warriors on the charge with Finch.


Driving forward. Up the youngster will scrawl. Brilliant stuff from


They have scored a scintillating try through Matthew Russell. Widnes


pressing. Widnes pressure is relentless. O'Brien to draw the


game level. O'Brien at dummy-half. to. The Warriors with the chance to


An incredible match, did you see that one coming? I certainly did


not. We played Widnes last weekend. They showed signs they will be a


good, competitive side. They did not think they would get on top of


Wigan. What will that do for their confidence? It will be a big shot


in the arm for them. To go and win at a class outfit light Wigan, it


will be massive for them. O'Brien single-handedly beat us on his own.


And they have a very good English half back. He rested some big names


including Richards, Tonkin, it did not pay off? If he had kicked the


goal at the end, he would be safe in his bed at home. With the big


job, comes big pressure. You have got to look at the big picture over


the whole season. I don't think he will lose so much sleep, but he


won't get too much criticism for Star and he wanted to see what the


youngsters could do, and there is a point about that? He will be making


plans accordingly. Widnes, it was fantastic and showed huge amount of


character to come back twice? their credit. They never gave up.


They got their just deserts in the end and scored some good tries at


the end. A absolutely, a shock for Wigan and that meant Huddersfield


could take over at the top. It was a chance they took by beating


Wakefield. Are you impressed by Huddersfield? Physically they are


very strong with some good players. Finishing strong. Their structure


it is good, big blokes are getting them forward. They can finish in


the corner. They have scored some good tries this season. Wakefield


When you look at this game, every time Wakefield had a sniff at the


game and came close, Huddersfield's prowess came to the fork with


quality players like Brown. Here we see another hat-trick. You have to


look at what Huddersfield are doing. They have enough Arsenal today deaf


have to finish the game. Kevin Brown is am very, very good player.


And do you think they can finish off the season this time? They have


fallen away at the end for the last couple question marks it is hard to


assess at the moment. It is the question most people ask in the


media, the pundits and the fans, is this the year they will finish the


season off with what I feel is their just rewards? St Helens had a


third straight defeat. Are you surprised by what is happening to


St Helens? Roby is a class player and losing him, they will have lost


a bit. But Hull FC are a very good side on paper. This is their little


signature move. St Helens have had some close defeats, it is a young


side, are they are lacking in confidence a little bit? They have


had a couple of heartbreaking defeats. They will be the first to


admit they should have won to Carlisle. Than losing to a drop


goal against Huddersfield. When you are not confidence, this thing goes


against Jews. St Helens are going through that. They are a good side


and they are well coached. Three penalties for Hull FC. And I used


seeing their manager's Mark coming out on Hull? He has put some


systems in place at Hull FC to progress and they are showing the


signs. Do they need to stay calm at St Helens? Stay calm and dig deep.


They are a class outfit and the confidence will come. We saw a 12


point turnaround and signs look like they were going on to score.


They will be looking to get back on track, there is no doubt about that.


