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We have a programme of two parts made up from action of both of


Four top-flight teams have set off on the Challenge Cup leaving eight


teams and four fixtures in the Super League.


Joining us in the studio, Gareth Ellis from Hull


and Danny Hammond will give us their verdict on Super League


Gareth and Hull FC were up against the Super League leaders


He is on red alert as he skirts the line.


Scott Taylor, great forward, big power, that is an early try.


Shaul to Connor, great hands, into the corner.


Sneyd, Castleford know what is coming.


Tap back into the hands of Fonua and that is a simple finish.


And that was late from Liam Watts and in come the Castleford defence.


And there is a bit of pushing and shoving and Liam Watts,


Throws his wrist straps away in frustration.


Continues forward, almost up to the line.


Minichiello offers the ball away to Kelly.


Try and help them out on the right-hand side.


That might have been a high shot there from Paul McShane.


Marc Sneyd, coming a long way out, but he has absolutely hammered it.


All a bit flat at the line at the moment as Ben Roberts takes


the ball away to the right-hand side and manages to break through.


He has got Webster up in support, shovels the ball away to him.


Michael Shenton on the cusp of the hooter, gets the ball down.


Marc Sneyd, from the tee, clips it through coolly.


Here come Castleford again with Roberts.


Sneyd, bit of a loose pass to Kelly who hung one up.


A real skyscraping bomb, it will be caught on the left-hand side.


Continuing to raid the line, here goes Minikin.


So how are you feeling after that one?


A bit battered and bruised, as you would expect,


after three games in eight days, but like I said before,


But when you get a man going off after 20 minutes,


At that point, it is the best we have played all year.


We were 18-0 up, we got the ball, scored some really good tries,


all the things that you work on in training were coming off


for us, and we are busy, what happened around the 20 minute


mark, really threw a spanner in the works for us.


Were you surprised at the red card or from what you are seeing,


could you understand why it was given?


I don't think there was any intent there.


I think the circumstances of the tackle, the way


he was dragged down, he caught him in the face.


I thought originally he was going to give a yellow card,


but the red card came out, for ten minutes there,


we were in panic mode a little bit, but half-time could not


We sort of regrouped at half-time and the spirit the lads


showed in the second half was absolutely unbelievable.


And although you would not wish to go through that with 12 men,


particularly after Easter, what can getting a win like that


in those circumstances do for the rest of the season?


We spoke at half-time about this possibly being a defining


So often last year we got ourselves out of trouble by being resilient


and defending in that manner in which we did yesterday.


So hopefully the penny might have dropped and hopefully we will be


able to put in a few more performances like that,


hopefully not as tiring, but it would be nice to think


that this could be a bit of a kick-start for our season.


Danny, from Castleford's point of view, they are at the top,


they have shown some incredible form, but do they need to show


composure in times like that, if they are going to go on and win


I think it is often hard when you're up against a team with 12 as well,


because I think if you are playing and you're in the team with 12


you often get that little bit extra out of yourself.


It is going to be a bit more difficult, you've got


to turn up in places which you sometimes would not.


As for Castleford, they're not going to be at their best every week,


they started the season on fire, they had a couple of defeats now,


but I am sure the coach will be getting a reaction out


They will be looking to get back to winning ways,


but the competition is so even at the moment.


If you're off your game even 10%, you will come


So, they will be getting back on to the performances,


I guess, for you guys, it has been a funny old season.


You started quietly and looked fine and now you have that dip,


how would you sum up how you are and yet you're


still within striking distance of the top?


We don't feel that we have played well, not for 80 minutes anyway,


and we were picking up wins, early doors, which was really


important, it is always great to be picking up the two points,


in sloppy conditions early on in the season and then


obviously getting hammered, over Easter, by 50 points


I had to react from that and then we got the win against Leigh,


and then the win against the table toppers in Castleford and I said


before, hopefully this can be the kick-start for our season.


Now, you'll remember that Warrington started the season


with six straight defeats, but that turned around over Easter


and four games unbeaten meant they were the form team


The Wolves took on Wakefield and Dave Woods was watching.


England climbs to his feet, Kyle Wood, Wakefield going down


Finn with a pass, which has gone to ground, but Jowitt just


about snapping it up, keeping it under control.


Finn's kick deflected and into the path of Wood,


trying to get away from Hughes, gets a kick in and it will be


Wakefield have stunned in the HJ Stadium.


