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Yes, Castleford and Wigan leading the way after round four,


We're about to find out in the company of St Helens' Kyle


It was Sunday Best for Super League with the joint leaders kicking


The sparkling tonight. So stop they have barged off it. It is touched


down. Castleford get the drive. Pushed forward. 12 metres away from


the Castleford line. You can feel the expectation growing from the


Salford supporters. Here is Flanagan.


Grandin. Greg Minnich in will score some spectacular touchdowns this


year. Never as many that take as much determination as that. I think


he has heard himself. Seems to have done something to the shoulder going


down there. Massilla has dropped the ball, he has not. Atlantic every


young. Swings, touches down right in front of sticks. The try is given.


14 and a half minutes, that isn't age lefty blade. Dobson, goes


romping through. Just cut down. Tries to get up and play it. The


referee says he was impeded. Penalty in front of the sticks. O'Brien.


Ball goes where it needs to go. 12-12. It comes to Dobson. That is


tackled three, just to the left of the sticks. O'Brien going for the


drop goal. Popping it between the sticks. He might have given Salford


a real big win today. We deserved to get beaten, quite a few lessons to


learn, for us. People asking me, in the week about going all season


undefeated. Put that to bed pretty quickly. We need to move on. Lessons


for us today. We need to learn. Someone just said, the drop goal has


come up. While he is knocking them over, a lot of pressure to take the


responsibility. He stepped up to the fore. On the bigger picture, looking


at the team, what they have done as a unit, they have done everything we


spoke about during the week. Phenomenal against the pack that


people have been struggling to handle.


Ian Watson wouldn't tell us what the Salford game plan was,


so what is the way to beat Castleford Brian?


Two things someone was going to catch up with Castleford, put a bit


of pressure on them. They spilled more bored than they usually do.


Full credit, he has got his players fired up. Handling the big


Castleford people. All of a sudden a different game. Looking quite


impressive, Salford? Did not even use Todd Carney? We have been


speaking about that, quite surprised. If they can get the job


done without him, credit to them. Ian Watson doing a great job. He


will be pleased with that, Lutz lot set by chemical unit. Safety tested


in the view that well. Credit itself is in this coming from. And, one


that looks like a monster. With the Vincent Martin, very fanciful, fifth


Ave. Without having played in his mind was yes, just fluffing it is.


Credit to him for fancy that. Sheer size of a guy, just a handful. Only


one winner, travelling like that. To succeed even doing that. They say is


not fully fit there. If that is what they are saying. He chuckles, no


rights of the five players. And by Cecil. The asking questions of the


defence. The only things right; this right. Another drop goal from Gareth


O'Brien. So filled with the situation. You can drop goal for


sure. When they are important. For Castleford, their first in fact. In


a funny sort of way can they learn more about themselves this week than


the first month of the season? I think so. The leaflet, the defeat


was always give from this. It is Vanity Fair. If you are going to


lose, the five point. Not this incentive is Daryl


So over to Wigan where the Huddersfield Giants


And the visitors were first over the line Brian.


Huddersfield were determined. Gaskell coming back in the team has


helped them. McGillvary is in. Coming from the other side of the


field. Terrific pace. Running from 90 metres, clocking off after that.


Gaskell getting the one metre. Week in comeback, nice shapes and


structures. Getting over the line. Topsy-turvy afternoon. -- Wiggin


coming back. Mackintosh coming in the team. The full-back, played


really well. Yet another debutant winger scoring for Wigan. Great


credit to the system they have at Wigan. Danny Brough knocking one


over. The only try of the second half. A big effort. He gets astride,


Anthony, strong, fast. Palms off Danny Brough. Get the evening it all


out again back we have I have seen a lot worse than that.


What does that say that the character? It shows a lot.


Especially when you go to Wiggin, involving a tight game. You are


defending your line. As good as you can. In those games, growing in


confidence. Obviously, I thought it was favourite. No doubt about that


one! A few questionable ones. A lot of talk before the game, it was


Danny Brough's last game. The club have refuted it. Is he going to


Toronto? Not this week. He is a good player, along with more good


players. The club has refuted it. A nonstory. We move on.


