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Good evening. Well come along to the best of the Football League and


one of the most crucial periods in the football calendar. With weeks


left, every promotion and relegation issue is still to be


resolved, so Easter 2012 is threatening to be one to remember.


Of all the goals from today's games and those that take place on Good


Friday, I'll be watching in the company of Leroy Rosevear, and here


is a taste of what you can expect. They do not get any tastier than


the South Coast derby between Southampton and Portsmouth and with


the teams at opposite ends of the table, they should be a nice extra


edge to it. Read in's marched to promotion gained further momentum


when they turned over West Ham. To try and stop the Royals parade this


week were Leeds United. As for the Hammers, they have preferred life


away from Upton Park, so hope to trip to take on Barnsley would


yield three points. And we stay in South Yorkshire to visit the Steel


City and visit the man who used to be blue and white, but now he is


red-and-white. With Wednesday on their heels, could Sheffield United


retain their League One promotion push with a win over Bournemouth?


We start today with the South Coast Classic that his Southampton


against Portsmouth. Riding a's result meant that they lead from


Portsmouth needed a point in their fight against relegation, so there


were sub-plots Gore, which added to or wonderful atmosphere at St Mary


stage -- Stadium. The South Coast wheel of fortune has turned full


circle. Three years ago Southampton faced relegation to League One and


relegation was the FA Cup holders Portsmouth were an established


Premier League club. But supremacy in the Solent has shifted.


Southampton will lead from Portsmouth -- Reading at the height


Portsmouth -- Reading at the height of the league. Southampton will


come back the Championship player of the year, Ricky Lambert,


alongside Billy Sharp of front. Dr Hammond returns as captain. Fraser


the Football League and more selection problems. Former


Manchester City winger starts and pulled down, and he has been shown


the yellow card in the opening minutes of the game. He was getting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


away, Norris, and his arms were Already shown a yellow card and is


Southampton's way. The former England Under 21 obstructed, and


trip. Going through a nervy couple of minutes, the former Lisbon


defender. He saw his old club make the Champions League semis this


player in the back of the net was the man who has scored some


important goals this season. shaky at the back at times,


brother of Dixon are to look at it on the outside of his left. The


ball close to his feet. Tried to get a bid to bend with the outside


of his bid. He controlled it well. -- tried to get a little bit of


bender with the outside of his referee. Lambert in the Portsmouth


penalty area. Corner. A late to his assistant here? He has


clearly seen something. The ball was taken away from Lallana. He has


driven the ball at them, and the Saints fans are not happy. It


looked as though he would shepherd the ball out, but he has put the


boot right through it and hit one of the fans. He's actually gone and


flicked Adam Lallana in the face. He has been sent off four times


before and is the latest Portsmouth Billy Sharp! And Southampton have


broken the Derby deadlock. What a difference a week makes. He missed


a penalty last weekend, but this towards the Premier League. And it


is a striker's instinct in the six- yard box. Billy Sharp left Jamie


Ashdown with no chance. He was so close to him. -- it was so close to


goal by Chris Maguire! You will not see a better strike in the


and it was just too fierce for Kelvin Davis on his near post. What


confidence, what ability, and what a predominantly right-footed player,


and he will show you the left and come to the right. Lovely turn. He


Lambert, he fancies his chances -- it doesn't matter what range eat


he's Paul Lambert. Forcing a smart players, and I wonder how close it


was, because he looked skywards. He got a good left-foot volley away


and he went through a congregation of players from both sides and only


post. That is the combination that the manager was looking for to work.


Lambert read it through to the has fluffed a golden opportunity.


What a tonic that would have been for Portsmouth at the start of the


second period. And he has side- hit a volley with his left in the


first half. What has saved by Ashdown! Magnificent athleticism. -


- what a save by Ashdown. Ashdown's outstretched arm clips it over the


bar. It was the wrong hand as well. nothing comes me. No, he has blown


up for a free-kick. That time Danny Fox was apprehended. Who me, ref?


The referee explaining exactly why dollars over the crossbar. Fonte


found room in the area. If it had fallen to weigh more accomplished


centre forward, it might have gone the chance has gone. He wanted the


penalty. I think he just lost control. There is the turn. He was


on side. He went around - time back down he went around Ashdown. Slick


turn. And then he went down late. Surely that is a goal-kick. He was


towards his own goal. -- or four clearance. Kamikaze defending by


No! An offside flag raised. Huge controversy here. Hammond, the


Southampton captain, races over to have a word with the referee's


assistant. Now what has he seen? He has awarded the goal! He has


changed the decision. Southampton have scored another late, late


Portsmouth player. And once more, Shah is the fox in the box. Is


there another last-gasp effort for Norris has equalised for Portsmouth


in injury time. And the northern end of St Mary's explodes in blue


colour. It is an Easter cracker from David Norris. They pulled it


out of the fire, Portsmouth. The Ben Shore on the pitch, and the


supporters have exploded with delight. -- the Ben Shore are on


the pitch. What a strike by David Norris. He used to be a waiter but


he has served up the perfect cocktail. What a volley. Kelvin


Davis found it, and it was dropping down with snow on it. A despairing


down with snow on it. A despairing Kelvyn Davies could not keep it out.


It was some game. Did you think you had won it? 94 minutes, it was


there for us. It was a fantastic strike. We're top of the lead.


was a fantastic game to be involved in. I would have been disappointed


if we had come away with nothing. I thought that we well and truly


contributed to a good Derby, and to end the game the way we did in


terms of quality was fantastic. There was a lot of controversy


about the goal. Talk us through it. I was offside, but it came off one


of their defenders. I knew that but I didn't know the referee did. Fair


play to him, he saw it and the goal was rightly stood. It was a great


game to store, especially in a derby match. -- game to score.


