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Hello, Super League has gone from Magic to Manic


We've returned from Newcastle with Double Vision, and two rounds


And It's double trouble too in the studio,


Kyle Amor and Richie Mathers are here with their views


And it it all kicked off with St Helens against Wigan on Thursday,


and as at all the Super League matches this week,


there were pre-match tributes to the victims


Saint Helens on the move. Looking destructive and it's taken.


Switching the angle of attack here but Wilkin hammered down. Matty


Smith of the testing kit. Ryan Morgan has pinched it in midair and


Saint Helens have opened the scoring with three minutes played that will


have to see this again. They try on the field, the grounding looks OK.


The grounding its OK, so inherent of the opening score. -- Saint Helens.


What a start for the coach. A decent ball and a better one still for Tom


Davis. Wigan with a chance to draw level. It is the young winger Davies


who dives in. Just in their fumble, here is Farrell. The penalty goes


the way of Wigan. Williams selecting to kick for goal. And the applause


ringing around, 22 minutes played and an applause in memory of those


victims of the Manchester bombing this last week. Williams puts the


kick over. 8-6. Wigan lead. Here is Powell and looking sharper,, the


full-back is thin but it was the sharpness from dummy half by Sam


Powell that opened up the Saint Helen 's defence. A good finish as


well from Lewis Tierney. Back on the inside. Tommy Lee stands in weight,


Saint Helens asking many questions, a clever in, nobody home. Saint


Helens moving back within touching distance.


Williams again, off of his right flirt, it's missed and was that they


hand? He's convinced. The referee thinks it's a try. Swift should have


done better here, real alertness from Burgess. His foot is in play,


at the grounding is in good and the try is given and Wigan extend the


lead. A crushing run forward but well dealt with. A bit of a looped


pass, brings it into the middle. The flick by him. Inside ball and


Percival like a bullet, on the angle and through the gap, they love it.


Saint Helen's love it. A chance now to bring it level.


Mark Percival to make it 18 points apiece with 13 minutes left to play,


grand slam finish. Williams again. Wigan desperate to try find a


through there. Into the final ten minutes, into the final eight


minutes, as Williams go searching on the right-hand side, it is Burgess


in fact it was put down. Back to Leuluai who has put the one point


over and that might snatch the windfall Wigan. -- win four. Four


minutes to go. Saint Helens desperately searching for something.


What a game it has been, a great derby. And there might be another


chance yet, Swift keeps it alive. Taia going nowhere. Leuluai with a


tackle. Percival, back to Matty Smith. Tierney is underneath it.


Percival has it and Percival has the try. And it might just be the


winner. What's the referee going to do here? Saint Helen's are


celebrating but put it on hold. Phil Bunton is going for the video


replay. Well it all looks fair in the contest there, both of them


going for the ball -- Phil Bentham going for the video. This looks like


it could be a dramatic matchwinner, it is. Saint Helen's looked to have


snatched it. A winning start for the home new coach. With that kind of


aerial drama winning it for Saint Helens and that's what it means for


the new boy. Saint Helens win it at the last and there are smiles all


around finally. STUDIO: Will it be fair to say a


month ago you would have lost that? I think so. You would have to agree.


A couple of weeks ago we probably would have lost that and lost


convincingly. To have enough to get it over the line given how we went


in that game in the last few minutes to pinch it as well, we were well


over the moon with that. What has just undone because it is quite some


turnaround? He came in and simplified a lot of key areas for


us, not over complicating anything in training and just set us little


markers that he expected which are basics of the game and said if we do


that and we work hard and continually do that than a lot of


teams will struggle. He seems incredibly excited about being here


and is living the matches. Those two Percival tries, I don't know if you


have seen his reaction but it is fantastic, he is living and


breathing with you guys. That something he stressed from the off,


the day before Magic Weekend when he took over, he left a very good in


Australia and was tipped to be one of the next up-and-coming coaches in


the N R L so for him to come, he is on board wants to do well for us.


