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Hello, we have hit the halfway mark in the first part of a Super League


season and we have hit the road! It is Salford, and dated your


turnaround for the Red Devils this year, last season they survived by


the skin of their teeth... Drop goal from the start, has O'Brien got it?


He has! In 2017, it has been so far, so good. But. Numbers here now... --


so good for Salford. What a finish! Sending it away, and he goes for a


try! It sums up the day, Salford are absolutely dominant. O'Brien goes


for a drop goal! Putting the ball between the sticks! A lovely kick


from Louis! The Red Devils are scoring! Salford in total control.


Salford play Widnes today, building up to kick-off, Todd Carney and Mark


Flanagan join us. How are you enjoying life insulted? It is good,


as we mentioned before, it is a similar feel to Canberra. It's not


an issue for me, the weather, the club is good and the boys have


welcomed me here well. An unfortunate few weeks where I have


been out with injury but hopefully I will be back sooner rather than


later. Mart, so far so good for Salford this season compared to the


last? Yes, that Million Pound Game was a kick up the backside for us,


we don't want to be in that position again. We've been unlucky with


injuries but hit good form. We are halfway and can play good rugby


towards the end of the season and I think we will be OK. Todd, what


atmosphere did you walk into, a tight-knit group of guys? Yes, it


took a while to get the deal done here but I'm speaking to the players


from various clubs before, like Dobson and Justin Carney, they said


that as the main thing about the group, it's a tight grip and when I


got here I noticed that. After a couple of months I've noticed it is


a tight group but like every club you feel there is a good group and


on the field, the boys sticking the games and are well in the Docklands.


You are a month a group of very creative players, on the pitch you


do you decide who does what? It's general advice from Dobson, we've


been lucky when we got onto the field, mixing them altogether.


Hopefully we can continue to do that, I can come off the bench and


it has been a blessing. Mark, when you started out the season it was in


the Million Pound Game, are you looking at the top four and thinking


you can be in this? Yes, on our day we can beat anybody. We are an


ambitious club and group of players. Looking at the top eight and top


four. I think without the team spirit with God, it can take as


anywhere. -- team spirit that we have got. Thank you for joining us,


Todd, we would like to see you soon back in the game.


Now, time for Castleford and Wigan. COMMENTATOR: A shift to the left


edge... Shenton spirals into the space, can he get away? Away to Luke


Gale, inside to the line come he had to get it. Quick play of the ball,


Adam Milner goes to the line! He touches down for Castleford. Jesse


Sene-Lefao... Shenton takes the ball from Greg Eden and dives into the


corner. What a start! Hardacre running into a cul-de-sac. A big one


as well. A bit of afters... The referee stopping the clock. Still


making his point to Robert Hicks here. The penalty goes the way of


Castleford. He gets ten minutes in the sin-bin, the last thing we need


is the loss of a big front rower like Frank Nuuausala. Luke Gale puts


it through nicely. Wigan are enjoying a little purple patch here.


He finds the gap in the line! And he goes through to score. We can have a


response! Sam Powell, would that be the spark?


Julian Moores comes off the bench in typical fashion, scattering the


defenders. McShane to Matt Kirk, to back then, and somehow, in the pile


of bodies, he has got the ball down! A lovely wraparound play there,


putting Shenton into space. When the ball goes loose, it is in


Castleford's way. Greg Eden takes the ball across the line, McMeekin


steps back into the field. The gap opens up in front of him, and Ryan


McMeekin strike through for Castleford! Lowing Wigan away. --


blowing Wigan away. George Williams has gone off injured, they could


have done with him. Luke Gale offering that kind of skill for


Castleford, he is nearly there, look at that! Swinging on. Robert Hicks


has no option, but to send the Frenchman into the sin-bin. In


discipline, punishing Wigan. Massey prizes his way through. Wigan are on


red alert. MacShane is chasing, a looping ball to the right hand


side... Greg Minikin touching down in the corner! Castleford working


the ball beautifully, Grant Millington passing back to Luke


Gale, and Luke Gale is sauntering through again! Through one-way


traffic... A little kick early on for MacShane, it goes back into


zero, and Paul McShane going through... To Grant Millington! It


is party time in the Jungle! Jake Webster. They cannot stop play, this


Castleford Tigers side going through the gears, McMeekin gets away to


Webster on this right side... Too strong! And barrelling over. Almost


up to 50. It has been a complete and utter demolition here. As McMeekin


strides into the space. Will Zak Hardaker getting to work -- get into


the scoresheet? Who is going to stop these Castleford Tigers? What we


were looking for, I did not expect us to get away from Wigan like that


but we have lost a smack straight. You start with a fair bit of depth,


I am delighted with how the players have gone about their work tonight.


