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Episode 10

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Good evening. With defending WSL champions Chelsea not in action, we


will see whether any of their closest rivals could take advantage.


With high-flying Manchester City extend their lead at the top with


victory over Sunderland? Arsenal aimed to maintain their title talent


by despatching Liverpool. And could Birmingham make it 11 unbeaten when


they travelled to struggling concourse to? -- concourse to? And


with the Olympics days away, we thought it would be fitting to meet


the Team GB squad. Would begin at the academy Stadium, where leaders


Manchester City hosted struggling Sunderland. Could the league's most


porous defence resist against the free scoring City attack must be


headed by Jane Ross? -- spearheaded by Jane Ross.


A striker who is simply oozing with confidence.


Sunderland, the latest side attending to put a stop to the


Manchester City juggernaut storming towards the title. A win would see


them go four point clear at the top of the league. One enforced change,


McManus was stretchered off during the 5-1 win at Notts County, Stokes


comes in at left back. Despite a heavy 4-0 loss at Arsenal,


Sunderland boss keeps the faith and names and unchanged side.


Jane Ross manages to win a corner kick.


Noted on, its hit the bar! It's nodded off the line by Rachel


Furnace! How close was that for Manchester City! Jane Ross looking


for her 11th goal of the season, inches away from getting it.


Stanway does really well to win the ball. She has beaten the key plateau


near post! She gives men to the city believed! A powerful strike from the


17-year-old. Lawless, furious with herself and her defence for not


closing the youngster down. She struck that so sweetly and


Manchester City finally have the least.


And she was beaten that time, the keeper. The crossbar


Here is standard for. Sunderland having a late surge at the end of


this first half. Bronze once the first half and doesn't get it. Not


quite in the right position there, the keeper. I don't think she was


expecting Furness to go for goal, and in the end, she did really well.


expecting Furness to go for goal, and in the end, Filed in the end.


Sunderland, showing some promise here.


City, looking to strike back. In the Jill Scott.


Stanway! Another clinical strike from the 17-year-old. Just like


that, City go 2-0 up. That is three in two games for Stanway, right in


the corner. No chance for the keeper with that one.


Danger not averted for Sunderland. Looking for Paris, Sharp was there,


behind for a corner. Christiansen once again with the


corner. The shop was on target. Furnace


begin doing a defensive duty. She tries to look for the run of


Christiansen. Excellent defending. A goal saving challenge by Canon to


intercept. Off-line! And again, Staniforth in


the right place, the second time she has done that.


Stanway! And there it is! Stanway with a hat-trick! What an afternoon


she has had! In off the post. Three goals for Manchester City and three


goals for Georgia Stanway. This one arguably the pick of the bunch. Does


it get much better than that? Definitely not. Starting, scoring,


winning, credit to the team as well, a good performance, very special


day. I just think she is fearless, very competitive in the way she


plays as she works very hard and we are aware she's young player and


needs developing, which is a huge strategy of hours with men's and


women's teams but when she plays like she did and takes her chances


like she did, she will keep her place in the team. We kept the ball


well at times, we created a few good moments for ourselves, where we got


in behind, got a couple of shots at goal which was good, we just needed


to build on that. Six games to go, you happy and confident? Had because


we're top of the league but there is a long way to go and hard games to


play. If we keep winning, just see where we end up.


Manchester City, not quite as free-flowing as last week but got


the job done and continued that dominant form. And that's why they


continue to be at the top of the league, they weren't firing on all


cylinders but the quality shone through, they were relentless


against Sunderland yesterday, some really good quality on display.


Let's talk about Georgia Stanway, just 17, fearless and keeping Tony


Duggan out of the starting line-up and you can see why. Having played


with Duggan when she was 17, she completely reminds me of her, her


fearlessness, willingness to run at place, she is both right and left


footed, likes cutting in from the left, scoring from all kinds of


distances but her overall play is outstanding, she's checking her


shoulders when she is receiving the ball, her passes are drilled in, she


finds open spaces, recognises space out wide on this occasion and just


feeds in with the other team-mates, it is quality from both ends of the


pitch. She gets her rewards early on, she doesn't have much right to


win the ball, she does and she picks the spot. Whether the keeper should


allow that to going, near post... But this one is a clinical drive, we


see her team-mate setting her up for the best of the three, left foot


strike from outside the box full. Comes off the pitch to a deserved


standing ovation. She has been given an opportunity by the manager, it's


a big call to leave it can out somebody who is 17 but it shows you


what you can do if you get an opportunity and she is more than


capable. Real competition for places, that helps in terms of


providing consistency. We started off this season saying that they had


a small squad, and they have had it in the window and they have


integrated so seamlessly, Jane Ross, Megan Campbell, Georgia Stanway


being given her chance, there is real competition for places and as


Casey says, give players chance, they have to take the chance and


keep proving. We talked about Jane Ross, highlighted her, she didn't


get on the scoresheet but when teams like Sunderland sit deep and make


things congested, that linkup play is vital. She is the focal point of


every Manchester City attack, she has one of the best movements of any


forward of the league. She can go behind, come short, she is strong,


she can link other players in, great one touch play get Lucy Bronze on


the ball and she is one of the hardest players to play against, her


movement here is so clever, as a centre half, you know you are going


to have a hard game against her. Must be a nightmare to mark her, she


is everywhere. She nearly gets a just reward with the header, we have


seen her score right foot, left foot, headers this season, quality.


