Day 3: Tsonga v Fish Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 3: Tsonga v Fish

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Good afternoon and welcome once again to the Barclays ATP World


Tour Finals. Group B is back in action today and coming up this


afternoon we have Mardy Fish against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. It is a


must-when match if they want to get to the semi-final. That is in a few


minutes, but yesterday at this point we were talking about Andy


Murray having his best season to date. 24-hours later, it is a


different story. He has an injury that could end his season


prematurely. He had the trainer on at the end of the first set. He


battled on, his movement was hampered and his serve was not at


the usual high standard. He was beaten in straight sets by David


Ferrer. He was just too good yesterday. There are questions


about whether he will carry on because, in the press conference


after the match, he mentioned that he may have to withdraw from the


tournament. The managing director of the event joins us. Chris, what


is the latest as far as Andy is concerned? I thought he was hitting


the ball might really well. Some of the shots that he hit were the


hardest forehands I have seen. He was not as good as he has been over


the last six months. David Ferrer is the worst player to play when


you feel like that. It was a very tough match. He is not in the top


four, but he is a player that none of the top players want to play. It


was much tougher than people thought. I spoke to him this


morning, he is going to wake up and see how he goes. He can inform us


right up until tomorrow. I have a feeling he will play, but we will


wait and see. The fact that he said it was asked drain that he picked


up over a week ago does not bode well, does it? -- a strain. I think


you cannot read anything into any comments or what happened in the


past. You have to take today and see what happens. We hope he comes


out to play. The advantage of this event is that it is the top eight


players in the world. Every match up his brilliant, but obviously we


want him to play. With the top eight There are no


easy matches, are there? If they were to withdraw, what is the


scenario? We have an Alternate, Janko Tipsarevic has had his best


season. He is waiting. If Andy pulls out, Janko Tipsarevic will


play. If Andy pulls out in the match, which I don't think he will,


but if he did, Janko Tipsarevic would play their last match on


Friday. Tim, you have been in this


situation, haven't you? Yes, in Hanover in Germany. I do not think


I was necessarily the first quarter net. -- alternate. I happened to be


in London, I got the call at lunchtime, flew straight to Hanover


and ended up playing one match. There are a lot of unknowns at this


stage. Andy will obviously want to take as long as he can and give


himself the best opportunity of retiring, and then make his


decision at the last moment. That is not ideal for Chris and the


tournament, or for Janko Tipsarevic if he is coming in, but he has to


give himself that best chance if he is fit. Luckily, he is still in the


tournament. Also, the way he played yesterday, he will need to be


better than that to take on the likes of Tomas Berdych and Djokovic.


Obviously, but that will be dictated by his injury. He was up a


break of serve, but we focused a lot on his first serve percentage.


That was down all the time, and I think that was related to the


injury. We can see him arriving today. He does not really benefit


from going out and hitting balls. He has had enough balls in his life


and enough this year. -- he has hit enough. You do not think he would


even try to practise today? I don't think so. What does he have to


gain? He could test the injury. think he could tested tomorrow. --


test it tomorrow. You have at a 24- hours ahead of you, haven't you?


The yes. But it is just a brilliant atmosphere here. We have this match


coming up, Mardy Fish and Jo- Wilfried Tsonga. Tsonga was a


finalist at Queen's, played against Andy Murray, beat Federer at


Wimbledon. Hugely charismatic French player, the best season he


has ever had. Both players need to win this match so it will be


competitive. Tonight we have Nadal and Federer playing. We have a long


way to go. Every match is a great match in


this format. This arena is lovely. And you have a great crowd.


Incredible crowd. I have friends who have come here who have never


seen live tennis before. The one thing they do not realise, in this


setting, is how dynamic and physical the game is and the


loudness of the ball being hit. It is attracting not just tennis fans


but sports fans. I think it is definitely the best the rat in


men's tennis we have ever had. -- the best period. Four top marquee


names in one period. It is great. We appreciate your time coming up


here. You are a very busy man. I hope it works out for you and Andy


tomorrow. Tim, we have this match to look forward to and the players


are getting ready. It is a must- when match if they are going to


make it to the semi-final. Very much so. That is the beauty of this


format. They both lost in their opening matches but they have both


had opportunities to win. There is nothing wrong with their games but


they know they have to come out and keep the tournament alive. I enjoy


watching both of these guys playing. They both have an attacking element.


