Day 6: Tipsarević v Djokovic Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 6: Tipsarević v Djokovic

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Good afternoon and welcome to the 02 Arena once again. The group B


was simple but the other group is a different ball game. Watching


closely? What we are certain of his David Ferrer is through. The


identity of the next qualifying is not straightforward. If Djokovic


wins and Tomas Berdych wins, Djokovic is a fruit. If Tipsarevic


wins and David Ferrer beats Tomas Berdych, Tipsarevic is true.


Otherwise, Tomas Berdych gaze through. Still with me? If Djokovic


beats Tipsarevic in straight sets, Tomas Berdych qualifies. If


Djokovic beats Tipsarevic in three sets and Tomas Berdych wins by the


same score, he qualifies. If Djokovic wins in a to Z and Tomas


Berdych in a 3, Djokovic gaze through. But if Djokovic beats


Tipsarevic in three sets and Tomas Berdych gain 2, Tomas Berdych will


be in the semi-finals. Not all bad? I hope so. I will be asking


questions. Clear as mud! What the players have got to accept his they


have to win matches and let the computer to do the work. That is


what they will be focused on. Cable go out and play and they have got


to win Adie's matches and everything else will take over.


That is straightforward. I think we will be able to work out a bit more


when we have got more answers. cannot be sure who will finish top.


David Ferrer is the leader but could finish second. But whatever


happens in this first match, they have got to take care of business.


But it as we expect, Djokovic wins, he will go through all Wilmot! --


or he will not up. -- not go or he will not up. -- not go


millions of times. That is today's match. This evening, David Ferrer


against Tomas Berdych. Tipsarevic will not feature in the semi-finals.


These are the matches tonight. As far as Djokovic is concerned, he


has not been firing on all cylinders. He was lucky to get


through his first match. I think he will have to try and restore


personal pride after being beaten by David Ferrer. He was struggling


and had not played that many and had not played that many


matches but that was a stop -- shock. He wants to come out and put


in a good performance for himself and get himself through to the


semi-finals. We have got ranking points at stake and a lot of money


at stake as well. But it is personal pride. He has got money.


He was up to 49 in the world this year. He loves playing here and why


not? Here they come. From Serbia, The 2011 Australian Open, Wimbledon


and US Open champion, the winner of seven other World Tour titles this


season, the world No. 1, from Serbia, a Novak Djokovic! -- Novak


It certainly has been at this man's year. A lot of it he puts down to a


change in diet. He has had a few physical problems but he has pulled


out of quite a few matches and has had breathing problems and injuries.


He has made some adjustments to his diet and his performance in the


first half of the year was incredible. He did not lose any


match until the French Open and he has backed it up with three out of


four Grand Slams. Without having played that many matches in the


past couple of months, his form does not look as good as it has


been. He wants to finish on a positive net. The other be in his


speech so it is a nation. -- the other the is the service. He has


got a great position at the back and a perfect place. Last year he


won have four matches against the top 10 opposition. This year, won


21 and lost three Bostock he has beaten the Dal --. He has beaten


the Dahl in two semi-finals. -- Tales. In front of 17,500 people.


It is a nerve-racking experience. They will start a warm up up. It is


a must win match for Djokovic. He has qualified for beed for that as


far as this group is concerned, that has been decided. -- for this


group before but as far as this 6-3 was the final set score against


Rafael Nadal and he is on his way back to Spain. It was a tremendous


performance for Tsonga, who has come of age. He could break the


stranglehold of the top off. He could do it by himself by playing


that kind of tennis. -- top four. He is known as the little Mohammed


Ali. His mum and dad are here as well. He has always had the


potential to be a great player. when he plays against the top my


grip all, he has got the firepower to make them uncomfortable. -- the


top four. With that type of athletic ability, he is able to


make life uncomfortable and on this surface against Rafael Nadal, he


was dictating bus-stop he was going for it --. He was going for


beforehand. -- forget. -- he was going for it. He will through the


kitchen sink at his apparent. He chose not to have a coach. --


opponent. When he is confident like that in Paris and before that, he


is quite a tough player. He is a Grand Slam finalist at the


Australian Open. He has been thereabouts for quite a long time.


