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With just one month left now of the regular season in the Football


League the stakes are steadily getting higher by the week.


It seems it's never too late in the season for club's to change


managers, with Bournemouth the latest after sacking Lee Bradbury.


And it's never too late to get a red card, after Bradford squared up


to Crawley. Leroy Rosenior's with me tonight to


keep the peace as we reflect on the day's events,.$$NEWLINE Here's a


taster of what else to expect tonight.


There was a pivotal game at the top of the Championship as West Ham and


Reading went head-to-head. Unsurprisingly, it was an


incredible atmosphere in East London with so much at stake.


Leaders Southampton have looked as good on the road of late as they


have at St. Mary's. After four away day wins on the


spin, the Saints were looking to make it five in a row when they


travelled to Blackpool. In League One, Sheffield Wednesday


are looking up under Dave Jones. The Owls were hoping to put


pressure on the top two by beating a Preston side managed now, of


course, by Graham Westley. Nowhere is the promotion race more


exciting than in League Two, where the top seven all realistically


have a chance of an automatic place. We're with one of the contenders,


Torquay United,for their Friday night away day at Barnet.


We start with the big game at Upton Park, where West Ham took on


Park, where West Ham took on Reading this afternoon.


The two sides, separated by just one point at the start of the day,


are locked in a real battle for the second automatic promotion place,


with victory handing a crucial advantage at this vital stage of


the campaign. A reminder that the first game


between these two earlier in the season ended in a 3-0 win for


Reading with two West Ham players sent off.


It all added a bit of extra spice to a game watched for us by Tony


Gubba. Victory doesn't guarantee automatic promotion, for West Ham


and Reading this one of the defining fixtures of the season.


Reading second in the chach yonship, one point ahead of West Ham. The


three points here could help decide who wins that �50 million ticket


into the Premier League and who faces the Lottery of the play-offs.


West Ham have home advantage, they have drawn the last five league


matches here. Faye returns but O'Brien is out but Faubert is at


right back. Reading are the Championship form team. They have


Jason Roberts back after a hamstring injury. He scored five


goals in 11 appearances since arriving in January. Otherwise,


back from West Ham. The style of play that hasn't impressed some of


the West Ham supporters. Nicely pulled down. Chance for a decent


cross. A low one. That's Nolan, that came off the post. This is


Carlton Cole. West Ham have taken the lead. It came back off the


woodwork. It's the best attack so far. Driven in low. It was a


glancing header from Kevin Nolan which Federici somehow managed to


claw away, but Carlton Cole was on to the lose -- loose ball. Into


Roberts. It's fallen to... He must. Great block by Tomkins on the line


to denied Reading. Here they come again. This's gone behind. It's


going to be a goal kick. It's Reading's first chance. It comes


after almost 20 minutes of relentless West Ham pressure. The


defender didn't clear it, Faubert failed to get it away. The effort


from Noel Hunt denied by the head of Tomkins. Oh, Brian McDermott


turning away in disappointment with everybody is. He's given it away.


He slides it to Carlton Cole who tried a clever flick with the


inside of his left heel. Roberts Federici worried at the moment that


that might be dropping in. Was that really Matthew tail or's intention?


It was ambition if 2 was. It wasn't far away. -- ambitious if it was.


It wasn't far away. He looks unconcerned, Sam Allardyce. Now,


McCartney. Vaz Te with a header, he directed it well, under the


crossbar. Easy enough catch for Federici, slightly to one side it


Faubert. Can West Ham get that second goal before half-time? It


finds its way to Matthew Taylor who drives it in. It came off the feet


of the defender, surely? Again, the officials have delayed and made a


decision which very few in the crowd would agree with. Driven in


by Matthew Taylor. Vaz Te was arriving. Long ball forward, headed


down by Tomkins. Shouts for handball against McAnuff. Got the


shot away. It was poorly done. Harte will take this corner for


Reading into the last-minutes of the half. Can they get back on


level terms? Into the near-post. Kaspars Gorkss got the equalliser


for Reading. A thumping header into the top corner, holding off the


challenge of Kevin Nolan. Having been second best throughout the


whole of the first half, Reading will go in at half-time at 1-1.


