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We've made it to round three of the Super League season.


But we had some big scores and a big comeback.


Ringside for round three are Ashton Sims


The full house signs were up at the Jungle on Thursday


as the early leaders, Castleford, took on Leeds.


Ten years ago, the Tigers were promoted from the championship.


COMMENTATOR: Castlemen are back and it's party time for the Tigers.


COMMENTATOR: And Castleford have won it!


He's playing a different game to everyone else.


It's a night when Leeds know they will need to perform


The locals have been looking forward to this for an awful long time.


Castleford Tigers in red-hot form against their big city rivals


And the noise provided a full house is deafening.


Springer trying to force his way over by that Leeds defence.


Is there in numbers and with some enthusiasm.


You can see Danny McGuire desperate to get numbers across there,


because Castleford have those numbers, and they are


Hardaker delays the pass, and gets it away for Greg Eden


to score the first try with only three minutes played.


A tap restart, and another six tackles to have a go here.


Andy Lynch is a very nearly over the line.


Over the top, and Minikin will finish.


Castleford have started in electrifying fashion.


Looking to get up and go here as quickly as they possibly can.


They need a response here, but not like that, they've lost it,


He feeds it to Eden, who is going to take


them all on the outside, and brushes away Handley.


Hardaker is eventually going to be hauled in and put down.


But all the momentum is with Castleford here,


Offside against those Leeds defenders.


Milner's having a glance to see where the numbers might be.


He's going to bring it wide right, and this is where the numbers are!


Given the space, it still took some finishing.


But Minikin has his second of the night.


McShane has just taken it away from Ashton Golding.


It's all going Castleford's way at the moment.


Up to that 20 metre mark in very quick time here.


And we have barely played 23 minutes of the game.


Gale is trying to make things happen down the left-hand side.


Again, it's brought in by Sene-Lefao.


Shenton eager to keep things going here.


Castleford just seem to offer a threat every time


Half an hour played, and Castleford absolutely


Webster's quick antics, back to Minikin.


Might have scored himself, but saw that McMeeken


Well, Leeds, I'm sure, will be anxious for the hooter


to sound so they can regroup and prepare themselves


for a second-half, because Castleford absolutely


Junior Moors is the latest to push through the defence.


Skips around the full-back, kicks it towards his right hand side.


Minikin is there, and Greg Minikin completes a first-half hat-trick.


Castleford complete a first half tearaway.


Well, the penalty has given them a chance to kick for goal,


but they are never going to kick for goal in a million years


They are going to keep on flowing, and keep on smiling,


the way they are playing at the moment.


And one of those is Zak Hardaker against his parent club,


Some honest endeavour down the middle.


Milner picks it up and keeps it going, and now a big driven


They've got plenty of grunt down the middle,


haven't they, Castleford, as well as the flare out wide.


McShane with a step back on the inside, and two tries


The Castleford fans are loving this tonight.


It's going to be a kick here, and a test.


Leeds just need something here to lift their spirits.


The ball bounces off the chest, rolls around,


REFEREE: Right, I've got a zero tackle.


The referee giving the try, but check the grounding,


Lovely piece of footwork here from Anthony Mullally,


He's the man who get hands on ball to score Leeds'


The Leeds fans celebrate as though it were a matchwinner.


Hardaker dealt with this time by the Leeds defenders.


Shenton taking over the duties of acting half.


Flick pass away for Webster to charge over.


Lynch edging forward to the left, but it's


gone right to McShane, who drops it back on the inside for


Massey has the ball pinned to his arms.


Gale again providing something, Hardaker with the pass


Both winners both scoring hat tricks, and Castleford


Eden is away on this left-hand side, has support here.


Gale will run away to put his name on the try scoring list.


Now in support he scores the try, and they can score from anywhere.


You can see Gale talking to his backs about what might


A little skip from him, away to Shenton.


And Michael Shenton has just joined the party.


And they do have an opportunity here with the overlap.


And Joel Moon will score a late consolation for Leeds.


But a game long since won by the razzle-dazzle of Castleford.


12 tries for them on the night, and a record Super League defeat


The whole place will be erupting with excitement very soon.


Ashton Golding might provide something special at the end.


Well, what a night for the Castleford Tigers.


66-10 against their bitterest rivals.


They are in some style at the moment.


Obviously you guys played Castleford last week.


Yes, obviously we had a taste of them the week before.


We got to see first-hand how they are playing this year,


and they are playing with a real air of confidence.


