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Hello there. It has been a good week for the NPower Football League.


Crystal Palace and Cardiff disposed of Premier League opposition. They


reached the semi-finals of the Carling Cup. The focus remains on


teams that Championship, with clubs in League 1 and Two involved in a


League Cup action. And here at Upton Park, where West Ham that


Burnley and that is one of several games taking place in England's


second tip. West Ham are chasing Southampton. The Saints won again


midweek. Today, they were looking to do likewise at Doncaster.


Middlesbrough's new a picture -- victory would take them up to third


in the table but they were up against one of the form sides,


Nigel Pearson left Hull City to take charge at Leicester only three


weeks ago. Today, he was back at the KC Stadium Cup, trying to get


one over his old side. And there has been a sense of deja vu at


Portsmouth this week, as a certain -- as uncertainty Engels Fratton


Park once more. There was the small matter of the game with Coventry to


focus on on Saturday. We start to date with the game involving Leeds


United and Millwall. It was Leeds'' first home game since news came


through of Gary Speed's death. Garry spent over a decade with the


club and was part of the 19 added to title-winning side, so as you


can imagine it was a hugely emotional day at Elland Road. The


this was a day when being there meant so much.


When an name meant more than a game. Supporters gathered outside the


ground to pay tribute to one of their own. Today is giving itself


the opportunity to come in and witnessed this and be part of it,


but it is not going to go away after today. This will be with us


for a long time. A lot of emotions today. It is going to be a big


build-up before the game and then hopefully we can have a good game


afterwards. I am filling up now. Yeah, it will be a good occasion.


We will show everybody how to say goodbye to a legend. Fittingly Gary


Speed's midfield partners from the league championship winning side of


1992, Gary McAllister, Gordon Strachan and David Batty, led the


tributes on the pitch as Gary's widow, Louise, and there two sons


Rivalries were put aside. This was football United, in honour of one


of the game's most popular Players from both sides could be


forgiven a -- the didn't a player a corner. Alex McCarthy did well to


keep out Pedersen's header. -- Henderson's header. Howe and


another player had to be replaced because of injury but Snodgrass


threatened in the second half. It was the Scot who lined the free


kick just on the hour and some strike it was. The roar and the


celebration made it clear there was no doubt who that left-footed


special was four. Two minutes later, Sam teased Millwall again and there


was Snodgrass for his 7th goal of the season, stooping rather than


leaping, as per the Speed tradition. Leeds could have scored more but


for an outstanding performance by Milton Hall. How is this for a


safe? -- Morton Hall. He's somehow kept out this shot from the current


number 11 and there was another winner for Leeds United in their


difficult week, and Grayson who signed for the club as a schoolboy


Or you can think about are his family, who I went to see before


the game. My dad was there on that game, 20 years ago, with Gary's dad


and they have followed our careers. It has been a difficult week but it


is a celebration for what Gary Speed meant to this football club.


It was a bit surreal seeing Gordon Strachan before the game, his legs


were wobbly and he was very emotional, for people that knew him.


