Day 4: Berdych v Tipsarević (Part 1) Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 4: Berdych v Tipsarević (Part 1)

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Last night a packed house at the O2 arena. Roger Federer, arguably the


greatest player of all time, up against a man who took over as the


dominant force in tennis until this year, Rafael Nadal. Over the years,


these two great champions have produced many epic matches. Last


night was not one of them. Federer was all some while Nadal was


was all some while Nadal was ordinary. 6-3, 6-0 was the score.


With that victory, Federer has booked his place in the semi-finals


and is now the firm favourite to take the title. That was yesterday.


The other big story was that Andy Murray was forced to pull out of


the tournament because of bad groin injury that hampered in so much in


his opening match. That means that Janko Tipsarevic, the world No. 9,


comes in today and will take on Tomas Berdych today. Although


Tipsarevic is coming in late, he can still qualify for the semi-


finals if he wins his two matches. That is what we have to look


forward to, but first back to Murray. Let's what he had to say


yesterday. Hard luck in pulling out of your


final tournament of the year. It must have been a hard decision to


take. It is tough. I do not think it is something that any of the


players like to do, especially in an event like this. I always try to


give it a goal and see how I am feeling. I need more time to rest


and recover. I did not have that luxury, so I am disappointed, but,


you know, nothing much else I could have done.


How long have you been advised to rest for? It is a week to ten days


of complete rest, and then, obviously, you would start to build


up again. But I did it on Monday, a week before my match. I had scans


on the Tuesday. Unfortunately, I did not have a week to rest and do


nothing, so I was just trying to do little bits and pieces of training,


but nothing that was enough to test it out, test myself but physically


As soon as I felt my growing towards the end of the first set


against David Ferrer, it just hurt me because I knew I was not going


to be able to compete properly and that was why I was so disappointed


and felt flat on the court and upset that that is the way that the


year's come to an end. It is a horrible thing to pull out of


tournaments. You feel like you're kind of letting the people down


that you work with, and on top of that, playing in London, you feel


that you have let a lot of people down. That is why it takes so long


to come to a decision like this. I have spent a long time speaking


about it today. And trying to convince myself, but carrying on


was never going to be the right thing to do.


You have a very short off-season, but it is now crucial for you to


prepare as well as you can. Had you aggravated it here it could have


been terrible, couldn't it? Little things like that can help you make


the decision. The off season has been really important for me in the


last three or four years. It is the only time when you can get a lot of


physical work done and work on technical things because you have


that extra time. If I had played on and hurt myself more I could have


done something worse and the off season could have been messed up.


We're only six or seven weeks away from the start of the Australian


Open as well. SUE BARKER: That means that Janko


Tipsarevic is in. He is up against Tomas Berdych. That is what is


coming up this afternoon. Let us reflect on the news that Murray is


coming out. The we think -- we thought, 10, but that was what was


going to happen on Monday. That is why it is so disappointing for him.


He has had such a good season and he wanted to finish on a high note


in a fantastic event like this. It is bitterly disappointing for him


but it is also disappointed for the fans and for us. We wanted to see


his progression. From Tipsarevic's point of view, it is an amazing


opportunity. He has finished number nine, the best year of his career.


Now he has the opportunity of two matches, and he has a great record


against Tomas Berdych. He is going to fancy his chances of getting


through to the semi-finals. Let's just drop in on the court for


They will take a photo and we will carry on chatting. Andy, I think it


was the right decision for Murray because he would not be able to


compete against the top players like that. He is right to delight.


It is a brave decision as well because he knows he is


disappointing everyone here. He has commitments that he would like to


satisfy, but it is a brave decision because it is the right one. It is


just one of those things. What you have to do is manage your schedule.


