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Well, what a week it's been if you're a Reading fan.


Despite being 150-1 to win promotion back in December, the


Royals marked their return to the Premier League on Tuesday thanks to


Mikele Leigertwood's goal, giving them a 1-0 win over Nottingham


Forest. Cue scenes of wild celebration at


the Madejski. With Reading back in the top flight,


after a four year absence. Yes, very well done to Brian


McDermott and his players, a phenomenal effort, dropping just


five points in 2012. We'll reflect on that a little


later in the company of Steve Claridge.


With promotion and relegation issues coming thick and fast at


this stage of the season, here's what else is on the show tonight.


Southampton were hoping anything Reading could do, they could do


just as well. They faced Boro at the Riverside


knowing that a win would see them march back into the Premier League.


There was also plenty to play for down at the bottom, a win for


Bristol City against Barnsley would save their bacon and condemn


Portsmouth and Coventry to life in League One.


Speaking of League One, the only guarantee was that someone would be


relegated today. We'll bring you a round-up of all


the action in a frantic day at the sharp end of the table. We are in


League Two to see if Swindon tp town could get the point they need


to get their return to League One. They had one crack at this at


Aldershot during the week. Today they travel to Gillingham.


So Reading promoted, the big question on Saturday was could


question on Saturday was could Southampton join them in the


Premier League next season? Well, this was the top of the


Championship table going into the weekend, with just two games left


for each side. West Ham aren't playing until


Monday night, but Southampton knew that a win at Middlesbrough would


be enough to put them eight points clear of the Hammers and secure a


second successive promotion for the Saints in the process.


Commentary comes from Laurence Herdman.


From the Ashes of administration, Southampton stand on the prink of a


Premier League return. A Saints victory wraps up the second


automatic promotion spot after Reading crossed the line mid-week.


Too many home draws, not enough goals, Boro need two wins and a


helping hand elsewhere. Boro are set to revert to a four, four, two


formation. The goalkeeper has been sounded out for Olympic selection.


Barpy Robson makes his last Riverside appearance. Two former


Southampton players lead the attack. in the Championship. He is right up


there. The last player to achieve that was Mark Chivers in 1966 when


players getting in each other's way. Here is Rickie Lambert. He squares


it. Southampton have taken an early lead. Billy Sharp is a cut above


the rest at the moment. There is no better finisher in the Championship


at the moment than Billy Sharp. What a cool finish. What a start


this is for Southampton. This time Haroun is onside. Chance to cross.


Excellent defending by Southampton. Still on. Robson goes for goal.


Travelling high and wide. An excellent stop from Fonte who


nearly collided with Davis. Laid back for Barry Robson who went for


power. What good defending that was. Robson goes for goal. That wasn't


very far away. It was his midfield partner Bailey that found him. The


StS of Southampton, they need to keep it tight until the half-time


whistle. Here is Robson. Good delivery. The shot is into the back


of the net, from distance! Nicky Bailey has equallised for


Middlesbrough, completely out of the blue. The player who suffered


play-off heartache with Charlton may of rescued Middlesbrough's


dream. It was a volley on the left foot. Davis couldn't get there. He


dropped out of the air. To the final second of the first half at


the Riverside. On side here, and into the back of the net. The


whistle had gone against Jutkiewicz. I think he's onside. It was an


incorrect decision. Jutkiewicz controlled it well and buried it


past Davis. The goal should of stood. Lallana had an opportunity


to cross. He's run out of room. Fox, with the pass. Nodded down by Fonte.


Bounces awkwardly. Smashed over the crossbar. What a chance for Billy


Sharp. Lambert floated the initial cross. It was the physical presence


of Fonte. It fell to Sharp, a good opportunity. Through the middle


here is Lallana. Lallana is tripped right on the en of the penalty area.


A -- edge of the penalty area. Lallana fell inside the box. He is


surrounded by Middlesbrough players tsm could be a big call by the


referee. It's Lambert for Southampton. It looked as though it


was going to hit the back of the net. More often than not, Ricky


Lambert finds the target. Not on that occasion. We are into the


final quarter. Middlesbrough have to win. Davis had to push it around


the post. On target, no, it was Has the referee called the


Southampton defender back? He has. He has given a free-kick on the


edge of the penalty area. Fonte has been shown a yellow card. It was


McMahon's floated ball in towards Jutkiewicz. Fonte was holding the


upper right arm of the Middlesbrough striker. There.


Zemmama kills it. It's into the back of the net. Zemmama has been


the party pooper. A piece of magic. Middlesbrough's play-off dream is


still just about alive. Up, and down, and beyond the keeper. West


Ham United supporters are, for the moment, confident that maybe Sam


Allardyce's team can join Reading back pedalling. He fancied his


chances. It was coming down. That was close. Another dream this


afternoon has turned sour for afternoon has turned sour for


Southampton. We knew it would be a challenging game here.


