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The polls have closed on Round 18 of Super League,


Stand-by for some twists and turns of the Rugby League variety,


all in the company of Jamie Peacock and Michael Stanton.


Strong and stable, we will let you decide, which is which.


The only way, is up for Leigh Centurions who started


the round at the bottom of the table, but all this week


was all about local issues as they faced the Wigan Warriors.


They will be glad to see him back in the line-up tonight.


An effort to get them further forward from Joel Tomkins.


It is picked up by McIlorum and moved left here,


they have got numbers, a little slack and


He is very very good at that, as he has shown already


The interception from Ryan Hampshire, quick as a flash


and I don't think he is going to be caught and boy will he love this.


He read that with precision and once he caught it, he was unstoppable.


Pelissier, the other Frenchman at his heels,


Leigh stand their lead and the Leigh fans are loving this.


Worked left again, trying to find some numbers here.


Leuluai hanging on, needs to, in at dummy half goes Paterson.


Another kick here, another test of the Wigan defence.


The referee says it and he is there to take it, for a third try.


Leigh are beginning to sweep ahead here.


No way through on that occasion for Wells.


Here is Ganson again, he is going to have a goal


from dummy half is Ganson, has he touched that down?


Might have just brushed the top of the surface here.


He has done well, has young Josh Ganson.


Ganson away to Gildart, Gildart with a step back to the outside,


the dummy is shown and then the pass away for Williams, and Gildart


showing what class has been missing while he has been absent


and Williams, the grateful recipient to score.


Held up, but less than ten away and they are going


So it is a penalty and Neil Dukes pointing


So Reynolds just settles himself, three out of three so far tonight.


For young Ben Reynolds and he has kicked that and it means that Leigh


will go into the half-time with that lead.


Leigh's defence is resolute at the moment.


Williams with a short pass, the off-load by Isa,


Tierney gives it away and Gildart is over to score and within three


minutes of the re-start, Wigan are back within striking distance.


It is the swarm of defenders around them, there is no way


Little pick-up from dummy half here, Mitch Brown, has he got in?


The referee has a look, he's not sure.


Mitch Brown, has he hit the line there?


Wigan's defence will be embarrassed if he has, it looks


There is the super zoom that tells you that the whitewash has been


They have a little comfort in their lead again.


Jamie Acton will drive it forward, putting Leigh again within close


Steps to the right, back to the left.


Has he been pushed back, has he been repelled?


And there is a bit of a celebration going on and he thinks it is a try.


Has that ball again touched the whitewash?


And for a second time, that Wigan defence concedes on its own line.


Again, just pushing Wigan back almost to their own goal-line,


Wigan are defending again and Hood has gone for it.


They think he has got it, he thinks he has got it.


It is a third Leigh try in ten minutes and they have


The Leigh fans absolutely loving it it, but Wigan looking to restore


what they would consider a little order.


So Joel Tomkins is here and here is Frank Nuuausala.


But now it comes to Cory Paterson and he is in.


Again, that online defence will be questioned, but Leigh are not


bothered about that, they are loving this.


Wouldn't they love a half century here, Leigh,


Holding off defenders, puts it back on the inside.


That line just hanging on to McNally.


Leigh, still, had a couple of tackles in the bag here.


The ball goes to ground, little kick, this is going to be a try,


They could not have dreamt of a night like this, Leigh.


The battle of the borough is painting the big


And Wigan cannot believe what is happening here.


What an astonishing night this has been in this astonishing


Wigan are looking to finish with a bit of a flurry


and they will, because Joel Burgess is over to score, but it is barely


worth celebrating on a night that has been utterly, unbelievably


Left they go again, it is simply a matter of counting down the clock


Burgess might go all the way, he gets the pass away


at the last moment and Ganson will get his second of the night.


So, two late tries conceded, but what a night this


Michael, in a week of shocks, that was right up there,


did you see Leigh before that game putting 50 points on Wigan?


I can remember watching that game thinking this is Wigan


You cannot underestimate Leigh, we played them a couple of weeks


before, we watched them, they are a dangerous team.


They have really good purple patches in games.


They are not quite consistent in performance and that is


But, I think they showed that, again, over the 80 minutes,


But, they did enough, you could see the engine,


They were really fired up for that one and it was


Wigan, defensively, I mean Shaun Wane would have


been tearing his hair out, won't he?


