Day 2: Ferrer v Murray Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 2: Ferrer v Murray

Live coverage of the afternoon singles match as Britain's Andy Murray and Spain's David Ferrer battle it out at London's O2 Arena.

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With just minutes to go before Andy Murray embarks on the last


tournament of the year, the final countdown has started on what has


been a memorable season for the Scot. Title secured across three


continents. A brilliant win for Andy Murray. He is the champion at


Queen's Club again. Grandstand semi-finals reached, the set that


man ever to achieve the feat of four. His current world ranking is


three, should he maintain it will be his best ever. Naughty boy!


Masters 1,000 series wins, equalling his best ever. One. Grand


Slam final, though it ended in disappointment. Hopefully there is


belief that he will come back again and have his day. His run at the


Australian Open set a standard 40,011. Andy has never won tennis'


end-of-season and Ali, but a victory this week could be a launch


He will have plenty of support here, and while the talk is always about


whether he can win a Grand Slam or not, this event is the next best


thing. Welcome to date two of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and


we are set for Andy Murray's opening match against and --


against David Farrar. 10 and Andrew are with me a game, as the build-up


starts behind us -- Tim Henman and Andrew are with me. It has been a


terrific year for Andy Murray. Although he has not won a Grand


Slam. For me, it has been his best year. I think he agrees with that.


It is one of these moments when we should focus on what he was able to


achieve, not what he was not able to achieve. He has won five


tournaments, two Masters 1,000 events. When you look in the


context of how many players have done this in a calendar year, it is


only seven. It is a phenomenal achievement, but he wants more than


that. I think next year he can and will win one forced on we think he


can because he beats the top players on a break in the basis.


Nadal got in the way this year. The 4th game of the second set in the


Wimbledon semi-final, he missed that forehand, 15-30, and in the


commentary box and the crowd, everybody went, oh, it was so


surprising. He was on the way and it slipped after that miss. He is


in esteemed company, he talks about it all the time, it is not an


excuse, it is a great era of tennis. Djokovic elevated himself this year,


can Andy Murray do that next it? I think he can. I think Federer still


has more to give, but it is captivating at the top of the game.


Federer has been the man in form in recent weeks. Let's look at the


group's as they stand at the moment. This is what we are concentrating


on today. First up, Andy Murray against David Ferrer. Also on the


HD Channel this evening, Novak Djokovic against Tomas Berdych.


Group B were in action yesterday, Federer-the Dow of -- of Federer


and Nadal were involved in two marathons here. We can show you a


bit of what happened in Nadal against Fish, Nadal raced away with


the opening set but Fish fought back well, big serves in the second


set and he took it by six games to The match level at one set all.


Fish was proving a problem on court, but he was proving a problem off


court as well because Nadal had to leave the court, he said he had


salmon pasta that did not agree with him and had to have a bathroom


break. He then lost three games in a row to go a break down in the


final set but he fought back, as you would expect Rafael Nadal to


always do, and he won it 7 points to 3 in the final set. It was an


immense battle, wasn't it, for Rafa yesterday? Very much so, he had not


played a great deal of tennis coming into this event, and it is


different here because of the round-robin format. You can lose in


the first match and still go through to the semi-finals but if


you get that first win under your belt, it sets you up and his nest -


- and his next match will be great to see. Federer was not at his best


yesterday, either. He won the first set, Tsonga was nowhere, it was a


mirror image in the second set, and then Tsonga made some mistakes in


the last service game. Double fault, a missed volley. Then he lost the


match. Federer is a man of substance, though, and knows how to


win matches, so does Nadal. For the sake of the tournament, I was


pleased to see them both win even the Fish and Tsonga did well.


two great champions came through yesterday and this is the match we


are looking forward to now, Andy Murray at the back up against David


Ferrer. Andy Murray has won the three matches they have played in


2011. Now we get the walk from the locker rooms. This really is


showbiz, it is so different from any tournament around the world.


