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Round 6, time to get the show on the road. We do top but pre-season


favourites Warrington are at the bottom. It's been a funny old season


so far. Today, the Tigers are looking to get back to winning ways.


Welcome to Castleford! Castleford are so easy on the eye.


Straight through the middle! What a superb try. They are taking Leeds


apart here. What a performance! They are sparkling here tonight.


We're building up to Castleford against Catalan, I'm joined by the


two Gregs. How was your shoulder? Not too bad. Not as bad as I first


thought, it could have been worse. I'm staying positive, hopefully back


in a few weeks. The pair of you are flying, 17 tries between you, is it


a competition? We had a bit of a chat a few weeks back and said, who


can get the most before his birthday, today is going to be the


deal, if I get to today, I'll have one. I have heads up on him, I have


an extra game! I tried to get any trials that Joel scored on my telly


but it didn't work, so I had to ask him not to pass the ball. The fans


have been getting behind you, what is it like? The fans are so close to


the ground, they get a lot in here, other teams seem to bring a lot of


fans as well to the atmosphere is always really good and loud. It's


like having an extra man. For you, have you enjoyed coming home?


Definitely commits my hometown, to play for this club means a lot to


me, especially to be playing down here again, it's going to be great.


Thank you for joining us, going get ready and we hope to see you on the


pitch very soon. They will have a look at the rest of the Round 6,


starting with Wigan at home to Hull. This will be a try! Michaels is in


for Hull FC. He makes the corner! He opens the


scoring in the second half. The Wigan players caught the ball,


he has granted it, it's a try and it is a try.


This will be a try! Georgia Williams will score it.


Tom Davies dives in and this game might not be over just yet!


For a team like Wigan, give to take your chances. Very proud of our


efforts. I described that game... It's like lighting a match and


throwing it in, into petrol tank. Burning all the fuel and the running


on fumes or second half, that's what we did, we went in at 50% in the


first half, the errors, not acceptable, I don't think. Really


disappointed with that. That game goes on another five minutes, we


operate. We are joined by the Castleford coach. You were on the


show a couple of years ago and said, who would be a coach? I am guessing


Lee Radford went through the ringer. It's difficult when you get so far


in front and you expect your guys to finish the game and the opposition


gets a bit of ascendancy and it's difficult to stop that. Wigan had a


few troops missing but there are still the best teams and they create


opportunities and they ended up hanging on in the end. Albert Kelly


is looking awfully good for Hull. The try he scored shows what a great


player he is, his strength when he went on the floor to get up and


score the try, it was amazing, he's such a good player, he has


exceptionally well. Perhaps last year he wasn't at his best but


certainly they have a way of getting the best out of him now. He will be


pleased with the character of the site in the second half. Early in


the season, they have a significant injuries which caused a lot of


trouble, he will be looking at the character and wanting to build on


that. You are lying Wigan with character, they are one of those


teams that hanging, and you can never really get rid of them. But


they have lost the game so he won't be happy with that, and at home as


well. You will lost the first time last week, how have they responded


in training and hell have you been with them, were you cross? You raise


your voice a bit, you have to get your point across, but I respect the


respond this week, they have trained respond this week, they have trained


exceptionally well all week and I think we are ready to perform so we


will find out. I will give them some pointers can some reminders of what


we have said during the week, then it's over to them. They are ready to


go, they shouldn't need too much from me. And the guys will get out


there and hopefully they have all the messages and they are good


players, they should know what they are doing. Thank you, from the top


of the table to the bottom, Warrington were still looking for


their first win in Super League this season, they will act St Helens.


A push by Morgan. They have a play in the back, St Helens, where does


it go from here? The referee thinks that Russell may


have grabbed it with the replay suggests not. I think this is a try.


The deadlock, finally broken, half an hour played.


I winced combine the chase, St Helens with the try. --


He puts the afterburners on Capri has the pace and the support here.


Warrington Wolves Magri defence is beaten again, three tries in six


minutes for St Helens, what a finish to this first half. They have taken


the game by the scruff of its neck. They need something to lift their


games in this season, Warrington, a little bit of class could build


their confidence. He is through, Warrington have a score. A foothold


in the game. The kick from Percival will give his


side a three score lead again if he's successful. And he is.


