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And it will be time for these two teams to settle it. He will fire


towards the end zone. Touchdown! Rogers looking downfield. A one-man


wrecking crew. Unbelievable. How did he do that? For the win.


Unstoppable. We've got it all tonight,


sad Dolphins, soaring It is the playoff game. You dream


about this day. We go home to playoff next week. Let's go shark


them. Every early morning, it all comes


down to right now. Welcome to the playoffs. Let's go. We just play


football like we always wanted. This is the best game that we have played


this year. We have to keep going. It's the Divisional Round where


the winners from last week's wildcard round meet the two best


teams from each conference. We started with 32 teams and now


we are down to the final eight, Three more wins and the Super


Bowl can be claimed. So a quick look at that


path to the Super Bowl In the AFC wild card


matchups there were wins for the Houston Texans


and the Pittsburgh Steelers which means that this weekend


the New England Patriots will welcome the Texans


and the Kansas City Chiefs host In the NFC there were wins


for the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers


which means that the Dallas Cowboys play host to the Packers,


and Seahawks travel to the Atlanta I'm joined once again


by Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell who will be using their experience,


insight, wit and in Jason's case his ability to read stuff to guide us


through what to expect this weekend. Now, I"m not one to try and disrupt


the beautiful harmony that exists on this sofa but....Osi


you have a lot of ground to make up. I am 100% picking the New York


Giants. I am going with the Giants. I think that Detroit Lions will take


this. Seattle. I will go with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers. I


am picking Oakland Raiders in this game. Texas all day. I got a text


from you on Monday this week saying I will need about two minutes to


explain myself. It is really funny what really happened. I got home


yesterday and believe it or not, MI5, the intelligence agency, they


were at my house. They told me, and all of Britain should be concerned,


he told me that the Russians had hacked into my brain and they


deposited... They deposited some false information. Vladimir Putin


watches the show, he is a big fan, he loves Jason Bell, he hates my


guts. He wanted to do it to make me look bad! If I sort this out during


the course of the show, your predictions from -- for next week


will be fine? As long as you can get the Russians to stop hacking into my


brain, stop liking Jason, we will be OK, Mark! Unbelievable. I will see


what I can do. I might not have that power, but hopefully over the course


of the show we will be OK. You're OK, Vladimir likes you.


The first fixture we're going to look at this weekend is probably


It's between the NFC top seeds the Dallas Cowboys


To talk about this game we have to, and I'm really sorry about this -


not sorry at all - we have to take a look at how


the Packers dismantled - some might say humiliated -


At the start you wondered if the Giants could have done better,


because of the opportunities they missed. They had tremendous


opportunities. Eli started off playing fantastically. You cannot


drop that many when you have opportunities, especially against


the Packers. Then this happened and Nelson fractured two reds but


everything would seem to be going the way of the Giants at this stage.


You were both tweeting, you were both very confident. I needed the


Packers to do something or else the next week would be horrendous. All


of a sudden, the most watchable player in the whole of the NFL,


Aaron Rodgers turned it on. At that point, I thought it was smooth


sailing for the Giants. We may lose their top receiver, but when he got


hurt and went out, Aaron Rodgers took advantage of the defense.


Rogers is a special football player. That is the straw that broke the


camels back. Going into half-time after this, they could not recover.


We saw the Giants get themselves back into it and Rogers responded


right away. In the commentary, they said that his heart hampers starting


to work, he found Randall Cobb and they were in control. They are on a


seven-game winning streak, the Packers, I was reading on a website,


one of the articles described his performance and how has been as


being like Jordan. Do you know what they mean? It means he has that


clutch gene. It means he has that, he is taking his game to a level of


greatness that few people have been able to perform in. Is unstoppable?


It looks like it and he is making everybody else so good. He put that


team on his shoulders and they are going for a win.


If you're looking to extended highlights and analysis of any


of last weekends games you'll find them on NFL this


In the NFL it this hard every week. Let's go and get it. Touchdown! They


cannot stop us at all. We have got to get the ball now. They will ride


us all the way home. I have never seen anything quite like it. The


Cowboys are going to win the game. I am proud to be a part of this team


right now. The Dallas Cowboys finished the NFC as top seeds and


they had a record of 13-3 with Dak Prescott, Ezequiel Eliot impressing


everyone and their offense is fantastic and in week six Dallas


thrashed Green Bay. They won 30-16, what is different? Everything is


different. They are completely different team. Seven games in a


row, no one has been able to slow them down, defensively they are


playing better than they did before. Everything is completely different.


We talk about momentum and people think there is something about


momentum, other people say we pay too much attention, but if you


think, the Cowboys in their final game against Philadelphia, Romo came


in for a play and lost that game and then they had a weak off. They have


got to find their feet again. That last game against Philadelphia and a


weak off, can it disrupt things? If they start slow, that obviously did.


