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Evening. There's nothing quite like the drama of the final day of the


season. And the Championship had two outstanding issues to resolve


earlier today. With Southampton, West Ham, Cardiff and Middlesbrough


all involved in the day's key battles. As for Leagues One and Two,


it was the penultimate round of games, with still plenty still to


play for. Leroy's here to congratulate and commiserate with


the day's headline makers. And here's a taster of what's coming up.


Never before has a Saturday lunchtime been so appetising for


Southampton fans. The Saints faced Coventry, knowing three points


would secure a second successive promotion, and a place in the


Premier League. West Ham were hoping Southampton


would come unstuck if that happened. A Hammers' win over Hull would see


the Irons pip the Saints to second. Cardiff City seem to have an annual


date with the play-offs. The Bluebirds were hoping to buy a


ticket for the season-ending jamboree, with a visit to Crystal


Palace. And there were still plenty of


promotion and relegation issues elsewhere in the Football League.


We'll round up all the action from Leagues One and Two. And, needless


to say, it was pretty lively. We start tonight at the top of the


Championship, where the race for the second automatic promotion spot


went to the very last day of the season.


This is how it all stood at the top, see if they'd be joined by either


Southampton or West Ham. The Saints were in the box seat,


and faced Coventry City knowing that a win would secure their


promotion. Any other result would open the


door for West Ham. They had to beat Hull City at Upton Park to stand a


chance of sneaking into second place. We start then at St Mary's,


where Clem was on hand to see if the Saints could get over the line.


Six games into last season they were hovering above the league One


relegation zone. Their back a year, they had been plunged into


Now they are on the verge of ending their 7th year absence from the


Premier League with a second successive promotion. When nigel


atkins got appointed, what were you thinking? I was a bit dubious to be


honest. Oh my God, who is he? has turned out to be one of the


best managers. By take it all back, the man is a legend. A I could hear


coming. Are you nervous? No. It is a bit earlier. What was going


through your mind this morning? Can't wait.


I am nervous and excited just being here. Excitement. A few butterflies


in there. We have prepared well yet again. Never underestimate the


opposition. We have been in the top two all season consistently. The


at Southampton since Nigel Adkins took over. When he arrived, they


were in the relegation zone. Here they are, on the brink to a return


to the top table since 2005. Coventry City have other ideas and


if they can cause an upset it could open the door for West Ham. Nigel


atkins has made two changes to the fate already decided, they were


relegated last weekend after a defeat at Doncaster. 17-year-old


Jordan Willis makes his debut in the heart of the defence.


Here we go, 90 potentially nail- biting minutes for Southampton fans.


Automatic promotion within their grasp while West Ham will be hoping


Coventry can do them a favour. Southampton pushing forward early


on here. Trying to get out of the blocks quickly.


A good start from Southampton. Kicked over the bar. Quite an


atmosphere. South lantern are stumbling a little bit. In the


final lap of the season, winning only two of their last six matches.


Just at the far post, hit a wave. Danger still not cleared. A good


save by Davies, it had to be to deny McSheffrey. Poor defending


the better of the opening quarter of an hour, but Southampton it is,


they get their noses in front. Nice olive. A little touch. -- a


nice volley. An digital deflection. will be happy to settle for a


the roof at St Mary's. Two goals in less than three minutes. He dives


in. You have got to look at your defensive marking. The header


Dublin Southampton's lead. It could Lallana had a chance. Sensational


his right. Potentially a game those fans will not forget in a hurry.


2005, Southampton relegated from the Premier League. A lovely ball.


Down he went, under pressure. The crowd howling for a penalty. Sharpe,


like a striker, for a centre-back. He is 8th goal of the season,


lifting the roof at St Mary's. A deafening roar from the crowd, in


full voice. Celebrating surely what will be Southampton's return to the


Sharpe. Yes, four. Lallana. This long ball. It should have been


dealt with by the goalkeeper. He had plenty of time. It allowed


Coventry City he hasn't had a lot to do. Three shops, or on target.