Thankfully, for me and the team, it flew in. It was a great game to the


supporters. We all know how important it is, what a massive


game the Derby is for the supporters. That is why Belhadj


work so hard. We want to put a smile on the supporters' faces. It


is unfortunate at the end, that they scored. It was a full-blooded


derby. Southampton dominated much of it. Portsmouth never came up.


The right result? I think so. Both sides off the back of poor results.


Portsmouth got thrashed last week. He wanted to see courage and


commitment, and I think they got that in abundance. What a finish on


that in abundance. What a finish on the 89th minute. If anybody left


the ground early, they would have been really upset. That is when all


the action started. They thought the second goal had been disallowed


but the referee made the right decision. There was controversy


where they are needed to be. Luke Varney was offside, but yes,


obviously, that does not count. And this was absolute class. David


Norris, on his weaker foot. He waited, he was patient and he let


it drop. It was beautiful. You can see the joy on the bench. You can


forgive the if -- they Southampton players for being deflected but


destiny is in their corner. sure years -- the manager Rick


disappointed, but he always has a disappointed, but he always has a


positive outlook and that is why. As for Portsmouth, it is one point


towards survival. Chris Maguire has towards survival. Chris Maguire has


proved to be an inspiration. He is wholehearted and committed. That is


what they need. He does not stop running. He has plenty of quality.


Usually one to blame the goalkeeper, but he hits it with such power. He


epitomises Portsmouth and how they play at this point in time. They


play at this point in time. They will work and work, and the matter


what happens, they will keep playing. On the need that kind of


performance for the last five games. -- Pompey. That does not happen


that often and you could see how upset Michael was because he expect


that commitment. They will keep going until the last minute.


Millwall, Doncaster and Nottingham Forest. How will it and out?


think it will be very difficult. I think it it -- it is too much. --


how will it pan out. One point for Southampton was enough to see them


return to the top of the table. As for their rivals, they were both in


action yesterday. West Ham were at Barnsley but before that, here is


how Reading got on against Leeds at how Reading got on against Leeds at


the Madeski Stadium. Ian Harte the Madeski Stadium. Ian Harte


lined up against a side where he spent the best part of a decade.


Leeds were decimated by injuries and suspensions. Neil Warnock was


forced to make three suspense -- forced to make three suspense --


forced to make three suspense -- they will be talking to Zac


Thompson. Some tempers already beginning to boil. Red card shown


to Zac Thompson. It is a career first sending off. His studs were


up and both feet were off the deck. His captain felt the full force.


His manager is absolutely livid with him. Can Reading exploit the


gap left by the red card for Zac has been full of spite he tackles.


Again, the stunts are up. Jim Carrey GAN spelt beef -- felt the


Gen Tarek Khan is heard for the first time. The fall through


catches Jem Karacan. He is going to side. It was a useful save from the


heavy. It is a yellow card for him. He is walking a fine line. It was


It is just wide of the mark. Ross McCormack almost quarter Reading


key for Reading. It was a rare chance, but Federici denied


Snodgrass. Federici, worth his Fondre with the goal. The flag is


up. The flag is up on that far side. Richard Kendall. The ball is played


from mack enough. His Adam Le it counts this time. In by Jimmy


Kebe, back in by Robson-Kanu, and Adam Le Fondre, in the right place


at the right time. Signs to fill the shoes of Shane Warne, and he is


maybe propelled his team closer towards Premier League dreams. --


Reading are going top. No question now. Adam Le Fondre in the next, on


the spot, scoring again. And the the spot, scoring again. And the


countdown is on for a Premier League return. We could not get


into a rhythm. You have to look at the opposition and say that they


have come and on a job. I thought there would have been 10 minutes of


injury time in the first half but it was only three. I think that was


bizarre. The most important thing is to talk about football. We kept


a clean sheet, we got three points and we move on. We have to teach


the referee's watch the game is about. They know the rules but they


let themselves down. They do not experience the game. That is the


disappointment. If you had played the game, we would have got a free


kick and two or three more bookings. We would probably have got another


sending off because I thought Danny Pugh's tackle was worse than the


from Nolan. I think he made the right decision. He got the return,


and slightly overran. Nolan gets the corner. West Ham Leeds. Six


minutes played. That did not take long. -- West Ham lead. It is the


first time that West Ham have threatened. They did not deal with


it. Nolan was on the goal line, just by the keeper. Just a little


bloke. He is now the leading but Rob Green cannot take chances.


What a shot it was. West Ham doubled their lead. Nicky Maynard


continues his run of scoring against Barnsley. Six in six for


him. I said before they have had a good sequencer passing in the


midfield. They have combined it well. And this culminates with a


beautiful finish. So accurate. It is not the power that beats Button,


just the accuracy. Can he chip? It is over Button, a wonderful goal


from Mark Noble. Nightmare moment for the Barnsley goalkeeper.


last nine goals had been penalties. Easy from 12 yards, but not so easy


from an angle like this, but he musical exchange. McCartney is


going for it! -- is in, to tap home. 4-0 to West Ham. All credit to


McCartney. Look at the Spacey as here. This looks like it is going


into me. -- the space he has here. brilliant. Bottom was beaten and


the crossbar is still shaking. -- button was beaten. West Ham,


working hard for the final whistle. They might get a 5th. They want,


screen goes too early. Good We broke a club record which I am


pleased about, for the players and the fans. And we gave them


something to cheer about, but in fairness all season we have been


that good. They were better than us, which was obvious. We did not stick


to our game plan. The one positive is we didn't get beaten by more.


honest assessment from Keith Hill. For West Ham, it was about stepping


up because they saw Reading win earlier in the day. Pressure on the


shoulders but they didn't show it. They are comfortable away from home


at the moment. They put to bed all the nonsense from last week with


Sam Allardyce and the supporters. Now they are just concentrating on


the task ahead, to get in the top two. If they play like that, every


chance of doing it. Five games left, three teams battling for two spots.


