Episode 7 Super League Show

Episode 7

Highlights from round 7 of the Stobart Super League: Huddersfield Giants v Castleford Tigers, St Helens v Bradford Bulls, and Warrington Wolves v Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

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The North West, what position are we in from your point of view, is


there something we can go away going, yeah, we should be positive,


no matter what? We have a great heritage. A will the of businesses


started in the north west. If you are pro-active and focused and you


can see opportunities, there are, there are success stories out there.


Businesses can grow. Businesses can develop. It -- it will have to be


exports. That is where we will end it. Brian, Luke, Coral, anybody in


our film, thank you very much. Thank you all for coming. Straw


poll at the end. How many of you feel more positive? Anybody more


optimistic now than they were at the beginning? You are waivering.


There are fewer of you optimistic now. Right, OK. Thank you so much


for all of you being here. The Budget is this week. We will be


waiting with bated breath to see what George Osborne has to deliver.


You can follow any of those developments across the BBC on


North West Tonight and your BBC radio stations and online. From all


of us here, at the Museum of Science and Industry, many, many


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 120 seconds


We had more than 750 points scored in Super League on Friday, Saturday


and Sunday but it was the news that broke this morning that will be the


big talking point of the next few days. Royce Simmons is no longer


the coach of St Helens. The Australian has left the club after


four straight Super League defeats. Joining me in studio are Richard


Mathers of Wakefield and the former Bradford and Wigan coach, Brian


Noble. A surprise? A bit of a shock


actually because once there was four defeats, they had been pretty


close and it is disappointing when somebody loses their job like that.


A great guy and unfortunately he has had to move on. It is a shock.


It is cut throat but I suppose at club of St Helens stature demands


results and they have that brand new stadium. They have lost some


key personnel and that is a big transition itself. It was a


surprise when the news came through that it is a bigger club. It is


just one point in the last five games they have had, was the


unlucky because some of those defeats were pretty close? When you


look at St Helens and the expectancies, is high to say the


least. They have been at the club over the last 15 years, they have


been to so many finals and won so many trophies. You know that the


pressure will be so high for obvious reasons, that they want to


win things. When you get on the back of a run, you've got to have


some answers and a way out of that trouble otherwise the consequences


are a lot higher. The chairman said that he looks ahead to the next


three fixtures and he felt the change had to be made before those


big games. They are massive gains in the context of any season but on


the back of this, is a big responsibility for Kieran


Cunningham. They will take that on board. They have been there a long


time and they know the fabric of the club and they would get the


players onside and there is no better way to turn it around


against Leeds on Sunday. So the final act of Royce Simmons'


reign was at Bradford on Saturday. The Bulls themselves were looking


for their first home win of the season but with Saints having lost


the last three, all eyes were on It is still alive, there still an


opportunity here. Oh my word! With the conversion attempt for


breathing space - can you believe And he scores! Saints are stunned.


St Helens looking for a return to form tonight but they will have to


do that without too influential players. Bradford is picking up


some good momentum after a series of good performances.


Tonight, some heavy weather, the Bradford Bulls. He might have got


in for the first score of the night. The referee wants a second look. He


is short, he is short and you can see a very obvious double movement


there are so there should be no trial and it is confirmed as such.


It is a penalty for St Helens. That look like a forward pass but the


referee was right there. Shooting of the first defender but not the


second and third. Bradford are at sixes and sevens. Since will score


the opening try of the night. Touchdown in the end by Andrew


Dixon. It could have been any one of four. Fans felt there was a


forward pass in the build-up. It certainly looked forward. A finish


here by Andrew Dickson but it has left a bad taste in the minds of


the supporters. Kicked on, it is why Ted! He has


got a bang to the head. The try is concerned. How many times have we


seen this? Then Jeffrey's kick setting up a try. There was a kick


in the head of from Foster. That has attracted the attention of the


referee. That looked at reckless, more than intentional, but a


penalty try has been given. The referee has decided that that was


reckless and the pair of the given. Another two from under the post.


Bradford lead 8-4 in a very stodgy He scores! Foster will hang his


head here. He thought he was going out of play. He lets it bounce.