You have to learn how to do that over the years. He is a vastly


experienced man out on the circuit but you have to question whether he


would have got injured. To go to Asia and Neil Furman tournaments


and come back and satisfied the commitment in Switzerland, was that


the right thing to do? Or should he have taken some time off? He did


admit that yesterday - the fact that he has learned some lessons


and he has to rest his body. think, when you reflect on him


making his schedule, after the US Open he was probably thinking, I


want to go for the No. 3 spot. He probably did not think he was going


to go there and when all the tournaments. In hindsight, he has


to learn. You see Federer and Nadal, the manager their schedule very


well. -- they manage their schedules. It would be


disappointing if Federer was able to overtake him as well. When you


look at the rankings, Federer, who is looking awesome, could overtake


Murray can take that away from them. That is the irony of this situation.


He could lose the number three spot because of injury. It is just one


of those things. To be honest, they are the top four in the world and


they know it. If Federer produces tennis like that again I want to be


there to see it. That was incredible last night. He was half


volleying, playing with this wonderful freedom. It is like


watching anyone who is excellent at anything that they do. I sat there


giggling on this offer. It was great to watch. -- on the sofa.


can ask if Nadal was at his best, but he was not allowed to be at his


best. Federer served a double fault near the start of the match. Then


none for the remaining two sets. Given the right conditions, he is


still capable of beating anyone. has left so many performances


hanging this year, hasn't he? And last year. When you think of the


last two a US Opens for Federer, where he has had matches against


Djokovic was I think he feels he has not had quite the return and he


should have done since he won his last Grand Slam. That is two full


years without a Grand Slam. Briefly, on Murray, the off season


is so important for him. Very much so. Obviously, he needs to recover


from the injury but then you have this one really good window of


opportunity where you can do the bulk of your fitness work that will


give you that foundation that will, hopefully, see you through it will


just after Wimbledon. If you look at what Federer and Nadal did after


the US Open, they took a big block then. People think that you finish


this season and take your big training block at the end of the


year. Four guys to play that well, they have to look at little windows


of opportunity within the year. Perhaps after the US Open is a very


good time to have a training block that will set you up for the rest


of the year and then move into the following year. I think they will


all be pleased it is changing next year anyway. Today, we have this


match to look forward to. It is going to be a tough one, isn't it?


Tipsarevic was ranked 29 at Wimbledon, he is now a number nine.


He has gone up 40 places. It is unbelievable. He has been here for


ten days preparing. I think it is an advantage for Tomas that he has


been on the court already. He has been out there and he has felt the


heat of battle and of competition. If anybody likes a big stage it is


Janko. He is only 53011 and covered in tattoos. He plays with the same


intelligence that he has in his mind. I am looking forward to him


trying to get close to Berdych. We will get this match under way in


just a moment. Ten-man Andrew are going to the commentary box. Let's


I came to London early enough, I was practising every day and


preparing, whether I am playing a match the day after. My daily


routine and my regime is not going to change much now that I know I am


officially one of the top eight. You have two matches to come,


Berdych and Djokovic. What are your thoughts? I am aware that I am


playing against two really tough opponents. I played Tomas a couple


of times this year. I lost and I won. But every time I remember that


we played really, really interesting and tough matches. So


why am looking forward to that one tomorrow. Regarding Novak, he is


probably one of my best friends off of the tennis court. Friendship is


set aside for the time on court. Things will hopefully go back to


normal after wards. He has had to wait but he will get


his chance. Andy was talking about the big stage, not only their


grandson's but the David Cups as well, it has been terrific for him.


That is right. If you can play in the Davis Cup at home in front of


20,000 people then you are safe to play anywhere. We talk about


Berdych, I think he probably fancied his chances coming into a


match against Murray of who had questions and injuries. Then, all


of a sudden, you have someone coming in who is fresh and you have


a losing record against him. It depends to his best on the day.


certainly has the weapons, Berdych. Absolutely. I think it is a bit of


a coin tossed to see who will come out on top here. Thank you very


much. Now over to Andy. Thank you. Berdych has an advantage


in terms of height. He will be trying to bring his power to bear


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


So much for my theory that it might take a bit of time for Tipsarevic


to play his way into the pace of the court and the arena. I thought


it might be an advantage for Berdych to have played a match.


