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As we prepare to consign November to the history books the stakes are


steadily rising in the Football League.


For the likes of Preston, Plymouth and Scunthorpe there was little


time to dwell on their midweek FA Cup upset and instead focus on


climbing up their respective leagues.


Well, Leroy's with me tonight to see how they responded, along with


all the other games in the NPower Football League.


Here's just a glimpse of what's on the show tonight.


West Ham's strong start has been based on their impressive away form.


So the Hammers were on a mission to turn it on for the Upton Park


faithful. Their opponents in the evening game,


stuttering Derby County. Crystal Palace have no fear of


flying high in cup competitions, they warmed up for their midweek


date at Old Trafford with a distictly more local affair as


Millwall came to Selhurst Park. With the top two not in action in


League One, the chasing pack were looking to make the most of their


chance on Saturday. The best from League Two also on


the way. Well, we start with the


Championship leaders Southampton who began the day five points clear


at the top of the table. On Saturday, they faced Bristol


City, one of the league's form teams having taken 10 points out of


a possible 12, a run that coincides with the arrival of a young manager


who's turning a few heads in the Football League.


Clem's been to see him. He may share his first name with one of


the Trotter brothers which gives us the excuse to mention that that


tower block over there was used as Nelson Mandela house during the


filming of Only Fools and Horses. What do you know about him? He is


Scottish. He is 40 years old. former midfielder. He a a spell in


France. He scored a goal in the Champions League for Rangers.


played for Stockport, and Millwall back in the day. He won two


Scottish international cups. left St Johnstone for promotion.


Had you been plotting a return to England for some time. Your name


has been linked to several positions? Not so much plotting. It


was something I wanted to do. I think it - there were limitations


as to what you could do as manage in Scotland. I enjoyed my time at


Scotland. A fantastic opportunity for me, a great learning curve, a


great club to work with. I always felt long-term would be to try to


get back down south. We were aware of him last year through contacts


of ours. That wasn't the right time for us, as it turned out. It would


have been probably. When the manager positions became vacant


again now the same jungle drums were beating we called him down for


an interview. Owen Coyle, Paul Lambert have come down and taken


Championship teams to the Premier League. Both from Paisley. What is


in the water? Who knows. Proud, two boys I know well. Coyle I know well.


Pleased for these boys. A great opportunity they have had. They


proved how good they are at managing down here. Is there a


Scottish managerial gene. Is there characteristics that come out of


you boys? Trying to take over England. History will show that. I


think we - there is a determination not to be a failure. You are always


getting judged. You want to do ourjob -- your job the best way


possible. Can I have a look at your moustache that is a beauty. Spill


the beans, what is he like the new full fella? Good. What has he done?


Restored confidence in us all. The way we have been playing in the


last few games. We showed you how confident we are. Keeping the ball


better. The lads in defence and going forward we have been hard to


stop. Nicky Maynard is out of contract at the end of the season.


If he doesn't sign another one will he have to go in January. Will the


club to have to cash in? There would have to be a a more than


substantial offer. What is he like? Great. You always get Leona Lewis.


The board have the same opinion as me of Nicky. They have high regard


for him. We need to make sure he is enjoying his football. You are on a


great run. This is a real test today of your progress? It is. We


had tough games up until now. No disrespect to any of the opponents,


this is as tough as it gets. would have that Southampton would


provide a real test for City, quite provide a real test for City, quite


the opposite.. Albert Adomah went close. McGivern's cross forced a


fumble from the keeper. It was the shape of things to come. Maynard


always looked a threat. He wasn't far away from breaking the deadlock.


The Saints were rocking. Pearson broke through, but couldn't find


the finish, as the first half ended goalless. Southampton were the only


club in the entire football league to have scored in every league game


up until now. They are were being dominated. After the break, City


went ahead through this deflection. There was no let newspaper the


intensity. City's sub tested Davis. They couldn't break down the City


side. It was left to the hosts front two to inflict the damage


again. Another deflection, game over. The biggest scalp yet for the


manager and his unrecognisable new Even by the standards you set over


the past few week that is is a huge win? Yeah. I think, it's good to


keep the moment mum going. Last time out at home was important


psychologically to beat Burnley. Let our home supporters seeing us


winning again today. Southampton are a fantastic side. Make no


mistake. They will be involved at the top end of the table come the


end of the season. Coming here today would be a different


proposition to a month ago? Yeah. Bristol have done well. Derek has


turned it around, same group of players. You have to question why


weren't they doing that previously? They worked hard today. If you beat


the team at the top of the tree it shows what you can do. If we


playwright and play in the manner we are capable of we can beat


anybody in the league much I make that. You weren't that surprised by


that result, were you? I had a funny feeling they would get a


result today. Their performance last week was excellent against


Millwall. They were coming to the boil. There was a big crowd. The


belief was back, not only in the players but the supporters, 16,000


there today. They performed like everyone expected them to play from


the start of the season. Albert Adomah and Nicky Maynard, he told


Maynard to look where I am and we will reap the rewards. It's


working? Maybe the little things are making the differences. Albert


Adomah has been consistent this season. He brought out the best in


his mate Maynard. He is a stop striker. He gets his shots off


early. He gets luck, like here. He catches keepers unaware. He always


hits the target. He is getting his reward by hitting the back of the


net. Three changes over the five teams he has choosen so far Derek.