I think he will be relatively unhappy about that.


If you look at Wigan over the last few seasons,


certainly since Michael Maguire came in, they have been very good


defensively and as a coach, I think sometimes you can take


losing, but to lose by 50 points, I think that is what is going


to hurt Shaun the most and also the Wigan side.


I think the good thing about Wigan, if you go all the way back


to February, they were outstanding and I think once they get those


players back, they will be a threat in the league,


but the problem is, they are getting further and further


away from the top four and it is their title to defend


and if they get too far away, there is no catching that up,


and they need to start winning and start winning soon.


For Leigh, obviously because it is Wigan,


it meant that much more, it seems, at the end,


absolutely fantastic, but in terms of the whole


of their season, what can that do for them going forward?


Even if they do find themselves in the bottom four?


It is confidence, they are an ambitious club and they have


They have shown the ambition to get into the Super League


I think they had realistic goals, saying that they just wanted


They have made some quite good signings, haven't they?


Glenn Stewart was a good one, who gave leadership,


That is a good one coming in for next year.


And they have announced today that Bryson Goodwin is coming in,


so they are setting a real statement, saying that they are


They have to keep learning from those experiences,


Huddersfield have the chance to take the leap toward safety on Saturday,


a win for the Giants against Catalan would see them climb


above the Dragons and out of the bottom four.


Martin Ridyard, will target the side.


And the Giants lead in Perpignan, or do they?


Danny Brough, back in the side the last couple of weeks,


is there an obstruction there, though?


That is a great finish from Aaron Murphy.


Catalan were all at sea, and he gets his first Super League try.


Little skip from dummy half by Leeming.


Huddersfield Giants making a flying start here.


They have worked it away to the left-hand side


where Jordan Turner accelerates into space, he has got


a man on the outside and a man on the inside,


back in field to Danny Brough, he will go around to


the corner and touchdown and the Giants strike again.


It is all down to the run of Jordan Turner.


Catalan Dragons, have they got anything in them here?


So far, it has been all Huddersfield.


Attacks the left-hand side, finds a gap and they do have a score


Quick play, the ball, Leeming jumps out of dummy half


He has got options on the short side.


He will attack the right-hand side, it is on to Cudjoe.


They're going to push it from right to left here.


Catalan strewn out across the ten metres as Hinchcliffe looks


to get away and he is eventually just stopped.


Cudjoe, he has got Mamo on the wraparound,


Again, Chris Kendall wants to go to the video referee and again,


Jake Mamo popped up on the left-hand side in that move.


Was he forward of the ball when that kick goes through?


He gets to it first and that is a decent


grounding and it looks like they are going to give


The game is well poised, Brough takes on the Catalan line,


double pump, slides his way through and will touch


And the captain is standing up for his team.


And again we are going to the video referee.


Chris Kendall can't be faulted for trying to get things right here.


He has given try as the on field position.


As Brough looks to take on the line, he sells the dummy and the Catalan


defence buys it, no obstruction there for me.


And he just steps the last man and that is a simple score.


Bosquet, Catalan trying to find some front-foot ball here.


From dummy half they work it away to the right-hand side,


Luke Walsh looks to put the kick in but Jake Mamo has


Now it is a foot race between the scrambling Catalan cover


and Jake Mamo and the former Newcastle Knights full-back has


the pace and he will go the near length of the field


and gets his second of the game and that surely


is Huddersfield Giants in full control.


No question about that one and a happy travelling support.


Leeming, who has been a live wire, goes to the right-hand side,


Catalan this time just about holding firm.


Casty in at the play-the-ball as Oli Roberts looked to play it


and they will target the short side again, Jermaine McGillvary!


Just scythes through and that is as easy a try as he will score


and the Giants just running away with it now.


Brough at dummy half, into the willing McGillvary


O'Brien gets it away, Ikahihifo puts on a bit of footwork


as well and then accelerates into the gap and he has Jake Mamo


It is a race between him and he will get there first


and Catalan Dragons are all at sea at the back, absolutely shredded.


Because Jake Mamo is on fire and that could be


O'Brien into acting half-back, they will come to this left-hand


side, no, they will switch it to the right.