As far as Rafael Nadal is concerned, As far as Rafael Nadal is concerned,


he is running on empty this entire week. The aura is not quite around


him. But he has said that he has not got any excuses but he will be


back. He said he has got less passion for the game and that is a


worry because that was his strength. And when he does not had that


enthusiasm, that is a big loss to enthusiasm, that is a big loss to


his game because he is an unbelievable competitor. He looked


flat on the court last night. It meant something to him but it did


not look like he had that burning desire to get through the match


will stop he has got the Davis Cup for --. He has got the Davis Cup


coming up and he will want to finish on a high and then he will


get ready for 2012. Last year, it was the Davis Cup final that kick


started Djokovic. Talk about national pride. It is a fiery area,


Serbia. They feel passion when they played for their country and he won


these matches and 41 more. That was an amazing year and particularly in


the first half. We can hear from Djokovic it. What started after


Australia? Could you had imagined the unbeaten run after that? I did


not expect and imagine that. What was keeping me on the ground and


keeping my focus was the fact that I was thinking only about the next


match and tournament. I was not thinking in advance. When I got to


the stage I did not lose all five months, people were thinking, when


will it end? But I was not thinking about that. I was thinking about


how many matches I can win. That helped a lot. I was using the


experience I had in the last couple of years of competing with the best


players. I think I was really consistent in the last four years.


I won a major event and played in the semi-finals at quarter-finals


of all the Grand Slams. But I could not make that final step. I was not


feeling a lot of self-belief and confidence against Roger Federer


and Rafael Nadal. That changed his year. I matured more and figured


out things. What I should do and be approached two tournaments.


when you did lose at Roland Garros to Roger Federer, maybe we had the


chance that the season could have collapsed. You could have lost a


few matches but that did not happened. How important was that?


Very important. After I lost that match, it was not just about losing


the first match in one a year, it was a very important semi-final at


Roland Garros. It was a very close and epic match and one of the best


this year. I'd lost to a better player at stake. But I was


certainly disappointed. -- that day. But I was very proud of being able


to recover mentally and motivate myself to play as well as I did in


Wimbledon. Is that a career highlight? Definitely. It was a


dream come true, winning that tournament. It is the number one


place in the world. Being able to share that unforgettable experience


with the closest people in my team and my family, my girlfriend and


everybody was there, it was just really something I will always


remember. Since he was a child he dreamed of winning Wimbledon and


that came true last summer. He is that came true last summer. He is


up against his good friend, Tipsarevic. He has an advantage in


the head to head that they have all gone the distance and he has taken


a set of Djokovic in all these meetings and that could be relevant.


They are just about to get started! It is not far away, looking down on


this wonderful arena. This match is very important. The last day of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


How different could this group been looking now with a few points here


and there? The previous match was lost by Tomas Berdych but Djokovic


You cannot win from the back of the court from too far behind the


baseline against Djokovic. If you give him territory, he will spread


you out wide and pick you off. Djokovic must find that balance


I was just going to say before I was rudely interrupted by Sue


Barker, what about playing a fellow countrymen? There is only one boss


but they have always been quite tight matches. She mentioned that


Too long. The first game, Djokovic. I think you are highly qualified to


talk about playing fellow countrymen. Talk about what it was


like playing great grisette ski in a big match. -- Greg Rusedski.


was obviously a bit of rivalry and we both wanted to win badly. But in


terms of the matches, I kind of enjoyed playing him but when I had


to play Andy Murray are a few years later, I did not. Once I felt very


comfortable and next, I felt uncomfortable and that was


reflected in the results. That was style of play. That was one of the


reasons you did not enjoy it against Andy Murray. The up and


coming kid and you on the way out! But he had a great returned. It was


a match that did not suit my height. Greg Rusedski had a good serve but


I felt I returned OK. Tipsarevic obviously knows the game of


Djokovic very well. It will be interesting to see if he can have


Patients early on in a rally. Hitting the right ball in the right


place, opening up the court and adding the technique to take


advantage. What an advantage it has been to have Djokovic around


Tipsarevic. Tennis is very high It is a formidable Davis Cup team


Some years ago it was a Davis Cup tie in Glasgow with Serbia against


Montenegro and Great Britain were involved. It was a superb match.