It can happen to teams that do not have that leadership in the locker


room. This is not the time to be playing a team like Green Bay, it is


the worst time if you are the Dallas Cowboys. You do not have that


momentum, I have been on teams who did not play well at the start of


the season who smashed through the playoffs and it seems that is what


the Green Bay Packers are doing now. The difference you could argue about


the differences between the Giants and the Cowboys, the Giants have


struggled for a running game all season but the Cowboys have no


problem because of Elliott, can he run a mark against Green Bay or do


they have the weapons to stop him? You will see a great running game by


the Cowboys. The one significant weakness on their team is the


linebackers. The best way to keep a great offense like Green Bay off the


fielders with a running game. They are going to pound away at the Green


Bay Packers and it will be an outstanding game to watch. Hopefully


your brain is free of interference. Who is going to win? And when to go


with the Green Bay Packers. Dallas Cowboys will win. Who do you want to


win? That is tough because the Green Bay Packers have just defeated the


Giants and I am upset with them but the Cowboys are an old rival and I


never want to see them succeed. I say Green Bay. Dallas. They gave me


a shot. The winner of this game will meet the winner of the Seattle


Seahawks and the Falcons. They had a bye last


weekend. The stuttering Seahawks hosted the


It was not really until the second quarter that the Seahawks got going.


What changed for the Seahawks in this game? Running game. They've got


that running game going. Rawls was like last year. He is running hard


and physical and that is what they need to get the offense going and to


be dynamic. This amazing one-handed catch by Paul Richardson. Detroit


were unhappy and you can probably see why, because of Richardson's


hand on it. It was definitely pass interference but the game is about


scoring points. How did they miss it? When you see a play so


spectacular, you have to let things go. The play was so good, you have


to let things go and I think that is what happened here. Don't try to get


back in my good books talking about the scorpion kick? Back to this


football that we are talking about. Detroit never really fired. They


never really fired. They never got going. This is the problem, this is


a game built on who could run and stop the run and Detroit have been


having problems and this is what happens. If we go back to our


earlier conversation about momentum and the Packers have in it, the


Lions came into this on and awful run having lost the last four of the


regular season. It had gone the other way for them. They had some


problems, Stafford hurt his finger and everything went downhill. They


have the opposite of momentum and it showed in this game. You see him


steal that play from another guy? He said, no, that is mine!


LAUGHTER. If you look ahead to what is coming up against Atlanta, the


fact that Rawls is running now, does that add a new weapon to their


offense? Yes. The whole thing about this team is that they need to be


able to run the ball for Russell Wilson to be effective. He was to be


able to do play actions. That offensive line has not protected him


particularly well and they get them into a situation where the defensive


line pin them back, coming after Russell Wilson will be a long day.


Let's focus on the game. A convincing win for


the Seahawks against a Lions The Atlanta Falcons are a team that


never look short of energy. Let's have some fun today, fellows.


Wait for the guy next year. Bring it up. The other guys stands up. Get


set to Jones. Touchdown for Julio Jones. This is a big win for this


team, it really is. Touchdown at Lantern. Another team when. This


Atlanta's side are going to be a different proposition. No doubt


about it. This offense is ridiculous. That running game,


Freeman, I am concerned about them on defense. They are not that good


on defense could be a problem. It will be a battle and I think Seattle


can pull this off but they will have to do what they did in the last


game. Defensively, they will have to get after Julio Jones. The last time


they played. They did that by stopping a run and putting Sherman


on Julio Jones. There are two things there, that game was in Seattle and


on the show over the course of this season, we talked about Seattle's


weakness on the road. And that stadium is a crazy place to play.


But played there for the Falcons. Why is it crazy? The people get so


into the game. It is a ridiculous atmosphere. They are going to be


jacked up, they have not had a successful season like this in a


number of years and they will be excited to see their offense rising


up and playing good football. It will be crazy. Just to balance that,


Matt Ryan second in the NFL, Julia Jones second for receiving yards,


they will be excited. The Atlanta Falcons and their fans will go in


there with the big question mark over whether they can continue the


football they played in a regular season into the playoffs. More


nerves for them than for Pete Carroll on the Seahawks.


