Day 7: Semi-Final: Federer v Ferrer Tennis: World Tour Finals

Day 7: Semi-Final: Federer v Ferrer

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It began with two groups of four, and B, featuring the top eight


players in the world. On the third day, number three fell, giving way


to injury, and was replaced by number nine. On the 5th day, number


two was toppled and on Day 6, number-one went. Now, just four


remain. Tonight, six plays seven as a Tsonga takes on Berdych. But for


now, our focus in on number four and number five, Federer first is


Ferrer, for a place in the final. - - Federer versus Ferrer. For one, a


place in the final, for the other, fare well.


Roger Federer is a five-time winner of this event. He will reaches 100


tour final if he wins today. He is on a 15 match winning streak and


has beaten his opponent today 11 times. Not bad for numbers, is it?


Federer has been the man in form this week. Rightly so, he came in


on the back of the winning streak and has looked incredible the way


he has played. The match against Nadal was probably the best tennis


I have ever seen. He was a bit distracted against Fish, knowing he


was through to the semi-final, but I think he will be focused on the


job in hand and I do not think there will be many people betting


Ferrer is going to get his first win. The locker room has been like


a scene from Casualty to that the week, and yet Federer just moved


right through it. He knows how to handle his schedule, he took time


off after Australia after using -- after losing the semi-final of the


Open. This match winning streak takes him back to that US Open, and


you expect him to cut through from here. If he wins this, he goes


above Murray in the rankings. And I think it matters. The players are


on their way, but to come firm group and a, we did not know he was


coming through, but Tomas Berdych finishes top of the group and David


Ferrer his second. In Group B, Roger Federer has been Supreme and


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga comes through. The semi-final line-up for today,


Federer against added Ferrer, the player we thought would win the


grip, and Tomas Berdych against Jo- Wilfried Tsonga tonight. Here they


come, I think David Ferrer is going -- it is going to be so tough for


him. He was on until late last night. He has to pick himself up


physically and mentally for this M C MUSIC: "London Calling" by The


MC: The winner of 16 Grand Slam titles, the five tinier end ATP


World Tour No. 1, the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals defending


champion, from Switzerland, Roger MUSIC: "London Calling" by The


SUE BARKER: It was a heck of a record in that introduction, and


the standing ovation, the biggest we have heard all week. It is easy


for David Ferrer to play against! If he had won yesterday he would be


playing Tsonga, now he has to face Federer here because he lost. He


has won three sets against Roger in those 11 match ups, it is hard to


see anyone but Federer for this one. But David will try. But Federer is


just cruising this week, striking the ball so well. How top will it


be for David? -- how Prof will it be? He looked like he would finish


at the top of the group. I don't think, physically and mentally, it


will be backed off because he is one of the fittest guys out there.


I don't think he has got anything to lose. He has had a tough time


We have tee the changeover, so please be seated until it is time,


and we have Hawk-Eye. -- we have a TV changeover. David, heads or


tails? Head so he has called. Yes, hence. -- heads. Picture, be is for


strong we are ready for the off. -- picture, please. It was the


manner in which he lost last night, he seems to fall apart, it was not


like he was outplayed by Berdych? You felt he was in a dominant


position, which he was, but I still think given the format, when you


lose in any other tournament you are going home, but in his first


match she beat Murray, in the second match she beat Djokovic, he


is going to be feeling good about his game right now and that is why,


if he had said before this tournament, semi-final against


Federer, take-it-or-leave-it, he would have taken it. He can go out


there with the thought that he has got so much to gain here, making


the finals of the Tour Championships, or if he loses he is


on holiday, so it will be interesting to see. You wonder how


he will hurt Federer, because we saw with Murray, he was injured,


limping around, and it was still a close match. Djokovic just was not


there that day. You wonder where he will hurt Federer. This is a world


class competitor, a world class runner, a world-class athlete. We


don't know him quite so well because Wimbledon is not his strong


suit, but he is a warrior, and animal out there. There are certain


things you look at, and one of them is the track record between the two


men. Three sets in 11 meetings, it is a tough ordeal. Maybe that is


what Timmins when he says there is no pressure. You do not have much


to lose against Federer in this environment. This is a repeat of


the final from 2007, he has been at David Ferrer is much more known as


a clay court specialist? That is how most of the Spanish guys


learned their games, on clay, and it is a better platform for them.