This play a game of all the bites of somebody at could get into the


top five but I did not think anybody could predict what happened


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


-- all the brides of somebody that The best shot of both players is


the backhand down the line. They look to bring back into play but


never early in a rally. Now and again they throw a punch down the


line but they look to manoeuvre as When you reflect on the year of


Djokovic, he has been a very strong on a long rallies but this time, he


has been the one making unforced errors. It is a small margin. He


got hammered the other day by David Ferrer. That was a bruising


-- that was a mistake. Out of the four games that the world's number


one got in that match, it was the least amount a world No. 1 has got


on talking about 24 years. That was since Ivan Lendl was beaten against


But it takes some recovering from a beating like that. Will that be


surprising? It will be a huge surprise. But the advantage of this


format is he has got an opportunity team days later to put the record


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


straight. -- two. That is why he is We can deal with a couple of issues


around 10 years. This man could be the new Chief Executive officer,


Richard Krajicek. What do you think Richard Krajicek. What do you think


about that? It is a big my route. - - move. He has been around for a


few years and done a good job in at Rotterdam. But to come into this


position is a big position. He is a young man but he has got pretty


limited experience. I heard on the grapevine he might be working in


tandem with Mark Young. He has got much more business experience. But


it will be interesting to see what happens. The other people


approached are interesting as well. We have heard the possibility of a


two-year ranking system instead of one year, currently in place. What


do you think about that? Fought a two-year system, that protects the


top players bulldog would --. -- a two-tier system will protect the


top players. -- year. You want your best results to be reflected and if


he had bad result, I think that should be reflected as well. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


UMPIRE: Djokovic is challenging the UMPIRE: Djokovic has two challenges


He just has this purity of shot. Weight transference, balance.


Tipsarevic and his follow-through Beautiful point. Well-constructed.


When Djokovic came in after this shot, he was actually sliding on


his right foot but it was a controlled slide. That takes a


Talked about Tipsarevic being proactive and reactive. You feel


like Djokovic is Saturdaying to dictate the points using that


backhand down the line. Upping up the angles. The error is a result


of the pressure that Tipsarevic was feeling from the other end of the


court. I mean it would be nice when you are playing Djokovic if he


would miss a ball at some point. When he gets into that frame of


mind, where he is not going to miss, he doesn't. And when he he moves so


well as the opponent you feel you have to go closer and closer to the


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UMPIRE: Challenge. Stop. Tipsarevic's challenged the call.


The right baseline. So when you challenge like this you are in


effect stopping the rally. If you are right, you played it again f


you are wrong you loose the point and I'm afraid the ball was good.


UMPIRE: Tipsarevic has two Gets up the court for this one and


picks his spot down the line. With less court to aim into. Executed it


The ball was called in. I think the lines man thinks it was probably


out. I think he forgot say something, the challenge is already


there. But actually. It is another perfect non-call. He looks like a


genius. Yes, so two non-calls and they were perfect in that game. So


we are looking at the world number one who has picked up as many games


already in this match in 20 minute as he did against refer erefer of


Spain. He is at the top of the world ranks by miles having won


five of the masters events and three testify four Grand Slams. The


only one he hasn't won was the French Open. That is the points


system and the world ranking at the moment. And you can see on the


right hand side how many points there are available. Roger Federer


can still overtake Andy Murray, and end the year as number three. Andy


Murray has been number four so it could end up that way again, we


will see how it goes. This is what they are playing for. This week. As


well as the money at the top which is, you know, serious amounts of


money, the points are available here. Federer has 600 points


already. Semifinal win. 400. Final win 500. So undefeated champion as


Federer was last year would take him or give him a total of 1500


points. To put that in perspective it is 2,000 for a Grand Slam trick


-- victory. 1,000 for the Masters Series, 1,000 events. So I hope


that is something of an explanation as to what is going on here P Do


you ever think about the money or the points when you are playing at


this level? I don't think at this level, but certainly when you are


on your way up, and you know, you are playing for smuch smaller sums


and you are trying to make ends meet an and thinking about the


experiences that go with it, absolutely. Once you get here it is


You spent about six months worrying all that sort of stuff then you


were in the big time. It took me a bit longer than that. It has been -


He is just a rock from the back of the court isn't he. This is talent.


Going through the gears on his ground strokes, then you ask


yourself the question, what happened two days ago? Didn't see


any of this time of -- type of You think maybe you have to put it


down as a bad day at the office. Well Djokovic here managed to get


his racket on the return, Tipsarevic could have gone anywhere


here, and Djokovic had been standing there, for quite some time.


He is getting ready for the next point, wasn't he. That is amazing.


What does he wear those glasses for, Tim? I think they are lenses, they


are... To aid his viewing, his Think you get different types of


lenss for different light, so when he is indoor he will have one set,


so when it is darker outside or very bright sunshine. There is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


That was an important hold for him. Just outside the top 30 was his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


He held his follow through there. By the sound of hi grunt he felt


like he made it. Pretty much whatever happened this was going to


be the last shot of the rally. is called keeping your head down.