Carol Price takes it up and scores. Foster is furious with himself. The


Bradford bench can see the funny side. It has been dropped. It is a


penalty. The referee is indicating a yellow card for faster. Offside,


the referee he says. A penalty maybe but sin binning him? That


seems a little harsh. It certainly has not been forced to's night. --


Foster's night. It has raised the ire of others on the pitch. He was


very laid bare. And very late. He seems puzzled by why he has been


penalised but that is why, he is lucky to stay on the field. Foster


is back on the from the bin. Tony has dropped its claim. Maybe the


last hope for since has disappeared. Only seconds remaining now. It may


only be a consolation try but a very good at touchdown. Too late to


count in terms of turning the game around, surely. St Helens, at least,


can have an smile on their face at the last memory of this game, even


if the other 79 minutes have been grim. Despite that score, it is


An oddly disjointed performance? was probably a performance that


lacked a little bit of confidence. It is great when you have it. When


it is not quite there, there's an element of anxiety and it can


change the shape of what you look like and do. There were some


instances when people were running on the tackle when the normally


wouldn't and that is the element of pressure that comes from a high


performance standards. It was littered with mistakes? Things that


were uncharacteristic and things that nine times out of 10, the


players are coming out with but when things aren't going away,


things creep in. It could be a confidence thing, unfamiliar


territory, losing four games and they are not comfortable with them.


Some of them were very basic and it cost them. We should take nothing


away from Bradford because they played well. Absolutely, they


carried on from the second have and that has given them a shot in the


arm and you can see that, they're really confident now. They were


tough on Saturday evening and they needed to be because since played


pretty well. There were errors but they were in the game all the time.


You have to say that Ben Jefferies is pretty incremental to Bradford


scoring points at the moment. He has kicked the ball plenty for


tries. The have won a tone which will be a big thing for them?


they have had great tendencies as well. -- attendances. Good solid


defence and their playing a simplistic game-plan. Then


Do you think that they can go on and do something? They had a great


start, I think it is consistency. They had some injuries as well.


There is now no reason they cannot go to the top this year. Do you


think we had written them off a little bit early? They did not


start brilliantly. I think you cannot write off a team at the


start of the season. There are still new teams out there, if you


look at Wakefield. Their finding that fluidity. They are looking


more solid than they did at the start of the season. So what next


for Saints? They're looking for a new coach. There will be a huge


list of applicants, I am certain of that. It is a fabulous club. You


need to go there knowing that a lot of people will throw their hat into


the ring. The Giants are retaining their coach until the end of the


season, which is good for them. is a great coach. Nathan Browne


announced that it would be his last year in charge and it is a strong


statement to come out now and say that. He would have to be a


favourite for the job, I am certain. He did a fantastic job at


Huddersfield. They could perhaps go for an interim? Perhaps. I'll keep


faith with a couple of experienced players who know the club Inside


Out. Warrington and Wakefield met at the


Halliwell Jones on Sunday. The Wolves slipped to their first


defeat of the season at Leeds last weekend, and you managed to give


them an almighty fright here, Richard. We played some great stuff


and defended really well against an fantastic Warrington team. We were


leading at half-time and felt like we were really in the game. But


Warrington are a great side and they came back strongly in the


second half. You seemed to be second half. You seemed to be


playing with confidence as well. The coach has given us that


confidence and backed as. And that is great for the players. We are


just concentrating on that defence, trying to tighten up in that area.


It was quite a big win for Warrington. Those close ones are


the ones that you want to get away with, especially at home. There are


still a few too many individual errors. The real test for them will


come this weekend against Wigan. They just have enough quality to


get over the line. Wakefield had some missed opportunities.


And important to build on that, Richard? We were gutted after the


game, to get so close. It is a bitter pill to swallow when you


have put so much effort into getting the result. Do you feel


that there will be a huge changes? We have improved week on week. Each


week we are working on different areas and improving as aside.


People do not give us much of a chance on the outside but we are


confident about what we are doing. Champions Leeds have been in red


hot form so far, they travelled to Salford on Friday, and despite an


early scare, it was another sensational display by the Rhinos.


They are on fire. We discussed their back line before the show and


it is the most exciting one for quite a long time. They got that


hat-trick. I think the whole back line is on


fire. Kevin Sinfield as well, the footwork from this kid. He just


moved on a sixpence, that is awesome. Then it John Bishop on the


outside, they have got speed to burn.


Kevin Sinfield has been some players for leaves. -- for Leeds.


Danny Maguire, all the players are in form at the moment which is


wonderful to see. You would pay the entrance fee just for that. It is


fabulous footwork from Danny Maguire.


They have a mixture of youth and experience. These youngsters are


coming through a mixed the more experienced players. I just cannot


say enough about them. Showing plenty of speed. And support play


and all the things that you go through in practice. To see that


wrote the performance. It is thrilling.


Kevin Sinfield is an incredible player week-in, week-out.