certainly is, but the atmosphere is building and they will be looking


forward to getting out there. They have had enough time practising,


they want to get on the court and get going. The only thing missing


from David Ferrer is a hard hat, because he is an absolute grinder,


it is a good match to start with for Murray, but he will have to get


the patience and aggression sorted out. OK, we are just about to hear


Ladies and gentlemen, three-time Grand Slam finalist and winner of


five ATP World Tour singles titles in 2011, the British number one and


A lovely moment, one she will cherish for a while! The players


are on court. This is a magnificent arena for tennis, isn't it? It is


incredible to have 17,500 capacity, there is not a bad seed in the


house. So much focus on Wimbledon in the summer, and this really


fills a gap so that people can get their fill of tennis in the


wintertime. It is the third year it has been here at the O2 Arena, I


think there are a few more years to go, let's hope it can stay after


that. Andy Murray leads this arena, he loves this surface, loves being


indoors and played so well last year. There is nothing he likes


more than to feel a tennis match is gladiatorial. He spent a lot of


time with boxers over the years, and this atmosphere is very much


that one on one, one man against another on the stage. It suits him,


there are no variables, the lighting is superb, the courts are


a nice, even pace. It is ideal for just about everybody. He would


rather it was on the red clay but it is not. The only time David


Ferrer has beaten Murray is on clay, not on anything else. But Murray


has been in awesome form recently as well. He has had a tremendous


end to the year. He has had a lot of great wins coming in, the three


tournaments in Asia. Whoever wins this point us can choose to serve,


they can choose this side, that side, but all of the pressure is on


the person flipping the point. David, if you could call heads or


tails? Heads. It is a tale. Andy? Receive? Pretty standard for Andy


Murray to elect to receive. obviously fancies getting an early


break of serve. That is the picture, Andy Murray is


keen to get on with it, as you can expect, because the opening matches


are always a bit nerve-racking. As we talk about Murray and his record,


we look back on it, he has done so well, hasn't he? He has had another


great year, two ATP Masters 1,000 Series titles. Shanghai was the


third of the three victories that he got in a row in Asia. That is a


very strong effort, winning three tournaments in a row. Grand Slam


record, or semi-finals, he is a Pat world number three, only 24 years


of age. His best years may be now - - he is up at world number three.