They were superb from start to finish. We got beat last year at


Castleford, but the players, you know, no excuses from others about


the personnel. We got absolutely schools. -- we got absolutely


schools, we will show fire next week. We are joined by Denis Betts,


the Widnes Head Coach. That was an eye-catching scoreline? Yes, one


that you do not expect for two high-flying sides in a top of the


table coach but that is the kind of form that Castleford can get. If


they get you on the robes. Are you scratching your head about that?


There's no real pattern to this year? Every team on their day is


capable of beating the other, we aim for that when we start the Super


League, but Castleford, they can add some source to their performance,


they are good in the Jungle, they can do that for any team. In that


style of football that they play, if you are not ready for the field and


the day, you can go second best as they did yesterday. With you're in


and had on, losing George Williams, how big a blow is it for the England


team? Significant, his form this year has been outstanding, and


Gareth has been in sensational form on both sides of the world. Both of


them injured is a blow for the selection. We have players in the


squad, Kevin Brown contributed well, he is still in the England squad, a


big part in the early part of the year, it's an opportunity for Kevin


to go to Australia and play in the team. You come here in better


spirits than in recent weeks, how tough has this season been? When we


lost Kevin in races and we knew that it would be tough. -- in the


preseason. We lost both of our nines. We were battered around the


place with significant market players. We are in the similar place


as other clubs. If they come out of Easter a little jaded and beaten up.


I remember Brian telling me years ago when he was having a tough time


with Bradford, when you are losing it is a lonely place to be. You go


through every emotion there is in the game, how relieved where you at


the end of last week? You ride a roller-coaster with players. You


need to stand and watch and let them play as a coach. Things don't come


across on paper on the pitch. We had a roller-coaster this year, we


handled it pretty well. Internally we are really strong and a good


group. Brian, you are nodding away. Tennis is an experienced coach but


it is tough? -- Denis. You cannot quite base your whole season on the


winning and losing ratios, but sometimes the ball directors can ask


questions. As long as Denis Betts has the answers here, as you clearly


indicated, at the start of the year you build the season around


particular personnel and they are not there, it is difficult to


replace them overnight. You need to hold your nerve. White bag lets look


back at the rest of the week, Warrington looking for their sixth


successive win the other night, let's go over to our commentator.


The night dedicated to the memory of Jack Harrison, marking 100 years


since his death. A record try scorer, Andy Victoria Cross war hero


as well. -- and a Victoria Cross war hero.


That kick looked inch perfect from Marc Sneyd! A wonderful take by Jake


Connor for the first try of the game. Barely two minutes played.


Danny wash Burke -- Danny Washbrook, stepping back towards the middle


here. The Warrington defence doing their job at the moment, but again,


Danny wash Burke. -- Danny Washbrook. Mahe Fonua, with a ball


dosing effort. Managing to score. They will get some pace on here


through Ryan Atkins. Kurt Gidley waiting to deliver. Towards the


right-hand side... What a wonderful pass from Ratchford! And Matty


Russell, to score in the corner, really well executed, that


Warrington try. Redford will be reasonably content with what he sees


so far. Warrington creating resistance here. Ryan Atkins,


staying down. Clearly in some trouble here. He does not luck happy


with somebody... Have a look at that. Is that a chicken wing tackle?