They are both a little unpredictable. I am sure we're


going to see a lot of exciting tennis has up it has been the end


of an era with Mardy Fish being the top right American. It is no longer


a Andy Roddick. It is a reflection of what a great


here he has had. It is a great achievement, certainly, at this


stage. Agreed couple of years, in a way,


for Mardy Fish. He has reassessed his approach to the game. He has a


new fitness trainer, he has lost a lot of weight.


We will just pause for the introduction.


MUSIC: "London Calling" by The Clash.


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Ladies and gentlemen, Jo-Wilfried SUE BARKER: The players are on


court and about to get under way. This is group be in action today.


Tsonga against Fish. And then tonight we will have Rafael Nadal


against Roger Federer. They both came through in three sex from


their matches on Sunday. -- 3 sets. Novak Djokovic went right down to


SUE BARKER: That was a nice point. It is not really much different -


there is no wind to worry about. Djokovic came through against Tomas


Berdych yesterday. We can see how he saved that match point against


Berdych. It happened at 6-5 on the He missed what look like an


elementary forehand. He got the shot that he wanted and then just


do it really did not pull the trigger. And you do not get many


chances, do you, against the world No. 1? He won that game and totally


dominated the match. You can see by Djokovic's reaction at the end.


There was a huge amount of relief. Djokovic has struggled with his


shoulder, his game was a little patchy at the start. It is the sign


of a great champion, he won when he was not at his best. From birdied's


point of view he will be frustrated. His game is in good shape, he is


playing Murray. He will believe that he is still very much in the


tournament. Talking about Murray's injury,


Djokovic has had a massive problem with his shoulder. It is like a


scene out of Casualty. It is. If you can play three tough sets


against Rafa Nadal and end up losing 7-6 in the third, I am sure


that will help with a few of his doubts. He will really have to be


fully fit today. Tsonga is not someone you can take lightly so it


will be interesting to see who comes out on top. This surface is


tough to play on. It is impossible to play if you have a significant


injury because the surface is quite sticky, you really have to pick up


your feet. The rallies are not always going to be short. Most


importantly, you're playing against the other best players in the world


and you really have to be firing on all cylinders. I think Fish will be


slightly disappointed because, again, he had an opportunity


against Nadal. That was probably one of the toughest matches of this


group. This is one where he will feel he has chances.


We talk about Tsonga and his flair, when he is good he is really good.


That is right. He did not really sure up in the first set against


Federer, but Federer played very well. He got a break of serve early


in the second then dominated. Then it was nip and tuck in the first


nine games. He was playing some great tennis. Then he missed a very


easy forehand volley, makes an unforced error and then suddenly he


is 0-40. That is not a good position against Federer. The


person who wins this match is right back in contention.


Federer and Nadal have won in three sets. Is there a danger that either


of them might not make the semi- finals? With this format, we have


had our calculators out in the past, and this year will be no different.


Tsonga won so many fans at Wimbledon during the summer. His


match with Federer was in lots of ways the match of the tournament.


Federer was up two sets. Tsonga is one of the very few players where


Federer does not miss his family feel in control because of his


explosive power. He can make life difficult for you with his serve


and his forehand. When he has those hot streaks, as he did at Wimbledon,


the final three sets, Federer did not do a lot wrong. He did not have


a break point in the final four sets. It could be a close one today


if they head to head is anything to go by. Tsonga must also be tough to


Tough to coach, so much so that he does not have a coach! I think it


is a balancing act. Who could take him on? I think again it is one of


those scenarios where probably working and travelling with


somebody part-time, I don't think he would react so well if he had


somebody there 24-7. He has to be looking to hit the first serve,


keep an eye on his first serve percentage, then looking to


dominate with his forehand. His backhand is not the best,


technically, and he does not want to hit too many of them, he wants


to use his athletic ability and dominate with his forehand. S years


ago when Andy Murray did not have a coach, everybody said, he has to


find a coach, but Tsonga, do you think he should have a coach?


