Episode 9 Super League Show

Episode 9

Tanya Arnold presents highlights from the Stobart Super League. Warrington Wolves take on St Helens, Huddersfield Giants play Leeds Rhinos and Hull FC meet the Bradford Bulls.

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Hello, we are at the start of Super League's busiest time of the year.


The Easter storm of two games in four days is almost upon us. But


before that we have the relative calm of Warrington versus St Helens


and the rest of the action from round nine. Saint Mark Flanagan is


alongside Brian Noble. Start on the field at the Halliwell Jones


stadium. St Helens beat champions Leeds last week. Could they beat


Warrington this week? Dave Woods was watching.


It is an atmosphere to saver. 15,000 inside the stadium. A record


for Warrington. Beware the Saints whose pummelling of Leeds was


evidence of a side who have their Here comes Wellens. Running up the


angle and with purpose. And Gardner scores! A try after only two


minutes for St Helens. Really well worked from the scrum. Lomax, they


are off on the angles here. Wellens and Riley not knowing where to


stick or twist. Here is Roby. Lomax is inside ball. Wilkin, he has got


the runner from Lomax. It is not forward. The referee says play on.


Wellens with another. What a start by St Helens. Two tries in the


opening 11 minutes. Wilkin with real determination there. Lomax in


support. Wellens always seems to They are going again here, it is


another for Wellens. My word! Warrington are stunned here, really


crisp handling across the line. They are off again here. Warrington


is being stretched. One more time. Lomax. It will twist and turn by


him. He has got it away. It is Wonderful off load by Johnny Lomax.


And Meli in at the corner. Great hands, confidence is absolutely


searching from St Helens at the moment. Keep the momentum going say


the coaching staff and the Saints A decent drive by Hill. If they are


going to score, now is time to do it for Warrington, there is only a


couple of minutes of this first half remaining. Here is Hodgson


with it. And they have got a toe hold back in the game. Just before


Well, across the line it went. Hodgson with a dummy. Sends them


the wrong way and maybe there is a chance. They are going to have to


restart because there is still eight seconds left on the clock in


this first half. No more time than this one tackle. What is he doing?


Wilkin! Might have been absolutely gifted a try here. What was Carvell


doing? Last tackle. In the half, on his own line, surrounded by St


Helens player, tries to off load. Was there a Was there are from Wilkin


that saves Carvell? I think there might have been. The video referee


will have the decision it was a knock on. But still, plenty to


smile about by St Helens. After Six minutes of the second half


Question asked by Wilkin, answer provided by the referee. Try, he


says. And a very good try as well. So just the two scores the


difference. As far as the score board is concerned. The referee


says that is back to one because Monaghan played it. I am not so


sure. St Helens are given another set here on this Warrington line.


It is dropped on the outside. Roby. Here comes Sia Soliola. He reaches.


And scores. And I think he knows that might just be the moment when


the match is settled. And a very popular try as well. He has had his


off field problems Sia Soliola of late. That was to be played by


The game is up. A question of waiting for the full-time hooter.


Warrington looking to fin wish a flourish. This is good from Atkins.


Look at the pace on that. What a very smart try to finish with. It


will be the final act of the game. Because the hooter is about to


sound, but real skills here from Atkins. Terrific toe on balll, good


chase as well. The Warrington fans are determined to celebrate right


to the last, but this has been St Helen's night for a second week


running. So Mark, an easy one to start, what


has been secret of the turn round? I am not sure, we were struggling


for a few week, we lost four on the bounce, and it was unfortunate that


Royce had the leave. As part of the playing group we must feel


responsible for that as well. Since Mike Rush and Keiron have come in


we seem to be a bit more, a buzz is round the place. Confidence is back


up. We have had Lomax and James Roby coming back and that has given


us a boost. You have started so quickly, the game is won within the


first 20 minute, is that something you have looked at. Any game you


want to start well. We have done that. We have played two good sides


in Leeds and Warrington. Probably they have had off days, we saw then,


there was a few mistakes by Warrington an we managed to


capitalise on that. We had Adrian Morley in last week he talked about


Warrington not at their best this season. They have got away with it


in a few games. Some people are saying it is uncharacteristic. They


are not going to die wondering, probably the part of it is there is


a few too many for their own liking, but they don't stop playing, I


admire the way they approach the game and sometimes it is about


decision making, sometimes individual decisions cost the team,


but, slightly uncharacteristic, I reckon you will see the games when


they were winning, they still have a reasonably higher score rate, if


that is the right expression, I don't like to call it that. They


play more, they will drop more, think a what they are saying maybe


an element of tightening up in certain area, with certain decision,


the difference again, Mark alluded to it there, when you give St


Helens free ball and Wigan free ball and Leeds free ball and things


like this, it becomes very difficult that the top level with


other teams. It is harder. I don't think they are that far away


Warrington and they will come back strong. Mike Rush and Mark


Cunningham are putting together a good job press peck us the, but the


old guard have been fantastic. older player in the club like the


captain and a few others have stepped up and showed the


leadership quality, and it has been important for us, they have really


stepped up to the mark. And nice easy fixture for you next up, a


matter of Wigan. Yes the local derby. I am looking forward to it.