Gray dangerous contact, your armies in a dangerous position. An


automatic yellow. A sin-bin for the dangerous contact. There, you can


see the leveraged of his arm, the lead has reduced Hull to ten men for


the next few minutes. Warrington have a wonderful position to work


from here. Kurt Gidley wants to get on with it again. Ashton Sims, with


a smashing effort. Three defenders in his face, Hull fans trying to


lift the spirit of their side, but it is the former Green man


-- Hull man who manages to score. Westbrook switching it towards the


middle. It's the chance for Warrington to get it back. And it is


a penalty! A penalty for the structure. The referee decides. The


ball goes down, Kurt Gidley is accused of holding back Danny


Washbrook. Marc Sneyd with the chance to cap this first half for


Hull with another two points. Giving the side a 4-point lead. 14-10.


Wonderfully poised at the start of the second half. Hull punching out


to a big 12-0 lead but Warrington have got themselves back in the


contest. Look at this from Joe Philbin! There he goes, this could


be astonishing! Joe Philbin, over the 20 metre mark and is eventually


dragged down by Jamie Shaul. What a break that was. Right at the start


of the second half. Warrington are in prime position here. If they can


score now, what a comeback that would have been! Almost picking his


way through... Just held up. Within touching distance of the Hull line,


back he comes again... He is over! The referee wants to see this again,


he thinks that it is a try, but possible obstruction is what they


are looking at, it is the man who started it, Joe Philbin, making


contact with Marc Sneyd as he goes through the line. It's not a try.


But what a start to this second period. Looking left again, plenty


to the right, Hull lining up on the left-hand side, mini cello takes it


in. -- Mark Minichiello. A little step by Marc Sneyd, going out


towards Connor... Jamie Shaul puts it down. They are celebrating and


the referee gives it. Surviving a scare at one end, and a try at the


other. Washbrook... The referee gives a penalty, given against Evans


for two much of an effort here. A decision that he was making, to get


up and play with it as quickly as he could. Marc Sneyd with a kick where,


if successful could give the side a 12 point lead, moving closer to


where they want to be. 22-10 now. Danny Washbrook going back again...


Kelly... He has got to the line! Albert Kelly, with no right to get


anywhere near. They are having another look, what a big moment this


is going to be. He thinks that it is a try. Albert Kelly, reaching...


Rashford's boot is beneath the ball. Where does it go from here? The ball


is rolling, still moving, the hand on the ball too. Brushing the


whitewash... A try is confirmed! Albert Kelly, the scorer. Needing


something here... The ball is out of the top! Ouma- Neuer with an


interception, he could go the distance here. Being chased hard,


but he has support at the very last -- Mahe Fonua. Albert Kelly scores


that try that made sure that Hull FC would be the winners here tonight.


Hull's winning ways continue! Was that arguably the best 80


minutes that Pramac have put together? Certainly with 13 men on


the pitch? Yes, the difference between the two teams at the times,


they kicked on in the second half and created a performance the Hull


fans would have wanted. By their own admission, they hadn't played that


well, doesn't bode well in the second part of the season? When


journalists and pundits get carried away with the here and now, we do it


every week. I'm a big fan of what happens towards the back end of the


season and the final third. If they can find form now and rhythm towards


the back end, that is what contenders are looking for. I think


there are a few people to go back into the mix. It's a good one for


them in relation to momentum. In terms of Warrington, they played


better in that game and played worse and one a couple in recent weeks?


And Pramac they scratched a couple of wins, tough and gritty, over the


line. -- they scratched a lot of wins. I think it really affected


them a little bit, but Hull deserve a win and Warrington Wolves cut that


performance in defeat and go, we are OK as well. Two games to catch up


on, including Leigh against St Helens.


Early-season optimism disappeared for Leigh after six straight defeats


in all competitions. Glenn Stewart setup Jamie Acton as Leigh


registered their first try on Friday, as good as it got for the


Centurions on the night... Mark Percival crossed for St Helens, and


their first score of the match, the centre signing off before joining


England in Sydney. Then, the try of the night as the home side went half


the length of the field to take the lead, Tommy may consume and Mark


Percival combining, sending their player over for their third try of


the season. St Helens leading 12-6 at half-time. Three more tries came


in the second half, making a comfortable looking win for St


Helens. Before charging over on the side. There was another moment to


remember for Regan Grace, Fages the provider down the left-hand side at


the time, as the young winger got his third try in four matches. Alex


Walmsley run it off for the Saints, as they got their second win under


their interim coaching team. For Leigh, a second consecutive defeat.