Probably not at the moment. There is no right or wrong, it is about


what the individual wants, and there was a Swiss player that did


not do too badly without a coach for about four or five years! It is


finding what works best for years. He won indoors, he won in Vienna,


in the final in Paris, so he has been playing very, very well. He


did not play badly in his first match in. As far as Mardy Fish is


concerned, we talked a few years ago about this, he made a


commitment to tennis, got a super fit, lost a lot of weight. That is


right, and look at the impact on his game. He is moving so much


better, and I think it has made him more explosive moving forward. He


is looking to finish the point at the net. He has a good volleying


technique, a good first serve, and I think when you look at the match-


up, Fish has got to make sure that he is explicit in his game. If


Tsonga is dominating him and he is doing the running, that does not


suit him. Absolutely. As far as world rankings go, it is the top


eight that are here. Janko Tipsarevic is the world number nine,


he will be sitting, possibly practising harder today than he


would... With all due respect he is probably hoping a few people to


list their ankles and smack he is ready to go out and play. He is


itching to get out if he can. is your money on? I would go for


Tsonga. We will see. It promises to be a great match. Enjoy it with us.


Andrew Castle is already in the commentary box.


ANDREW CASTLE: Good afternoon, this is an intense match, as you said.


Some of the afternoon crowd will be disappointed not to see one of the


big four, if you well, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Federer, but I think


this has the makings of a match well worth watching. There is a lot


on the line, not least the $120,000, about �70,000, for each match win


in the round-robin stages. But it is not about that for these guys,


it is about keeping alive the chances of getting to the semi-


final of this event. Just the top eight in the world, every match is


a top one. Mardy Fish serving to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Must-win for


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A bit of a war mob drill, wasn't It should be an attractive match to


watch, people should be at the net, it is not so much a Murray-Ferrer


contest, with both of them grinding from the back of the court. That is


right, there is definitely an unpredictability about both of


He has showed a lot of variety this year, Tsonga, on the backhand side.


If he has enough time to get both hands on it, that is his favourite


shot, but he has been hitting a lot of one-handed backhand passes as


well. A couple of break points here, this would not be a good start for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


That is a donation from the racket Certainly a donation. I would


question his strategy early on in that rally, always going to the


Fish backhand. Fish has a great two-handed backhand, but something


of a suspect forehand so I would be looking to target the forehand side


It was the forehand side that let Mardy Fish down in the final tie-


break against Rafael Nadal putt days ago has. Just in the tie-break


at the end, it went -- two days ago. Third break point in his opening


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Got a relatively short reply off that second serve, and getting good


Fish's game-plan he has to be looking to end the point at the net,


take time away from Tsonga. If they get into this baseline exchanges, I


Well, it wasn't a bad location for the serve, they had a bit of work


on it, he elected to get the first serve in, but Tsonga had enough


time. Just picking him off down the line. A nicely played point. For a


point to finish a first game, that is as good as it comes for Tsonga.


It emphasises the fact that, in most events, you have got to come


out firing, but when you are playing against the best eight


players in the world to have to be ready to go, and Fish lost his


first service game against Nadal, and lost his first service game


here, so he will look to break back Tsonga has got that same sort of


touch and feel from the old days, really. He reminds me a little bit


of Nastase, the way he walks around slightly pigeon-toed, it's sort of


roles around the court. A fabulous athlete to watch in real life -- he


He does not like a coach in his life, as you were saying in the


studio. He does not want the structure, somebody put in anything


into his head. There is probably a lot going on in there anyway, he


likes to keep his like simple, play with flag, his own flat. And it has


been working. He is up to six in the world -- he likes to play with


That is the sort of drop shot that would give a coach a small kitten!


He does not need a coach to tell him this was the wrong shot, and it


was poor execution as well. When you have a guy that volleys well,


you do not want to give him too He lost his last service game out


here in the first match, Sunday afternoon against Roger Federer,


with a double fault, a Mr volley and a couple of other things, and


it was over quickly. -- a missed volley. This game has not look too


UMPIRE: Game, Fish. Since March of last year, Mardy


Fish has gone from 108 in the world to No. 8. At the age of 29, 30 next


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I think Fish was reluctant to challenge the ball in the middle of


the rally because he felt he was in control of the point. It was only a


split-second later that he was hitting a half volley into the net.