Two clean sheets gents Southampton and West Ham means he has gone back


to basics? Back to basics and he believes in the players. He has


good players. The first thing he tried to do is get the be best out


of them. He has done that. I think he will add in the near future.


They are playing to their potential. The potential is massive.


Considering how they beat Southampton today. They have been


on an incredible run of late. Well, with Southampton slipping up


at Ashton Gate, West Ham sensed a chance to reduce the five point


deficit on the Saints going into their evening game with Derby, with


the Rams desperate to end a run of three consecutive defeats.


West Ham made two changes with Joey O'Brien and Carlton Cole coming in


for Papa Boupa Diop and John Carew. Derby meanwhile gave first starts


of the season to Shaun Barker and Paul Green, while new loan signing


Tamas Priskin made his Rams debut. Tamas Priskin made his Rams debut.


Finding Cole. This is McCartney. Not sure whether that was a cross


or a shot from the former Northern Ireland international. Certainly


travelling. Maybe looking for the flick on there from Nolan. Here's


Kevin Nolan. One of those cheeky finishes that he is renowned for.


On this occasion unable to execute the finish. Took a deflection.


Fielding gets lucky after making the initial stop. Sliding in was


Faubert. It's gathered at the second attempt Byfield field. -- by


Fielding. He found Priskin. Chance here for the man on-loan. He's


scored. What a wonderful finish from the Hungarian. Beautifully


executed goal. It's a real blow for second place West Ham, as they look


to close the gap on leaders Southampton. Nolan with a come back.


Straight into the arms of Frank a piece of the ball there. It's the


yellow card for the Derby from Shackell. Good delivery. And a


goal. Carlton Cole. Despite the desperate attempt from the man on


the goal-line, they could not keep it out. It's level going into the


half-time break. Piquionne, find save, Fielding. Wonderful threw


ball. He was on side. Fielding produces a wonder stop. McKa cart


any with the throw. -- McCartney with the throw. He has to wait for


it to drop. Nolan on the drive. What a goal, Kevin Nolan! It ends a


four-game goal drought for him. Watch it all the way down. He


arrows it into the bottom of corner. Fielding at full stretch. He


have just been outside the box by Bryson. Mark Noble has scored two


out of two this season. There's the hat trick. With West Ham's third


goal, surely that's three more points for West Ham. His first goal


for two months. Good to see Matt Taylor back in the team. Derby are


caught napping. Roberts was in the right place at the right time to


prevent West Ham getting a fourth. I feel very hard done by by the


free kick. After that, they got on top in the second half and once the


second one went in, difficult to contain them. The 4-4-2 wasn't


working, so we had to change it. The players weren't playing to the


level they know they can. We were not playing the football we know we


can play. At least everybody saw what we really are in the second


half on how we play football and not elude to the old Sam Allardyce


long ball rubbish everybody keeps talking about. They've seen a


proper performance from a team that can get the ball down and create.


Asking players to play today when they haven't played for seven


months. Bailey's first game for 11 weeks. I didn't see anybody


struggling for West Ham today. I saw a good, confident, fit side.


It was a chalk and cheese kind of game. The goal by Nolan, this is a


great finish from him? Exceptional. He does all right throughout his


career, usually from a little closer, but this one, he just makes


sure he gets a clean strike, hits it into the ground and he knows


where the goal is. Very pleasing for him, first goal at home for him


which will certainly lift the tension for him. He has been


getting a bit of stick at home this season. That will help his cause?


It's a tough place to play when things aren't going well. It


becomes tense. The air becomes a bit thick. You are expected to


perform every second while you are on that pitch. When it doesn't


happen, you need people like Nolan. Derby have lost their last four


games and key injuries are affecting them. It almost mirrors


the problems of last season? Yes, they're missing Davies, Robinson


and Tyson. The key one is Kilbane. He started the season and settled


the ship on loan from Hull and that experience is what they are missing


at the moment. Key parts of the game. They need someone who can get


them around and sort things out. Priskin scoring on his debut, that


will delight Nigel Clough. Cardiff City started the day third after


going unbeaten in six league games. They were looking to extend that


run when Notts Forest came to the Welsh capital.