Southampton top on goal difference. Interesting for West Ham is there


is a positive outcome between Southampton ready, there is a way


for them to get back in the top two. No matter what the results, even if


it is a draw, if they win their games they will be within one or


two points of the top two. The supporters took their eye off the


ball, and if they concentrate on winning games, and three of them


are away from home. Some might welcome mat. 12 away wins is


fantastic, and I wouldn't bet against them doing it. Reading's


win over Leeds United, a committed performance. Neil Warnock did not


agree with the Zack Thomson red card but thought Danny Pugh should


have been sent off. What do you think? His first run out under Neil


Warnock. It is a bit rash. Aside in motion, but I don't think it's a


sending-off. But the referee thought he had to send it out --


stamp it out straight away. I think he will regret the dressing down


he will regret the dressing down and will not do it again. This is


definitely a sending-off. I cannot believe it is not a red card. Studs


showing, dangerous, rash. This is just missed time. He goes to make


the challenge and realises he won't get there. He just whips it away


from him and he slides in. It is yellow card, but he's very


He did break his ankle when it came to the second challenge on the end


of the Michael Brown challenge as well. More from the Championship,


and first up, Birmingham. They began the day 4th in the table and


looking for their third win in eight days. On Saturday they will


come to Crystal Palace to St affair, but fourth-placed


Birmingham had to take advantage of a slip up. They face Crystal Palace


at St Andrews looking for a 4th win in six and a third in a row. The


Eagles are looking for their first away win in 2012 and had a first


half to forget. Chris Burke getting the scoring under way after 21


minutes. Just a minute later, Birmingham had doubled the


advantage. Townshend showing strength and a clever left-foot.


This time Chris Burke was the provider for Keith Fahey, who like


his midfield colleague, scored with an emphatic finish. And Birmingham


looked to have put the result beyond any doubt after just 32


minutes. Encouraged by his team- mates earlier fortunes, David


Murphy tried his luck, with the end result the same. 3-0 in favour of


Birmingham. Given the scoreline, Crystal Palace did well to provide


a fightback of sorts and at least went in at the break having scored


with another long-range strike. Owen Garvan rounding off one of the


best 45 minutes of finishing seen at St Andrews in recent years. The


manager happy with both the result Three excellent goals and we would


probably pick Keith fake's best of the three. But three excellent


hopes of a top-six finish against Blackpool. The home side took 17


from the last seven games. Automatic promotion looked well


beyond Blackpool, but there are strong bet for the play-offs. They


had lost their last three away matches but no lack of confidence


early on. Due Jack showing great recovery to deny that the second


time. Steven Dalby followed up his two goals against Southampton with


a quality run and finish. Watford had run -- won the last three games


and they came close to equalising in a close and direct fashion but


the visiting keeper was equal to the shot. With 20 minutes remaining,


Blackpool were awarded a penalty. Phillips laid the ball on to Thomas


Ince, who was brought down. The referee's decision was immediate.


Up stepped who else but Steven Dalby. His 4th in two games stop he


is working a treat again on his second loan from Swansea. Blackpool


have cemented their place in the Burnley looking to bounce back from


their terrible Tuesday home defeat to Birmingham. Their opponents,


Brighton, had lost only one of their last nine games and hope to


consolidate their play-off spot. Burnley began brightly and thought


they should have been awarded a penalty. However, the referee saw


nothing illegal. Last weekend at the Clarets enjoyed a 5-1 win over


Portsmouth with charlie Austin scoring a second half hat-trick and


he was on target again here midway through the first half, his 14th


last four home league games but were looking much more dangerous


here. Brighton had only lost once in the Championship this year and


Sam Vokes went close for them. He had been on loan at Burnley earlier


this season. Into the second half, and Burnley were keen to add to the


lead. Trippier, a former Manchester City trainee, was enjoying his


freedom. Burnley last achieved a league double over the Sea gulls in


1973 and with 15 minutes remaining had another effort. Austin's second


half performance not as good as last weekend's Alava. Brighton


could have snatched an unlikely point later on when L ab -- and are


now have had a free header in the box. Brighton suffer a blow to


between Middlesbrough and Cardiff at the moment. 7th and 8th in the


table respectively, both had drawn their last four matches ahead of


this one and their play-off chances have been faltering. Cardiff were


not helped either when Kenny Miller was injured after just five minutes


but his replacement, Joe Mason soon found his range if not the opening


goal before work deserved. The riverside walk work -- at the


Riverside would work is a recurring theme later. Cardiff know they have


been blunted by 11 away draws but also know their rivals have not


been pulling away, and Ben Turner's 11th minute opener got them after a


perfect start. And it got even better with just eight minutes gone


after that. More trickery from Joe Mason, paying off this time, and


Cardiff were on their way to only their second win in 10 games. But


they rode their luck as Middlesbrough did everything but


score in the second half. Here, for example, the Cardiff defence were


left watching as Adam Hamel beat David Marshall, but not the post.


Let off number one. Marshall was beaten again as Middlesbrough kept


coming forward looking for a way back. Jutkiewicz was the unlucky


man this time, finding the frame of the goal. Let off number two. And


there was more. Maybe Marshall has done the lottery, because Martin's


free-kick hit the bar and Marshall pulled it away to safety. Cardiff


back in the play-off places but Middlesbrough have not won in a


We have five games to try and put it right. We have to pick up some


points over those five games but we are in with a shout. We are only


hunting ground for hole. The home side paid tribute for Barry


Kitchener, who died a week ago aged 64. In his heyday they wore white.


