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Hello, we are going round the world and round the corner this week,


as we kick off an eventful month in rugby league.


A busy few weeks ahead, but Luke Robinson and John Kear


have made time for a look at Super League and beyond.


The World Cup is now less than six months away,


and England's preparations continued at the weekend


with a trip to Sydney, where they faced Samoa.


The best moments from that match first,


Still an opportunity, Graham back towards the bus. They probably have


done with more and they get more. Floating it over the top to Ryan


Hall, who does not need much instruction to find his way to the


try-line. That is an easy one. Especially second of his test


career. -- his 32nd. Now Hodgson. Ratchford! This is a big moment for


Stefan Ratchford. Scores are trying with the England jumper, proudly


worn. Stefan Ratchford goes over. Wigan born, over 200 top grade games


and here is a try for England. It is a slow play. They are trying the


power play. I think he has scored. I think Leilua has scored here. Now


O'Loughlin off-loading, to Hodgson, Gloucester Brown. What a pass! --


across to Brown. Cover for Samoa but Hodgson has scored. The referee, I


think, took nothing from the play. England had their third try. They


looked anxious, they have lost shape. They are all trying their


hearts out. McGuire. He scores! The ball comes for Brownite. Kept


going for Whitehead. Scrambling defence.


England clearing the wreckage. Foreword to James Graham. They are


going to say it is a try for James Graham. They have thrown it to


Graham, to basically all over the try-line. Looking a little


dispirited, the Samoans, headstone. -- heads down. Brown will kick. That


has found McGillvary! He does know how to score I just like the first


try of the night went to the left-wing, the last drive goes to


the right wing. And McGillvary scorers and now, the icing is


definitely on the cake. John, England expected a tough


test, and they got it. How much confidence will


they take from that match? That was a really good Samoan team,


packed full of NRL stars. But I thought England


handled all the adversity of the logistics of the travel,


meeting up as a group, And to come away with a 30-10 win,


I'm sure they will all be very satisfied and feel as if they have


taken a very important step And how much do you think they


needed that after the Four Nations Yeah, I think, obviously


confidence wasn't great after the Four Nations,


but I'm with John, you know, to go all that way and deal


with things like the travel and going down there


just for one week only, it is a difficult task in itself,


and going against a really But for me, all the victory,


the manner in which we performed, and we played, it wasn't


up your jumper stuff, you know, of a Super League brand,


we played a little bit of second phase rugby,


you know, a little bit of offload and pop up as middlemen,


I just thought we played a really And is that something that's changed


from the Four Nations? Do you think Wayne Bennett has


taken a look and thought, I need to let these players do


what they do week in, That may well be the case,


but if you don't let James Graham do that,


you take things away from him, so what you need to do is just play


to play his strengths. And I think it is pretty obvious


that they did that, and also, people like Kevin Brown


and Stefan Ratchford, who were not in the original squad


travelling over there, they have really put their hand up,


and I'm certain they have given Wayne Bennett a problem or two


with his selections. And does it also show how important


Sean O'Loughlin could be? He was missing for the Four Nations,


he is such a key player, isn't he? I think, to the layman,


a lot of times, they don't see What he does for the


players around him. It's not the things he does


with the ball, he's always been able He's sort of faced ball


to the winger, when he created that first try, it's the things


he does off... The things he does off


the field and on the field, it's the little things,


the winning the ruck, the talk, the leadership, I think,


for us to be competitive at the end of the year, we need


Sean O'Loughlin. You talked about Ratchford


in particular, who was obviously called up as a halfback,


because we lost Widdop, ends up at fullback,


might he have played himself into that World Cup


squad as the fullback? And obviously, they might well have


solved, in a strange way, the problem position in the centres,


with Zak Hardaker All these different conundrums,


the problems, they have been well solved by the coaching staff


