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COMMENTATOR: It will be time for these two teams to settle it. He


will fire it towards the end zone. Going deep. A one-man wrecking crew!


Unbelievable! How did he do that? In the end zone. Unstoppable. Welcome


to the The NFL Show. We can get this out of the way because it will be


painful. Osi, how many predictions did you get right last week? I got


everything right, I have to be honest, I'm just the greatest. Last


week was fake news, nobody cares, I'm the greatest, the world has ever


seen, I'm back, nobody can dispute my greatness. Oh. I don't know how


you do it. You have nothing to lose.


Do you feel me? Do you feel me? A little frustration. They are used to


nothing but success. Touchdown! Under the heading of things that


cannot happen tonight that is one of them. The champions of the world


right here. Let's go. We've got to respond now.


Touchdown! Welcome to the The NFL Show. It could be a long half-hour!


Three games left in the NFL season and in 24 hours, two of those three


will be concluded and we will know who will be in Super Bowl. The two


conference championship finals and the winners will hedge to Houston to


compete for the Super Bowl. To confirm the results from last


weekend. We have some sensational games, some less than sensational


games. Anything surprise you about what you saw? I didn't know Aaron


Karren Brady! He is that good. I cannot believe how good he is


playing. You are struggling because you got two four and he has four and


it means you in your predictions in the playoffs are level. It has


affected you psychologically. It is hard to be up here with you guys. I


assume nothing surprises you. I am not surprised about what happened. I


got everything correct, the way I usually do up until last week, when,


you know... You are the greatest guy I ever bet. I am glad you sorted


that out. When we look at the four teams left and the four quarterbacks


left, this is why there is so much excitement ahead of these games and


the Super Bowl because arguably we have the four best quarterbacks we


could have hoped for. Dak Prescott might have something to say about


that. The teams they represent, those four, going head-to-head is


mouthwatering. That is what you have to look at. You want to look at what


else they have because you think they are going to X each other out.


How much do you look at the bottom two lines on the graphic. Matt Ryan


of the Falcons falling behind the others, not having been in a Super


Bowl he does not have a Super Bowl record and his playoff experience is


less than the others. It has been thrown at him a lot. Justifiably so


because his record is not good in the playoffs but he has to be in the


playoffs for his record to get better and he is doing that right


now. He is having a fantastic season. If there was a year when he


breaks out of the slump, in the playoffs, it is this year. Getting


ahead of ourselves when you look at the four who remain. It will not be


a bad Super Bowl whatever the matchup. Without cursing it! It is


who they are now. What I worry about with Matt Ryan, who is there to say,


we have been here before, we are used to this? When everybody else


has that. We can look at the NFC first. We will go with the Green Bay


Packers against the Atlanta Falcons. The backers got here with a stunning


victory over the top seeds, Dallas Cowboys in what I think is already


going down as one of the great playoff games the NFL has seen. No


question. The Packers took off with a commanding lead. Dak Prescott of


the Cowboys played an outstanding second-half. It was an outstanding


game from start to finish. And given that lead to the Packers built up,


you thought that it was done and dusted, certainly at 21-3. The guys


had to battle back and did what they should have done at the beaming,


cutting back to the run game, dominating the line of scrimmage. A


lot has been made of Prescott. Added experienced players. They have never


been in a situation like this. There is no way to prepare yourself in a


situation like this. They played well but at the end of the day I


think we called it a couple of weeks ago they would be eliminated because


they need experience. Next year the Dallas Cowboys will be an


outstanding team. I agree. I want them to win this game. I thought


they had everything going for them. After the interception, the way he


bounced back, promising for his future. He embodies everything the


NFL is about. Carrying himself in a proper way and handles himself the


exact way you would want a quarterback to handle himself. Which


would mean Dallas, it ends the Tony Romo question. Tony Romo if they can


will be traded and this is Dak Prescott's team from now? You have


to go with you. It is a young league. I was a Tony Romeu supporter


and still am. But he proved he was the person to lead the team in the


future, you have to go with you. The Cowboys went straight down the other


end and Bailey scoring the field goal. 31-31 and Aaron Rodgers with


35 seconds on the clock for the final drive. One of the most amazing


plays. As a right corner which I played, you do not think this throw


can get there. Throwing across the field, across his body, there was


nowhere else he could put that, amazing. Cook's catch. People have


focused on Aaron Rodgers was to be throw. The reason they focus more on


the throw is receiver 's practice that catch all the time, the toad


drag you saw. But the throw was ridiculous. We have had a dig at


kickers over the season. So many being missed. Both deserved credit.