Consistency's been the key to Cardiff's form this season. They


continue to be serious promotion contenders. They started well


against Notts Forest. Miller on this occasion fluffed his lines.


Cardiff opened the scoring in an unrivalled 14 matches this season


and they continued the trend. Whittingham teed up second half


substitute Joe Mason. He headed home his third league goal in five


matches. Forest created chances of their own


but couldn't make the breakthrough. Anderson not able to steer this one


forward. 1-0 it finished. The Bluebirds' unbeaten record


extends to seven. We showed real battling qualities today in terms


of managing to within the second ball and then know what to do with


it. We needed to take our chances. We create add couple, we didn't


work their goalkeeper. Later on, when we had an opportunity, we


could have tapped one in and could have been going home with a draw.


Tony Mowbray's fourth placed mids pra made the trip south. When don't


they, to London Road, having pocketed seven points from the last


available nine -- Middlesbrough. For Peterborough, the problem is


obvious, they haven't kept a clean sheet all season. They were on the


back foot from the off. McDonald was just unable to make the right


contact with Bennett's pinpoint ball.


Shortly after the break, it was advantage Boro. Bates headed his


first of the season to put the visitors 1-0 up to the delight of


the promotion-hoping fans. That goal stunned Peterborough into


action. Boyd was played in with a great ball and was only denied by


Steel's boot. Posh were becoming more adventurous and were unlucky


not to level in the 79th minute. Kennedy rattled the post with this


effort. Two minutes later, the home side were rewarded for their


efforts and what a strike it proved to be. The ball eventually fell to


Taylor who thrashed home the equaliserp Peterborough could even


have won it late on, but Steel was equal to McCann's free kick.


Disappointed, frustrated. It was a game we controlled for long spells


and didn't look in any trouble. Credit to them, they worked very


hard as a Ian Huntley and we have to accept it and move on to the


next one. -- A draw was a fair result.


A win against Barnsley would make it three league victorys in a row


for grai son's Leeds. The last time they managed nine points on the


bounce was just before Christmas last year. The Reds struck first, a


throw was rewarded with some luck, this profitable goal. These two


shared 13 goals in the fixtures last season and there was more to


come here. Butterfield's efforts stunned the palms of McCarthy.


Davies first to react. His fifth in as many games.


Leeds looked to up the anti after the break. Inches away from


reducing the deficit. The home side continues to press, they did pull


one back with 35 minutes to go. McCormack's free kick was perfect.


His 11th in all competitions. Any Leeds hopes of an equaliser were


given a boost midway through the second half when Barnsley were


reduced to ten men. Perkins was shown a second yellow for his


challenge on Keogh. Nunez was denied late on by Steel


as Yorkshire's bragging rights go south. Two wins on the trot for


Hill who might consider keeping that moustache if it brings him


these results! We've got to make sure we get as


many points as we can as early as we possibly can because


historically we have been involved in relegation stats. We have to be


aware of that. Got the first goal, gives them a lift, knocks us back a


bit. Bit fortuitous the first one. To go two thil down at half time is


not great, but I thought we showed some sprirt -- 2-0 down.


33-year-old Burnley boss Eddie Howe against Hull's 38-year-old


caretaker boss Nick Barmby. Burnley dropped dangerously close to the


drop zone and started brightly. Stanislas was given a gift on his


birthday but didn't take it. Barmby won his first match last week


thanks to Stewart and Fryatt. They combined to put Hull ahead. A


simple finish. Into the second half, the visitors


came back into it again. Rodriguez manoeuvred to get a shot on goal.


It was not to be. Hull then hit back on the break, the razor sharp


set-up. Grant unable to keep it out. Hull seemingly on their way to


ending a run of four defeats against Burnley, but the Clarets


gave themselves a foothold in this game thanks to an unlikely source.


Edgar's first goal for the club. That goal came in the 78th minute.


Four minutes later, Edgar did it again. Talk about waiting for buses.


Incredibly, he hadn't scored for a year-and-a-half before this game.


With the end approaching, Keith Tracey tried his luck, or was it a


cross? Either way, the keeper was at full stretch to repel the danger


and keep the scores level. Then three minutes into added time,


there was one final chance for Burnley to complete the comeback.


It was taken by Rodriguez. 2-0 down, 3-2 up and a first win after four


defeats for Burnley. Big result for us. We were out the


game at 2-0, but the lads showed great character, great heart and


desire and we came back. I think the goal we scored gave us a


massive lift and then suddenly we were on the front foot for the


remainder of the game. Disappointed. For 75 minutes I thought we


controlled the game. When we gave away a goal, we lost our composure


and that's what happens in this division. Such a strange game. No-


one knows what's going to happen. We have been the victim of late


goals last few games that have hurt us. We felt we should have had


points against Leeds and Birmingham and ended up with nothing. Slightly


fortuitous today. The performance wasn't great, but we've earned it


the last few games really. A meeting of two teams


tantalisingly close to the play- offs at Broomfield Road as


Blackpool welcomed Birmingham. The Blues' 2-1 midweek win took them


within a point of their opponents and Blackpool had their goalkeeper


to thank early on. The West Midlands side did the double over


their hosts in the Premier League last season and looked set to


continue that run on the half hour. King put the blue -- Blues one up.