There is no doubt there will be pressure at St Helens. Their pride


will be dented a bit, but they will recover. Brian Atkins has been one


of the headline makers. He was a Challenge Cup winner in 2010 and


pass the sick never caught milestone with his 100 try of his


Atkins is a wave. It is always good to get in there. 100 tries is a


great accolade to have. To go from my first club in Bradford, a


fitting way to get it. I enjoyed every moment. Even the celebration


at the end. I was only with will cast before a couple of months. I


love it Sibbit. I get stick at Every week he tells me to go out


and believe in myself. He makes me believe I have the talent and


skills. Go back a few years ago when people said I never pass the


ball because I never thought I had the skill to pass the ball. But it


was the belief to think I could not do it. Now await Tony works of May,


and his belief in me has rubbed off and I am believing in myself. I


think just going back to last season. The final whistle against


Leeds, being at home, we will use that to push forward this year. We


don't want them same feelings. It will benefit us, we have the


majority of the squad from that game this season. We will make


shock we do our best leading up to the big games. They are that many


internationals in the squad. I have learned a lot from the likes of


Matt King, who has gone back to Australia. I try to take a little


bit from him as well. His playing style and that has benefited me as


well. To play in the team with the likes of Adrian Morley, it is a


dream. Those guys will go down in history. For me to say at played


alongside them, it is unbelievable. As a whole, as a squad and a team


we want to be consistent and keep knocking off the wins. Everybody


wants to play for their country. Anybody who says they don't is


lying. But it is the coach's decision accounts. It is his


opinion and he selects the players he thinks he can do the best. My


priority is Warrington, as long as I am doing my job here and putting


myself in the shop window to get into the England mix, which is


where I want to be. Brian Atkins, philosophical about


not being in the England a lead squad. Were you surprised? Each


coach gets to pick the squad he wants. Kallum Watkins and Atkins


opera the two best two they have come across this season. Big,


come across this season. Big, strong and fast. He is a good


player. Let's have a look at who did get in. Anybody who surprises


you? It is dominated by Leeds again? Watkins, hard Baker and


people like that are absolutely on fire. Why wouldn't it be dominated


by Leeds. At Dean Henderson, a player you know well, I used


surprised he is in there? No, I surprised he is in there? No, I


advocated it's a while ago. He was brought up and born in Torquay. He


was at Bradford and I encouraged him to make the move. I am all for


people like Jack read who have added to the squad. As long as


their willingness to play for England is there, I don't have a


problem with it. Two games in June and July, is it a good news for


England? Anything to improve the quality of English football is for


the best. It is a long season, 27 rounds plus the Challenge Cup. You


feel you want to build a strong Football League here, we need to


take care of the players. We have seen Widnes break their Super


League dock, so did London who beat Castleford on Saturday. How much of


relief will this be? We have all talk about London this year. They


will beat somebody because they have quality players. Unfortunately


for Castleford, the bouncing of the ball went for London. You know it


is going to be your day. The element a criticism they have had


stings. Castle for it know they can score tries. Their coach comes back


this week. You have to say Gower's running game, the coach pointed out


what they have done for the team this weekend. Another bounce of the


ball going the right way. London it will be satisfied with what has


He looks like he has found his running game. 135 metres as the


most he has won all season. That makes it easier for him. They have


found some class players. You have got Shane Long, you have got


Robinson there, it is a very good side. It has been tougher


Castleford being a way on compassionate leave, and he is


going to be back at the club but it will be a rocky time foreign.


Having him back will be a massive boost this week. We all know the


circumstances will be very difficult, but at the end of the


day you have got to get back on the horse, and start to play the way


that we know he can. The supporters who follow Bradford away from home


this year have had much more fun than those who've turned up at


Odsal. The Bulls had won two out of two on the road, but lost all three


two on the road, but lost all three in front of their own fans. Mick


Potter's men were back on their travels on Saturday when they went


to Hull Kingston Rovers. Dave Woods was watching. Withers wants more.


And Wellum will score. The video referee is being cold. He was


onside, and there is nothing wrong with the grounding. Burley try for


Hull Kingston Rovers, a good start by them. -- early try. Withers


stands and waits. Micky Paea! Two tries in the opening six minutes.


Bateman with the offload, and Crooks! If he's scored this, the


atmosphere muted. The referee just checking the foot in touch, but


after the Pierret, this will be a try for Jason Crooks. He seems to


be making a habit of it, and Bradford have a foothold in the


game. This is Geoffrey's. - Jefferies. Karl Price scores! There


are few sent -- certainties under Billy, but one of the few is that


the boot of Jefferies will lead to its rival stop -- litre a try. --


lead to a try. Well, Michael Dobson, how many has he beat in here? Four


players, and those it on a plate, or Hodgson to score. Confidence


restored at the end of the half. There is Dobson again. Hull


Kingston Rovers had lost their Voyce a little bit, but that lake


by settling their confidence. There might be more on the cards. There


is more on the cars. Craig call, one just before the break and one


just afterwards, and Hull Kingston Rovers in full control again. That


might have been given as a forward pass on another night, but it ends


up as a try for Craig Hall. Bateman, He just gets more and more


impressive every week. And Jason Crooks is in for a second.


Confirmed by the referee. Bullying it is allowed to bounce, and that


might be another try, for Jake Webster. He will touch down


eventually. But the referee is lodging a query. The ball was in at


right arm now, he is on the ground, and it will be no try, a penalty


for playing it after the tackle was and doing well. Groups, with the


kick back on the inside, and what an opportunist try this might prove


to be from Diskin. Jews in groups, the creator, not the finisher. Try


confirmed -- Jason groups -- Crooks. Elliot White Brewster foot there an


anti- is aware. -- puts the foot down and he is away. They have dug


in and showers and last -- showed some class. Another try would


rattle Hull Kingston Rovers because Bradford, with their noses in front


are looking for the knockout punch. Two on the outside but he is unable


to get it away. Crooks in on the corner. Too important to give him


with the naked eye. Jet Ed, says the referee, it is checked, and it


is called. -- check it. Seconds remaining, Hull Kingston Rovers


having to score twice, looking for something desperate, and he does


not have the pace to go the distance but it does not really


matter because the danger is cleared, with just a matter of


seconds remaining. Hull Kingston Rovers, who seem to have won this


game, have now lost it, and here is Lulia to score, to complete the


comeback. What a night for the Bradford Bulls, going the distance


in more ways than one. Lulia, With Are you scratching your head as


though that one got away? Yes, I am a bit disappointed. You started


well, but that second half? Yes, what can I say? We should have


picked the game to bed, we had a couple of opportunities to do that


and we did not take it. Bradford got the momentum and we could not


take it back. Credit to them. The Matt deserved the victory. Can you


put your finger on why that happen? We are still developing some


systems and structures that we are trying to put in place, there was


maximum concentration lapses, some issues around that, and some


opportunities that went begging and Bradford got the momentum and they


hung in and Andreas orders out of it. -- arm-wrestled us out of it.