I have friends there. It will be a great day for me. And it will be


tough. And go in there with a lot of confidence. Should be a good


game. Warrington beaten and Huddersfield have replaced them as


Super League leaders. The Giants beaten, weren't they on Friday?


listened to the game, and there was 30 minutes before we had a score,


and it was a bit of a knock on before that, but that is a fabulous


cap from hard acre. Unbelievably good. Eorl Crabtree looks like he


should be doing something near the line and get over from a short


distance. Flynn of supporting from Jason to get over in the corner


which took the game in Huddersfield's favour. They play


this great rugby, how many times have we seen that kick through the


middle for Eden who has rave reviews.


Liken by his coach to a young Billy Slater. That might be too much of a


medal to carry. We see him making the break and if he is getting the


He is like Billy Slater he must be some player. And Leeds, a lot of


injuries. I think they had three players out. Which is a fair bit of


strike. But they finish strong with Kylie there. So they will have to


pick their game up too. Huddersfield go top but what about


the teams tat bottom. Castleford went in at the foot of the pile.


They hosted Hull KR on Friday. Hull KR looking for a swift start


against a Tigers side who can't buy a win at the moment. Here is Joel


Clinton. Wrapped up as the Tigers have early defending to do. Now


Withers. Opportunities here for well ham to get the first score.


Now Chase. Lateral thinking from the Tigers star. Still going, great


ball out wide and Griffin with the response. Dobson for the Robins.


Now well ham for his second try! Back it comes to Chase. Teasing


kick and another try in the game. Youngquest scores. All for the


Tigers. On to Chase. Spirited run from Emmet. Great off load, a


brilliant try from Owen. Now they push forward with Dobson. Surely a


forward pass. Hodgson to the line and a crucial try just before half-


A real tease on at the defence. Chris Welham now in support, this


is his hat-trick try. Lincoln Withers starts and finishes the


move. Kirk Dixon will score, is the comeback on? He has got the ball


down. Seconds left. Nick Youngquest, with virtually the last play, the


Tigers have won it. I think that will give them a lot


of confidence. All you need is a win to get out of a rut. And they


showed such character at the end. It was a great try it at the end. A


few great balls. There's a specially extended edition of the


Super League Show next weekend to include all the best moments from


the Good Friday round of matches. We'll be on the air at 12:35 next


Sunday lunchtime when amongst the highlights will be the Hull derby


from the KC Stadium. In such a divided city, there's no such thing


as no man's land, so we got four of their players on neutral water to


There is a lot of pressure on you, Tom. I am aiming for the middle of


the bridge, we will see if we get their. There will there be this


much pressure on Derby Day? I think quite a bit more but we're there to


Expectations of the game? Feisty, full on. You saw bodies the day


after but we are all used to that. We expect to win. When it comes to


a Derby, how different is it? a lot different, a much bigger


crowd. It is bragging rights for the city. You go that extra bit in


I think it will be entertaining, as they all are. It is passionate for


the fans to get the first bragging Kris Wellham, Craig Hall, Danny


Nicklas and Tom Briscoe our four men on the boat there. And Hull


warmed up for the derby with victory over Bradford on Friday.


There are looking really solid. and they deserve their top-three


placing at the moment. They're turning the clock back there with


the kind of pace that they're showing. They could not quite


finished them off until the last but they do look solid. They have


got that individual talent that you need in the game. And Karl Pryce


seems to score in every game that he plays. He is in the right place


at the right time. Bradford have problems so it is important for


them to hang on to these young players. I think so. This one was a


fabulous try. Keeping the ball alive, this makes a set of six


asset of 12 if you make that many tackles. The offload, the quality


of the decision-making, anything you want to see in a game you can


see in this try at the end. Hull showed the kind of characteristics


he need for that Championship. Tom Chris Gowell in the corner with a


fabulous finish. The big talking point of the last seven days has


been the plight of the Bradford Bulls. The club say they need to


raise a million pounds over the next four weeks to stay in business.