And whether Mark Percival because he is crucial to you? The form he is in


at the moment is phenomenal. He is probably what I would imagine would


be one of the only few that actually, raw talented centres that


we have in the game, his instinct is everything that really class should


be. A word about Alex Walmsley who has been immense, obviously had the


disappointment of going to Australia and not playing for England, has he


talked about that is he just going out and doing it? He didn't talk


about sparing him on but I know Alex well. We do talk and he was


disappointed not making his debut out there but he obviously has used


it as a motivational tool because since his comeback, he has been the


best prop in Super League so he is doing a huge job at the moment and a


credit to him considering what it been like having a setback but if he


keeps doing what he is doing for us and I have no doubt he will be up


there when the selection is made again. Ben Barber, we're not sure


when he will play but what is the buzz about that? As a fan of the


game, I was excited to get the opportunity to play with them and I


cannot wait, he will be a guy that'll put bums on seats. Everybody


across the Super League will be excited and interesting to see how


he goes and conducts himself and how he plays. Absolutely, we are


competing with the NRL and the days where we can get the super stars and


the roots of Ben Barber going to the south of France and we've managed to


get him into the competition is a fantastic signing for the Saints but


also for the Super League as well. How were beaten by Saint Helens at


the Magic Weekend, they were back home on Friday and face Lee


centuries. Some hot handling down the side that Matty Dawson in for


the opening score. Jamie Shaul had whole level and Marc Sneyd the


architect of the fifth try in as many games. That lasted four


minutes, Lee went back in front as Dawson well when -- Dawson went over


for the visitors. The Lee lead was extended to ten points. That's gap


was narrowed just before the break as Albert Kelly sent Tuimavave over.


Lee centuries were looking for the first win since March and Ben


Reynolds restored the lead six minutes into the second half but as


hole to avoid a second defeat Albert Kelly made a break and got his


second of the night. For pointing it with half an hour to play.


Drinkwater again put boot to ball in the 54th minute and Bay was on the


right place at the right time -- Vea was in the right place at the right


time. Albert Kelly's 75th over the line was not enough for black and


white. A really tough start for Leigh, they have been troubling even


though there have been losing games, was that the combination of good


work? Definitely, they have been there or thereabouts and gradually


building, after the start they had which was fantastic, it was nine


weeks before they beat Hull FC without a win and the rigours of


Super League week in week out has taken a toll. Going over there is a


tough place to go against Hull FC who were sound the week before.


Di think teams also did not take them as seriously as they shared at


the beginning? And take them more seriously than they did at the


beginning of the bottom of the competition they made a lot of


noise. People are Kruis, people enjoyed that they did so well at the


start. -- curious. They had a different mindset, they are a


massive physical pack, they have worked their way out of nullifying


that and calming down a bit. You see more and more results going against


them. I was quite surprised when the result came out, given what we did


to the week before. -- what we did to Hull a week ago.