Well, he made the second run. It was over the first Reading runner.


He won the air in the battle with Kevin Nolan. What a below -- blow


that is to West Ham who have completely dominated the first half.


Here's Roberts. He gets the rebound off the body of Tomkins. Here's a


chance for Noel Hunt. Would you believe it, Reading are going to go


in at half-time leading 2-1. It's unbelievable! That came out of


nothing. Well, maybe some half hearted defending by West Ham


players a slightly fortunate rebound off the body of Tomkins


that put the ball back in the path of Roberts. Having been second best


for so long, unbelievibly, Reading trying to get underneath it. He has.


The defender slipped. It will be a rn corner to West Ham. The half


isn't over yet. Well, we expected fireworks here this afternoon with


these two. That's what it is proving to be. Oh, this's blocked


on the line! A rare old scramble. might of been another equalliser.


It could of been 2-2. The whistle has gone after a splendid 45


header, Ian Harte heart missed it. Here's Faubert. Too high for


Carlton Cole. Tomkins in a good position. The shot was on target by


the big central defender, now chase. He gets to it first,


supported by McAnuff. Hunt. He went down over the challenge. It's going


to be a penalty. The referee pointed at the penalty spot. He


conceded a penalty there with that wreckless challenge on Hunt. Hunt


took the ball away from him, the tackle was late. Some might look at


that and say its with a soft penalty. The referee had no


hesitation. It's Ian Harte heart who will take the responsibility.


Harte, for Reading, makes it 3- 16789 what a comeback this is for


the team in second place in the Championship. Surely, securing that


position now. A 3-1 lead over West Ham. Reading now look in total


control. Reading have taken the full stretched save from Robert


succeeded. One defender in front of him. Can he get a shot away? Kch


Kebe whose legs were taken away from him. It was the follow-up shot


from McAnuff which brought the save. Kebe was on the break here after


the ball was kept in play. McCartney in front of him. McAnuff


who got the shot away. Noel app lift the ball in. Faubert is


arriving, trying to drive it back. It will be a corner. West Ham are


having to scrap for all the bits and pieces. West Ham know they have


to pull another goal back, to give header! Vaz Te, right into the top


corner. Hang on, it's not over yet. What a glorious header that was


from the Portuguese player. Absolutely right into the corner.


Unsavable. It's still all to play two-goal lead. -- Reading. The flag


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


did not go up. Surely the three has been here.


How significant do you think that victory is? It is three points for


us. This is was a tough place to come to. We never really got going


for the first 20 minutes and they took the lead. After that, we


played really well and we stayed in the game, which we have to -- which


we have to. Defensively, or we have been sound and everyone has had to


learn the goals. Reading took their chances and we gifted them those


goals. We are delighted with the result. It was great for us. Now,


at Reading have a slip up, we have a win. We need to win all six to


Reading were very good on the day itself, especially as West Ham were


so dominant for the first 40 minutes. There were. Credit to


Reading and because they always seemed unfazed, no matter how the


game is going. Brian McDermott seems to has instilled in them to


keep doing what they do and in the end they got the reward. Or to turn


out from Reading. Delivery was spot on. Determination of forced the


ball into the net. Jason Roberts terrorised everyone in the first


half. It has been a defining season for the Irishman since Shane Long


left? Since Jason Roberts has gone there, he has enjoyed being the


second striker, as it were. What about West Ham and their ambitions


to finish in the top two? A lot more difficult now. They need to


win the next six games just to give them a chance of finishing in the


top two. The way Southampton and Reading are going at the moment,


you cannot see them dropping too many points. With Southampton of


kicking off taught a few hours later, attention has switched to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


after it. That was a really good save from Calvin Davies. Taylor


Fletcher will be bitterly disappointed. They might have lost


some experience today by taking Kevin Phillips out of the game, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


they have brought in a lot of pace right-hand side, but the goalkeeper


stays up. He is a good barrier and that was a good save from him once


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


at Billy Sharp for Southampton. -- excellent finish. Good strength


just when he needs it. He takes that energy from the defender. The


keeper can do nothing about it. Phillips tracing this now. --


chasing this now. Taylor-Fletcher in the middle and Dobbie lurking as


marking is shockingly bad. Be it is massive for us after the


disappointment last weekend. The referee made amends and gave us one


at the other end. We needed everybody to be on their game today.