Even in these muddy conditions, you saw a few of those


Long-range, short range, offloads, finding the right pass at the end,


How impressed are you at how well they are playing


just three games in, and it is quite a new team,


Yes, the noise in pre-season coming out of Castleford


was they were going to take the league by storm with the brand


They have been outstanding, their first three games.


It's almost like tour rugby, everybody's expecting to get


the ball, and everybody's expecting to play on every plane.


You can see that by the amount of points that they've scored,


and I thought they were absolutely outstanding against Leeds.


Leeds were very disappointing, but don't take anything


Because we have two big eyes, we thought we should also


Obviously the backs are getting huge rap, and the winners


scoring loads of tries, but how important are the pack to


If you have a look here, Springer's offload to another front


row, and Andy Lynch, one of the oldest guys


in the competition, making a clean break.


You've got to love that, seeing the forwards play with each


other, and tell you what, as a defender, it's


And I think the criticism you could level Castleford last year


was that perhaps they didn't have that all the time, and particularly


when Andy Lynch was injured, you didn't have that go forward,


but I thought physically they just dominated Leeds and allowed


the back is space to play and execute very well.


Is that the key, that they are creating the space, the forwards?


Yes, they did, I thought they had Leeds on the back foot all night.


I thought they ran harder and were more effective


The Leeds forwards sometimes get four men into a tackle,


but they are not pulling down the Castleford forwards, they were


It is hard to pick out a winger, because obviously both


of them scored hat tricks, but Greg Eden, how


Obviously he's very new into the system for them.


Particularly if you are Wayne Bennett, who knows him well,


are you looking at that and thinking, maybe


Obviously he played well, he was there for a couple of years.


I think it was Nathan Brown who had a lot of raps on him coming


over to the Broncos, but this year, the way


he's started, I think the Castleford fans must be...


They were pretty bitter about the Solomona exit,


but I tell you what, with guys like Minikin


and Eden coming back in, not only do they score these


wonderful tries, but they set up a couple on the weekend, too.


And he's linking up really well with Zak Hardaker, isn't he?


He's talking about the fact that he's happy.


He's playing with a smile on his face.


How you seeing his game develop while he's Castleford?


I think Zak carrying the ball is back to how


he was in 2015 when he won the man of steel, breaking tackles.


He's got that determination about him where he just wants to win


games, but I think he has added to his game.


I was at the England training session last Monday


and he was putting balls, passing balls that I've


not seen him do before, which he has had to add to his game


and I think that is one of Darryl's great skills as a coach,


the ability to upskill the players he brings into his side


I think that's a great sign for full-back too,


is one you can pick the right side, but two you can also play


at the back at full speed but then have the mindset to steady up.


Bring defenders into you, and find the pass, either fit the winger,


the centre or the winger, the way he started I think


the Castleford fans must be pretty happy.


Gary Hetherington has put an open letter out of the fans today.


Amongst it, he says, "This month is an important one


with games against Catalan, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Wigan.


At its end, we will be in a much better position to make an accurate


judgment on the performance of all our players,


coaching staff and senior management including myself."


What do you make of him saying that?


I think he is stopping knee jerk reactions.


We have got to remember we are four rounds into Super League and I think


that letter and the tone of that letter is yes, we understand


some things aren't right, the performance was humiliating,


it's not where we want to be, but give us another four weeks.


Let's get nearly to Easter and judge us then when we have had time


to perhaps get our full squad out on the pitch and we have had two


Do you feel though that possibly for the first time,


despite what happened last year, that Brian McDermott's position


I think Brian is the right man for the job.


If I would have been a Leeds fan, if it had been Leeds at home, full


strength squad against Castleford and you got beat by that many


But if it was Leeds away at Castleford, missing eight or nine


regular players in a derby that Castleford were waiting for,


I reckon Castleford targeted that game in pre-season and thought,


we will try and embarrass the Rhinos here.


Last year's meeting between Salford and Warrington went right down


to the wire as Chris Sandow kicked the winning point


They met again on Saturday, no Sandow anymore, but watching


COMMENTATOR: Smart move from Salford.


O'Brien slips a gap, gets away, and he's put down just short


They are going to get Sa'u in at the corner!


Flicks the ball away, a lovely little pass to Declan Patton.


He shrugs off Gareth O'Brien and touches down.


It is flicked away, picked up by Griffin.


He will skirt the line here, looking for a gap may be.