He has won a title on grass. It is amazing what he can achieve. You


look at the top four, they have separated themselves, there is a


definite gap. You would say Ferrer is the best of the rest. He has had


a fantastic season, can he make it better? I have my doubts, but that


is the beauty of sport. He is very consistent, but Sunday is probably


a more dangerous play it. I think song that has got the bigger


weapons, but over the year, Tsonga is more likely to have those depths.


Week-in, week-out, Ferrer is a phenomenal competitor. Let's talk


about Roger, we can eulogise about the way he has played over the last


few weeks, really, since the US Open. He committed himself and he


is right back up there. For all the achievements he has obtained over


the years and the rankings, this is the first time in donkey's years he


will not finish one or two. For everything he has done and the


manner in which she has done it, it is easy to think of him as gracious,


elegant, understated, subdued. Those are right, but underneath is


a vicious competitor, and I love this as a platform -- I look at


this as a platform for next year. Nothing would please me more than


two seed 3, four guys up at the top, Federer regaining some former glory.


I think he is re-energised, which is a delight to watch. He is surely


coming to the end of his career in the next two or three years, we


don't know, but while we have a chance to watch him play at this


stage, it is a treat. And when you reflect on his performance against


Nadal, best of a three-set match indoors, bat level of tennis, in my


opinion, is still better than everyone else's. He has not been


able to do it over an 11 month period this year, but that will


give him so much excitement before the off season, the training, the


hard yards he has to put him on the track and the courts. If he can put


themselves in this environment in the latter stages of Grand Slams,


he can tie a players' performances. There is no doubt in my mind he can


add to his major tally of 16. will send out a strong message if


he can win here. He is only 110 points behind Murray with what he


has picked up this week, so if he wins today he will move above him.


Novak Djokovic sustained that injury after the US Open and has


not been the same since. Nadal says he is feeling less passion for the


game. Roger must be thinking... he is the elder statesman. Roger


should be worn out, falling out of love with the game. But I think


again it goes back to your schedule but also goes back to the playing


style. Read in the planet of's game, Djokovic's game, -- when you look


at Nadal's game, the way what to play his is so aggressive, he is


such a fluid mover -- for way Federer plays. He will be able to


keep playing for as long as he wants. Let's not forget Andre


Agassi, whose game was quite taxing, he did not have many short points.


He made the final of the US Open at 35, Roger is only 38. I am not


saying he will carry on for five years, but... He said he will carry


on for the next few years, he announced that this week. He is not


saying just next year. Certainly not. Most importantly, as long as


he is enjoying what he is going, and that is going to be reflected


in the results he is having, I see him playing for a few years yet,


and let's hope so. You mentioned Agassi, Pete Sampras won a Grand


Slam in his thirties, McEnroe did. There are a number of players who


maintain the fitness, and that is what is often underestimated with


what it. People talk about Nadal and Djokovic, but Roger is


supremely fit. Some of the youngsters who trained with him say


they cannot keep up with him. there is the other aspect, the


mental wear and tear of the treadmill that is the tour, forever


going round and round the world, and that can become tiring, but I


think he enjoys the travel aspect so much, and on top of that he gets


his schedule right, he has the breaks, get away from the game. He


always seemed so fresh, and that is important to maintain that aspect


as well, and then he can keep going. We are looking forward to this one.


The first semi-final here at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals,


Federer against Iraq. Let's join Andrew Castle.


ANDREW CASTLE: -- Federer against Ferrer. Roger Federer once again in


the semi-finals of the World Tour finals. If he wins he will go


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


This match is a mouth-watering So, David Ferrer, a good effort,


that, to get off to a winning start He won in Auckland, and it was a


big deal for him making a semi- Not a man Federer will be taking


lightly, despite their head-to-head record and everything that goes


with it. You still have to go out Federer's wife there, and his twins


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


are here as well, two-and-a-half How much of a game plan does Roger


Federer have here? Is it as easy as it looks, or does he have specific


in mind? He will have specifics of the way he can dominate Ferrer's


UMPIRE: Game, Federer. ANDREW CASTLE: And what are they


against Ferrer? Virtually everybody Federer plays against, he will try


to use his forehand. He wants to try to get to Ferrer's backhand and


the way to do that is to hit strong to the forehand to open up the back


hand. I think Ferrer generate his own place -- his own pace


considerably, so Federer will be looking to use that and attacked


when he has the opportunity. Ferrer? What is his plan? He has


got to keep the ball deep in Federer's backhand-making hit as


many as possible. Try and keep the ball deep -- it into Federer's


backhand, making him hit as many as possible. He will probably be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