I likelet the way they have been playing this year. It should be an


exciting game. OK. Here we go. You went first last time. Who do you


think will win? Seattle. I'm being with Seattle. I'm going with the


Dirty Bird, the Atlanta Falcons. They are a great organisation from


top to bottom. Not even bias they have a great football team this


year. OK. That's the NFC covered so now


on to the two match-ups in the AFC. The Houston Texans will be


taking on the mighty New England Patriots


in Massachesetts and The Pittsburgh Steelers will be


at the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's look at those Steelers,


who made it comfortably through the Wild Card


round against the Miami Dolphins. It was very, very comfortable on


what was a chilly day in Pittsburgh. It was well below zero ahead of the


game. Yet, the Steelers in that first quarter, put Miami away and


the game out of reach in that first corner. Brown cruising past them,


50-yard touchdown. 2nd inside eight minutes. Another 62-yards. That was


game over, really? Best receiver of football.


Had. He makes plays week in and week out. As soon as he did that, the


Miami Dolphins went straight to sleep. They didn't want to tackle


anybody from the Miami Dolphins. The cold got to them. I'm assuming it


hurts more to tackle in the cold? Is They didn't want to engage and put


their hands on guys. It was sloppy. Think were happy to be there, man. .


They had a great season by their standards. There is something wrong


with that. I mean, nobody expected them to be there. The fact that they


made it there, I think they were happy with that. Maybe. The Dolphins


had Matt Moore, Hill was out - oh, my word. My goodness. That was a


massive hit on Moore. Oh, my gosh. You thought he was out of the game.


I thought they were bringing the stretcher out for him. That was


serious.s it looked like he sped up when we ran through them. Remarkably


he came on to finish the game. They said he was tough. They never


questioned that when we talked about them. They will never question it


again. Not at They went after all. Him as well. Remarkable still to be


on the If we talk field. About the Atlanta Falcons and their attacking


weapons, where do Pittsburgh rank with their attacking weapons All the


way up there. You have big Ben the cannon back there throwing the


football. They have it all covered. They have a pretty good offensive


line. Offensively they are up there. You talk about Bell, he is a


different type of running back, isn't he? I don't the NFL has ever


seen a guy with the patience he has. I mean, at the goalline he stopped,


way before block to come in front of him and shot through the hole. I've


never seen anything like it. Were you surprised in the 4th quarter,


when Big Ben went over, four minutes left, with the game sown up they


were still using Roethlisberger and Brown and Bell. Surely, given what


the NFL has seen happen to other important players going into these


playoffs, wouldn't you have taken them out? They wanted to get them.


They rested them the last week of the season. They had to come in.


They didn't want to take them out. I see you giving me the look. Nice


try. Snoop they took Bell out. They kept Roethlisberger in, and they


should have took him out. I mean, he got his ankle rolled up. This is


your money, man. Without those guys... Those things can happen at


any point in the game. When you are winning like that. Yeah, I know. You


have to take them out. Your' right. Another win for his brain.


I think we all can agree, for once, that this was always going to be


However, the Steeler's next oponents are a team that Jason and Osi have


had very different views on all year - The Kansas City Chiefs.


Don't try to be nobody else, man. Be the best you can be. Give me all


you've got, man. COMMENTATOR: Throwing long left for


the business - touchdown! Steps up. He can run this thing. The momentum


going, baby. More and more and more! Touchdown! Time! Can you feel it? I


can feel it. Oh the Kansas City Chiefs. Where would you like to


begin? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say, do you


want me to apologise for all the things I've said. I meant every last


word. They are a boring football team. They have an exciting player,


good defense and exciting football coach. They are a boring football


team. A good football team, they still put me to sleep. Do you think


arguably they are the most balanced football team in the playoffs left,


ie, offense, defense - No. I would give that to the New England


Patriots. OK. Outside of them you have to give it to the Kansas City


Chiefs, basically. I agree. That's a good statement, they are very


balanced. A's more a question, I'm not allowed to make a statement. A,


I'm the presenter. B, I don't know anything. Well-informed. I liked it.


That is why it gets equated to being boring. They know what they are good


at. They keep the game tight and don't make mistakes. Alex Smith


thrown for 15 touchdowns and eight enter acceptingses.


Is that one of the reasons why you... It's hard to score touchdowns


when you dink, donk, run the ball. It's hard to score touchdowns like


that. They are not taking risks. When they do they are intercepted.


They can dink the ball to Hill, he can score a touchdown. Outside of


that, what do they have? Pittsburgh thrashed them in Week 4. Since then,


the Chiefs have only lost twice, once to Tampa and the Titans. Yeah,


they will lose again. Really? Yeah, they are. They are. You have


championed them on this sofa for the last three months. Tell him about


himself. Why are you changing your mind now? Pittsburgh are dangerous.