St Helens were looking for their first win since


the opening night of the season, but they were doing so in Perpignan,


where they hadn't won for nearly four years.


Your commentator for Saints game against Catalan is Matt Newsum.


Saints enjoying some early spells of pressure. In goes Swift. Swift by


name, Swift by nature. Saints take the points. Find tried by Adam


Swift. Slightly moving to the left. -- fine try. Catalan looking to


fight back from the early score. The crust to the right-hand side. Myler,


to Thomas Bosc. Catalan on the board. Well finished by Thomas Bosc.


Walmsley works as a way to the right edge. Saints are well placed once


again. There is the way to the left side. Mark Percival. He touches


down, Saints move ahead again. Walsh, Samoa. Causing problems for


Saints with his direct running. Looks as if it might have been a


knock-on. Got to Julian Biscay, Catalan responding again. It has


been attack, attack so far. Roby roaring the instructions. Targeting


the Catalan right edge. They will come back to the right-hand side.


Walmsley. They are keeping the ball alive, the Saints. Catalan just


about holding firm. Roby, directing the traffic. Nearly at the line.


Great finish by Ryan Morgan. They found another gap. The travelling


Saints fans have plenty to cheer. Raby, switching it. Alex Walmsley.


Buccaneering run. Gets the ball away to Ryan Morgan. Working it away


again. The Saints are held up. Raby, from dummy half. Out of the left


side once again. Percival, getting Swift in, in the corner. If that is


a dry, fine move. Doesn't are convinced, neither does Robert


Hicks. He has gone to the screen. Given the try on the field. Adam


Swift, either a defiant gesture. Or a nonchalant one. Is the foot in


tax? Looks as if the defendant did not. Is the foot in the air. I think


it might have brushed the turf. Robert Hicks, he confirms it. No


try. Catalan with a tap. They will not break through the line. The


former Wakefield man being held up. Back to the middle of the field.


Myler, great little step, did he get the ball down? Robert Hicks with


another quandary. Again going to the video referee. No try, the on field


decision. There is the contact. I think it was just enough, to stop


him from getting to the tackle. No try. Frustration for Catalan.


Wilkin will go back towards the middle.


Adam Walker I think it is trying to get the ball down.


He squeezed out a paw, touched the ball down but again


Robert Hicks will go to the video referee.


It's all about the twist, and Catalan never get


Adam Walker does get the ball down, and that is a real lift for Saints.


They move further ahead and the try is confirmed.


Catalan come roaring back down again with Luke Ward.


That is spectacular from the former Hull KR man,


he gets the try and Catalan will not go away in this game.


Wilkin pokes little kick in behind in the chase is good.


Thornley will pick it up and he will put the turbos on.


Will Saints be able to stop him here?


A really strong cover tackle by Saint Helens.


Time is ticking away at the end of the half here.


He moves a pat out to the left-hand side and a flick away.


If he stopped him there, that is absolutely sublime defence


The drama being wrapped up here at the end of the half.


Thornley looks odds-on to all when Tommy Makinson comes


Thornley looks odds-on to score when Tommy Makinson comes


A foot in touch, so it wasn't a try, but Makinson, not for the first


time this afternoon has made a crucial tackle and


Jason Baitieri's foiled on that occasion.


Ingenuity from Aiton and the Papua New Guinea hooker gets


He had to have a new shirt because of the blood and no number.


Zeb Taia gets his former club, gets to play the ball.


Roby moves it on quickly to Walmsley.


He gets the ball away to Ryan Morgan who flicks it back to Fages here.


Jack Owens might just have sealed it here.


On course for a first win here since 2013.


So, Kyle, what's it like finally have that winning feeling


Yes, good, good, that's probably one of the toughest


fixtures you can go to and for us to get a win was really pleasing.


We thought we'd put the necessary steps towards a victory over in Hull


there but for us it was real pleasing and hopefully that can


We know what works for us now and hopefully we can go on now.


What had been the mood going into that game, given the defeat?


Obviously us, as players, we know the expectation upon us


what the club demands it was pretty nervy.