We made a lot of changes and the ones who came in, the ones who went


out, showed the right attitude. We have got a great football club and


I am proud of them. I think Blackpool did very well today.


There were presented with a penalty that was not converted. We conceded


two goals and it was shocking. Sometimes it gets you stronger by


picking a team that is not what is expected. Did it last year and was


fined �25,000. With this world, it does not affect them that much.


Good luck to Southampton, they are a fantastic team. If they had


scored that penalty, who knows what It was all about the penalties,


wasn't it? That changed the emphasis for the game. They miss


one at one end and the other side get one and converts it. It gave


Blackpool that impetus they needed. The foul was actually outside the


box and I think he was already going down. Harsh, but the referee


had no choice but to give it. And then Stephen Dobbie stepped up. An


excellent penalty. I am more impressed with his golf. The


strength is great. The resource that the anticipation of the


challenge. It means he can write it. He changes the angle of his run.


talked about the movement of Stephen Dobbie, he's going to be


crucial for them. He could play a similar role to what he did 24


months ago. Absolutely. That Blackpool squad has got real depth


and quality in it. They have to. There were seven changes against


the team riding high which means he has confidence in his team. So was


that a one-off was up and then? scenes without Ricky Lambert they


are not on their game. Let us round up the rest of the championship,


starting with a game between two teams that started in the top six


Tony Mowbray was well aware of an unnecessary North East hat-trick of


waiting his team. Brighton's home form of nine wins suggested it


The breakthrough came after an hour. Middlesbrough now has top-scored


1-1 keeps both teams level on points. There is a lot of mutual


respect between that rival managers. I really enjoyed watching Tony


Mowbray's team. Huge credit to than, coming from the First Division. The


way they are playing is similar to what Swansea did last year. Credit


to their philosophy and I am sure they will move on to do great


year since Rovers notched up a win against the blues. But her first


victory look like it could be on the cards after be scoring was


seven outings before this. But you equaliser settled the play of


Birmingham and in the second half they could pick off Doncaster at


opportune moments. Chris Burke put them in the lead for the first time


in the match after an hour. 20 minutes later, Marlon King grabbed


his 15th of the campaign. It is looking ominous for Dean Saunders


Paul Spike men now. Birmingham's fans went home happy with their


side in the play-off positions. This was a match between two teams


desperate to discover some form for different reasons. Kenny Jackett's


side have lost for mind Games in the bottom and Cardiff had drawn


goal was flag for offside. Then one was disallowed for a foul in the


build up. Cardiff were almost caught on the break play Tom by the


keeper did just enough and it was a fourth consecutive draw for the


home side. Millwall were fighting for their lives and came here and


put forward meant 10 -- behind the ball. The open them up on a set


piece and scored a perfectly good goal and when the referee sees it


again he will be embarrassed that the decision. A five-match unbeaten


run has given Coventry fans hope that they may stay up after all.


That belief was strength and again when Cooper headed into his own net.


Hull also has got themselves but Joe Murphy saved acrobatically.


There are a few things in the world that take nine months to deliver,


of course, and here is another, the first Coventry away win of the


season and Coventry are out of the bottom three for the first time


since October. I said then the challenge to go unbeaten until the


end of the season. There is a great buzz in the dressing room and I am


pleased for the fans as well. had a shock on their last home


appearance with 87-3 thrashing by Nottingham Forest. Watford were


ahead in five minutes. Leeds are still looking for their first home


win under Neil Warnock and they themselves. A golden opportunity


went begging. The goalkeeper finally grateful to get his hands


on the ball. But the Leeds defence was stretched again soon afterwards,


and punished. After -- it was two goals in a day for Chris Iwelmu.