Catalan in good position. Looking to soften up Wakefield here... Right


before the sticks... My lead takes it to the line, bumping up a tackle.


-- Myler. Catalan in front. It has been a first half where Wakefield


have really struggled to set any platform. Jacob Miller trying to get


one here. Into the corner... Mason came Brown and somehow, from


somewhere, Wakefield have got the try. Mason Catton Brown... Wakefield


are in a strong position. Hadley at dummy half, directing traffic. Rees


-- another spectacular finish! Keegan Hirst, backing in. He has had


some punch off the bench for Wakefield since coming on... A


looping pass over to Caton-Brown, steaming it into the corner. What a


fine try! Catalan had their lead wiped out here. They are in a decent


position, Paul Ayton... Could there be a goal-line sneak? Myler... And


into the corner! A strong finish there from Yaha. Wakefield are


leading by only two points, they turned the game around, and onto its


head. Miller to Greg Studer. Caton-Brown with a hat-trick! What a


finish. Catalan... Greg Bird is back in the side. A bruising challenge on


him there from David Fifita. Jones-Bishop has the pace to go! Can


he streak away with the ball? Nobody is going to catch him... Ben


Jones-Bishop might have sealed this one for Wakefield.


Great QB wins this, for sure! On his 300th appearance, Wakefield are


informed. We got the reward at the end of the game but obviously, we


got two yellow cards which is frustrating. I think that the school


board does not reflect the game. We ground out a really good win today.


The first double of the season. I was pleased with every player on the


field today, a strong defensive performance, scratchy at times but


we got nice tries. If we got a decent kick, it might have been 40


points. I'm delighted to say that we've been joined by the Salford


head coach, what about this last hour and a half before a game, what


is that like for you? As a player you are more nervous, in


the changing rooms, you can Chatbot focus on your job. In the first five


minutes of the game, -- you can have a chat and focus on your job. As


coach you need to make sure they are prepared but this is a nervous time!


Do you look at the players, you know them so well individually and make


sure that they are all right, can you see they are ready to go? You


have to observe them over time and in the last year, getting to know


the players and body language in the changing rooms, you get a lot of


different characters. From the Sirius guys to ones who want a joke.


It is about respecting space, really. I use setting the top four


as a target or are you trying to focus on each game? Game by game,


but we had to focus and set high expectations for ourselves. We've


put ourselves in a great situation. You give yourself a big tick and a


pat on the back. Now we want to see if we can nail the top four spot. As


you get ready to prepare for the game today, we will continue a look


on the rest of the weekend's action. Huddersfield at Leeds, it's time to


go over to our commentator. COMMENTATOR: A sad day today, after


the death of the wife of the chairman, Jennifer Davie. It hardly


matters in context but defeat is hardly the backdrop for a game like


this for Huddersfield, how are they going to respond? Jones hits the


line hard, taking them on another stride or two. Support to the


left-hand side... As easy as that! Huddersfield had possession but


Leeds had the first try of the night. Matt personnel, very easily.


-- Matt Parcell. Was there a Leeds hand on that? Yes, it is free play,


what a way of taking advantage! Mamo. On-site, offside, that is what


they are looking at. It is very tight. The fact that they have got


this far, suggesting they are OK with it. Mamo's got the response for


Huddersfield tonight. And the first response. Matt Parcell with two more


wrapping themselves around him. A kick out of the dummy half, this


could be 40-20... What a kick! Gareth Southgate, the England


football coach, looking on. He would have enjoyed that at work, but what


comes next for Huddersfield? Headingley is nearly silent at the


moment. A big surge forward, the Leeds defence holding out for the


moment. Leading again from dummy half, he is over to score. Getting


that try that Leeds will not exactly be proud to concede. Huddersfield,


they have got the lead. It has been a strange path for rugby league so


far. A long way from satisfying from the Leeds point of view. Some


magical footwork year! And support from the young full-back. It finds


its way into the hands of Joel Moon. How did that happen? Same from you,


go away! The referee is taking charge here... Making sure that


there isn't a knock-on here. And off-loaded by Walker. Darnell


McIntosh getting his hand into it, into the hands of Joel Moon. As long


as he does not knocked it back into Macintosh, that is OK... Looking


fine, Joel Moon by the side of the sticks... It's a trifle Leeds! They


will be back in a moment -- it is a tried, for Leeds! Galloway...