He's been as cool as a cucumber but, you know,


and he has been really sound and he has been


really sound and not allowed any of that sort of stress and anxiety


to creep in and just said, don't fear losing, don't fear


the result, just fear the lack of effort and just go there


and work and work for each other and you'll get your


rewards and thankfully that's what we did and we came around


The skill from Theo Fages for that final try.


Do you thank goodness that he is on your side


It was always going to take something special to win that


Obviously we broke down the right side, which we didn't do.


From that angle you wonder what is happening, don't you?


It is wwhen you see from the other angle of view you see the sheer


For our viewers to appreciate this, he's running forward,


he is falling, he doesn't really know where he is.


To get your arms free and flick it backwards and up to a point.


You just see a look, don't you, to see where Jack Owens is.


Theo just manages, while doing all of that to have a quick look


I don't think you can appreciate how classy that was there.


And was there a time when nerves about not having won slightly came


in to play for you in the second half do you think?


I don't think so, no, because I thought for large parts


of that second half we really, we really put Catalan


We got denied a couple of tries on the left side and on another day


and with a better decision we would get those tries


but we kicked them and we challenged them a lot in that second half


to come out of their end and we felt as the game


was going on that we were on top and we were on top and again


it was always going to take something special to break


the deadlock but thankfully for us the little French


Tommy Makinson playing at full-back with Johnny Lomax out,


as a team-mate you are seeing somebody putting


these kind of efforts, how does that lift you?


You know, they are huge moments in the game and, you know,


he does it once or twice, he does it again here.


That is a few tries that he saved on his own and, you know,


this clip now that we are seeing, he is not known for this really


That is what I was talking about in the second half,


how we were building the pressure, forcing the repeat sets


and we just knew and we sensed that we were getting on top of them.


How much do you think Catalan are missing Greg Bird?


And we are seeing through a lot of the top teams, when your best


players are missing, you just hope you stay reasonably


If you are losing your best players it really does affect your balance,


particularly if you invested heavily in what they can do for you,


so of course you miss them but hopefully, they went real close.


Saints were great in that game and we saw them consider


doing things that would win games as well as lose games.


We also saw Greg Bird in that team might have been a different outcome


because Catalan were very determined as well, remember.


Now we can step back in time to an evening when Bradford shared


a pitch with New Zealand, and a TV programme


It could only be Sportsnight, with Des Lynam.


Good evening, tonight on Sportsnight our special guest


is the heavyweight champion of the world.


Very shortly the New Zealand All Blacks arrive here


for their Rugby Union tour, which includes internationals


against England and Scotland which you will see on BBC television.


Already here are their rugby league counterparts, the Kiwis.


Tonight they were playing Bradford Northern.


Brief highlights now with Ray French.


Bradford again, playing a very simple, sound, sensible game.


The touch judge having a debate with Mr Smith.


Likes to come away now in the half-backs position but this


New Zealand comfortably with this ball.


Yes, number 11 there, Simon Angel, that was better stuff.


I think that is one of the problems if you have been sitting


A pity in a game that's been run like this and


Brian, I was expecting to see you in the middle of that fight.


That's normally where you were, wasn't it?


I was probably suspended so they didn't let me on the field!


The last time Leigh Centurions were in Super League they won just


They'd already matched that total, and were looking to raise it


Two captains who are up against their former clubs today.


Chris Hill, who learned his career here at Leigh, of course,


and Nicky Higham, back with his hometown club having once


It's a decent position may find themselves in again here,


Nicky Higham just showing it out wide to the side.


Reynolds shuffling away and having a look at his opponents there.


Harrison Hansen testing out the resolve of the Wolves defenders.


Higham behind Acton and into the hands here of Gareth Hawke.


Higham behind Acton and into the hands here of Gareth Hock.


The referee is going for the video replay.


The benefit of the doubt is with him here because of


But I don't think there are any doubts there.


The dummy shown and he tucks it in himself.


Oh, he has lost the ball, in the contact with Stewart.


A little chip over the top here and he slips.


60 minutes play and they have only had two tries.


I think the referee was thinking about it for a moment.


Warrington under so much pressure as the moment.


Desperate to find some form at the start of this new season.


They will have to keep Leigh out here if they can.


Touch judge helping out the referee there who had his back


Watching the play of the ball and the touch judge clearly


It is a 12-0 lead that Leigh now have.