and well solved by the players So I think it is a pretty


exciting time for England, and should they remain mainly injury


free for the rest of the season, to take the selected squad


down there, and certain Do you think the players,


despite being fatigued and all the rest of it,


we'll come back better In my time, in 2010, I was carrying


a shoulder injury myself. But Nathan Brown encouraged me


to go with England. He said, the confidence you come


back with, the experience, it makes you a better player,


and fingers crossed those players, especially Jermaine McGillvary,


will come back a better And don't forget, you can follow


the World Cup right here on the BBC. Get your diary out now,


because we've got live coverage It starts with the match


against Australia Well, back home in Super League,


Warrington faced St Helens. Ironically, this has been


a good fixture for Saints, who have won 45 of the previous 59


Super League meetings. Well, Dave Woods has seen most of


those and was there again on Friday. It is a lovely sunny evening at the


HJ Stadium. But who will have the smiles at full-time? It is causing


problems will stop Kyle Amor gets it back, what a start for St Helens.


Getting the ball straightaway and the chance to put pressure on


Russell. He has knocked it down. Regan Grace hazard. The start of the


tackle count again. Real pressure on Warrington in these opening stages.


Thompson. Here is Tommy Lee. 12 away. Kyle Amor just to his wife,


wider still to Smith and then Fages. Here comes Makinson, gets the ball


away, Adam Smith in the corner. 31 seconds played, and St Helens have


their opening try. What a start for them! John McGinn missing tonight


because of a hamstring injury he picked up in the warm up, we are


told. Dutchman John Wilkin. It is Kyle Amor. -- John Wilkin. A penalty


for St Helens here. Gidley clearly stepping to the left-hand side


before he showed survey charts and part of the sticks for Tommy


Makinson to add another two. And St Helens lead by 8-0, solid stuff.


Roby collect, here is Matty Smith. A little step, back on the inside by


Makinson. Swarmed all over, Mike Cooper making sure the tackle is


completed. Fages. Clawing at the defender, getting the pass away.


Morgan with a step back inside. And Ryan Morgan in another St Helens


try. They are looking impressive. Excellent position, but what can


they make of it? Crosby pushed back. Good leg drive from him. Really


testing that St Helens line. Smith at dummy half. I double punt and


over goes Benjamin Jullien. Warrington finally on the board. The


Frenchman strikes. Smith glances to his left as he


tries to get his side moving again. St Helens' defence is being tested.


Here come the big fellas. Mike Cooper with an arcing run. It is his


first try back as a Warrington player. And Warrington right back in


the contest now, what a response. Scully and just get on with things.


Hammered in again. This time Morgan knows. St Helens eking out some


advantage. That has gone down from Fages. It is picked up by Harvey


Livett. Off he goes! And Warrington will have the lead for the first


time tonight. Having trailed at one stage by 14-0.


Back inside for the push of Benny Westwood. Morgan Smith going to the


right-hand side. Harvey Livett with a short pass. Rhys Evans comes


crashing onto it. They have not only turned it around, they are beginning


to look very good now, granted. They have been building a big lead. --


very good now, Warrington. Kyle Amor. Pushing him hard. Missing


Walmsley tonight, St Helens, and Percival. The two big misses. But


looking to put it wide here. That has gone to ground from Makinson.


Another St Helens mistake. And Lineham will dive underneath the


sticks. Celebrations all round. But they are on hold temporarily. He


wants to look again. He has not decided whether he thinks it is a


try or not. It is going to be up to the video referee. I do not think


there was a hand there. Lineham takes advantage. He prospers,


Warrington prosper, and other try, the leader gets bigger. -- the lead.


Gidley dashing in, but he is ushered away because the winger what's ago.


A very good pass away to Rhys Evans. Terrific pace down the right-hand


side. Evans takes it. Back comes the cover of Roby. They have got numbers


on this left-hand side. Sims just needs a pass and gets one. And Ryan


Atkins with career try 199. And Warrington are flying now.


It is Fages. Looking back to where they came from here, quick out of


dummy half, it is taken. Over the line by Temay. Peyroux involved


again. -- over the line by Taia. Barely a flicker of celebration.