keeping his fingers crossed that The first year Federer has not won


a Grand Slam since 2002. That year, Lleyton Hewitt won Wimbledon and


Pete Sampras won another Open. It Ferrer hit a good first serve, got


a weak reply there. The danger of going into Federer's forehand, if


you do not hit the shot perfectly, you expose yourself. He did not do


enough with his second shot of the rally. Ferrer's long-term coach


there. What did you think he says two Ferrer before the match, having


lost 11 in a row? How are your legs Backhand slice just sitting admit


court there from Federer. Not striking that with any real purpose.


If he is going to slice like that, UMPIRE: Game, Ferrer.


ANDREW CASTLE: Good effort from the There are so many numbers


associated with the career of Roger Federer. So many victories and


finals and the 16 Slams and all the rest of it. It has been another


consistent year for him. Started with a win in Doha after the US


Open. He won in Paris as well. But he will judge his year by the Grand


Slams. He lost to Djokovic in straight sets at the Australian


Open, lost to Nadal at the French Open after a magnificent match with


Djokovic, which ended his 4-1 match winning streak for the year. -- 41.


Just when he was getting into the tournament at Wimbledon, it did not


It is amazing to think his best Grand Slam performances he was on


clay at Roland Garros. He has been so dominant in the majors. But it


also emphasises how good he is on clay. People forget what a great


clay court player he. He is in an era of the best clay court players


in history, with Rafa Nadal, but he has been in several finals. And he


won one, of course, when Nadal lost to Soderling. He resisted the


pressure, the pressure was on him that year, now or never, and he won


If Ferrer has half a chance to make his opponent's life a misery, he


does. He pushes and prods, just asks a lot of difficult questions.


What a highly respected Ferrer has certainly made a good


start, you feel Federer has not found his rhythm. This might be his


half a chance to get his nose in His mum there, dad is never far


away. His dad was saying how proud he is, every time, all around the


world, when he is received in these I don't think mum and dad like


sitting together during the I know you don't like to blow your


own trumpet, but tell people what your record is indoors against


Roger Federer? I did have lunch with him today and asked him how


many sets he won against me in five meetings. He did win one once. He


was under 12, though! Would see got to 13, he used to beat me! -- when


Where did he win his set? The Anna, he had match point. I don't know


how he lost -- Vienna. He was killing me all day but I managed to


A horrible start to the game. Two doubles. I did play debit for rare


indoors in Madrid and I beat him 6- 1 in the third set and he went into


the press conference and said it was the worst day of his life! -- I


did play David Ferrer indoors. you play him on clay? No, thank


That is the tactic from Federer, the head the slice that gets Ferrer


to move up the court and cannot get much on the backhand. In that


moment Federer is edging over to A couple of shots there that


Federer has not been missing all week, and certainly given the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


position of the game they are This is not a rally that Ferrer


would have learned on clay courts. Good recognition that Federer was


in trouble. He sneaked in to the That might be a challenge. The


umpire is up in the chair, he has had an excellent tournament. He is


so quick to respond to players. He cannot challenge. He could over


rule. Federer obviously felt the When the ball is that far away from


the chair it is a tough call. You would rather that the umpire stayed


out and gave the player the option, said, look, it looked about to me.


That could have cost him the game. The from Ferrer's point of view, it


probably looked close. -- from Ferrer's point of view. I must


thank people for all the feedback yesterday. We had a chat about


siblings who have played the game. Djokovic has to my younger brothers


who could be professionals -- has two younger brothers. We talked


about the Lloyds, Bob and Mike Bryan. We even did the warts ands


at one point. There are so many that we left out. -- the Watsons.


What we left out the Washingtons. We did not have long to think, did


we? Let's defend ourselves here. Sue Barker was leaping up and down


in the studio, talking about the That is a mistake. Federer is a


little bit tight today. It is a match he expects to win and which


everyone expects him to win. It is just trying to find that the game


that can get a smoothly past Ferrer. Half chances are not going to come


along that often. Ferrer does not usually miss those returns. He does


We have Mr Major Spanish family. -- Tight, once again, from Federer.


When you are nervous the first thing that goes is the for it work.