Hughes takes it beautifully, he's going to rumble


Again, switched the point of the attack, and it's Griffin


causing all sorts of problems on this left edge for Salford.


He's put that one down over the back of his head.


So much asked of him in guiding this Warrington side around the field.


Patton manages to smuggle the ball away.


Gidley looms the pass out to Johnson!


Jack Johnson, really fine try for Warrington.


Tomkins is there, Salford in full flow.


O'Brien from the tee, and he keeps up this


They are lining up the big men on this left-hand side.


The ball will come out the back to Lui, onto Dobson.


Slides in a kick, Sa'u will get there.


That's a great finish, just before the line!


Tomkins comes back to this left edge, where Mossop


The ball has come loose and it has been stripped, says Jack Smith.


O'Brien to finish it off, Warrington still without a win.


At this stage of the year, I think you're going to get some


I'm not making excuses for any of us about the standard of rugby league.


We all go in underdone at this time of the year


because we have such long seasons, and so I don't think you necessarily


can determine who is going to win the competition in the first few


weeks, and I don't think you're going to necessarily pick


who is going to come last in the comp either in


It was a great response from the Leeds game.


We spoke earlier in the week about the kind of things


we could control and the grit and determination we have shown


today again against a few rough calls, I felt,


Is the way we came through that and we have come


through the other side, that was pleasing as a group


We will get to Warrington in a minute, but how impressed


were you with Salford and the solidity that


Yes, they have bounced back really strong for the million pound match.


I think guys like O'Brien and Junior Sa'u, they have big games


for Salford on the weekend and I can see them doing really


Salford obviously are up against Hull KR in that million


pound game, don't want to bring it back for you too much,


but how much is that motivating them, do you think,


Well, anybody who was involved in that game will probably never


want to be involved in it again, I'm sure.


Let's remember, if it hadn't been for the previous year


caps deduction, they wouldn't have even been


in the bottom four and they wouldn't have been in the middle eight.


They are a better side than the position said last year.


But do you think it has brought them together as a unit because the core


I think bad experiences and good experiences bring


I think going through that experience would have done.


They are always going to be a tough side to beat,


they were a tough side to beat last year and have just brought up


And so to you guys, yet to win in Super League.


It seems amazing to those of us who saw you absolutely hammer


Yes, I know, a few weeks ago we probably played one


of the better games I have probably been involved with at Warrington


but I can tell you right now that there is no lack


of confidence or deflation around the club.


We did our video, we copped our medicine yesterday


We have got probably one of the competition's strongest


teams coming to our home ground this weekend.


Is that the kind of game you think maybe you need, in that Wigan,


the focus on Brisbane was so big for you that maybe you have dipped


off and maybe Wigan coming to the Grand Final is what you need?


Yes, well we have had some really tough battles


with Wigan over the years, especially the couple


of years I have been here, obviously the Grand Final.


I think once you get back to your home ground,


it gives you a lift anyway but against a local rival


like Wigan, I think they are definitely going to be up


for it and we are going to be up for it big time, so come Thursday


So, what were you picking out that video?


Without going too much into it, I know there are handling errors


at times and penalties at times, but take nothing away from Salford,


I thought they were clinical and they took their half chances.


We have got two days to prepare for one of the biggest


matches of the year, which is Wigan at home.


And how important to get that first win in Super League?


Because it can't be nice sitting at the bottom.


No, it's not great, is not a great feeling.


With the squad we have got in, you know, every team has got


We've got a couple of injuries but we are certainly


With the team we have got out there, we shouldn't the bottom,


We are fighters over there at Warrington,


For once the weather in the south of France made us


all happy to stay at home - it was a rainy afternoon


in Perpignan for the visit of Widnes Jamie, and Catalans have


They were looking like they were on course to do


the same when they go out in front through Williams.


Terrible conditions, you don't often get that at Catalans,


but you have got to give Widnes credit for getting


To go 14-0 down, this is a bit of a fortuitous try


Nice footballing skills, he's shown those before, hasn't he?


Yes, he has got that ability about him.


He was playing well at the start of the year.


I think him and Walsh are good for the side.


Yes, we had them in Round 1 and they just seem like we were


talking about before, the real perfect


Both got a great kicking game so I don't know


And defensively they seem to be playing more as a unit perhaps maybe


New guys in there like Sam Moa and Greg Bird have got


It may have given them some kind of defensive lift, I'm not sure,


but the way they are playing at the moment, you know,


the big mobile pack and I think they will do really well as well.