They are dangerous and have three weapons. You saw what they can do


last week. These pundits aren't loyal! A nightmare, Jason. You


always sort of dig us out of this... You balance it up. It will be tight,


I like KC, but, you know, I have to go with the weapons. You are being


Pittsburgh? I'm being pits duringburg. I'm going Pittsburgh. If


Kansas City win I won't be on this couch. If they win this game against


the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will say the whole thing! Change that. All


right. Kansas City chief fans are on social media. Make your points to


themly rather than through me. The last game we are going


to look at this weekend is between the Houston Texans


and the bookies favourite for the Super Bowl,


the New England Patriots. The Texans got here by winning -


and I'm quoting Osi here - the BBQ game, or the Battle


of the Bad Quarterbacks. This was the Texans


against the poor, poor Oakland Raiders who were rudderless


without their talismatic It was a real struggle for the


Raiders in Houston. Cook couldn't get going, could he, Jason? No, you


were hoping he would do something miraculous and he was so unknown we


didn't know he was so great. . Saw he was just a third string


quarterback. The third string is important here because people might


think - hang on, you have these reserves so if you get somebody


injured they can come in. When you are the third string quarterback,


your role during practice is to help out your defense, isn't it? To play


the part of the quarterback that your defense will play that week?


Yes. A lot of times they don't even get those right because the


second-string quarterback wants to get his reps in he runs the scout


team or the team giving the other team look. The third string barely


plays at all during the season, even in practice. So much attention on


Cook and analysis and reaction to him.


Osweiller is battling through. He didn't lose in this game. That is


what he needed to do. He needed to maintain the offense and not turn


the ball over. That is what he did. Houston's biggest post i has been


their defense. You saw them in this game. I have to feel guilty about


them because I didn't know they were that good. When you watch them, they


are really good on each level. Defense align and linebackers and


DB's are competitive. If they are competitive and a great defense, why


as a team have they been so inconsistent this season? We have


hardly really spoken about them? Teams with a great defense have a


quarterback that doesn't turn the football over. He's a guy like a gay


manager. They had a quarterback who would turn the football over, put


the defense in ridiculous positions that allowed them to been


inconsistent over the Will it be years. A missed opportunity for the


Raiders? Definitely. Everybody was excited about that team. I was. I


thought they could do something special. They lost are their star.


A good defensive display and an improved Brock Osweiller.


Maybe this isn't the last of the Texans, they've only got the...


Oh, yeah, they've only got the New England Patriots.


COMMENTATOR: Fans of New England have been marking their calendars


with this day. Get better. We will play our best football. Go, baby. He


takes it. COMMENTATOR: The kick is airborne.


Upright. It is good. They have a lead over the Sea Hawks.


What were you saying, beat the Raiders - Yeah, here's your prize.


Pack your stuff, and go back home. They met in Week 3. Finished


patriots 27, Texans 0. Thats tells you the difference between the two


teams. I'm excited to see this defense against New England's


offense. Sglp are you? I really am. I'm excited... Look how he looks -


are you? Are you trying to sell the game to us? Is we are allowed a


tough game. I'm excited because, if they lose, which Texans will lose,


probably, this is going to give them a blueprint on how to stop them. I


think the defense will do good things against that offense. They


have good pressure. The way to beat a Tom Brady team is to put pressure


on the quarterback. I don't think they will be able to do to the New


England Patriots that was done last year or when the Giants beat them. I


don't think the Texans are built that way. Do the offense have enough


to worry the defense in If Miller has one of his best days of his life


they can be a threat. It might be tighter than they think. Another


coach who came from one team playing against another. NFL, the coaching


fraternity is so tight. A lot of "ifs" in your answers in that


discussion. You are being Patriots. Patriots. Patriots.


A quick reminder of when these games will be over the weekend.


Finally, some highs and lows from last weekend for you.


They warmed up without their jumpers on. Odell found a top. Like it was


chilly in Pittsburgh as well. So cold the whistle-stopped working.


Most unlucky player of the week is Houston's Tyler Irvine. He is so


happy. He returned this punt against the Raiders all the way. Oh. And


then the touchdown was disallowed. For that. I pet bet that hurt.


Sucks, man. We know that Dolphins are warm weather creatures and don't


react well out of any environment. We talked about this. You have to


get the tip. Know the tip. Nothing anything Aaron Rogers threw was on


the money at the weekend. Randall was hopping mad at something, or


just trying to stay warm. One man who kept his cool, this was a great


play from Matthews. It was. Forced the fumble. They wanted it more.


Recovered ball. Standing around watching the football. They dive on


it. That's all we have


time for this week. This Sunday 5Live Extra will be


bringing you all the action from the Steelers at the Chiefs


and also the Packers against the Cowboys with coverage


starting from 6.00pm. You can join us again this Tuesday


at 11.15pm for NFL This Week where we will bring you all the best


of the action from this weekend. From Osi, Jason and myself,


it's good night. They want me to write and


produce - for a boy band. Oh. Your album's


getting five-star reviews, I mean, you must feel like


you're dreaming.


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