If your feet are not in the right position, your timing will not be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


Ferrer would have fancied making UMPIRE: Game, Federer. You see how


Federer hit that ball down to the other in straight away -- the other


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


end straight away to say to Ferrier, UMPIRE: Game, Ferrer.


Four holds of serve for David Ferrer. In the previous game he


double faulted on the first two points and still got out of it. He


has made exactly the start that he would have hoped to. We are going


to continue this tennis-playing family game. Ramesh Krishnan, his


father was an excellent player and a bit of a favourite at Wimbledon


as well. We have extended it a bit. It was sort of brothers and sisters,


now it is fathers and sons. It is too much now! It is quite engaging


mentally, isn't it? Have their Sanchez -- Xavier.


In this match Ferrer is ahead in the psychological game, isn't he?


You feel like he has got his rhythm with his feet and he shot. As a


bonus, Federer has not found his rhythm yet. He has made 12 unforced


errors in this set. After serving a double fault against Nadal he only


made six in the rest of the match. I think Ferrer will be the happiest


of the two right now. New tennis balls in play after


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


You cannot keep that! He is trying! When the ball goes into the crowd


at the US Open, the public are allowed to keep them as souvenirs,


aren't they? Yes, I think they're a bit cheaper Rover there! I think it


is quite a nice idea. -- cheaper Business end of the set - this is


where many unforced errors or silly mistakes are going to be magnified.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


Definitely out of sorts on the backhand side, Federer. There is


the Swiss Davis Cup captain, encouraging his friend. Ferrer is


doing a great job here, making life You always talk about maximising


talent and making the most of what you've got, this man has done that.


Absolutely. When you reflect on his results so far, he really has had


amazing achievement. One of the most impressive is the way he has


embraced all the different surfaces. To begin with he was obviously an


out-and-out clay-court player. But he has moved on. Most impressive to


win a tournament on grass. I think that sums up his attitude, that he


embraces these challenges. Grass was always seen by the


Spanish players traditionally did not play well indoors. Moving on a


few years, when grass-court tennis changed, the courts got harder and


harder, the ball bounced higher, I think that Rafael Nadal had a big


part to play in it. He spoke about Wimbledon as the tournament that he


wanted to win. He eventually won You don't need that at the


beginning of the game if you're I think a lot of the time Federer


have always better the more difficult the volley years. --


Extra effort from Ferrer on the return, getting something on the


return. A quality set of tennis, this. Federer is trying to find his


best form. Ferrer is two points No defence against that! He really


cut round the outside of that one. It is long. No challenge. He is at


the coalface today, Federer. It is not coming easily. Nervous moments,


and he hasn't had many of those in Sometimes you watch Federer and it


almost seems like he is not trying. The clenched fist after that shows


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


For a man of Ferrer's character and his game style, it is really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


inexcusable to miss a shot like You knew that Ferrer was going to


make ground to that. But this is all just contributing to a sense of


frustration for Roger Federer, the defending champion here. Ferrer


remains two points away from this Was that a good second serve or a


poor return, or both? It was a rising ball. But Ferrer would


expect to make that nine out of ten It is a pretty handy reverse


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


backhand volley off of a Federer Neither player can string two


points together. It is Federer that keeps coming out on top on the


Again, it is a shot that a player of his calibre at this moment in


UMPIRE: Game, Federer. That makes it 5-5. Almost nine


minutes of head-to-head from one game. 17,500 people in here,


thoroughly engrossed in the this That was a delightful piece of


delayed at forehand work from Federer on the approach. He had 20


minutes to play this ball. He waited for Ferrer to commit. Then


it was solid down the middle, knowing that Ferrer would be


committed to the forehand side. As is often the case when you come


through a long service game, the pressure is right back on your


opponent. Federer is now looking to He had 0-30 on the first serve


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


earlier on and he came back. -- on Federer settling on a backhand half


Federer is trying to get his forehand into play. Ferrer was able


just to push it through enough and Interesting watching the great


players grind it out. For every 2008 final with Federer and no


doubt at Wimbledon, you have these great moments, Djokovic at French


Open this year, there are great matches. Djokovic played so many of


them this year. But most of the time the top players are using


their B game to win. They are not at the very top. Today is very much


a B game day for Federer, a get the job done sort of... That is right,


he is just struggling with his shots a little bit and his foot


work has not been quite there. But over a period of time, over 70, 80,


90 matches in a year, you will not always played brilliantly and


sometimes Federer does not get the credit he deserves for how well he


competes, how he is able to find a way to get two sets, three sets


under his belt. So far today it has been a struggle but he is the one


who got the break and he will be coming out to serve for the first


set. They all do at the top of the game, Ferrer Grimes it in day-in,


day-out. Federer, at the moment, with enough, it would seem, on this


court. What can Ferrer do to respond as Federer serves for the


first set? He has been in six finals at this season-ending


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


championships, and he has won five There was a massive hold of serve


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


at 4-5, then the break and now set UMPIRE: Game and set, Federer.


