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Grand Final is now just four months Grand Final is now just four months


away. There are fresh faces towards the top of the table and some big


names near the bottom. After a merry and occasionally magic month of May.


# Everybody gather round # I've got something important to


say # We've got a whole lot to be


grateful for # On this ride beautiful day...


Sensational solo try! St Helens look to have snatched it.


# Come on, brothers and sisters # Let me see the smile spreading ear


# You know this year there's been a whole lot of crying


# And complaining about the way we live


# Don't you think we should try and... Look at that score! Burgess


has it. It is a hat-trick! Jamie Jones-Buchanan and Iestyn Harris


know the course and distance to the Grand Final. They are here with the


lowdown on Round 17. No, you'd have got long odds on Salford and


Wakefield making it Old Trafford backing fabric that both were in


play-off positions at the start of the weekend -- backing the bid. They


met on Saturday, the commentator is Matt Newsome.


Tompkins shifts the point of attack again. O'Brien goes through. The


ball comes loose. Ashley Gibson and Wakefield are away through Mason


Caton-Brown. Will you take it to the line? He has got Michael Dobbs and


scrambling across but he will not get there and Mason Caton-Brown


touches down under the sticks. What a try. Salford in a good position


here. Dobson looks for the cutout. It has been cut out by Wakefield as


Rhys Lynn scampers away downfield. Will anybody catching? Will he get


him? No, he won't. That is two length of the field intercepts.


Wakefield battering on the door. Close into the sticks here. Academic


Fifita poise. There are cutting away Dennis right hand side and Rhys Lynn


gets his second. Good hands from the Trinity side.


Pick from dummy half here. Salford eyeing a response. Dobson away to


the right side. I O'Brien chiming in. Good hands. Be be in the corner


and Salford are on the board. -- Bibby. Bibby was almost away but


Wakefield scramble. This is a decent position. Chris brining. Kopzcak


scores. Salford. Tom kinase onto Murdoch Masiello. That is great


hands to get Bibby in for his second.


Great comeback from Salford. Can Wakefield find another response as


Jarrett runs the line. Caton-Brown away and that is tried number two


for him and Wakefield back in front. Can Salford swing the pendulum once


again? Brining into doubly half. He will go to the left-hand side where


Tasi will crashes way through. Well held by Williams and that is a great


line, support on the inside from bachelor. Bachelor looks to get away


and he is now at the last. Jowitt wants a quick play of the ball.


Cutout ball to Mason Caton-Brown and that is the hat-trick. And Wakefield


take the lead again. Time ticking away. Anthony England for Wakefield.


Just four points in front. It has been an absolute cracker. Kyle Wood


steps into acting half-back. To Williams, dropped short. Straight


through the gap and that will said little Wakefield from bachelor.


Seven wins in a row and they are back in the top four. -- that will


settle it. A really good team performance today in tough


circumstances, third game in what is it, seven or eight days? Probably


two really tired teams as well but I thought on the whole, we probably


edged it. We defended quite well and to be fair, the effort was there and


feel position wise, we were dominating the game first half, it's


just they scored, Ukip Mason open field and he is not getting caught


and to be fair, the same with Rhys Lynn on the other side -- if you


give Mason open field. You were at that game, six Super


League wins in a Roper Wakefield, what is it they are doing so right?


I just they are working really hard for each other. They had some young


boys out there with some experienced players and to a man, they scrambled


whenever Salford created opportunities. Salford will quite


dominant in large parts of the game and Wakefield just kept scrambling


for each other, worked for each other and took their opportunities


well. They are playing exceptionally well at the moment, they are every


bit as good for where they are in the table in the top four. And they


have got a real character about them, haven't they? With Salford


coming back, on home soil, the quality Salford has shown, to come


back and win that, what does that say about the character? There is


something in the air on the rhubarb triangle, Wakefield Featherstone


doing well in their own league and a revival of rugby league then there.


John Kay has a big hand to play in it as well. When you have smart


players getting to the ball to players who are coming to the peak


of their career, Ben Jones Bishop, Caton-Brown, who can score tries


performed, in a world where structure has died off a little bit,


they can look up play and doing well scoring loads of points. Mason


Caton-Brown had to wait to take a chance but he really has grabbed it.