And three fine saves. -- three no stopping them today. They


delivered when it mattered, in that final game. Four a good goals, no


reply from Coventry City. The party starts now. And the Saints Go


marching into the Premier League. Sharp set them on the road to


victory. Hooiveld and Lualua -- Lallana. That tells you all you


Delighted. Emotional? It has been a tough year. In your wildest dreams,


could you have imagined this? if I'm honest, but it shows that


with the right mentality, the right with the right mentality, the right


character, the right people at the club, anything is possible. At the


age of 30, you are in the Premier League. I know. How long have I


been waiting for that? That has been a hell of a journey. I cannot


describe how good that feels. Out there today, it was absolutely


superb. The atmosphere, 32,500 supporters... I know, it is


overwhelming, it is unbelievable. Since I have come to Southampton, I


could not have dreamt that it would have gone so well. It is amazing.


And now you can be going to Anfield. I will think about that other at no


other day, but obviously, that is one of the major highs. -- on


another day. It is absolutely amazing. All through the season,


the pressure was on, but we delivered, so now it is party time.


I am very, very happy. What can I say? You have seen the lads, we


have achieved something very special. 20 years next year since


you went to Bangor City, you did 10 years as a physio. You have worked


for this, mate. Four promotions in six seasons, it is extraordinary.


Go and see your players. You have done very well, delighted for you.


Top man, thank you. We are going up, and we are going up! Emotional


scenes at St Mary's. Many congratulations to Southampton,


they have been in the top two all season, they deserve it. Yes,


outstanding achievement. They have been very, very consistent. When I


say that, not in terms of results, but in terms of the manager as well.


Whether they have lost, won or drawn, he has been the same, he has


handled it brilliantly. I am really pleased for him, because he did a


fantastic job at Scunthorpe as well. Southampton started quite cagily,


so that first goal, eventually credited to Billy Sharp, it was


vital. Yes, just to lift the vital. Yes, just to lift the


tension. On paper, this did not look a difficult game, but the game


is not played on paper. When there is so much at stake, it is


important to get off the mark. From then on, you could see the reaction


of Nigel Atkins as well, it was a of Nigel Atkins as well, it was a


lot easier after that. He has done a fantastic job, hasn't he? People


talk about when he was a Visio, but he is now a fantastic manager.


Southampton took their time needing him down, but he was the right man,


and I think he will be the right man in the Premier League as well.


He will look to improve the squad as much as he can, but there is


great investment going into the academy as well. He will try to


hold on to his best players, instead of losing them. As you said,


these fans have had some journey - administration three years ago,


relegation, two successive promotions. They have been put


through the wringer. Yes, it does not get any better than that, more


than 32,000 were there. They will embrace the Premier League. They


feel that is where they should be. They will be looking to try to


build a squad which can stay there for a long time. They have got some


good players already. And they will be hoping that they stick to their


footballing principles. So, Southampton, into the Premier


League for the first time since 2005. In the end, West Ham's game


with Hull did nothing more than confirm a place in the play-offs


for West Ham. Sam Allardyce made one change, with Henri Lansbury


coming in. Nick Barmby made two Kevin Nolan... Henri Lansbury gets


the cross in. What a moment, what a miss! Ricardo Vaz Te has been so


deadly recently, but this was a certain goal, and he could not


quite find the bottom corner. Taylor swings it in once more, and


the goalkeeper and the crossbar kept it out, I think. Twice, Taylor


has gone very close. It is Taylor's corner, and Carlton Cole has found


a way through. And West Ham have got a goal. They are doing their


bit. Carlton Cole's 13 Celtic comes in towards Carlton Cole...


Two for him, two for West Ham! They need to score a hatful of goals to


chase down Southampton. That's the first real save today from Robert


Green, but it was a really good one. Corry Evans has only scored once


for Hull in the league this season, and he nearly had a second there.


O'Neal! Saved by the fingertips of come 19th May, I wonder? In by


Garcia... And hull mack -- and Hull have got a goal back. It was a real


mix up. So, Richard Garcia crossed it in originally, and it was put in


by Corry Evans. Richard Garcia! The flag is up, it will not count.