ANDREW CASTLE: That does it. At this point against Rafa Nadal he


had almost on the match, this is much tougher. -- he had almost won


the match. SUE BARKER: A few minutes ago,


Ferrer was two points from the set but he did not take them, bodger


pounced and Federer is in charge. It is a prestigious title to win --


Roger pounced. Whatever happens today and tomorrow for David Ferrer,


he will remain as world number five. If Roger Federer wins today, he


will overtake Andy Marriott. He has already won 600 points at this


tournament -- he will overtake Andy Murray. Tremendous prize money, as


well, but that does not mean a lot to these guys, they learned a lot


of money around the world. Federer begin to reach his 100 tour final


here at the O2 Arena. He would only be the 5th man in history to do


that. The other four, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, and a player often


ANDREW CASTLE: If Federer ties this match today, he will have 806


career wins. When it comes to contracts and endorsements with


companies, rackets, clothing, the rest of it, there are bonuses


according to where you finish, like the Premier League. The higher you


finish, the more bonus money you get. The difference for Andy Murray


and Roger Federer if they swap rankings will have a bearing on


what they do it. I'm sure it will, and there has been talk about what


they means. Aside from the financial gains, I think for Murray


it would be good if he did finish three because it would be his


highest end-of-year ranking whereas Federer spent so long between want


or two. Having said that, 3 and four, there is probably a


significant financial difference as UMPIRE: Mr Federer is challenging


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


Vitally important for Ferrer to hang on here. Three games in a row


from that top hold at 4-5 from Federer showing more control and


defensive ability on that backhand side but he has knocked -- he has


not looked particularly comfortable We saw what happened last night


could Ferrer against Berdych and he suddenly lost several games in a


You could see on the faces of the Federer camp how important they


felt that break point was. That shot was a risk well worth taking.


His return is largely going to the Ferrer backhand side, dropping it


safely in the middle of the court. I guess the ball on the right hand


side of the screen is the return we have just seen. Average return


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


You think back probably less than 15 minutes ago, Ferrer was two


points from getting the first set under his belt. All of a sudden he


is a break down in the second set and a really must hold serve to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


That backhand was a shot that Federer struggled with the timing


of in the first set. Now it seems he has got his feet in the right


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


The first one of those. A good time. I tell you what, he does not like


letting the ball bounce twice. That was a lovely backhand to finish it.


I suspect we will see a replay of that in a moment because that was


lovely. It was the drop shot from Federer that looked to be the


winning shot in the rally, early stages. It gets him out Laird --


out there. Just dropped it in short, over the head, had a run-up for


that one. That was a surprise, Tim, that he played that one? He has


such a big forehand, you are used to him picking a corner and going


for it. A lot of players would back off. It ended up being a good shot


because it went to an awkward height, Federer could not put the


backhand volley away. We say he has got good wheels. He has got


unbelievable Wales. The two oldest man left in the tournament, he is


29 years of age. He spent some time, and still looks like he could earn


his money on, a construction site when he was a teenager. After about


a week he got completely disillusioned with that and said, I


think we will do this tennis thing. I can't imagine anybody more


devoted to the training and the professional aspects of the game.


And about $10 million later he probably realises that was quite a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


UMPIRE: Game, Federer. New balls, It is little touches like that


which make Federer so watchable. He could have dropped that forehand


volley in short, he could have poked it down the line, but he went


back behind his man. He knew Theroux would move a little bit. It


is a sweet touch. -- he knew Ferrer He has got the Davis Cup final next


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


weekend against Argentina back in He is under the cosh again and if


he loses his second service break to Federer you have to think that


is likely to be the match over. Some important points coming up for


Transition game from the back of the court to the net position,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


Perhaps a little early to say, but Just waiting, weren't you, for the


Federer Popp on one of those as he hit the winner. But he was just not


able to find the backhand down the line and win it. But he has another


With Federer's numbers on serve, you are quite right. To go a double


break down, it probably would be curtains for Iraq, but he is not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


giving up without a fight -- UMPIRE: Game, Ferre.