Cranie's last goal was way back in September 2007 and he was in the


right place to convert a pass. After the break, it was the turn of


another infrequent scorer to make his mark as the Seasiders edged


ahead. This is his first in over a year. Blackpool thought they made


it three, Lua Lua showed flair. Fletcher's classy volley ruled out


for off side. The introduction of a sub midway


almost made immediate impact, but he missed, horribly. With three


minutes to go, he did manage to make amends, Jonathan Spector


squaring for the control and this time he converted. 2-2 it finished,


they're into the top six. When I look at that equaliser from now I'm


going to be fuming with that because we didn't set up from our


goal kick anything like we should have done, but can't argue, we


created some great chances. On another day, we'd have won the game.


The evident the team showed, the fact we came back right at the end


to get an equaliser, over the 90 minutes, it was one that we ze


served. -- deserved. A winning start for


Pearson his his reason to Leicester last week. Next up, a trip to


Portsmouth. Leicester almost got the perfect start. This was also a


second game in charge for Michael Appleton, he was looking for a


first win. His team were denied by an incredible reaction save from


Kitson's header after the break. Pompey have their home form to


thank for keeping them out of the relegation zone and when Mills


couldn't clear for Leicester, Mullins found David Norris,


Schmeichel beaten this time thanks to a deflection. Nugent moved from


Portsmouth to Leicester during the summer. He still had plenty to do


when he picked up the ball with 15 minutes to go, but he did it in


some style. There was little time to rethrect on that as the hosts


pushed for a quick response -- reflect. Norris could hardly have


gone any closer. Schmeichel alert to the follow-up too. A first point


for Appleton's Pompey. I said to the lads at half time, show a bit


more belief in and around the box. Take a few more Chans unstead of


playing safe and I think we got that second half and created a few


chances. We had a good few opportunities.


With just one win from their last 11 league games, Brighton fans are


hoping their dream Championship start doesn't turn into a nightmare.


They face Coventry who've had lit toll cheer themselves. The Sky


Blues have gone seven without a league win and things started badly.


In their effort to turn things around, Coventry borrowed from a


neighbour. Garner's arrive from Villa and marked his debut with a


replacement connected perfectly with this free-kick to put the


hosts ahead. Brighton held on to take all three points. We started


very brave. Playing our football. People get nervous. We are not. We


got the goal. You are thinking, it will be a good afternoon. Two


minutes later we conceded, everything was back to level. We


didn't change the way. That is what pleased me the most. It hasen been


the best few weeks for Ipswich. Become they welcomed Reading they


lost their four league games. Their worst-ever run. Things started


brightly. This free-kick picked out Murphy who choose the perfect time


to head his first of the season. Reading are no strangers to coming


from behind in the league this season. They drew level 14 minutes


from time thanks to Gorkss. The celebrations were short-lived.


Three minutes after equallising, Ipswich went ahead again. Carson's


deflected shot looped in. The action was far from finished. One


minute into added time, aa header from Alex Pearce brought the scores


level at 2-2. Last weekend Ipswich gave away two late goals to lose at


Nottingham Forest, surely history couldn't repeat itself, seven days


later? Well, it could. Noel Hunt on hand to complete an extraordinary


Reading smash and grab. Five consecutive league losses for Paul


Jewel. Confidence is low. If we could have got something out of the


game. We should have won the game from the situation we were in, it


would be have had a big relief. We have to pick yourselves up. We got


a kick in the teeth. The goals we concede ready terrible. Over a terd


period of time our players have shown they can come back we need to


get in the lead and not have to come back. A fantastic result for


us. They can keep going and they have done. It Doncaster's manager


gave Diouf the armband am he was in the thick of what little action


there was. Three wins out of four, they have found some form. They


were hoping to build on that against the Championship's bottom


club. This strike forced a fine save from the keeper. With 13 goals


in 17 they had the best attack but had the best chance to win it


through Billy Sharp. We are building. We are getting better. We


weren't quite on top of our game. We should have won the game today.


We had chances they have not gone in. The worse thing that would


in. The worse thing that would happen is we draw 0-0. Plenty of


drama there. Not least in the game involving Peterborough and


Middlesbrough. They don't score bad goals, d they? No, they don't. They


score a lot of them. 34 this year. They have adjusted to the league a


lot better. Excellent strike. Real control. Didn't hit it too hard.