Moving forward with purpose again here.


Wakefield are enjoying their time in the sunshine at the moment.


Wood, quickly there at dummy half again, lovely little inside ball,


Jacob Miller is streaking through and he has support and


Warrington looking for a purpose, Ratchford gets it away.


What a fabulous individual try that is from Ryan Atkins. Pace and power.


And a touchdown to boot. Getting to his feet. Then, another of those


tantalising little cakes which he is so good at. Brown will take it, in


an offside position, the referee decides. He was caught initially by


hard they live it. -- Livett. This would put Warrington to score is


behind. Lee then right in between the uprights and Wakefield are


travelling well. Pounded forward again. Lovely little flicked offload


as they try and keep it alive here. And eventually shouting held. Would


spill a bit away. Finn offering it again. Johnston, he will not miss


from there. Lovely ball over the top, Johnston is over. Wakefield


smiles get broader. Brown, just on the left-hand side. Trying to create


some numbers. Brian act gives, a lovely little flecked by him.


Ratchford, still has it alive. Taken in eventually and Philbin will be


put down, but within sight of the Wakefield line. Here is Gidley.


Hammered forward by him. Four defenders around him. I think he


might be over, yes years. The referee says that Chris Hill has


somehow got that down. What an effort that was. Here is the


confirmation of that wonderful try by Chris Hills. Dwyer will take the


tap. Chris Hill looking for that pathway to the try line again. Held


up just short. Here is to wire, spins it right, little dummies shown


by Kevin Brown and they are back within touching distance now. Kevin


Brownback and a try scorer. The time is ticking away. Wakefield desperate


to hang on, but Warrington will throw everything at their opponents


to keep this winning run going. Evans is put down. Shuffle back


towards the middle again. Here it comes. Wide. Ratchford's ball over


the top. That might be a matchwinner. The late, late try has


yet to be given, though. He thinks it is a try, the referee, but it


needs a second look. This will make the difference, his feet are clearly


enclave. The touchdown is good and Warrington look as though they have


snatched it, right at the end. It is another way as they continue to


climb the table. You were shaking your head as the final pass went


over to Lineham. It is still quite painful watching it. We have done it


a few times, put ourselves in positions where we should be winning


the game and we have probably tried to see games out to match rather


than carry on playing the way we have been. Great bit of skill by


Ratchford with the pass. We felt they should never really have been


there, but disappointing after good performances at Easter but no


points, it is disappointing for us. When Lee Ratchford was talking about


you retreating into your shell, is that a similar thing, do you feel


that you're backing off? We have been guilty of that. They start


trying not to lose the game rather than doing the things that got you


into a commanding position to start with and ultimately, playing against


good teams, they will have a good crack at you and do things they


probably would not have done if the game was tighter. The double the


close game like that. Young Tom Johnson just seems


to get better and better by the week, what does he bring


into the team these days? He's just such an athlete,


so he will jump higher than most people, he's faster than most people


and he has got a lot braver over the last couple of seasons as well,


you can see that in his yardage, he challenges people, his footwork,


he's a big kid as well, you can see that in his


defence there, he's getting in front of people


and holding them up and he has earned us quite a few


turnovers like that. And then his finishing speaks


for itself and he's got great As have both of our


wingers to be fair. We know when we had John Kieran


and you had lost a couple and then you won 1, he said the boys needed


that because when you're losing


closely it's hard to take, are you keeping the spirit up


because you know the The feeling in the camp


is really good. Last season we had a lot of blow


out defeats where teams a lot of points on us,


this year I think we have been in most games, really,


even the Castleford game, we had a good second half


against them and Leeds are the only team who really put us


to the sword this year. You look at our points difference


compared to last year, it's a lot better but as I said


before, it's points on the board that matter most and we need


to learn from these little errors we make and start


to turn these performances Are you a little bit unsure


what to prepare for, first half, they were poor against Wakefield,


dropping the ball again, It's similar to a few weeks


ago, we have just got Having played so many games over


Easter, a lot of it is about as, how we prepare, how we get ready


for the game. We can't control what Warrington


team turn up but like you said earlier, they have great players,


that the potential to play how they did,


late on that game. Next up, Wigan who were at home


to Catalan, the Dragons have won their last two on the road


but could they win at Catalan on the attack


looking to the first Tom Davis is on the break here, has


he got the legs to go all the way? He's not going to catch him


and Davis is going to saunter his way under the posts