Garcia thought he should have had a goal against his former club.


goal against his former club. aim was to get 90 points or better


this year. We have not been too far off that, we have had a really,


really good season, and played some terrific football, contrary to what


people might say. We have played some great stuff, we have


entertained and created chances. We have had more attempts at goal than


any other team, even Reading and Southampton. So, we have delivered,


unfortunately, not the ultimate prize, but we have been very, very


close. So, three points for West Ham, but it was not enough for


automatic promotion. So, what about your old club? Considering they


were in the top two for five months, will some Allardyce face a tough


job to pick up the players? I don't think so. I think this was the most


likely outcome, the play-offs. They have galvanised themselves as a


club, and the players have reacted positively. They have got momentum,


they have won their last couple of games. It was important they won


their last home game as well. goals in five games for Carlton


Cole - he will be crucial. Yes, his goals have not been the most


important thing, it has been his hold up play, his strength, but he


is scoring goals regularly now. And they are good goals as well. This


one I was really impressed with, pulling off the centre half to


create the space. He is very confident at the moment. That's why


Sam pulled him off to give him a bit of a break. The play-offs might


not be what West Ham wanted, but history certainly favours the team


that finishes third, in recent years. Yes, apparently four out of


the last six who have finished third have gone up. But Sam


Allardyce has said, that is not important, it is about


concentrating on those two games. It will be very, very difficult.


West Ham, bound for the play-offs, along with Birmingham and Blackpool,


leaving one more spot up for grabs, and it would go to either Cardiff


City or Middlesbrough. Cardiff went to Crystal Palace knowing that a


victory would be enough to take them into the play-offs for the


third season in a row. Effectively, a draw would be enough, given that


their goal difference was significantly better than


significantly better than Middlesbrough's. We start with


Cardiff's game at Selhurst Park. Cardiff supporters have travelled


up from Wales in large numbers, hoping to see their team qualify


for the Championship play-offs for a third successive season. Avoid


defeat and that is exactly what they will do. Two changes for


Crystal Palace, both because of injuries. Goalkeeper Julian Speroni


has injured his hand in training, so price comes in. Don Cowie has


recovered from injury for Cardiff, and he replaces McPhail, in the


only change to the side that drew with Leeds last weekend. Hodson


spent 4.5 years here with Crystal goes for goal! And that's a


wonderful save from price to deny Mason the opening goal. Lewis Price


twice called into action here. He gets up so quickly to foil the


attempt. Two very young managers on show here today. Dougie Freedman,


some of the players are having trouble keeping their footing. And


it's a goal! It was a beautiful through ball to find Wilfried Zaha.


What a pass there is from Ambrose. are not behind at the break,


because Cardiff have lost all seven games in the Championship this


season when they have been behind at half-time. Murray is racing into


the middle. It comes in towards Plenty of bodies in the middle, and


the header is just saved on the line by price, to deny a Hudson


against his former club. It was a Kenny Miller, driving it across.


And that almost went into the bottom corner! It came in from a


tight angle, and was only just the Mason turns it on for Lawrence.


gone straight in! Peter Whittingham has equalised for Cardiff City!


That is the goal that their supporters were desperately hoping


for. So many bodies in the penalty area. What a start to the second


teasing one. And the shot has been wouldn't have counted, had it gone


Just listen to the noise from the Cardiff supporters. They have


turned this match around in their favour. Cowie, with the finish into


the bottom corner. Nothing Price could do about that. Cardiff City,


having been 1-0 down, up one out to Hutton's era in front, heading for


for a third successive year. Malky Mackay, his first season in charge,


will be looking to take Cardiff to Wembley for a second time.


Celebrations for Cardiff City and their supporters. Cardiff City have


I thought we played well today. It was a pressure game, pending on


results. We have to focus and play as well as we could. To see Cardiff


players and fans celebrating, it is that something you can say to your


younger players, that is what you can strive for? That is what we are


trying to do. A fantastic season. It exceeded expectations. I don't


mind saying bad. Against Liverpool, on penalties in the Colin Cup. I


have been through this many a time. As have the players have -- Carling


Cup. To get to this point it is a great achievement for them, I am


A task a super hero would have struggled with, even at home grown


here is could do nothing about that Cardiff result which would


ultimately make this match Middlesbrough had struggled, until


Robson did well to set up Emnes with five minutes remaining. His


18th goal in the season. But the hosts could still find time to get


another. These two will meet again in the cabbage it next season. --


We have to get ready to go again champions say that their


achievement, then next match will be in the Premier League. The third


promotion place is still open. Birmingham was hoping to join them.