sat on the fence in the studio and said that it was a bit of a toss of


a coin, but after seeing those first two points, Tipsarevic looks


After the tie-break he lost to Djokovic in his first round-robin


match, Berdych made some of the worst mistakes he could probably


have made in his career. This is a very disappointing start to this


one. He has probably had enough of the Serbians. That is mum and dad


there. He made a lot of unforced errors in the tie-break against


Djokovic and there was no real need to hit the drive volley there, he


could have taken his time and let The parents are getting younger


these days, as well. Have you What is going on here? Parents are


looking younger because you are looking... I know! Every morning I


think the same. Is there mobile phone somewhere or something? There


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


is a bit of a buzz in the arena, 27 years old from Belgrade, part of


the winning Davis Cup team last year. What a platform it was for


all of them. Tipsarevic and Djokovic have had wonderful years


following that. Fantastic national pride. Two Serbians at the season-


ending championships. Throw in Nenad Zimonjic at the doubles as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


His long-time coach, since his No doubt having Djokovic on board


and seeing him achieving is just going to help the whole climate for


tennis in the country, for them to win the Davis Cup. I wonder if


Djokovic has been around -- if Djokovic had been around these last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


few years, whether Tipsarevic would His cards seem to be bigger than


the rest of him. -- his calves. He really is a fantastic move around


the court. There is Nenad Zimonjic, Tomas Berdych is having a bad time


here, isn't it? He is certainly having a bad time that a lot of


that is to do with Tipsarevic, who has really come out and in -- and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


produced an impressive first couple One player is being proactive, the


other reactive. Tipsarevic is dictating play, moving Berdych side


to side, coming in, knocking a off the easy forearm volleyer. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


Really the first disappointing shot for Tipsarevic. He would have liked


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


0-30 down in this game, Tomas Berdych. It is a must-win game for


One thing you can say about the pace of this court is that, even at


3-0 down, it is not like being down on a grass court. Slow-medium, I


Challenge. UMPIRE: Mr Tipsarevic is


challenging the call. ANDREW CASTLE: The lady on the line


called it out. UMPIRE: No challenge? Second


service. The line judge called it out so


Berdych was asked whether he wanted to challenge.


UMPIRE: Game, Berdych. ANDREW CASTLE: But if the umpire


has called the score, he must have thought it was in? Anyway... 2-1 to


Tipsarevic here. He has made a good start even though he did not take


his 0-30 opportunity in that game. He is in for Andy Murray Cup -- in


for Andy Murray because he is world number nine and therefore was the


alternative. He had a very good hard-court summer season and


tremendous indoors as well. The final full St Petersburg, lost to


Berdych in Paris. He was a quarter- finalist at the US Open. That gave


him an awful lot of point and he has risen from 49 to number nine.


You can see from the US Open on words, where he made that quarter,


he has been consistent and he has He played a fantastic match with


Roger Federer in 2008. He lost it tented eight in the fifth set. --


10-8. Did you play him? I don't think I did. And I am not sure I


would have liked to. He moves well and he is relentless with his


hitting. Very solid offer of both wings. Tipsarevic seems to be


aiming for the bar ditch -- Berdych It is interesting that Tipsarevic


would be going to the Berdych backhand most of the time because


his big weapon is his forehand. It is also where he makes most of his


errors. It is how you go to an opponent's strength that is the big


thing. If you go to it with weakness you will be punished but


if you go to it with strength you Was it too long? UMPIRE: Tipsarevic


challenge as the call. -- That lady on the line was the one


that Serena Williams had a go at at the US Open, and ended up getting


into all sorts of trouble. You know that, if she is working here, she


Straight back into action. I would never call a service line.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


That has to be the hardest thing. The only other person I can


remember wearing glasses, two people, in fact, Clement was one of


them. He also had a bandana. There UMPIRE: It is very close. I can see


the mark. Accepting that this ball was out.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


A bit of a Perot wet here, wasn't Highways Berdych going to have an


impression on the match? If he is going to continue serving at 25%


first serves it is going to be a long afternoon. He has to get a few


more first serves and get a few more Kyi points. -- a few more


The pattern at that -- the pattern that is developing is that Berdych


is getting the power on the ball. Tipsarevic is going to have to


avoid getting pushed back too far. If the Serbian is too far back it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


