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Good evening. It has been another thrilling weekend off action as the


race to become champions continued. Leaders Manchester City were aiming


to maintain the league's only unbeaten record when they travelled


to Notts County. Would Chelsea get a reaction against bottom team


Doncaster? And Arsenal also looking to keep up the pressure at the top


with victory over Sunderland. With plenty to discuss and dissect this


evening, we are in safe hands with former Everton and England


goalkeeper, Rachel Brown-Finnis. We begin with W S pacemakers Manchester


City, who went to Notts County. They hit the ground running in the


opening weeks of the season, winning their first six games without


conceding a goal. Including this 2-0 victory at rivals Chelsea. The


header is in. Jennifer Beattie celebrates. Manchester City in


control of this game and the title race. Successive draws against


Liverpool opened the door for Chelsea but the Sky Blues haven't


been able to capitalise on their games in hand, making sure unbeaten


Manchester City started the weekend still at the top of the WSL one


table. COMMENTATOR: home county debuts for


a couple of players. Carly Telford is recovering from ankle injury. It


is the same XI that started at Liverpool last week. PFA women's


Player of the Year, Isobel Christiansen is back to full


fitness. Georgia Stanway gets the nod over Toni Duggan in the front


three. Das Walsh had the presence of mind to


pick out Bronze on the far side. All the way across the Georgia


Stanway. Christiansen battling for it. It has


fallen to Ross. Devastating finish, first sight of goal she has had and


she that the lewdly clinical. Ninth goal of the season for Scotland


international. 1-0 Manchester City. You couldn't say that wasn't coming


the way City started and the intention they played with.


Christiansen tried to knock it through the legs but could not get


rid of it, Notts County and they will be disappointed. As soon as the


ball drops for Ross, no question where it would end up, right in the


back of the net. Stanway looking for Isobel Christiansen. Ross arriving


in the middle, a whole bunch of them arriving in there. A really good


ball from Stanway and good defending in the end from Rouet. Taken short


by Christiansen to Parris. So many attacking threats in this Manchester


City side. A good ball in from Campbell. It is Scott. She applied


the finish. Such a well-placed header. A good cross from Campbell,


accurate in terms of getting on the head, it also had the pace. Being a


really tall player, she wasn't really challenged. The accuracy of


her header. The Notts County defenders would be happy with that.


Stanway, only got Nikita Parris in support but others arriving. It is


Jane Ross. That is a beauty. She is absolutely loving life and


Manchester City. Brilliant play firstly from Stanway and the way


with the move, they capitalise on any mistake Notts County make. You


see the run of Christiansen and straightaway, the ball into Jane


Ross and she still has to finish. It is again a good finish. The last


minute of the half, there will be added time after a couple of injury


time stoppages. It was swung in dangerously by Campbell. Houghton


was in the area and got a touch on it. It will be a corner. Every ball


going into the box looks like it'll end up in the goal, something Notts


County need put right. It has come out to Stanway. It is another one. A


lovely hit from the 17-year-old. So many bodies in front of Stanway. I


think it got a knock in the end, but even so, Walsh has no chance. So


many bodies in front of it. Williams and White making a run into


the middle. They have gone for a penalty and they have got one. The


challenge was by Houghton. No complaints from Manchester City.


Rachel Williams looked like she was already on her way down but Steph


Horton did kick out. Jess Clarke takes it. She's scores comfortably.


Just what Notts County needed for their confidence. They had to start


the second half positively. She does not miss.


Parris has gone in behind and will go for goal. Just got aeons. That


touch allowed the goalkeeper to try to make the save. A really good stop


by Walsh. Just that last touch by Parris. Nobody could catch her.


Demi Stokes just behind Ross. Crichton. I heard a shout that Ross


was on top of her. Christiansen. She is back. What a hit from Isobel


Christiansen. At terrific finish. A bit of a quest in here, a challenge


on Crichton. Notts County asking why we didn't get a free kick and


everybody seemed to stop but that is a great finish from Christiansen.