Huge highlight for Keith Hill their first win at Ellen road for 21


years thesm will celebrate long years thesm will celebrate long


into the night for this one. He is making up for lost time. He has


been injured at the start of the gain? I'm really pleased for him.


Keith Hill signed a lot of lower league players, three wins out of


the last four. He is proving the doubters wrong. There were a few.


He gets the best out of what he has got. Burnley was a great come back.


Three goals in 13 minutes after four straight defeats? They are 2-0


up and cruising, they threw it away. Cred toit Burnley. Big result --


credit to Burnley. Big result. will do them the world of good?


is going through a tough time for the first time in his career. He


will come through it all the better for it. As for Reading. They said


they had to work on their goals. Two in added time. I didn't think


Brian could have scripted this one? No. Noel Hunt does this two minutes


after the previous goal. Hopefully they are charging in the right


direction. Worrying times for Ipswich losing the last five.


said they will invest in more players. Big turnover of players.


Something is not quite right. 2-1 up in the 90 minute and come away


with nothing. Go to Burnley next week. That will be a huge game.


Right, our next stop tonight is Selhurst Park and the South London


Selhurst Park and the South London derby between Crystal Palace and


Millwall, two clubs separated by barely six miles.


Palace were looking to get their promotion push back on track after


failing to score in their last four games.


As for Millwall, they started the day two points and two places above


the relegation zone, but on a more positive note they did do the


double over Palace last season. Your commentator for this one,


Your commentator for this one, Laurence Herdman. This south London


Derby is a tight but fiercely contested affair at both teams have


wrung the changes. Three for Crystal Palace, a full debut for


Henderson is a big set back. Marr quais has only just returned after


a double hernia operation. -- Marquis. Here is Moxey. He has


beaten his man. Two in the middle. Here's Murray. What a chance. He


went straight across the six-yard area. Excellent by Moxey. He beat


his marker. It looked as though it was on a plate. Moxey down the left


flank. Looked up. Excellent cross into the dangerous area. How could


Outside his marker. He goes down outside the penalty area. Now, was


that inside? David Webb was in a good position. Let us look again.


Marginal. It's the former Ipswich man who floats it to the far post


and over everybody. A wasted opportunity by Crystal Palace.


There will be disappointment among down. A contentious decision. It


looks like he was shoved in the back Marquis. Up goes McCartney.


Careless clearance by McCarthy. Simpson goes for goal. What a good


recovery reaction that was by Clyne. The rebound could so easily have


Gad cross to the far post. Here is Murray. Over head kick. Excellent


stop with his arm. Let us look at that cross once more. What about


that for a bicycle kick from Murray? The danger man is Feeney.


He runs across the face of the area. Late challenge by Trotter. It was


late, but it wasn't too malicious. The referee here - has something


been thrown on to the pitch by the Millwall supporters, right by the


incident? It's a bottle. Here comes the card. It was thrown on to the


pitch. It nearly hit Dean Moxey. Another bottle followed soon


afterwards. Two bottles thrown on to the pitch by the travelling


Millwall supporters. Trotter. Scannell. He has take continue away


from Marquis. Here's a chance Crystal Palace, a shot on goal. An


excellent save. Zaha timed this run perfectly. If there was any doubt


with -- his able to replace David Forde Ford, there he was called


into action. Atmosphere once more is a little flat. It needs a spark


to ignite this Derby. Perhaps Scannell can provide it. Neat turn.


Zaha once more. Finding more and more room down the right side.


Taking on Baker. Good ball. It hit Lowry on the right post. It spins


behind off the Australian agencies's left knee and over the


crossbar for a corner. Delivery is towards McCarthy, who goes down.


This time it is a penalty. With Millwall captain, Paul Robinson, he


cannot believe it. It's a yellow card for Paul Robinson. One of the


most experienced Millwall players. Let us look at it again, he was


holding on to McCarthy who was trying to get on to the end of the


cross. Down there it was a tussle. Murray though for Crystal Palace.


He's put it wide. A horrible moment for Glenn Murray, who has been on a


miserable run in front of goal. As Millwall are jubilant, there is


nothing but consolation for the nothing but consolation for the


Crystal Palace player. Murray made a major contribution to the game,


is it hard to console a player especially in a Derby? Not at all.


You don't just get into the team for scoring goals. He brings a lot


it our team and and our club. He had the courage to step up and take


the penalty. Anybody can be wiser after an event. I'm sure he won't


regret taking it. I'm sure he will take another one. There were shouts


throughout the game for penalties on on both sides When you are the


smaller club you don't get many chances at home. We didn't get the


best of the decisions from the referee. That does happen away from


home. My captain was disappointed with the decision on the penalty.