McGuire. Sturdy effort again by George King, who is held up, they


are waiting on the sidelines to celebrate this victory, just a


matter of seconds to go. But not before Ryan Atkins claims tried 200


in his career. Warrington up to the 40 mark. What a night of


celebration, what a turnaround in a game that seemed to be running away


from them. Warrington win again. Look, Warrington 14-0 down, what did


they do? They did not start the game particularly well. The introduction


of Crosby, I think Warrington's bench lifted them.


You know, it could have been said that Saint Helens made errors


but I think they were forced errors, forced by the willingness


of the Warrington side to get up in their face and pressure them.


I just think the cornerstone for their victory this week I think


was the defence and it's something they'll definitely work


That the errors that were coming from Saints were not


necessarily of their making, so to speak?


There were one or two sloppy ones, such as that one, but certainly that


try was one through a very aggressive Warrington defence


and cutting down the space and time in which they've got


to execute their skills, and there's another example again


where a defender was on him almost as soon as he got the ball


and it wasn't the best pass today throughout,


There's two tries, really, defensive wins that have


He made a couple of errors in that first half but he came


through all of that to really deliver a stirring


through all of that to really deliver a starring


Yes, I think he showed great character and probably a bit


of wisdom beyond his years, really, because it's very


easy as a young kid, when you make a mistake to dwell


I just liked his composure throughout the games.


I just liked his composure throughout the game.


His kicking selection out of hand was great and striking the ball


I think he only missed one on the night.


So, yes, I just think he's a star of the future.


I'm not sure where his position is because, you know,


speaking to Tony Smith after the game, he's played


in multiple positions throughout his young career and he's


A turning point for Warrington, this, do you think?


I think they've been turning for the last month,


They've scraped some victories by hook or by crook.


That was a great performance as well as a good victory


so you fully expect them now to kick on.


I think they played that night how we've been expecting Warrington


And for Saint Helens, we now know that Justin Holbrook is their coach.


I have to confess, I had to look him up.


I didn't know a huge amount about him!


They will need to impress him, won't they?


They'll need to change things when he comes in.


Each player's going to want to impress him,


and when a new coach comes in here, you're vying for your spot,


you want to show him what you are capable of,


and I think from what I can gather as well, he likes to play


He's an attacking man, the coach, which Saint Helens


The public not only expect to win games and be challenging


for trophies, but they expect a certain brand of rugby, so,


you know, fingers crossed for the league that he can bring


Well, Warrington take on their local rivals Widnes


The Vikings warmed up for that with a visit from Hull FC


and they got off to a flying start, didn't they, Luke?


And I really love the way that the Widnes forwards, you know,


a bit of interplay from them to get on an edge here, and they must


have seen something in the video during the week.


When you do the analysis, you preview the games and they seem


to pick out Hull's right edge and Widnes' left, and a lot


of success out here, but on this field, as you can see,


On this pitch everyone looks a bit quicker.


And they were playing with a real energy in this


I think Denis Betts will have taken great heart from that.


That first 40 minutes and some of the attacking play,


And you just feel they're getting players back, they're improving


Denis Betts just wanted 80 minutes of performance at some stage.


How crucial for Hull to come back with this try right


At Widnes they're just used to losing.


And for Hull, when you nab these little victories,


Again, you gain confidence with these victories,


especially when you're down and out and nobody gives you a chance.


So that'll do Hull's confidence the world of good.


That swing round about half time was absolutely crucial.


If they had gone in 22-0 instead of 22-4, then it will have


They did score some really, really good tries.


Shaw looking dangerous on this fast pitch.


But I particularly enjoyed this try that's coming up.


He can do anything when he decides to do it and he's decided here.


And I tell you, his shadow can't keep up with him!


And one worthy of bringing home the bacon and the victory.


But for Widnes, they did just fall off, didn't they, energy-wise?


How worrying is that, that they can't find that energy


Well, like you say, it becomes more a habit,


They're in that little bit of a losing habit at the moment.