Just look at the speed of the man here. Louis is pretty quick himself


and he looks like... Superdry, he took his opportunities really well


and Wakefield did that exceptionally well because that was against the


run of play and this came from a Salford error. They got the scrum,


they took their opportunity and they did that all afternoon, just making


Salford pay for those little small errors that they have probably not


been doing, Salford. Scoring is hat-trick, great afternoon for him


and Wakefield. What did you make of the quality of the game overall? The


intensity just came in floods. Wakefield started quite high


intensity then completely dropped off. Salford were nowhere near


Verstappen then Todd Carney came on and the intensity picked up and they


went in front, and then they dropped off again and Wakefield came back


and I think they were trying their best to keep that intensity at a


high level but it was impossible for either team, third game in eight


days, to have a real intense 80 minutes but the quality of the play


was really good. There wasn't a lot of errors and they will both be


happy. It is quite a scalp for Wakefield to get because Salford


happen in cracking form and have shown a huge amount of character


particularly at home. And you said, six on the road, playing some great


job, some great rugby for the crowd but credit to Wakefield, they have


done it under the radar, probably don't feel like they are under any


pressure and performing every week and I hope there is a drop of this


week, we have got them on Saturday. The Castleford coach Daryl Powell


made six changes out of league leaders, like many others, faced


their third game in ten days. St Helens the opposition at the Jungle,


looking to avenge their Challenge Cup hammering just three weeks ago.


# Welcome to the Jungle, we've got fun and games


# Got everything you want # Honey, we know the names


# In the Jungle # Welcome to the Jungle


# Watch you to your # Knees


# In the Jungle # Welcome to the Jungle


# Watchet bring you to your # It's going to bring you down.


Decent position for Saints. Roby to Smith. That's a bit loose. Percival


will retrieve. He will do more than that. Spots a gap and personal is


through. A bit of something for nothing there from Mark Percival.


Roberts steps back in. McCarthy-Scarsbrook defends. McShane


again, to Roberts. Here is Webster. Nice pass. Try on debut, Ciaran Gill


in the corner. . McCarthy-Scarsbrook, he said the


sat adapter Route one. McCarthy-Scarsbrook over.


-- said the SAP nav to Route one. Rise to the right side of the rock,


sees Roberts. McMeekan with a dummy. He is in, crucial time for


Castleford. Real Saints pressure here. Smith.


Walmsley. Roberts does well. Roby again. Far side, Percival, is that


in? Regan Grace. No, he is in touch. Castleford somehow managing to keep


Saints out. McMeekan, up towards the 40. What


can Castleford do here? Roberts to homes. Cutout pass to Minikin.


Kicked through. It is a footrace. Holmes is brave. Never mind the


game's afterward, the game is over, Holmes scores. One of the biggest


winds that I've been involved in, to be honest. For a team to roll into a


game against the opposition that have had a significant rest period


on us and with a full strength team and then we have also played about


with our team a little bit, to try and keep players fresh, then to come


out with that kind of performance, I think was awesome. Look, we tried


hard. It is disappointing because we worked on a few things on how we


were going to improve our game and unfortunately, we didn't do those


today, so that is what made disappointing. But I can't fault our


effort. Obviously they weren't at full strength today but they haven't


lost for a reason because they are very good footy site and Castleford


showed that again today. We have just got to improve and get better.


We had to dig in right at the end and the amount of scrambled tackles


to keep them out, it just shows the character that we've got and what


we'd become as a club. We got genuine depth and genuine belief


that we've got something special here.


