Day 5: Federer v Fish Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 5: Federer v Fish

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Roger Federer done it all before. Federer has the bit between his


teeth. Five times champion of this season in the event. Federer is up


Federer finding a way to gain the victory. Federer is in good shape.


Good afternoon. Roger Federer has proved he is very much back to his


unbeatable best. He has enjoyed remarkable matches during his


career but that 6-3, 6-0 demolition of Rafael Nadal he rates as one of


his very best. It was a clear answer to those who had consigned


the 30-year-old to the history books. Tim and and drew are with me.


Let us you'll jis about the man and the form he has been in. He hasn't


lost since the second semifinal against Djokovic. He has won Paris,


it is just, the whole place is just, drips with love when he takes to


the court. This was in, you know, this was in the final. Look at the


footwork here, look at the footwork here, look at the


adjustment there.. When he starts playing with real focus, as he is


at the moment, I just can't get enough of it. It is manner in which


he goes about his business. He has the ball on a string and he can do


what he likes. That is what Nadal found out the other day. Tim, he


seems to get better and better. When you think is he on the Wayne,


he reinvents himself. Gl that was as good tennis as I have ever seen.


I still think in the right condition, Roger's best is everyone


than everyone else's. When you reflect on a years it is about your


average. I think Djokovic's average has been better than Roger's hence


the ranking. When you see the shots he hit. It was 21 winner, it was


amazing he could play that aggressively, that consistently.


has only lost 14 points on serve. So you can look at the numbers all


you want. Look at the pretty pictures he paints. To Rafa's


credit at the end of the match he said "I wasn't injured, there is no


problem. This isn't the most important event in my life, it is


not one of the slams but congratulations to Roger, when he


plays well, there is nothing I can do." On another surface on another


day like on the French, Rafa will do the same thing to him. That


reaccuse haun -- reaction at the end. It was an easy victory, it was


almost like, "I'm back." He will take a massive amount of confidence.


In his first match against Tsonga, he came through and he will be


looking to finish off the group. didn't celebrate in style. He has


huge respect for Rafa. Other players when they beat Rafa would


be jumping round and shouting, but there is respect between the two.


There was very little reaction. Here is the man waudge Waughing


into the Lion's den. -- walking. He is about to be introduced to the


Calling Ladies and gentlemener -- ladies and gentlemen, the hoefrld


16 Grand Slam finals. The number win, the Barclays ATP world finals


defending champion, from Ladies and gentlemen. He is so cool.


So relaxed. So he looks like he is walking on for a practise session.


There is not a lot at stake for him. He is through to the semifinals. It


is pride and prize money. There is momentum on the back of his


performance against Rafa. He will want to maintain that form. I will


be surprised if he can reach the same levels. He don't want to drop


his serve or being loose mentally. He doesn't want to be out there for


two-and-a-half, three hour, he will look to dominate in match and win


as quickly as he can. We should give the daily medical report.


There is a hamstring injury Fish came in with. He felt that in the


second match. There was talk of a Spanish player coming in from the


altern naits list. They will stroke the ball round here, and, look, he


will, if he has to be at 85% he If you want to challenge, please


try to do it in a timely manner, we have television change over, so


please try to sit down the whole time. Any questions? Heads is


called. It is heads. You choose So, the coin toss completed. And


the match will get under way in just a moment. So a reminder of the


group stage, as we mention Roger Federer booked his place in the


semifinal, but a real shoot out tonight between Rafael Nadal and


Tsonga as to who will go through alongside him. While Roger Federer


has December patched his first two opponents with ease, in Group A


jock has had a torrid time, I think, came through in three sets against


Thomas Berdych and last night, well, he was outplayed by this man, who


was known before in as a clay court specialist, but he has booked his


place through in the semifinals. Juan Carlos Ferrero -- David Ferrer.


Novak Djokovic is fighting survival in that group. A very gracious in


defeat. The world number one, so Ferrer is already through in Group


A, but Novak Djokovic will be on court tomorrow, that is the match


we have got live for you, against Janko Tipsarevic who came in for


Andy Murray and Ferrer-Berdych in the evening. We may have to get


theical kulaitors out tomorrow, but it is straightforward today.