Brough out the back, it is a loose pass, Cudjoe recycles it.


Loops the pass to the right-hand side, McGillvary


It has taken five Catalan players to shut him out on that far side.


Lovely little wraparound play, here goes Jake Mamo!


And still a good 12 minutes to play and they are bouncing.


They have put the shutters down on that move.


Da Costa from dummy half, he finds Myler, back


A smart try but I think he has hurt himself in the process.


Chris Kendall blows for the score but it will mean little to Catalan


Already 50 points up here, the Giants could be forgiven


for slowing things down here but they are gunning for it


Onto Mamo, Mamo looks for McGillvary and it has come to Cudjoe


but McGillvary will finish in the end.


Few teams come to Perpignan and deliver a scoreline like that.


Jamie, though it seems an eternity ago, it was only three weeks ago


at Magic Weekend that these two had a really tight, quite


frankly dreadful game, but whereas Catalan have spiralled


downwards from there, what have you made Huddersfield's rise?


They are playing very well at the moment.


If you compare to how they were playing at the beginning


of the season, they looked like a rabble at the beginning of


the year and that is what Catalans look like at the moment.


But the last two games, they have played very


To go down to Catalans and nearly put 60 points on them,


if they had kicked two goals it would have been 60 points


against Catalans and that is a hell of a win down there.


It is a difficult place to go down there and play,


And Jake Mamo seems to be growing by the game.


He got the headlines here because of his tries


but what do you think he has brought all round to the team?


Absolutely, he has changed how Huddersfield are playing,


since he has come back from his injury and obviously


There were big raps from the coach, Rick Stone, saying, wait


for this kid to come in, he's going to change our season


He has come in and brought energy and some pace into the attack.


He is not a massive threat as a ballplayer like some full-backs


but he has got loads of energy and he's difficult to tackle


and he's always pushing up the middle and he's not scared


of a little chip through like that, kicking the ball.


He is willing to play and off the back of some of the other backs,


people like Danny Brough, Cudjoe, those kind of guys,


Has that been one of the keys, the speed he has brought to them?


Because they were a slow rabble as well at the beginning of the year!


I love watching him play, he is a busy player.


One of those players that makes things happen


because he is always in the frame, always there or thereabouts,


looking for breaks and trying to make things happen.


When you play with a player like that who is that enthusiastic,


it rubs off on everybody else, everybody else wants a part of it.


He brings a lot of energy to that side.


Catalan, we think, are set to announce a new coach and it


Let's assume we are right, what can he bring to them,


You have seen them conceding nearly 60 points, he will bring great


structures and systems and he will bring


He will expect the best out of those players.


You look at that squad and it should be in and around the top four,


If they do manage to sign Steve, I think it would be


I think it is good for the competition


Now to The Jungle where top of the table Castleford faced Warrington.


It was back in week two when the Tigers recorded


an impressive win against the Wolves and set the tone for both


COMMENTATOR: Castleford Tigers on the attack in the early exchanges


of this one and it is Luke Gale with a high, high kick and Greg Eden


has plucked that one down and Castleford have the lead.


Chris Hill the man as Andy Lynch carries the ball and there


is a little bit of afters now between both sides.


Gale got the pass away and Chris Hill came storming in.


The referee says that is ten minutes in the bin for Chris Hill.


Can Castleford make this man advantage count now?


It is Hardaker, it is Shenton, it is Eden and of course that means


That is beautiful from McMeeken and that is Greg Minikin in.


Massey with the big hit there and he spotted the gap as well


and has got the ball away to Luke Gale and Gale has McMeekin


in support and that is the third try for Castleford since Warrington went


Will this be the moment that Warrington get their first


It is going to be a long, long pass out for Lineham.


The Tigers weighing up the options here, looking for a big lead


going into the break and it is Greg Eden!


Quick run from acting half-back again from Roberts,


He has one man pestering him but he has pushed him off and he has


We all know what this is going to lead to, a Greg Eden try.


Castleford have started this second half like they ended the first,


on top of this game and it is Michael Shenton


And that is a fifth try for Greg Eden!


At this point Warrington are just hoping to get some points


on the board and it is Westerman with a great solo effort,


he has done really well there, Joe Westerman.