Widnes did well to come back into this, and how important


for them after the start of the season they've had.


I think it's outstanding from Widnes to come back into this.


From 14-0 in these conditions to come back and outscore them.


A little bit of luck there for them, but if you notice all of the Widnes


tries come off in and around the acting half.


They have had to change how they are going to play this year


because they've lost Kevin Brown to Warrington, then they have lost


Mellor, lost Gilmot, all the half-backs so the key


for them now is in and around the hooker role.


And I think if you had asked Widnes when they were 14-0 down,


would you have a point, they would say yes, but at full


Or only kicked one and scored three tries.


They will say it is probably a point lost in the end


And confidence wise, what can this do for them?


Everyone has been tipping them to finish bottom and they have gone


to a team that is undefeated, been 14-0 down, come back


into the game, outscore them three tries to come away with a point.


I think it is great for Widnes they have been able to do that.


They are going to need that confidence because they


They certainly do, they will be tested there.


The Fourth Round draw for the Challenge Cup paired


Bradford with Featherstone, and that tie will bring


back memories of their semifinal meeting in 1983.


It was a match that saw the try of season.


I'll let the late David Coleman reveal the winner.


Just right now I want to come to the result of the Rugby league


You will remember we showed you seven of the season's best tries


and I asked you to nominate the top three in order of preference.


Our judges were very French and Alex Murphy,


our Rugby League Cup final commentators, and your selection had


Well now here they are in reverse order.


In third place was try B scored by Ian Robinson


In second place was try G scored by James Leuluai for Hull,


when they beat Castleford to reach the Challenge Cup final.


COMMENTATOR: Beautiful change of pace!


And in first place, try F, scored by Ellery Hanley


for Bradford Northern in the first semifinal of the Challenge Cup.


Goodness gracious me, this could be the try of the season!


And the first correct postcard out of a massive entry


was from Mr H Bagley of Illingworth, Halifax in West Yorkshire.


Well, Mr Bagley is our guest today at the Challenge Cup final,


with his wife he supports Halifax but he would love to see


He has been to Wembley a couple of times before, a long time ago,


Yes, any player in and around my age, he was their idol.


I remember watching him, he was a fantastic player,


Obviously for me I was a Leeds Rhinos supporter


and when he came to Leeds he was a top try scorer.


Changed the way forwards played, was always supporting on the inside.


I have been fortunate enough to meet him a few times.


It's not very often you get to meet your idol.


The performance of Marc Sneyd during Hull's defeat against Catalan


last week had plenty of people talking, not least the former


Great Britain international Gary Schofield, who said he'd want


Sneyd and Hull were back on the field in Huddersfield.


Hull arrived at the John Smith stadium with a record of won one,


lost one with just three tries in their opening two games.


Danny Brough was making his 200th appearance for the Giants,


but with 13 players unavailable for the home side,


COMMENTATOR: Sneyd is away on the far side,


Brian Hinchcliffe, oh he has passed the ball straight to Sneyd,


Houghton again, this time he will fling it back


Kelly goes himself, wonderful, it is great stuff from Kelly.


Sees Sneyd, Sneyd towards the line, and Sneyd with a try.


Wonderful stuff, and Kelly is in for his second.


Here comes Sneyd, good pass out to Talanoa.


Talanoa is one-on-one, he's got Griffin in support.


Griffin is in, and Griffin will ground the ball,


Sam Wood is in for Huddersfield Giants.


More speculative, and Kelly will get it.


Surely Griffin has a chance to stretch away.


STUDIO: A resounding 40 point margin of victory for Hull.


28 points for Marc Sneyd, and happy head coach.


This time of year is just about trying to


build a bit of fluency with the ball.


And hopefully tonight will go towards doing that, I think, and you


will see a little bit better from us against St Helens next week.


We had a lot of players obviously didn't


play today, but we didn't make things easy for ourselves.


We probably handed for five tries on a


platter to Hull, so it was not great.


We have a lot of players that are young and inexperienced out


there, there were some real basic errors and fundamental errors that


Have you scored many try hat-tricks in your career?


That's my first one, so I'm happy with that.


There has been a lot of talk, certain comments that


Has that had any effect on you at all?


I think it has bothered the people around me more than it's


I couldn't care less, I'll be honest with you.