Tonight will be a real shoot out. Tonight, we will find out a lot


about Nadal tonight. And, he has already said he can't afford to


drop the ball short. He will try and maintain a good lence oo length


to keep Tsonga back. He can hit people off the court so it will be


interesting. Nadal is not on his best form, but stranger things have


happened than him winning big tournaments while not on good form.


This one, it is an exhibition, a Federer exhibition and I am looking


forward to it for that. You have to say what can Mardy Fish do? He


hasn't looked at his best. He has had a difficult preparation. He has


the hamstring problem. Fish to qualify next year for the year end


championship woubs an unbelievable achievement. It is fantastic he has


made the top eight at the age of 29. I don't think this will be an


exhibition for him. I think this is his one opportunity to try and win


a match in the tour finals. He is playing against the best player


that has ever lived. $120,000 for winning just before Christmas would


probably be a nice added bonus. a few nice Christmas presents. He


has had a tremendous year. A couple of years ago we had written him off.


He has always had the ability to, with a ball. Unbelievable hands and


everybody knew that, but it quite simply came down to this. Loose


weight. Get fitter and before you quit, give everything, and the


great credit belongs to his wife. Him for doing it but his wife for


saying that is the way you will get better. By exhibition I don't mean


disrespect to Mardy. You can imagine Federer carving through


this one fairly comfortably. We will see. I was looking at the odds


and Federer is 10-1 on to win this match. He looks in a different


class. This environment when we talk about you know, his best and


this surface, indoor court, no element, no sun, no wind. I think


he is the man to beat. emphasised in that in his matches.


He is guaranteed through to the semifinal, he will be the player to


beat. He has had eight years in the top two This is the first year that


won't happen. Now little things like that you may not think matter


when you have won 16 slam, you have made 30 quarterfinal slams,


quarterfinal at the Grand Slams in a row, but I think he is such a


proud competitor, I think it is possible he could get the world's


number one back and that would be thrilling to watch. He is certainly


the man in form and has been over the last week. Let us take you back.


You mentioned about the eight year, do you think he is a better player


than what we considered his peak a few years ago? Tim faced sort of


Sampras and Federer, I think he probably S it is just that, he may


be a quarter of a step slow e and the concentration may not always be


absolutely perfect. It may take more to get him up and get his


blood flowing, but if you go back to the semifinal of the French,


which he played with Djokovic this is tennis the like of which we have


rarely seen ever. But you go back to Federer Sampras in Wimbledon in


2001, and he was awesome then, he is a complete player, but he is a


mature man and a dad. He can't get up 35 weeks of the year but his


highs are still very high. It is interesting, he is different from


many of the other player, who are all the aches and pain, he is a


very private person. You don't know if he is injured. He wants to keep


that to himself, if he has a bit of a niggle he doesn't want to give


his opponent any advantage and, but also as well with the team round


him, the schedule he has rbgsz he manages his body as well as anyone.


So I think he appreciates it is rare he will have to play with an


injury. If it is too bad he won't play. If he does have a niggle and


he wants to play, he is going to get on court and get on with it.


There is your old buddy, your old coach. That is a nice job V He said


a couple of times, not with me, when you are working with a Ferrari


you don't have to do much. That was the case with Sam us pras and


Federer. It is not about teaching him to hit forehands and back hands,


it is about trying to emphasise which parts of the game the use,


and his game plan is match up against these different opponents.


Also, there was a bit of a veiled swipe by Roger that we were reading


about Andy Murray and the injuries we know there is a bit, they have a


bit of a dig at each other all the time about how hi manages to play


through the injury, even at these big events. That is right. There


seems like there is an undercurrent sometimes, but I think from you


know from Roger's point of view, when he has had nibbles he has


managed them. He hasn't always benefit. He has had problems with


his back and his shoulder gets sore from time to time. He is a guy who


likes to get on and let his tennis do the talking. So Rafa got three


games. How are we hoping for today? Thank you Tim. Andy is in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


So just 14 points lost on serve in three sets against Tsonga, the


final set he won 6-4 against Nadal. Match he won and this opening


service game against Fish. To say he feels comfortable in this


environment is a bit of an understatement really. As you can


see, family and friend over there, his wife. Dad, this morning, was


saying just how proud he was every time his son, Roger, comes to the


arena and it is the reception he Stacey Gardner there just in the


middle of the shot. At his Mardy They have come to see their son


play. It is a great honour to be in The elevation from his ranking in


March last year up into the top 10 is amazing. He was 100 m in the


They say you reap what you say and he is a classic example. He has


lost a lot of weight and is making better around the court. He has had


a big impact on his game. His ability has not been in question.