Middlesbrough play good football. We didn't capitalise on the start


that we had. Obviously, the goal we conceded bang on half-time. We


always look at the goals and think we can do better at them. We


started well in the second-half. Had opportunities. The big turning


point will be the decision were Lallana is through, the referee


decided to give a free-kick. We haven't put it in the back of the


net. Hopefully, it would be a good week for us. It's a good week. We


are still alive and kicking. We have to go to Watford and win. That


is not easy. They have a bright young side. That will be a


difficult ask. Cardiff going to Palace is also a difficult ask for


them. It should be an interesting weekend. Next week, Coventry at


home, 32,000 people, what more do you want. Read having won the


Championship. It cap as great week for the Royals. We will talk about


them later when we see how they faired on Saturday. An entertaining


game. They had to much to play for? Real Hamer and tongs stuff, wasn't


it? Yes. Very watchable all the way through. Nice to see Middlesbrough


get a result at home. They haven't been great at home. No. They have


come up short of the top ten. Nice for the home fans to get a result.


As we said, good game of football as well. Should Middlesbrough have


had a man sent off at that stage? Should he have been given his


marching orders? It's a challenge from behind. You really do need to


get the ball. You run the risk of get the ball. You run the risk of


being sent off He will consider himself lucky to have got away with


this one considering where Lallana is and where the challenge is made.


He doesn't get the ball. In that situation you are expecting a


situation you are expecting a yellow card. The referee issued two


red cards. As for the winning goal, Middlesbrough from Zemmama, that


Middlesbrough from Zemmama, that was something special? Fantastic.


It was good for him because it was the centre of the goal. Davis is


centre of the ball. The ball doesn't go in the corner. He can go


either side, Davis has to stand in the middle to get to the ball to


his left or right. By doing that the space and elevation does him.


the space and elevation does him. Fantastic finish. Great goal.


Worthy of winning a game like that. Were does this leave us for the


race for second? I don't think it changes much. Southampton may of


done enough already. They probably have. Leicester away for West Ham


isn't easy. Southampton, start of the season I'm saying to Nigel


Adkins, I will give you a relegated side, you are at home, a draw will


be enough, a win will get into the Premiership, what would he of said?


He would of snapped your hand of. Well as for bottom of the


Championship there were two issues still to be resolved. Doncaster


will be playing in League One next season. Their fate was in their own


hands and knew they would be safe if they could beat Barnsley sending


the Sky Blues and Pompey down in the Sky Blues and Pompey down in


the process. They are hitting form at the right time. Barnsley are


safe. City make two changes from the draw from West Ham Barnsley


ball missed Andy Gray. The shot deflected off the left boot and


Wasn't too far wide. The keeper not too troubled. Skuse is through,


Skuse with a chance to open the scoring. Have they secured


Championship status. The local boy left it late in the season to score


his first two goals. One against West Ham, now, has he got the all-


important one to make sure that Bristol City manager completes his


mission of survival? Cole Skuse Higginbotham. Given offside as he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


was racing towards the edge of the two goals, possibly the one which


has confirmed another season in the held back as he looked to go round


his man. I dome are somewhat held a poor on the shirt. -- Paul. It is


to double their advantage. Stead ensures a second goal and steers


Bristol City to was the Championship for another season.


The fans' Player of the Season with a goal from 12 yards out. It may


have been a gift but they will accept it. Stead, unerring from 12


yards out. The keeper goes the right way but that was unstoppable.


The Robins will be bouncing in the Stead denied a second goal, superb


electrifying move, Adomah at the Dickie Arbiter 2-0. The noise is


tells you that Derek McInnes has secured survival and delivers for


the Robins and Stead scored the second goal that put it beyond


Barnsley and leaves Bristol City and the Championship to add to


Skuse's first-half effort and precipitates the pitch invasion.


They are delighted to stay up. We are staying up, they say, at Ashton


Gate. The red shirted Robins are surrounded by red shirted


supporters. What seems that Ashton Gate and Stead was crowned the


fans'' Player of the Season prior We made an effort to try to keep


the club up and through perseverance and effort we have


done just that. Today, it was not easy. But we managed to get the job


done, a clean sheet and 2-0 up. We were comfortable for the last 20


minutes of the game. We are delighted to get the result. There


is no real enjoyment in staving off relegation battle but that is not


for now. We have to make sure we have a close season and get good


players to add to the good players here and this time next season we


will celebrate more than just being staving off relegation. They have


been a lot of successes this season, retaining our Championship sake --


status. We look forward to next season. It is not something to


celebrate but during the cold season we have to make sure that we


don't suffer the consequences of the form we have been in since the


turn of the year. Having played all round the country, what a These


fans like? We all got mobbed at the final whistle. They have been


fantastic and when we have needed them in the last couple of home


games they have come out in force and supported us. It was important


to keep the Championship stages and the players when they needed to got


themselves a fantastic run. I think the last ten or 11 games, the last


-- the number of point we have accumulated, we have fought


relegation battle more or less from the first kick of the ball. We


don't want to be in that situation again. It is important we recruit


well, add to the players and Portsmouth didn't know it but


nothing they could have done against Derby would have made any


difference as survival would have been out of their hands and the way


at Bristol City's victory negotiated -- negated anything they


headed Derby in front before the break. Pompey were putting on a


spirited performance and it could have been all-square had tickets


and been able to keep his shot down. -- Kitson. Michael Appleton's side


continued to press. It was Allan's turn to be frustrated, the his


effort coming back off the bar. Derby nearly doubled their


advantage. Warter's free kick was well kept out by Ashdown. -- or


Ward's free kick. Luke Varney's clinical finish was has six of the


season. Instead of pressing in search of a winner, Portsmouth


nearly fell behind immediately. Steve Davis' header kept out by a


brilliant tip-over. -- Davies. The visitors had a penalty.