Salford asked to provide a. They put on quite a show? Yes, they


scored some great tries. Going ever there, he has been fantastic. The


work that they did through Michael Dobson and Robert Lui has been in


Schmidt. Causing problems for all defences. And they seem to be a


coherent team, don't they? Yes, they are structured but not in a boring


way. With this try, you can see to Criswell, they did well. With four


different variations. Picking those key passes -- Welham. He is a raw


young talent, isn't he, Nyla volts? Yes, he found it difficult earlier


in the year, seeing Gareth O'Brien get the nod over him but with what


has happened around the club, he is taking every moment of these


chances. Defensively it sums up Catalan? I think so, on the back of


a tough defeat. At Magic. It has been a mystery as to why they don't


travel well. It probably sums up the last couple of weeks for Catalans


Dragons. Not as good as they should be. What a great drive from Robert


Lui. Wells catches it come he doesn't have the energy to get a


cup. A well-deserved try. You have obviously had the coach change, a


couple of weeks and not knowing what is going on, how topple Catalan when


you don't know what the future holds? I would imagine a lot of


those players are in the position I was in. When you don't have a coach,


sacked amid season. Everybody reacts differently, sometimes players react


positively, you see differences in people's performances. And Catalan


will have some players doing well at the moment but evidently they have


players not doing as well. They are in a tough period at the minute I


need to find a formula or way of winning to turn that around, and


kick-start them again. Sent Justin over for a couple of weeks. Two more


games from Friday, it was top against bottom as Castleford played


against Widnes. Castleford have the perfect record


this season, and after an early lead against Widnes, it seems to be a


long night for the Super League's bottom side. Widnes were resilient


as any of Castleford's visitors so far. By the half-hour mark, the


Vikings when front. Jack Johnson, on loan from Warrington, and playing


only his second match in colours forwarders, turning the tide is one


way and then the other before his way over the line. The returning


Springer was asked to do prove a point by Powell, and they got the


leaders back into it before the break. Luke Gale's conversion took


the Tigers to within two. Widnes looked on course to turn the Super


League table on its head at the start of the second half. Thompson


marked his return to the side, but then Chamberlain's footwork took him


to the ten metre line. Before he met Jordan Johnstone... 12 points with


half an hour to go. Time was on the Tiger's side. Not for the first time


this season. The two Gregs did the damage. Minikin... They worked to


the left. The kick landing in the right place, and Eden was over. The


league leaders hit the front six minutes from time. Gale, Shenton and


Hardaker were all involved before Eden scored a third of the night. A


hat-trick in his third consecutive game. Cook rounded off the victory


for cars offered. Powell pleased and relieved to get that win, but plenty


of praise from an excellent Widnes Vikings performance. It was a balmy


night at the Bowman legal Stadium,. But it was the Giants full-back


Jakeman Mo who was the star of the first half, powering over the line


to get Huddersfield level. McGilvray got Huddersfield's second score of


the night. The Giants looking for back-to-back wins for the second


time this season. Mamo was the provider again. It was wake-up time


for Wakefield, and a two point game by the break. First, Lyne went over


on the right, and then Kirmond got his third try in as many games.


Huddersfield looked on course to complete a double over Wakefield


when Ferguson received this past to extend their lead. This one was far


from over. Mamo was again central to events. The Huddersfield full-back


failed to deal with this cake from Williams. Lyne touched down. Liam


Finn's conversion made it a 2-point game once again. This penalty edged


Huddersfield further ahead. Nine minutes from time, Ben Jones


Bishop's second of the night and 40th of the season. Getting this


match-winning conversion. STUDIO: Chris Chester admitting that they


got out of jail there, Wakefield. Is that the difference between a team


full of confidence and another team who are struggling like


Huddersfield? Definitely. It was Huddersfield's game. They dominated


the vast majority of the game. But Wakefield did not give him. They


have key players in Jacob Miller to throw the ball around and be


clinical. Scoring with a late try. You should have played Huddersfield


today but they put the game off because of town being done at


Wembley. What a bonus that he did not have to turn around and do it


again? It is a massive relief for players not to be playing in that


second Easter period... But I'm fair on other teams? -- unfair? Probably,


if you are being honest but it is what it is. Obviously, given what


Huddersfield had coming up for their town, they obviously thought it was


the best way to move it forward. We will take them. And you've enjoyed a


bank holiday! Correct! We have a big week at training together. We have a


massive game coming up at the weekend. Hopefully it will be a good


decision for us, really. And a titanic effort from Widnes to get as


close to Castleford... When you put it in context it is a massive


achievement. I feel for the club at the minute. They have had rotten


injuries. What an injury luck. They put on a really good performance.


They nearly got the win. But, for Castleford's point of view, when you


win those games and you are not at your best, is that the sign of 18?


Absolutely, at home they are used to it. When you are in a different sort


of game, you need to come up with something and rethink your


strategies. When it isn't going your way to come back from that.


A win is a win. You picked that up. Warrington finally climbed out of


the bottom four at the Magic Weekend and were hoping to continue their


upwardly mobile form against Leeds on Friday. Stuart Pyke saw this


one... COMMENTATOR: Fiercely contested so far. You would expect


no less. A big game for both. That first score is going to be


important. A break from Bristow, this could be the first score!