This could be a poor start. His game is built around his first


serve and a heavily kicking second serve as well with a lot of


variation. He lost his first game in his previous two matches. Roger


Federer in this type of form, that is the daft thing that he wants to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Two break points saved with That is definitely the strategy for


Fish. Looking to finish the point at the neck and tried to take Roger


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


The longest rally and it goes to Roger Federer. The American No. 1


will face a third break point. We can hear the chatelaine of the feet


of both men. -- shuffling. Some heavy hitting from Roger Federer


but much of the time he will fit into the big spaces and wait before


The first serves in on the big UMPIRE: Roger Federer is


It is very early to look at the statistics but on first serve,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


The three break points sake with first serves. The moment he serves


a second serve he is in trouble because you cannot stay at the back


of the court with Roger Federer and Did you ever get intimidated


playing against him, Roger? There was a me one way for me to play and


that was getting into the net quickly. -- only one. He did not


like it when he was being rushed and his timing was taken away and


he could not use his great shot. If I was chipping and charging, that


was how early on I was able to have some success. He beat him six times


in your career. When he was under It was 2001 when Pete Sampras had a


wonderful match against Roger Federer. Pete Sampras tied him out.


And then he'd lost to you. A Concentration may be more difficult


for Roger Federer today than the D did well to get back in that


rallied. When you get a break point opportunity, you have to take it.


Welcome, Mardy Fish. Another mistake from Roger Federer and back


on serve. -- well done. That is good news from the neutral


perspective. Keeping the match quite close. We will talk about


rackets for a second. Are these rackets the ones that you can get


at a sport shop? To a certain extent. The rackets these players


will be using will be adapted for them. They have got the weight and


the balance and they have got a tape to alter or the weight of the


frame and distribute the weight from the head or be handled. But


actually boat rackets that they are using are relatively old technology.


Roger Federer's is an adaption of the Pete Sampras racket which was


adapted from Stefan Edberg, going back to the 1980s. I was wondering


if somebody can walk in and buy one because I have flipped them around


a little bit and it feels like, do not tell him, but they feel very


difficult to play with. This particular frame is an expert piece


of kit. Not a lot of help is coming from the racket. But when it comes


out of the middle... It usually does well. But it is the strings I


think which have changed. In the past everybody was using natural


gut but now they are synthetic strings we cannot use and they seem


to give more spin and power and control. They probably last a bit


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The two oldest men in the draw. 30 at the beginning of December. In


fact, Roger Federer is already Both married men as well. Who else


is married? David Ferrer is not. Jack Cade Tipsarevic. -- Janko


If there are any young players wapt watching who want to learn how to


construct a point. He was hitting to the open court, he was hitting


behind him, keeping his guessing, waiting for the ball to pull the


trigger on, and technique wasn't bad either. It is not about belting


a winner. So often the kids like the follow the winner at the end


but you have to lay the foundations. Just punching that forehand back at


the feet. Fish couldn't handle it. Looks like Mardy will have a hard


Federer's tech neat generates so much speed he is able to lay with


an enormous margin of error. The ball is probably going three or


four feet over the net. Henry. He was at the football last


night with Roger. Are they new best Actually they are quite old friends


to be honest. Couple of commercials Oh! I mean, even sorts his hair out


at the eend! That was so sweetly done. It is a good effort from


Mardy Fish to get to the ball in the first place and he made Federer


stretch up, which is all you can do. Watch this. Just a... Pretty win


badminton Al England as well, wouldn't he. UMPIRE: Game Federer P


--. Federer leads four games to one. So four to one but and he backs it


up by holding it. Let us look at his year this year. A year that has


seen him go to number four in the world, but do you know what, talk


about leaving shots on the course. He has left a few wins out there.


Djokovic was fantastic. French Open he beat Djokovic and lost to Nadal.


If he had won one of the first two sets he's will feel he could be in


the match. Didn't happen. Good effort getting to the final.