You can never criticise an umpire for not calling a ball. That is


That wasn't good again, was it? It was too high. With these strings it


is quite hard to control the ball. You don't get a great deal of touch


and feel. Tsonga is not a field Double fault. The first one was out.


Why can't anyone hold serve? don't think really the server is


imposing their style on their service games. His Fish trying to


serve and volley, looking to come in on his second shot? Too many


Just to put this event into perspective, this is the top eight


in the world. Two groups of four, the play a round robin. These are


the big ones on the regular ATP World Tour. These are the masters


1,000 see these events. It starts with Indian Wells in Miami --


Indian Wells and Miami. Nadal beat Ferrer in Monte Carlo. Djokovic


beat Nadal on clay back-to- back in Madrid. Then it was Montreal and


the hard courts. Fish has seen action in the final at this level.


So does Tsonga. Andy Murray won in Cincinnati on the hard court. It


was against Djokovic, who was not at his best. Was it a retirement?


No, it was a capitulation I think. It has been an absolute domination


this year from the top four players in the world at the big nine events.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Everyone has been in a final as Certainly some good tennis. If I


were Mardy Fish I would want African match hitting me with his


backhand rather than his forehand. His backhand can be more


inconsistent. Once he gets his nose in front in a game, especially when


he is serving, he is likely to He chose tennis when he went to a


local club at the age of eight. There is Tim Phillips, the former


chairman of the All-England Club. Tsonga gets so much of his athletic


ability from his dad who was a brilliant African handball player


who went over to France in the 70s A good illustration of how Fish's


movement has improved in the last couple of years. A lot more


attention to his diet, lost a lot of weight, quicker around the court.


Cutting the cakes out always helps as well. He never eats anything


after his evening meal. None of this having a ploughman's before


It is terrible - no food after your evening meal. No ice cream or


We already have our first gluten- free Grand Slam champion with Novak


Djokovic. I spoke to Venus Williams last week, she is on the steamed


vegetables as well. She is looking Mardy holds to keep himself in it.


Venus Williams is totally up for next year. She is ranked 101 in the


world. She says that her body and her have been fighting each other


for so long and she has not understood why she got so tired and


was losing concentration. She thinks she has got to the bottom of


it. She is very happy off court with her business and her fashion


design house that she is very involved with. The women's game has


lacked a little identity, I think, in the last 12 to 18 months. It was


dominated by the Williams sisters. It was great to see Kim Clijsters


coming back and winning more Grand Slams. I think it will be a great


challenge for the Williams sisters to see if they can get back to the


top of the game. It will also be a great challenge for the other women


players to see if they can keep them away from the top of the game.


Petra Kvitova had a fantastic end to the year. She looked stunning.


Wimbledon champion? The way she is hitting the ball, she looks like


one of the greats. This year just this event and the Davis Cup final.


Spain against France and it is in Seville. Spain and Argentina.


do I always get things wrong? It is a brilliant serve. You look


where Tsonga throws the ball back up. It is very difficult for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Just amazing strength and athleticism from Tsonga, to go for


What a boost it was for him to beat Federer from two sets down in the


quarter finals of Wimbledon, because at his own Championships,


the French, three weeks earlier, he lost a two set lead and was so


disappointed at the end of that. A nice touch at the net from Fish


I think win or lose I would like to see Fish finish more points at the


net. If he is at the net, he is at least play the match on his terms.


Tsonga must be difficult to play against. You never know what he


UMPIRE: Game, Fish. New balls, That was Fish's wife, the architect


of the weight loss programme. the one to achieve your potential,


the way to do it is to get fit. When he was asked why she had never


set it before, he said, well, she loves me and love 10 the way he was.


But she is smart and said, this is the way you can improve -- and she


loved him the way he was. I'm sure he wishes he had done it a few


years earlier because it has transformed his results, improved


his movement so much. At the end of your career, you want to say you


have achieved everything you could achieve, and I feel that he has


done that now, and there is plenty more to come. Who are you playing


at the Albert Hall next week? not quite sure. Greg Rusedski has


pulled out? He has pulled out, I was training five times a day


getting ready for him! I am sure they will find a replacement.