Daryl Powell saying it was a huge win, a lot of the players think it


was the best win of the season, a lot of the players who weren't


playing, who were arrested. What does it say about Castleford that


you can take out so many of their key players and still win? That is


it, a lot of people talking of Daryl Powell as being one of if not the


best coach in Super League. It is a real test when you take that many


players out because of injury or for preservation and they still come up


against a great win over St Helens team who have had a little bit of


form recently, they have improved and I think Paul McShane just got


off the line all day. One of the great things about their predicament


was being able to give the young Boys and opportunity, lads like Alex


Foster, who are coached a fair few years ago, seeing his career and the


way he has developed, playing at the top Super League club and out of his


skin, it is great to see. It is something when you can take that


many players out and they still go unbeaten. We'll St Helens be kicking


themselves a bit? Yes they will, and jumping on the back of that, one of


the most impressive things for me was the psychological side of the


game because Daryl Powell was quite critical of the concept of it before


the game, but to actually get your players not believing what he was


saying externally and internally, and in a belief that we are against


the odds but we are going to perform is a brilliant psychological thing


to do. Yes, St Helens will be disappointed and the Head Coach said


he wasn't too disappointed with the effort and he will see signs they


can work on but I think that game was all about Castleford and their


psychological fact that they are there at the top of the table and


off that, you would say they could stay there. You mentioned Paul


McShane, you know him well, he has been called up for the England


squad, part of that group at the moment. How have you seen him


develop in the last couple of seasons? Again, it is Daryl Powell.


You look at Daryl Clark he has emerged out of the Castleford team


and is an international player and he's got the best out of Paul


McShane. It is probably down to him. I asked Darryl beforehand and I


think Powell's frame of mind, as you spoke about, he spoke about playing


two games in one day when he was an international comedy Daryl Powell,


showing his toughness. He translated that into the team in the changing


rooms but also brings the skill out as well. I love Paul McShane, he has


a lot of talent and ability and probably just needed that


environment for him to fulfil his skills. And isn't he just. So


Castleford continue to lead at the top of the big battle towards the


bottom of the table was in Huddersfield, when Warrington were


in town on Sunday. This is pretty much one-way traffic. Yes, it was


and the easy thing to do is to talk about the Warrington Wolves and how


potentially passive they where in this game but I would probably flip


it, I think this is the best Huddersfield have played all season


and they became progressively better. They have started to get


some of their players back and started to play with some


confidence. Great ball to McGilvary to score a try and they grew in


confidence within this game, as they felt that perhaps Warrington weren't


quite there. They just got better and better. Danny Brough was


probably at the best he has been all season and they are starting to play


with confidence at the right time, because they can really push the top


eight. They brought Jordaan Turner and that you think the turning point


in their form was when Jake Mamo started to play? They seem to have


gotten better and better since he found his feet. I think it was when


they beat us a few weeks ago, unfortunately! Lesson, Warrington


have always had the players there and I believe that when you look at


the team, there is a lot of talent, a lot of international players.


Huddersfield started with quite low confidence, they had to go through a


rut but they have pulled out of it and when that confidence tide


changes, this is what you can come up with and this is what Warrington


are chasing right now. Warrington don't really seem to be able to


score points at the moment, do they? No, they have had three really poor


games and their confidence looks shot to pieces. Their efforts, you


can see the effort is there, it is just a little bit disjointed and all


over the place and people are making wrong decisions but I


magnificent quality in the play and put that


sometimes you will come up against a team that poor and Warrington have


of. You just would not expect good at the wrong time but it is a


Warrington to be the ones to be in that situation. You would have said


that about lives last year. You could explain what was going on with


lives, but... You can, but Warrington, what they do, they play


a really high risk game, a lot of flowers, a lot of off-the-cuff rugby


and when it works, it works and they are magnificent at times. When your


confidence is down, and it doesn't work, you can look abysmal and I


think at this moment in time, Warrington's confidence is really


down but Tony Smith has been there before and has delivered before and


I still feel that Tony Smith will deliver at some stage this season.


Hole and Wigan met in the semifinals of both major and petitions last


season but the run of form wasn't happy reading heading into their


Saturday night at KCOM Stadium Maka delete Stadium on Saturday. Dave


Woods saw this one. Here it goes to the right-hand side. Slipper by


Kelly. Manages to slip away. And there cut back on the inside and


cuts through three Wigan defenders to open the scoring, three minutes


played. It is going to be Jake cover who


hoists it towards the corner. Minichiello will pick it up,


Minichiello. Well, it looks like a second for Hull, there are some


complaints. Referee once another look. He wants another trial. Seems


to hit the arm of the Wigan player Davis. From Hull's point of view it


went backwards and Minichiello gets the touchdown. Try confirmed, Hull


have a second. Strong start from them.