Portsmouth's tumultuous season was only getting worse. Davies


converted and Derby ran out 2-1 winners. Pompey's relegation to


League one is confirmed. It was almost an inevitability that


Bristol City would get the points they needed to. It would have been


nice to win the game. I thought we didn't have to win the game, we


didn't have not to lose the game especially in the second half, the


performance we put in. But yes, like I say, we are a bit frustrated


and terribly disappointed at the season became their final game in


the Championship. News of Bristol City's first-half goal punctured


hope early on. McDonald's second half effort gave them hope a


miracle might be possible. Doncaster had no intention of going


down quietly. They deepened Coventry's gloom in the final ten


minutes. Hayter and keel. The defender was duly shown a red card


and Hayter scored. Coventry's grip on the Championship was loosened


further. The Sky Blues kept battling. This effort seemed to sum


up their season. Their fate was sealed three minutes from time when


Doncaster scored again through Gillett. League One now beckons for


both next season. The jeers of the home supporters only grew louder


than the final whistle confirmed what many had feared all date for


It is something we need to learn from. We need to regroup, we need


to freshen up and come back I thought I could come in and keep


them in their league, I haven't done it. We have to rebuild the


team, rebuild the club and take the club forward.


So that completes the picture at the bottom of the Championship so


Portsmouth and Doncaster in League 1 next season. Are you surprised to


see Coventry at Portsmouth slip through the trapdoor? Not really.


Coventry have been down there all season, it has been a struggle.


Let's be honest, Portsmouth, you give them the ten points back and


they go in with a shout next week. What would have been interesting,


the fixture, which would have been Nottingham Forest away, but --


because it would have put Forest into the relegation mire along with


Portsmouth side would have been an interesting game. As it stands it


is meaningless. Portsmouth, take ten points of any side, it is going


to be tough. You would like to hope those clubs would hang on to the


young stars to build a future around them but their fate was


decided by events that Ashton Gate. A good win for Bristol City. It was


nice to see that goal from City coming from a home-grown player


like Skuse. It was a super finish. Barnsley would have been one of the


top of the wish-list to play for accuracy. His first, he hits


the ground, but -- but because it is in -- because it is accurate,


although it is not a great strike, it goes in the back of the net.


have to give credit to Derek McInnes. He had to lead them to


Yes, they had six points out-60 before he got there, they plotted


off, a dip, looked as though they would be in trouble but they


stabilised -- they levelled off. Was related to stay up, he said the


players we have got, we should have stayed at more comfortably. They


realise they have under-achieved. As for the rest of the Championship,


we start at Reading who knew they were Premier League bound as they


welcomed Crystal Palace to the meant adding we're back in the


Premier League after a four year absence. -- Ruddick were back. They


wanted to finish as champions. However the visitors had not read


the script and with 14 minutes on the clock that Eagles raced into


the lead when Manpower found the net for the first time in two


months and -- when Zaha found the net. Gorkss' third goal of the


season rounded off intense Reading pressure. But the visitors


continued to threaten and with Reading guilty of very own Reading


like defending, Murray nearly capitalised. His effort came off


the bar. Jason Roberts has been a revelation. On his 500th career


appearance he was to receive his marching orders for what the


referee deemed an elbow. Roberts became the first Reading player to


be sent off this season. Despite being down to ten men the hosts


took the lead. Le font scored four goals in his last three matches and


he was at it again. -- Le Fondre. The Eagles levelled with just under


15 minutes left to play, Murray scoring his first goal in 2012 but


Reading were not to know that Southampton would lose later and


give them the title. So McDermott was not downhearted at the final


whistle. We kept going and going, down to ten men. The referee has


made an honest mistake. We play for the supporters and fans and they


have had a fantastic season and these guys have done us proud,


absolutely proud. I could not be more proud of the group.


Birmingham made a trip to the south coast knowing a win would assure


their play in the play-offs. Two seasons ago Newcastle had promotion


and the Blues hope his experience will pay dividends. Brighton have a


run of form which cut off any hope of reaching the play-offs. They had


another opportunity moments later but the player could not find the


target. Birmingham were not offering much as an attacking force.


The closest they came to breaking the deadlock was through Redmond.


This was almost all number six of the season. -- goal number six.


Into the second half and against the run of play the visitors took


the lead. Redmond found the target to give his team the springboard to


extend their unbeaten run to eight games. But having taken the lead


they could not hold on to it. Brighton earned themselves a


deserved share of the spoils with Barnes' 11th league goal of the


season, but a draw was still good to be able to extend that by


getting into the play-offs. I think, once we got into the top six, it


took us a good while because because we were playing catchup.


When we got in there there was a desire to stay there. That is what


we managed to do. Now, this is the way to travel to work. Blackpool


Chairman arrived in style with his very Onuoha personal parking space.


The groundsman not thank him for landing on the pitch. His manager


was looking to guide his side to victory over Burnley and secure


their play-off place. Having won two successive promotions through


the play-offs with Blackpool in 2010 and Swansea a year late --


later Dobbie is the person you need. Holloway side of a return to the


top-flight were given a boost as Taylor-Fletcher doubled their


advantage. That play-off place well within their grasp now. Just after


the hour saw the go-ahead for the dream headlines to start. A patient


build-up, it saw Crainey score Blackpool's third. How it made it


past the keeper, only he can answer. The show wasn't yet over. As


Blackpool further improved their goal difference and a chance to


leapfrog Birmingham with Wigan loanee, Dicko, adding a late fourth.