He felt hard done by there. Let's He felt hard done by there. Let's


look at that penalty decision? Did he get it right? I think he did. On


another day Paul Robinson does the blindside of the referee. It goes


on all the time. He does it in front of the referee he has no


choice but to give it. Murray lacking confidence. He stops. Then


he, he doesn't understand what he's he, he doesn't understand what he's


done either. One of those days. Any other day he could have ended up


with a hat-trick. He a few chances? Many other days he has scored hat-


trick. I was like, what are you trick. I was like, what are you


doing? That is what happens when things aren't going for you. You


have to feel for him in that situation. He is getting things


right as well. In this situation, back to goal. Terrific technique.


On target. Great save. Fantastic save. It doesn't go in for him. He


will plug away. It will turn for It is almost eight hours since


Crystal Palace last scored a goal. Hardly ideal preparation for a


visit to Old Trafford in the League Cup? What have they got Toulouse? -


- what have they got to lose. They are still playing all right. As for


Millwall, that draw in their sequence of successive defeats.


They created affair chair -- share of chances? The finished their last


game poorly. They have competed well in this game. The game could


have gone either way. They will be pleased they stop the rot. They can


start to look at moving up the table. Is it a case of second-


season syndrome? They had a magnificent season last season. I


think this was always going to happen. They lost some players.


They are readjusting to the division again. Kenny has got a big


job on his hands and he is doing it well. They will see them through


the tough times. As long as they keep the stability, I think they


will be fine. As for a League One, with Charlton at Huddersfield not


playing until Monday, there was a chance for the chasing teams to


gain ground. That included Sheffield Wednesday. If they beat


Leyton Orient, they would move into Megson knew the importance of this


match, describing it as the biggest game in years. Johnson headed them


into a lead. Leyton Orient were enjoying a 10 match unbeaten run.


Wednesday came close to doubling their lead in the second half.


Palma's header was cleared off the hairy afternoon even before the


game was kicked. The moustachioed seat -- team bristling from the off.


The pre-match statistics suggested it should be no contest. The Dons


were seeking their fourth win in succession. Once they opened the


scoring, it was hard to see beyond a home when. Bowditch opened the


scoring. Six minutes into the second half, Wycombe or proved they


had plenty of character. MK Dons back-pedalling before Bevan served


up and beauty. As if that was not enough to set Wick -- Wycombe a


pulses racing, their new acquisition from form should


premier-league sharpness to latch on to a sloppy pass. Trotta the


scorer. Almost immediately Bowditch had MK Dons back on terms. It Doc


just another 11 minutes to complete the turnaround. -- it took. He


Biarritz scored the third. -- record reading one of the Quinn


intent. They will take heart from a spirited performance. It made the


United following James BT's return to the club. -- James Beattie. A


lack of fitness made -- meant he could only watch. The Blades almost


made an early breakthrough. Leon Clarke was inches away from


breaking the deadlock for Chesterfield. Blades have not won


at Chesterfield for years. They thought they had ended that run.


But the offside flag intervened. With eight minutes remaining,


United got the goal to keep their promotion challenge on track. Evans


The lead changed hands three times. Then burgess went close for a


county. Six minutes before half- time the deadlock was broken. It


was a ball from the right that created the problems. Pearce headed


in. Scunthorpe were not behind Furlong. A minute before the break


and Barcham scored. Notts County boss Martin Allen was so


disappointed with his team's first- half display, he made two changes.


The minutes into the second half the visitors took the lead. Grant


scored. Nor would receive go straight red card for his attack on


Geoff Hughes. -- Norwood. Tempers flared. Know what was perplexed by


the decision. -- Norwood. Hughes was involved in another pivotal


moment less than 10 minutes later when he levelled the scores.


Scunthorpe have drawn half of their league games this season and they


were heading for another. With eight minutes remaining, the


numerical disadvantage finally told as Julian Caly secured County their


first win in six. -- Julian Kelly. No wonder he was keen to celebrate.


It took Walsall some time to get going at Stevenage. They had


arguably the best effort in the first half. Chambers with a snap


shot. What Graham Westley's team lacked was a clinical finish.


Stevenage had to settle for a second consecutive goalless draw.


Beardsley was thwarted by a goal- Tranmere Rovers, who slipped to a


4th defeat. It may have been a different story had Baxter's header


been lower. Exeter have responded in style and recorded their biggest


win of the season so far. Scott Bennett opened the scoring. His


first ever professional goal. Danny Coles made absolutely sure by


crashing in the second. His first since his summer switch from


Bristol Rovers would not be the end of it. With 12 minutes remaining,


Logan was put in that year. He kept his cool to wrap up a comfortable


win. Brentford are enjoying their troubles lately. Going into this


game they were unbeaten in seven. It promised to be another good a


way day. Alexander fired them ahead. He says he is still coming back to


fitness after a couple of months out. This was his 4th goal of the


season. Holness headed home the equaliser. Samsung has finished


with 12 minutes to play, securing all three points for Brentford.