That win for Manchester City meant Arsenal couldn't afford to slip up


against Liverpool, unbeaten since before the mid-season break.


Arsenal very much part of what looks like being a 3-way battle for the


title. No Rosie White today for a Liverpool, the New Zealand


international has gone to the Olympics with her country. Into the


side comes top scorer Katie Zelem, while Alex Greenwood is replaced by


Van den Bergh left back. Plenty of talent for Mark Sampson to


watch today. They will look to get Nobbs on the ball at every available


opportunity. Carter scored but winning goal in the cup final


against Chelsea, and Williams comes into play here and it is deflected!


That is a huge slice of fortune for Arsenal. Exactly the sort of thing


may be that you need when you are chasing a league title. They will


take it all day long. A nightmare for Chamberlain, because there was


nothing she could do about it. Weir has been one of Liverpool's


best players this season. That is a good turn, and what a hit! Fantastic


finish by Vandersay and in, picked out of the top corner, and that is a


beauty. No wonder they are celebrating, Liverpool are level.


She didn't even look, she knew exactly where the goal was, top


polity. That is to effect finish from van de Sanden. A good


save by Chamberlain, got down sharply to her right hand side


there. A great save by Chamberlain. A strong challenge coming in on


Nobbs from Combs. Arsenal are looking stretched at the back here,


and van de Sanden is an unmarked in the middle, his shears, and a great


save! That was a brilliant stop. All she needed to do was to put the ball


in, side footed in, and that is incredible goalkeeping.


That is an overlapping run here by the left back. Vandenberg wasn't


taking any chances, knew that Carter was coming in behind her. Not much


time there that Jansen has got herself forward, put herself in the


box. They have worked that really well between them, and Nobbs! A good


save down at the other end by Chamberlain. That was a good shot


from Nobbs, it looked like it was going in the top corner. The lay-off


by Lund. A break for the Swede again here, and it is going to be a free


kick from Liverpool, fouled by Fara Williams, and this is a nice


distance out to have a go at goal. The free kick given away by one of


Arsenal's most experienced players, but it is Weir who will really fancy


this, just in her sort of range. Can she work the keeper here? It is


glorious! What a strike by Caroline Weir! Van Veenendaal barely moved,


and Liverpool have come from behind to lead here at Meadow Park. Whether


it was the quality of the free kick, that just looked too easy. Van


Veenendaal I'll just took a step to the left, I don't know where she for


Weir was going to put it. McCabe has done well here, and Oshoala just


couldn't get the touch to it. She just tried to roll the ball through,


and in the end it landed at Alex Scott's feat. It would have been


offside had she got a touch to it. The seconds are ebbing away here for


Arsenal. The push by van de Sanden. The delivery has to be good from


Williams. A really good punch clear by Chamberlain, Williams to try


again. It was a deep cross, Chamberlain couldn't get there!


Just, just off target. I thought that was in. They teasing ball. She


just needed to get her head on the end of it, and it just went the


wrong side of the post for her. It was a good game of football, they


played fantastic stuff, but so did we. I thought we were more clinical


and we deserved the win. How difficult is that today jest?


61% possession and 24 shots. It was hard, but he is right, they were


more clinical than us, we had more shots and more possession, but you


have to turn them into goals. More clinical on the day? Absolutely.


Liverpool gave them chances from outside the box. We see here in


Italia gets the chance. I think what she does is press the ball, at least


take our eye off it. That was a well worked corner from the training


ground, a pretty good save from Siobhan Chamberlain, and the chances


kept coming. Oshoala really should have got on the end of this, and


this towering header, shows her athletic ability, but she could have


put that in the back of the net. She is strong in the air, but that is


the best chance of the game from me for the white and this one? I should


have scored that, and I'm devastating for my team-mates that I


haven't put that away, because that is my job. That must difficult to


watch back. It is hard, but I will learn from it, I have to hit the


target next time, and you take a point, that was difficult game, we


knew they would be difficult to play against, they are on an unbeaten run


for a reason. We didn't capitalise on our possession, we were not good


enough in the final furlong. Liverpool have added resolve to


their offensive play. You felt van de Sanden epitomised that. She was


outstanding, I thought. She covered a great amount of ground, 10.37


kilometres. Attacking and defensively she was the engine for


Liverpool, and if any player needed to pick the game up and take it by


the scruff of the neck, she did that and was a catalyst for most


Liverpool players. She gave Jansen a torrid time yesterday, with and


without the ball. She is powerful, relentless in her running. We see


her getting in behind, she should have finished this, great save by


van Veenendaal I'll, you have to say. Maybe her positioning was found


wanting on a few occasions. Now we see the build-up to her goal, she


has no right to get a turn, no backlift, flies into the top corner.