Dreams of a return to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge still alive.


The manager a relieved man at the final whistle. At half-time I would


of taken 1-0, never mind what happened in the second-half. My


boys were terrific. Great belief in themselves and produced a great


performance. We have two matches to have another go. A lunchtime kick-


off in south Wales gave Cardiff a chance to steal a March on their


rivals and confirm their place in the play yaufts for the third year


running. Leeds started brightly. Joe Mason's performance this season


saw him sign a four year extension this week. He marked it four


minutes before half-time with his ninth league goal of the season. It


could of been worse for Leeds moments later. Some fine goal


keeping stopped Kenny Miller doubling Cardiff's advantage. Mark


Hudson scored a goal from his right foot in the midweek game against


Derby, but he couldn't manage it. Andy Taylor tried his luck but the


keeper was alert to the danger. That save proved crucial. Leeds


were level within minutes and Cardiff cursing a lack of


concentration. Luciano Becchio claimed his 11th goal of the season.


12 games unbeaten for Cardiff, two points conceded at a crucial part


of the season. It was fantastic save for us to go 2-0 up. They


scored a good goal. I could never see them scoring. Following


Cardiff's 1-1 draw with Leeds, Hull knew they wouldn't be able to make


the play-offs this season. They welcomed a Nottingham Forest side


who quaranteed their Championship survival in recent weeks. It was


the visitors who bossed the opening exchanges. They could of taken a


lead. Paul Anderson couldn't direct his header on target. Forest


continued to look the more likely to break the deadlock after the


restart. Radoslow Majewski shot never looked like beating the


keeper. It was the hostes who made the breakthrough before the hour


mark. Chris Gunter the unlikely party. Nothing he could to avoid


putting the ball into his own net. Hull were on track for back-to-back


victories following their mid-week win over Barnsley. Forest went in


serve of an equalliser. They were denied as Hull stayed resolute.


Five defeats last month is were Hull's play-off ambitions came off


stuck. They were awarded a penalty. Luke Chambers brought down Chester.


They scored with ten minutes to go, 2-0 up. Forest got the goal their


performance had merited, Majewski lashing in at the second attempt to


reduce the deficit to one goal. Too little, too late. Hull run out 2-1


winners. Unaffected by the play-off battle, Watford could of been


forgiven for playing out time at London Road. Peterborough like to


attack. Paul Taylor caused enough problems for the defence early on.


They conceded a penalty. Kew Tomlin who put the home side ahead with


his eight league goal of the season. Watford are facing their sixth


campaign at this level. Deeney's form will encourage hopes for a


place in the play-offs. Right place, right time to equallise. His ninth


league goal of the season. It was goal number 77 scored at London


Road this season, a total only equaled at Bramwell Lane. It wasn't


long before goal 7 did arrive and the visitors scored it, Sean Murray


hadn't celebrated his first birthday when Watford last won at


London Road. If there is one thing that Peterborough do, it's score


goals. Paul Taylor's future remains uncertain his aim is true. A


further hint to potential buyers, perhaps. Peterborough might of


snatched a late victory. This goal rattled the bar, not the back of


the net. Good entertainment. The points were shared. Come on! With


the play-offs out of reach and relegation avoided you might of


expected Ipswich and Millwall's clash to have that end of season


feel. Millwall have won their last four. They went in front with Andy


Keogh's eight league goal since joining Millwall in January. 139th


goal in matches Ipswich have played all season. They have scored 67


themselves. Chopra failed to add to that tally. Paul Robinson turned


Chopra's cross on to the post before recovering well to steer


Jason Scotland's attempts off the line. Ipswich hadn't won any of


their last four. Their chances of ending that run looked remote when


Trotter increased Millwall's lead after the hour. The goal showed the


visitor's at their best. The Tractor Boys were given a life line.


Jack Smith brought down Drury to concede a penalty. The goalkeeper


gave notice he is not ready for retirement by saefg not only this


kick, but also the follow-up. -- saving not only this kick, but also


the follow-up. Millwall added a third goal with Keogh again on


target. The Lions the only Championship club so far to get


maximum points in April. Turning out to be a great end to the season


for Millwall with five wins in a for Millwall with five wins in a


row. Congratulations to Reading. They have won the title. The draw


happened to be enough against Crystal Palace. What a year it has


Crystal Palace. What a year it has been for them Incredible. When you


think of what happened in the play- offs. Fantastic since the turn of


the year. The form side. In the last month, a lot of questions


asked. Big games they have had to play. West Ham away, Brighton away,


Southampton away. They found the answer in all of those. As I said


before, you cannot begrudge them their success. Good luck to them.


Blackpool began the season with hangover after relegation from the


Premier League. Dobbie continues this great affiliation with the


play-offs. They are one of the dangerous live wires in the play-


offs. You are not quite sure what you will get from them. They have a


player there who can step into a side and, particularly the way


Blackpool play, they can accommodate that player am they


pass the ball. He plays in between the line. Off the front player. He


gets the ball down. He makes people play. He asks questions of the


opposition. With regard to, how do you pick him up and where do you


play against him? If you can make the difference he can with that


extra bit of quality is a good addition. Huge credit to Birmingham.