Yeovil are slowly but surely moving out of trouble. Just one league


Park for more than a century but Carlisle fans could soon find


themselves taking a different route on match day, after the club


announced plans to build a new stadium in the north of the city.


Skipper Paul Thirlwell led by example against Colchester. He


goal-line technology could be used in the Premier League next season,


Oldham could have been forgiven for thinking it was already in use in


the Football League. The referee insisting Simpson's sat had not


crossed the line. -- shot. Charlie Sheringham's shot smacked off the


be a goalscoring opportunity for the opposition, you know you're in


trouble. -- Eurozone corners. David Amoo, on loan from Liverpool,


sentenced pressed into a fourth league defeat. Phil Brown's team


are slightly closer to the bottom for than the top six. They came


close to earning a point. Bury back in the top half for the first time


The top two are not in action until Monday. The chasing pack all


winning on Saturday. Gary Megson has made some impressive


acquisitions? Gary is an experienced manager. He knows the


best time to strengthen his when you're doing well. Sheffield United


inflicting further misery on the Chesterfield. Another goal for Ched


Evans. He will take some displacing, even if you are a club legend like


James BT? Powerful run, could finish. At some time he will need


help. James Beattie will hopefully be that help. At the moment he is


on fire. Bury written off after a win in September. Six wins in nine.


In David Amoo they have got a great talent the? I saw him in


Liverpool's youth team. He has pace and power. He has got great control


as well. He has the foresight to clip that over the goalkeeper. That


takes a lot of doing. He is Preston in huge disarray. News in


the papers about what is going on off the field. �750,000 per month


just to keep the club offload. just need a result. He is still


backing his manager. He has made a couple of signings. He needs as


much help as he can get. He needs a result. They are working as hard as


they can. Not getting the results. At the moment it is really tough.


Another club struggling Scunthorpe. First win in six games for Notts


County. First-come proper, FA Cup defeat to Law League opposition,


and only three wins? Martin Allen, I know him really well. His pride


will be suffering. He will be working as hard as anybody to turn


it around. It is a very well run club. Martin Allen will turn it


around. Very well done to your local. -- Yeovil. Lead to now.


Bristol Rovers, four League defeat in the last five. They faced the


ultimate test on Saturday against for any team to relish. Southend's


solitary defeat was way back in August and if it wasn't for the bar,


Neil Harris would have had the table stoppers in front by half


time. They achieved that aim midway through the second half instead,


set up by Dickinson's determined run. The home side seemed set for a


sixth successive win given rover's travels. Harold saved the day, his


eighth goal of the season, bursting the leaders' bubble.


It's one of the more disappointing performances at home this season.


Having said that, that was a game that, the way it unfolded, we could


easily have lost. We never thought we'd get an easy game here, it's


always tough, especially when they're flying high in the league.


You can see why they're top of the league, they get the ball to the


net. We stood up to it today and deserved the point.


Southend's slip up meant Crawley had the chance to join them at the


top, but Rotherham had other ideas. Williams missing a glorious chance


to give the side a dream start. Williams steered a sumptuous volley


past Shearer. After watching his team flop in the first half, Evans


ripped into his players during the break and got the response he was


looking for. Three minutes into the second half, Barnet's tenth of the


season put them back on terms. With an hour gone, Evans threw on Pitman


to try to shake things up. The contactical switch paid off. The


Oxford loanee teased before setting up Simpson who played a one two


with the post to stretch Crawley's first goal for the Robins.


It was going to be difficult for the men to get back into the


contest after that. A few moments later, it was 2-0. Spencer Tess


technique may have been unOrthodox. In the 8 2nd minute, eleven's free


kick ensure add grand stand finish. The home side's hopes were dashed


moments later. The free kick wasn't easy on the eye, but the outcome


was just the same. For the first time this season,


Morecambe return from a road trip with nothing. When Shrewsbury's


Terry gur knell broke free, Fenton unlocked his hands for just long


enough to give away a penalty. Rowe kept his nerve, making the spot


kick look straightforward. Morecambe had been hoping to take


their unbeaten league run away to equal a club record. The goal line


clearance stopped the men from getting back on terms before the


contest was fuenlly killed off with a couple of minutes remaining --


finally. Morgan clipped in the inviting cross to the far post


which Mark Wright gobbled up, making sure they would stay hot on


the heels of a top three. One or two anxious moments late in the


game. A couple in the first half, but not too much. The second half,


a couple of corners and a bit of play, we had to defend it with a


bit of spirit. We did that. Billy Key can't stop scoring and


Burton will be hoping it stays that way. The in-form striker laying the


foundations for another win that keeps the team in touch for the


automatic spots. Two first half strikes against Wimbledon gives him


a return of 11 goals in as many matches. He hit the target again to


put the home side in front with barely ten minutes gone. He was


gifted a second on the half hour. Johnson guilty of taking his eye


off the ball, leaving his keeper horribly exposed and Key facing an


empty net. That goal all but shattered the Dons hopes of a


winless streak. Moore's fourth of the campaign kept them in the hunt


for the points efplt a minor setback for Burton who refused to


be blown off course. This effort was bravely blocked but there was


nothing the Dons defence could do to stop them from having the


cushion. High fives all round. There was a final scare though with


Webster turning the cross past his own keeper but Burton going strong.