Them close victories just don't seem to be able to seal off


I suppose you've just got to go back to the drawing board and show


the type of rugby they played in the first 20 minutes and say,


if we can replicate this, for a full 80 minutes,


And for Hull, though, it's a really good comeback, isn't it?


You wouldn't want to have to do it every week but it shows


You sense Hull are growing as a team and as a club,


and they really are going to be challengers, not only


for the Challenge Cup, which they already own,


So, Hull are flying high with a number of home-grown players


on the field but the supply of talent in the area is now


so low that the city's two professional clubs have


The City of Hull Academy is now in its second year and we've been


You know, the numbers in rugby league are dropping, unfortunately.


I don't think there's the quality in Hull to sustain two


You know, there isn't the huge quality that people are led


So we need to pick the best players to come and play for this academy.


First aim was to support the talent pool in the area and help grow that


under one agenda and one philosophy through the academy.


Increase investment to the academy whilst at the same time helping


support both professional clubs and their investment as well,


get a better return of investment, so as one academy, we can boast


10-12 full-time staff, whereas previously you were looking


I think having one academy together means the standard


The training becomes more intense and there's a bit more at stake.


You know, previously if a player was released by one club they had


the opportunity to sort of put themselves in the shop window


I think from this, it raises the bar.


A little bit of opposition at the start to obviously two


From our point of view it's been business first and we've got


For lads down here, as long as we're playing


in a shirt to represent Hull, I don't think, well,


me personally, I'm not bothered which shirt I'm wearing.


It would be a dream to come and play Super League and any


Our ultimate aim is to get as many players playing for Hull FC


and Hull KA in the future, and I think that's


Talent transfer is a real key area for us, looking at kids that don't


And that have skill sets that might suit, so maybe footballers leaving


certain clubs or I was working with a young basketball


player last night who, you know, very athletic,


and there's things in there that he can help transfer


In an ideal world, in ten years' time, I'd like to think both Hull FC


and Hull KA will be at the top of Super League with lots


And the England team will be filled with players from this area as well.


Obviously that's something we would strive to do.


We might be the first but I don't think we'll be the last


I'm hearing there's a few clubs that are having talks


about it and there's definitely interest there.


I think others are pushing it really hard as well, so in the main,


You're never going to please everybody in any walk of life in any


job, so there's always going to be people out there who are opposed.


I think the vast majority now are well behind us.


I find it quite staggering, really, that Hull are having to merge sides.


Whenever you go there with my local amateur team,


whether it is the elite, the pro, the adult team


or the junior, there's always loads of Hull teams in and around


are really good sides, so I find it really


staggering that there's not enough to create two teams,


but I suppose from their perspective, they thinking


that by merging one, they're creating an elite team.


Do you think this is the answer or do we go back to the whole


I think you've got to look at player pathways all the way through,


and I get the idea of making it harder to in there.


First of all, you've got to have participation.


We aren't a big enough game to start shoving people out at early ages.


And I believe as well, it's not just academy level,


I believe that there should be reserve teams at every


And that would create pathways for late developers to come through.


We've got a lad at Wakefield, James Batchelor, and if they had


Because he came through the category C academy, which was college


playing on a Wednesday afternoon, and there must be pathways


for a whole range of players to come through.


And you come from different directions.


Some come through the traditional way,


We've got to have you running the game one day, haven't we, John?


Now, Leeds spent most of last year in the bottom four but the Rhinos


have been in the top four for most of this season, and they were


looking to maintain that position by winning in Catalan on Saturday.


The commentator for this one is Tim Steer.


Rhinos on the early attack with Rob Burrow.


Ash Handley, who has done really well.


Danny McGuire with the high, high kick, and it was


They go in front in the South of France.


But the referee, Jack Smith, he's wanting to check this one


Up to Robert Hicks now to make the decision.


Quick feet to get away from the last two defenders.


First points of the game confirmed for Catalan.


Can the French side go in front here?


But again, it's going upstairs to the video referee.


