Episode 8 Super League Show

Episode 8

Tanya Arnold presents highlights from the Stobart Super League. Wigan Warriors take on Warrington Wolves, and St Helens and Leeds Rhinos meet at Langtree Park.

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It is a massive boost and it is a big relief. We played Wakefield


last week and they put 30 points past us, even though they did not


win, they got a lot of confidence and it was only a matter of time


before they posted a big win and Catalan is a big scalp to take.


have got a Catalan comeback, not surprising, we are used to that


this season. It was pretty much an off day for them. It is never easy


having to travel every second week like they do. If you get a team in


the mood like Wakefield at the time, at the start of this game, it's


going to be a difficult afternoon. Weak field will be desperate to


sink their teeth in and then pushed down, keep them in there --


Wakefield. He has announced this will be his last year? He has been


one of the most consistent players in Super League for Catalan. That


will be a big loss for them. Friday night was Derby night on the west


side of the Pennines, in what is traditionally one of the biggest


fixtures of the seasonthe season against Warrington at the DW


Stadium. I'm not sure it was named Stadium. I'm not sure it was named


in honour of Dave Wood, our commentator, but he was there any


way. A fantastic atmosphere inside the DW Stadium tonight. 20,000


packed in here, too early to define either side's season, but a


psychological blow could be struck one way or another tonight. The


referee, Richard Silverwood, doing his bit for Sport Relief as well.


Here's Leuluai, picking it up from the base of the scrum. He was


caught, the referee has decided, that has given Wigan the penalty


for the high tackle. A swish by Morley and a spot by a Westwood. A


moment of potential history here, if Pat Richards puts this over, it


takes him past 2000 points in a Wigan jersey and a bit goes, 2-0 on


the night, 2000 plus one in Pat Richards' week in Korea. Here's


Rich at dummy-half. Westwood. Here's Briers, now they have some


options. Atkins for the line! Ryan Atkins claiming the try, the


referee wants somebody to have a second look here. Steve Ganson has


been asked about the grounding. Real strength from that position,


but that looks OK. What is the verdict, Steve Ganson? Warrington


have the lead. A quick response. The carried England football


manager, Stuart Pearce, just getting a bit of advice. Tony Smith


offering him a few words. Here's Richards, only inches away, my


word! Warrington's defence hangs on. Hop! Hoc scores. A second opinion


will be sought, but it looks like has found a bit of a gap and


Farrell is off. Just put down, but he has... Laurent Blanc has scored!


The referee's happy. One or two questions here as to whether Liam


Farrell actually play the ball. Very quick to his feet, the referee


says play on. Michael Laura Bechtolsheimer masking no further


questions. Here comes Morley. So five tackles from here. Warrington


looking to make a big impression if they can. Briers hurling it wide.


Here's Monahan. Terrific, absolutely terrific! Confirmation


is being looked at again here but look at this for a finish.


Wonderful dive, no doubts about the grounding. Some moments deserve to


be legitimate for their sheer brilliance and that was one of them.


Nothing wrong with that. Jol Monahan the eye-catching scorer.


Ryan gigs and Michael Carrick, the two Manchester United players a


month to the watching crowd tonight. 21,267 is the official attendance.


The referee has given a penalty to Warrington. Timely for their point


of view, the hooter has sounded. Not square at the marker. Hotson


with a chance to level things up as they go into the break -- Hodgson.


with real brilliance. Over the halfway line. Here goes Tomkins.


Watson is beaten, Tomkins still going. -- Hodgson is beating.


Tomkins can't get it away. There were players in attendance and if


he passed it, surely Wigan would have scored, but he held on and


Warrington hang on. Still a decent position, though. This is A flower.


Some solid defending on that Warrington line -- this is Flour.


Carmont, Richard! Try! That position set up by Sam Tomkins. Pat


Richards with a simple finish. Some super centre play by Carmont, by


the way. But this is where it all began. Tomkins from behind the line


making mincemeat of that Warrington defence. He had so many auctions to


pass here. He thought he could do the job himself -- so many auctions.


Stopped in the end but it was all academic because right at the last,


Carmont with a wonderful pass here and Richards with the score.


Tomkins steps out of the way. The ball is back on the inside. Grasped


by Finch out of thin air. Flower. Morley holds him down. A penalty


has been given! Too much interference from Adrian Morley. He


hung on when he should have been dropping off. So Wigan have made


the decision to go for two here. half. -- Lima. It has been


intercepted, Lee Briers, ever the magician. It is a saunter to the


try-line for Lee Briers. Leuluai trying to get back, but he really


committed himself here, Briers. He read the situation perfectly. The


veteran Welshman snaps it up and runs away. Warrington right back in


possession and a penalty has been given, a rather obvious penalty as


well. Clearly more than one man in the tackle and he simply got over


Looking for his second success of the night to give Wigan the lead


once more. Finding his form with the penalty has been given. It was


the tackle had been completed. He came in and arrested the man in


The match was described as absolutely enthralling, but a


complete match. Was that fair? would agree with that. It was


compelling to watch. Everybody loved watching it, but you have to


say the ball-handling from both sides was not great. There were a


lot of penalties and drop balls. Even though both sides were not


great, it was a reasonable game to watch. In the end it was penalties


That was his first game back and what a kicker he is. He is free


call under pressure. That was the difference, the goal-kicking.