Those guys were team-mates and lifelong friends and quite rightly


the atmosphere here today and the tribute paid to Gary was first-


class. It has been a very tough week for everybody connected to


Gary, and those who did not know Gary. I was with his parents today,


Louise and the kids and Gary McAllister, David Batty, Gordon


Strachan, it has been a really tough week for everybody. But it is


a fitting tribute to a fantastic footballer, a fantastic person and


he will not be forgotten, that is for sure. An incredibly emotional


afternoon at Elland Road and up and down the country as clubs paid


tribute to Gary Speed, including him at Upton Park, where West Ham


played Burnley. Before we see whether the Hammers can close the


gap on Southampton, there was a minute's applause before kick-off


straight league win and dominated the first half stop Nolan should


have put them in front but did not quite make the connection from


Cole's' cos. In the second half a move that was not quite the


Westcarr way. There was a flick, a kick and Nolan had scored a fitting


tribute to his former Bolton team- mate, Gary Speed. Stanislas signed


in the summer. Five minutes after that Nolan goal it was his cross


that set up Grant McCann to level before the Clarets. West Ham had


hammered five past Burnley in each of their previous two visits but


they were struggling to add to their one this time. Piquionne


denied. Then it was Collison's turned but the Burnley defence


continued to throw various parts of their bodies at any attempts on


goal. On came Wallace and Vokes for Burnley. Wallace took a corner,


Vokes headed past Green at Burnley were in the lead. The hosts pushed


on as they look to salvage something. Carlton Cole tried his


luck but it was not to be and West Ham's winning run came to an abrupt


halt. A third winner wrote Burnley. Southampton take advantage against


the bottom club? After last week's shock defeat at Bristol City. The


home side started brightly and they showed they were not going to be


intimidated by their high-flying visitors. Davies was tested from 20


yards out. Another charge forward, this time from O'Connor, led to


another Doncaster chance but after all the good work by the right back,


the shot went the wrong side of the post. Southampton have won the most


games and they scored the most goals in the Championship this


season and there was almost a 43rd Fonte prevented a goal. At the


other end as did -- they went close. The goalkeeper needed to be alert


to keep the game goalless at the break. A high-octane nature of the


first half was not repeated after the restart but a goal did arrive


at. Sharp turned the form book on its head. It was his 7th League


goal of the season. He might have had another as the game drew to a


close. Only the intervention of an official's flag rescued the


visitors from conceding a certain penalty after the player went out.


Rovers are off the bottom but for Southampton it was an opportunity


We have good players and I have tried to bring good players and the


club. It was a matter of time before we got the result. We talk


about it, we give Doncaster a lot of respect in our preparation. You


never underestimate the opposition. We have got away from home and had


a lot of good football, try to score goals but we had a sucker-


punch when we were attacking. There was a clearance from them which


allowed them to get in and scored a goal, we are very disappointed with


our defensive point of view. Very well done, three wins in a row, you


must be delighted? Very pleased. It is a tough place to come. They have


one of the best sides in the league and to win, it really pleases me.


It is a shame after a big three- game week, we have the opportunity


to get nine points out of it with a home game that we end up slipping


up and getting nothing and I would have settled for a point. I always


respect the point, whether you should be winning or shouldn't to


make sure you don't lose it particularly at home. The lads are


sick and now they have heard that Southampton lost at Doncaster. It


is very disappointing for us, result wise, but in terms of the


players' commitment and quality and effort, really very good. After


this sticky start what has clicked in the last three games? I think


confidence, really. We are a young side. We had a lot of changes from


last year. The lads are starting to believe in themselves and jailed.


They haven't played a lot of a football together and sometimes it


does take time but we can look up rather than down. A word for the


fitting tribute before kick-off to on Gary Speed. You knew him quite


well from your time to get red Bolton? Sure. It is a real


difficult situation to accept or even understand but it has affected


is also very badly. The people who have been in touch with Gary in


terms of playing with him, or me managing him, or Martin here, his


goalkeeping coach, Jack Collison, who plays for Wales, are absolutely


devastated of course and the tributes are reverberating around


football, they are unbelievable and of course for everybody now it is


about the family, about Louise and the boys and the family hopefully


taking some comfort out of that help. Yes, some supportive words


there from Sam Allardyce. Next Comer the match involving Hull City


and Leicester City moved into the play-off positions after their


midweek win over Blackpool and all eyes were on Nigel Pearson for this


one, who was in charge of Hull three weeks ago to take up the rest


of for the second time of asking. In charge of Hull, their caretaker


manager, Nick Barmby. A highly- charged KC Stadium, we had Martin


beacon after Martin Pierson controversially Kuit Hull. He


walked out 18 days ago. The wounds of fresh air. There is a hostile


reception on his Humberside return. How delay the home fans want to win


this one. Pierson signed ten of Hall's line up, the only exception,


Dawson. The sole survivor from the Premier League days. McKenna is


back from suspension. Hobbs and extend their recent unbeaten run.


Emotional scenes emulated across certainly got the Leicester fans


behind that goal in their required. Leicester were horribly


exposed at the back. Great work from Stewart, a great vision to


pick out Koren. The angle was not kind for a shot on goal. He tried


to cut it back but Fryatt and Stewart were arriving and neither


robbed the Hull City forwards could there, but it's reached the clean.