Defender Paul Connolly knew what was coming with his second yellow


card for the file. Watford now unbeaten in seven. There reset


something spookily symmetrical about Peterborough and Leicester.


Three wins apiece and three draws against each other. And their kids


at London Road were pretty identical. They could not be


separated after an hour. Peterborough celebrated hard with


the goal and so would you if you had lost five out of the last seven.


The goalkeeper brought down the striker and the referee pointed to


the spot. But Schmeichel saved, twice, as it turned out. We showed


great character. We rode our luck at times but it has taken a


fantastic goal could win it. created a lot of good opportunities


and not taken any of them. And being undone with what was a good


strike. We were not good enough today. With only one win in 12


League matches and sitting one point above the bottom three before


kick-off, Bristol City were in serious need of three. When Derby


came to town. At Pride Park, Derby came from a goal down to claim


victory. This time, Derby true first blood. Craig Bryson stroke --


struck for the visitors. Derby were unlucky not to double their lead


midway through the second half. Bristol City are the holders of the


lowest goal tally with them B33. -- 33. But this sublime strike gave


them the draw. But they are back in the relegation places. We were not


anywhere near at our best. We wanted all three points. I do not


think we did enough to get all three points. The equaliser was an


exceptionally good finish but we felt that the quality of our


performance deserved the three points. How many goals would not


come Forest for a wave this time? 10 days ago it was seven at Leeds,


and then it was none at the next match. But in the second half,


Forest did it again. Radoslaw Majewski did it in style. He had


scored just two league goals all season prior to this game but the


Polish midfielder made it two in the space of 20 minutes with


another stylish strike. Then Radoslaw Majewski showed poise and


precision to complete his hat-trick. Another great win for Forest and


Steve Cotterill. It is a big win because it was away from home and


we are at home next week. The significance of it we probably will


not know until the back end of the Easter but it is a result we are


pleased with. To get a clean sheet, three points, three goals, played


very well. When these two played each other last December, a switch


15-3 after being two down. Things are different now. It was nothing


like a goal rush this time than it was not until the second half when


the only goal arrived, through Daryl Murphy. Barnsley won last


week against Peterborough but they never really got going in this one.


Ipswich had a string of chances to double their lead. Lee Martin could


have done a lot better in this position. Opportunity rarely


knocked for Barnsley and when they did get a sight of goal came up


against an inform goalkeeper. In the end, one goal was enough for


Paul Jewell's keen to extend their unbeaten run at home to eight.


should have been out of sight but credit to Barnsley, they kept going


and have some good players. A much- needed win against Hull on Tuesday


did a lot to lift spirits around Fratton Park, but Port what would


be to another win against Burnley to keep up their push for survival


-- Portsmouth. After 15 minutes, Kieran Trippier got his third


clique goal of the season. Portsmouth had been on the end of


91-0 defeat this season but make sure there was not the case this


time. Portsmouth were applauded off at half-time. But two minutes into


the second half they fell behind again with Danny Ings scoring his


first goal for Burnley. With 20 minutes to go, despite protests for


hand ball, Charlie Austin made it 3-1 to burn the with his 12 of the


season. That is how it stayed until the 93rd minute, when Jason Pierce


lost his bearings and Austin made it 4-1. This humiliation still was


not over. It is not often that the second half replacement as court a


hat-trick but Austin cemented a future win. It had all been a


cunning plan. We changed formation with about 10 minutes to go in the


first half and got bored and in the second half we were excellent.


was not the fact of the defeat, it was more of individuals just not


competing as well as they should Nottingham Forest, who could not by


the ball all that long ago, this time, through the mercurial talent


of Radoslaw Majewski, they have put a massive blemish on the home


record of Crystal Palace. They certainly have. Radoslaw Majewski


has great talent, a great ability. If you give him time and space he


will find the shop and find the back of the net. The third one, I


am really impressed. Quick feet and a great finish. All of a sudden,


Steve Cotterill's site look like they are hitting form. It has been


some turn around for Coventry as well. Unbeaten in six and no better


time to get your first away win of the season. Against a Hull side who


have been struggling, you have to give Coventry real credit for this


result. It is a nice way to get out of the bottom three. Very well done


to it Andy Thorn, out of the bottom three for the first time since


October. I do not think anybody expected what could be challenging


for the play-offs at this stage. 17 points out of 21, for a team that


has limited resources, and limited budget. Sean Dyche was delighted


run them off at the start of the season. All of a sudden, with the


momentum they have got, if they are looking at the play-offs. They have


won their last three and they have real energy and vigour about them.