Momental effort to reach the play- offs? The start of the season with


the Europa Cup, people saying he can't take that and the League. To


be fair, that was almost a couple of good results in the Europa Cup


set their league form alight. From that, they have had a good season.


Yet again, they have more than earnt their place in the play-offs.


earnt their place in the play-offs. They certainly have.


To League One now and we start at the bottom of the table, where it's


safe to say the scramble to stay safe to say the scramble to stay


afloat has been pretty frantic. What was certain though was that


someone would fall through the relegation trapdoor on Saturday.


The bottom three, Chesterfield, Exeter and Rochdale, all needed


wins realistically to stand a chance of maintaining their League


One status. Problem was though, two of those


three, Chesterfield and Rochdale, were actually playing each other.


That's where we begin our basement going to end in tears. Whoever lost


was condemned to relegation, both sides would of gone if results


elsewhere went against them. A tense and goalless opening 73


minutes told its own story before Rochdale's Akpa-Akpro put Rochdale


ahead. Chesterfield are making a habit of deifying the odds. They


have started to win. Scot boden knead three in a row. With a draw


no good, Rochdale lost heart. They stood and watched these efforts,


Danny Whitaker was much more alert. With two games remaining,


Chesterfield could record an escape worthy of Houdini. Rochdale return


to the fourth tier after two seasons in League One. What put us


down, since I've been at the club, the inability to win away from home.


You wouldn't get a better chance than we had today, 1-0 up and


coasting. It was vital that we won. The three points were crucial. I


thought Rochdale were the better team. The players showed grit and


determination. The manager made good substitutions with both of


them scoring. It's about winning games at this stage of the season.


Nothing but a win would be good enough for Exeter City, anything


else spelled relegation. They fell behind when Nicholls fired the ball


into the net. Before this, Exeter shared the unwanted award of the


lowest scorers in the league, 39 in 43 games. That was to be turned on


its head. Daniel Nardiello gave them hope, five minutes into the


second-half after Gow's shot was saved. Cuvelier put them in front


with his third goal of the season. Exeter wouldn't give up. The


chances of a remarkable fight back when Manny Smith was shown a second


yellow card by the referee for this challenge on Nardiello, with 25


minutes still to play. Alan Gow had been playing in the Indian league


and almost went to play in Iran. Exeter was delighted they he choose


them with this chip to bring them level. He was at it again. The


former Rangers striker finished in style to give them the lead for the


first time. They weren't finished. After a spot of wrestling, and a


spot of, after you, there was time for Sercombe to add an a fourth.


The pivotal moment was the sending off which got us back into the game


numerically. Having conceded the second goal, when we thought we


were back in it, 1-1. We conceded a poor second goal. I was looking at


the players thinking, are you going to keep doing the rietion things?


They did. We played with purpose. We played with a fair bit of


ability. I think we deserved our win. With promotion already in the


bag, Charlton had one last piece of business to take care of. Yann


Kermorgant's free-kick pointed the way to victory over Wycombe. Their


route was far from comfortable. They did well to keep out Bevon who


threatened to ruin Charlton's day, but home fans got what they wanted


with 15 minutes to go. Johnny Jackson stole possession and Danny


Haynes, the substitute, made an immediate impact. Dale Stephenson


Court. His fourth of the campaign creating -- crowning a great season


for the London club. A 5th successive win puts the trophy in


the cabinet and ensures Charlton return to the Championship in style


after a three-year absence. You get the feeling this could be the start


of an exciting journey for Chris Dorian three points clear of the


drop zone, Barnes was squeaking. Step forward Kevin Nisbet -- Kevin


Lisbie. When Jamal Campbell-Ryce teed up the second of the match,


Orient were sitting pretty. But the Mugly defending ensured Orient were


gripped by anxiety. On 82 minutes, Williams pulled one back after


Orient failed to clear a free-kick. There was worse to come. Own


injury-time corner found the home but when Robbie Simpson headed home,


it gave them some much-needed breathing space. Preston have


nothing to play for but pride, but they equalised 10 minutes later.


Danny May showed good skill to keep the ball in an Crossford Chris


Holroyd to head home. Oldham are say.


Two clubs with an eye on next season. Rochdale are relegated


after two years in the division. Their chairman admitted not that


long ago that too much has changed at the club into little time. It


caught up with them. It has. Losing some very, very decent players at


the start of the season. They figured prominently in their


success last year. A change of manager. None of it has helped.


Things have culminated in getting relegated. Three wins in a row for


Chesterfield. They have given themselves a fighting chance.


certainly have. There are two games left in this division. Slightly


more room for manoeuvre. They played really well. To be fair,


although I have done is carried that for one. We walked away from


the game thinking how they down there? Now they are showing form.