Wimbledon, two sets up the first time in Grand Slam play he had ever


lost from that position to Tsonga and two match points against


Djokovic at the US Open. One he said stayed with him for a couple


of days, that is the second year in a row in the semifinal he has lost


to Djokovic, so he was gutted. So Grand Slam for the first year in


many for Roger Federer. The man he is playing today. Lost in the


second round of the Australian open to Tommy Robredo in four. Lost to


Simon Gilles in the French Open but Wimbledon quarterfinal, tremendous


effort to get to the quarters and lost to Nadal. Lost to Tsonga in


the US Open on one of the windiest days of the year. Remnants of


hurricane going through. But an ATP ranking of eight. He has a good


summer on the heart courts. aspect he has talked about is his


record in Grand Slams, he has never had a big Grand Slam performance, I


think the qafrts is his best showing. I think, you know, maybe


at Wimbledon, maybe US Open he could have a good run. I think he


would like that, before his career He beat Thomas Berdych at Wimbledon


It is uncomfortable for fish when the serve is the best part of your


game, stepping up to for your third service game and you have yet to


Might get charged for this lesson at the end of it. He has fish on a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


line here, look, just chase that Oh, yes. Sorry but he just love


watching it. The way he comes round the outside of this ball. On the


backhand it looks hard. It is coming in like a forehand. It is


coming in the other way it is just That is the perfect drop shot.


Another 40 something of those and he might win! Top of the net and


then look, it still has the back spin on. Super shot. UMPIRE: Let,


first service. The crowd are giving him a sort of... Little bit of


sympathy. Fish just questioning whether or not that was a let or


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


having a go at the machine, but you Federer leads five games to one.


You played Federer, I know you got your wins as well, I am not having


a go. I was commentating with Mr McEnroe. You were playing, second


round, what u year was that? Some year? 2006 maybe? And he was in


sort of form, where every shot was possible. Four, love and two he


beat me. Anything you could do? Could have lost three, love and one.


I don't think I could have got more You have to try and brings it back


to yourself and say I have to do the bassist sick, play the best I


can. If he is going to come up with the answers and he has more than


that, then too good and Fish is in a similar scenario, he hasn't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


played badly. Federer just got all Oh yes. That one's gone up to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


score board and down through. That He is just trying to put on the


finishing touches to this set but Just beneath the corporate boxes,


in between be lower and upper tear spectators, said. Comes up. -- the


lower and upper level spectators, Band A set it is to Roger Federer.


Very comfortable. It was difficult at times this morning. The stand is


simply dripping with love for Roger Federer. He got a great reception.


Because of the way he has conducted his business and the manner of his


success and is playing. It is certainly elegant. But I was


reflecting on the journey of Mardy Fish. Out of the top 100 in the


world for much of his career. 50, 60, 70 but he has elevated himself


to this end of the season showdown. I am not surprised his mum and dad


are here. It does not just happened. He has had eight huge focus.


qualify for any event like this, it is a great achievement. But will he


be able to qualify again? It is going to be hard as he gets older.


But as he starts next year down in Australia, at the back of his mind,


he will be looking to qualify again. They will probably be 25 or 30


people that have that at the back of their mind. It is the


culmination of a great year of work. And a lifetime. As far as the


parents are concerned. They moved from Minnesota in 1985 down to


Florida. He attended a high school with Andy Roddick and lived with


him in 1999. He lived with his family. They played for the same


football team and tennis team. That is where he developed his tennis.


And perhaps developed his diet. He has changed all of it. He does not


eat anything after the evening meal. He eats a lot of vegetables and


says it is a bit boring. Venus Williams is doing that now. She is


on a vegetable diet. Expect her to be the comeback Player of the next


It hasn't helped serve yet. needs to get a couple of games


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


early in this second set to put any That is a Serb. A massive kick


serve. Just 96 mph. This is the eye but he has. -- that is a serve.