ANDREW CASTLE: four straight points for the world No. 5. A packed house


at the O2 Arena. This event, the season-ending championships, just


eight men earned their place here. This will be here again at this


Arena next year and the year after that. Then an announcement will be


made about the next menus. But it has found such a home here, full


house time and time again, packed to the rafters to watch this board.


Superb. -- to watched the sport. The man who coaches Roger Federer


was with Pete Sampras in his heyday, he was with Tim Henman in his


heyday as well. I wonder what it is like coaching Federer? I think


coaching is the operative word there. It is not teaching. Paul is


not trying to tell him how to hit shots, it is more about when to hit


shots and why to hit them. Federer obviously has a lot of strings to


his bow, different ways of playing, and it is about him having the


biggest implements and biggest impact against his opponents, and


obviously using the attacking game which is an area that Paul has


tried to emphasise. More attacking? He wants to see him more


aggressive? It does not mean you always come to the net, but the way


he will hit his backhand down the line to get the next shot on to his


forehand, playing a short size to get base liners out of their


comfort cent, they are all areas that Roger has done a good job


implementing in his game -- out of Federer's game has certainly


changed over the years. There was a time he would serve a volley first


and second. He gave that up and won Such a good shot, the backhand down


the line, especially against clay- court players. They love running to


the left, but they do not like You can see with Ferrer's movement,


it is not quite as comfortable going to his forehand. The BT again


is once you have him how it -- have him out wide to his forehand, his


back hand is a big target to aim in two.


UMPIRE: Game, Federer. Federal leads four against two. -- Federer


UMPIRE: Mr Federer challenge is the call on the left baseline. --


UMPIRE: It stands. ANDREW CASTLE: Vindicated! It is


UMPIRE: Mr Federer has two challenges remaining.


ANDREW CASTLE: I would not have thought Federer would challenge --


would practise after this, but given his lack of rhythm on that


backhand side, 20 minutes hitting them might be an idea. A golfer


even after a good round will go and So many unforced errors on that


UMPIRE: Federer leads four games to Would the guys go and he did the


balls to listen off after a victory? Generally not. Given the


amount of tennis and the experience of Roger Federer, it would be more


likely a conversation with his coach he might say, how did you


feel on your backhand out on the court? Bodger might say, my


forehand wasn't quite right, my backswing was big -- Roger might


say. I think today after the match, if he comes through, it will be a


conversation and then maybe five minutes on the practise court


tomorrow before he were to get ready for a final if he comes


through. Having said that, if you are a David frack, who relies


heavily on rhythm and solidity from the baseline -- David Ferrer, you


might hit that 50 minutes to regain He is certainly not to be written


off in this match, Ferrer. He has had a tight first set here. He is


Ferrer has been to the final of this event before, back in 2007. He


lost to Federer then. He knows how to get the job done. He is not out


Ferrer is obviously trying to get the break back you. Federer is


serving at 79% of first serves. 13 Battering down the hatches after


you get the break of serve, isn't You look at Federer's Serv, it is


by no means the fastest. Time and time again, it sets him up for the


shot that he wants, which is the If you're not careful, people will


start thinking you know what you're talking about, Tim Henman! It was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


quick game and David Ferrer Serbs After playing a point like that, I


think Federer could look you in the eye and say, it is all right, I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


They say it evens up. Ferrer did have his fair share, I suppose, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 141 seconds


earlier on. They say the harder you like that. So jealous. He enjoys a


rally like that like a cat enjoys a It would be fantastic as a method


if Ferrer can get out of this game. And just make Federer serve for it.


I know he has been successful on 99 Another example of Ferrer just


edging over to his left, trying to run round his back hand. Federer


A 100th final it is in the What a fantastic contribution David


Ferrer of Spain, the world No. 5, has made to the World Tour finals


and our enjoyment this week. Once again it is Roger Federer. That his


nine matches in a row that he has won here. He will await the outcome


of the second semi-final, which is tonight in this arena - Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga against Tomas Berdych. It was not always the most sumptuous


performance from Federer. The first set was a grind as he found his


rhythm, but the second set he moved up through the gears. One hour and


25 minutes of good work from both players. Federer is through to yet


another final, his seventh here in the season-ending Championships.