Parcell opens the scoring for Leeds, beautifully done! Important moments


for both sides as they go to the side... Nobody can stop Liam


Sutcliffe! A torrid time for Warrington over the last 15 minutes


or so. Respite, I'm sure. Here is line... Good Leeds defence, you can


in an there, and water... I think the referee will say there that Tom


Lineham stepped off the mark. Pushing Ward away but no arguments.


A penalty. No surprise that leads go for the two so close to half-time.


He went missed from there, right in front. A second successful kick for


suckler. Leeds on the card at the start of the second half. Parcell...


With a dummy. A great try from Matt Parcell. He's been involved in


everything, so has Rob Burrow 's. Buchanan! Everyone at Headingley


will enjoy that. It has been tough... And it could get tougher!


Ryan Hall... Will he go all the way? A wonderful tackle from Jack Hughes.


Ryan Hall, nailed on for another Leeds try. Brilliant from Hughes.


And a bit of afters in back play. Let's see what happens... Clark is


involved, pushing and shoving with Stevie Ward. A punchy start flying.


The Leeds players are trying to drag Daryl Clark away. Some of them could


be in a spot of bother, that is for sure! James Child is left without an


option. Clark gets a yellow card. As does Ward. Both are down to 12.


After the defeat by Castleford at the Magic Weekend, this has been


terrific from Leeds. A great response. Moon... And All picks it


up on the bounce. -- Ryan Hall picks it up. Warrington went to sleep, it


is 15 tries in 16 games for Joel Moon. Burrow, he has had an


influence since he came on. Stolen, the referee says yes. Ferris... Two


in the tackle. Ripped out there. This will rub salt in the wings. 13


minutes to go. Another easy two, surely, for Sutcliffe? Five out of


seven with the boot. Big play from Burrow, opening up the Warrington


defence. Matt Parcell will score a brilliant hat-trick. The architect


and Parcell, what a performance? How good has Rob Burrow been since he


came on? He is off again! Going around Ratchford... A sensational


solo try! Rounding off a brilliant Leeds display. The Rhinos are back


in the saddle. This has been embarrassing for Warrington. Stuart


Pyke used the word embarrassing, as did Daryl Clark later in the


evening. What was the mood after that on the journey home? Pretty


sombre. Try and forget it as quickly as possible. My overriding feeling


was it wasn't anything structurally wrong or a game plan, where you can


point to that. It was simple errors. Their players were trying too hard


to chase the scoreline back. Making uncharacteristic errors. And Leeds


seem to be growing in confidence, they got better and better as the


game went on? Certainly. Scoring that many points against any side,


let alone the quality that Warrington have within their ranks,


it's not an easy thing done. They will be very happy with how they


performed and they keep picking up their wins and sitting where they


are in the table. I imagine everything is good at Headingley at


the moment. Matt Prior sellers than the missing


link after the problems last season? He has been fantastic. A lot of the


things that he is brought to the side have been fantastic, he is


quick, he plays long minutes and this forming a good combination with


a lot of the forwards. He scored 1617 tries himself this season and


has had a nice hat-trick to top the victory, he was a key piece in their


going this year. Rob Burrow spent a lot of time on the bench but he


really did roll back the years? He did he came on scrum-half and they


had to reshuffle after the injury great time at the end. Not bad that


final try? Given he is not getting any younger, I was saying before he


looked like he was doing the same thing 6-7 years ago.


So that's Round 15 complete, and before we move onto the Monday


matches, here's a reminder of Rugby League coming


You can hear commentary of Leeds first service Leigh on Friday,.


So a long weekend later, ten of the Super League teams had


Wigan were looking to recover from their derby defeat


when they took on Wakefield, the commentator for this


Wigan up looking left with Williams, a delicate little chip being chased


and picked up by Worthington on his debut. James Worthington.


Now Farrell going through, support on the inside from Tierney. He was


over. They struggle at the end. Wigan want to carry the song with


all the pressure here. It is a step back on the inside by Marshall,


third try. Wigan in charge now. Williams stepping and striding on


searching and finding Leuluai. Four tries, a cakewalk. Kyle Wood.