to give Wigan the lead. A good one-on-one tackle there,


Wigan have another opportunity here and it's with Davis once more,


can he get away from Gigot? Davis is going to get his second


try in three minutes. Wigan enjoying a great


spell of pressure here. Burgess spots the gap


and he is going to go through. Is this going to be


the moment for Catalan to get their first points


of the day? Goes to ground, he has done really


well to get that down. He has watched it and dropped it


and it's going to be Tony Gigot that will score and he won't even


mind slipping over. Anderson has caught it


and Louis Anderson is going to score, and from 16-0 down,


Catalan have turned this around! They have made a mess


of that, Catalan, and Wigan Lovely pass and Louis Anderson


is going to go over He has gone to ground but Forsyth


has done really well to pick that one up and he has backed himself


here, and he has scored Wigan, speeding things up


at the ruck and it's paying Joe Burgess will go over,


two tries in two minutes for Wigan. Can the Warriors find their way


further in front here? They are in a commanding


position now. Into the dying embers of the game


but Wigan fancy more. Williams has broken through,


feeds it inside for Liam Farrell and that's going to be a third


win in a row for Wigan. All of the tries scored by Wigan


were from academy products, is that the difference between them


and a lot of the other teams, I was going to say amazing,


but it's something we have come to expect from Wigan,


they keep churning quality players out, year after year,


players seem to come and go there, but the quality that


comes in is exceptional. Both wingers,


absolutely outstanding. The first year I have


seen them playing, Catalan looked a little tired


in the last 20 minutes? I think with them travelling around,


over the Easter period, it might have taken more out of them


than it has other teams, just missing key players,


and the spine of the team has come back together now,


Gigot back at fullback Now, St Helens beat the league


leaders Castleford on Easter Monday, five days later they faced


Widnes Vikings who started Moving through their tackles,


moving a little closer. It's bounced off a St Helens player,


I think, and Joe Mellor is in to score a fortuitous


first Widnes try. Widnes defence, just on the rack


a little at the moment. Matty Smith goes to the left-hand


side, he looked to drop it and then he has caught it again


and that is a try! And the fumble may have put


the Widnes defence off. The dummy shown but not accepted


by the St Helens defenders who are in to meet and greet


in compromising fashion. Really good pass from Runciman


and they are claiming the try. We're going to have


to have a second look. I think there's a confidence


on the field that this is going to be OK as a touchdown


but a double-take doesn't go amiss, and that a spectacular


finish from Ah Van. He is going to go left


here, St Helens through If this is given, it


will be a timely moment That shot suggests he has,


it is a try and just before Percival to make it all square


and he puts it over so it will be Ah Van and Lee just exchanging


glances that, but it's all OK. St Helens look to punch


a hole through the middle. St Helens look to get up


and running, and offside. St Helens coaching staff


have to stand to let Percival with the chance


to give his side the lead They have been under terrific


pressure here, Widnes. And they find themselves again


with a lot of work to do to get away from the troublesome end


of the field. Trying to create a dent


in that St Helens line. It's a good, strong leg drive


that has taken Widnes The grubber kick is testing


from Mellor, Swift catches it but Widnes have forced the dropout


underneath the sticks. What a terrific set of six that is,


to go the length of the field. Walker, quick as a flash,


but equally Smith, Down the blindside they go,


and Patrick Ah Van with his second try of the game, might just have


snatched it for Widnes! It's the second win of the season


for the Widnes Vikings What a gutsy performance


from them tonight. He talked about gutsy


performance from Widnes, how much of that win was down


to sheer guts? I think they probably just wanted


it more than Saints. Saints, coming off the back


of the win against Castleford, hoped it would be a catalyst,


got a bit of a kick in the teeth When you are told as a team


you were out-enthused It's possibly the worst thing


someone can say to you, Because that's not a talent


thing, it's something from inside you you should always


want to be putting your best performance on and trying your best,


so that does hurt but last game of Easter, it's


always that sort of game, you see the young hooker there,


chasing and dragging the winger over the line,


they are things that can get you over and get you the victories,


good to see the young Danny Walker had a really


important role to play, just his second game as well,


how impressed are you and how That's what you would


expect from the young kids when they come in,


if anything, that's what you want them to be doing, things like that,


they are match-winning moments, you see great tries


from people but moments They have Gilmour back,


Mellor back, is that going to be the key for Widnes,


you've talked about that spine? They have put a lot of focus


on those two, Brown has left in the off-season,


they have left it all up to those, both young halves, both very