It is long. He made the tough one When you combine this with the loss


of control of his ground strokes in the first match, Berdych against


Djokovic. I think Tipsarevic almost stop the point here. He played the


shot holding the throat of the racquet. He does have racquet


ability. He reminds me of some of the old players. A lot of racquet


ability. Moving back to Berdych, he is six feet 5 and has a great


service motion. He has had 19 first serves and has had four in. You


cannot, at this level, let that happen. He has to be a bit more


selective about where he is serving. Instead of going for the corners at


135 mph, go straight into the body at 130 mph, take a little bit of


pace off of it. In the rallies, Tipsarevic is moving a little bit


better, he is controlling the ball might well and getting Berdych on


the defensive. He has to race his level. The game is all about basics


and doing them well. No matter whether you're playing at the local


club or in this arena in front of 17,500 people. It is about getting


the basics right. And about hitting the big parts of the court if you


are struggling. Go back to the basics. Look at Federer yesterday,


he hit 10 or 12 balls in the middle I just looked up to the screen with


our statistics to see how Tipsarevic was serving. Maybe these


Having just arrived in Athens for the Olympics, I went to hit some


balls in the Olympic village. I thought, something is not quite


right here. I started hitting balls and then realised that the service


line was about two feet to close to I am glad I did not try to practise


my serve. It did not going very UMPIRE: Game, Tipsarevic. Very


impressed her. -- impressive. It will be


interesting to see at the Olympics, not far from here next year, to see


who's Serbia pick. I think you can and we have two players. Or is it


three or four now? I think it is four. A maximum of four from each


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


That first serve moves his Four in a row. He must be listening.


It is all about trying to get some of them in the second set. He just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


has not really arrived in the match He is a very straight forward


player, Tomas Berdych, and a very effective one. Always top 10,


between 10 and 30 for his entire career. Been in the top 10


regularly for the last two years with a magnificent run at the semi-


final that the French last year and the final of Wimbledon last year as


well, where he happened to beat Federer and Djokovic before losing


to Nadal in the final. Tipsarevic is doing his best to take the ball


early on the first serve. Second set he is trying to move in a


little bit close up. You can see how the second serve gets up with


the top spend. -- the top spin. Some of that writing on his left


arm says in Japanese, beauty will Did you read when you wrap out on


tour? -- when you were out on top? What did you read, instruction


manuals? I have never been a prolific reader! Were you a


computer game player? I just Tipsarevic, 5-2, serving for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


Took a chance on second serve break You get the feeling with Tomas


Berdych that if he had 5% more variation in his game, just a


little bit more skill in the racket hit, he could have gone to the very


top. He has already had a tremendous career, but not one of


the greats. You always felt it was His coach and trainer there. Three


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


So, the substitute has come in, and he is relaxed and has played very


SUE BARKER: certainly making the most of his opportunity, Danko


Tipsarevic. He has taken the opening set, we will be back with


Group B is back in action tomorrow, we will have Roger Federer against


Mardy Fish live for you on BBC tip, and in the evening Rafael Nadal


against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. -- on BBC Two. Back to today, let's


It is interesting, if we looked into our crystal ball and speculate


a bit, if Tipsarevic goes on to win this match and Djokovic beats


Ferrer tonight, you would -- it would put Tipsarevic right in the


mid- because he will be playing Ferrer in the final match and the


winner will go through to the semi- finals. To join Djokovic. That is


why the round-robin format, it can get very complicated, but it is


interesting as well. If they had come in after the second match it


would have been all over, but he came in after the first to replace


Andy Murray and has got a real shout. He has only got to play


Ferrer and Berdych. It is not like playing a Federer and Nadal. He


leads the head-to-head with the man He is not, is he? I got that wrong,


he will have to play Djokovic. did you say? That he had to play


for rare, but Andy Murray played Tonight it is Djokovic in action


looking to seal the deal as Federer has done in the other group,


When you come through these groups, you want to come through as


champion because you then played the runner up from the other group.