We'll keep on the right foot, St Helens are there in numbers. He


holds off the two defenders to score the try. Warrington left looking at


themselves again, Adam Swift the scorer.


Another great game from Alex Walmsley, what a season he's having.


Smith put it over, 25-6. He reboots his St Helens career with a one


point here tonight. He has to go to ground. Lee. In


comes at Walmsley on the charge. Alex Walmsley over the top of


defenders. No stopping Saint Helens now. The try that absolutely seals


it doesn't he deserves that moment. Warrington's gloom remains, six from


six now. Matty Smith. What did you make of it? Keary and Cunningham has


harped on about it. When Matty Smith broke his leg, it was going to be


difficult for them. His performance over the weekend was great. His


accuracy as we saw from that kick was sublime. It gives an assurance


to them as a team and you sort their confidence grow when he is on the


field. What can he do to free up other players? Jon Wilkin 's kicking


game was amazing from the second row. It is just his voice. It just


allows Matty Smith's voice to echo and freeze a lot of other players to


play their own game. John Wilkins is a left town to -- left footed


player. It is absolutely crucial


to the success of St Helens, I don't think they've got long


enough to discuss that. I think that the competitiveness


of Super League at the moment and with the salary cap


doing its work and making teams closer, you're always going to get


one or two casualties throughout the year if they are not


at their optimum level The way they performed


against Brisbane. They are in a hole, down


on confidence and it is a time when they have to stick together,


to be able to pull this around and the only way you do


that is to work hard and everybody staying on the same page


and hopefully they can do that. Two more games to catch


up on starting with Salford already have


one try ruled out. Surprised a few people


already this season. Being really influential Robert Lui,


and again out of the right-hand Tomkins again, this time they go


to the left and Lui finds Griffin. O'Brien, big Ben Murdoch-Masila,


can he get over? Four tries in a little over ten


minutes for Salford. A rare foray into Salford


territory for Widnes and they have made a mess


of it, haven't they? Across comes Thomson


with the tackle. Dominant Salford display


and they want more. Lui again and again


on the right-hand side. Embarrassing for Widnes


this first half. We have not seen this very


often and Widnes attack Thompson struggles it


into the corner, it Really has been an


excellent performance. Watson signed a new contract,


the Salford coach, Carney, more influential


since he has been introduced. Really impressive


on his Salford debut. Todd Carney straight down


the middle, has he got support? Craven manages to make the tackle


but the numbers are stacking up Gareth O'Brien, fabulous


again from Salford. Widnes and their fans will be glad


to hear the final hooter. It has been a nightmare


night for the Vikings. Lady luck smiles on Widnes


right at the end. Rhys Hanbury with the try,


Salford win in spectacular fashion. On the whole we are pleased


with our performance. It was what we spoke about


as a team, all through the week, which was backing up


the win against Castleford. We felt we came up short


and let ourselves down. We did not back up


against Wakefield. We won one and lost one


and we wanted to put that as early That were a team that needs to be


taken seriously all the time. It is again where that lack


of confidence has gone. We had just gone from being good


players to bad players Cuthbertson goes to the line


and gets the pass to Maguire. Last tackle only three


players on the short side. A chase on and Leeds


have got a second try. He is in and Huddersfield Giants


with back-to-back tries. Last one down the right side


they go, shipped on. People still coming


in from the half-time break. Must be something good


happening elsewhere. Teams are coming together,


punches are being thrown. The ball came out and all


of a sudden the two I think he's going to give


Danny Brough enough time and enough distance from Carl Ablett who has


also been shown a yellow card. Baldwinson I think has managed


to score, yes he has. Joining me we have Jodie Broughton


from the Catalans. Salford, one of your old teams,


how impressed are you with how I think they are a very consistent


side and they have built up really They are a side that


people dread playing There are really strong up


front, a very fit side. What do you think your old team-mate


Todd Carney can bring to them? He is outstanding at


the back as first receiver. He was good for us in the last few


years but he struggled with injuries and if he can keep fit,


he will be outstanding. For Widnes, it is tough


they have a lot of players out, but Dennis was saying


that his side was soft. I think if you looked


at Widnes before the season, they were fragile with the depth