Maybe they have shown it too late, but there's a chance. Fans will


also be thinking about Exeter, who live to fight another day. They


beat Walsall, which mean the Saddlers are hovering just around


the relegation zone. A fantastic goal. Leyton Orient's goal


difference is so bad. Exeter can catch them. Their chances are slim,


no doubt about that, but we have seen in Chesterfield and Exeter,


some very decent results. Rochdale leave the decision, well


done to John Coleman in his efforts to bounce straight back. -- good


luck to John Coleman. The race was on to see who would be joining


Swindon. Shifford United -- Sheffield United would be without


Wilson's share food United, who knew victory coupled with a defeat


for Sheffield Wednesday would see them promoted. Alan Smith's first


goal in five years had the Dons in front after 60 minutes. That was


enough to send Carl Robinson's men into the brake on top. Smith could


have doubled the lead but Michael Doyle was perfectly placed to clear


the danger. The Dons were not safe yet. United had come from behind in


the two previous outings to win. Daniel poll's strong-arm tactics


made life difficult. His dismissal left the Dons with 10 men for the


final 20 minutes, but despite being a man down, they continued to cause


problems. Roared on by 6,000 travelling fans, the Blades almost


snatched a point at the death, but Jones, Wednesday are determined to


put United to the post. Word of the Blades scoreline had already


reached Hillsborough when they took the lead. Lyons pouncing after


Jermaine Johnson's shot was parried. The Carlisle goalkeeper had an


otherwise inspired afternoon, repeatedly denied Wednesday what


could have been a comprehensive victory. When Colin was beetle,


there was a goal line saviour. -- beaten. With time running out, it


seemed fortune was favouring the Cumbrians. A deflection off the


wall fell nicely and he silenced Hillsborough with seven minutes


left. But it was worth it for the pandemonium that greeted the winner.


Wynnstay doing it the hard way, going within a point of their arch-


rivals. -- Wednesday. When it is 1- 0, set play, the little break fell


to them. The lad has drilled a tin. Full credit to the boys because


they kept believing, kept playing right and they got their rewards at


the end of the day. It would have with this fierce free-kick from


Bobby Grant. Huddersfield's season has fizzled out in recent weeks.


Three consecutive defeats have left them consigned to the play-offs


again. Scunthorpe manager Alan Neale thought his side dominated


possession. But they were relieved to see this effort rolled up for


offside. Batten ruled out. At the other Wren, body Gibbons was then


denied by a fine save from Iain Bennett. Grant could not force the


rebound home. So the game looked like ending goalless. That was


until the very last minute of normal time, when Lee no broke


through and scored his 15th goal of the season. But it is a third


consecutive play-off campaign for Notts County the chance to pull


clear in the race for that final play-off position. A vicious strike


from David Worrell had them trailing at the break. Straight


from the restart, County were level. An own goal by Giles Coker. Even


though Louise Hughes did his best to claim it. But Bury are finishing


the season with a flourish and midway through the second half.


That meant the home side had to pull out all the stops. Mike


Edwards crashed them back into contention with 11 minutes left.


When android Jones was dismissed for bringing down Jon Harley, their


hopes of turning it around were given a timely boost. But as Keith


Cowell's men pushed bodies forward in search of an equaliser, they


left themselves open to the counter-attack. Mark Carrington


race clear in stoppage time to guarantee his side another season


of League One football. County's hopes of a top-six finish on now in


defeat at Stevenage will take some beating. When Clinton Morrison were


brought down, they were awarded a penalty. Clayton Donaldson has had


an inconsistent season in front of goal. This was not one of his


better moments. The striker thought he had made amends in the second


half when he was felled for a second Brinsford penalty. But


Donaldson was not allowed to take this one. Sam Saunders stepped up


and soon wished he had not. Victory would have seen the bees leapfrog


their hosts into the last play-off spot, but almost inevitably,


moments after that second penalty miss, Stevenage took the lead.


Craig Reid with a tidy finish. With Bradford still thinking about what


might have been, Nick Freeman made sure the borrower would climb into


the top six. -- Brentford. Brentford were not entirely


hopeless with the dead ball. Saunders restored a measure of


pride with his free kick, but with the play-offs five points away, he


and Brentford opted not to Bournemouth took the lead when Les


Thomas did not interfere with play and John McDonald raced through to


score. -- Sean McDonald. But that Bournemouth almost doubled their


lead in the second half. Thomas just could not connect from close


range. It was good to see the crowd in end-of-season party mood and


Colchester did their own -- added their own contribution six minutes


around in mid-table. Tranmere had the edge by half-time courtesy of a


smart finish from John Welsh. The chance of a Honiball equaliser


looked slim given they had only found the net three times in broke


-- nine previous outings. But Sweeney levelled the scores with 20


minutes left. When Ryan Noble raced clear, therefore match winless


streak look destined to end. He was blocked off and after initially


showing a red card to the defender, the keeper headed for an early


shower. That paved the way for Andy Coghlan to make his bow in the


Tranmere goal. Austin made it -- almost made into debut to forget,


but the post spared his blushes. The points shared at Prenton Park.


Very well done to Charlton Athletic, winning the title. What an effort


to end the season with five wins in a row. Some effort. That is after


going five games and only winning one. The gap started to close a


little bit. To be up there all year and find those sort of reserves and


those energy levels to go again and put this division to bed with five


victories, fantastic. The great effort from Chris Powell and his


men. The race for second between the Sheffield club intensifies


further. Last week we saw United take the initiative, but Wednesday


are back in it. Very much so. Alan Smith's first goal for five years,


what a time forget it -- to get it. The other game, you talk about


salient moments in your season. 95th minute. The gap is down to two


points. All of a sudden it is game on again. One point is the gap! We


on again. One point is the gap! We have confirmed that. It is a


fantastic end to the season. Yes. The better goal difference is


effectively two points. They have to make up that ground. It is very


difficult. Two games left, we have seen how it can change very, very


quickly. It is just about applying yourselves. No Ched Evans for


Sheffield United for the last two Sheffield United for the last two


games. Where does it leave them? you wash afford United, they


haven't scored today. You look around your dressing room, and what


there will do to the mentality of the dressing room with regard to


know Ched Evans. Him and Jordan roads have torn this division apart


with the goals they have scored. It will not have a positive effect.