Two 50 plus kicks. Daley never looking like he would felt. There is


something going on. You have good quarterbacks and kickers which might


be the combination deep in the playoffs. Nobody cares about


kickers, one second left in the game and you have to win the game and


suddenly the kickers... They came through. On the stats, to highlight


Mason Crosby's importance to the Packers, the 51 yards the longest to


win a postseason game and 23 consecutive postseason field goals.


If you aren't looking for extended highlights and analysis the games


you will find them on VI player. The Packers' opponents, the Falcons, who


took on the Seattle Seahawks last weekend. This was in Atlanta, in the


Georgia Dome. For is so much time we have spoken about Atlanta and their


offense and the different options, but Osi, as a man who has played


defense for the Falcons, how impressed where you? They got after


Russell Wilson and Billy -- Billy Kee offensive line. An outstanding


game and nobody is giving them credit for a good defense because


they have been inconsistent but they might be hitting their stride. They


are both the same defense. This is the same defense. You are watching


the same defenses play but Atlanta seems to have turned a corner with


the defense. They were communicating. It look good. Russell


Wilson, going into his own end zone there, as he fell over, you say


Seattle did not communicate as well? They do but Atlanta has stepped up


and are looking similar to Seattle and have the weapons as far as the


safety. He is amazing, put him on the line of scrimmage and he stopped


the run. Like what Seattle does all the time. For all the talk and I


brought up defense first because that is where you played and you'd


like to praise defenses as much as possible, but Atlanta this season


have had 13 different players go in from touchdowns. It is remarkable.


That is ridiculous. Seeing what Matt Ryan has done with the defense.


Deserving credit to get Matt Ryan to play this football. You look at


Julio Jones, but he can beat you with anybody, Matt Ryan. When Julio


Jones got injured, they were still winning. This is about Matt Ryan and


the offense. It seems he is reading defense well and using his best


option at that time and that is good coaching. Add comes with experience.


Out of the four remaining quarterbacks he is the least


experience. That might have been a struggle earlier, trying to make the


big plays, now he has just got to take what he should take, what the


defense it's him. They started 7-0 down in that game, the Falcons. We


spoke about their playoff history. Did they do well not to do Dallas?


They did not care about what happened before which goes to


coaching. To have the lack of experience, 7-0 down, to come back


and win and destroy the Seattle Seahawks, an impressive coaching


performance. How do you see the matchup? Green Bay and Atlanta. I am


not asking for a prediction. You do not have to get nervous! Just an


overall view of how you see this game. I think it will be


high-scoring. You will see electric offense. It will be whoever plays


consistent at quarterback. These are two the best and it will be


exciting. It will be two of the best offenses in football going


head-to-head and I am excited to see the outcome. I have an idea of who I


want to win and who will win. Can you see both teams going over 30


points? Definitely. They have the skills to do it. The winner will


have to go over 30. Going back to defense, it depends on which defense


deals better with it and would you say Atlanta's defense looks better?


They definitely look better. Where are they stronger? In the defense.


They are better. Green Bay is picking up guys anywhere they can


find to play defense these days. I agree with you. This is very


disappointing! Where do you disagree? Green Bay are solid


upfront. Falcons do also but upfront the Packers are the better team. The


advantage they have, Atlanta is that. Aaron Rodgers when Green Bay


were on the bad run and had to win all remaining games to make the


playoffs said they were going to run, winning every game, and taking


control. Is this season a failure for Green Bay now, given how they


have been playing? I think it would be because it is magical. You want


this story to end like this with him to run the table. Nobody could have


guessed this. It would be a failure because the way things have gone so


far for Green Bay, he said that an playing the best quarterback


football we have seen. For him not to end with Super Bowl... He said he


has taken playing this position to the highest level. He does stuff


nobody else can do. Predictions? I am going with Atlanta. Are you? I am


going with Atlanta because I look at the numbers. But, man, it is hard to


bet against. Going against Aaron Rodgers? I am looking at the facts.