Perhaps Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or can hang about for a week? That would


be fun, wouldn't it? I'm looking for someone with a bit more power


than him! I think McEnroe is going to be there as well. It's fabulous


event has a slightly different turn to next week. -- this fabulous


He talks about the ball toss on the last point of this service game,


there he throws it up in the same place, hits it 135 down the middle.


This is what Federer was talking about, sometimes Tsonga can win


I think I am right in saying in the match with Federer at Wimbledon,


Federer broke Tsonga in his first service game of the match and did


not have another break point for the whole of the rest of the match.


UMPIRE: Tsonga leads by five games There is another one you could play


Sebastian Grosjean beat me at Queen's and Wimbledon in the same


They are just confirming the call. UMPIRE: Mardy Fish has challenged a


Two challenge is allowed over the course of a set. If you are right,


You get no credit for your good calls. You make one mistake, the


cameras are on you. At least you don't get Paul off the court! --


pulled. It sounds like Mardy Fish is having


a bit of a go at the umpire. could say, but it is your answer.


They are having a bit of a dig at teacher there, aren't they? -- a


There is no doubt that some of the umpires and players, there is


different chemistry on court. They find themselves in the same arena


in a lot of different places in the world in a stressful environment,


and some light each other more than And actually the umpire is the only


person, he's still having a bit of a go at him... Instead of just


saying it was too close to call, Challenger 2 not, you say it was


out? -- challenge it all knocked. For me, it is out. So you think it


was out? Yes, but I can be wrong. Umpires get stigma from the players


that you cannot trust them because you say something like that. How


can I be sure you are right there and there if I know for a fact you


are wrong there. All the time we say to you guys, it is players,


from here, it is difficult to see. It is easy for me... But if you are


not 100% sure, why would you say that? That is why I said I can be


wrong, like I was wrong in that. You could be wrung every time.


could be wrong every time. -- you could be wrong. It is just honest


answers. I will not call anything, I will not answer anything to use.


You are not calling anything. soon as you ask me, I am calling.


You are wasting energy, Mardi! -- Mardy! Time out! Handbags, please.


The players' only real outlet on the court is the umpire. I think


Mardy Fish got up and said, I still think you are a great guy. At the


end of the day, the umpire admits he made a mistake. He said he


thought it was out, and he got it wrong. But I think Fish just


looking for an outlet for some of He has played a good first point.


He just needed to have a chat with somebody it. From the umpire's


point of view, they are between a rock and a hard place because if he


always says, I am not quite sure, you feel he's just sitting in the


chair calling the score and the players want more than that. But he


has made a decision and got it A bit of tension out there now


after a heavy first serve. The volley got wrapped around that


frame and it was a way. The right Now it is a choice for Fish, does


he go down the middle or throw one That was a wonderful return of


He picked the direction of the Tsonga serve, and he was rarely on


Biggest serve of the match so far, maybe of the tournament so far. 140


That's the break. And that was a bit of a lapse from the Frenchman,


but credit to Mardy Fish. He learned it all from me, that is his


dad. I tell you, Fish should argue with the umpire more often! It has


fired him up for the game. What is that? Four breaks of serve in this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


That was a good first serve from Fish. That is a volley, isn't it?


You don't see that very often these days. The racquet head went through,


It is like watching a Tim Henman match out there, all the volleying.


You would have to see a couple of drop volleys, if that were to be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


That is very strong play and good concentration from Mardy Fish, who


was clearly downhearted and upset with a couple of things only five


minutes ago. How quickly it can turn around. What is right about


this forehand, Tin? -- Tim? What is right about it? I think it has


improved because it foot work has got better. -- his footwork. The


most important aspect is where he is finishing. If he can use that to


get himself in position at the net then he is going to make his game


plan a good one. There is a natural TV person! Performing when the


camera is on. Why aren't you at school? There is some excellent


tennis to be seen here. Two more years here for these finals after


this. I guess a decision will be made about where it will go next of


whether it will stay here at that point back. It really could not be


more impressively staged at the O2 Arena. It will have to be a good


bid to get it away from here, isn't There are some tax considerations.


