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If you've enjoyed your Sunday lunch then hopefully you've


still got room to digest the highlights from the biggest


It's the time of the year when local rivals get together


# In a neighbourhood like this, you know it's hard to survive


# So you better come prepared as they won't take us alive


# In my beautiful neighbourhood # My neighbourhood


# My beautiful neighbourhood # My beautiful neighbourhood


# My beautiful neighbourhood. Hopefully, these two will be good


neighbours in the studio this week. Brian Noble is alongside


Robbie Hunter-Paul, both multiple Wigan and St Helens have been


the best of enemies since 1895. They've met more than 300 times,


and watching their latest encounter Always a real intensity to this


fixture, isn't there Wigan boosted by the return of their captain.


Jamahl Lolesi in temporary charge of St Helens after the sacking of


Keiron Cunningham. And a huge crowd of well over 20,000. That's the


kick. Marshall underneath it and safely caught. A high connection


there from Kyle a more. Didn't look good at all. You look at that angle


and he seems to start around the chest. It's a red card! 11 minutes


played, just over, and Kyle Amor is sent off.


St Helens in prime position now. Wigan's defence good. The referee


has given a penalty here for the tackle of the ball. Mark Percival


looking to give us the first points of the Good Friday derby game. The


80 minute pence -- the 18 minute penalty gives Saints the lead.


A pile-up in pursuit of the lovely grubber kick. Burges reclaims it.


What does the referee think? Going to the video replay. He thinks it is


a try. Burges was in there. I think he just about got there first. Wigan


in the lead for the first time. A big draw for McIlorum when he came


onto the field from the bench after that long absence. A penalty. They


turned down one opportunity to go for two points with a penalty


directly under the sticks. This time they go for goal. Lolesi in


conversation with Sean Long, as Wigan take a 6-point lead.


A wonderful little step by Reagan Grace. -- Regan Grace. The youngster


is having a marvellous game, Regan Grace, in this, his debut. He has


helped set a wonderful position for St Helens.


He's got the try. St Helens are right back in this now. What a start


to the second half. Just flailing hand slap at Lee


Marshall. In for the try. A quick response by Wigan. They have the


lead again. Escare goes for the one point here.


Not a bad thing to do. A 7-point lead now.


The youngster strikes! In the fabulous fashion. Regan Grace. He is


having a debut to remember. The Saints fans are loving his input


into this game. That's a terrific finish. His name is being taunted by


the St Helens fans. What a way to start. But there's a moment he will


want to forget. He might have scored a try at one end, but his mistake


here has given Wigan possession back close to the Saints line.


Wigan are a little loose, a little untidy. But they had numbers, and


Farrell used that fact to dummy his way across. Liam Farrell and Wigan


establishing authority again. Marshall for the corner,


acrobatically! There has to be a second look at that, because it was


too tight for the human eye. Has Liam Marshall scored his second of


the game? He thinks he might have done. Oh, my word. The feet are on


the ground, are they? Did the left foot go down or did the ball touched


down first? So close, but I think the ball wins it. The try is given.


What a remarkable finish from Liam Marshall.


A little grubber by Williams. What a catch by Joe Burgess to finish.


Another eye-catching moment in this thrilling derby. They've not given


up. Only about eight minutes left to play, and they have to score three


times. But there's been a very different attitude from St Helens


tonight, certainly from the performance against Huddersfield


last week. Trying to create something here, and they have done.


Makinson's over. Is that too little, too late? In to the count down.


Wigan looking to finish with a flourish there. But it will be


Wigan's Good Friday Victor Ruiz. They stopped the rot of that recent


run of defeats. An eventful week for St Helens with


Keiron Cunningham going. Did you see a different team out there? Jamaal


Lolesi is an attacking player and a mindset, and there's no better Super


League fan to epitomise attacking than Sean Long, so having those two


guys at the helm, trying to breathe life into the team, especially in a


home derby. Did you see them regaining their identity? I don't


think they've lost their identity, they just haven't been playing well.