But Hull City nearly swept into an early lead. Richard Garcia nearly


put his goal-shy team ahead. But it was the Lions not the Tigers who


scored first, Harry Kane and nodding in will stop his 6th goal


since joining in January. Relief for Millwall, who were looking for


a first victory at home in nine attempts. Millwall had another


chance after referee -- after the referee played advantage, and they


need all the chances they can get at the moment. Harry Kane could not


quite convert this time. In the second half, Millwall pushed on.


Harry Kane Again going close, this time denied by a goal line


clearance by Sonny Bradley Orr. Barry Kitchener would have been


proud of the numerous attempts created. Andy Keogh went under the


challenge of Cooper and they had a penalty. So it was left to Andy


Keogh to ease Millwall's relegation fears and secured their 1,000 for


home League win, a milestone they had been trying to reach since


I thought we deserved the win, but however you get them, you have to


find a winning formula. A fantastic result first and foremost, but I


thought we deserved it and created a lot of chances and an excellent


clean sheet where we limited them two, the pre-season ambitions have


been shelled. 14th against 15th in the mid-table comfort zone. The


visitors were nearly ahead early on. Michael Chopra had only scored once


in his last seven and was denied. In truth, this was not a classic,


although both teams showed greater urgency in the second half. Ben


Davies unlucky to see the effort comeback of the post. At the other


end, Ipswich, chasing a first away win in five were thwarted by Frank


Fielding, tipping a shot on to the post. After 14 games without a home


draw, that is what happened, although Creswell came to Ipswich's


of the bottom three for the first time since October. Could they keep


it going against Peterborough? Peterborough have only won three


times a way this season, but Emile Sinclair's deft curler put them on


course for their 4th win. Then next attempt was more of a team effort.


Tomlin almost finished off an excellent move. But while Coventry


might have found a comeback be on them early in the season, that is


not the case now, something Cody McDonald proved up to 26 minutes as


he started the revival. And in the final minute of the half, the home


side were awarded a penalty after Tomlin bundled Clarke over. Gary


McSheffrey made no mistake and Coventry went into them -- the


break leading again. Peterborough almost handed their opponents a


third after the break. But Geoffrey's cross diverted against


the post. It proved crucial as Peterborough equalised with 14


minutes remaining. Sinclair showing he is just as accurate from three


have a go! Good save! A bolt from the blue there. A long way out, but


Ikeme was beaten, but Beckford was -- Carl Ikeme me. LTA did


everything right but Beckford did is it! Leicester have the


contact, but it was good enough. -- Schmeichel equal to it. He made


himself some space and it was teed much about that. Schmeichel was


that? -- oh no! He has done everything so right so far. And it


at that. One-day Marshall will score a tap-in. For the moment,


every one is spectacular. Beautifully curled, beautifully


Yes, he is. The woodwork intervened. He is causing danger. The keeper


space and stride, no doubt about Very pleasing to keep a clean sheet,


that is important, but as 4-4 goals, the second half performance was


really pleasing for stab we have to defend better, the second goal


killed us. It was a freak goal. It went through his legs. We have


another game on Monday. There is five games to go. We have to try to


win them all. A good win for Leicester but for Doncaster, well,


it is not looking great, eight adrift with five to play. Not


wanting to be harsh on the goalkeeper but they can ill-afford


-- it is embarrassing to make mistakes like that. He made it


difficult for Doncaster. But Doncaster are creating chances,


they are not taking chances. It has been a very fruitful few days for


Birmingham City, 31--- 3-1 now. Chris Hughton continues to augment


his credentials as a possible Manager of the Year. Yes, they


embraced it, they have used it to bring this side together very


quickly and they are on a roll at the moment. That was a tremendous


goal. They are right in there. Maybe if they had started their run


a bit earlier the it would be challenging at the top. Cardiff


have had a few games to contend with, this was the 50th against


Middlesbrough. Defeat for either would have been a hammer blow to


their play-off hopes. Cardiff back to winning ways through Mason, a


player who was impressive in the Carling Cup final and a super sub


on this occasion. Yes, he replaced Miller after five minutes. They


have been struggling to get goals from their front players but that


was lovely. Both sides have been struggling, so whoever came out on


top benefitted. We saw a good win from Millwall, honouring their


legend. There was a key contest in the battle for survival was third


bottom Bristol City looking for their first win in six and a


resurgent Nottingham Forrest, victory for the Robins would drop


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


box. Blackstock trying to make turned it into the side netting.


There were flashes of quality football at times and that was one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


gone down, that must be a penalty. Camp holds his head in dismay and


shame. His challenge on Jonathan Stearn was reckless. Bristol City


with a penalty in the first ten minutes of the second half. Wood


has scored from the spot, against the run of play. Bristol City lead


against Nottingham Forrest by 1-0. The manager surely can't believe


come off the defender. It was a tremendous save by Kirchenfeld stop


wonderful save. What a night at the 26-year-old has had, what a


is Woolford. The flag is up, it won't count. Woolford with the ball


into Wood, who got a crisp shot away and he is not offside when the


shot was struck and Bristol City have been denied what would have


been illegitimate second goal therefore stop -- a legitimate


It was a fantastic performance, one moment of madness has cost us the


game. That happens. For that level of performance I would have taken


that. I thought we were fantastic today. How we did not get three


points I will never know. Their goalkeeper was inspired today.


was terrific, his kicking was great, his handling was great, he came in


for crosses and was assured throughout. Latterly the back four


was getting deeper, not through choice, just through this physical


side of how much we have worked and from the pressure that Forrest were


bringing at that time. When he came for things he did great. I think he


was well backed up with the ten boys in front of him. It was a good


team performance. It is something we need more of between now and the


end of the season. Both managers waxing lyrical over the Bristol


City goalkeeper, Gerken, who has justified his inclusion in the side.