He will be thinking, that is great. Just under 40 minutes of play and


finally he has held serve. We can finally he has held serve. We can


have a look at the comparison of. D average speed is changing


dramatically. That is a view of the Roger Federer serve. When it you


can't buy that one, he will clip down the middle. -- and when you


cut up at one, he will slip down cut up at one, he will slip down


the middle. It is all instinct. They have done research on it. You


have got 0.4 of one seconds to see the ball and make the return. --


They have been a pantheon of great surfers over the year. Roger


Federer is not quite talk about enough. -- servers. If you look at


their speed and how fast and how many aces, it is the accuracy of


But accuracy and variation bus-stop Second serve. He saw that and


picked that up early. He took a half swing. Sometimes there are


good ones to miss. That was the right intention. He had the


opportunity up the line but just a fraction loan. -- laid down. --


I am sure Federer thought about challenging on the baseline. He


looks at the lines judge. Perhaps a perfect length and certainly a


perfect drop shot. Perfect tactic to take his time away. Easier said


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


UMPIRE: Mardy Fish is challenging Is off! Is just going to walk


straight out. He is coming back. That is good. He got pulled out


wide. He had a chance but then, up and over. A difficult Chase. It is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


a good job it was not the water By UMPIRE: Roger Federer is


What marks him out is that as soon as he has got one chance, it is


like a surgeon's night. He is very clean and you know it is happening


when he is in this kind of form and he has got a chance. His conversion


rate is extraordinary. The very Great tennis from Fish. He was


never really giving him many opportunities to attack him that


rally. Textbook overhead at the end. It is important to get the shoulder


and the right ankle and keep that And that is another game. Be crowd


are happy with that inside the 02 Arena. Coming to the end of the


tennis year. Just the Davis Cup final coming up in Spain in a few


days after this. We can have a quick look at the Grand Slam a year.


quick look at the Grand Slam a year. After all, that is what it is all


about. We must not forget the person that has had to retire from


this tournament this weekend, and the married. He has made -- Andy


Murray. Just the six Wimbledon titles, Roger Federer! 16 is the


Grand Slam record. Rafael Nadal won in Australia. Just once at the


French Open. He has got a couple of Wimbledon titles as well. Three of


Djokovic's victories have come this year. He has not won at the French


but he loves the clay and I bet he can become another player to


capture all of the Grand Slam I have a feeling the sponsor may


have given that one out earlier on. As we look round the crowd here.


There are a few likely rads lads up there. Had a couple of winter


warmers I would think. It's a great arena. There will be a few hundred


short of full capacity here today. To see Federer in action against


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Fish would like that shot again. He got the mishit that set up the easy


ball. You have to take advantage of those opportunities. Opportunity


It will be a nervous line judge because Federer doesn't get these


wrong too often. And he's got that Just, it is a great take isn't it,


into the game. It has really added to the drama. You are more likely


to get the right call, therefore the right outcome. It could have


been second serve. It is the right We say the best bit about it is


Hawk-Eye doesn't know the score and it doesn't know the players --


Well done. A bit of a dip in Federer's farm form. Fish not doing


too much apart from cutting the unforced errors out. Playing a nice


solid game. Not being intimidated. Talk from Oli Holt in the Daily


Mirror about the possible use of technology in football. They are


examining the idea again. It is hard to believe why can't you use


it? You get the right call. Absolutely. We would have beaten


Germany, wouldn't we. Lampard's goal. Absolutely. Four feet over


Played such a positive game to break Federer's serve. A bit of a


lapse in concentration, but Fish got an opportunity in this set. He


has a great serve. He has to make sure he does a great job holding on


UMPIRE: Mr Fish is challenging the serve. The ball was called out.


When they are serving so quickly and the balls are going so close to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


the line. It is a tough job calling Oh yeah, how about that the other


Mishit return, quite nicely controlled by Fish who was


recovering all the time Federer didn't go into the open court. And


that just enabled Mardy, this is fitness work, right there. Stay


UMPIRE: Game Fish P Fish. Fish Had a little bit of a chat with Tim


Henman about the sort of rackets the player use at this level and


all round the world when they are playing professional tennis, can


you walk into a shop and buy them. You can buy the frames but he was


saying the strings are making a huge difference, what stringing


tension are these guys coming on the court with? I think much loser


when you, you know, going back 15 years when everyone was using gut,


they were stringing them tightly because they didn't need the power.


But they wanted the control and now with these synthetic strings you


are able to string them loser, that gives you a bigger sweet spot. That


means you can get more spin and control but maintaining the power.