It took too long. He was just caught by a Mills, after males


sent off. -- males. Leicester down to 10, with less than half-an-hour


on the clock. I thought the chance initially had gone here as he took


too long, but there, as Maclean looked to wriggle away, Mills


appeared to stick out his booked front. He scores! Fryatt continues


his purple patch in front of goal. The hole fans have their wish. --


What a shocking start for Nigel Pearson on his return. A man down


made much of an impact on the promotion race. Neither made it


into the top six. Nugent is through minutes from half-time. It looked


as though the chance had gone here, as Nugent sized up the opportunity.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Some cool finishing from Konchesky. feet tangled. It was a fabulous run


by the right-back, a wonderful pass, league coach, having a look at how


save by Schmeichel. Dawson caught about so well. Brilliant stop from


Schmeichel. What a goal that could Never likely to beat Schmeichel


The referee is not interested. Two penalties in a day might be a


little generous. No doubt about the first one, let's have a look at


this one again. There is definitely What a strike by Robert Koren. Hull


City have probably won it with that strike, three minutes from time.


The patient build-up again. Rosenior Square, suddenly a bit of


room for Koren. Schmeichel never smelt it. Like the ball at it flew


past him. Hull City go in front again with less than three minutes


18 days ago, presumably because he felt that Leicester offered him a


better chance to make it back to the top line. Hull City, a team


that he assembled, have underlined their worth today, admittedly


against a side down to 10 men for much of the contest. Would it have


been different if it had been 11 against 11? The whistle goes, it's


The build-up to this was all about your return, how was it for you


today? Another game. That is your people's job to build it up like


that. It was a game we were looking forward to but unfortunately we


were on the wrong side of a 2-1 scoreline. How strange was it for


you today to line up against your former gaffer? It is strange. He


did a great job here at the club. I don't think anyone will dismiss


that. We were sad to see him leave but everyone moves on. The club


certainly moves on. I think the players were delighted in the


result today. Personally for you, is this a job that you desperately


want? I've been on record before saying we will see how we go.


Things don't change. We will take it game by game, we are back on


winning ways which is more important. It's more about the team


that my personal self. We will see how we go. Nick got the better of


you today. Do you feel he's got the characteristics to make a decent


manager? It depends on whether he wants to. That's a question you've


got to ask him. He won't answer that. There you are, you are asking


me a question that I don't know the answer to. He has certainly got a


very good side to work with. I wish him and the players all the best.


Later joy for Hull City, heartbreak for Leicester. Next tonight, the


match that took place this evening between Bristol City and


Middlesbrough. Two teams on the opposite ends of the championship


table. After a shaky start, City are very much on the up under their


new coach, Derek McInnes, and have gone and beaten up through the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


The goalkeeper is made up. What a says a clear handball in his eyes.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


The ball hits his hand, but nothing We would have been disappointed to


draw a game in the manner we took the game on the second half. We


work to the goalkeeper, their goalkeeper was far busier than ours.


We tried to be positive with substitutions and played on the


front foot second half. They are a good side. We sometimes can be cut


open, the quality of their goal was there to be seen. But I felt also


there were a few decisions that went against us. I felt we were a


bit and just in some of the decisions. It was a great strike.


Larry has got his -- that in his locker. We see him do it regularly


in training. We got a free-kick and he was on the pitch. I felt


confident he would hit the target. Let's round of the rest of the


matches in the championship, starting with the game at Selhurst


Park between Crystal Palace and Derby. There was a terrific


reception for the Palace players in recognition of their heroics on


Wednesday, when they went up to Manchester and knocked United out


of the Carling Cup, the 2-1 victory setting up a semi-final double date


with Cardiff City. Just 48 hours on after that famous win at Old


Trafford, it was crystal Palace bursars Derby. -- Crystal Palace


have won away on their travels on three occasions, plus 1 draw. But


here comes Ambrose, steaming forward. That has come across to


Murray. Shouts for a penalty. The referee says ano macro. What a


blistering start by Crystal Palace. Ambrose went for the shot, it was


blocked. It goes down as an excellent start by the 23-year-old


England Under 21 international on loan from Norwich, only his


third appearance tonight. He has but Crystal Palace ahead in the


15th minute. It flew past Frank Fielding. It looked as though the


goalkeeper could at least have made an effort. He just seemed to watch


it flashed past him, or maybe a slight deflection on it. Plenty of


There's no doubt that Nigel Clough own-goal. McCarthy has put Derby


back in again with an own-goal. It was an awkward cross to deal with.