important times. That was an element of smash-and-grab about


City's performance. His position is good. He played really well. That


is the best save, from Mutch. That was that 1-0. He has his chance and


took it. A massive boost to Bristol City's survival hopes, isn't it?


is, there was a bit of a smash-and- grab about it. They really did


defend well. I don't think they will score enough goals to stay in


the division but I think they can keep clean sheets and that is what


McInnes is hoping come with defending like that, they hope to


keep clean sheet. It tracks Nottingham Forest into things which


makes things interesting. They play Peterborough on Monday. They can't


afford to dwell on this result. They played really well, lots of


creativity. They did well down the right hand side, they just didn't


put the ball in the back of the net at key times. They need to put it


behind them. The nature of the performance as Steve Cotterill said,


it will be most heartening. Definitely. Bristol City go out of


the relegation zone just above Coventry. So has two play each


We go to League 1 and Bramall Lane, where Sheffield United have given


the fans the perfect response after relegation last season. They


started in second place at Easter, thanks to a man who had eyebrows


raised when he returned to the As a Wednesday man he could have


had doubters in these parts but few could have predicted the baying mob


t Danny Wilson's first press conference at Bramall Lane. Yet ten


months of stylish football winning later the red half of the steel


city is being won over just as the blue half are in serious danger of


having their noses put out of joint as their former manager hopes to


lead his new club to promotion at his old club's expense. Was


crossing the Steel City divide every issue from your point what


view? No, I never considered it. Obviously when the disquiet was


starting to come out it was a bit of a surprise, Mayebi naivety from


my point of view but it was so long ago. My affiliations with Wednesday


were in the record books, I can't deny it, but that is what happens


with football. But it shouldn't take anything off the job in hand


in front of us. I went to a pre- season fans' forum and my initial


few points were that I was like a lot of other supporters from this


side of the city, we did not want him because of his affiliation with


our noisy neighbours. We listened to a lot of Andy Wilson protesters


and they were vehement, so they had to listen to what we had to say and


that is fair. I was impressed with the guy. I had a list of questions,


he answered them all. He answered them honestly and came across as a


nice bloke. My opinion changed. football per lads has plays has


been fantastic, we can get better. The most important thing is players


are enjoying it. Time has changed. We always said at the time that if


he gets the team winning a playing football and scoring goals, then we


will go with him. There's only one Gary Wilson. They have got a son


about you now. Yes, I know. Gary Wilson. I heard it a few


months ago and I had a double take. It may be smile. Eidetic did.


came in and gave belief back to the players. He encouraged them to play.


They are good players. They go out Ched Evans, ten goals in these


games, all with the backdrop of this well-publicised personal issue.


It is incredible he has been able to some brokers on his game. I have


a great admiration Because the head injuries, his personal life has


come into public knowledge as well. He has dealt with anything great,


the way the players have taken to him and how his attitude has been


has been first class. You have to take your hat off to him. I loved


to say for the city of Sheffield, two teams and the Championship, it


is brilliant. The numbers that come out, it is as good as any


Premiership clubs. Let's hope that we can graced the next stage.


Despite the fact their steel city rivals continue to push them to the


limit Sheffield United refused to are soaring. The Blades may have


missed their chance that time but it was not long before


Bournemouth's resistance was broken. Ched Evans was perfectly placed.


His 32nd of the campaign kept the Blades on course. United's master


marksman demonstrate his ability to create goals, setting up Cresswell,


who can score while sitting down. Bournemouth are chasing their first


away win this year but they made a better fist of it in the second


half. A bizarre goal gave the travelling fans something to cheer.


Hines got his first cherries goal. Despite the protests the goal stood


Well there is no one's -- there is no hiding place with Wednesday


breathing down your, so that is a big result. Yes, three points, we


are on a roll. We are trying to win Gomes. We have to try to keep doing


it. Five more of those and you are in the Championship. Spot-on, yes.


Yes, that is what you have to think about, we have to try and do that,


we have to go and push ourselves to the limit in every game because we


don't know what will happen and we can't effect that but we know if we


go to Rochdale and get three points Sheffield United's pursuit of


second place continues. We heard from Danny Wilson about using his


man-management skills to reduce the hostility and get the fans onside.


But you know all about that because you were with him at Bristol City.


When he came to Bristol City I had never met him and I became his


first team coach, and he is a decent man and that is what we


should have united fans will have found out. But it's not just about


managing players and staff, it is about the players' -- the fans.


brave move when you are annexed Sheffield Wednesday player, and


then asked them to go face-to-face. I wondered, what are you doing,


Danny, but he knows what a good club they are and he knows about


the area. There are a lot of positives with it. Let's be honest,


if they weren't giving well, he would be in trouble, but they are


and they are playing good football and scoring goals. Everyone behind


them. They remain on course for promotion. Let's see how their


League One rivals got some over the a match, commentators start


preparing puns, but how could you avoid the boiling over cliche when


there was this straight red? Then a second yellow for this piece of


clumsiness. Honours even. But at half time the referee was booed off


by both sets of fans. Safe to say that Mr Kettle was not everybody's


cup softie. The game as one four minutes after the break. This sees


Charlton take another decisive step towards the Championship,


especially as they finished with nine men. Firman received his


marching orders with 13 remaining. The referee was said he had no


alternative to show a third red and 12 yellow, but nevertheless, Chris


It is hard to take, but I have to applaud or of my players. The nine


that were out there for the last third of the game, I thought they


were tremendous. No one can doubt the attitude of my players or


commitment or character. There commitment to me and the football


first-half lead when the throw was tipped onto the crossbar by Alex


movies. Miguel Llera's job is to stop other teams and scoring, so


how about this? Not a bad way to score your first goal for the Owls.