He puts in so many hours of practice on the training field. His


all-round playing, he thoroughly deserved to break the record. He


has been a fantastic player full -. You can be the best defensive coach


in the world, but went Leeds are hot, they are hot. But they will


need to improve defensively. They need to go back to some of the


basic things. And the attacking basic things. And the attacking


play has been impressive so far. Now it's rare these days for an


overseas player to hang around for too long at one English club, but


Ryan McGoldrick is an exception to that rule. The Australian has been


with Castleford for six years now, his staying power with the Tigers


has made him a popular figure around Wheldon Road.


I am part of the furniture. I came year into a dozen than six. I


thought I was only going to be here -- 2006. I have enjoyed my time


here. It is a rugby league town and if you're going to come all the way


from Australia you might as well be in a town like that. Where I was


before they are mad about rugby league. But we also had the beach,


so it is different playing over here! But this is one of the best


places as a rugby league community. McGoldrick's first season ended in


relegation from the Super League. But he was persuaded to stick


around. There is not much royalty left now


in rugby league. People do what they think is best. But it is


something I have always found them rather important. To see how much


people are affected, that is a big factor. 12 months later McGoldrick


and Castleford won promotion back to the elite. Castleford were the


last team to experienced the agony of traditional promotion and


relegation. If there was relegation, some of


those players would have been snapped up. So without the


relegation, you definitely can promote young people within your


squad and that is what it is all about. We have got a couple of


young hookers with a good future ahead of them. And hopefully it


will be with Castleford for a long time. That will give us a little


bit of spark. And hopefully that will continue. McGoldrick is the


great painted manner of the Superleague. His collection of


tattoos revealing his philosophy on life. I have got a few. It started


when I was 16 with a tiny tattoo on my chest. Then I convinced my


parents to get two or three, but that would be it. Then they


gradually started to sneak out from under that shirt. Then there was no


stopping it. Now I'm starting to run out of the space. There's


nothing to do with rugby league or my career, it is more stuff that I


have been through. Across my neck I have, at loyalty costs nothing.


Life is a gamble is another one. Then my to a bull mastiff dogs back


home. The names of my brother and sister and that kind of stuff.


Nothing about rugby league. But it fired a Papcastle Bridge for 10


years spent maybe I would have to! -- if I end up at Castleford.


McGoldrick is the type of character that every team needs, always


positive and looking on the bright side. He is a fabulous player. On


his day he is as good as any player in the competition. I have long


been an admirer of him. He is one of those people that can change


again. You played alongside him, any stories that you can


broadcast?! He is a great fellow. He is a bit niggly on the field.


But he is really a good fellow. He has been loyal to Castle food for


six years and gone through the good times and the bad. When the chips


are down heat always comes out as a good player. Under current


character that you want around a club like that? Yes he is not yours


terror to the core sports man. He has all those tattoos and has got a


Harley Davidson. And a nightclub in the back garden! But what we get to


see is his dedication. Ian Millward was back on the


sidelines for Castleford on Friday night. They travelled to


Huddersfield to face the Super League leaders. Dave Woods was


League leaders. Dave Woods was watching.


Robinson has a look around. George comes after it and he will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 120 seconds


defending it. The Huddersfield backwards. Confirmed! Again, the


defence will question itself. They could do with a response. Oh, he


has had himself been the act of scoring. But it is for desperately


needed points. He is going to be OK, they make them tough, don't they?


Jason is in trouble here, I think. Have a look at this. Add chicken


when a tackle. The referee has seen it and he is of the 10 minutes. He


has support but he doesn't need it. What a splendid individual try that


is. Off he goes. A burst of pace. A good try. George will score! Two


tries in the blink of a night just before the break. Huddersfield are


absolutely in the ascendancy now. George. It will be a hat-trick if


confirmed. The question is, how did this all get this? He has rattled


the ball free. Absolutely nothing wrong with the touchdown. It is a


hat-trick for George. Another try for Huddersfield. Nobody left to


stop the inevitable expert this time, George involved in the build


up and Brown is the finisher. Huddersfield are at a canter at the


moment. Simply no stopping them. Here is Lawrence. I think he has


got that down! He has. Though marks here for Michael Lawrence. The


strength and desire with two or three defenders on him. He just


touches it down. Huddersfield's impressive start to the season


continues. They do look impressive? continues. They do look impressive?


They are playing great rugby. One thing I really liked as well, a lot


of the starting line-up were English. Luke George's third hat-


trick. Is he a little bit unfortunate that there are so many


other good wingers out there at the moment? I don't think he will score


an easier one! When you confident, you confident. The ball bounced


perfectly for him. In the next one, this is a set play. In this one,


even you could score this one, Richard! Don't take anything away


from the Garrick, you've got to be in the frame to get those current


scores. He will be thrilled and so he should be. Is the key for


Huddersfield to sustain this. They look a bit stronger this year,


don't they? They have some superstar forwards to come back as


well. Nathan Brown is not scared to rotate them and keep them fresh.