Heating the line hard. Huddersfield hanging on at the


moment. Support here... And Danny McGuire is over to score! Again, we


are going to have to defer to the video referee. Danny McGuire thinks


that it is a try on the field but he is looking for obstruction. All


OK... Is the Leeds player in the face of the Huddersfield man? Is it


enough to be called as an obstruction? It is given as an


obstruction, it is going to be controversial... O'Brien in his


second game here... Against the Swinton line in the cup last week. A


look around... A grubber kick in... He hurts himself in attempting to


score, it is a big moment if he has scored. He is OK, and even better if


it is given. Does he get it down? He does, and it will be given.


Huddersfield are back in the lead again, against all of the odds.


Denny the ball rolls out of play... No,


not quite, Walker has two player at. What a return from Jack Walker! The


17-year-old full-back, letting up nicely on this occasion in his first


Super League appearance tonight. Dropped, the youngster did well.


Darnell McIntosh is over for another Huddersfield try! One hour played,


they manage to get the lead! What a turnaround tonight. Leading down the


blindside, back towards the middle. Mellor... Held up, 12 away.


Huddersfield, back to Denny breath. One point meaning that Leeds had to


score three times to win the game. -- Dani wrote to. Does Roberts get


it over the line? The referee, again, is going to the screen. --


Danny Brough. This is a big moment. Oliver Roberts... Trying to force


his team-mate over the line, Jake Mamo, does he touch it down? The


referee says tried. Is there still a hand on the ball? Are they going to


give this? They are anxious and nervous, but they don't need to be.


Huddersfield with a try and surely now the victory? Nobody could have


predicted that. STUDIO: All of the players dedicating their life to


Jennifer Davie, who suddenly lost her life last week, our thoughts to


her and the family, does that galvanise a side? They played an


emotion? They found a sentiment and focus, they went close, there is


always good to be a performance. When you have extra intention and


extra dynamic in the game, his kicking was superb. They got better


and to be fair, Leeds were not at their best but that is not taking


away from Huddersfield, there were years -- some young blokes. And get


that best performance. They need to build on that? I think what they


want to do is the emotional reason that they rocked up on the Friday


night, they need to replicate that for themselves weakly. He galvanised


and energised in relation to wherever they play. Ian is the


executive at Salford, you've worked your socks off to get the fans in,


how is it going and what do you make of the reaction that you are getting


from the public here? We started that season well, Wigan and


Castleford but the fans with them. Disappointed with the sales up until


now, we hope that the sun shines and people come in on their feet but it


has been slow ticket sales, that's why we've been on social media.


Unlike you, you are a positive person. I was voicing


disappointment, it was whether people took it as negative, it's up


to them. I'm not a politician, I will tell you what it is. It was


more of a rallying cry, get behind the team, we are challenging for a


top three, Salford need to get behind their team. Is it a unique


challenge getting people to come here? I don't know, we need to wake


up to the fact that they are a top team, that's the difference, while


they have struggled and the bottom end of the table and got to the


higher echelons, they are there, you've seen the rugby league team,


the brand of football is very good, and entertaining. I can understand


Ian's frustration. But persevere, who knows what will happen? It is


difficult, it is a business, if you can't get the fans coming in, is


there a point where you go, we can't make it work? Look at all options


and look further afield to see what we can bring in corporately


business-wise, we have Robbie Hunter-Paul in the back office for


us, we want to be a Seba Super League club, I want to be in the top


four and not in the bottom. That's in the corporate world as well as


for the fans. There's so much people can be doing, we are a stone's throw


from the Trafford Centre? There is a big city next door to Salford, you


cannot mix the two up, there is a whole new audience. We are in the


middle of heartlands here. Manchester needs to play their part.


It's the Salford identity and Salford club, the sort of people


need to support it. I remember when there will be 8000, 9000, 10,000.