And now to League Two. Swindon Town had issues off the field this week.


Paolo Di Canio's side went into the weekend needing a single point to


secure an is to return to League One, but if Crawley or Torquay


failed to win, her Robbins would go up anyway. Swindon went to


Gillingham. It has rarely been far from the headlines, but as Paolo Di


Canio stands on the verge of professional success, it has also


been a season of personal sadness. Seven months ago he lost his father


and straight after last weekend's win over Plymouth, he went back to


Rome for his mother's funeral. has gone on with his family, people


need to understand he has been through a phenomenal about, but he


has never used that as an excuse. When people see him here, it is to


talk about football. When Swindon went Aldershot on Tuesday night, a


minute's silence in her honour was immaculately observed by supporters


on both sides. The game that followed gave Swindon the


opportunity to secure their promotion, but a 2-1 defeat


followed and De Canio tore into his players after a night out last


weekend. Did he do the right thing last weekend? Definitely. He


brought discipline into the club. The players let us down. He needs


clear. The perpetrators are aware of what they can and can't do now.


We will try to get a positive result. On Saturday, we beat -- we


beat Plymouth. It was naive of us. If we can do the job today, weekend


maybe not in the gaffer's eyes, it would be forgotten about and we can


celebrate and enjoy the occasion of promotion. # Paolo Di Canio, Paolo


that Swindon hope to seal their fate under game that might have


taken place over closed doors after but we sort would will get sorted


out beforehand and it has been sorted out and obviously you can't


have a game without fans and there will be a full house here. These


are always feisty affairs with Gillingham. I am sure it will be a


great claim. They have a lot to play for. They have a genuine


chance of getting into the play- offs. We want to get things sorted


out today. I feel the game will point hit the skids before the


half-hour. Kedwell's looping header had the leaders sweated. His 14th


of the season gave Gillingham a lift. Montrose went further to


inflicting -- went close to it inflicting further damage. The Kent


club started the second half just as strongly. Swindon's promotion


party was firmly on hold, and thus they could find inspiration from


somewhere. McCormack's determination briefly raised hopes


of a recovery. That left Paolo Di Canio's men nine minutes to find an


equaliser but when Weston was sent tumbling in the box there was no


way back. Whelpdale did the business from the spot but Swindon


could be celebrating if Torquay or Swindon when Wassmer gave Crawley


and early need. The youngster has made no secret of his problems with


Steve Evans, now back in the first team. Wassmer gave Town every


reason to celebrate after 18 minutes. Another young player had a


crucial saying this. Bingham. His great strike confirmed the Daggers


will extend their stay in League 2. It cost Crawley, who could not


produce a winner in the second half. The usually prolific Alexander


looked well placed to get it but he hit the scoreboard instead of


were doing Swindon of favour at Wimbledon. Their form on the road


is good and Morris should have given them the lead after


hesitation in the Wimbledon defence. That was in the sunshine. Then it


started to rain. And rain, and rain. Substitute Yussuff did not ride the


change in the weather, giving the home side the lead with 12 minutes


left. Six minutes later the rain had stopped but Torquay's woes


continued. Moncur made room for a left-foot shot to keep the goals in,


It is difficult to celebrate for many reasons. I want to finish as


champions and then because already I am thinking about the future. It


is obvious that for ten minutes I can relax a bit more and enjoy with


the fans and the players because during the season their suffering


together, they deserve this moment and I am happy to be part of the


group that brings back-up this club in League 1, for the future may be


the Championship. Of all you have achieved in your football Korea,


where does this rank? That is a good label, first here as a manager,


I live at Wembley, achieving a final, and to go up at the first


attempt is something if not unique than really special. He has got the


club straight back up at the first chance of asking and credit to him,


his first year in management. We have 35 different players this year


so it is credit to the players they have managed to bond. How you can


celebrate. The boys are a bit down, but we have been brilliant all


season. We have had a sticky patch but the boys have been excellent,


# We are going up, we are going up Well done to Swindon, back in


League 1 after a year away. As Pollitt -- has Paolo Di Canio Peter


Price due in his first year as a manager? No, we know that at that


level Swindon are a decent football club. He inherited good players,


added to them, made one of two signings that did not work out, but


he had room to manoeuvre, a decent budget, you add that together and


it makes a successful side. He has done his job well. There has been a


lot going on at the County Ground the last few days. The Italians had


shown he is not a man to be crossed but he is not afraid to make


decisions, like the one against Gillingham will stop players have


admitted and rightly so, they have apologised, they were


unprofessional and what they did last Saturday. You don't go out on


a Saturday if you have a midweek game. Everybody realises that. It


is one of those rules at the club, Mayebi and written, that people had


hit it. They have let themselves down and away. It has coincided


with losing games of football which does not help either. A


nevertheless, congratulations to Swindon Town. With Swindon promoted


and as we saw earlier both Crawley and Torquay dropping points it


meant that Shrewsbury would be promoted along with the Robins if


the Crown Ground hoping to win automatic promotion. A Gornell had


the in raptures when he gave them the lead just past the half-hour