The trouble is the standard continues to rise. He is ready to


achieve great things, I really believe that. The beauty of this


tournament for us, but the hard part for the players, is normally


in a regular tournament you have a couple of matches before you come


up against a senior player. First match out, he is playing world


number five, and it emphasises the point that you have to hit the


ground running, there is no way to feel your way in, get used to the


conditions, the balls, the court. You have to play your best tennis


from the word go, and they appreciate that and it will be


interesting to see who does that. The warm-up has some time to go,


let's hear from Andy Murray a couple of days ago, looking back at


his incredible so even. I think it has been my best here, -


- his incredible season. Even moving up 1 spot in the rankings,


it is good to see that you are making progress. I played well in


the majors, still improvements to make, that is what is exciting for


me. If I felt it was going backwards, that is when you start


to worry, but I have a lot of improving to do. A lot of players


this year, especially, have had their best years at 26, 27 years


old, so that is a good sign for me that there is still a lot of


improving today. Scenario, you get a time machine for Christmas back


and taking to an era when a dark, Federer and Djokovic do not exist,


so you are a number one, a multiple major champion, but not as good a


player because you are not been tested week in, week out. Do you


take the trip or stay where you are? I would probably rather stay


here. I think it is probably the most competitive era in tennis, I


have had the chance to compete against Federer and Nadal, the two


best rivals I have ever played, no question, and Djokovic has had,


before this year, people would not have been putting him in that


bracket. But anything can happen in sport, and he has played an


incredible season and it has tested me, made me need to get fitter and


stronger and kind of be resilient and keep coming back. I have had a


lot of tough losses, big events, but I keep working hard, trying to


get much ultimate goals and I am getting closer, and that is what is


exciting. But because I have been around those guys it has made me a


better tennis player. I have managed to win against each of them


many times, and I would like to have some more opportunities in


getting the chance against them, which is a privilege. I would hope


that most competitors in the situation that I'm in would want to


do the same day. Have a fantastic He is in such a tough era, but this


is the match today against Davide Ferrere, where Andy Murray holds


five wins in -- five wins against three, and he has won the last four


against Arab. You wonder how Ferrer can hurt Murray -- the last four


against David Farrar. I think coming into this environment, Andy


playing at home on a hard court, it points in Murray's favour, but


again, actions speak louder than words. Murray has got to come out


and play well, and it he does not, you know that Farrow will not give


up, he will compete hard -- Davide Ferrere. As far as Murray, I was


reading an article by Boris Becker where he was saying his first serve


percentage has got to improve, he has to improve his position in on


court? All of these things, they are highlighted when they are not


working well. When Murray gets the balance right between aggressive


from the baseline and still not making unforced errors, that is


when he plays well, but those are all dictated by his mentality, his


mental approach on the court. When he can be focused on his game plan,


the style he needs to play, he is one of the best and can only get


better. When, in the Australian Open final, he got distracted after


losing the first set to Djokovic, he had that running commentary with


his player box, that is when he came unstuck, but if he can


maintain that focus then there are bit things ahead. His supporters


are all caught sight watching, hoping he will make a good start


here at the finals. As far as the serve is concerned, technically it


is very good, isn't it? I think a little bit for me is dictated by


his ball toss, when it gets too far in front he loses elevation and the


margin for error goes down. When he is further back, momentum is going


up, that is what you want. You look at someone like Federer, Roddick,


great servers, their momentum is going up, they get huge elevation


and Murray, when he serves like that, serves comfortably and it


puts pressure on his opponent and his return game is probably the


best in the world. Sir definitely his serving can dictate a lot of


aspects to his game. We see this every year when it comes to a


round-robin situation. They are not easy, so different from a


tournament when it is win or lose. Very much so, I don't think it


necessarily changes your mind set because you are focused on your


game plan, you want to win the match, but in the back of your mind,


perhaps, if you have a loss in this format you can say, I am still


alive, I need to win the next two matches and I can still get to the


semi-finals. But you are starting off against another player right at


the top of their game and you have got to be ready to gowns. I know it


is drawn out, but I am sure Murray is delighted to be facing Davide


Ferrere first rather than Berdych? As is a, I think in terms of the


best scenario, this is it, it will give him the opportunity to go out


there and find his rhythm, but he will know he has to produce a good


performer. The warm-up is over, they are about


to go out to play, so I will send Tim to the commentary box, Andy is


already there. Thank you. It is interesting


talking about David Ferrer. He said, you don't get ranked by talent, you


get ranked by result. He knows he may not be the best player in the


world but he knows how to get the best out of his game and knows he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Davide Ferrere's coach in the middle there. He once locked him in


I should explain that! It was a form of discipline, it is the sort


of relationship they have got. Ferrer will be the work, he has


moulded Ferrer into the world No. 5, a world-class operator of many


years. He does not need praise, he says of Ferrer, he just needs a


critique, he just wants to get better. He is No. 5 in the world


but wants to know how to get to A good opener for the Spanish


player, a good settling game, 1-0. He is a worker. You have got


somebody like Ferrer down the other end. A few years ago was there


another Ferrer type player in your generation? Who was around in your


day? He is the typical Spanish player. You talk about success for


David Ferrer, and I think that is about maximising your potential.


Can I see him breaking into the top four? I just don't see it. Those


guys have separated themselves, and Ferrer, I think, is maximising his


potential, getting the most out of his game, and perhaps has to wait


to see if somebody gets injured. He will have to see whether he will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


get an opportunity to get higher You have got to love watching Andy


Murray played. He has more changes of spins and directions, more


changes of elevation over the net and changes of pace, than anybody


else. He really does throw every sort of look at an opponent and it


He can certainly break his opponent's rhythm but sometimes


when he gets the shot selection wrong he can break his own rhythm.


It is a nice problem to have when you have got the assets on the


court, you just have to make sure Did that serve finish the game? I


think Murray might finish this one is out as well, he is preparing to


hit a second serve, but hoping he Poor shot selection, and it? It is,


he was on the baseline and the ball is coming through flat and hard.