Federer is stringing at, I think he is about 21, 22 kilo, and that is


sort of high 40, low 50s pound which is pretty loose. What do you


string at, you are playing at the Albert Hall next week? I used to be


fussy. Do you know? As long as it's not broken I'll have a go. A bit


tighter than that but only 23, 24 kilos maybe. Well, that's some


Simon Brook, he is in there watching the tennis, he is not just


working on it, he is watching it. Do you regrip when you play? Not


any more, I probably would have had It is great point from Fish, even


though he loses it. He is take it the Federer, Federer having to come


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


up with a great pass, not having Sweetly played. Nice disguise on


this. It had some top spin which Mardy just uses. Another break here


would really, wouldn't stun the crowd but I think they would be


surprised. A that! -- Aha! He was having a bit of a swing and he is


producing dramatic winners and at 4-1 with a break, here is a break


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


UMPIRE: Game Federer. Fish lead 4 games to two. He ghost the -- lost


the game. Still with a break up, Fish. Just get the feeling he is


probably going to need another one. Felt like that break point for 5-1


was is set point. Flee points later suddenly the pressure back on Fish.


-- three points later. UMPIRE: Federer challenging the serve. The


ball was called in. It is a tough call for the line judge as well,


because Federer is in his way while he is trying to look at the ball


bounce. Yes. Get out of the way Roger! That was funny. Mardy, when


that challenge was going ahead, just looked down and just went


"Give me a break." I think he thue it was out, or had a feeling it was.


At least he will be able to complete this event and all his


matches in it. Coming in there was a question mark over that. He had a


bad hamstring. He retired from the two previous tournaments he placed.


It is a tough little group he was in when you hi about. T Federer,


Nadal. Tsonga. Not a lot of daylight there is there? Federer is


already through, the win over Nadal versus Tsonga is this evening's


match. Not before 8.00. Winner of Semifinals on Saturday. Finals on


I think he had probably retired by the time you started a family. Did


you travel with your family? I did a lot with my first. A little bit


with my second. Grace was born afterwards. A Roger troubles with


his two girls. -- travels. Is that a case of 21 seed cases? It is


difficult getting around the world. -- suitcases.... A travel virtually


every week and it is not easy. it a trained army of nannies?


a few of them, yes. But I think Roger likes having them around. But


he still has a chance to concentrate on his tennis. But it


is difficult to have these distractions but they are good


distractions because obviously they keep things in perspective. It


gives Roger something else to focus on instead of just tennis. I think


after you have looked after twins, the tennis court his spine. -- is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


just fine. That is probably the He understands that mistake could


mean he has to serve for be set instead of taking it now. -- this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Roger Federer's at work letting him down which does not happen often. -


- footwork. He is probably struggling to be fully engaged. It


is a dead match. He is already He chased at one. Look at the spin


on that. A way it goes. And the way Great recovery, Mardy Fish. He did


not have much of the court but He is certainly forcing the pace,


isn't he? Twice as many winners in the set as Roger Federer. From the


first to be laughed in these rallies he is just going for it. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


That is the job done as far as Federer is concerned. He has held


serve and he is making Mardy Fish serve for the set. The freshly


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


It was a good plan and well executed. He played these look kick


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


-- that its low serve. -- at slip And that is a quick handed exchange


from both sides of the court. reflexes. Fish doing very well to


react to everything that has been A catch-all Swat on the backhand


side. It was a tough call. That looked quite simple. Just landing


in sight. Another set point here, and the lead for the American. --


That is it. 1-1. Well played, Mardy Fish. Roger Federer has got some


work to do here, even then he is safely through to the semi-finals.


Third set coming up. We have got Third set coming up. We have got


that to look forward to in just a moment. Just a reminder of the


group stages... Roger Federer has already booked his place in the


semi-finals. But who joins them? That will be decided tonight. Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga or Rafael Nadal. Cried out about that on five Live.


It is more complicated after that. David Ferrer is definitely through.