And give some of the fringe players ago. Everybody slots into the roles


and they don't get too much disharmony in there so it is a big


focus that they have fought on, staying consistent. They have not


been afraid to bring youngsters in? Yes and you are getting the fruits


of that Labour. That policy is really in place and you think


O'Donnell not being in the team and some of the others, it looks well


for them but the challenge is peaking at the right time because


the first question you asked is a permanent one, they have to be


fresh and healthy. Castleford last seen to be lacking in convents?


They are having it tough at the moment. It has been a disruptive


few weeks for the club as a whole. A little bit similar to last week,


they just need to consolidate and improve and try to get that went in


and I am sure they will cope. that Becky, somehow get a win and


move forward? They will have to then their backs better than they


did they were about passive at the weekend. Huddersfield executed


really well and when you set your stall out to do certain things and


it doesn't come off, it ricochets downwards.


Wigan suffered a shock defeat against the bottom club Widnes last


weekend. On Sunday they faced another struggling club and it


looked for a while as though it would be another surprise for the


Warriors. They started like a house on fire and cost Wigan quite a bit


of trouble. Definitely a fright to start the game. London did look


impressive. That is under which before or, at the scored 45 pounds


the before and that has carried on. There was a little bit of quality


in this week in the team. Shaun Wane wasn't happy but there is


Gareth getting them back in again. Is he one of the best signings you


ever made? He certainly has to be up there. These guys are at the


ones that people want to pay to come and watch. Look at that, it is


terrific to see. As good as London where with their attack, they got


really close and again, they might have to talk about the defensive


side of the game. Wigan are on a role here. Once we can got in front,


they are pretty good at keeping a team at arm's length? They are


really methodical in their attacking plans. They really know


where they are going. London finished strong as well so some


great passages of play from them as well. Wigan haven't been quite


there in the first halves of games, interestingly, but to us through


this one? That was too soft. That is a sop to try. Sam Tomkins is


smart enough and thinks, I will go! He is good at that kind of think


but London will be hugely disappointed with that. I mentioned


it earlier that they have a chance to be more ruthless on Friday.


This week, it is the turn of Hull FC to try their luck with our giant


egg and spoon race. The Airlie Birds, as they like to be known,


are chasing the time set by Castleford Tigers all the way back


This week, we have a threesome hoping to fight against evil and


claimed world domination or stop only joking, they're here for a


giant egg and spoon race but there is something missing from this


picture. That's better, a giant egg and spoon. They will need to use


their psychological powers to complete the course in the quickest


time a possible. Mistakes will be punished with five second penalties.


Can Hull FC a bright those wrongs today. First of, it is Jordan


Turner. That is not a bad start, to be fair. Here comes well sharp. He


is doing pretty good here. Jimmy Ellis will be the man he is handing


on to. Surely he will be hoping to make his mark. They might have been


one or two handling errors. They dream of world domination is


shutters with at time of 42.92 seconds or stopped that leaves them


third on the leaderboard. Join us next time for another feast of


fancy footwork. And some frightening faces.


You are chomping at the bit to have a go? Just waiting for the phone


call. Our obstacle course was obviously ideal preparation for


Hull. They welcomed Widnes to the KC on Sunday and it was a bit of a


rout. Hull FC were fantastic and attacked


really importantly and they are flooded through. The first of four


tries. 34 pounds in total. Also creating opportunities. Danny


Houghton was highlighted by both coaches as being key player in this


game. He has been given Ali's to play the football they get you for


it. Knowing where to go, they look more fluid than I have done for a


while. This is good, strong running. Do you think they have gone under


the radar a bit because they missed that game at Catalan? No, coaches


and fans are smart. Some teams have played a few more games and you get


a few hiccups but they have recorded it fairly well. Andy Lynch


is a fantastic player. He has been a huge acquisition for the club.


Here we see great ship in a passing movement for. Aha aha ha ha ha go


Denis Betts didn't pull his punches afterwards saying, to have 58


points scored against you, this is unacceptable. After winning well,


chipping that amount of points, it is a shame. It will be


disappointing for Dennis. He even said that the last two tries got


flatter them will stop there are still learning. There will be


better for that experience. Catalans against Hull K hour, this


was a close game? Yes. Michael Dobson against his own club


squeezed over and they think they were winning at half-time. It was a


Tanya Arnold presents all the action and talking points from round 7 of Stobart Super League XVII. Huddersfield Giants host Castleford Tigers, St Helens travel to Bradford Bulls, while in form Warrington Wolves face Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

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