Rooney came on as an early substitute. And the Irish struggle


didn't take long to make his mark. The hosts were looking for some


form. They were two up before the break. But after this tussle, there


were few complaints about the referee's decision. Hart against


Doyle. But the Blues keeper moved quickly. With 15 minutes to play,


the hosts had their own penalty chance. Tabb, the guilty party this


time. Spot kick number two. And Elliot made no mistake. Birmingham


are in 4th place. Still time for further incident in the form of


spot kick number three. Burke. Age it macro again on duty, but nothing


so successful. Federici proving his value to the end.


Blackpool travelled to Millwall looking for 4th place in the


Championship and home advantage in the second leg. That would be


easier said than done. In front early on when Keogh struck. A late


selection. A vet macro scoring -- Evatt. The visitors went ahead. But


it was levelled a few minutes later. A draw for Blackpool mean this slip


down to vet. And face Birmingham in the play-offs. How significant


could that be? I don't think it makes any difference. If you look


at what happened last week. Some of the most incredible football


matches and the favours didn't go Let us look at the line-up for the


Where is your money? All of those clubs have had great seasons, have


good managers. I have a feeling West Ham. We saw Cardiff secured


their place in the play-offs. A good comeback at Crystal Palace.


What a season it is turning out to be? A big turnover of players at


the start of the season. They have come in and played straight away. A


great job all round. A lot will be made of their previous campaigns.


Is there less expectation this time round? I don't think that matters.


People have said they faltered at the last hurdle. Malky Mackay day


was not there then. I don't think that matters. Cardiff fans will


realise that. The fans keep talking in the second tier, is that a real


advantage? Or is it overstated? think it is overstated. Look at


West Ham. They had problems at home this season. It means absolutely


nothing when you have a side that can handle different scenarios.


The rest of the Championship now. No promotion or relegation worries


for these teams. Though there's nothing quite like a last day win


to boost the confidence levels for Leicester for 17 years. They came


close to the play-offs. Now the best they can hope for is a top


half finish. This season has been undone by the weakest home defence


in the championships, conceded birdie nine goals. This was exposed


again just before half-time. When Waghorn struck for the visitors.


One point from a possible nine. They surrendered their advantage


eight minutes from time through a really soft goal from Webber, the


first four him into macro years. Despite that setback, the men


didn't finish on a high. A stroke of luck on the way. Panayioutou,


his first goal on his first appearance. Leicester climb up to


nine. Neil Warnock contemplating what might have been.


The for fortunately for Barnsley, the team picked up enough points in


the first half of the season to preserve their Championship status.


They finished their campaign in worrying fashion, losing 11 out of


14 games. They have Button to that for a fine save. Gus Poyet gave


will be pleased with their first season back in the Chadli ship.


Stones missed a great chance. It between these two. But had nothing


at stake Except league position. Peterborough had long since secured


his second successive season in the Championship. Robinson made it 12


for the campaign. Joint top scorer with Davies. In consistency has


blighted their campaign. The team have won 18 and lost 18 before this


one. This result was typical. Eight minutes from time, the visitors


were led will -- level. And in the Championship status with a win is


Barnsley last week. They travelled to Burnley safe in the knowledge


there will be second to football at Ashton Gate next season. The drama


began after one hour, James macro was injured. He was replaced by a


Fontaine, a defender. Burnley have had 591 goal attempts this season.


14 minutes to go, they broke the deadlock. Ings with his third goal


of the season. James macro himself would have had trouble. It has been


a turnaround for City. Derek ministers -- Derek McInnes to cover


when they were rock bottom. -- took over.


It has been over for a while, for Rovers and argued lead for Ipswich.


No fear of relegation, no chance of promotion. They took 10 minutes to


take the lead through Smith. It was almost two in a matter of minutes


with an almost identical chance. A second Ipswich goal wasn't long in


coming. Stephen son macro was given a rare start and the Scottish


midfielder repaid the faith with a stunning goal just before 30


minutes. His first goal in English effect, Robert with a goal.


Scotland forced a foul right on the edge of the area. Penalty. Scotland


wasn't finished and he took the kick himself. Ipswich are looking


good for if first win in six. But Rovers didn't go down without a


fight. Beye narrowed the margin. It was too late in the day. And in the


campaign, to salvage anything for glad to see the back of. In the


bottom six since November. Portsmouth will play third at a


football for the first time since 1983. With little to cheer here.