Good movement as well from the young side. We mentioned Burnley,


Charlie Austin has got 13 goals this season but he has been playing


in the shadow of Rodrigues. It is his first career hat-trick. For


someone we know scores a lot of goals. But Rodrigues has been


playing well and scoring goals. He has just been in the shadow. Alarm


bells for Portsmouth. The quote from the manager, not put over my


conceded five, but the fact that some of the individuals did not


compete as they should have done. You would think when they are down


there that should be the least you expect. It has been, they have all


been putting in a share. But today they did not and then letting down


and he fell there. I think they thought if they could get result


they may be able to move up the table. It is could be very


difficult for them, it is five points now. There was a lunchtime


kick-off on Saturday for Sheffield Wednesday against Preston. When


stay knew that a win would once again take them above their rivals


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Wednesday today is an opportunity to leapfrog their Sheffield rivals


17th goal of the campaign. He has something to say to the Preston


bench about it too. Huge throw. Madine with a committed header.


Offering his striker some advice. Madine's in again! So close to his


third. He will feel he should have done better with that. He couldn't


keep it down. A lettoff for Preston. Second-half was a vast improvement.


Got it down. Higher temp on the other hand created a lot more


chances. It's nice to get the three points. That's what it's all about.


Reported from their dug outh out that four players reported their


starting line-up to them yesterday. When you have 35 players at the


club, when the clubs have been losing before my rival, losing ways


are in there it takes something to knock them out. A club working


against itself is no way to go forward. Day by day, step-by-


step,ish -- shall ue by issue you have to drive forward. It's slow.


If you have people within your own camp working against you, it make


it is tough. With Wednesday winning earlier in the day, Sheffield


United needed a point to return to the automatic promotion places.


Evans was awarded a penalty. He got his 3 1st of the season. The Blades


had to settle for a draw when Boyd went close from distance. Stp they


were helped in their return to second place when Peter Hartley


took his rally call to make his mark literally. He was shown his


second yellow. Clever thinking and a quickly taken free-kick gifted


Wagstaff the chance to calm Charlton nerves on his 22nd


birthday. Their lead at the top had been put ahead of Fife points


thanks to Wednesday. Spring had the keeper at full traech. -- stretch.


The keeper denied goals at the other end. Charlton are six points


clear again thanks to Danny N'Guessan. They quaranteed


themselves a play-off place. Having toppled the leaders a week ago,


Huddersfield were up against a Carlisle side in the promotion


picture. Noble was a whisker away from opening the scoring. The


Yorkshire club were off the pace in the first half and were a gel down.


Huddersfield have drawn more games away from home than anyone else.


Lee vosed Novak. -- crossed for Novak. The woodwork came to


Carlisle's rescue that time. Four minute noose time added on Miller


flicked in a winner as Grayson tasted defeat for the first time.


Todays with a big performance against a club that have massive


revenue compared to us. You have to be proud as a manager to be in


charge of that. See the way the guys have given everything they


have got. You can't ask any more. Donaldson brushed aside Flannigan


to put the Bees ahead. They got a third straight win for the first


time under their manager. Douglas added the second with a stunning


drive. They managed a late rally. Sean Williams second penalty had


them back in the week -- back in it. They almost found an equalliser but


they struck the woodwork. The Dons have a bit of work to do. If


Stevenage don't make it to the play-offs this season they may


point to their current run of form. Five minutes from time Bostwick


struck and they looked on course for a first win in five. They even


had chances to increase the lead. Roberts header hit the woodwork.