Jack Smith does think it's a try but once again,


I think this time on Stevie Ward there.


Robert Hicks says try and Catalan go in front.


So Catalan really ramping it up here with the lead,


trying to go further in front, and they have done!


Again, another lovely flat pass to send them


So, a restart ten metres out for Leeds.


A bit of juggling there from Stevie Ward, and he has got his way over!


Right at the death, he stumbles over...


The Rhinos have the score to send those fans smiling.


He's spotted a gap there and shows quick feet.


Now, the Rhinos trying to speed things up in the wok and see


Now, the Rhinos trying to speed things up in the ruck and see


Showing the speed of a full-back there!


There's a little bit of afters between the two teams.


And again, they are going quickly from acting half-back


The Rhinos have wrapped up just inside Catalan's half.


They've got a lot of work to do on this last tackle


if they are to get some points from it.


Shifting the play over towards their opponent.


Hanley has Moon on the inside and he has borrow in support,


and Burrow is heading for the corner!


Last tackle drive from the Leeds Rhinos to level the scores!


Such a tight game between these two teams.


He's trying to go over for his second of the game


but he's being held back by, what, four, five Leeds defenders


They've been holding on too long and it's a penalty.


They thought they'd done enough, the Rhinos defence.


The kick comes from Toni Gigot. All tied up again.


Building. The ball has gone to ground. A fresh threat now from


Leeds. Danny McGuire. It's still McGuire! Rolling back the years,


Danny McGuire. Looking for celebrations from the Leeds Rhinos


players. It has been a fantastic second-half performance from them.


Danny McGuire, doing what he does. How important is he to Leeds and how


do you think he has developed in the last couple of years? He is


fantastic. The amount of times he has done that to me in my career,


from under 16 is all the way up to professionals. I think he has


developed and evolved in his game. He has been very clever. Just his


pure acceleration, speed, to be very controlled, he galvanises the side


around the field. He is pivotal to what we'd do well. He organises and


kicks the ball well. I think he has been great. -- to what Leeds do


well. Talking about the referee after as you said every week we are


having conversations about how we do not get 50-50s, tonight we did not


even get 6040s. They need to get over it. Rummy, they are playing the


victims too often, the Catalans, and it is always somebody else's fall.


Forget the referee, look after how well you play, look after the


ability they have got. I think that would be my advice. I do think they


play the victim is too much. You have to go back 20 years to find


the last time that Salford won in Wigan. The red Devils were trying


again on Friday. Salford boss Mike Reckitt against


Wigan is not good but this is in the red Devils have shown they are


capable of mixing it with the big guns and they got off to the best


possible start. Scoring after just four minutes. The goal was not


added, but Salford were dominating against a weakened side losing 14


first-team regulars. Evans found a gap and with this conversion they


were 10-0 up after 20 minutes. And after more pressure, this converted


try meant they had a 16-0 lead at half-time. Wigan needed to score


first in the second half but Dobson's kick saw Evans get his


brace and a mountain for Wigan to climb is getting steeper. Less than


five Bellars letter Salford were in it again. Dobson and Salford 28-0.


Wigan picked up by injuries and again but still did not give up and


an unlikely fightback started. Tom Davies finally got their first


points 30 minute into the second half. Josh Woods Mr Gill but Wigan


were on the scoresheet. The home side continued to rally and Ryan


Sutton capitalised by crushing him near the posts. The third try in ten


minutes really started to make things interesting. Scott on his


first appearance in nine games. The gap was 12 point with eight minutes


to go. But Salford were doing all they could to get Wigan back.


O'Brien was there for a drop goal. With a late challenge coming in on


O'Brien, Salford were awarded a penalty. O'Brien made no mistake


with that either to give the Red Devils their first win at Wigan in


20 years and only their sixth in 41 Super League meetings.


Much will be made of how many players were missing for Wigan, and


there were a lot, but for a few missing for Salford as well. How big


is that for Salford? It says to them that they can play against the likes


of Wigan and get a result. I think they played really exciting sort of


off-the-cuff rugby. It is really pleasing on the eye. They really


started to challenge. Showing that they are contenders. For Wigan,


taking a huge amount of heart in that very young team coming back in


the second half. Looking at the squad numbers, it was ridiculous.