Having a look that he has taken a slip under the duress of the


defenders from Wigan. Looking at the referee for a possible penalty and


it is a big ball over the top, Houghton for the second time has


made the way for Michaels to score. What a great start from Hull.


asking them to do a bit more here. have done a lot of


asking them to do a bit more here. Chris Green having a struggle and


the referee has given a penalty. You could hear the shouts of "Move" and


Powell was hanging on. Kept a hold of the ankles for too long. So,


right in front of the sticks, not the best kicking day so far for him


but over it goes, 18-0, Hull lead. They are testing them again here


down the middle. Houghton going to that right-hand side. It is a


surging run here. Washbrook back inside for Houghton. Complaints from


the Wigan players that there was a forward pass there. They are not


happy and in fact, Liam Farrell has clearly said a word too many because


he has been shown the yellow card. Sin-bin for dissent as Hull get


there for. -- get their fourth. He has given the ball away and Joe


Burgess can put the foot down. In hot pursuit, Minichiello coming from


a long way out but Michaels will get there. No, he doesn't. Still surging


for that line again, Burgess is hell Maka delete held up short but what a


run by the winger. Hull getting back in numbers, they can create the


space and there is plenty of it here on this side and Tom Davis with a


walk in in the end and a timely comeback from Wigan, first try of


the afternoon. Houghton. Here is Matongo again. He


is a handful. Houghton, flicked to the left-hand side and a gain, the


big surge. The referee says it is a handover so Hull's attack comes to


zero. Minichiello falls over, has a little bit of... There is little bit


of nonsense here. Mark Minichiello and Isa getting mixed up with each


other. There you see, Isa just tripped him up.


So a chance for, right at the end of the half to extend that lead to 22


points. The kid goes over, 26-4. The ship to his left and Farrell is


there. More urgency and determination. 200th game for Liam


Farrell today. Here is a ball left Paul Marshall. Marshall goes in and


out, look at this, classic winger's try from Liam Marshall. Had the


confidence in his pace and it's a great finish from the young man who


is making a big mark this season. Hoisted left. Marshall, still going,


keeps it alive. Here is Farrell. Wigan with a little air of


desperation. Not sure, keeps it alive to Isa. Forsyth. It is Isa


again. Luluai I once it gets it -- wants and gets it. Flows superbly


and what an eye-catching that is -- try that is for Wigan. They'll


behind that they are scoring some eye-catching scores.


Kelly puts it high. Looks as though it has been knocked backwards. Kept


alive, the referee says it is still the sixth tackle. The chip and the


chase by Jamie Shaw. Wow. Well, they will have to go for a video replay,


surely and they do. He says try on the field and for the skill levels


involved, it deserves to be a try and it looks as though it will be.


Chip and chase and acrobatic finish and it is a confirmation of four


points that steady the Shaul ship. -- the Hull ship.


Trying to keep it alive, Williams jabbing it forward. It is picked up


and suddenly there is a lot of space for Albert Kelly. And Kelly is away


and I don't think anyone is going to catch him here. Albert Kelly will go


90 yards underneath the sticks, celebrating even before he got there


will stop back to back tries have put Hull back on course.


Forsyth, energy and power but he is repelled. Keeps it alive again.


Williams dabs it through. Burgess, should be and is, a Wigan try. But


there is only 11 minutes left to play, so it is a long way back from


here. Out to Kelly. He going for a one


point. Albert Kelly gets the drop goal. Well, it gives his side a 21


point lead, I'm not entirely sure the tactical necessity of that but


over it goes. Spinning left. Williams dodging and


weaving and keeping it alive. Added on by Tierney. Burgess stepping back


on the inside. More defenders enthusiastically wrapping themselves


around him. Marshall at the dummy half. He has seen the gap and he has


got it. Well spotted, Leah Marshall. Second try of the game for that


young fellow. Testing the determination in these


late stages of that Hull defence. Maka Laura going wide. They have


created the space here and the dive for the corner for Tom Davies. He


will get the final score of the game. Six tries apiece put Hull have


outplayed Wigan tonight and it is they who will get the victory.


Hull's season seems to be incredibly up and down but particularly when


you look at the table, how important is a win to keep them in touch with


the top four but also to give them a cap against Wigan. Hugely important,


I don't think it will go down as one of the best performances of the year


but what it shows is they have got strength in the ranks and they can


score from anywhere and dangerous to play against. Lee Radford, the


coach, is probably a little bit concerned that they are leaking a


few too many points and if you want to go on and win competitions, you


might want to win Challenge Cups and Grand Finals, you have to build it


from your defence first and that is where his concern will be and if he


can tighten that up and keep scoring those points, watch out for Hull.