But if Andy Murray wants to play it, then he should, because the


opponent never knows what is coming up. It is the right shot if he


makes it, the wrong shot if he There was a very interesting


article that was re-tweeted about how easy he was to underrate as a


tennis player when he first arrived Murray was laying down some rubber


on the court here. He was pulled and pushed around but he is just so


And this is the essence of the problem for the Spanish player


today. That rally, the first rally of this game, was everything that


he does and editing that is good enough against everyone else apart


from the top four. -- and When you don't have that big weapon


of a serve, you cannot give away too many donations and a drop shot


on the first point, making life a Murray had the opportunity to come


forward in the rally there but I think it is a sign that he does not


feel the ground shots of Ferrer so much that he stayed in the rally


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


and got the unforced error, and now Talking of unforced errors, Murray


will be very disappointed making a routine backhand mistake on break


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Just look at Ferrer and you can see the hours that he has trained,


can't you? The same with Murray, mind you. It looks like he has


balked up and got stronger, great Yes, it is a winner.


Murray, asking David Ferrer to hit one more shot. His chasing nearly


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


paid off. Great athletic ability to It might have been at the back edge.


Theroux has already had one successful challenge under the


There is no way you would think that that drop shot was the right


shot to play, really, at all. But he got the error because it is


First blood, Murray. He has just continue to improve,


hasn't he? Do you remember that little guy who arrived at Queen's


Club all those years ago? He is built like an oak tree now. When he


first came on the scene, he had not had the opportunity to do the work,


he had not developed or grown properly. He looked like he had


been shot in one match when he got cramp and fell down. But you look


at him now, the athletic ability, the speed of movement, it is almost


a given for these top players. This movement at the back of the


court has made him difficult to shed. There have been times in his


career when he has looked the most solid at the back of the court,


even more so than Nadal at times. Can he convert that into a rise?


Just one more little piece in the jigsaw and he may elevate himself.


This tournament is bigger than the masters 1,000 series. This is the


finale of the season, or only eight players here. -- only eight players


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Get that a break of serve, the first couple of points on your own


serve, just to reinforce it. A couple of errors and he is down 0-


Three forehand errors in a row. He is going to get a bit cross if he


loses the game so easily after APPLAUSE That was a second serve,


wasn't it? I think that is called throwing


caution to the wind. It keeps him That is a very good game from the


Spaniard, but too many mistakes from Murray. What happened there? I


think Ferrer played a good game. Murray played a very good game to


break him but then four forehand mistakes. Ferrer was able to get


Peter Gabriel, and major tennis fan. Once served into my neck. I will


When we talk about Murray's mentality, one of the big challenge


is for him is dealing with adversity. When things are going


well he is a great player and he is going to win. When things are not


going quite so well, that is when he has to stay strong and in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


That is seven straight points for Ferrer. His level has stayed the


same, his grunting is going up a bit. That is always an indication


Sorry, he has won seven out of weight points. Even though for her


lost his service game prior to this, there is not really a Plan B. He is


saying, this is what I have got, I am going to see how well I can do


This is already looking a bit different. It really all depends on


whether Murray can play to a standard required or not. Ferrer is


going to flat line all the way through it. That is what he does


and he has had a very successful year. Semi-final of the Australian


Open, where he lost to Murray. Final off Monte Carlo. You do not


qualify for this event without having a fantastic year. It is the


top eight players. He was in the final of two Masters Series. I


think you're right. Murray is going to decide this match, but that does


not necessarily mean he will win it. He has to play well, play


consistent tennis and not make unforced errors.


You have to do the physical work against Ferrer, and it hurts.


Absolutely. He will try to move you around and keep you on the


defensive as much as possible. You saw how Murray was able to get his


nose in front by breaking through. The moment his level dropped, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


dropped serve and now he is serving that really is Ferrer's bread-and-


butter - great, clean hitting, corner to corner. He managed to get


the unforced error from Murray. That dialogue starts with the box


How's that?! Inside the court, moving forward, plenty of us back


spin on that -- plenty of back spin. Murray obviously came into this


service game with a first serve percentage of just 18. He has taken


a little bit of pace off of these first three. He got a cheap point


Three times in the opening three service games he has had trouble


There is no rhythm yet. I can't remember when I saw so many ball


APPLAUSE How does he win at point? No idea. Courtesy of a really great


volley from Ferrer. I know this was tremendous. His backhand volley was


tremendous from Ferrer. Listen, magnificent from Murray. I'm not


taking anything away. And the big point. Murray was able to rip that


backhand past. Just a mass of here Murray's first serve Mrs, they have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Oh! Wow! How hard did he hit that? Very! It really did not look like