talented, I think the big player coming back is Patrick Ah Van,


he takes work of the forwards in yardage, you see him getting


the try there, he's always dangerous near the line,


he is big for them and you can see Would you expect a few harsh


words been said around They would have hoped they would


have got a bit of reaction, having beaten Castleford,


between the players, they were out enthused,


that's an attitude saying, that the day with be


disappointed with. The bottom team have won


and the top team have lost, this is how things stand


in the Super League table. Now the England squad


for next month's Test match These are the names that


will be heading down under. He has played the biggest


competition in Australia, he must've been playing good rugby


to get to that level. He was a winger then and he has been


drafted up to the forwards but it will be looking forward


to seeing him play. And is it nice to see Alex Walmsley


getting his debut in that squad? It is always good to see the form


players being picked. Obviously McMeekin


is a success story. Daryl and Castleford


have done a great job with him and he has


improved every year. He is a real go to player for


Castleford now and it is great to see players like that and obviously


Alex has come from the Championship as well and had a great few years


and it is good to see him getting When you look at the backs,


you have the question of what back players will you go


for, you've got Luke Gale and George Williamson, what might


he do, do you think? That is probably the


toughest selection. George Williams has been absolutely


outstanding this year as Has he grown from what Wayne


Bennett was saying about George Williams gives


you a point of difference. He has got Wigan out


of so much trouble. He has come up with a bit of magic


and sometimes in test Now it is eight months


since Gareth Hill Four Super League teams entered this


year's competition at the weekend including Huddersfield


who took gone Swinton. Championship side Swinton Lions


travelled to the John Smith Stadium for the fifth round tie against


Huddersfield. Both teams had won just two


of their 11 league games this year and it was the Super League


favourites who opened the scoring Home fans were hoping it would be


plain sailing from there. However it was anything


but with the game full Part timers Swinton edged


ahead, first with this try from Sean Robinson


and the second from Lloyd. Momentum then swung back


in favour of the home side, a score from Sam Wood meant


there was this effort by Mackintosh, which gave the Giants


an 8-point cushion. But the cracks soon began to show


from the side just one The try from Butt from the Lions,


cutting the deficit to two points Despite only having 15


players fit the day before, Swinton stunned the crowd of just


over 1000, when they went ahead in the 51st minute


through Conor Dwyer. Huddersfield upped their game


and after a dominant spell headed back with this Oliver Roberts try


on 67 minutes. With the score 24-22,


in the Giants' favour, What followed was arguably one


of the biggest Challenge Cup A spin and a push from


Luke Waterworth, just four minutes from time gave the Lions


an astonishing victory, their first win since 1928


against Huddersfield and perhaps an indication of how far the Giants


fall from grace has been. Danny, just put into context


what an achievement They are a part-time team that has


not really been performing too well in the Championship,


but believe me, I have been in a Championship team before,


playing in the Super League cup They have gone there and thrown


everything at Huddersfield and knowing Huddersfield,


and a bit of pressure as well and they have come up with a victory


and you can see how much it They will probably live off that


for the rest of the season. And for Huddersfield, what does that


say about them at the moment? They will be embarrassed


and disappointed. They have been beaten by a part-time


team as Danny mentioned. You would like to see


that there is going to be something They have to put that behind them,


as difficult as it is going to be. They had a players meeting


like you did last year. I think it is easier when you get


into these little ruts to start feeling sorry for yourself a little


bit, but I have been in teams before that have struggled


and it is something that will turn They have too many good players,


people like Danny Brough Three years ago, they had


similar sorts of players and they finished top of the league,


four years ago, these are good players, they have to start


believing in themselves again and maybe change a few things


that they are doing on the field. It is difficult for them,


at the moment, especially after that, they will be embarrassed


and hurting from that. Maybe that is the thing they needed


to get the reaction. There were no problems for Leeds


who overcame Doncaster 17-year-old Jack Walker had a debut


to remember for the Rhinos. He scored a hat-trick of tries


as Leeds beat their elite one opposition by 61points


to 28 at Headingley. Next it is two teams who traded


places at the end of 2016. Leigh were promoted to Super League


where they replaced They were back in the same field


in the Challenge Cup on Saturday and commentary comes from Richard


Stead. Century and is looking to move the


ball left. Drinkwater. Crooks has made a mistake. He is with the 30,


towards the goal line. They will not catch him. What a start for. Alice.