Blackstock giving a late lead. Books would fans had hoped for


something to cheer its -- about. But Blackstock added another in the


closing seconds. His eight in 14 games. Giving fans some optimism


for next season. It is a shame it happened to be


Portsmouth really. I don't know. I am really pleased we have finished


the season well. But obviously there is sadness because of what


Mixed emotions. This is where the hard work starts for him. He needs


a break but he isn't going to get one. The supporters are doing


everything they can to help. Surviving on the pitch will be very


difficult. Four Academy players on the bench today. He will have to


rely on those young players. Players are going to be sold


imminently. It looks like experience will be stripped. It is


a price they are going to have to pay. The important thing is the


club survives and they have a team It is what can make the club


survived at the end of the day? Portsmouth supporters have said


they understand and they will support the club through thick and


thin. They want to win the fight to survive in the Football League.


Onto League One where there was still a number of things to take


care of at the top and the bottom of the table. We start at the


bottom. Rochdale already relegated but with two games left there were


still three relegation places to be sorted out. With Exeter,


Chesterfield and Wycombe desperate to climb out of the bottom four. If


Exeter are to survive, they had no choice but to go to Carlisle and


win and hope results elsewhere went Charlton chasing promotion. Exeter


were far from finished. This goal gave them fresh hope. Had City held


on until half-time, they might have been in business. But Jordan cook


completely changed the team talk. Worse was to come. Liam and Noble


extended the lead six minutes after the break and things looked bleak


for Exeter. Any chance of survival went up in smoke moments later.


This shot was billed by the goalkeeper who then impeded another


be short Exeter fans won't be watching because his final defeat


I'm not ashamed of what just happened. At some point, as much as


it's not nice to say it, it would happen. The economics of it don't


allow was to stay there. That being said, I just wish and hoped we


13 points from safety and destined for the drop. But three straight


wins gave them a fighting chance. This goal had them believing be


great escape was possible. But Yobo, who guaranteed their safety last


time out Warnock bird just to make up the numbers. -- Yeovil. Blizzard


found space to send them back to bench to keep their survival hopes


alive. And the lead was wiped out a game. We got the break from the


deflection. Be professional and hold out. I felt we played well


second half and created lots of chances. When you get the lead it


is about seeing the game out but the two goals we conceded were very


poor. A thriller at Adams Park but and nervous if there for Wickham


who have to win to avoid the drop. The anxiety eased in the first 40


seconds. But their lead was short- lived. County are looking to


squeeze into the top six ahead of Stevenage. Wickham one beaten in


their last six at home and got themselves in front again. A big


perfect finish from the penalty spot. But this was the pick of the


lot, a free kick for county and Alan Judge finding the space to


rifle home the equaliser. It Wickham were going down, they would


do so fighting. They went back in front and with the teams above them


failing to win, and relegation would have been averted had they


held out for 22 more minutes. But they had a devastating final 10


minutes. Deep into stoppage time, Wickham failed to clear their lines.


The home side was condemned to lead two with that, his second of the


game. The county fans were uncontainable at the end. Wanderers


are contemplating an immediate return to the bottom Tear. It has


been a challenge for everybody. It is a big step up. In certain games


a we had given a good enough count and ourselves. We have to dust


ourselves down, learned from it and move on. It was a hectic afternoon


at the bottom of the league with destiny is determined one minutes,


only to be redrawn the next. Huddersfield took the lead after


two minutes. Four minutes after the break, that was the most important


goal. That was enough to secure a point which made survival a


certainty. Those lays it winners for Yeovil and Notts County ensured


a party atmosphere. Hartlepool's home record is their worst. Ideal


opponents for an Orione side chasing the win that would


guarantee their safety. Anthony Sweeny had the hosts ahead in the


first half. Just past the half-hour, the London club found a response.


They want back possession. This well-taken equaliser could have


proved crucial in the final analysis. But Leyton Orient were


heading back to the dressing room facing the worst. This winner left


their survival hopes in the balance, but it's results else were saved


their day. I was not aware Notts County had scored. It is not the


way you want to do, you want to go out in style yourself. We have


Rochdale at home next week. This must have felt like a wake at the


Rochdale's relegation last weekend. The mood wouldn't have been lifted


when MK Dons went in France in the first three minutes. Already


assured of a play-off place, they eased closer to a 4th successive


win when the substitute went through and the keeper's legs. 6


the losses from their previous 10 games had helped to seal Rochdale's


fate. A late consolation goal was all they had to show for another


defeat, which certainly means they finish bottom of the pile.