it could be attacked. But he stepped in and rusted across the


court. Look at this. -- rushed it. That is one of the hardest


Both play as sending messages about their athletic ability. You felt


that Murray won the point on a few occasions there and Ferrer felt


like he was going to win the point. A big hold for Murray to get back


on level terms at 3-3. The there was a great rally between


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Nadal and Djokovic in the US Open That's it for the fluffy old tennis


balls. New balls can make any difference. If it is going to help


anybody it will probably be Murray on his serve. This is the serve


direction when they last played, which was the final of the Shanghai


masters. Murray gained most of them to the backhand of Ferrer. --


Murray directed most of them. Mrs it for today. Not very many to


choose from. He has not got much control of the length or the


direction at the moment. Definitely struggling to control the first


serve. Only at 32%. Again someone like Ferrer you would feel that you


want a few more cheap points to get your nose in front. When you're in


a battle with somebody like Ferrier, a tough nut, you have to be


prepared to take some pain, to put the work in. Ferrer is not going to


give cheap points. You want Murray to be proactive, not reactive. He


is serving 3-4. His first serve has An entertaining match for the


afternoon crowd here. It is the second day of the world tour finals.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


APPLAUSE The second ace for Murray Great play from Ferrer. But that is


getting him out of his comfort zone. When he has to play drop shot I


think he is getting away from his game plan. He had Murray moving


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


40 minutes into the match or thereabouts, his body has settled


into a nice rhythm. He has settled into his opponent's play. We think


this court is a little bit slower than last year. Everything is


settling down now. An interesting We talk about it all the time as we


move towards the business end of the set every unforced error get


magnified. A little chance for Some good professional tennis going


on here. Aback can slice down the line from Murray there. -- a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Yes, that was another big moment that, wasn't it? On the first point


of the game be pulled a forehand, that one he perhaps over it, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


double fault as well, and it Certainly good play from Ferrer,


but Murray perhaps a bit too passive, almost the attitude of,


I'm not going to miss, this is break point, see what you will do.


Ferrer was able to take the He tried to step it up. His turn to


pull a ground stroke just wide. You can see what he was trying to do,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


A great friend and coach to Ferrer Credit where it is due, he fought


his way out of the hole. Sometimes there is no criticism involved,


Ferrer worked his way out of the situation. Certainly a big hole, 4-


4, saving the break point, he is able to keep his nose in front now,


the pressure moving tomorrow. You look at the nature of these two


players, there have only been 12 winners and 13 unforced errors, a


reflection of how well they both move. It has been a little bit


scrappy so far. Ferrer's nickname is the wall. You can understand


where that comes from. He is such a great mover, moving forward not


always so comfortable, his serve is not a great weapon, but he is there


and not going away until you have chiselled at him and got him. He


never beats himself. It is a tough opener for Andy Marriott.


certainly is, and serving at 4-5, his percentage is just a 33%, so he


needs to up the standard there. He needs to make his light a little


bit easier, try to get a few points. -- to make his life a little bit


The world No. 3 takes on the world No. 5, the top eight only in London


this week's a quality tennis all the way. -- this week, so quality


He does not look content with his body language and performance in


general so far, but he has got to knuckle down here. A couple more of


Quality volley, good depth as well, there. Clearly a shot that he has


learned as he has got older. It does not look particularly Nantlle,


but it has got the job done. He has the bit between his teeth here --


it does not look particularly I memory likes to have a chat with


his box, but I think he might have a problem with his hip area or


something -- I know that Murray likes to have a chat. Just having a


word with the umpire, I wonder whether a time-out might be coming


He is not moving right at all, if he goes straight to the hip.


the island in the grey T-shirt there, Murray's physiotherapist. --


Andy Ireland. He will have spoken to the ATP training staff about


Murray is struggling with his hip a little bit. It might make his game


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


plan a bit clearer, to hit winners, 4-5, deuce, second serve, Ferrer


missing a serve, he will not like I think Murray is struggling to


push off the left with his forehand, may be the left leg used to so much


to drive up the ball. He has missed a couple of backhands and has had a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


very straight lead doing it. -- a That frightened the ball boy there!