After Miguel Llera showed how it should be done, Antonio showed how


it shouldn't be. Nile Ranger made the break and as the ball came back


off the bar... Well, the midfielder's reaction said it all.


In the end, then this did not prove costly as Rangers scored -- Nile


Ranger scored the first goal of his loan spell to clinch the points. As


for the celebration, I've no idea He is one of the greats of the game.


Preston fans turning out in force to join the birthday celebrations


for their legendary number seven, Sir Tom Finney. MK Dons were intent


from Darren Potter backfired. MK Dons back in the groove after


defeats, but depressed and bask keen to move on after accusing his


plays have leaking tactics. Fitting that on the 90th birthday of Sir


Tom Finney, Bailey Wright picked the 90th minute to win Preston a


share of the points. Carlisle's Adam Colin should not have worried


about the shot. A decent enough effort, but Wycombe Wanderers only


score late goals, it seems. Three injury-time equalisers in


successive draws have had some talking about love. They were


certainly talking about luck when everybody spotted the shop apart


from the referee. Not the Wycombe Wanderers had all the luck.


Carlisle took the lead when the govern's strike found the net --


but governed macro'. Could they strike from Stuart Lewis that put


Wycombe four points from safety. They will hope for an early goal


against Chesterfield on Monday. COMMENTARY Bad results against the


two Sheffield clubs in March dented Notts County's hopes of a play-off


place, but they're now back on track.Damion Stewart taking full


advantage of a mix up in the O's defence.. That came with just 20


minutes to go..this came just six minutes later..Jeff Hughes on the


spot to double the visitors lead and With time running out, Notts


added a third. Lloyd Sam benefitting as referee David Webb


played advantage. Jon Harley's shot was well saved by Jamie Jones, but


Sam just kept on running. Orient have now lost five of their last


gem in younger Jake Cassidy. The striker on loan from all the Humber


Wanderers had them heading for defeat in seven minutes. His first


could not have been struggling, but his second was much more pleasing


on the eye. The marking may have been questionable, but the 19-year-


old made the finished look easy. By a huge blow to promotion prospects


and it leaves them seven points clear of that automatic provisions


Brentford picked up a fifth straight win. His first goal was


simple, just aim the free-kick at your team-mates, who conveniently


move out of the way. For his second, he raced forward, aimed to shoot,


then didn't, then did. Ritchie Barker's team are in danger of


making an immediate return to League Two. And their game was up


five minutes later when Clayton Donaldson found Shaleum Logan, who


beat Jonathan Bond from a narrow angle. They could still make the


worse than failing to find the net. Hartlepool hadn't managed it in


five of their previous six games. Send for The Sweeney. Anthony


Sweeney at last ending their drought. Freddie Sears has Premier


League goals on his CV, but the one he got for West Ham against Wolves


in January 2011 was his last in any league. But when Paul Murray


tripped Gavin Massey with nine minutes remaining, Sears had the


confidence to take the penalty. His first Colchester goal was enough


Ross Kemp -- eased past Rochdale, who did not help themselves after


gifting a goal to Jonathan francs. The visiting defence continued in


Jerez and -- Jonas -- generous mood. After a couple of flick-on, this


free kick was helped over the line by Richard Hines. Michael Woods had


not scored for Yeovil before but some poor defending setting up a


quarter of an hour from time. He consolation goal, he came from a


player from Yeovil. Jonathan Grant putting the ball in his own net. --


Sentenced to a 6 defeat in seven matches by Scunthorpe. After a


goalless first half, only a lick of paint prevented Walker from opening


the scoring. There were hoping to create breathing space between them


and the bottom macro Abe -- four. That was soon after the same goal


frame kept out Jimmy Ryan. But Scunthorpe refused to be knocked


off course in their quest for maximum points. He needed John


Parkin to clinch the victory. He shot midway through the second half


slipped through the fingers of the goalkeeper. This time the


goalkeeper was not able to save him. -- the woodwork was not able to


save him. Chesterfield's League One status looks like being lost the


first attempt. Before kick-off, Walsall seem to be the only site --


side they could realistically catch. It looked like the great escape


might be on, but Walsall possess the relegation avoiding form. Ian


Smith's side have only lost once in 12 matches and were level within


minutes. And they turned it around before half-time. Taking his tally


to four goals in his last three games. Chesterfield on the other


and are without a win in seven. If they lose on Monday, relegation


will be confirmed. If others wind not even victory will save them.


Mark Randal briefly had them second in this -- level in the second half


but they could not hold on. Instead of Walsall 16 minutes later. The


third goal of his loan spell from West Brom looks Walsall to 18th and


has them looking good for survival. Walsall compounding the misery for


Chesterfield. Walsall did the great escape last season and may have the


same player on board and he is at it again. It looks like they could


be on course for another great escape. They know they can handle


the situation and pressure. He has a lovely left foot. He puts it low


to the keeper's left-hand side. He opens up his body and caresses it


into the net. An excellent finish. He will be really important from


now to the end of the season. Similar to the way that players


play when they go back to a CERN club. They have an instant impact.


They know the environment and they know most of the players. It is


important for a manager at this time of the season to have that


instant impact. A significant win for Charlton Athletic. Chris Powell


called it the result of the season and may have had a few good ones.


But to finish off with nine men, he has seen a different site is buyer.