SUE BARKER: Yes, another tremendous performance from Roger Federer. A


big ovation, too, for David Ferrer. He played his part, not just today


but throughout the week. He is signing a few autographs as well.


This man is still going. No wonder he is smiling. That was a superb


performance as up how key that game was in the first set -- that was a


superb performance. How key that game was in the first set. Yes, his


footwork was slightly off. There was one game which lasted nearly


nine minutes. He was two points from winning the set on two


occasions but he never quite got there. Once Federer broke through


that service game, he won the set and his form got better and better.


He will be very happy with his afternoon's work. He has had the


perfect schedule and now he is through to the final.


We can hear from him now. He is talking to Mark.


Roger, congratulations. You're through to your seventh final of


the season-ending Championships. That is some record. I am very


happy to have played today. David has had an amazing season and an


amazing tournament so far. Well done to him. I wish him well in the


Davis Cup next week. I know you have beaten him every


time but he is never one to be underestimated. He had the upper


hand from the baseline in the first set. I was really struggling to hit


the ball back cleanly because of his top-spin. He was moving me


around well. To have all but 5-5 gave me confidence. I served well


and got myself out of trouble but that was definitely the key to the


match. On Sunday it will be a 100th Korea final. What an amazing


achievement that is. I am not sure I want to say they


expect. But you're going for your sixth title. What do the number


minty? You cannot really plan for that. I will not retire after my


100th final. I knew going into this match that I


could reach my 100th final and I could win another title. I have


been so fortunate and so lucky. I am still standing and still running.


I do not know how I'd do it. I am still walking normally, still


healthy and fit. It has been wonderful to play for so many years


at the highest of levels. To play my 100th final in London means a


lot to me. And also to do it in some style. I


was reading in a survey the other week of global celebrities -


politicians, musicians, sports people - you came second, behind


Nelson Mandela! It is true, I know! It is a crazy thing. I did not mean


to embarrass you. Everything I say will be recorded, it is not so easy


Congratulations. Thank you. SUE BARKER: He really was in a no-


win situation with that question! He is through to his 100th final.


That is another record picked in his incredible career. 7-5, 6-3 and


he is through to the final tomorrow. It will either be Tomas Berdych or


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. They play their match tonight and you can hear


coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. We will be back tomorrow to


watch Roger in the final at 5:15pm. Tim and Andrew, it was a lovely


moment out there. It was a question he could not really answer a!


They like the manner in which he goes about his business. Can I tell


you who was third in that opinion poll? Bill Gates. And he has given


something like $6 billion into his charitable foundation. Long may it


continue. At the top of the men's game, it is absolutely captivating


to have him playing well. We know that Djokovic is there, Nadal is


there, Murray is trying to break through.


This could have been the year where he thought, I have done so much,


but so many records, maybe I should wind down. But he is going for it.


He has had a bit of a break, come into the end of the season with two


tournament wins, and he has played so well here, that will motivate


him even more. Upon reflection, he has left a few matches out there.


In the past he has been able to win those important matches in the


latter stages of Grand Slams. It was great first in the French Open


to win against Djokovic. He hat two Matt points in the SMEs of the US


Open. I think it motivates him, the challenge of adding to his list of


Grand Slams. He is one of the few tennis players


who really values the Olympic Games. Yes, I almost forgot about that. It


is in London, you know! No! He already has the gold medal,


he won the doubles. That is not good enough for Roger. There are


lots of things to motivate him. His kids are not at school yet, they


are only two-and-a-half years old. There is no decay at all when he


hits the ball might like this. He is only 30. Just back to today, we


talked about Roger, when he held serve at 5-5. How often do we see


it in tennis when you get a sniff of a chance, do not take it and


then drop you serve? Absolutely. It is about always putting a bit of


pressure on your opponent. He had those opportunity. He never got is


set point, but you felt like he was really making Federer work. Once


Federer came through that service game, it felt like the tables


turned a little bit. Federer is not at his best but, like all great


champions, you find a way to win when it matters. This is the


rallying that went over the top of the head. He has got the ball on a


String, just like his opponent. Sometimes it is not magnificent


tennis, it is about getting the job done. Federer Grand other top


players sometimes play well inside the lines, a huge margin for error.