with this shot on the turn. The Shrews were on top and almost added


a second when this shot came back off the crossbar. And Accrington


nearly equalised when this effort bounced off the goal frame. In the


second half, the home side pressed for an equaliser. There was a kiss


on the head, sweet. The Shrews what were on target operation until 12


minutes from time when Hughes equalised with this excellent drive


for a backlash after returning to Barnet for a third spell. His


decision to leave them last season left a sour taste and this would


have done him much good and the popularity stakes either. Mohsni


reacted quickest to give Southend the lead 11 minutes in. It put his


tally for the season into double figures. Barnet were in big trouble


when he met this corner. They were finished seven minutes later. The


same corner kick routine set up a Mohsni forest running first half


hat-trick which confirms his side's footballer with a degree in


forensic biology but it doesn't take a genius to work out what is


overhead kick does for crude -- the Crewe's promotion prospects. They


ripped move into the play-off seasons for the first time this


season after a comfortable win. This was one scare against a fellow


Plymouth but a win against Oxford would secure their Football League


status. Robbie Williams hit just the right note two minutes in.


Their play-off chasing opponents could have been in big trouble.


Brown did brilliantly to stop Young from doubling the lead. That


excellent save prove crucial as Oxford got to the break all-square.


A Peter Bowes strike from Hall left Cole clutching thin air. -- A


Peterborough strike. Early in the second half the team almost got


maximum points. Chapman's free kick beating everybody but not the post.


A point was not enough to keep Oxford in the play of places but


results elsewhere meant it was honour and a warm welcome as he


took charge of his first home game as manager of Rotherham. The


Millers started the day it -- the day five points of the play of


places and took the lead when Grabban, a player Evans tried to


sign at Crawley, scored with a shot that broke the netting. Eight


minutes later Morecambe were level Baxter this shot on the turn from


Boro. -- from Burrow. Pavan's first goal broke the net. Rotherham


second, from Jason Taylor, didn't, but his shot had plenty of power


behind it. Then a moment of controversy in the South Yorkshire


sunshine. Cresswell was penalised for this challenge on Carlton. The


referee produced a second yellow card for the Rotherham defender.


And more come's read short equalised from the penalty shot --


from the penalty spot -- Redshaw. Crab and had the final word in


stoppage time. If his first effort but said, why didn't this one?


Rotherham could still make the play-offs but it is highly unlikely.


Most neutrals had Burton versus Aldershot down as typical end of


the season fair but that memo did not reach Dean Holdsworth's men.


They took the lead through Vincenti. Having defeated so Swindon in the


week the Shots swarm all over Burton. There are not too many


Germans playing lead to these days. Risser fits that description. He


nodded at Aldershot further ahead. A late brace from Madjo kept it a


great week for the Shots. Not so great for Burton, who have conceded


11 goals in two matches and can't wait for the season to finish. Not


so Aldershot for whom Madjo has three games in his last two outings.


If they can continue their progress Aldershot could be a good bet for


side that put seven past Burton last time out. One goal settled


this contest. Richards getting on the end of this cross to open the


scoring. The strike on target just as he was in the wind in the


reverse fixture in October and the destination of the points was not


in doubt, especially when Parks went lunching in. Any hopes of a


recovery looked to have disappeared with him. They had ten men for the


second half. Richards almost caught out Davis, who was no doubt


League, Macclesfield's future looks uncertain. They almost fell behind


when Veiga saved. The rebound went over the bar. Macclesfield have


gone 20 League games without a win and the closest they came to


scoring was when Daniel fired just wide. Bradford were not entirely


safe themselves but their League status was secured 20 minutes into


the second half. Hansen met the free kick and was helped over the


line by the distraught then Mills. Later on Ravenhill almost added a


second goal. Macclesfield are bottom of the league, three points


who have had the chance to climb out of the bottom two but like this


play in the first half the balls did not take their chance.


Akinfenwa went closest. His flicked effort dipping the post.


Northampton only needed a draw to secure their Football League status


for next season. Carlisle did his bit. Clearing off the line from


Featherstone. The same player came closer in injury time. The most


agonising of near misses all the ball's, he will hope he does not


come back to haunt them -- or the This is how it looks for the bottom


of League 2. How do you see it a nightmare, Macclesfield, a tough


game. A mixture, who referred to on the face of it have the toughest


task. At the top and Crewe find themselves in the play-off


positions for the first time this season. They could not have timed


it any better. No, I was at a bunch and the other day, Steve Davis was


there, he said we have Cheltenham, he was looking forward to it, I


have to say, not arrogant, not cocky, but confident that he has in


of their to get the right results and that is the correct assumption.


Unbeaten in 14, a terrific run. You can see them in seventh Place. The


battle for third is looking interesting, isn't it? You think


Shrewsbury are all but then out. Yes, rightly so, it is good to see,


they have the chance and they have taken it this year after what


happened last year so good luck to them. Crawley, Torquay, Southend,


Yes, a massive win. You would have expected them to win The. They have


been in the automatic places for while this season. They would be a


tad disappointed if they missed out. Two games, it can still change.


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