It is four runs isn't it. It is A-ha! That was the worst drop shot


A few camera lenses pointing away from the court when his girlfriend


is round. Some of the magazines interested in looking at the wives


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


So new balls comes out. The number one seed, the world number one in


command of this one, 5-2. Difficult to see a way back for Tipsarevic.


As he unless he finds some inspiration and starts hilting


winners. How does he get back into this match from 5 will 2 down.


There isn't necessarily a Plan B. He has to do Plan A a bit better


and at the moment Djokovic is more offensive. He is moving Tipsarevic


round, and not making too many unforced errors, so I think at this


moment, he does, he has to raise his levels, and try and be that bit


more aggressive without missing. And hope for a lapse of


concentration from his opponent today, which doesn't seem likely,


as he tries to make it through to the semifinals. Tipsarevic is the


only one playing today, who can't be in those semifinals which take


place over the weekend, final Sunday night. It is a bit of an


advantage to yesterday's group, to Federer and Tsonga, who are already


through to the semifinals, that they have this three matches in


four day, rather than three matches in three day, as this group had.


That is right. I guess that, you know, that is luck of the draw, but,


at least this is only best of three sets, when you think of the


schedules at the US Open which is horrendous for the players you have


to play, where they split the first round Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


That hit the top of the net. It was a searing forehand driver. He does


this with the same technique as every other forehand. His technique


is so sound. You might be able to see the top of the net. That is


that that reaction is about, not Tipsarevic thinks the world is


against him at the moment. Perhaps hasn't had the rub of the green.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Quick and up the action on that second serve. Through it down the


He felt like the world was against him, but fighting his way out of


trouble, and really wants to make Djokovic serve for the first set.


Two set points saved. Now game So he will be looking the attack


strongly here, not hang round on the baseline. You have to be


patient but wouldn't be surprised if he has a cut and hits it. A and


it will test Djokovic's never as well. It is not necessarily plain


Oh yes. Great defence. Good point That is where Djokovic is so good.


He is most, he is the player that is able to be offensive in a


defensive position. He is so I think it is deforlising to play


against when you feel yoiing should be rewarded, the ball comes back


and you start the rally again b and that is when the unforced errors


May as well challenge it, because the chances are there is only one


point left in the set and he still has a challenge. And of course it


is on the line. Three more set That was a very tidy set of tennis


and a great response to the loss he suffered at the hands of Ferrer the


other night. SUE BARKER: It feels it is anything you can do I can do


better as far as Djokovic is concerned. He is a great champion


on the court but a trifi personality off it. There was a


lovely illustration when after a training session he decided to


learn how to be a ball kid and he was learn there from Charlie Heaton.


Eventually he got it right. There we go. And even after this drill,


the world number one wanted to find out more. If the player asks me for


a towel and he is being rude, what should I do? Just granite. So if


you ask for a towel. Say you are a By more kind! Cheers. Cheers.


more kind. Thanks for the lesson. I didn't know the players were that


Intark we will watch how he takes the towel from the ball kids today.


That is a day they will remember, indeed I bumped into kids outside


from Barnstaple who came. They said they could never get tickets for


Wimbledon or Queens. Here they would watch the best. Here are


watching the best in the world. I hope they are learning. Back we go


for set number two. Sue, thank you. Your old County indeed. Your old


palace courts down there. The Palace hotel. With Arthur Roberts.


Great tennis. The County of Devon. 250,000 people watching tennis in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


We are watching the champion here, Djokovic, from 2000 when the event


was in Shanghai. He beat in the semifinals and the finals two


players that might be surprised they made it that for. Simon Gilles


in the semifinal and Davydenko in Two returns missed on the outside


from Djokovic, at love 15 and 15-30. It is unusual for him and he will


consider that to be a real error. The pecktive chairman and President


next door to Phil Brook, chairman of the All England Club. Yorkshire


county player. UMPIRE: Let, first Be great to get a mix, c on there.


It would be good if they stopped He has looked a bit tense today. A


couple of roars when things haven't gone that way. Just overplayed it.