-- Federer and other top players. As far as the match tomorrow goes,


whoever comes through, it will be a different sort of match, or won't


it? They are both big hitters. I spoke to Roger and Paul when he


was playing Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in his first match. You sensed that


they were uncomfortable because it is often in Tsonga's hands because


he is so explosive. You never feel totally settled. I think Berdych is


more erratic but he still has a huge first serve. He hits the ball


might very flat from the baseline. He has to make sure he is


consistent and keeps the ball out of the middle of the court. He goes


into it as the clear favourite and it would be great to see him get


his six -- to get his sixth ATP World Tour final. He is in good


company with Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras already having five.


People underestimate him, but Nastase certainly made his mark. He


was often underestimated. You member the trouble with the


rackets and he was trying all different kinds? Was that the Smith


final? That magnificent picture of him sitting at the end with all the


hair around the look. You do not play here by being an idiot. Twice,


wasn't it? Twice, yeah. We have a few minutes left so we


will talk about Mr Murray as well. He had to pull-out of the


tournament because of an injury. He spoke to Jonathan earlier than the


weekend he was talking about the season and how tough the euros.


A lot of people spoke about it after the US Open. If I look at the


other guys who played a lot of matches over in the States, Rafa,


Roger and Novak, Novak and Roger took maybe a six-week break. Rafa


took the long break after Paris, and maybe I needed to take that


break and Miss Paris. Then there would be no-one left at the eastern


its? Year, that is the situation that we are in. Maybe that is my


mistake in not looking further ahead. I always want to try to play


the commitments of the tour that you need to meet. Who knows what is


going to happen. The season is a little bit shorter next year, it


might help. It is also more compact. Perhaps a difficult decision. He


went in Asia, try to get the number three world ranking, then picked up


injuries. It is difficult getting the balance right. It is. In


hindsight, you would have said that, after the US Open, the Asia tour


looked a good idea. When would you ever complain about winning? I


still think it was the right decision for him. I think he took a


wild card into Switzerland but ended up not playing. I wonder if


he could have had a little bit of a break. These guys are so good.


Playing in the Grand Slam they are always in the finals. It is an


enormous amount of tennis and I think we should remember that that


is a nice problem to have. If you are losing in the first or second


round you will have plenty of time. It is because they are so


consistent that they play loads of matches. There will always be


niggles along the way. Andy has talked about his diet has changed


and I think that has an impact. He will live and learn and perhaps do


things slightly differently. 2012 is hard because it is an Olympic


year. Instead of your four majors, you then have the Olympics the


morning as well. It is not easy but you have to do the best you can.


The questions that came up were raised by the players themselves,


notably Nadal, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. They were the ones who


were talking about the length of the season and how no-one was


listening to them. Of course, if they have that opinion they must be


listened to. They are the most important thing in the game and


their opinion is respected. They are the ones who came out. Then he


played three tournaments in Asia, played superbly and then satisfied


his commitment in Switzerland. If you think you're doing too much,


don't play. It is not just 10 because Novak


Djokovic played in the Davis Cup after the US Open. He made the


decision to play because he is so proud. It is not easy for these


guys but I am saying, when you are making this a matter of dollars,


with the economy the way it is and the public perception of a good


thing at the moment, to even consider mentioning the possibility


of a strike just made the game look a little bit foolish temporarily.


But that is one man's opinion. They are big box office, the tennis


players. We have had a number of celebrities here. We saw Denise


Lewis, a number of football players, including Rio Ferdinand. He did not


want to sit in the stand. Boris Becker was shouting to him from the


side. He looks all right, doesn't he? Yes, all right. His backhand


grip is a little bit dodgy. Talking of football, coming up


tonight there is much of the day, including Manchester United against


Another programme to highlight, coming upon 2nd December, is the


euro 2012 draw. Gary Lineker will be presenting that. Looking ahead


to tomorrow, this man will be in action. He will be through to the


final, against Tomas Berdych or Jo- Wilfried Tsonga. You're wondering,


Andrew, whether he might go out and hit a few balls. Do you think he


will? No. He raised his level and found his timing. At this stage in


the year, given how much tennis he has by, he will be saving his


energy for tomorrow. While we were having a sandwich, he was having


lunch with Federer. Was it nice? is not what you know it is who you


know! OK, guys, thank you very much. That is it from the O2 arena. We


know that it is Roger Federer who is through to the final tomorrow,


which means that it is his 100th tour final. He is also bidding for


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