Well done with what you achieved this season. Now, it is time for


Salford against Widnes. Com Tait an arm wrestle in these opening 20


minutes. I think Denis Betts would be pleased with Widnes carrying on


where they left against St Helens. Salford have come close on a couple


of occasions. Going to the right again with Dobson... He is going to


score, Murdoch-Masila! You cannot stop him from there. A man mountain,


with a terrific try. Robert Lui again... And Big Ben, unstoppable,


it seems, this afternoon. Dobson! Wonderful from Greg Johnson. We have


seen some great tries this season from the wingers, that one is right


up there. Big 40 minutes head for Widnes, if they get off the bottom


of the Super League table. For the first time this season. Gilmour


combines. A lovely sidestep from Gilmour, with room here. Patrick Ah


Van with a great off-load. A deserved try and Tom Gilmore with


the score, you felt that they had to get that first try of the second


half, and they have. Salford are exposing this right-hand side. A lot


of their players come down here. Stopping just short. Murdoch-Masila,


switching play. A lovely kick from Robert Lui. Salford score! Right of


the training ground, and Widnes didn't see it coming. With a crucial


try. Steven Marsh, does he have the legs? A good tackle. Widnes have men


out wide, if they can stretch the ball with Gilmour. Patrick Ah Van


has got the strength and he has got the power. He has got the try. A ten


point ball game, Widnes very much in it. Dobson alluding a tackle. Doing


well, a couple of yards from the try line. Patients running out... It's a


penalty... Some will not miss from here. Stretching the advantage to


ten points. Salford closing in with a little over ten minutes to go.


Tomkins. Dobson again. Ball in hand... Looking really get this


afternoon. Josh Jones not far away again. Dan Bibby. Back to the wall


for the Vikings here. Dobson and Robert Lui combining, and its


Murdoch-Masila who gets a second for Big Ben! One of the standout stars


for the Super League this season. Unstoppable! Some icing on the cake


here for Salford... 26-10 they are leading. It's another tough day at


the office for Widnes. Jones with an off-load for Dan Bibby! That is


going to do it. It's another dominant Salford performance. Six


wins out of seven, Widnes stay bottom of the table. -- Jake Bibby.


How tough was that today? We lost a few men but we stuck together well.


Widnes had a good win last week by getting this point is massive for


us. Happy with those results, we lost a few more today but we keep


working hard. The trip to Catalans was a turnaround, we had some


injuries but we showed she drank and depth. Some boys coming in, I've not


played much myself but it was good to get a win -- we showed strength


and depth. How pleased were you with where he took his opportunities


today? He is really good, the squad that we spoke to him about, you bide


your time and take your opportunity. He has done that, my other boards,


it is difficult, he had a really good season -- Niall Evalds. We have


plenty of desire and attitude, we looked beaten up at the moment


because that is what losing does to you, taking away your confidence and


putting you in a bad place. It takes something special, but what was more


disappointing than anything else is that we had a gutsy effort against


St Helens last week. A lot of work went into getting that for the


players. We had a couple of days off, but we just didn't turn up with


it today. You've got to turn up and want to win. Brian, what did you


make of the game and the quality of it? A team down on their luck and


performances in relation to confidence. Widnes, Salford managed


to inject themselves, physically getting on top of the opposition.


Smart players at the right time getting them over the line, they


were looking strong here. I think that the scoreline flattered them a


little. They got good players and a gamebreaker is probably Widnes at


the wrong time, with a bounce on the ball. Ian spoke beforehand about the


depth of the squad, and that this was an important game to show that.


What do you make of the players coming in and those youngsters that


they had? I got the impression they did not look out of sorts when the


players were on the field, they were at no disadvantage, they will be


thank for getting those players back, that is the challenge of any


squad in the Super League. Make those changes seamless, we spoke on


the Super League show about it, they will go through a run of injuries


and it's about how you cope. It looked seamless. At the end of a


round of 12, how do they all stand in the Super League table?


Castleford stay top, the Tigers are now one point clear of Hull moving


into second. St Helens are up to seventh. We will be back in the


studio next week, where hopefully it will be a little less windy, if


nothing else. But from Brian and from me for now, it's goodbye!


You are not a fun person to share a trishaw with.


You are not a fun person to share a trishaw with.


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