The other group is pretty strong. It will probably be Federer-a dull,


-- Federer-Nadal, though the Tsonga match is important there. That is a


winner-takes-all, Nadal against Tsonga. After Federer of defeating


Nadal last night, everyone is saying song there is in with a good


shout. Of course he is, but you have to start with Nadal as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


favourite. -- St song there is in UMPIRE: Game, Berdych.


A better start to this set for Berdych, and that is exactly what


he was after. He made a poor start to the match and never recovered in


the first set, but that is much better. Back to basics for him. He


is the natural attributes, natal set of scales, 6 ft 5, the


athleticism, the ground strokes, the server, you would never call a


Wimbledon finalist an under- achiever, would you? Certainly not,


and when his game is on he is one of the most dangerous because he


has that power. You saw it for large parts of the match against


Djokovic, he was the one dictating. Unfortunately in that third set


tie-break I think he almost lacked belief in those shops and suddenly


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


the unforced errors crept in. -- in And that is good. It is a winner.


Wow! He had the width of the line to aim


at, and he found it. Using all the dimensions of the court, aren't


they? The entire playing area. That That is a strange NICE, isn't it?


great served by Tipsarevic out wide. On the women's tour, coaches can


come out and talk to the players. Somehow, you feel it would really


benefit Berdych if he could get I think I would sit down with him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


and tell him to play better, as UMPIRE: Mr Tipsarevic is


challenging the call. I thought that look in. -- looked


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


Errors on the forehand side. They have these lovely double-handed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


Two are really strong, heavy, muscular second serves 2 finish


that game. Tipsarevic just guilty of backing off a little bit. I met


that man on the left this morning. I have forgotten his name. He is in


the theatrical version of The Railway Children.


Tipsarevic has to stay in. You have to take the ball back from a big


guy before the spin takes it away. That's right. You can get mishits


and that sets a Berdych for another point. Certainly, when he is


getting on the front foot, he is dominating some of these rallies


from the baseline. I think if he can eliminate some of these


unforced errors there -- Berdych It is an intense part of this


particular match. Remember, both players are looking for their first


win in this stage. Tipsarevic is the alternate, taking over from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


That was a good punch from Tipsarevic. Tipsarevic was able to


hit the two-handed backhand into Tipsarevic just had one scare


serving for the first set. Apart from that, he has looked very solid,


no other break points in any other service games. Now his chance to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


UMPIRE: Mr Tipsarevic is challenging the call.


We have seen a lot of shots right He has his towel delivered by one


of these ball kids. There were 2,500 applications. Just over 100


of the applicants were selected to come to London. Boris Becker helped


to select them. The whole staging of the event is magnificent, isn't


it? First-class. Is the


address if you want to have a try for next year.


There will be a negotiation after next year to see if the tournament


will stay in London or if it is going to go elsewhere. If you look


at the schedule, this tournament will start the day after Paris next


year. Moving forward, if the event is still taking place in Paris, it


will be quite difficult to put this event in Brazil if you have to take


players from the final of Paris to another continent for the next day.


And Brazil are the only other competition at the moment, as bad


as you know? I do not know, is the honest answer. I am sure there will


The women's tour, the season-ending championships, are in Istanbul


three weeks prior to this, which gives a much long off-season. -- a


That forehand from Berdych, I don't know what he is trying to achieve.


If it is a rally in shot, there is no way a player of his calibre can


miss by eight feet. It is an First point of the game, as well. I


With this point it was the right idea. He will be disappointed to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


have missed the drop volley, but it It is a tidy game but it was set up


by that huge missed forehand, wasn't it? That forehand that


ballooned over the net, miles out. You've really want to get stuck


into a game, and at this level you cannot give the server start.


Tipsarevic has only lost two. On his serve in this set. -- two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


Important point and with the extra effort, the extra decibels on the


ground there from Tipsarevic... -- on the grunt. Do you think he does


that to send a message to his opponent? He is trying, isn't he?