want to defend him on the one that is coming up. There are a few fists


flying in and they were busy on the reports this week. What do you


reckon? It looks terrible on TV, but when you have two players in a


tackle like that, you find that it is the guy on the other end the


swings around. The only thing you can really do... It would have


looked worse if he had followed through with it. You can see that


he let go. There is also their ability -- responsibility of the


defender to make sure that no-one is put into that sort of dangerous


Fair to say you guys are doing it up at the moment. We are. We are


not playing great to be fair. We set ourselves some very high


standards last year. We are dropping too much ball. It is


something we had spoken about and addressed. We are hoping we tied in


a few things up. There's a lot more As big games are coming thick and


fast. Wigan last weekend and then we have St Helens this weekend. It


will be interesting to see how we go. What you make about Wigan? They


have already lost three this year. What the coach pulled over to begin


was a new system to the lead. It was very direct and in-your-face.


The defence has had a couple of years to look at what they do and


how they deliver it. Look at a key individuals and target them. Sam


Tomkins is a big indicator as to where the ball is going. They are


able to deal with it a little bit better this time. All teams are


having the control in the ruck. should give backbenchers -- Pat


Richards a mention. He passed 2000 points. Sensational for a winner. I


like to call the muscly linesman because you have these guys in the


middle of the bark that a doing all this work India the pretty boys out


on the edge. I thought you were the pretty boys in the middle? Pack


which is does not just scored tries for fun. He comes in and does the


work, but his great with the boot if it had been eight football match,


it would have been called a six- pointer. A huge win. A classic case


They have been working really hard. They go the win a couple of weeks


ago against Wigan. This proves they are not just a one-game team. They


in get a couple of wins on the board. A very this can be the


springboard for them to get the confidence to win a few more.


who is on loan from Warrington is getting a huge amount of good


reports. He played a couple of games for us last year and that a


bad be injury, but now he is fit and ready to go. The club thought


it would be good for him to go elsewhere and get game time. He has


been absolutely sensational. The club rate him very highly. This


would do in the world of good, getting a bit of experience in the


Super League. What you make of London though it? They played


bravely against Wigan. By the looks of it, one of the things they need


to do is they do not seem to have a problem scoring tries, it is the


defending they have a problem with. You can see it happen where markers


champion at the dummy-half. Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone


forward and nowhere has the Sunday shining brighter than at the


stadium. It was more akin to the west coast of America than the West


Riding of Yorkshire when the eggs I'll let you decide which one is


Pamela Anderson. It is addition number seven of eight chases. We


are in wake filed as the Wildcats phase one of the biggest challenges


of the season so far. The aim of the game is to complete a


specially-designed obstacle course Although books reading things off.


-- Oliver Wilkes. He is looking good. Kyle a more is second to go.


His West Yorkshire's answer to David Hasselhoff. House that was


Hang on, I think we have found out Well, what a time of. Unbelievable.


No penalties. Fantastic from the Wakefield wild cards. 41.93 seconds.


As Good As It gets. They are on top of the leaderboard. Have you seen


anything like that before? Surely no-one can be thrown them after


Anything you buy to add to that? do not think I can. I think re-


enacting Baywatch is clearly the way to win the next week. It is all


about consistency. That is what we were looking for from them. They


were back with a win this week. final game to complete the


weekend's highlights, breadth and - - Bradford welcome Salford. I think


we got will drop last week so there was a bit of soul-searching during


the week. Probably disappointing for Bradford at who were winning


early on. I was with them on Friday evening. He was talking about what


he was trying to get out of the players. I think he will be really


disappointed with that. Bradford are doing it really hard. They have


13 players out with injuries. After their performance last week against


St Helens and how they had been performing over the recent past, I


think we would have been looking for a lot more consistency than


what was on offer. Talking about players being back. This one is


back. He looks good. It was unfortunate he got the injury, but


looking at this game there is a couple of tries. They are


entertaining. He looks like a terrific signing. They are in the


right half of the table, they just need to stay there. You live in the


area, how important is it too had suffered doing well? I always keep


a lookout for them to do well. I went to check out the new stadium


last weekend. It is absolute the fantastic. If they can get a


successful team, the crowds will flock there and it will be a


vibrant rugby league city. Robbie, what you make of the performance


though? Just in terms of their defence. They seemed to lose it


again. They seem to be falling away. It was interesting to see that they


are creating a very basic sort of system. The coach has had to do


that because the players are dropping left, right and centre.


They are having to glue a very simple game plan together with each


A big win for Salford, let's see where the city Reds and everyone


Changes at the top and the bottom this weekend. Warrington had moved


back to the summer after their win against Wigan. Hulme of up to third


after their win had castors and You can all have a Sunday afternoon


of at the weekend because the Super League action is all on Friday and


Saturday. Leeds meet Huddersfield. Wigan make the short trip to


Salford. And the newly revived St Helens are away to Warrington.


Saints for you next weekend. Paddy prepare for a game like that?


are the games that you don't need much preparation for. They take


care of themselves. We will do everything that we normally do. The


fact that it is one of the biggest games on the calendar will be


pretty exciting. You could not scripted any better. They had been


up and down. They are up at the moment and we are top of the table


so it should be a classic. We are all looking forward to it. That's


Tanya Arnold presents all the action and analysis from the Stobart Super League, as Wigan Warriors host Warrington Wolves and last year's two Grand Finalists, St Helens and Leeds Rhinos meet at Langtree Park.

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