And there's a warning that Friday's game against Leeds at Odsal might


We had a number of well-documented financial issues, some postulated


and some legal issues. It has affected all our income streams. In


the short term we have a tax bill to meet and then issued with the


Bank. That has brought the In 1996 Bradford where the team,


they won four Super League titles. A couple of cups along the way,


three World Cup Championship titles as well. That all started to


unravel in 2004 with the purchase of Harrods. There was a long and


protracted court case that lost Bradford a lot of money. There was


a lot of income being poured into the Bradford Bulls which was not


Unfortunately we're not a financial institution so we cannot provide


them with the money they need to get through their cash situation.


But everything they have asked to I do not know how we will raise


that amount of money in that time. Hopefully people will respond or


there may not be a Bradford Bulls. It is assigned of the decline of


What do you make of it all? It is extremely sad, first and foremost.


It is really shocking for all of us. It is sad and there in less serious


plight. There are not joking around here, it is not a scam, it is a


serious situation. It has been heartening to see the whole of


rugby league rallying around. Stephen O'Connor this week pledged


�10,000. It is a sad state of affairs to seek a club going


through these troubles. They used to win all this silverware. That


now seems miles away. Fingers crossed we will get through all


this. Does rugby league need to step back and say, you need a big


money man to survive? They will need to look at revenue streams.


I'm sure other clubs are finding it difficult to make ends meet in the


current climate. There is a real possibility that we need to look at


how would get money in. You can't not always find a benefactor. Leeds


is as successful club, but it is hard to go in other places and not


see people putting their hands in their pockets to make it work. The


Super League instigated that, that they had to measure up to the


criteria. The policing of that may need to be more vigorous. They


really need a good full house on Friday night. Let's hope we can get


that kind of number through the gates and get some money into the


club. Wigan made the short trip to Salford on Friday, it looked like a


contest for a while, but the Warriors eventually ran away with


it. Since Sean Long came on board, he has brought an attacking ethos


to them. They have got some great outside backs finishing off the


tries. But Wigan in the end were too strong for them. What to make


of them so far this season? Wigan had a decent start, they are


another team that like to start well. I think this game was over at


half-time to all intents and purposes. They look fluent. Finish


his playing especially well at the moment. They're going to be a


really tough team. They have had a couple of blips by their own


standards. Salt would look really good with the ball. But Wigan


themselves complain 1812. Salford perhaps needs to look at their


defence. Potentially. Some of those tries from Wigan are pretty


difficult to defend against. You cannot stop scoring. Salford have


been exciting to watch. Danny Williams is such a dangerous threat.


They are creating fabulous opportunities. At times it is the


bounce of the ball but here it is the quality and the skill of Wigan.


Huddersfield have got a nice easy one. If you take any game, and


there is a potential banana skin. You have to take every game


seriously and approach it that way. The capital was calling for


Wakefield on Saturday night, a bit of a basement battle this one with


the London Broncos hosting Richard Agar's Wildcats. Here's the best of


London and looking for only their second win of the season. There is


a real chance here, driving towards the line. It is that good header.


Randall has set the home side rolling. What a try from Sarginson.


Robertson is there, he gets the ball down. And Roberts will score


again. It goes out wide. There is plenty of support. And a brave


finish. Wakefield have thoroughly out classed. But the chance of a


break here. Acres of space to race in two. Dawn powering away. What a


finish! It has been a Wakefield whitewash.


You wear impressed by London bouncing back after that defeat?


played them at Twickenham and it was a tough game. I was surprised


after that that they did not pick up many wins. They have a few


internationals and they're always going to have a good season.


Widnes fans might like to look away now, these are the best tries from


what was another heavy defeat for the Vikings on Saturday. Where do


they go from here, Mark? Well they're averaging of 45 points


again but then they seemed to get thumped the next game. But they


know what they're doing now. They will understand the problems. And


recognise that it is a tough place to go, Catalan. You have the


element of travel, it is hot. Damien Cardace, he has got that


speed as well. What a debut for him. And thoroughly deserved his four


tries. They have unearthed a real gem bear. Great for the French


rugby league to have these young players coming through. It is. To


have these players coming through can only be a good thing. Clint


Greenshields scored a hat-trick but was completely overshadowed by this


young man! Damien Cardace enjoys all the plaudits from the coach and


from the rest of the players. the teams head into the busy Easter


period, let's see how things stand Huddersfield are back on top of the


pile, Hull move above Warrington into second, and St Helen's have


made their way into the play off positions. Widnes are back on the


bottom after that heavy defeat in bottom after that heavy defeat in


So how do you get through this Easter period? A lot of ice baths.


We're playing Friday and Monday so after that first game you just have


Warrington Wolves host St Helens, Huddersfield Giants travel to Leeds Rhinos and Hull FC meet Bradford Bulls in the stand-out fixtures from the Stobart Super League, as Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis of all the action.

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