They haven't had to win games in this manner. They have had to dig


in and got the winner there. Important, and a good victory.


for Sheffield Wednesday, the pivotal victory for them because by


beating Huddersfield they have put a massive dent into Huddersfield's


own hopes of finishing in the top two. You think Huddersfield will


have to settle for the play-offs again. A good finish from Nile


Ranger. When you can get a player Ranger. When you can get a player


Ranger. When you can get a player from Newcastle, you're in good


shape. R Charlton all but there? would be difficult to see them


would be difficult to see them slipping up. They're in a strong


slipping up. They're in a strong slipping up. They're in a strong


position. position. As


position. As for looks


looks pretty three for the bottom three? -- looks pretty grim for the


bottom three. I think all of those managers will still be in place


next year at least to get them back up. At the moment, no chance of


them staying in the division. about the battle to avoid the last


relegation place? Hammy Teamsters its stretch over? I think it goes


up to Scunthorpe. The magic number is 50 points. Wycombe Wanderers are


in the last relegation position on 42. They have tried to get results


and dig the points out but they need to turn it into victories.


Everyone will be nervous up to Scunthorpe. We saw Gillingham get


relegated on 50 points. Do you think that will be about right?


think that is the cut-off point. Anyone on 50 points is more or less


clear. That means we can Wanderers need to win three, which is


In lead to all the gains to place on Good Friday, and Swindon made


the journey to Morecambe -- in League Two. The Shrimpers have


already -- always played as a club After numerous attempts to break


the stranglehold rugby league had in the area, Moore, Football Club


was formed in 1920. -- Morecambe Football Club. They originally


played at Christie Park, named after their original benefactor,


but in 2010 they moved into the six-and-a-half 1,000 capacity Globe


Arena. Fiona Bruce, eat your heart out. How much would this be worth


on the Antiques Roadshow? Pride of place in the tunnel goes to this


tour from the kit room from Christie Park which has been signed


by a Who's Who of English football. Peter Schmeichel, Bobby Charlton


and Tom Finney to name but three. They are called the shrimps after


Morecambe Bay's famous local delicacy. The biggest day in their


history came in 2007 at Wembley when they beat Exeter City in the


Conference play-off final to reach the Football League for the first


time with current player Danny Coulson scoring the winning goal.


Look out, the game has started! There is a distinct line in comedy


about Morecambe. This fellow took his stage name from his home town


and was an occasional visitor to The mascot Christie the cat was


sent off after an altercation with a Dagenham & Redbridge goalkeeper,


Tony Roberts. Shame on you! Shame the Swindon boss less than


impressed with his side's display at Morecambe. But the man he's


described as his best signing for the club came up trumps less than a


minute into the second half. Paul Benson simply couldn't miss. The


striker's tenth goal since joining on loan from Charlton back in


January edged the leaders closer to the title. Morecambe boss Jim


Bentley on the other hand declared himself massively frustrated at the


finish - Nick Fenton's deflected header almost rescued a deserved


point. But Swindon are almost there. Torquay were looking for a sixth


win in eight as they aim for a return to League One. And after a


goalless first half, Mark Ellis should have given them the lead. It


was easier to hit the back of the net surely. The embarrassment was


short-lived, as Rene Howe spared his team-mates' blushes to score


his thirteenth goal of the season. Perhaps there was a slice of luck


with the deflection from Accrington's Charlie Barnett, but


the finish was all skill. As for the celebrations, a touch of the


Mick Channon windmills there. that brawl at Bradford. The


resulting suspensions have left Town with square pegs in round


holes. In fairness to Byron Moore, he needed only the slightest gap in


the Crawley ranks to give Crewe a 29th minute lead. With rumours rife


about Steve Evans' future as well, the Red Devils need to get their


heads right. Some damage limitation was achieved when Lee Bell handled


in the box. Gary Alexander did the business from the spot, but it


couldn't prevent Crawley from both teams desperate for points for


different reasons. James Collins had Tony Diagne in spin before


firing Shrewsbury into a first half lead. The striker's 15th of the


campaign had Graham Turner's team heading for the top three. That


solitary goal looked to have sealed it for the promotion chasers but


three goals in the final seven minutes gave the scoreline a very


different look. Mark Wright squeezed in a second and put the


travellers firmly in control. But just two minutes later Arnaud Mendy


gave Macclesfield a lifeline a fabulous volley raising hopes of a


comeback but almost immediately Shrewsbury restored their two goal


advantage. After a neat one-two Collins found himself clean through.


The Shrews now unbeaten in four but won more away games than anyone


else in the division. Bradford had picked up just one point from


eighteen. So much for the form book. Michael Flynn with the cross. James


Hanson with the header. But if Southend thought things weren't


going their way in the first half they went from bad to worse after


the break. First of all Clohessy was sent off for this push. Craig


Fagan dispatched the penalty despite the best efforts of Cameron


Belford. A quarter of an hour later referee Eddie Ilderton was


brandishing the red card again. Benyon sent off for violent conduct,


Southend down to nine men, and five it looks like we'll be seeing


Northampton again next season. Luke Gutteridge set the tone in this


lively encounter with Oxford with this beauty in the opening seconds.


The visitors were undone in the first and last minute of the match.


The 88 in between weren't half bad. Cristian Montano hauled the U's


deservedly level just after half- time. The youngster scoring for his


fourth league club this season. The game's turning point came soon


afterwards. Adam Chapman was sent sprawling by Blair Adams just


inside the box. Chapman spotted the ball himself. But the Cobblers'


Kitson was able to keep out a penalty for the second game in a


row. It proved pivotal. With time running out. A bobbler from Brett


Williams made it five wins out of eight for Northampton. It was tough


on Oxford. After back-to-back defeats, their Easter Monday


meeting with Torquay now looks all the more daunting. They'll also be


without Michael Duberry. Frustration got the better of him.