He had a big old shout and the ball boy was right next door to him and


got the full lion's roar! This is just shot selection, I'm not sure


it is physical, the reason he played the drop shot. It was well


handled by Ferrer anyway. But some of this, at least some of the time


with a player, it is about concentration. Things heard a lot


more if you are not at your best with your concentration. -- things


There is going to be a challenge, but more in hope than expectation.


The referee ordering the challenge, he said Andy Murray wants to


challenge the call, which is a surprise, because it is miles out


as far as we can see, and we are a long way away. Ferrer has a set


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Look at Murray's game plan, it is almost like he is playing the score


rather than each point as it comes, because when he is down he is so


much more aggressive, looking to take the ball on. That is how he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


has got to love to play all the And this time Ferrer takes it. It


is a set to the Spaniard, this is a bit of a turn-up. And I believe a


medical time-out is about to be called. And the trainer is on. This,


I suppose if you look back for signs of any injury to Andy Murray,


it was fairly early on in this match, clearly having trouble with


his service rhythm and having trouble on a couple of ground


strokes as well, particularly when moving to the backhand side. So he


is going to get treatment. This could be anything from lower back


through hip flexor, hip joint, Well, Federer had to struggle like


mad to get past song there, the world number six, in the first


match on Sunday afternoon. Against the world No. 8, Mardy Fish, Rafael


Nadal had to struggle. Now Andy Murray will have to struggle to get


through this match, seemingly physically and mentally as well


because it is tough to concentrate if you're in to it -- if you are


injured. Probably the last person you want to play in this situation


is David Ferrer, because they are having long, physically demanding


rallies. Murray will have to take a look at his game plan and see


whether he needs to take more risks, be aggressive, keep the points


shorter. That certainly looks like hip treatment that he is getting,


whether it is hip flexor will on the lack -- hip flexor on the left


leg, but it looks more like the Joint, doesn't it? Everyone is


leaving, Tim! A good idea from David Ferrer, instead of sitting on


the court he may as well use the time and maybe have a bathroom


break. Definitely keep his focus, how he is playing the match, what


is working. The trainer would have been aware of this through Andy's


personal physiotherapist before the match began. This is not something


which is unfamiliar to tennis players, their hips take an


absolute battering with all of the rotation. And that will be the


battle now, as well as the physical side, to understand the work that


he has to do to get back in this match and win two sets straight


against the old Jew as a bunny at the other end, David Ferrer. --


Duracell bunny. It could serve to focus his game, make him more


aggressive, or it could make him more distracted, not able to hit


the shots that he wants to, so it will be interesting to see how the


early part of the second set unfolds. Most players come into the


season-ending championship, we are in the 11th month of the season,


most come in with some niggling injuries, things that are not right,


and it has been one of the things that Andy has been vociferous about,


so has Rafael Nadal. Others less so, like Andy Roddick, but the length


of the season, the fact they need more down time. There was a


suggestion that if the players were not listen to, then they might


discuss strike action, which, on a personal note and as a former


member of the ATP Tour player Council, I thought was ridiculous.


I don't think there was any real talk of a strike. The players said,


we might talk about it if we are not listen to, and it came out in


public which was bad PR. I'm sure that was not how they wanted it to


come out, but if you look at the way the ATP is structured, 50%


tournaments, 50% players and it is right that the players have


representation just for themselves. You look at how this unfolded at


the US Open, the scheduling is a huge issue and one that certainly


does not favour the players. The first round played over three days,


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the semi-final on Saturday, the final


on Sunday, and those are issues they want player representation to


get changed. They have got representation, they have their


agents and their voices as well. But the way that the ATP is


structured, it is and 50% by the players and 50% by the tournaments.


You are saying the top four are not listen to? Of course they are, but


if they want to vote on it there are three representatives for the


players and three for the tournaments, so if there is a vote,


three players say yes and three of the tournament -- three for the


tournament say no. The Grand Slams, which is what they had the problem


with, it was raining and the schedule was even worse this year


seemingly than other times because of the rain, that is an IT s issue.


That is right. Another organisation the players have to deal with. But


from looking at the history of the way the tour is being -- the Wade


the tour has been, the player should stand alone. Talking about


tennis politics, we could be here a while! Look, will you Murray me?