Pleased for Marc, obviously, he has come through a bit


And it wasn't his best performance last


week by any stretch, but like all good players,


You know, in the best possible way, and that is scoring a


hat-trick and kicking obviously Huddersfield


to death, so that is a


I have little doubt that Garry Schofield


will take the credit for


Do the players take any notice at all of


I think Gary's got an overinflated sense of


his own importance over whether he motivated Marc Sneyd.


I think my dealing with Marc is he is a pretty


laid-back kind of guy, and I think he will have wanted


I think players have their own personal pride in the


performance, and know when you've not played well, and all players


have that who stay at the top along time, because you know if you've not


delivered, you want to deliver the next week, and I think that's


You know Albert Kelly obviously very well.


How do you see him and Sneyd going as the season


I think they will complement each other.


He's got a great kicking game, and he runs


With Albert Kelly it is more about his running game, and


his ability to score a try out of anything.


Huddersfield obviously very much down on troops.


Still, though, Rick Stone saying guilty of


They need some players back, I guess?


Yes, it is a bit tough, obviously they were down


But they just ran into a red-hot Hull FC team.


Marc Sneyd on the back of those criticisms just gave all his critics


out there 28 reasons not to doubt him again.


But I've had a good relationship with Rick Stone.


I know he'll get the best out of his troops, and once they get a few guys


back, I think Huddersfield, they'll be all right.


Do you think they have the depth in their squad, though, to


We had them in our second warm up game, and they


Guys like Tommy Symons, and there is a few


guys who will probably get a little bit longer


immediate, I think they should do well.


I think most teams, if you put out a fully fit team against a team


with nine or ten players out, they will hammer them.


We saw a lot of close games in the first couple of


rounds because they both had nearly fully fit sides out, and the two


blow away scores have been almost fully fit


sides against those with


But ultimately, does it come as you get


towards the end of the season, is it those ones that have got the depth


You look at the people who are not playing yet.


The depth of your squad gets you high up in the league, and


then at the back end of the year, it's about having your best players


You need your best 17 out if you want to win the Grand


Final, it is probably your 17 to 25 who determine where you are going to


Well, Saint Helens has not been a happy hunting ground for Wakefield


Their last win was at Knowsley Road back in


They were back in town again on Friday, and Dave Woods was


COMMENTATOR: Wood's having a good look around here to see what might


He's made a bit of yardage there as well.


Good length straight from Arona to put them within five metres


Here's Ashurst first, closing in again.


Just trying to slow things down here, James Roby, and the referee


So, Williams with a chance to kick the first two points of the night,


But might be a valuable contribution on a night as


Outfield again looking to size them up here,


Lots of mistakes from both sides, but


Wakefield it would seem are handling the conditions just the better at


the moment, and providing a bit of width here.


From Mason Caton-Brown. Well, the referee wants another look. Thinks


it's a try. The grip on the ball is pretty good. The dive is terrific.


And that is a mighty fine finish from Mason Caton-Brown. Try given,


and that is one of those WoW tries from the Wakefield winger. Looking


to roll forward again, and they are looking to test on that right


right-hand side again. Williams goes down for a second time, and adjudged


to have just a little too much interference here, so another


penalty. Hardly surprising they are going for two. It is going to be a


10-0 lead with Williams' goal. Wakefield rolling on. Issuing all


kinds of instructions here, James Roby, and McCarthy-Scarsbrook is


throwing himself on the line. Wakefield defenders just about


hanging on here, look how close they are here. Desperately needing


revival of spirits. It is Ryan Morgan now who has it, and he is


over to score. St Helens finally on the scoresheet here. And boy, how


much did they need that, with half-time looming? You can see how


bad conditions are here. It is not a night for free-flowing rugby league.


They are old-fashioned conditions, with an old-fashioned response


required. St Helens moving it left, and suddenly there is a chance here


for Percival. St Helens have another, and suddenly they are


perking up in this second half. Finding the fight.


It's a slam forward by Walmsley. Roby rolling in again. They are


searching out now. Trying to make some space for Percival, who has got


his second, has he? Yes, he has. Mark Percival with a second, and


Saint Helen for the first time just pushing their noses in front. They


are testing again here. Held up short, St Helens defending


desperately. Finn once more, and Miller is on the chase. Has he


touched it down? There is a complaint here from Wakefield. What


is the referee saying? REFEREE: No try, I want to check for


a penalty try. Looking for the penalty try.