Robinson down to the bare bones They have all battled against the


tide haven't they? I thought Chesterfield were down after the St


Johnston's Trophy final. Wycombe Wanderers, 3-2 up and you think


they have a chance of staying up. They can see two. 86 goals they


have conceded this season. encapsulates their problem. They


have battled, and I think all of those managers who have done a


decent job, but at the end of the day it has been their away form


that has let them down. Stuart Bevan has had a terrific season at


Adams Park. They will want to hold on to him? They will all have to


try and hold onto their best players if they want to come back.


Stuart Bevan is one of those. Sheffield United could go up on


Saturday. There that to happen they would need to win and hope


Sheffield Wednesday last to Brentford earlier in the day. This


is how it all panned out. Starting on share they have United might


have floundered will stock Keith Treacy briefly at Sheffield United


a couple of years ago, haunted his old club. His free kick flying in.


Brentford's did their best for the Blades, just after the hour


Donaldson was brought down. A penalty. Donaldson was one of two


players who miss from the spot last week. Not this time. Any remaining


hopes Brentford have of the play- offs were ended that stop this goal


ensured the race for automatic -- automatic promotion will go down to


the final day. We are still chasing, still in the driving seat. We have


acquired a bit more pressure, but we have taken it to the last game.


We know the race for a second is going to the final day. Sheffield


Wednesday's win at Brentford has put the pressure back on their red


and white rivals. Stevenage will towards the goal. An early warning


for Stevenage. A good delivery, Stevenage ahead. I think it went in


off Maguire. A big gold for that. A great strike, it almost


extended the lead. Very close to an equaliser. Maguire is not a happy.


Was there a handball in there? The referee was never going to give it.


Possibilities for Stevenage. It is two. Stevenage in dreamland. They


are cheering just as loud in the blue half of Sheffield as well. A


hammer blow for Sheffield United who have it all to do now. This is


where Danny Wilson earns his money United back in it. It is his 10th


of the campaign and give Sheffield bed, but he didn't take it. Wilson


making a run. A good strike, a good save. But they can't make it count.


Sheffield United survive again, how close was that? A vicious drive.


Roberts could not follow up. Time campaign, turning the game around.


Is it too little, too late? One way through. Now it looks as if it


won't be in their hands next week. One more important match to go, you


never know. As I have said that, we want to end up where we want to end


up and how we get there is of no consequence.


This it is disappointing we haven't come away with all three points.


That single point has probably put us in quite a commanding position.


We control where we go and what we players, branding them as clueless


and mediocre for their recent poor run. I wonder what he thought of


Haynes. And this from the Preston full-back. Charlton were 2-0 at the


at the interval, this long-range effort put in Preston back into the


game. And what about this as a way to mark your retirement, Graham


Alexander at the age of 40. A career encompassing more than 1000


games. The Colchester and Tranmere served


up six goals on Saturday. Henderson set the tone for an entertaining


contest after four minutes. With 10th place the best either side


could achieve this season, there wasn't an awful lot to play for.


in it than an old hand shot the men of it. An own goal put in


Colchester ahead. Cassidy pulled another one back for Rovers. On


loan from Wolverhampton. He got the final touch. Scoring was completed


by Colchester and Sears, the substitutes second goal in three


next season's campaign for Berry. - - Bury. Oldham will also be hoping


for better things next season. The two side with little left to


fight for. A fine finish from McDermott. Then at Scunthorpe are


specialists in this division. Thompson converted this cross with


Scunthorpe and Bournemouth. We expect both teams to mount a


serious promotion challenge next season. Graham Alexander hanging up


his boots, to become a coach at Preston. 1023 games. He has been


consistent. I am really pleased for Graham. Her what a note to go out


on. All was a tremendous striker. I was really pleased for him. It


wasn't until he was 27 that he got recognition. He has been a model


professional. It will be a sad loss. Advantage to Sheffield Wednesday.


Through an unlikely source. excellent header. Jones has done a


fantastic and difficult job. He has kept the momentum and pressure


going. This is how it looks at the It will go down to the last game.