He will be joined by Djokovic or Tomas Berdych. That will be decided


tomorrow. We have got the world No. 1 playing at 2 o'clock. We have got


about 20 minutes left here on BBC Two before we stop. You can follow


coverage on the red button. Plenty coverage on the red button. Plenty


to look forward to. We can rejoin the match. And this is how Mardy


Fish won one of these points. He concluded 6-3. That was excellent


made good. Roger Federer might be a bit slower. People have to pick it


up. -- Roger will have to pick it up. It was a combination of his


opponent raising his game and Roger losing a bit of intensity. But he


does not want to get into the semi- finals with a defeat. It is a


strange scenario. Normally, you would be going home but he has


already qualified. He will walk a strong showing in this set.


pretty good professional himself in the picture. He was a good all-


rounder. I played him in the third round at Wimbledon on Centre Court.


I think as usual I was a break down in one set and had to fight my way


out of trouble but got stay in the The afternoon crowd are probably


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


quite pleased that this is going Fish looking to get on the front


Could be that the world number four as is, Roger Federer, he needs a


bit of a scare here. Needs he to feel he is going to lose the match


to hit the heights. Regardless of what is happening in this match, we


have seen some strange results already this week, really. Nothing


I mean to see Novak Djokovic, the player of the year by a country


mile losing so easily in straight sets to Fred Astaire was the


biggest surprise, probg probably -- Federer is on this 14 match winning


streak at the moment, through the Davis Cup. He flew to Australia,


after the US Open, in September, and beat Hewitt in four sets. So a


win for Switzerland, then he won in barrel, then in Paris, so 14 --


basil.. So a 14 match winning streak. Aiming at the backhand.


Aiming at the court isn't he. has a fairly random distribution


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


We went through a face in the second set where Fish was dictating


place and early on in the third set. Federer is going to try and play


this match on his terms. Whoops, almost went over there. That would


have been a nasty one. Cutting away He has got some speed back in the


feet, hasn't he. Children get told not play with fire. Trying to play


games with Federer at the net is UMPIRE: Let. Mr Federer is


challenging the serve. I like the way players challenge. Some wave


their rackets round, Federer does a quick tick with the eye and maybe a


small sound. Oh. I don't think he He has the fast challenges right


So you hit a serve at 10 -- 111 mph. You must have to play a half-volley


from behind you, and then he does this. Yes, that is nice. It is not


always a very pleasing shot, it is ugly, that was pretty. You are


trying to disguise it by using your UMPIRE: Game Federer. Now approach


to the forehand of Roger Federer with something a bit more than that.


But he wasn't able to. Disappointing start for the


American player. It wasn't a great approach shot. You look at Fish's


court positioning. It was like he was covering the middle. It wasn't


a great passing shot from Federer. Three feet inside the sideline.


cover the cross court, it San easier move for the volleyer to


cover. Or you certainly anticipate I would rather having Federer


UMPIRE: Mr Fish is challenging the serve. The ball was called in.


Federer just trying to see the mark the ball leaves a little felt on


the surface. UMPIRE: Game Federer. Federer leads, three games to love.


He anticipated being right about the call answered was. 3-0. And


Federer is in charge in this final set. Not sure how long this set has


to go. But here on BBC Two we have under ten minutes to go, so if the


match is still going on you will be able to follow it on the BBC HD


channel and it will be available on the red button. But still a few


minutes to go before we close our transmission on two. Seven players


have won over00 matches on the professional tour. Federer was the


last to achieve that. He did that with a win over a player in Paris


recently.00 and counting. Got all the Swiss fans here. T he is an


easy man to support, to be honest. Those two children are Tony


Godsic's children, who is his manager and their mother is a


former gold medallist. And a very fine intervier, but tone wri goes


everywhere with his charge. He just has the one client hasn't he.


he looked after Lindsay Davenport, and Monica sell less. He only has


one now. I think he helps out some of the others but I think it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


. The less said about this one the Loves to get the two hands on this.


He rises up off the left leg here. The hitch kick. Pretty individual


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


APPLAUSE. A bit unlucky really for Mardy Fish. The first volley was


magnificent. The second was too high to get full control on. It was


happening all a bit too quickly am not sure Federer's forehand pass


was going in. You don't have time to make decisions when it is going


He has gone for the kick. Just 86mph. It wasn't perfect. But he


got away with it. It was like the off speed pitch. In baseball. The


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


slower ball in cricket can fool the UMPIRE: Game Fish. Well Fish


wriggle out of that one he is still down a break in this decided set --


deciding set. At this point we are saying goodbye to viewers on BBC


Two, if you want to continue watching this match to its


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