Jamie Shaw had a really good game and a really good response to being


dropped out of the England squad, could reply by him. It is a


world-class try, it is one of those you will see replayed again and


again, magic from him. But Hull as a team, they are possibly the biggest,


strongest team out there and Wigan started this game with an error and


allowed them to get on a bit of a roll and when they do, they are


difficult to stop and there's not a lot you can do about it. You have to


starve them of the ball and have a really good game plan some decent


structure. Listen, they have got a lot of people out injured and Wigan


have been two years one of the best teams in structure, getting to


appoint an putting special play in and when you had Tomkins and Finch


and otherwise, they were fantastic and it has probably dropped away


over the years. If you look at the Lewis Tierney try, it is beautiful


but is it something that you don't necessarily expect of Wigan but they


will be happy with that. Yes, we will be happy with that. Yes, we


know the structure is good and we know they will score tries prolific


and at this into the game there is no structure at all the dishes


players being able to off-load. A scramble defence from Hull is very


good and they have gone all the way across to the other side, Farrell


comes up with the killer pass for the try and if they can keep that in


their game, when they start to get the players back, because


consistency is what wind you competitions and that is what we can


have always been, is consistent. It must be frustrating the Shaun Wane


because when you have a lot of young players in there, they'll give you


enthusiasm and energy and quality but won't give you consistency and


that is where we can have struggled this year, they haven't quite had


the consistency, and if they can stay in the mix, they have a chance


of the top four. Six without a win to Wigan and next up on them as a


local derby against Leighl. There is commentary from the Leighl sports


village on 5 Live sports extra. The Super League returns next Monday at


11:30pm on BBC One in the North with the Tuesday repeat at 1:15pm on BBC


Two. We have seen Wakefield and Castleford continuing their


impressive seasons, but what about life outside Super League. Both


clubs have their own affiliated ladies' teams and this is what match


day is like for them. I've always been interested in rugby


but I never thought I'd actually played myself and once I got into


it, I just loved it. I love the contact, I love the physical side of


it, having your team-mates with you, altogether, hitting as hard as you


can. There is definitely a stereotype, when I say I play rugby,


I like to wear make-up, do my nails, look girly. A lot of people I meet


have never watched women play rugby and I prefer watching the women,


personally. It is developing into a really good


league. When they come here it changes their perception. Women can


play just as well as the men. It is the full contact game.


No messing about. Let's go. And incredibly exciting time to be


involved in women's rugby league. The interest is huge, the passion is


brilliant. It is some of the best Rugby League we will ever see, it is


fierce and fast and highly competitive. We are exploring


women's Super League at the top of the amateur game. It is an


aspirational competition in addition to the league we are watching today.


Like Wakefield, playing a small number culminating in a final. There


is a plan looking to 2021 when we have the World Cup.


The scoreline is what it is. We're dominating. I cannot ask for any


more than you are giving. We were the first club to affiliate a female


team which raised a few eyebrows but create a lot of interest. Our


aspiration is to get more females playing the sport. All the


facilities are open. We're playing some curtain raisers throughout the


year. It is a great thing for the sport. With more opportunities it is


something to aim for. It is motivation and hopefully we will get


there. Everybody that is enjoying it will get what they want. I want to


have a career in it. We just need to get some money behind it. Not


bothered about getting paid, I just love doing it so I would love to do


it full-time. Don't leave nothing left. Every single one of you,


nothing left to give. The face of Rugby League is changing. On the


whole it is a positive change. The concept is the right idea. The right


direction. I have some reservations about it. The aspiration has to be


to enter that league on merit. To earn that position and in the Super


League. Seems like this have been consistently top of the women's game


and for them it is probably disappointing if they cannot enter


Super League because they are not a fully professional club. Ultimately,


it will attract people because people will hopefully see these


games and be inspired. Is this something that is long overdue? To


have a pathway for the women's game? It is important. About 40% of Rugby


League audiences is female. It is massive that we've got that. We are


really keen to get it going in Leeds. There's a girl working really


closely on our team. Getting a lot of funding in and getting these


opportunities out. They need to be playing at the Jungle, at Bellevue,


getting fully affiliated with that badge and that logo. It's a


brilliant initiative. Something that we are trailing, massively, in rugby


union. Yes. I watch the rugby sevens competition. It was fantastic. The


level was skilful and fast paced. There is everything that you get in


men's rugby. Widnes were looking to record back-to-back wins for the


first time this season. The referee was a busy man.