Rovers extend their advantage. That is really slack defence. Good try.


Burr scores. Weston. Drinkwater. Bad pass. Crooks will find Lora Turnham.


He is then. Greenwood. Wonderful stuff from Hull


KR. Towards the goal line with Johnson. A body length shy. He looks


to his right. Will it be a dropped goal? Ellis has put it over. That


should do it. The fans are enjoying that. Ryan Shawcross dummy half.


Shaw has got pace. Just the fullback to beat. That is wonderful. They are


flying. The effort was tremendous and defence. They scrambled an


really turned up for each other. That is the spirit in the club at


the moment. To beat them here, it is a big effort. We have all been


involved in a club where we have lost three games in three years and


sometimes, you don't play great. The winning feeling is always still good


and at the moment, we are not getting that. Some soul searching to


be done, some hard work. We need to fix some individual traits and when


we start doing that as a team, hopefully it will come through. You


talked about Swinton playing Huddersfield, I am guessing that


Hull KR were up for that and how much of that will have been looking


ahead to the qualifiers and lane marker and showing what they can do?


I am pretty sure as soon as that draw came out they were looking


forward to it. I know quite a lot of players at Hull KR, a lot of Super


League quality players and they have done a great job of keeping that job


together. It was a chance for them to show there is still capable of


beating full-time teams and they did that and they were really good on


the day. They came up against Leigh had a good time. They have not


really experience losing too much over the last couple of seasons and


perhaps a bit of low confidence at the moment. It was a great game and


a great performance by Hull KR. How tough is this? They have been


winning week in and week out. How tough to find themselves on the


losing streak? It is unknown territory. They have to do a bit of


soul-searching and they will find out about themselves. Your biggest


challenge is normally when the chips are down. They will find out about


the group of players that they have. A moment of Challenge Cup history as


Salford took on the Toronto Wolfpack making their first ever appearance


in the competition. Salford will not have look forward to this? I think


if you look at the Toronto team, it is as if you're on a computer game


and picked the best attacking players and take them and then you


look at players like Craig Hall and Liam King who scored a lot of tries.


They are really going to throw a lot at you and you can see the way they


throw the ball around. It is always going to be a challenge. For me, to


beat them you have to grind it out and make it a tough encounter. If


you go set for a set like this, they will challenge most teams. How


excited are you about what Toronto are bringing to Rugby League. I


think it is great for the game. Paul Rowley was talking about players


approaching him and I do not blame them. The best thing


about when I went to Australia was living there and experience in it


and that is what it offers players, it offers them an opportunity. He


will have loved that. Obviously Salford had it tough, they went down


to ten men when Justin Carney was sent off. All do they get themselves


back together to win this? They have changed a lot as a team and they can


tough games out. You can see where they are in the table. They have a


lot of big powerful men and their forward pack has been dominating


games. I think that is why they got over the line as well as the smart


halves as well. You see people like Dobson, when you're down to 12 men,


those are the players you need, who will guide you around and keep


everything calm. The last thing you need to do is panic. Is this the


character that you want to see? Is Salford are going into the top four,


is this the game that tells you a lot about them? It is a potential


banana skin playing against someone in a position like that. For them to


grind a game out, score some points this year and show some real


attacking flair, but they really ground the game out and that will


give them a big confidence boost. Toronto were disappointed they did


not go through and do this. Yes. That is part of it. They are


confident, they sat in that league where they are beating teams by 50


or 60 every week and obviously too good to be in that division but it


was a great chance for them to showcase their talent against a team


doing well in Super League and they did that really well. We are looking


forward to a trip to Toronto at some point. Salford and Leeds are safely


through and here are the rest of the results in Round 5. An 83rd minute


dropped goal helped Dewsbury beat badly in golden point extra time.


16 teams are still standing for the sixth round draw including ten from


Super League. You can see how they come out of the hat on the BBC News


Channel or online at 6:30pm on Tuesday evening. That is just about


it for now, my thanks to Gareth and Danny Bridge oiliness, we will see


you next week, but for now, goodbye. -- Danny for now.


I've got some good news. Did you hear?


What are you talking about? What? What?


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