They have got a great production line and some of those youngsters


will grow from that. This adversity will be hurting at the minute but in


the fullness of time they will be better for it. They have some very


good young players. Next, it is Leigh who have not won anywhere


since the middle of March. How do you prepare per game against a team


on a run like that. They were desperate to win. As we felt we had


to stay strong and oral decanter that. And my work, did. The


halfbacks are playing really well at the minute. They are creating


chances. You have the old warhorse, Danny coming in with a bit of ago, I


think it was 90 metres told me he went. But we knew we would have to


counter them. It didn't help when we conceded tries, but this is a


defensive run that we spoke about before we came up, we put pressure


on the execution. Did 90 metres in about ten seconds. We will let him


keep doing that and we will time him! But this is our challenge...


What was the technical review on this one? It was very technical. We


will drop the ball and then we will do the Chuckle Brothers. To me, to


you, then to me again! Such a soft try, it really did help Leigh back


into the game. We were happy as well with that online defence, then we


knew we were in for a tough game. But we also knew that Leigh can play


a bit and there was a good drive from the Wainman who I thought had a


pretty good game that time. Good kick there from Hampshire. Over he


goes. Then Leigh all of a sudden, you felt they were starting to


believe and they would turn up 20 points deficit around and come away,


especially when it is Danny banging the bucket. But the composure of our


players and the self belief really pleased about that. Is that


something you have concentrated on this year? They have grown as a


team, they really believe they are a good team. When use of the execution


from John Randall, you can see why. The work defending, this was a


pivotal moment. I'm sure looking back at this, then Jones was looking


to tap the ball quickly and he didn't step into his line and the


referee has got no alternative but to sit him on the sideline. --


Tickle. Some good football again but it was when this fellow gets in, he


is not bad either. He can run a little bit! The last tackle play, a


bit of pressure but he follows that. Danny goes over at the very end for


a good victory, but it was a surreal game. 20 points applicable to be


paid back and then to close it out. So it is pleasing but we can learn a


lot from that. I think Leigh will feel they have been struggling to


score points but they certainly scored. Our final game takes us to


Huddersfield, looking to record back-to-back wins for the first time


this season. Opponents were Castleford.


In night when the memory of Jennifer Davie very much at the forefront of


Huddersfield supporters and the rugby league family at large.


Castleford looking to try and find a way through this Huddersfield


defence. Milner up at dummy half. Millington. Sending it backwards.


Chasing the ball to the left-hand side. A gap created for Joel


Monaghan to finish. Castleford with the opening score of the night.


Danny Brough. Oliver Roberts pushed another yard close. Indecent


position here. Danny Brough with a pass, the off-load, keeps it alive.


He is Murphy tracking back towards the centre. Great from the fullback.


Sam Wood. Brough. Angled run again. Brough with a pass. It is a second!


I think that is five in his last four matches. He is prolific at the


moment. Milner. A loose pass, they have lost a bit of ground, about 15


yards. Castleford having to start again. McShane. That is a good,


strong driving run but it has been left behind. The referee says play


on. They have got it back again. Smuggled one way or another but


Castleford are happy and they are still attacking. This is Milliken to


finish. All kinds of shenanigans in the build-up but it is a clean


finish in the end. O'Brien. It is going to be very close.


O'Brien again. A short pass, really testing the Castleford line. But


their resolve is holding out at the moment. Brough with a kick. A


hat-trick! What a star he is turning out to be. Now he is fully fit,


three tries in the first half. An Australian gem.


McShane. Matt Cook to his right with a lot of bustle and energy again.


Tom Holmes at dummy half. The personal stretched tonight with the


absentees. Monaghan has taken it superbly and gets it back inside. He


owes a huge debt of gratitude to Joel Monaghan with that prodigious


leap. Short pass. Covered it again. Castleford holing up for the moment.