Some of the guys are not happy I think we will have that debate at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


the change of ends. Change of ends After the disappointment of serving


for this set, he has done well to settle down. Look how we see that


game was. He will be thinking, why could I not have done that a couple


UMPIRE: Tsonga is challenging the call on the right hand baseline.


I thought Fish's serve was out. It did not get cold. -- it did not get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


It is so difficult, isn't it? You cannot just floated. Coming to the


net is the right plan. -- you It is why people are not following


so much these days, isn't it? The power that can be generated a --


generated towards a target, it is Devastating serving in this tie-


Please support to be continuous, but everyone always stops, don't


they? -- play is supposed to be. A crucial point, this one. If he


loses this, suddenly it is only 4-3 with Fish to serve. A very


At great effort from Mardy Fish. -- a great effort. He was always


chasing here, wasn't he? He was never in control. That actually


Well, we will argue about that some other time. Fish needs the next two


79 mph and he hasn't moved his feet and he puts it into the tramlines.


It is a donation that will be Tsonga has failed to make a Mardy


Fish player ball con los two points. If he wins these two points, Tsonga,


he wins the set. Fish is just one good hit away from getting back


into this. Tsonga is two aces away That is just what you want to see


going around the place, isn't it, UMPIRE: Game and the first set,


Tsonga. SUE BARKER: Are a reminder of the


format of how these finals work. The top eight players in the world


are split into two groups of four, this is group be in action. --


Group B. Group A tomorrow and we all hope that Andy Murray will be


fit enough to play his match against Tomas Berdych. Yesterday he


had the trainer Ron court, he was hampered by a groin strain. He has


had some treatment, then popped out for some lunch. This is in a few


moments ago, going into the locker room. Tomorrow's match will be live


on BBC Two and on the BBC H D channel. If Murray does pull-out,


there is a chance that Federer could overtake him again in the


world rankings. There is plenty of motivation to get back on court


tomorrow. He will have to be better than yesterday. That groin strain


really hampered his movement. That is what has been happening behind


the scenes here with Andy Murray, but let's get back out on the court


and rejoined his entertaining match. -- and rejoin this entertaining


match. Thank you, Sue. That was not a


double bounce, that one. I thought, from the other wrangle behind the


court, it looked like there was a double bounce. There might have


been. I would trust you rise more Some people have elected not to


play in the United Kingdom next year because of the tax situation.


Foreign players are being taxed when they play in this country on


their worldwide income and it is being done, I think I'm right in


saying, on the number of tournaments that you play worldwide


and it is related to the number of tournaments you play in this


country, so there is a scenario where Nadal comes and plays Queen's


and will be receiving an appearance fee, prize money, and he would end


up making a loss even if he won the tournament. So that is a percentage


of worldwide endorsement and promotional and sponsorship income?


Down as a pro rata on the amount of tournaments played in England?


is right, and therefore the guys are always going to come and play


Wimbledon, and again this tournament is another?, but the


incentive for them to play Queen's will be less -- another question


Mark. It is not all about money, but I think we have to be looking


to support those events, and in the scheme of grass-court tennis, we


want to promoted and make it as appealing as possible. Ongoing


dialogue between Revenue and Customs -- Revenue and Customs and


the tournament organisers. Tim's boards are exempt, so if Barcelona,


over here, they are exempt -- team There is an exemption for the


Back to the tennis, Tsonga played a great tie-break to get the first


set under his belt. The last thing he wants to do is give Fish any


encouragement at this early stage Now not finding the mark with his


He is prone to lapses in concentration, isn't he? But he is


as likely to serve dismay -- his way out of this situation as he is


UMPIRE: Tsonga has challenged the call.


You never really want to challenge on your own serve because it can


disrupt your rhythm. It was just out, now he has had to wait. Second


A strong response from Mardy Fish, 30 next month. I guess we should


wish Boris Becker a happy birthday today. Born in 67, so what is he?