Richardson came in here. Has he done enough to take Miller of the ball to


warrant a penalty try being given. There is no way he has touched it


down. But would he have done had it not been for that infringement? The


video refs says he would, and Wakefield are going to get a famous


victory here, and it is going to be back-to-back defeat the Mac Helens.


Let's get straight to that final penalty try. What do you think? It


is opinion, you can't be 100% that it is a try, but if they don't score


it, how can you be sure? You say, he has a strong chance of scoring, I


think he has a strong chance of scoring. I'm with JP. We had a chat


about this before. I think Miller has got a real strong chance, and it


is a bit body on body. Oh, man. I don't know. I'm on the fence on this


one. I think it is a penalty try. I'd have backed into score if he


hadn't have been interfered with. That is that one done. Wakefield


deserved to win the game? I thought Wakefield were the better side. I


thought Saint Helens Kmart all guns blazing, Wakefield were good value


for their win. If Smith kicks three goals, a couple of conversions, that


is your story, but fair play to Wakefield. Interestingly, Wakefield


have got very close in the first two games, but at least you have


Brisbane to look at. If they have narrowly lost again, how hard would


that have been for them? I guess you feel you deserve to win. It is


always deflating when you have been in matches and then you just don't


get those two points at the end of it, especially this year, it has


been quite tough, but with the players that Wakefield got in trying


conditions again, like the Catalans stuff, it was just chopped up, but


they came out with the game, and it tells you a lot about your team's


character when you can grind out a game like that, especially when you


haven't won at a place like the talent and a couple of years. Given


the difficult conditions, how good was Mason back to's try? This was


such a finish. I think it was finished, the bar has been raised,


particularly with the rule about taking out the corner post on that.


That is a great try in these conditions. That is what you want,


ball out in front. I tell you what, that would be a top two try. Like


you say, very slick, and Wakefield deserved the win, and they deserved


it, because they have no money in the bag, they haven't won since


June, whereas you guys have the performance against Brisbane in


terms of winning. And said Helens Jamie alluded to it, surprised to


see them start so slowly again. Yes, it is hard for me to talk about


teams starting slow, but we are talking about squad depth on the


show a lot, and they have got a good squad depth there, so I think Kieron


Cunningham, he just needs to get his troops back up for this week. We


have had a tough start, but... It is difficult for them next week, I


think they go to Hull. This Wakefield game is one they should


have won. Time to test the all-round knowledge about Super League stars


instead of six. This week's challenger is Saint Halinska Kyle


Amor. Chicken, lamb, beef, steak, dear... Um... Pork!


Blackbird, goose, ostrich... Pigeon. Seagull Ade hawk. Pass.


Javelin, fencing, hurdles, diving, swimming, discus.


Whitehaven, Workington, Barrow, Um... Dalton, Carlisle.


Boy bands? Take that, oasis, stone roses, The Killers... Take That? Did


I say that? In sync. Um... Is that six? Oh! My mind is blank here.


That's shocking, isn't it? Ashton, if I say carry on films, do you even


know what we are talking about? Seagulls? We will educate you later


on. Lee made the seven mile journey to the DW Stadium, and what you make


of Wigan's start of the season, Ashton?


Red-hot. We were talking of air before, they have done brilliantly.


He has had a start of the season, in a second we see Joe Burgess getting


injured. How difficult will that be for them? That is when we start


talking about squad types. Yes, they have others out as well, but they


have younger players they can bring in. But it will be a loss for the


Wigan side. George Williams, Wayne Bennett made a lot of play during


the England four nations about having to come out and control the


game. I use seeing him control the game more? I think he has been at


the heart of everything Wigan have done, and every week he seems to be


stepping up in performance and being more and more company. And


all-round, Wigan have dealt with the challenge, they seem to have managed


to grind out the results. Yes, and on the back of a long string of


performances, from Williams, from McLoughlin. They are all over the


pitch. And Lee, just beaten by the better team? Yes, I think they have


been impressive. When you win the Grand Final, you get confidence, and


you can see that from the way they have played on the results they have


got since those two big aims. So, the champions are still unbeaten,


and here's how they stand after Round 3 of the Betfred Super League.


Castleford lead the way ahead of champions Wigan. Warrington remain


on the foot of the table. Live commentary of Hull FC against St


Helens on five live sports extra, and the Super League Show returns


next Monday night at 11:30pm, with the one o'clock repeat on Tuesday.


And you can join us whenever you like on the BBC iPlayer. That's it


this week, thank you to Ashton and Jamie for joining us. We will see


you next week. Goodbye.


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