Deep into injury-time, Wickham were awarded a penalty. Roberts fouling


eastman. Basey got a late point and inflict a fifth straight straight


draw on Stevenage who lose ground on the top six. After a blistering


start to his reign as manager, Notts County have gone off the boil


recently. This effort from Taylor proved Oldham weren't there just to


make up the numbers. After successive home defeats to the two


Sheffield clubs they looked to be frustrated again. They got a win,


Sheehan had only one thing on his mind. That finish keeps his team in


touch with the top six. Relegation seems inevitable for Exeter. The


short-term prospects for this match didn't look good when Duguid gave


them the lead. Colchester old boy Cureton claimed he made the contact


for the cross for the equalliser. How close did Cureton come to


winning the match with this effort flashing just wide? After sacking


Lee Bradbury, Paul Grooves is in place of Bournemouth until the end


of the season. After start a mid- week draw, they created plenty of


chances against Yeovil. Cooper nearly surprised Walker, who was in


inspiring form. The South Coast side pushed hard for a winner. They


were foiled by Walker who needed all of his frame to deny this shot.


The young Bury boss had the upper hand when Sodje sent them into the


lead. Five minutes later, terrific play from Andy Bishop opened the


door for Coke. He kept his cool to put Bury on track for their first


win in 14 matches. That put a stop to Tranmere's unbeaten run. This


goal-line block prevented Bishop adding his name to the scoresheet.


Ahead of the club's first home game since winning at Wembley it was


hoping the trophy would spur them on to a victory. Westcarr put them


ahead. Scunthorpe had equallised. Chesterfield to deal with the


loanee, Robertson applied a smart finish. Three goals after the hour


make, the Iron avoided six successive draws. Robertson turned


provider which was rounded by Walker. They failed to clear their


lines. Robertson punished them with a cracker. Chesterfield look adrift


at the foot of the table with six games left. It was a day for for


them to celebrate as Barcham got the fourth. Both sides went into


this game knowing that the winners would take a giant stride towards


preserving their League One status. Walsall were awarded when Ledesma


opened the scoring. They took control when Widdowson got the


credit of the own-goal. Whatever Rochdale manager said at the break,


it worked as the home side began their fight back. Akpa Akpro


stabbed home. Deal pressed and levelled from the spot after


Kennedy was up-ended by Saddler. Symes converted the penalty with


the minimum of fuss. The home side pushed for a winner. Deep into


stoppage time they were rewarded. This volley secured three valuable


points for Rochdale. There was to be one final twist in this game.


Butler headed home. The teams share six games and the points. Dramatic


end to that game. Terrific goalscorers. You have to put Gary


Madine in that bracket, helping Sheffield Wednesday to their 23rd


league win of the season? A great signing. You could see his


potential. He hits it firm. The keeper would be disappointed it


went through his near-post. The power beats him. This goal is what


Madine is all about. A big striker, good in the air. He is aware of


what is happening around him. He guides it into the corner


beautifully. We heard from Graham Westley. There is confusion


regarding what is happening at Preston. He is alleging that some


of the Preston players leaked the team or whether it was a windup


from the Wednesday bench. It highlights there is a lack of trust


between some players at the club and Graham Westley? Either way it's


a disgrace. If players are going out there giving the team away.


It's making... If that is true? undermines everything he is trying


to achieve there. Whether he likes their methods or not they are


professionals and they have to get on with it. If at the end of the


season they can move on. If it's a windup that is even worse. Is


shouldn't be something any other side should get involved in.