Quickly away, the pass, Tupou, Wakefield with a response. Finn here


is Tupou with the second. Finn, slammed them. Taken on a Strider


two, wide left and brown, what a comeback from Wakefield. A mix-up. A


step by Kirmond. Sees off one, sees off another, it is a hat-trick and


the third is the best of the lot. Wakefield have turned it will write


around. -- it's right around. Back to the line and Kirmond would you


believe it. Miller. Wigan's defence responding. Finn. Luiten over the


top and driving in. Leuluai, Williams. Marshall might be


on the end, Worthington with his second. Wonderful from the


youngster. Cries of a forward pass. The referee says play. Miller.


Slides. Re-establishes their authority.


Sean Ilott cloned with one of his passes and the rich by Marshall but


this is undoubtedly Wakefield's day. What a performance and what a


comeback. That shows a huge amount of spirits, does this remind you of


your days, the meagre spirit? Definitely towards the back end of


the season we never felt like we were beaten, we managed to win a few


games by a point and some by ten but from them to come from 20-0 down is


massive really. To finish the game with 42 on your board is huge. They


are doing something right at the club because again they are another


side which keeps knocking wins off week in, week out so they credited


everybody involved. Not a team full of superstars. They just seem to be


a good unit. That is one of the great things that underpins the


club, we had a great few years there and very much no egos, had a really


good time training and playing but also we all knew our capabilities.


We all play to our strengths and the side looks like it has a similar


trade to the class of 2012. They have a lot of injuries but if you 20


ahead then you should really be losing, they are in danger of not


making the top four? At the minute they are but again there is a long


way to go and they have some very good injured bodies waiting to come


back and I have no doubt that club will be there at the end of the


year, they always are so they have two ride the difficult patch out and


ultimately start winning again. The twist that for these injuries and


the key players are out, the size that are playing no there won't be a


good chance to get one over so you are right. They need to stem the


flow or it could be a danger. Which would be a surprise. We have a


different Super League this year. Undoubtedly, there are injuries. The


Leeds side struggled last year and various other sides that are Wigan


have injury upon injury every year. They managed to find a way to get


back that they might leave it too late this year. Warrington were


looking to bounce back from that big defeat at Headingley. They were at


home to Salford on Monday, so was there any improvement Richard? To be


frank now. Salford started like a house on fire, a lot of clips were


similar to the Win the other night. Scored some spectacular tries from


long distance. Michael Dobson was out, Todd Carney came an ample the


strings for Salford, they looked at one point they would pull away, a


few tries in quick succession. What is going wrong at Warrington? On


paper it is a good team, there are a lot of expectations at the club, one


thing is that the team and the squad are still united but for whatever


reason it is not clicking on the game today. Confidence and not


having settled half-backs could be the reason but have to be perfectly


honest, I cannot take too much away from Salford, they were good value.


They are looking really good, keeping pace with Castleford. They


are just watching this, both edges have got a strike all over. Murdoch


and the seller if he is not assisting play because he's that big


and powerful he is pulling guys around. You have to be brave and


make your one-on-one with them but again when you have 115 kilograms


charging its not as easy as that sometimes. They are a bit like


Castleford by the trustee of scoring a comment from so many different


angles. When you have teams attacking like that it is hard to do


your video, you have to rely on doing your defensive system as best


you can. Widnes ran the League leaders close on Friday. Their Bank


Holiday fixture was at home to Leeds, and Stuart Pyke saw this one.


Fairly even so far. Here's Rob Burrow captaining today in the


absence of Danny McGuire. Singleton with the off-load and Leeds straight


first. That's a great pass. He will find a way to the line.


Watkins will score. The referee will give it. That's too easy. Denis


Betts will be fuming. I have a feeling Widnes Vikings need to score


next. Great game so far. A bridge now, can he off-load the ball to


Ince? The young winger gets down. Looking for back-to-back tries her.


Corey Thomson finds a way to the line.