We have spoken often about the need to run the ball. He is quite strong.


You can see from his vision that he has got a lot of strength. It is


another thing that he can add to his game. How tough has it been to


be losing your mark the signing? -- marquee. Yes, it is tough, and the


skipper has been missing, but we have given some other players


opportunities and it is up to them to put their hand up and say that


they are regular first-team players. It was a great night for Bradford.


Yes, certainly, the second half, the way Mac -- the way that they


fought back. Craig alluded that they were given a couple of


opportunities but once they got the ball, they get going forward and


looked dominant towards the back end of the game and believed they


could win the game. The final game is from the South of France where


sofa City Reds went in search of a 4th consecutive victory but were


soundly beaten. They cannot deal the team that goes there and get


beaten, the travel is a big ask. But they are playing a quality


outfit, Matt Robinson has caught them playing well, and the quality


of players that Catalan Dragons are brought in, you can see their, Leon


Pryce with some excellent finishing in the corner. You have got a tough


challenge on your hand when you go to the south of France. There is a


few names there, and a great finish from the number seven. You have got


your hands full, when you go to her been young, for sure. -- Perpignan.


Hopefully, when they go there next week, they might well have done of


game. Are you surprised at Lou and price doing so well? He looks the


right decision, he is obviously enjoying the lifestyle. Tim Robbins


has highlighted the wall for them, and he is doing that, he is a


match-winner in his own right, Leon Pryce. He has been for 15 years and


he will continue to be. Sol Ford had done well but this might be a


reality check for them. -- Salford. They have competed hard in every


game. It is no disgrace to get beaten by the Catalan Dragons, the


way they played. The Catalan Dragons were disappointing against


Wigan but many people took them to go all the way this year. Yes,


there is a sense that they are physically good, they might have


got some good, big, physical, athletic and agile players. They


have got some great decision-makers as well so they will be a huge


threat. There are in a couple of shocks and a couple of big


victories. Let's see what leaves St Helens trip to Bradford as the


highlight of Round 7 on the same night, leaders Huddersfield than at


home to Castleford. Despite that victory over Wigan, Widnes remained


at the foot of the table but this week it was the Vikings a'Tom to


try the luck with a super sized egg-and-spoon race. We will see how


they got on. We're at it this Vikings for the egg-and-spoon race


that everybody is talking about, it is edition number five of the egg


chasers, and on the intelligent pitch, we just need some


intelligent players to go along with it. This obstacle course has


tested Super League starts to the limit. Top of the class, the


Castleford Tigers, who cracked the really a race in just under 50


seconds, and didn't they look happy Camera puts, centre. Jon Clarke,


prop. There will be no spoon feeding you today. He is a local


lad. He is not doing very well. He spent last year with the Brisbane


Broncos getting some experience. Looking to make his mark on Super


League this year with Widnes. Looking for a time of under 50


seconds. I am not sure they are going to finish the day! Cameron


Phelps, of Wigan and Hull macro. He is into his cricket, is Cameron. He


might be hooking that one out for six, before this one is over. They


have only had two runners and done really at Castleford's time. Sione


Kite, �14 when he was born, his mother has still got tears and has


run at them. And the white flag is being raised. 62.9 seconds, before


the penalties was up at the penalties and it is 82.9 seconds.


In 5th place at the moment but there was only one way forward is


to go. Join us next time to see if anyone could possibly be worse at


the giant egg-and-spoon race, you're on the edges as -- here on


they are chasers -- the egg chasers. Book us in, we will be there. Are


you looking forward to the Hull derby? Yes, from what everyone


tells me it is a special time in the city. Hopefully, we can put on


a decent game for the supporters. few chuckles in the studio when you


said it was just another two points. Are you beginning to learn that


that is not the case? Certainly not the case. I recognise the error of


my ways, it is a big game, and we will be treating it as such. It is


Tanya Arnold presents highlights from round Six of Super League. Champions Leeds welcome Warrington to Headingley and Bradford visit Hull Kingston Rovers.

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