It gave them a little bit of freedom when it was difficult early in the


game for them. They had nothing to lose. I'm not too sure... They have


been trying to play that way all week, but that loosening of the


strings, a fresh start to difficult circumstances, has had an effect.


The red card Abe big talking point of the game. When we saw it at full


speed, you both winced a bit. Is it one of those ones where when you see


it at full speed, it looks bad, but in slow motion it is different? At


full speed it looks bad. That camera shop there clearly sees he tries to


hit the ball. Open palm. It comes over the head. Thankfully, Escare


isn't injured. It is just one of those situations where the fourth


official could have helped him. Would you have liked him to have


seen him do that? There's been a lot of pressure on referees lately, with


the westward insolent, and Ben Thaler was involved in another


incident. At full speed, he could have said, I'm thinking of him, of


sending him off, what do you think, and he could have come back and said


something else. Nine minutes into the game, all of that atmosphere and


energy, there is an argument that could be said that end sailor gets


caught up in that emotion. -- Ben Thaler. I would have liked to see it


go upstairs, but unless you have been in that situation... It was


Liam Marshall carrying the ball, not Escare. Marshall did bounce back up,


thankfully. Both him and Regan Grace on his debut were highlights. After


taking a shot like that, Marshall went and scored two tries. It is the


best rule change we have ever considered. Every week we have


something on social media about it. He has worked, he has speed, and he


has gone. He took its opportunity. Left foot, right foot... He finishes


his try really well. A little error early on, on debut with those


nerves. But he could not have wished for a better debut. Wigan didn't


know what he could do. They were lazy. They will have to make sure


that they will need to treat him like Justin Carney. Get the mindset,


and take him to zero. Wigan will be pleased to get the win as they have


been on a difficult run. 14 months, did you say. It was great to see


McIlorum back out there. Great to see a player who has had injury and


strife, and to cope with that for over 12 months... Great to see him


back out. The team they're all trying to catch


at the moment are Castleford Tigers. They were two points clear


at the top of the table heading into Easter,


and on Good Friday The commentator for this


one is Stuart Pyke. Wakefield in good form,


winning five of their last six. They have won their last


five against Wakefield. They know how important this game


is, even early on in the The former Castleford


star, Joe Arundel. The golden rule, never


let the ball bounce. Castleford did and


they paid the price. Every time they have the ball


they were dangerous. The ball goes to


the right-hand side. You heard there, possible


obstruction on Fifita. Roberts will get


Castleford's first try. Another promising position


this for the leaders. Roberts scored the first,


he has made the second. Very difficult to stop


on the goal line. After taking the lead,


Wakefield have spent Ball inside from Gale


and a second for Millington. Total control against


their big rivals. They have managed to hold


firm so far in this One of the best wins


in their Super League They get the opening


try of the second half. In the second half,


that is the big surprise. They have restricted Fifita


and might get another try. Wonderful athleticism and it is


surely a try for Jones-Bishop. Top of the pile, eight


wins out of nine. Another incredible tried to end it.


They are just fantastic. You often criticise the administrators, but


they were awesome. They were indeed. Castleford not at their best, but


they won it 42-24 even so. You look at this picture behind us, and there


was a lot of joy on their faces. There's something good going on at


Castleford at this point in time. It's better to turn up and play


badly and win than play well and lose. They are in that sort of form


now. I will not say they played completely badly. They still know


how to get over the try-line. They had a purple patch in the first half


that won them the game. Is that the key? When that purple patch hits,


close them down? You've got to be ready for that. They are extremely


strong. It's going to take a champion team... The team that can


go there and beat them down there is the team that may have the say


towards the end of the season. They play an attractive brand. They know


what they are doing. When they are on a roll, you may be needed to slow


the game down. And playing that ground particularly, you need to


hold your nerve. Andy Lynch is now in his second... His 450th


appearance. As he's grown longer in the tooth, he has added more to his


game. A much smarter player now, great energy, can pass the ball and


take the pressure on himself. He would do all right in a number six


jumper, although prefers being up front. I think he would book a bit.