She will have to wait a little bit of time and to see how it goes with


Ken! -- will you marry me? crowd are playing an important part


now, to see if they can lift him So, a lengthy medical time-out for


Andy Murray between sets here. David Ferrer one set to the good in


this match. The manipulation of Andy Murray's hit seemed to serve


him well, he is moving OK. -- of Excuse me, ball boy, could you grab


that tell? Francs. Thank you, ball The parties ball boys have


tremendous training to find the right ball boys for the job -- the


We talk about the one-on-one combat of a tennis match, and the last


thing you want to do is encourage David Ferrer, Murray having an


injury time out, Ferrer would have been licking his lips, saying, I'm


going to stay in these rallies even longer and make you run even


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


A good aggressive return from Murray perhaps considering the drop


shot on the backhand side in that rally, he elected to get back deep,


got his reward with a big forehand and potentially a key moment here,


Murray opens the second set with a real success there. Some


encouragement for him after taking a medical time-out of three minutes


plus to get some manipulation on what we think was a right hip


problem. He certainly did not injure it in the first set, it


looks like the sort of injury that he walked on court with, so perhaps


more of a niggle that got worse rather than a specific injury


moment. It is fair to say it will probably get worse when you lose


the first set rather than better! But that was a good response.


good. Now very important he does a better job than in the first set


when he got that break of serve. He The other two players in grip away


at the ATP World Tour Finals are playing later this evening -- in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Group H. That is Novak Djokovic, Murray does what he could not do in


the first set - back-up the break of serve with a hold of his own. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


has the wrong toll. They are all Murray has changed his demeanour.


He is almost Serena in the second set, it is almost like he realises


he cannot waste any energy on worrying. He has come back from 40-


0 down. If he breaks serve that would probably be beset gone. -- be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Standard wanted to play, really. -- This is the last big tournament of


the year here at the O2 arena. Just the top like eight -- just the top


eight in the world. The top two from each group of four go through


to the semi-final. If they win that, they get $380,000. An undefeated


champion, with five undefeated A win at one of the four Grand Slam


championships is worth 2,000 points. There is much to play for. Everyone


is having a good time. It is a little bit tense out there on the


court. Andy Murray strides manfully to get back into this match. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


We are seeing Murray's repertoire of through the leg shots. He played


this one well to stay in the. Back. Ferrer is looking to get back on


level terms. -- to stay in the A bad miss from Murray. He didn't


really get his feet in the right position. He did not need to go for


the line either. That gives Germaine Lindsay break points --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


It is hard to read a Murray match sometimes, isn't it? Ferrer has


been behind Nadal for so long. He is just a tough work man. Murray


Importantly, Murray is not enjoying it. He has not really embraced this


contest. He took an injury time-out at the change of ends. We think it


was his hip or his lower back. His concentration has wavered.


A lot of soreness is being caused by his opponents. -- by his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Ferrer doesn't serve many aces. It is going to be challenged. The


game isn't over yet. He doesn't look terribly hopeful. He is moving


to his chair. It has caught the outside edge. Two aces in a row.


Ferrer, from 0-2 down it is now 3-2 SUE BARKER:. Let us remind you of


the formative. The top eight players are split into two groups


of four. It is Group A in action today. Novak Djokovic, who has


injury problems as well, is up against Tomas Berdych. Group B will


be in action again tomorrow. In the afternoon, on BBC Two and the H D


channel, it will be Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Mardy Fish. All that to


come. At the moment, Murray is battling fitness and a dogged


opponent here at the O2 arena. You can continue to watch our coverage


on their H D channel. We're closing our BBC Two coverage in just a


moment. You can continue to watch There are more than 17,000 people


in the O2 arena here for this fascinating match. Can Andy Murray


find enough concentration and form to get through his opponent today?


He certainly has more firepower than Ferrer. Ferrer is doing better


already than he did last year in the same fixture. He has the bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


SUE BARKER: We continue our coverage on they H D channel. If


Live coverage of the afternoon singles match as Britain's Andy Murray and Spain's David Ferrer battle it out at London's O2 Arena.

Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal in last year's final and is now going for a record sixth title. Presented by Sue Barker. Commentators are Andrew Castle and Tim Henman.

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