Swindon's recent form's seen them move into the play-offs. They were


looking to enhance their promotion hopes, although they had to wait


until the 5 2nd minute before the deadlock was broken. With 25


minutes to go, they thought they levelled. Rankin got on to the end


of a cross, but the referee spotted a push. It turned tout be a costly


decision for Holdsworth's men, as five minutes later, they fell


further behind. A cross that was too testing for Darren Jones. The


men are now 11 games unbeaten. Gillingham move into the top seven


despite being frustrated by Bradford. City's goal intact


Gillingham would surely have taken all the points. A disappointing


performance from the Kent club. A step in the right direction for


Port Vale after being dumped from the cup by grims bi. Torquay


meanwhile are bitting for a sixth win in a row. -- Grimsby. Adams


might have been pleased with his side's response, but scoring goals


are mains a problem. Pope went close to ending the drought, but


found the keeper on top of his gale. They haven't scored in their last


Friday night looking for back-to- back wins for the first time this


season. Four minutes before half time, they were helped on their way.


McLeod converted a penalty for his 11th league goal of the season.


His 12th was to follow as goalkeeper brought down Dearing.


The referee pointed to the spot for the second time in four minutes.


The league's leading scorer put them two up. Same corner, same


result. Macclesfield won two of their last


three and halved the deficit with just under half an hour to play. A


well worked move resulted in a cross and a neat finish.


The boss said afterwards the travelling fans had been short


changed by some decisions from the referee and hopes of an equaliser


all but disappointed two minutes later after the challenge on Hector.


When the dust settled, Draper was off and Barnet hauled themselves


clear of the drop zone. Hereford sought a change of luck in


Crewe and Facey almost got it. After their flurry of promising


results in October, the men have gone four league games without


winning, victims of the latest talent of the enviable production


line. The 17-year-old's third goal in four performances. Hereford


acknowledged they were beaten by an excellent strike and wished they


could have been as deadly. Dagenham are a club in free fall.


Sent crashing to an eighth straight defeat at the hands of Accrington


after a goalless first half, Lindhfield scored into the second.


Coleman made changes and with seven minutes left, Dagenham's fate was


sealed. A minute later, on target again with a long ball forward.


their last match, Northampton have turned to Tim Flowers to try to


steady the ship on a caretaker basis. Plymouth were dumped out of


the FA Cup midweek though and wasted no time in trying to flush


that from their system. 90 seconds later, the fragile defence was


breached again. The cross was provided for Chadwick to finish.


The Pilgrims were rock bottom. Confidence was coarsing through


their veins and Flowers admitted his side were blown away in the


first 17 minutes, by which time the team were three goals to the good.


Fletcher's men hadn't won in eight matches in all competitions prior


to this game. All points were guaranteed a minute before time.


Hemmings arrived on loan from Wolves this week and made an


immediate impact. The consolation arrived moments later, but the


the wake of recent results. Couldn't get any worse for


Northampton, 15 goals conceded in the last three games. They've got a


two week break now. Time to take stock as far as Northampton are


concerned? Yes, three managers in a week, ridiculous. They need to


appoint someone on a long-term basis to take the club forward


because they are going backwards very quickly. Hemmings, they signed


him on loan. It's God to see Plymouth's manager being backed by


the chairman saying, he's the man to get us out of the situation.


Cheltenham seem to go from strength to strength. The manager said


they've been working on the positioning of the opposition


goalkeeper and this one worked to a tee for them. When things are going


for you, the smallest details matter? They add up to a lot. A


terrific finish. Five wins on the row. Swindon unbeaten in nine.


Interesting in many ways, after a poor start losing four out of the


first five games, the bust-up, you got the impression that things were


about to cave in and that reign would come to an abrupt end but


he's come back to life brilliantly? Everybody thought the place would


implode, including me, but it hasn't. The players are playing


very well with good results. He's talking big, wants to win that


division. For Steve Davies at Crewe, back to back wins to him. He has to


prove to the fans he's his own man here. Dario Gradi isn't pulling the


strings, he's in charge of this? And Dario has to step back and


allow hum to get on with the job which I'm sure he will do, Steve


Davies will be allowed to bring them on I hope. Before we sign off,


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