His is a case of Dave Jones wanted to prove a point after Cardiff?


don't think he needed to prove a point to anybody but maybe to


himself, to get back into a job and be successful. He has chosen the


right club, I feel. He has chosen Sheffield Wednesday.


League Two now. We begin our round- up at the bottom, where


Macclesfield Town and Hereford United went into the penultimate


games of the season. With the threat of relegation from the


Football League hanging over them. They were hoping and praying that


Barnet dropped points at home to the club. Declaring that chalk --


talk is cheap. Three goals in the final 10 minutes belied their


recent record of five defeats out of six. Deering. Doubling their


lead. A spirited finish in which Holmes helped them along.


This morale-boosting victory was completed by Hughes in injury time.


A win at Burton will guarantee them survival. A thoroughly deserved


victory. The players deserved so much credit for put it in a


performance like that in the last game of the season under such


pressure and InterCity -- intensity. Hereford new defeat could end their


stay in the Football League. 10 minutes into the second half and an


upset. After this mix up. Colbeck had an opener. Hereford had a turn.


The home side were looking for a win to guarantee them promotion to


League 1. This was referred's day. -- Hereford's. Six minutes later,


and Herefords fight for survival first half, we were ragged. But


then we defended where we had to. And created opportunities.


After 15 years in the Football League, time was running out on


Macclesfield. This free kick was perfectly placed. But it hit the


crossbar. There was some hope later. With nine minutes left, Burton it


swept home. In stoppage time and with their


fate already sealed, Zola made the most to hammer the final nail into


the coffin. That stretched Macclesfield to 22 games without a


win. Conference beckons. A long way The Macclesfield have been


perennial strugglers. One of the smallest budgets but they have done


so well to be competitive for so long. They have really stuck at it.


Fall respect. When I was at Torquay, we would look at a crowd of 2000,


Macclesfield would have less. To stay in the Football League and be


as competitive. They will be upset they have gone down. The Hereford


have given themselves a fighting chance. I don't think many were


optimistic. What a result at Crawley. A great result. The


manager is always full of enthusiasm and he has kept them up.


Bonet still have the upper hand. Hereford have a tough game. --


Barnet. I won't write anybody off at this stage of the season.


Meanwhile, at the top of the table, it promised to be a day to remember


for fans of Shrewsbury Town. Crawley's win against merely


confirmed what Shrews fans already knew. That victory at home to


Dagenham and Redbridge would secure party almost under way when his


cross was cleared away from the line. It has been 15 years since


Shrewsbury were in the third Tear and a single goal proved enough to


clinch a return. Seven minutes before half-time. Wild celebrations


for the 9,000 fans. As the side secured promotion to League 1 as


runners up behind Swindon. Overall, we have to be satisfied with the


outcome of today, with results and celebrations. A terrific atmosphere.


Supporters have waited a long time for some success. I have they all


enjoy it. They Swindin had the title firmly


in their sites. Richie macro got the party started in style. --


Ritchie. Benson taking the second. Swindon were hungry for more. And


Benson stretched the lead even further. Silverware firmly in their


grasp. And, two minutes later, Flint raised the score. And Connell


capped a memorable afternoon and an unforgettable campaign. Delivering


on his promise and Swindon are champions in League 2.


It was amazing. They worked their socks off. And fantastic fans who


have followed us in the season. Torquay blew the chance to climb


into the top three. Stevens recorded his 10th goal of


the season. Torquay might have had more goals. 14 minutes to go.