Perhaps a little forward but is allowed to play on.


The second in the first half and Warrington have a penalty.


He is looking down a little disgruntled, but there is a swinging


arm that might cost his side two points.


Gidley steps up and has slotted it through.


So something of a little cheer for Warrington


Cooper again, just straightening things up here and riding hard.


Dwyer again, Gidley wanted it right but it's going to go left.


Oh, it is a little bit of a spill by Kevin Brown.


The penalty given for offside, but Kevin Brown is not


That was a clear swinging arm from Glen Stewart.


He's off the field for the next ten minutes.


You rather feel it could be the end of the night for Kevin Brown,


They had some width, it has been dropped. Shenanigans going on in the


background. Crooks and Lineham having a go at each other. They were


mates when they were together at Hull. Not enjoying each other's


company tonight. That is the reason why, that's swinging elbow from Tom


Lineham. He's in the sin-bin, Tom Lineham.


Honest drive forward again by Atherton. They go searching down the


right-hand side. Again, held up short. Terrific work by the


Warrington defence. They have been caught for the numbers now. Adam


Hixer. What a night they are having. Goes back to Reynolds. This is


Gareth Hock, he is unstoppable. He is like wrecking machine running at


that Warrington defence. He rolled back the years, and the Warrington


defenders. Hill, the latest to be put down.


It is a try. Lineham goes in. Still ten minutes to play. Clark. The ball


going to ground. Reynolds picking it up. In hot pursuit. Taken the option


of getting down quickly, so he can play Thibault Courtois. Lineham


pulling at him. Tom Lineham. The ball comes free. The referee


deciding it is a penalty. He once two points to finish at. Reynolds


settling himself. Putting it over easily. What a start to the new


campaign for Leigh, a third win for them. Warrington still searching for


a little domestic glory. How impressed have you been with Leigh?


Yes, obviously they were unknown. Made a lot of noise in the


Championship. I am right in saying, they were tipped to finish bottom of


the pile. Shown they are more than capable of being in Super League.


What is working really well is the sheer aggression, going forward,


driving into teams. A couple of good half-backs playing on the back of


that. Teams are struggling to handle them. Especially there, the whole


Leigh town getting behind the team. They're coming in intimidating place


to go. A lot of teams, maybe going to start treating them with a


different approach, it is fair to say. I'm sure they'll be up to the


challenge. Talking about going forward, Gareth Hock, one of your


favourite players, back to his best. Always thought he was a good player.


People focus on some of the other things he does. A big man, almost


six four. Very strong looks like he has got into reasonable shape. Smart


player. Great skills. He would do the tough stuff. When you think he's


going to do the tough stuff, and most of those short pass. Does not


mind this side of the game, if you run at him, be prepared for that.