can they repair this relationship? It can only get worse. Preston need


to pick up points to secure their league status. How can he do that


with players he doesn't trust and who don't want to play for him. If


he is going to root it out I will try and get them out now so they


can move forward with a group that is behind him. Carlisle United,


unbeaten now in 16. Their play-off push continues. There is a feel


good factor at this football club. They took 600 fans midweek, with a


special offer, that shows you what is going on there? Abbott has done


a terrific job. He has done it with lots of loans. They have a lot to


be travelling for and happy to do the distance. They are in the play-


offs and doing well. Greg Abbott works hard and doesn't get the


accolades he deserves. Over due win for Bury against Tranmere? Massive


relief for Ritchie Barker and his team. One win in 14. Coke comes up


with the winner. You think, where are the next three points coming


from? They got it. They were slipping into that bottom four. It


has given leeway to move forward dominated by the incredible scenes


at the end of Bradford's game against Crawley Town. Five players


were sent off after a mass brawl broke out. It remains to be seen


what punishment will be given by the focus shifted back to the


football. On Friday night, Torquay had another long-distance trip,


Nearly 14,000 miles will be covered by the Torquay United coach over


the course of this season. Only Plymouth Argyle will do more than


rounds in bleak one had last season's play-off final, their play.


The manager departed followed by several key players but it would


appear that the good times up back Ed Torquay United. Step forward and


man who has won five promotions as a player and another one as a


manager with Leyton Orient, and who has overcome a challenging time at


Cambridge United to beat Torquay United on a run of 12 wins from


their last 16 games since the turn of the year. The boys of buzzing,


aren't they? There is plenty of banter which is always a good sign.


They are quietly confident of what they have been doing. There is a


good team spirit. We're talking about our pop star over there, Rene


Howe! Since I have been with Torquay, everything has been up and


down. We have been relegated, promoted, near enough in a dogfight


as well. Did you hold in New Year's Eve party and put something special


in their drinks, because since the turn of the year of the form has


been unbelievable! Or try to save we did, but 2012 has been


unbelievable. I have never been on such a run as this. Excuse me!


have the kitbag! I know we go on about it with Q and planet and the


distances, but you must have de facto it in. -- with you and a


Plymouth. Yes, it does come into it. 19 overnight out of 23 trips, you


have to make sure it does not play against high-flying Torquay. The


Torquay goalkeeper escaped with a yellow card. The failure by McLeod


proved costly as the Devon club pushed on for the win that put more


pressure on leaders Swindon. They were on course to match a club


record of 11 away wins in one season. The defeat leaves Barnet


perilously close to trouble. Torquay March on. Come on! Get the


sandwiches out! We spoke at half- time about quality, it was better


in the second half. Brian and Mark had their front two, well done, at


the first half they gave us a run around and you ask them the


question. That is a job well done. That, if I may say so, had all but


full marks of a team that is heading for promotion. It is called


the smash and grab method! I did not dare say it! Definitely, the


pause was nowhere near the level we have been. They would cut, they


missed their chances, we took our one good chance. It is not about


performers at this stage of the season, it is about results. I


think that has broken Arrow wave record as a clerk. There is plenty


of character in the dressing room. You had a small saver on the


appointment of Martin Ling at Torquay. I was asked about a man I


told the truth, I said he is honest, he wants to play the game and


develop players and will be a perfect fit for Torquay. I'm


delighted that they appointed him. Do you see them completing the


process with promotion? I do. He is so, and he has a great assistant as


well. They are really hard working and the supporters appreciate that.


No matter where they are in the league, supporters will always


appreciate hard work. The wind for Torquay move them to one. Away from


Swindon. Swindon welcomed Bristol players alliance after that the


not get past the Bristol Rovers goalkeeper. A frustrating day for


Swindon. After Crawley's brawl with Bradford


in midweek, Scott Davis almost lifted the cloud hanging over them.


In the end they were bemoaning two. Strop. It could have been different


but the referee had decided the handball was deliberate not


accidental. I do not think anyone can understand why we did not get a


penalty. Aldershot set out to do what no other team has done this


season, the double over at Shrewsbury. Six minutes into the


second half it look like they may pull it off. Josh Payne took aim


from the spot and did not disappoint. Prospects improved


minutes later. The referee took a different view of the challenge and


it is no surprise that Graham Turner is considering an appeal.


Aldershot looked to push home their advantage. But we Cobb minutes left,


Marvin Morgan conjured up equaliser that preserves the end the unbeaten


home record in the Football League. They are still in the hunt for the


top three. If Shrimpers came to see the return


of their hero Freddy Eastwood, they were not disappointed. 10 minutes


after the red card, the first goal. Horn doubled the lead with a shot


that been used the goalkeeper. Then the moment that the fans wanted.