It is Roberts again from acting half-back and he has done it once


more, he has broken through the line here for Castleford.


Has Minikin got the legs to go all the way here


No, great tackle, Tom Lineham one of two men to bring him down.


But Lineham is refusing to let go and the referee says


A second sin-binning of the game for Warrington.


Warrington close to the line and Jack Hughes has got a lot


of work to do here but he has done well to get that down


but it is going to be victory for Castleford.


Some exceptional bits of skill in there from us.


I thought we dominated the game and deserved to win the game


but obviously a little bit scratchy and a bit up and down


But I thought we had the game kind of done and dusted early


on in the first half, moving on and scored a couple


of quick tries in the second half and it was done.


Warrington were chasing the game, they are a dangerous team


when they doing that and they pulled the score back a bit.


But it was pleasing, some good performances, Ben Roberts,


he is so hard to handle from dummy half and he was sensational for us.


Obviously Greg Eden getting a huge amount of headlines


because of his five tries but talk us through that left edge and how


hard you have had to work to make it look as easy as you guys


Absolutely, for the last few years since Daryl has come in we have


had our left edge playing pretty well and the combinations,


it's all about timing, fixing up the right man


from our back row, Jesse Sene-Lefao making sure he's


And then a new full-back coming in, Zak, and it's teaching Zak something


a little bit different from what he's used to and he has


really grown into that and being able to fix players,


And then my combination with Greg is a big one.


It was tough because Greg wanted to play a lot


And it was pretty scratchy, the first couple of months


of pre-season, to be honest, but a lot of hard work later it has


kind of come off and I know Greg is there now and it is just


getting him to talk and finding the pass and anywhere


in the vicinity for Greg and he has been sensational.


You have played with him, he has been a real servant to the game,


not a man who has maybe had the headlines he deserves?


He's a champion, there's no doubt about that.


I played with him for a while at Bradford and I think,


any good side has a good coach but that good coach needs a leader


within the team to drive standards and Andy Lynch is that man.


He is the guy who trains harder than anybody else,


he will turn up earlier than anybody else and also for me he is a player


who will deliver an inconvenient truth to another player that


sometimes doesn't have to come from the coach.


And I think he's been integral to the success that Castleford


are building as any other player and the coach themselves.


He really is a champion in the modern era.


It's funny, I remember when Daryl signed him,


he talked about bringing in the right characters.


Absolutely, I think Jamie has touched on it, his standards,


When he wants to help people around him get better,


he's the first to grab people, take them for extras,


the young lads as well, the young front rowers.


Sets standards within the team, he's a vocal person within our team


as well and just the way he performs as well, he's one of our most


consistent players since he has come back to the club and his whole


career, he has been Mr Consistent and an absolute


A quick word about Warrington, will they take heart from some


It's always easier to play when the game has gone.


I think they're going to have to start a hell of a lot better


against Wigan in the cup if they're going to do it.


I think the best thing that's going to happen to Warrington


is having a break from Super League and realise they're in the cup.


They've got good muscle memory of playing well


Both Castleford and Warrington will be in Challenge Cup action this


weekend and you can follow all four quarter finals on the BBC.


5 Live Sports Extra will have commentary


of Salford against Wakefield from 7:30pm on Thursday.


There will also be at Leeds against Featherstone on Friday.


There is live television coverage of Warrington against Wigan,


that's on BBC One from 2:20pm on Saturday and the quarter finals


are completed on Sunday when Hull take on Castleford.


This week's fixtures were the annual State of Mind


round which is all about raising awareness of mental health.


The former Super League referee Ian Smith is one of the team that


talks to groups around the country, encouraging them to speak


I refereed in Super League for 12 years.


You speak to players and they have that comfort of their team-mates


and even though we have touch judges and the match officials department


as such, when you're out there it is still a very lonely


Because of the external pressures that the referees and the match


officials are put under, from all stakeholders, from owners


to players to coaches to fans, I think what people don't understand


is that inside that uniform there is a human being that


And people think it's unacceptable for a match official to make


mistakes and that pressure that is placed on them does or can


You stole it. Move! When you are under that type of intense pressure


on and off the field to perform it effect your mood swings but when you


are performing at a professional level you get on with it because you


have the next match to come. Every time you surrender I call surrender.