of squad and they have a lot of injuries and you might


say they were soft, but they are using a lot of backs


and it is always difficult. Salford are playing


exceptionally well. They have probably got their best 17


on and Widnes proudly had 16 or 17 It could potentially


be a long season. How impressed have you been


with Leeds since they had You're going to have games


like they had here at Castleford because there are some good sides


and we are going to see a good side today in Castleford but the way


they responded is great and that is how you know


you will have a good season, Everyone seems to have reacted


the same way and they are looking Huddersfield are always


difficult to beat and it was How have you guys been preparing


for this, they must know how well Castleford started the season


even though they have Castleford are the side


to watch this year. They are throwing the ball


about a bit, even in wet conditions. They probably play the most


expansive kind of rugby. I thought it was going to be a big


loss, but Zac Hardacre stepped up and his kicking game has been


outstanding as well It will be tough for us today,


especially with these Obviously we can see that you're


going to be out for quite some time and a lot of other players are out


as well, Greg Bird, Yes, we are down on troops


but we have got the personnel in the squad and some good strength


and depth, a lot of good French players coming through,


that will give them opportunity We have a lot of people in the team


who can step up when they need to. Jodie, thank you for joining us,


I hope you are back out there soon. Down the road at Wakefield,


they kicked off around six Wakefield looking for a big


response after their defeat and the manner of their defeat


against Leeds last week. Leigh understandably cock-a-hoop,


newly promoted, but three wins under their belts already,


including that notable victory against Warrington,


this time last week. At dummy half, he throws


it left to Acton. He has got numbers


at his right hand side. Wakefield getting close,


throws it backwards, Grix slices over and Wakefield


have the lead for the first time. Studied looks from the coaching


staff, and Mickey Higham, for the 1 millionth time


potentially, from that Leigh, working it across again,


the numbers are wide. Grix, struggling to his feet,


Mickey Higham, and they have bashed their way over through Sam


Hopkins. Pelissier to that right-hand side,


back in comes Crooks, Arundel getting up to his feet


here and Leigh looking with fear Johnston takes it on,


a couple of defenders. Boy did that take on scoring


and it is well worth celebrating. It is the hard knocks


down the middle again. One over the top and it is


going to be a try here. But it is not given,


it is a forward pass. One tackle to go in this set,


he jabs it through and Jacob Miller, The referee wants to


have a look at this. The kick from then and Miller,


does he get it down? The referee on the field


says it is a try and it All square again with


20 minutes to play. Wakefield looking down


this left-hand side. Fifita, a swarm of Leigh


defenders holding on. He says try on the field


and the evidence, it is that short? That suggests he might have hit


something white, which is enough. The tab look again from this angle,


is this any more convincing? Remember, the referee says he has,


it's a try, so the benefit of the doubt goes to enjoy and Bishop and


it's a big, big moment for Wakefield.


A chance to attack this Wakefield line. Here they come.


It's out of play, of the boot of Reynolds, and the opportunity has


been missed. And this, from their point of view, might be the one that


got away. That was quite some comeback from


Wakefield? They have done this on a couple of occasions, it shows the


strength of depth of the squad they have got, there is a belief within


the squad that they cannot win games late on, it terrific result for


them. First off, Leigh were looking to refit, but they will be


disappointed with the second-half. They have a lot of experienced


players on the field, they will be bitterly disappointed they have


thrown that the lead away. They started the season exceptionally


well, that is gone missing. Castleford's Chief Executive is


joining us, a beautiful day, the crowds coming in, all set? Looking


for a good, tough encounter and we had a bit of a setback last week,


hopefully 5:30 p.m., we will be top of the league. There was a lot of


talk about the ground, franchising, what about yourselves, where you


with the building of new ground? We have a lot of work done, started


with the plan about four years back, we have got to where we are today,


millions have been invested in it already and by Twenty20 I think


we'll be in our new stadium. What have you made of what has gone on in


Wakefield, they are looking about franchising, if somebody comes in


with the right money, maybe they will give up that Super League spot?