That is what I do. Your heart will overrule your head. No question. As


a former Falcon. My head says the Packers will win because they have


momentum and the way their quarterback is playing. Even when I


was playing in New York, I lived Atlanta, I have been in Atlanta the


whole time. It is going to be a great game. I am picking the Atlanta


Falcons also. It means you cannot be wrong if you go with your head and


heart. My father said go with your heart and I have to go with my


heart. Would you be upset if Green Bay won? I am the greatest of all


time! You are! We can move on to the AFC.


The Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the New England Patriots. The


Steelers got here with a win on the road at the Kansas City Chiefs. You


felt a little bit with this everything was set up for Kansas


City. It was cold. The atmosphere, and yet, it did not pan out for


them. All that stuff you said sounded


cute. The entire time there was one guy on this courage who said the


Kansas City Chiefs will not make it! There is one guy here, sitting to


the left of Jason Bell... Defensively they showed up. They


played good football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. What was it,


six field goals or something like that? But offensively they just


didn't have the weapons, they didn't have the firepower. They put me to


sleep again! Is this Alex Smith's fault? No, it's not his fault, they


were just the team they are. They played against three dangerous


offensive weapons and they couldn't stop any of them. This is who Alex


Smith has always been, so you can't now expect him to carry a football


team and throw them the victory like that. When they went in for that


touchdown with two minutes 40 left, they went to the extra two, they


caught it and then they were held back for a holding penalty when they


went for it the second time, they didn't connect and that was the end


of that. So for all the criticising, they were never out of it, were


they? No, it was a close game. These are the elite teams and it's going


to be tight. The love I have Paul Casey is all season and what they


were doing. But we're talking about the best playing the best and you've


got to look at the match-ups. You started to praise levy on Bell


offensively. -- LaVeon Bell. I really enjoy watching this man play


football. Were you ever concern for Pittsburgh that they were in the red


zone four times in that game and never converted to a touchdown? Not


against Kansas City, that is a great defense and they played really well


in the red zone, they always have all season. To would you expect them


if they get into the red zone four times against the Patriots to


convert at least one or two of those chances? I think they can pull it


off. The Patriots have an outstanding defense also but I think


if they get into the red zone as many times as they did against


Kansas City, they're going to score lots of touchdowns. Let's show you


the final game which was the Houston Texans visiting the New England


Patriots. The majority of the NFL breathed a sigh of relief that this


was where the Texans's journey ended! Come on, didn't they? It


would have been very odd to stick rock Osweiler on that graphic of our


four quarterbacks. I love the Texans. I know, you played for


them... But let's be odd, it would have been odd if we had put Brock


Osweiler on that graphic. Somebody doesn't belong here! There is a guy


here who is not supposed to be on the list!


LAUGHTER Me end you have seen teams,


Baltimore Ravens have won the Super Bowl without an elite quarterback


before. So I mean, it has happened. But yeah, somebody had to go.


Watching this game, in the first half the Texans did get to Tom


Brady, didn't they? They did beat him up in the first half. The front


four got after him. The offense really started slow and sluggish but


that is what happens when you get pressure on Tom Brady like that.


That is the problem. If you're going to defeat the New England Patriots,


that is the only way to do it. Create havoc on your defensive line.


You can't just do it for one half, you have to do it for the entire


football game. We saw Lewis go in for a touchdown not long ago and the


Patriots were 15-0 when Lewis starts. He does a lot for them. He


can run the ball well. Everything Tom Brady likes to do it on the


middle of that field and Dion Lewis can get up there and he is a


match-up nightmare. Jack of all trades and that is what the Patriots


are so good at. They keep putting these people on the field that can


play multiple positions and do multiple things and they have found


another man to do that in Lewis. He had a hat-trick of touchdowns in


this game. If we expand more on the Patriots, if you... Certainly on


this show and on both the shows we do and I would also say when I'm


reading and watching and listening to American media, they might be in


Massachusetts but I don't think they are generally discussed as much as


the Packers, the Cowboys, the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Broncos


this season. I think we've spent more time talking about the majority


of the other teams in the NFL than the Patriots, considering they are


the number one seeds in the AFC, why? There is never a story and that


is down to Bill Belichick. He makes sure it's about the job, the game.


He gives you nothing else to talk about, he makes it all about


football. I think they are taken for granted now because of their


success. Their success has been their number one enemy in that


regard. They just win every single year. I've never seen anything like


it. Every year you can count on the New England Patriots being up there


in playoff contention or Super Bowl contention and most people see that


again and again and it kind of dull their senses a bit and they take


them for granted. It's their sixth consecutive AFC Championship Game.