Don't surrender unless you want to. I felt I had lost my identity and I


struggled with mental health issues and because I did the state of mind


training, I really wanted to find out more so I approached Malcolm and


Phil, two of the trustees and I started to get involved and I did


some work with Sporting chance down toggle Schmeichel Down and I tried


to promote and raise awareness of mental health issues within men


really. Every time I present, it is like my own therapy class, because


you are picking up little ways of coping and moving forward. I am in a


great place at the moment. State of mind is one of those things that


Rugby League can be proud of. Are you more conscious of it within


players and in the dressing room? Recently there has been a lot of


awareness pushed on to us as well. There are players who have dealt


with depression and there are plenty of things out there that are really


good that work for us and I think rugby players have helped lead the


way and being honest about emotions and they are open to talk about


their feelings and there is a lot of support networks out there for us


and they are leading the way for other sports and people in the


public. We are proud of Forest board for doing that. When you hear Ian


Smith talking, we are guilty in the media of having a go at the referee,


do we need to step back, as it got to the point, where we need to step


back and keep some of that at least behind closed doors? The next time


we see a referee make a mistake, you try and think of the day at work


were you made a mistake and I do not think you will find it hard to find


one. We all make mistakes. It is frustrating. There is a human being


behind that and seen him speak, it makes you realise how difficult it


must be to be a referee. Doing something that you love but to have


thousands of people shout abuse at you. It is a tough position. So


often they are wrong and you have got the decision right. That is


right. They come under even more scrutiny these days. Perhaps they do


not need that. Let us get a form guide unto more Challenge Cup


finalists, Leeds against Hull FC. Praise for Roman Costello. --


Salford. Michaels. Chance for ten to set an early platform. The off-load


is good, keep things looking lively. What's sashaying to the left-hand


side. Five tackles gone, one to come. Back to the middle. The chip


from Conor is being challenged for. He will claim the try. Confirmation


required. He thinks it is a try. The onside of side is OK, what about the


grounding? That looks fine and the video referee will confirm that Hull


have the early lead with seven minutes played. Wash broke. I do not


think he would have been expecting to play at that position but the


illness to Danny Houghton has made it past. Here is Kelly, puts the


ball in. Support from Kelly again. He will finish underneath the posts.


Absolutely delightful try. Great angle by the prop, good backing up


by Albert Kelly. Dobson. Salford, that is a bad pass and Kelly can


pounce. One kick, and other left footer. I think he has got there.


The Salford fans behind look pretty glum. Albert Kelly is confident he


has got his second try. The referee was a long way back. They need


absolute confirmation from the video referee who will give it on the


evidence of that. A second for Albert Kelly. It is the third for


Hull. Washbrook pushing his man out of the way. A chance here underneath


the sticks to really set something up special. Washbrook goes out


there. He has got there, I think. The referee confirms, Danny


Washburn, nothing on with three defenders, really easy reach over to


score. -- Washbrook. Dobson. They are looking for a way back. That is


a lovely off-load from Robert Louis. What a piece of handling that was.


Just the start to the second half that Salford needed. A bit of a leap


and a stretch for Kelly. He has kept a hold of it and Hull continued to


search here. Salford under real pressure. Got a foothold back in the


game but under pressure straightaway. Carlos Tim Barbet,


sliding through. Studying the whole ship again and putting them back


into control. It is the last, they will need something. Knocked down.


It goes backwards. Flick inside was attempted and Robert Louis does not


get there. Jamie Shaul is on his travels on me know he is quick.


There are two of them trying to chase him down, he beats one, holes


off another and scores a truly remarkable try. 90 odd yards,


wonderful from Jamie Shaul. Seeking out some kind of way through here.


Not finding any at the moment. Currently, going left, little


dummies shout, he is over. A lot of damage already done. Salford are not


at their best tonight. You play Hull in their Challenge Cup quarterfinal,


what make of that perform at? I watched that game, Albert Kelly was


sensational. He was really on fire. Going forward, right from the back


three, especially the two wingers, real power and energy about them.


They have the big front row as well. What impressed me from Hull was


there a defensive attitude. You can see it meant a lot to protect their


line. Real energy. Salford, they were a off their usual standards.