A second yellow in injury time means he won't be working on the


ten hours of football Ben Burgess wasting a great chance to end the


goal drought against strugglers Barnet. Mark Yates' team have been


horribly out of form too Clovis Kamjo's terrific header almost had


them trailing at the break. But with 15 minutes to go Mohamed's


surging run had the Barnet defenders back-pedalling. After


linking up with fellow sub Jermaine McGlashan, Mohamed thundered


Cheltenham into the lead. Just the tonic for a team whose promotion


push has stalled in recent weeks. With just two minutes left, Jimmy


Spencer made absolutely sure to sentence Barnet to a third straight


Hessenthaler decscribed the Memorial Stadium pitch as the worst


he'd ever seen at a league club. Rovers fans would consider referee


Dean Whitestone's decision to award a penalty to the visitors as hardly


any better. Whitestone gave the kick after consulting his assistant.


Dan Woodard's handball considered deliberate. Danny Kedwell took the


kick, Scott Bevan made a fine save, twice. Gillingham did take the lead


ten minutes into the second half thanks to this fine strike from


Chris Whelpdale. Nothing Bevan could do about that. Six minutes


later the home side were level. Matthew Gill provided the cross,


Elliot Richards the header. Whatever the state of the pitch it


didn't seem to trouble Carayol. He raced through the Gills' defence


ten minutes from time to put Rovers in front. But Gillingham kept alive


their hopes of a play-off place in stoppage time. A long clearance


from Paolo Gazzaniga and a looping header from Oli giving them a


and an even better week. A buyer for the club was announced on


Thursday. Louis Dodds' match- winning double was the perfect way


to celebrate. Vale's victory ended a sequence of six straight home


wins for Aldershot for whom Guy Madjo wasn't the only one


displaying wayward finishing. Any remaining hopes the Shots had of a


play-off place were all but extinguished when Dodds completed


his brace with sixteen minutes remaining. Dean Holdsworth has


conceded defeat in the race for the top seven. Risser's goal gave


Aldershot false hope, but there was to be no late comeback. Season-


ending stuff for the Shots. But for but the man in temporary charge


isn't doing a bad job. Darren Patterson believes the Millers


still have a chance of making a late push for the play-offs. An


excellent first-half strike from Ben Pringle kept their hopes alive


at Wimbledon. The home side fortunate just to be the one goal


down at the break and after strong words from manager Terry Brown they


began to make it more of a contest. Chris Bush getting on the end of


Rashid Yussuf's cross to bring out the best in Rhys Taylor. The Dons


were now making most of the running Jack Midson played in Luke Moore


who finished in style. That gave them just under half an hour to


find a winner that would guarantee another season of league football.


They'll have to wait a bit longer. Seven minutes from time, Alex


Revell sent Sam Hoskins clear the 19-year-old on loan from


Southampton refused to be caught and from an impossible angle


crashed in his first ever senior goal. That secured the managerless


Millers their third win in four matches but they had to survive a


late scare when Midson was given a sight at goal, but the Millers'


keeper Taylor came out sharply to their way to safety. Unbeaten in


four games they almost took the lead at the start of the second


half when John Akinde's shot was cleared off the line. Moments later


Burton were ahead. Maghoma arrived in Staffordshire from Tottenham. He


created the chance with a shake and a shimmy, and the finish wasn't bad


either. And Burton held their lead until two minutes from time when


this long clearance from Scott Doe found Brian Woodall. He let the


ball pass him, and then volleyed home the equaliser. The Daggers are


now six points above the relegation Plymouth fail to escape relegation,


they may well look back at this game as the one that sank them.


Stam's own goal gave Argyle the perfect platform to put six points


between themselves and the drop zone. The Pilgrims could have made


sure of victory before half-time. Hereford's ever leaky defence let


in Nick Chadwick but on Easter weekend, he was left with egg on


his face. Unbeaten in five, Plymouth are more than hopeful of


avoiding the drop. They'd be even more confident had they taken


advantage of James Chambers' lunge on Warren Feeney. Penalty to


Plymouth. Hereford looking doomed. But top-scorer Simon Walton joined


Chadwick in the dog house. The Pilgrims were made to pay. Seven


minutes after half- time Tom Barkhuizen scored Hereford's only


goal in four games. Enough for a point that keeps both sides


Needless to say that point will go down better at Plymouth and


I thought it was a massive. Today. -- a massive point today. None of


those sides are good enough to get two wins in the last five games.


Everybody from Plymouth upwards. Hereford still have to go to Barnet


in the running. How bigger game is that? A massive game. It always


goes down to a game like that in League 2. You have Kelly and Horton,


both experienced managers. They will know if they can sneak out on


the last game of the season that will be good enough but I think


they know that Barnet are the ones who could be dragged into it.


for the other end, Swindon are on course for a quick return to League


1, the 15th win in 18 games for the Robins. Paolo Di Canio was furious


is a perfectionist, as a player and manager. Even if they had three


points, it doesn't matter to him, Crawley grabbed a point against


Crewe. If they're going to finish this job there is a possibility


they will have to do it without their manager, Steve Evans. What do


you think about this approach from Rotherham? On the face of it why


would he want to go to Rotherham? Crawley and moving forward, they


really have a great fan base and financially they have a fantastic


job. Steve might leave for a pay rise but on the face of it it


doesn't seem like a good move for him. He has made a good signing


with Alexander as well. That experience, that knowledge of how


did it over the line after they lost a couple of strikers, I can't


Huge relief for Cheltenham. A clean sheet, that is the reason why


Cheltenham have been up there, a great goalkeeper. Martin Yeates has


kept cool. He has ex Ajuwa did the positives. They have stayed in the


play-offs even though they have had a good run. In terms of the tables,


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