Freddy Eastwood, on loan from Coventry, crowned his return home


with a goal. In total control, but hopes were confident the stroking


the ball about and in no need to go easy on the visitors. A


comprehensive win for Southend against the promotion rivals.


People will say that 10 men changed the game, at the end I think we


were very competent when it was 11 against 11.


Oxford's faint hopes of automatic promotion were dealt a blow as a


clinical Morecambe's side claimed the points. Three minutes in, Craig


Curran opened the scoring. With celebrations barely over, the game


was level as Scott Rendell was first to react. More can claimed


the 0.16 minutes from time. Stewart Drummond heading home the winner.


An early boost for Crewe in their quest for play-off place. The


beauty from Luke Murphy gave them the lead against Northampton. They


were seemingly on course for a 5th straight win. But Adebayo Akinfenwa


continues to do the business. His 17th of the campaign at the game


all square by the hour mark. By the finish, Northampton had the


goalkeeper to thank. He capped the debut by thwarting the penalty.


Could Gillingham rekindle play-off hopes after managing just one win


in five games? When the opening goal came after the break, the


Gillingham boss said it would not have looked out of place in the


Premier League. Matt Fish applied the finish. Gillingham's sealed the


points, leaving Macclesfield in the drop zone. Chris Whelpdale headed


home the second. These are dark times for Hereford


who are fighting for football League survival. The managerless


team were looking to impress potential new bosses and scored the


only goal of the game before the break. Hereford are now four points


from safety, bottom of League Two. Steer clear of Terry Brown for a


while. The Wimbledon boss was fuming after watching his team lose


at Accrington. With half an hour gone, Luke Moore levelled up but it


was a pity that they could not make more of their chances in the second


half. Accrington went on to complete the double over their


London opponents, with Will The hero of the hour of made a


brilliant save. Top scorer Mark Richards had the idea to improvise


on the spot. Not only was the penalty save, it was followed up


with two more blocks to ensure a vital victory.


Finally, some breathing room for Plymouth. The only goal was fired


home after four minutes. Guy Branston forced a save from Jake


Kohl. Plymouth held on for a big win to join Bradford level on 40


I am sure the Plymouth fans are breathing a sigh of relief.


Absolutely. There is experience in there. A nice mixture. A vital


three points for them. Brian Horton performed heroics to keep


Macclesfield up. He's certainly go down his work cut out. They have


only 11 game since October. Yes, and they are a few points away from


safety. But Brian Horton is experienced and is doing a decent


job in difficult circumstances. He knows the club and his experience


might help him get out of trouble. One team on the up his Dagenham and


Redbridge. They've had a tough couple of seasons since they had


been promoted. Players have come and gone. But there was a strong


bench this week. Some players back from injury and they are on quite a


good run. Right, well before we go, let's take a look at the latest


tables then. In nPower League Two Torquay have


closed the gap on Swindon to two points after the Robins were held


at home by Bristol Rovers. Southend were the only other side in the top


were the only other side in the top seven to win over the weekend.


Hereford and Macclesfield are both looking in trouble after both lost


without scoring. There was a valuable three points for Plymouth


as they draw level on points with Bradford and Dagenham have now


climbed to 19th with another win. The top three in league one all won


and move further clear of Huddersfield and MK Dons who both


lost. Carlisle consolidate their play-off place with that late win


and have played a game less than Notts County in 7th.


Chesterfield lost ground on the teams above them as they lost and


the 4 teams above them all drew. Bury picked up a much needed win at


the 14th time of asking and are one of three sides on 46 points.


In the Championship it was a great day for Reading as they moved 4


points clear of third placed West Ham and are now 2 points off


Southampton. Behind those three sides it is really tight. After


Birmingham and Blackpool won and Brighton and Middlesbrough drew


with each other all 4 sides now sit on 63 points.


It was a good day for Coventry as they move out of the bottom three


for the first time since October. They are replaced by Bristol City


who drew with Derby. Nottingham Forest are up to 19th with another


good away win. Now the show is on the red button


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