That really is a fantastic technique. From this angle, she


squeezes it really into that top corner, but it is the power and the


pace and energy that is awesome. Moving on to Liverpool's second, a


superb free kick from Caroline Weir, but van Veenendaal will be


disappointed. She will. Credit to Caroline Weir first and foremost, it


is a brilliant strike, but when we do slow it down, break it down, the


goalkeeper should have done better. They extended the wall, made it


harder for van Veenendaal all to see, but she sets it out right. Yes,


she is her own biggest critic, she will watch this back a thousand


times, and she will know that the to steps to the left is the wrong


position, maybe her positioning could have been more to the right.


If it beats the wall, there is nothing you can do about it, but I


like to think that maybe she could have been a little further across,


and she might have been able to affect it. But that is a world-class


free kick. What does that defeat mean fewer title hopes? Are they


gone? I think we have to be honest and say that they are over for the


season, we have to fight for Champions League. We want to stay in


the top two. It is in Chelsea and man city's hands, but we have a lot


of pride. We will reflect and hopefully go again. Next, Doncaster


hosted a Birmingham side who wanted to extend their unbeaten run in all


competitions. Emma Saunders reports. Birmingham have lost on their


travels since the opening fixture against Liverpool, yet in despite


their impressive run of form, only opponents Doncaster had scored less.


Lyndon shot agonisingly wide. Despite a half short on action,


there were chances on both sides. The bells currently sit bottom of


WSL one. At times, they seem to have been there own worst enemy, despite


the captain playing the perfect ball. The breakthrough came on the


hour mark, substitute Kirsty Linnett had torrid time of late, having


missed nine months through injury, she took less than a minute to score


her first golfer to years to put her side in front. Birmingham's


defensive record is impressive having registered clean sheets in


eight of their previous ten matches. Keita that is the former Sophie


Bradley, who did superbly to deny another goal. They stood firm to


scramble the ball to safety and secure three much-needed points in


the Hunter Champions League football.


Just 12 days after giving birth, Reading boss Kelly Chambers was back


in the technical area to oversee the arrival of Notts County Ladies,


early on and off all is going to something spectacular, but her


effort was tipped away by the outstretched Megan Walsh. Five


minutes before half-time, it was County who got her nose in front,


Dani Buet with her first goal of the campaign. Reading came out after the


interval rejuvenated, Follett clearly had faith in her right foot.


There was still time for a late drama. In the 90th minute, Royals


defenders Rebecca Jane somehow denied Jess Clarke, and then Eileen


Whelan on the line, so the full-time whistle went with Reading still


looking for that first win in WSL one.


Congratulations to Kelly Chambers, that is Reading's six Troy in nine.


Doncaster still bottom, they do have five games in hand on Sunderland,


though. A bit of a break now for most teams, but only a few more


sleeps until the Olympic football starts, sadly, no Team GB but can we


look beyond the usual suspects, do we think? It should be exciting for


us players in GP who should be a part of it. USA are definitely the


favourites. They are in form and flying, but as a national team, it


would strengthen us to be playing against the likes of these teams,


and it is a massive tournament that we miss out on. To clarify the


reasons why, Kelly Simmons, the Football Association's director of


women's football, said there is no possibility of securing a place for


a GB team because of the position from the other home nations. What


will Team GB be missing out on? Valuable tournament experience and


life changing experiences where you work with other athletes, you see


them prepare and how they live their lives. For me it was an eye-opener,


and I was another tournament better off, it was for years ago yesterday


I led the team out at Wembley in front of over 70,000 fans, and our


sport needs it in terms of the profiler gave us. We are missing


another opportunity to showcase our game, and I think that is really


sad. Hopefully this will be resolved at some point. Other sports resolve


it, and I don't see why football don't. He certainly do, they have


whichever home nation makes the qualification criteria represents GB


in their sport, so I just hope for the future, the experiences we both


have, that another group of international players can represent


GB in football at the Olympics. And it was only for years ago that they


played at Wembley. Ireland are looking down Wembley way and seeing


it packed full of people, it reminded me of a men's cup final


day, that excitement and buzz is something I have never had before,


and it is just unreal. You cannot buy memory is like that. I remember


leaving the team out and the crowd was incredible, it was the best


night of my career. You will of course be able to stay up-to-date on


all the Olympic football by heading to the BBC Sport website. Bristol


city were in WSL one during the last Olympus, and despite regular --


relegation, they remain on course to bounce back to the top flight of the


first time of asking. As the vixens recorded a first win on the road


since early May on Saturday night. That win put Willie Kirk's site


temporarily top of the WSL to table until Yeovil was much too- zero win


at Aston Villa moved back to the summit. That is about it from us.


There is a bit of a break until we return on Monday the 29th of August,


where we will have the best of the WSL one action from the bank holiday


weekend, including Chelsea's trip to Birmingham. That is at 11.15 on BBC


Two. So, the momentum is with Manchester City, still undefeated


and now four points clear at the top of WSL one thanks to a hat-trick


from super Stanway. Goodbye for now. We're enjoying


an awesome summer of sport,


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