Didn't need to be that aggressive. Djokovic made four unforced error


in this game in the beginning of the year, he was probably going a


set when you make four unforced It is only the first game of a set


that I feel if Tipsarevic was to lose it, give Djokovic so mum


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


APPLAUSE. It is nice the see some variation, somebody coming to the


net and showing creative ability up at the net. Look at Tsonga last


Of all of the people at the top of the game, Djokovic hits inside the


line in the middle of the court more than anybody. A big margin for


error. Not as high as Rafael Nadal and not as much top spin. Big areas


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Tipsarevic playing very strong deuce point. It looks like he has


got a plan. When he gets the point, he goes away from that and Djokovic


ends up dictating. Another chance It is an eight-minute game at the


start of the second set. It is very important. His wife and family are


there looking a bit nervous. It is a battle out there. A must-win game


He does not mind throwing in the Serb bully as a surprise. -- the


A good effort in a must-win game. That is a big hole in it the


scenario that Djokovic will go down. It is difficult when you are back


serving again. This is his serve direction. He likes to go out wide


a lot to be Tipsarevic forehand. The speed is only 112 but the wider


one his where the spin takes effect. That is why his first serve


percentage added 71 %, that is pretty high, he has taken a little


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


bit of pace off and allowed more These are the defensive skills I


was talking about. The first forehand is did back. He is able to


plant his left foot and used his It looks like Djokovic has found


his rhythm. He is not trying to force it and hit it and 135 mph. He


is slower and finding the spot and keeping the percentage high. 72 %


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


of first serves. He is winning 86 % That is the beauty of the two-


handed backhand. He can dip the shoulder and click at the last


Djokovic really has not been missing shots like that this year.


Is he getting a bit stale? Struggling to find the passion?


might be to do with lack of matches He has played a lot of matches in


the year as a whole. Out of these shots... For a man of his calibre,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


that is not expected. And he knows Chased that one! That really is cat


and mouse. It is relentless, when he hits this powerfully and


accurately. It is very difficult to compete against. You just get


exhausted down the other end. They make you run until you cannot run


any more. 24 shops in that rally. - He just does not understand. He


cannot understand. It must be a It is a date for getting the job


done. This group comes down for -- down to what happens later Rahme. -


- later. David Ferrer is already through to the semi-finals. Well


He has had a couple of tough games and he has done up well. He is


keeping it as close as he possibly can. 27 years old and he has had


the year of his life, 49 Q 9 in the the year of his life, 49 Q 9 in the


rankings. He was in the top 30 and the final in Eastbourne. Then he


had an excellent heart court summer. Semi-finals in Washington and


Canada. He has previously beaten Tomas Berdych and was beaten by


Djokovic. He has also won and Kuala Lumpur. After the US Open, he has


consistently built up and he finds himself in the top 10. He was only


here after Andy Murray pulled out with a groin strain. He took his


place in this particular group. He deserves to be here. That is a


massive leap, from 49. It certainly is. When you have got a group of


players from the same country and you have seen that with the Spanish,


the French, Serbia has got a new generation. The success of Djokovic


has pushed Tipsarevic arm and they have improved each other's games. I


would not be surprised if there was would not be surprised if there was


not more coming up soon. Basketball is big in Serbia and football is


still the number one sport. But That is long, long. He has missed


by a couple of feet. It is unusual. What is going on? It is just a lack


of something at the end of the year. Talking about the next generation


of Serbian players, Djokovic has got a younger brother playing in


other events. He will be watching Is it a help or a hindrance to have


a brother at is the world No. 1? do not think it hurts seeing his


big brother beating everybody up. He does not suffer from lack of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Have a piece of that, at 91 mph and a bit of spent. That came across


the court very hard. That was Djokovic has only lost seven points


on serve. He is into a nice rhythm. There was nothing wrong with that


belief. He hit a great volley and he still missed the point. We all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


knew that it was going down inside So many times in this match,


flashes of brilliance. B Djokovic that won the Wimbledon title and


the US Open. He gets very down on himself if he does not achieve that


height of excellence each and every His older countrymen, Tipsarevic


will stop --. He is fighting to That was probably his easiest shot


of the rally. Look at that. Sliding and doing the splits. That can be


hazardous. If your foot sticks, it can easily turn about. Look at the


force going through the leg. Try doing that for 70 matches in a year


You have got me thinking. Sporting brothers and sisters. Sibling


professional sport people. Let's talk about tennis. The Williams


sisters? The Bryan brothers? Yes. Keep going. Luke and Murphy Jensen


of. Do you remember the Bulgarian pair? Yes. David and Tony and John.


Some others as well. And of course, Kim Clijsters. And Andy Murray and


his brothers. Yes! Their father was a professional footballer. Who else


have we got? Tracy Austin and John. John McEnroe! Helena's the caber.