Influential throughout the afternoon. Arun Harinath. A lovely


dummy. The shuffle on the try. This could be searching easy try.


Johnston. Bridge. Good hands here is Ince again. Can he win its


forwardness? He might well you know. What a performance this has been


from the Vikings. They kick through. Thomson will score. What a win for


the Widnes Vikings. White how big of a win to build on that? They still


sit bottom of the table and buy a couple of points but for them a huge


win. We were talking earlier about how many times they have been within


games for 70 minutes and then fallen away so for them to see the game out


and win against an informed team is great. Rangi Chase made his debut


but yellow plane for weeks. Much more influential this, how important


could he be? He could be the saviour for the season. I have the privilege


of playing him and I do think I've played with a more talented player.


He's enjoying his rugby and making the main man in the side. Dennis has


been talking about them at training as a team because he has to go with


injuries, if they build on this how important is to win next week? They


are in survival mode from parent. Eight or nine games. They have a


good six points to make up if they don't want to be in the bottom four


again. It's huge. Now it was a little bit chillier in February when


Castleford kicked off their season with a home win against Leigh. They


played the return fixture on Monday, and the Tigers were once again


unstoppable Richard... Their scoring tries and at the end of the season


101 rugby league tries. The highlights reel is endless. They


went there and putting out they really ruthless performance. We have


to talk about Greg Eden. His fourth hat-trick in a row here. How hard is


it to stop that? And real. No coincidence we saw the all-time try


scoring record broken which stood for however many years. Tim Mouncey


Greg Eden who is on the way to the odds on breaking the record again,


he must feel like lucky to play outside. The service on the quality


of the ball that they give him, sometimes he has to do a lot of work


and other times he just asked the ball down. He has been in excellent


form so:. If you are Wayne Bennett are you looking at all of that


thinking maybe I picked that up and put it in an England team? Why


wouldn't you are best left edge in the competition. What I am impressed


watching these is just the level of execution, every ball is on the


money and the deception and everybody's in June. We have a few


different options and Luke Gale Simic to pick the right possibility.


You have to feel sorry having to get them on the turnaround. The only


game that wasn't played in the North West of England on Monday afternoon


was in the South of France, it was Catalan against Hull with commentary


from Matt Newsum. 32 today. A looping pass. Hull FC in the


fluorescent shirts stand firm. They go to the right. Moa blasted


through. Catalan have something to cheer. An energy ball. Josh Bowden.


Almost up to the line. Probing and prompting, gets one away to Kelly.


And I think you're right of course that down. James Child agrees. Greg


Bird who will cotton the ball in. Committed Kerry. Wins the penalty.


Liam Watts shows his frustration. Luke Walsh. Expo mistake. -- makes


no mistake. Walsh the man on target. Well poised the Dragons. Drop goal.


Ticking the scoreboard along this route close in broke.


Such a game in the balance her. Great line. Going through the


middle, Catalan rearrange the attack and they get a penalty. Steaming


through. They try to slow them down once again. Luke Walsh. He has the


boot. Catalan go further in front. They have the hunting ground this


season. Coming away to the right side to


Jake Connor who streams into space. They grow storm will score his first


try for Hull FC. The former Halifax winner. To Kelly, so dangerous is


another great ball and their is the second. What an afternoon. Have they


got something in them here. Yaha grabs the ball and takes it down.


They come away to the right side, a great kick, there's Gigot. Has he


won its full Catalan, have they snatched the points? The dying


embers of the game. They need to keep this one under control and Liam


Watts lost his temper. High tackle. Disappointing end to a bad day at


the office for Hull FC. Liam Watts sense. So the Catalan 18-11 to come


back and win that in the style that they have with everything coming on


how important could that be? Massive. For the group and the


confidence, they had a tough time at the minute and that's when can


galvanise their side and a club and conversely, Hull FC have a tough


time. It is a head scratch at the moment with Hull FC, where are they?


So that's another two rounds of Super League done, and this is how


they stand in the Betfred Super League table.


That's it for this week, my thanks to Kyle and to Richard for joining


us, we'll see you next week. Goodbye.


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