A frustrating afternoon for Wakefield. It is frustrating as they


have been going pretty well. I can only reinforce the local derby


aspect. You have to be on your game and prepared for 80 minutes of


challenge from this Castleford team. They are on fire.


The only team who can match Castleford's form


They were at home to Leigh on Friday.


Not may points on offer here, Robbie.


What's it like playing in a game with so few tries?


It was an intense game, as can be expected from a local derby. A very


physical game. Leigh turned up. Both teams had key personnel out. Gareth


Hock was missing with a one match ban for the Leigh Centurions. Both


without key players, but they muscled out. It was a really


physical game. The supporters turned out in massive numbers and really


enjoyed themselves. Attacking football, but some big hits were


going on as well. They will be feeling it come this Monday. And a


big improvement for Leigh? It is getting used to that week in, week


out Super League competition. In 11 league, some of the team may have


had a rest. This top level means you are on the game constantly


throughout the season. If you haven't got your best players out


there, it becomes a hard game. The type of game that Salford might have


lost last year. Is that the difference? They have a culture


within the squad where they really enjoy being in each other's company.


That translates onto the field. You can see them around the club itself.


There is a lot of camaraderie going on. That has been translated into


how they play on and the pitch. They play an attractive, advanced Rugby


League. You have got over Brian at fullback


also. These three guys are pivotal to making the strike happen all over


the pitch. You have one when you have Justin Carney there, big


strikers on the edges and muscle in the middle of the park.


One thing missing from the Easter programme this


Fear not though, because we've had a dip into the BBC archives


and found one in the 1981 Premiership Final.


Eddie Waring was behind the microphone for the final time.


They have been playing for 13 minutes.


He's stretching the defence. He scores in the corner. A magnificent


try. It is a tremendous game and a


tremendous crowd. You can see the supporters, still behind the lads. A


bit of a push. The referee needs to be in there very quickly. The sixth


tackle coming up. He goes on his own. Off he goes, and


scores the try. Yes, yes. All the ingredients required. A good try. Is


it going to be one of those finishes? Hull are really going into


this... Hull Kingston Rovers take the trophy. Some brilliant Rugby


League, and what a great advert for Rugby League. Well, there it is. A


great moment. Isn't this wonderful! This is fantastic. Gorgeous. Well,


isn't that wonderful? Bryan, are you missing the Hull


derby? I never played in one, but I get what you are saying. We miss any


big occasion in rugby League. You could see the crowd there.


Absolutely banging. You do miss it. The modern day Hull FC


were at home to Leeds on Friday, with both sides looking to bounce


back from defeats in Round Eight. Just six minutes for the deadlock


to be broken by the visitors. Dives over and opened


the scoring for The The home side responded


with a score of their own. Kelly's kick out wide


collected by Michaels. Impressive leap and finish


levelling the scores. Just five metres,


a long ball to Ryan. He shows to the left


and then goes himself. He is running, dancing,


weaving and stretches out. Developing a stronghold


in the game, Gareth Ellis' arrival helped


the But the visitors


continued to dominate. The visitors gained further ground


but Hull responded in The fullback tearing


through the defence to score A second penalty from Sutcliffe kept


Leeds more than an arm length After a neat passing spell, a dive


gave Hull hope but not for long. It is picked up and The Rhinos


have scored another try. For the second week running,


Hull staring another They will have a point


to prove when they Leeds, though, have


a boost for Widnes. Talking about a lack of confidence,


going into their shell. As simple as missing a couple of players? Halton


is a keeper? Yes. Pivotal to success. -- Houghton. What they are


physical and they are flat without that. They are not quite ready need


to be in the last two on three games. They need to pay attention to


their results. Having won the Challenge Cup, we were expecting


them to move forward. Is there a weight of expectation on Hull?