He knew that there was a white shirt Derby player behind him, but


he stretches out a leg and he has I am pleased with that, it was a


good Derby team in the second half. We played fantastic in the first


half. We could have got two or three. In the second half they came


writers, they had nothing to lose. We defended fantastically well. We


are happy with the point. In the context of the run we have been in


we would have taken a point tonight but we played very well, as we did


on Tuesday at home to Brighton. Unfortunately those two


performances have yielded only one but it was Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink


who got one instead from Gus Poyet, almost suffocating him. It is a


Chelsea think, a beautiful thing. Unlike the match. He is one of the


few efforts in the first half. It came from Anderson. Those hoping


for an improvement in the second half were left disappointed. Tudgay


should have found the Brighton that with this header. Majewski tried


his luck from range but the end result was the same as Forest


looked like there would have to settle for point. But those fans


who left the game early after writing it offers a goalless draw


missed the last gasp winner from substitute Buckley. His 92nd minute


goal ensured this Eagles clinched their 4th win in five. -- the


Seagulls. As for Forest, the whole team could do with a hug. They


remain -- they remain in the bottom be a happy day by the seaside,


albeit well muffled. Their team was looking for a third straight


Championship win. The Royals had the better of the first half. There


was a great chance to put the team ahead. But ten minutes before half-


time, Reading did have the ball in the back of the Blackpool net.


Church got the final touch but his header was ruled offside. That


proved crucial because one goal decided the game. Phillips started


the move, making the initial run, before setting up 20-year-old


McManaman. He is on loan from Wigan for his first League goal. And, yes,


it is McManaman, if you didn't know. It was a landmark goal for the


manager, Holloway. It brought up a century of Blackpool goal since he


took charge and there was almost room for another, but it was denied


It took a brilliant goal, fantastically executed, two young


fellows, both running away excited. We did it out after that. It was


not our normal flowing performance but you have to give the credit to


Reading for that. We felt we should have been a two or three-nil what


and how we got nothing from the Peterborough. Barnsley were the


visitors, going for a third straight win, something they


haven't had all year. It was an incredible game, 21 shots on target.


Here is one. Peterborough had 14 of those shots on target but they


found Barnsley keeper Steele in inspired form, saving from Grant


McCann. And then foiling Boyd, who was making his 200 th macro league


start for Peterborough. Barnsley's attacks always seemed to produce


goals. Here is Butterfield, unchallenged, letting rip. Two-nil


to Barnsley. They have won on their previous four visits to London Road


and were well on their way to number five when Vaz Te picked up


the ball and released. Three up, game over. Or was it? Darren


Ferguson's reaction was to make three substitutions in one go and


his team responded almost immediately. Boyd, who had been on


from the start, got the ball rolling, we'll probably quicker


than rolling but you get the idea. Then four minutes later it really


was game on. One of those three substitutes, Frecklington, got


behind the Barnsley back line and picked out Bennett and it was


suddenly 3-2. And when Boyd found Frecklington soon after the


comeback was complete. Three goals in six Matt minutes come as a score


three-three, with 20 minutes to play. Next it was Barnsley's turn.


Davies smacked how on the ball or the rise and it was 4-3 to Barnsley.