44. Looking good on it. Apart from his broken ankle. He has got six


screws in that angle. There is She came in today looking of it,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


signed a few autographs, a lovely It saw Todd emphasises the point


why you don't feel in control of the match, because indeed previous


game, Tsonga missed four shots, four unforced errors, suddenly in


It is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. You get a


0-30 opportunity, second serve, the third time he has missed one in


this match, it is one of those things a professional hates to give.


Getting closer to Christmas, but UMPIRE: Game, Tsonga.


Just amazingly lucky on the return. Saw it was short, followed in, and


then look at the grip. Just got enough of the strings. That is a


lovely shot, isn't it? So graceful. 16 stone of honed athlete, that. No


wonder you retired after you lost It was your last match, wasn't it,


2007? My last match on the tour, yes, at the US Open, when I lost to


Tsonga in two sets. Were you done by then? I had the Davis Cup to go,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Looking forward to hanging up my UMPIRE: Game, song there. -- song


there. GNU balls, please. -- New There were 14 regional trials house


during the spring for the Barclays Ball Boys. They came down to a


selection in it may in London. Boris Becker was one of the people


who hand-picked the final furtive. If you fancy having a go at this,


you can -- the final 30. You can It is a funny match, this, isn't


it? Now and again it catches fire. I think it is very unpredictable.


You see that from the first service game in the second set, Tsonga


makes four errors and in the next two games he regains his


consistency, his explosive power, and his back hitting the ball well


It is a must-win match for both players. These two in their groups


lost that first ones. Federer beat Tsonga, and Nadal defeated Mardy


Fish in a final set tie-break. Later on here it will be Federer-


Nadal. 5 Live Sports Extra for that But the loser of this match knows


they will probably be going home. I don't know what the exact masses,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


but it is almost guaranteed. -- Amazing to get this angle with this


If you had to pick a nationality based on a playing style, you would


say French, wouldn't you? In most sports! It is true, isn't it? So


7 Briton minutes ago, Fish was up a break-in Miss set. Three games like


this and he is just a passenger. -- Seven or eight minutes ago. Now he


has two points to walk a break. -- UMPIRE: Tsonga is challenging the


call. Fish is putting a lot more top spin


on it to get the ball sure to rock the court. It is wider. That is


amazing. He just missed it. Now he has to hit a second serve when he


is down break point. That was lovely. The deck was everything on


that. He looks a bit cross now. -- Fish may be using that a wide one a


Mum and dad are smiling a bit more now. This is poetry in motion, this


one. He has picked his target in Oops! No real choice there from the


umpire. It slipped 0 with the sweat. He is a lucky boy. If that bounces


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


up and hits the line judge he is It is overwhelming tennis, isn't it,


from Tsonga? So control. -- If you were trying to help Tsonga,


you would show him the first game of the second set and say, do not


do this, then you were shown in the next four games and say, do this.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


And then you would show him the This determination has


characterised Fish's season. You never know what is going to happen.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


That is what has taken him up into SUE BARKER: The Frenchman is in


charge. While the players changed ends I will take this opportunity


to remind you that our coverage on BBC Two ends in about ten minutes.


You will still be able to follow the match on the BBC HD channel.


You can also continue on the red button. About ten minutes to go if


At the moment it is difficult to see how Fish can get back into this


match. He has had a hamstring problems but he has been getting


treatment in London and seems to have been enjoying himself in this


tournament. If he loses this one, he has only one to play and that is


against Roger Federer. Tough, isn't it? Tsonga will feel that, if he


can get this one out of the way, he can make it to the semi-finals.


Just two from each group to go through. Nadal and Federer have one


of the best rivalries in sport. I think, on present form, court


conditions, I would favour Federer. But you can never write off Rafa.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


They have played a lot more on clay That is one of the shots of the


year. That is unbelievable. He just hooked it back. There is an ability.


And when you hit a volley as good as that, you cover the line because


you say to yourself that you cannot get across the court. A phenomenal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Tsonga is just content to soak up the pressure there. He is probably


a better player when he is going for it. He looked like he was


This time the error does come. He is that a set and 5-1. -- he is at.


Remember that Nadal beat Fish in three sets. It would seem that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Tsonga is about to polish off a SUE BARKER: Apologies to viewers on


BBC Two. We have to leave this match. You can continue to watch on


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