Always when you have a successful year before. We need to mention that


Leeds are in very good form. Every team will have peaks and troughs.


Hull are in a trough. Leeds are on a peek. They are enjoying themselves.


Moons playing well. Stand-off for Salford. And back in New Zealand.


Hull will have to figure a way out of it. Houghton a key member of the


group. When you have a smart hooker, half-backs will call for the ball.


He knows which one to go with. The Cassini space. I think he plays as


an 80 minute player. Key to have McGuire alongside him? The criticism


last year, they did not have a settled half-backs combination, not


fluent. The two people look on their game. Danny playing regularly is


massively important. Now Huddersfield against Catalan


doesn't quite fit into the theme of derby matches,


but they were quite close Just a point between them,


how are Huddersfield playing They snatched defeat from the jaws


of victory. They were comfortable in the first half. Murphy, the big boy,


he scores. This Catalan team, they are not going to go away. They had


their fullback back. A game of tennis in the first half. A lack of


ball control from the home team. Look at his enthusiasm. He is just


about that try. -- pleased about that try. Every time you thought the


Catalans had gone away, they got two and three scores. Mentioning


Castleford going in to try spurts. They did it, too. The game was won


in the end in the second half. The finishing. Needs to have a word with


the referee. I'm not sure it is the first time for him. He is a


confidence, competitive man. When things are not going your way, you


do display that. He has been upset by something he has said, the


referee. When it comes to Danny, it is a unique situation. It is like


losing two men. He is pivotal. He marshals them. He is a goal kicker.


If he goes off the field for ten minutes, it is like losing two men.


And this man can play multiple positions. He can even play


background. Good ball-handling skills for a guy of his size. He can


see is based. -- see space. But who can he work with to create a good


partnership? Our final match today is the meeting


of Widnes and Warrington. They were the top two


in Super League on Good Friday last year, but this time around


they were the bottom two. Early stages of what should be


a fairly intense battle. In the first minute,


a try and what a start. Having gone behind in


the opening minutes, suddenly They will make sure


he did not drop it. He got away with one last


week, but not today. Gidley.


Going left, great urgency. A drive in by Jullien,


and Gidley at dummy half. Does the video referee


decide that is A subject for debate.


Given the try. Again, close, but it goes


against Warrington this time. A couple of minutes


before half-time. Warrington would desperately


love another score here. A good dig they are having


in this second period. Bridge puts it in and


Runciman puts it down. I think at this stage of the game,


with a couple of minutes to go, Warrington will


settle for two points. They are moments away from


celebrating a second successive win. Five points from their


last three games. Back-to-back wins for Warrington.


What are they doing right. They are a good team in their own half. An


element of execution in attack. They have had to roll this leaves up,


Warrington. They have got two now. Can they make the top four? It is a


tough ask. Anyone who goes on a run can make that top four. In


Took a clatter. That is a heck of a hate. Whiplash. Why have you


smiling? He is watching the attacking player. He has to take on


the speed. And then the man turns up in front of him. He looks after


himself and clears out. The quote, his side are dying for fear, teddy


bear. But you have to try things and get the right balance. They have


played expensively in previous years. When they get their people


back, they will improve, but sometimes you have to grind your way


to results. You learn how to win, you learn how to lose. You have to


grind, work your way out of it and feel your way back. Will the home


from worrying him? They have been good in recent seasons. You have to


give credit to the team is going to play there. Most teams will train on


a similar service beforehand. That has been cruelly taken out of the


occasion -- clearly taken out of the equation. But one of the East that


So part one of the Easter double header is done.


Here's how they stand in the Betfred Super League table.


No changes in position for the bottom four. We get to do this all


again on Easter Monday night. The highlight of round cairn. -- ten.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks to Brian and Robbie. We'll


see you on bank holiday Monday. Goodbye.


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