Back to Brough, who is going for the one point. Could be massive in the


context of the game. He edges his side ahead. Milner. 11 minutes left


to play. Can Castleford get one point to tie things up? They are


going for the kill. It is a penalty. Roberts hanging on, no doubt from


the coach. Too much of a struggle for him to get up to play it.


McShane with a big kick. He has put it over and it is Castleford who


have that 1-point lead. You feel there are twists and turns to come.


Huddersfield still inside their own half but bustling forward. Suddenly


galloping away. Castleford desperately trying to get back to


respond. The referee says that Jake Webster stole that after the tackle


was finished. And he has been given a yellow card. What a big moment


this is. It looked as though he was stealing it and he had to make the


tackle. But a yellow card and a penalty against him, that is highly


controversial. He cannot believe it. But it has given Danny Brough an


opportunity to give his side the 1-point lead again. 21-20, this is


turning into quite a night for the Giants. Millington. Danny Brough


came in there, low and legs and the Castleford player is clearly


unhappy, Millington clearly unhappy. The referee trying to sort things


out here. You can see Millington is prowling around the back, he still


wants to get in there. Being protected by one of his big men. You


can see him, he has angled his shoulder at the knees with the


players standing up. Dangerous contact. Ten minutes, that is


massive now. Milner trying to get over the line


itself but he can't. Castleford desperate to snatch victory from


this perilous position. They are going to look wide. Though no --


they don't need to look too wide! They go over for what might just be


a matchwinner! It's certainly being greeted like that by Castleford


players and fans alike. They might just have snatched it. Still


clinging onto desperate hope here, Huddersfield. He keeps it alive. The


ball is lost and out of play. And that might just be that. A sigh of


relief from Castleford. Desperate frustration from Huddersfield. A


game to remember but it's Castleford who get the two points.


How got wrenching to watch that back again! Yes. We put ourselves in a


really good position to win the game and felt like Castleford had a lot


with England. We felt like we put ourselves in a pretty good spot


throughout the game and felt like we were controlling the game, and to


let it slip... You can see a few soft tries. I think we blew it more


than anything else. Jake Munro is turning out to be absolute superstar


for you guys. What has he brought to the team in terms of personality?


He's mad as a box of frogs but in a good way! You forget sometimes, he's


only 22 years of age. Very young. Really enthusiastic. Great talking


the defensive line. Probably what stands out. He's really instinctive


and you need to be instinctive to be a good full-back. He's lightning


fast. You seem to be playing at a much greater speed than you were.


Enthusiasm not only to his defensive line but also his talk. And his


attacking line. Like you say, wherever there's a sniff of a try


he's in and around that ball. Probably even more pleasing than


some of the impressive ones. I think he will be over the moon with how


his players coped with that. At the end of the game, with homes, Paul


McShane, normally a hooker on the other side, and they've lost some


quality players to the England team and they still bug that victory out.


It's all well and good playing razzle-dazzle when every pass is


going to hand and you are at full strength, but sometimes you have to


roll up your sleeves and get your knees and elbows dirty, and that's


what they did. And the kind of win that shows they are the real deal. I


would suggest that. They are going to be the team to beat.


So after a week in which we've seen more comebacks than Harry Redknapp,


let's take a look at the table. Castleford continue to set the pace


at the top. Only points difference is keeping


Warrington out of the top eight. It is the Challenge Cup sixth round


this week. Two games live on the BBC.


That's it for this week. Thanks to Luke and Jon for joining us. The


Super League show will be back in a fortnight next week. -- in a


fortnight. Next week it's the Challenge Cup.


There's no such thing as a child prostitute.


'The nine men have been released on bail...'


47 - and when they went to police, nothing was done about it.


What do you think that does to a kid?


We treat them as human beings, and we say we're sorry.


This entire operation stands and falls


on us being able to re-engage these girls.


What is the point, if the jury is not going to believe


I watched her interviews, and I believed her.


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