Credit to Berdych on those two points. He made some unforced


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


errors but he backed himself to go UMPIRE: It was inside, yes. Inside


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


ANDREW CASTLE: He is right again. So, the season-ending finals


welcome Janko Tipsarevic. Andy Murray pulled out, Tipsarevic came


in and he is playing a good match. Berdych hanging on, it is a must


win for both players. A look back at the history of this great event


which has landed in London and will be here for two years. You can see


that the decades have been dominated. Federer is trying to


make it six wins it. The record for qualifying for the top eight, this


year end showdown, Andre Agassi, 14 times he qualified. Amazing.


Nastase, a four time when of this event in the seventies. Boris


Becker won three times, it was his birthday yesterday. John McEnroe


and others will be at the Royal Albert Hall next week. Tim Henman


will be there as well. I'm sure there are still tickets left.


Starting on Wednesday night. Saturday night I was meant to play


against Greg Rusedski but he has had problems with his foot and has


had to pull out. Unfortunately for me, they have flown in the


Tim Henman, a qualifier for this event on two a occasions, in


You are quite right, Andrew, talking about how a return is


trying to get into a service game, the first serve is always important.


He cannot afford to give away donations at this stage in the


He is very quick to find eye- contact, the umpire. I like the way


he does it. The players like it, He could have left that one, you


feel. But he elected to play what He hits the forehand down the line,


scoops up from Tipsarevic. It could have been a leave, couldn't it? It


looked like it was just going wide. Back to level in the game, can he


That is very well played. He does not back off. Sometimes errors,


sometimes fine, false or play. A delicate balance, isn't it? -- Fine


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


It isn't hard to see why he beat Federer and Djokovic at Wimbledon


last year and made the final. was the type of tennis he was


playing, sensing his opportunity to I don't think you would call it


coaching, would you? You would call it encouragement. No coaching


allowed from outside the court. Tipsarevic way out. And then went


UMPIRE: Game, Berdych. New balls, There is the break. Perfect timing


from him. I like his body language as well. Although he has not played


his best in this match, you see the intensity. He made this forehand


pass. See the way he was watching the


ball there? He knew that Tipsarevic was coming in. The last thing you


want to do is Nissan give it away. That was good, professional play.


You get the feeling he would like to see a backhand sometimes. I mean,


Serving for the set with new tennis Again, serving for a set, serving


for a match, it is the basics - first serves, look for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


opportunities to dictate with your UMPIRE: Game and second set,


Berdych. It is one set each here at the


World Tour files. SUE BARKER: And we are ready for


the decider. If you are watching on BBC Two we are coming to the end of


our transmission at 3:45pm. If you want to continue watching it will


be available on the be BCH the Channel and the red button. Just a


final reminder of the groups. Both Berdych and Tipsarevic are looking


for their first win here. Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer both have


a win it -- each in the tournament. Tomorrow we will see Roger Federer


up against Mardy Fish. And then the winner of the Nadal and Tsonga


match will go through to the final. Just over ten minutes until we


change channels. Thank you, Sue. A third set here


and, with a bit of luck, it will be a good one. Berdych has shown good


determination, good grip. It was a fine comeback for him after losing


to Djokovic the other night, when he got really tight. Berdych is


hoping to bring some of his experience to bear on Janko


Tipsarevic. An easier time for Tomas' mum and dad. His dad was a


railway engineer and his mum was a doctor. Their little boy, though he


has grown up a bit now, won all these junior competitions. They


moved to a town where there were good tennis coaches and a better


set up. To move away from among the age of 12 or 13, it is a price to


pay. -- away from home. Tomas Berdych is leaping up and down and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 82 seconds


ready to receive this Tipsarevic The umpire is having a little chat


up with some of the technical staff who have rigged up this court. They


have sensors and little lights that go off. Back to business. A hold of


He is playing a simple game now, isn't he? Top spin on at forehand.


Berdych staying down on the ball. Watch the racquet head going


There has been this momentum shift in the match. In the first set it


was Tipsarevic that was dictating the.. Now the roles have been


reversed, Berdych -- Tipsarevic that was dictating the points. Now


the roles are reversed, Berdych is Lays her-like accuracy now. --


UMPIRE: Game, Berdych. The man from the Czech Republic


makes it 1-1. SUE BARKER: That is it, we have


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