And I used to play doubles with Cyril. You have only got 90 seconds


for this game. But the mind is wearing. It is quite a lot. Tim


Novak Djokovic has got a couple of younger brothers and they both play


tennis. We will see if we find another Djokovic out there on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


He has got a quick second serve, Djokovic. He pushed back through a


bit quickly. Tipsarevic wanted to be aggressive on the second serve


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


but got caught out by that being a Respectful applause for that relate.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


He threw everything at it and made Just long. Tremendous effort from


Tipsarevic. Another mistake from the Djokovic racket. Two break


points. We could see a few ball bounces here. He is trying to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


After the struggles on his service game, the applause is deserved. He


has broken through for this 4-2 leaked. All of that bouncing, it


changes according to where Djokovic is in the match and a fax rhythm


between points and sometimes it is used. -- can affect rhythm. But it


Tipsarevic worked hard to break serve. That was his first


opportunity. He has got to put that behind him and dictate rallies but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Happens so often. After the break is gained and the effort is put in.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Maintain that concentration and Next game. You have to question the


shot selection there he is down, plays points to get back to 30-30.


Over the high part of the net into a small area of court. I'm not sure


UMPIRE: Game Djokovic. Stunning defence from the world number one.


Tipsarevic loses the break of serve he gained just a game earlier, so


back on serve in the second set. SUE BARKER: Let us look at the


groups as the players change ends, because Djokovic knows how


important it is to try and win this instraight sets today, because if


he does, then all Ferrer has to do this evening, is win one set


against, well, we will see it in a moment. Needs to win one set


against Thomas Berdych. That is how it stands at the moment. That is


Group B. And we know that Roger Federer who undefeated, he is


joined by Tsonga, who came through after winning that match against


the former world number one Rafael Nadal in three sets. So it is still


all to play for in this group. But Djokovic knows how important it is


to try and win in straight sets. Will he go through along with David


Ferrer. We don't foe who will play tomorrow, but we will be on the air


on BBC Two at 2.00. Join us then. So let us rejoin the match. We have


ten minutes to go on BBC Two. We will stay with the tennis on the


BBC HD channel and on the red button. For the next few minutes on


two we are staying with the match. Thank you Sue. I am glad you didn't


go through too many of the scenarios in this group because


there are so many of them. As you were saying both player,


particularly Djokovic, knows that, you know, wib the match, just go


and do the job. No matter what happens, it all depends on the


match later on, between Berdych and Ferrer who goes through from the


group. Berdych or Djokovic, with Ferrer, he could win this match,


and not go through, or he could lose this match and go through. So


it is all in other people's hands. He is taking care of business. He


is back on serve with his older Djokovic goes out there, plays the


right way, plays to his capability, he is going to win. If he does that,


then everything will take care of itself. Or not. As the case may be.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


You would never call Djokovic one of the natural volleyers. You make


them play a volley in this day and age when they come to the net,


because the quality of volley, the technique of the volleyer these


And that missed volley on the previous point has cost Djokovic.


He may change this. But from an admittedly long away way. It felt


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


like the ball was slightly mishit And a that frame has take an bit of


a hammering. It doesn't leave a dent on this court like it would at


Wimbledon, but I I this -- nothing changes itment -- changes it. Focus.


Fairly straightforward. international sign language of


I think his coach probably senses that Djokovic is not at his best


here, by any means. That means That second serve is where Djokovic


has had problems in the past. You saw no extension, no weight going


up; it was collapsing on his left side and the ball just dying into


What will he do with this second serve? Find out in about 20 minutes


I tell you what, that was tight. That was coming with respect, that


was back to under 12s and under 14s wasn't it. Just trying to get the


ball back in to play. Up and down the middle and just going to show


that any player at any level welcome back affected by the nerve,


and Djokovic very tentative on the second serve and even more so with


the ground strokes and making the unforced error to give Tipsarevic


Yesterday afternoon's match Federer and Fish, there wasn't a lot on


that match apart from the chance to see these two players playing a


lovely set of tennis. They wanted a third set then, this crowd would


You see Djokovic in those last three point, you have to have a


plan, a purpose to what you are doing, the idea of not missing,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


keeping the ball in players it is Not this time. But Tipsarevic still


After putting Tipsarevic under so much pressure on his serve, from


the first three service games, his concentration has faded away and


the second set is going the same That's it, another error from


Djokovic. Tipsarevic has taken a set. It is a one set shoot out in


this group match. SUE BARKER: On BBC Two, if you are watching we are


coming to the end of our transmission, if you want to


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