Different technique. Showing in going. He is smart enough to know


whether spaces. That is Chris Evans there. Carrying a couple of big


blokes over the line. We have to bring all your equipment with you


when you are dealing with him. Warrington, you faced them, and face


the next week. They were so good against Brisbane, have you had to


review? We have not had any tape so far. When they played Brisbane, they


looked like a team that could walk the league. They were awesome in


every department. I cannot put my finger on what has gone on. Tony


Smith keeps pointing to individual errors. Is that symptomatically


something else? The temptation is to play different way when you are


struggling. I think Leigh were very cute, doing their homework. You have


to give them respect. They got around the ball, the carrying an


off-load game has not been so prevalent. They did make an odd


number of mistakes. In attacking situations, showing their prowess,


when they did, people were spilling the ball. Because they liked


off-loads, free-flowing, when it goes wrong, it looks that much


worse. Is it tougher to strip it back? Some of their best people are


not playing as well as they would like. When you combine those things,


not a lot of ball to play with, some of your best players not playing


well, like anyone else, if you are in a bad run, you have to work that


bit harder. Plenty of answers in amongst themselves. The worry for


Kyle's team on Friday night, they get it right, and produce a


performance. Now to Headingley,


and it was your old team Wakefield who were taking on the Rhinos Kyle,


are Leeds heading in the right They had taken some good, positive


steps in the last week. Still work to be done. To score 40 points in


the last two games shows they are heading that way. They have too many


good quality players to not turn it around. This season they had last


year, everybody always looking at them, wondering. Lovely try. He has


some serious moves. Wakefield, by their coach's standards, they were


off, making it easier for Leeds. Everybody saying Leeds are scratchy,


they are still in the top four. Three out of five wins. Your form in


the early part of the season is not the deciding factor. When it gets to


the middle, and the end, you have to be on your game. What you make of


Matt Purcell? Attacking wise, very dangerous. There is smart. He's


feeling the number nine role, they have been missing towards the end of


last season. When you have the likes of Cuthbert and Garbutt. They have


smart ballplaying players. That is the Leeds of 18 months ago there.


They are heading in the right direction. Garbutt, Cuthbertson,


they will had good games. Is that the key, getting the pack working.


It is one of them. They have been challenged around the middle. We had


not seen Cuthbert off-loading as much. They have pretty much


everybody, apart from Jones-Buchanan missing. When their top team is on


deck, they are a tough ask. Sin-bin here. Rob Burrow is, just not what


you would want. Coming across the field at pace. Trying to put


pressure on him. Rob will tell you, he has had loads of them. You have


to protect the little guys. For Leeds, but for Wakefield? They have


had some good wins recently. What has disappointed Chris Chester,, not


the Wakefield they have experience in the last few weeks. Couple of


tries for Johnston, they can go again next week.


Kyle here has already had a go at our set of six challenge,


with varied success I might add, and next in the hot


seat it's the turn of Salford's Michael Dobson.


Tea, coffee. Hot chocolate. Cream tea. My low.


X types of flowers? Julep. Lavender. Roses. Camellia. Daffodil. Can't


even think. Rapeseed. Green Mile. I can't even think. Newcastle. Camera.


Brisbane, North Queensland. South Sydney. Bulldogs. Square, Circle,


Triangle. Rectangle. Oval. Star. John Howard. John kneels. Harry


Kewell. Mark Viduka. Tim Cahill. Nicole Kidman.


You have been rattled on a couple of them. Jesus. -- you had me wrestle.


Should've had Toure Story, one, two, three. --


Finally to the K-Com Stadium and don't adjust your sets


because it really was black and white all over as Hull


Hull hitting straight back. Marc Sneyd's crossfield kick was taken


for the influential Albert Kelly, diving over. Snead's goal even in


the schools. The home side finally went in front on the half hour mark.


Pressure from Widnes, turning their weight, when Albert Kelly's pass was


taken into the first try of the season. At half-time they were 18 in


front. If the first half was tight, the second was dominated by Hull.


Two tries in three minutes setting them on their way. Danny Houghton on


the end of this market from Snead, converted by the scrum-half. Jamie


Shaul finishing a great move from Mark Minichiello. Breaking down the


left-hand side. Matt Snead with his fifth successful goal of the


afternoon. Hull 20 points ahead with half an hour to go. Two tries in


three minutes became three and six. The half-backs involved. Kelly


scored his second, the third consecutive game he has scored a


brace. Widnes did rally to the end, Chris Houston following his own


kick, feeding White. The Vikings still without a win, while Hull me


but to third. Six tries in three games


for Albert Kelly - been a great signing for Hull four


wins from five. Much more dangerous with him. We saw


that when he was a Hull KR. Playing behind a real tough, go forward


pack. You are able to see all the magic things he can do. Try scoring


for fun. Going to be super. For Widnes, they need bodies back?


Terrible injuries, to the halves. Losing Kevin Brown in the


off-season, difficult ask. We will see how they go when they


get somebody's back. So we're five complete


rounds into the season, and here's how they stand


in the Betfred Super League table. Wigan taking over at the top. A


point clear of Castleford, Hull. Commentary from two games this week.


My thanks to Kyle and to Brian for joining us.


We'll see you next week, by which time it'll be


British Summer Time, so it's farewell, for this year


They're calling it an entertainment extravaganza


audience fun and frolics and outrageous shenanigans.


And I don't even know what those HONK words mean.


MasterChef is back, to find the country's best home chef.


The MasterChef kitchen is alive once more. Come on, let's go!


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