These clubs have a variety of troubles. Widnes desperate for


points at the bottom of the table. Ian Thornley diffused a kick and


then took exception to the challenge. It was the start of a


busy afternoon. With both sides down to 12 it was


first blood to Catalan. With both sides struggling with this plan, it


was a while before points came. Great strength to score between the


post. It was not long before the referee was reaching for his cards.


Richie Myler was shown the yellow card for holding onto long in the


tackle. The Dragons were back down to 12 men. With the one-man


advantage, they took advantage of the space in the defence. Charlie


runs and was in support. Skipped past the defenders and put them


ahead. Widnes extended their lead just after the break. He spun on one


leg to get away from the tackle. The Vikings were ten points ahead.


Whilst there were still more tries in the game there were also more


yellow cards and again it was one of the Catalan players who was ordered


off the pitch. He came in late on the tackle. Once the scuffle was


sorted out the referee reached into his back pocket and the Dragons were


back to having 12 on the pitch again. Thomson added a penalty


before the yellow card came out once again. Catalan were down to 11 for a


couple of minutes. They converted this penalty and Widnes were well in


control. The second try completed back-to-back wins for the first time


this season. They are off the table for the first time in nine weeks.


The less said about Catalan, the better. How important was that for


Widnes? They've struggled with confidence. They are coming into a


position where they are getting some players back, they are getting some


confidence back. There's nothing to say that they cannot get themselves


out of trouble. They've got balance within the team and they've got some


matchwinners. The last time they had a victory, Gremlins was on at the


cinema. 1984. The 2017 meeting of Leeds versus league. He finds him


once again. They were quick to stop him. He's got a couple of extra


metres. He finds him at close range and Leeds have scored. Great ball


out to Watkins who find the pass for Tom Briscoe. Leeds double the lead.


The inside of the sticks. Out the back it goes away to the right hand


side. Clever hands. Natty Dawson scores. Fine finish. What can he


line up here? Up goes Joel. He climbed highest and Leeds score.


Drinkwater with the kick. Chaos in the backline. Cut back infield,


spins across, smart try foreign leagues. -- smart try for Leeds. As


the ball is gathered, something has happened off the ball. Still going


on. Exchanging words. Inside the first couple of minutes of the


second half. Drilling the kick. Alt on the right-hand side. There he is


for his second. Tracked it brilliantly. Another high kick and


another tester out on the left-hand side. Leeds keep the ball alive.


They are targeting the right-hand side. He was kicked out. This might


go for the penalty and it is all kicking off here. No option but to


send him to the sin-bin. Matty Dawson. They are not finished with


this one. Kicked to the far side. Will Bush won round the corner. 2-0.


Leeds are comfortable winners. Rugby League is one of the hardest sports


in the world. I've got a bit of history and involvement. That is


probably the hardest sport ever. The only box once every three months. We


do it every seven days. It is for games in 12 days for us. It does not


get much tougher than that. That is obviously our first year in. You


cannot overestimate. It is only when you go through the second catch. It


was the quality of that game. Why we should not have three games in seven


days. The rain did not help. They did get very wet and very cold. That


is the problem with the game. The spectacle of it. I don't mind


playing rugby. You don't need to train when you've got that many


games in that sort of space of time. Not always a bad thing. It is for


the quality, the spectacle, not helping. I was fortunate enough not


to be at that game. It is there for all to see. If anybody wants to look


at it, if they've got any indication, look at what all the


coaches are saying because they know what is best and they are all saying


it is too much. Leeds will be happy but just put it to bed and move on.


Jeremy Peacock says you should get on with it. I said earlier that I


believe our bodies are related to what our minds think. I believe it


is a positive experience and two points and that is what you want at


the end of the day. And a positive experience that we were not there.


Absolutely. Positive all-round for all of us. We are 17 rounds into the


Super League season and six to go. This is how it is shaping up.


That is it for this week. We will be back fresh and raring to go next


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