But the posh pushed and almost delivered but Steele lived up to


his name as they were two attempts to level -- Posh. The 20 League


games involving Peterborough this season provided 77 goals, almost


four each game. It was almost 78. I thought we had thrown away a gift,


not a gift, we worked really hard to go three-nil up. Against the


next side we scored goals. The first goal they conceded changed


the momentum of the game and sometimes it is very difficult to


change that momentum and they were worthy of at least three each but


the next goal was hours, a great goal from Davies. That one as the


game. I would not have minded the final whistle then, for whatever


reason. I had a bad feeling. They had looked today, four shot, four


unbelievable goals, two defections, the first two goals. That is


another owner, another crisis. Earlier in the week the chairman


resigned after his company went into administration. Pre-match


assurances from the manager Appleton that his players would be


played -- paid had the desired effect. A bad week for the long-


suffering home supporters improved in the 19th minute. Murphy was


adjudged by the referee to have tripped Ward. Theatrical, maybe,


but a penalty. And Halford coolly did the rest. The home side then


withstood a spirited response from the visitors before coming close to


a second goal. Kitson could not finish again. Few who were born and


bred in Southampton are popular at Fratton Park, this neat finish


early in the second half did little for his standing among the Pompey


phase four but did endear him to his own fans. Ward birthplace has


never been an issue for Portsmouth, born in the City. His popularity


rose in controversial circumstances. A free kick was quickly-taken, too


quickly for the Coventry defence. The home side regained the lead.


They should have been an equaliser on 90 minutes remaining. The


Players are thick-skinned, they get on with things and ten-under


adverse circumstances roll up their sleeve cent meeting head-on -- they


Watford arrived in Suffolk determined to bring more gloom for


Ipswich, who had lost their last six games and the Paul Jewell.


Watford had failed to score in nine of their 19 League games. Maybe


this is why. Even top scorer Sordell looked out of sorts. But


Ipswich have suffered even more, as they'd also showed how to miss when


this was saved. Loach could do little before the break as Ipswich


duo of Murphy and Andrews, both looking to join the Republic of


Ireland's Euro 2012 squad, combined to put their squad in front. Andrew


has got to finish. Could the Ipswich run of defeats be over?


After half-time the Ipswich goalkeeper kept it at one-nil,


tipping over this. The visitors kept up the pressure as Yeats


rattled the woodwork as he went in search of his 4th goal of the


season. But Watford pressed on and turned the game on its head this 20


minutes remaining. Sordell earned the Hornets a penalty after this


challenge. It gave Sordell the chance to make it six league goals


this season. One-one. And then the wheels came off again for the


Tractor Boys. Four minutes later Watford substitute Deeney, who had


only been on for eight minutes, quickly found his bearings to seal


Watford's first away win in seven and give Ipswich their 7th defeat


A very good win for Watford. Here at Upton Park I have been joined by


the scorer of Burnley's winner, Sam Vokes. Very well done. A massive


result today. Yes, a massive result to us. When I first came in we had


a few bad results but we have had three wins and it is huge for us.


coinciding with your arrival, you must be delighted. It was the main


objective to play some games and as a striker you want to score goals,


so Tuesday night and tonight is massive. Have you noticed a change


in mentality? From what has gone on before hunted at the club? I think


so. I can't speak from the start of the season because I wasn't here


but the big turning point I have seen his two-nil down, we have


turned it around to 3-2. The boys have taken confidence from that and


we saw the spirit of the boys today, to come from one-nil down is to


have all stopped what do you make of your manager, he did not take


the bad start of the season to heart and it goes to show that that


face was well placed? Yes, of course. He is a great


manager. The day I came in, he said he has great confidence in the


players at the club and that is the key point for him. He tells us that


all the time and to have that confidence in the lads to go and


play at places like West Ham and come away with a victory, it shows


we can do it. Two goals the way and the back of what has been a pretty


difficult week I imagine? Yes, the sad news at the weekend with Gary


Speed, it has been a tough week for everyone in football especially


people involved with Wales. There is a few lads from West Ham here


today with coaches and players that played with him so it has been a


tough week but hopefully we can mark our respects with performances


like this. Was Gary on your mind a few -- if you scored that goal?


he has been on everyone's mind for the past week and we send our


thoughts to his family. Very well done today. The thoughts of Sam


Vokes. Let's look at what Saturday's results mean to the end


the table. That dubious honour goes to Coventry, after their defeat at


That is almost it for tonight. Before we go, a reminder that if


you want to watch the goals again they are available on the red


button until midday on Sunday and on Freeview until 11 o'clock on


Sunday morning. Otherwise it is on the iPlayer all week but for


extended match highlights they will be on line courtesy of the BBC


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