Listen to what you just said! Their sixth consecutive... I mean, who


does that? We're going to get here, regardless. Amazing. But you were


saying that one of the secrets to how they operate is that if you go


into New England, we were saying this fair, you go into New England


and you play for the Patriots, it's a job. It's a job. So they take the


emotion out of it. There is emotion in the game but what they do is let


you know what this is about, we are here to work and you are here to do


your role, whatever that is. Is that different to a lot of other teams?


Yes, a lot of teams are like, there is this family atmosphere, we all


get along, we are a unit. They are like no, you do your position and we


win. They call it the Patriot way. Whenever a team or an organisation


operates ruthlessly. Whenever a team operates like that, they say that is


the Patriots way, they do things like the New England Patriots. Like


Jason said, everything is just a job, plain and simple. You're not


allowed to say get at Brady, because that is the answer, whenever I've


spoken about the Patriots, that is what people say. Houston got at


Brady in the first half and they didn't win. So something other than


getting at Brady, how can Pittsburgh win? I'll go first. They have to


have one of the greatest running performances they've ever had.


Because if you are running the ball well and scoring points, Tom Brady


is not on the field. There's only one way to beat the New England


Patriots. You have to remove Bill Belichick from the equation, plain


and simple. If you get into a coaching battle with him, you're


going to lose every single time. What you have to say is this. Bill


Belichick, no matter how good you are, you can't get onto the football


field and put on pads. You have to out- physical the guy you're playing


against, this has to be a physical confrontation. From the start of the


end, you're going to be up in your grill, as we say!


LAUGHTER So yeah, that's it. And if the


running game is going to be key for Pittsburgh, that means that this man


is going to be key, Le'Veon Bell. It boils down to him. It totally boils


down to him and that is what they are built on. That's what they


really want to do. As much as we talk about Big Ben and all the stuff


he does down the field, they want to run the ball and that offensive line


is running... Bouncy in the middle is an amazing center. You can go


first this time, Pittsburgh's... I like Pittsburgh, but. As a standing


rule, I can never bet against the New England Patriots unless they are


playing against the New York Giants. Fortunate for them, they are not


playing the Giants. Can I change this at any time during the... No,


no! Because I am conflicted. This could take a while, ladies and


gentlemen. It's why they pay you the big Bucs! What are you conflicted


about? Because I just want to go out against Osi on this one. I'm going


to go with the Steelers. So at the moment you think it will be Patriots


fold and you have predicted Steelers Fulton 's. Those predictions is


great, but do you think the majority, forget who you support,


the neutral wants a Rogers Brady Super Bowl? For sure. For sure. That


is the sexy Super Bowl match. In sexy!


LAUGHTER -- I deal in sexy!


LAUGHTER You weren't meant to last! So forget


your predictions come would you like a Rogers Brady Super Bowl? No. So,


forget your predictions, let's do the eyes and loads -- let's do the


highs and lows of the week. A view interesting handling manoeuvres.


That was outdoors and this one was indoors so you can't even blame the


weather for that. This was an amazing play from the Falcons


defense. Dion Jones comes away with the ball. Russell Wilson got tripped


by his own line. Matt Ryan not really in tune with his receivers


there. And neither was... This was unbelievable. Do you know how hard


this is, as a defender? What is that? This is what happens when


you've got magic on your side. This isn't magic although it is rather


amusing! Stupid. I know it's stupid, but from a fans's point of view it


is amusing when someone loses it. Travis Kelce with that. I saw...


We have got Brady to Edelman and finally, Dion Lewis channelling his


inner Tyree Cal for an 80 yard, 90 yard kick return. And then look,


wow, the afterburners come on. That's what happens when you wear


number 33! That's what happens! I was wondering about that... Because


we wouldn't have got that. No one would have known. 33. He used it


where 33 in case you're wondering! That is all we have time for this


week. You can join us again this Tuesday


at 11:15pm when we will bring you NFL this week. From Osi, Jason and


myself, it's good night. 33! VOICEOVER: America's dream and the


end of -- America's team and the end of the American dream. Only four


Thiem 's live for here and now. Dreaming of what comes next. Not


Super Bowl LI yet. There is work to do first, conferences to complete,


titles to win days of thunder, days of wonder. Only the best can breathe


it in, the air is so rarefied. Only in the NFL.


They want me to write and produce - for a boy band. Oh.


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