You talked about the defensive effort, we have it here and this was


a Hull shorn of a lot of it forward players, but a lot of the


established names. I think they had Marc Sneyd out, Taylor, miniature


yellow, Gareth Ellis, it just shows the game is about attitude, they had


eight players who had graduated from the academy and that is the big


success story, to go to Salford who were riding high in the league and


have those players and to win the game, should the game is not just


about experience but about your desire. These clips, you would think


Hull had 17 players out there. You seem to see more black and white


shirts and yellow shirts. I feel I should stand back given the column


that you wrote in the newspaper but Salford looked tired, these guys


have played a lot of games. You can say that, but why did Hull not


looked tired? Is it mental fatigue? It is a tough period for a player,


no doubt about it, it is difficult to get yourself up for a game over


and over again. I am not going to pick an argument. That is for sure.


It is the return of set of six as we continue to test the all-round


knowledge of the Super League storage. The centre of attention


this week is a player from Catalan. Boiled, fried, die. Chips, fries?


Pass. Barcelona, Manchester, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Shola. Billie


Jean, thriller, blame it on the boogie. ABC, now. Pass. Basketball,


soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, hockey, netball. Guitar, ukelele,


trumpet, trombone, piano, and flute. French, English, Spanish, Fijian,


Tongan, Samoan. An impressive effort there. Saint


Helens have the chance to move above Wigan but to do so they had to beat


Widnes on Friday. What do you make of the Saints? They have improved,


they have got some good players, they have got some good players,


they needed someone to come in and give them some confidence.


Everything you have heard about the new manager, he seems to be a good


coach and they're heading in the right direction. They will be


disappointed to lose going into that they will be pleased about beating


Wigan. Jonny Lomax has come back in, he had a good game at fullback, will


he be conscious of the signings that he made? We are not sure if he will


be able to play at all. It is up in the air at the moment. A great


signing for Super League. It should be exciting. Johnny has great


utility value and can play at centre back and fullback. They will find a


place for him. You look at the strength they have, they should be


doing better than they have been. Holbrooke, lots of good things


coming from their camp, I know a few of their players, the coach wants to


jail the team. You can see it on the pitch. It helps that they are pretty


much at full strength. For Widnes, Dennis was fairly honest, they were


beaten by the better team on the day. I think it is going to be hard


for them to get out of the bottom four and it is about them getting


their best form together to make sure they go at the middle eights as


hard as they can. The hottest ticket in Wakefield on Saturday night was


for Bellevue were Trinity were looking for a seventh consecutive


Super League win. Their opponents with a Leeds Rhinos.


It has been all Rhinos so far in the early stages. McGuire. Kicked to the


corner, has he got the cars to get away? He certainly has. He is


flying. He is being chased down but he will not be caught. They lights


up Bellevue with another sensational score. Then. Buoyed by that drive.


Kyle Wood goes for the corner. Has he got it down? I think he did.


McGuire. He will test the mettle of this Wakefield line. Gets it away to


Stevie Ward. He crosses for the Rhinos. We have seen this all


season. McGuire. Takes on the line and he skipped past the tackle.


Watkins goes it alone. Fiennes Briscoe, he will take on the


defence. That is really good try. Carried on running with it. Back to


Ferris. There goes Ward, along the line. Watkins has support from Tom


Briscoe. Try number two. Cuthbertson. To McGuire. There were


two players there. Leeds extend the lead. Williams takes on the line.


That makes things interesting but it might not be enough.


What do you make of their form? It is a good turnaround. If you


wondered if they could win the competition, you would say no


chance. I think one of the reasons for that has been the movement of


him into the half with Danny McGuire. They have some big


forwards. Castleford beat them in the millennium weekend. I thought


they were gritty. Wakefield had a great run in. They put that defeat


down to individual errors. Wakefield have been playing, the majority of


their players, superb. That ended on Saturday night. They got beaten by


two points. Full of confidence, playing really well. Leeds are


difficult to handle. The quarterfinal, not, that is a massive


tie. Here is the result. Castleford are


six points clear, Hull move across -- move above Wakefield. The Giants


face Saint Helens. That is on Friday. That is it for this week, my


thanks to Jamie and Michael for joining us, live coverage of the


Challenge Cup quarterfinals of the weekend and the league show will be


back in a. Goodbye.


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