You can't put a price on people's dreams, aspirations, there is no


price, millions don't explain it to me. It's a passion, you can't solve


that, it's a sport, its history that priceless for me, there is no price


on Castleford Tigers, I'm sure they will work their socks off to make


sure there is rugby league in Wakefield. What have you made of


this debate? I agree with Steve, you can't put a price on passion, you


see the home fans, it means everything to them. Whitfield is


exactly the same. To sell the franchise is something I don't think


is feasible, I know there is talk about it but that's why we love the


sport, to sell the franchise is not realistic. Michael has been honest


that Bellevue, they can't grow the club while they are there, for


yourself, where do you hope, when you get the new ground, you can take


Castleford? We see ourselves as a top four sides in the making now, if


we can get there and get the revenue in by opening 365 days a year, the


hospitality that's what's holding us back. I don't want to go from this


list, we have about 30 or 40 games here before we move, I want


everybody to soak it in because when we do move, they won't be a dry eye


in the house. The biggest thing will be taking the new stadium's


atmosphere? Fans create atmosphere and if we take the fans to the


stadium, they will create it. Today it's Castleford Tigers against the


Catalan Dragons. Was it a blip last weekend at


Salford? Will out. I think he has pushed his way


forward in the corner. Jack Smith, the revelry, awards the try and


Catalan are ahead! The Tigers. No difference whatsoever and Richie


Myler gets a second try. This is the first time that


Castleford have been inside the Catalan 20 with the ball.


First attack, first try. Castleford back in the game.


What a pass! Millington with the try. Julie Amores again, absolutely


terrific. Castleford now getting a head of


steam up. Different side after going 40-0 down.


The veteran winger, terrific dive, what a finish, Castleford hit the


front for the first time. Chipped towards the corner, on the


stroke of half-time, what a play from Castleford. The scrum against


the head, his ninth try. They haven't won here in five years,


Catalan. It will have been an important half-time talk. They have


to start strongly. Garcia, brought down. You feel that


Catalan have to score first. Anderson with the try, and I think


Castleford were looking for a forward pass.


Great entertainment, Sunday afternoon in Super League, we love


it. That's a crucial try to extend their lead.


Brilliant from Castleford. A magnificent Castleford try. The


Tigers doing what the Tigers do best.


It's been a great performance from the Tigers, Luke Gale with the drop


goal just to make absolutely sure. He's still going! Ten tries for the


season. He is now Super League's top try scorer.


It will be too little, too late but it will be a Catalan try.


First place in Super League to the Castleford Tigers. Started the first


half and the second half well, but in between, some unbelievable pieces


of play, it's a little bit scary for a coach, but we have the challenge


opposition defences. Luckily enough I got a couple in that game, so


between me and Greg, I have come off best but I'm lucky wasn't playing


today. Sometimes it is good to watch, the points came in, we got to


where we should have been. You appeared to be enjoying every second


of it. It's brilliant, the community, the fans, it's fantastic,


I am just enjoying life, and all spoils. First 15 minutes, it was


pleasing, and at the back of that, they couldn't defend, we made some


errors in yardage, and the back of that, couldn't defend so we need to


fix that is quickly as possible. What you make of that game? I think


both coaches will be frustrated, some good play from both teams, but


defensively, a lot to work on particularly for the Catalan


Dragons, I think they leaked too many easy tries, Laurent will be


Italy disappointed, a lot of work to do if they want to hit the top form.


Castleford played some nice stuff. Did you feel they were too eager to


please? I think so, I think they have two prepare themselves for the


big games, the semifinals and finals that ultimately they are going to be


in, when you are playing hot, you have to play in a controlled way and


I don't think the did that today, a bit too excited, when you come up


against the big teams can be get punished and Catalan word could


enough today to punish them but they need to improve if they want to win


things this year. Let's see where that leaves them and everyone else


in the table. That's it from Castleford. We are


back in the studio next week when amongst the highlights we will have


leaves against Wigan. A middle-aged woman


chasing after a teenage boy...


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