Powell was too quick. And a penalty was conceded. But not even the


goalkeeper could get close to this. place, going into this game, we


would have taken it. So, we move on Southend's hopes of automatic


promotion. So this gem of a free kick put them on course for a vital


win. They doubled the lead when his cross was headed past the


goalkeeper. It was a debut to forget for the 19-year-old keeper


who only signed on emergency loan on Friday. It was the veteran


defender who came closest to pulling a goal back Oxford. The


Cheltenham bus is that tipping Bradford to be promotion can


tendance next season. But his prediction looks spot on. --


promotion contenders. The Yorkshire club continue to make most of the


running and got their reward. Finishing smartly. After the break,


Cheltenham came alive. Mohammed broke into the box and Jamie


Spencer steered them level. They still needed to see it through to


be sure of a play-off spot. This pass reaching Spencer who put them


on course for reaching maximum points. They have been struggling


for form lately, but this perfectly executed lob means Cheltenham still


have their eyes on the prize. With Northampton's save the


guaranteed, there was a chance for Aidy Boothroyd to experiment


against Gillingham. Wilson's first senior goal coming in only his


second appearance. Gillingham were still in with a shout. The draw


wasn't enough, because they just missed out on the play-offs for the


second year in a row. Both sides had a slim chance of


making the play-offs and the tone was set for a battle when Darren


Jones tripped Gareth Evans and the Rotherham striker converted the


penalty. Aldershot were level within 10 minutes. The shot


deflecting perfectly. There was nothing scrappy about the goal that


restored Rotherham's lead. The delicate chick spinning over the


goalkeeper. United paid the price when they fail to clear the corner.


Again they were level. More drama in the final 10 minutes as Bode


sides had a man sent off. Rotherham were the first to lose a player.


Then, as Aldershot pushed forward, Jordan Roberts could have few


complaints at seeing a red card for this a lunge on Evans. The


tempestuous End of the game. Mark McGhee says he cannot wait for next


season. At a display like this it is not hard to see why. The tone


was set for another dominant display. Peter Murphy gave away the


penalty. Rovers were cruising and they When's three goals up in half


an hour. Stanley did Sturges before the break. The corner slipping


through the goalkeeper's fingers. After scoring seven in their last


home outing, Stanley must have feared a repeat. But Rovers were


gave Plymouth the lead after four minutes. This equaliser brought


about an impressive recovery. Fans of footballing grub might like to


know on Thursday Morecambe were victorious at the prestigious high


awards. That's all they will be winning this week. The goalkeeper


ham-fisted punch saw Plymouth grab Plymouth, what a turnaround under


Carl Fletcher? What a first job to go into. He has handled it very


well. He had those young players, but brought in some experience,


like Steve Fletcher, people he knew and now they have got the job done.


We do have to say congratulations to Shrewsbury who have gone 3


through play-off heartache. They go up there - not grow automatically


this time, the first promotion on 15 years. They deserve it on their


15 years. They deserve it on their home record alone? They have moved


to this new stadium a greenhouse Meadow. They have coped with it


very well. 23 games unbeaten at home. Good people there and they


know how to run a football club. They have had to sell players.


not sure about the celebration. will let them off this time. Graham


Turner, a master stroke to get him back. Shrewsbury joined Swindon. As


for the race for third place, it is intriguing. Three teams involved,


with one game remaining. It is hard to call? Crawley, lost their


manager recently but they are still there. Torquay, last-minute


equaliser, they could have been in the first place. Southend, it is a


tough one. More scenes of celebrations, this time at the


County Ground. Perfect way the Swindon to pick up the trophy, 5-0


win over Port Vale? They have kept us waiting. Paolo di Canio said


they would win the title and they have done it. Nobody thought they


would, including myself. He has seen them through with an


exceptional job. It has been an incredible day in the Football


League. This is what it means to now Champions of League Two.


Shrewsbury's win sees them also promoted, their first time in 15


years. Crawley were beaten at home and now need to win on the final


day to guarantee that third promotion spot with Torquay and


Southend ready to pounce on any slip ups. Cheltenham's win


guarantees them a play-off spot, while Crewe just need a point to


confirm their position in the top seven.


At the bottom, Macclesfield never managed to halt their awful run in


2012 and as a consequence leave the Football League. And with Hereford


and Barnet both winning, the battle to avoid that last relegation place


goes in the final weekend. At the top of League One, Charlton are now


just two points off the 100 mark after drawing on Saturday.


Sheffield Wednesday now have the upper hand as they won and United


dropped points at home. Stevenage hold onto that sixth spot. And just


below them are Notts County and Carlisle trying for that final


playoff position. Rochdale, off course were relegated


last week and they've now been joined by Wycombe, Chesterfield and


Exeter who all lost on Saturday. Wycombe down after that late


dramatic capitulation to Notts County. And this is how the final


Championship table looks then, with Southampton tonight celebrating


successive promotions to join Reading in the Premier League next


season. West Ham having to make do with a place in the playoffs.


Talking of which there are certainly no givens looking at


those four. While at the bottom, a miserable end to the season for the


three already relegated clubs with Doncaster, Coventry, and Portsmouth


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