She still has to finish whether people stop in front of her not.


Bronze looking to get beyond Parris. Parris swings it in just beyond Ross


but it will be a corner kick for Manchester City. Campbell and


Houghton each in there. It came off Luik and a fabulous save by Walsh.


You know when you catch one really right in terms of the volley, which


she did, but what a great save from Megan Walsh. She will be happy with


that one. The final minute of added time. Another one of those long


throw winds coming from Campbell. Incredible distance on it. It is off


the crossbar. She was close to her first WSL goal, the Dutch


international. In the final third, we have been crying out for being


clinical and we have really started to score a lot of goals. We did not


have intensity, we didn't get around the pitch on looked like we had a


formula. It was an easy and clinical victory for Manchester City.


STUDIO: This was more than a return to form for Manchester City. They


looked absolutely outstanding, the type of football that everybody


wants to see. They were free-flowing, confident and very


clinical. Especially impressive in the first half, but they did not


play to their usual intensity. Rick Passmoor used that phrase a lot.


What did he mean? He likes his team to put pressure on players so when


the opposition are in session, they are up tight against them and City


did not allow Notts County to do that. Getting pressure on the ball


is really difficult. What they did is pin Notts County back, they


didn't have a chance. They didn't defend well, they were disjointed,


disorganised, they lacked putting any pressure on Manchester City in


the dangerous areas. City flood players forward but Notts County


just drop and drop. The tenacity from Christiansen here is wonderful


and we see her get rewards later Ron but it is similar pictures


throughout the game. This is really congested throughout the middle, a


misplaced pass, Laura Bassett should have looked to go wider. Not


convincing defending and not tracking runners. Crichton did not


have a particularly good game but what quality from Jane Ross once


again. A couple of touches and getting it in the back of the net. A


consistent thing Notts County didn't do well is lock off the edge of the


box. Give players like Stanway, Christiansen, take your pick of the


strikers and midfielders at City, give them space and time at the edge


of the box and that is what they will do. A heavy defeat for Notts


County and one clean sheet all season. How much pressure is Rick


Passmoor under? You think immense pressure. They have dropped points,


last season they didn't necessarily have the great performances but they


got through games and they got to Cup finals. It is not happening this


season. They are not grinding out results. Whether teams have wise and


to their ways and that pressure is not enough. They have added quality


but it isn't happening. Megan Campbell made a cameo appearance in


their last match, she impressed you from the start? She started ahead of


Demi Stokes. She caused such a problem for the goalkeeper. You have


to set up to mark the two players, that is four players to come


through. The trajectory of Megan Campbell's, they fly into the box.


It is difficult for Megan Walsh in goal to get any convincing punch but


what Notts County didn't deal with was the second ball. Whether it is a


punch or ahead, clearing the ball, they have to pounce on the second


ball and Manchester City got chance after chance and we see the quality


from Megan Campbell with her throwing. She whipped the ball in


with her left foot and they get their results, Manchester City. This


is a beautiful ball, a dip and a swerve and a header from Scott. It


should not have gone in the net but it did. Is it Isobel Christiansen


who is back? What a great strike. Her first start this season and she


does add quality and what a depth of squad Manchester City have. Notts


County should have cleared this. It is not a free kick. Nobody puts


pressure on Isobel Christiansen. The edge of the box. Give Georgia


Stanway time, a player of such quality, she will put it in the back


of the goal. This is not a free kick, Notts County are too deep and


they don't address the ball. No pressure again on the ball and it is


in the back of the net for city map. We had next to Chelsea looking to


bounce back from the disappointment of the late defeat to Arsenal last


week against Doncaster side still searching for their first point of


the season. Chelsea must still be smarting from


the defeat last week to Arsenal sold Doncaster must be wary of a


backlash. Rebekah Spencer start in goal. Katie Chapman is a rest


following a head injury in training. Doncaster are without the suspended


captain but Christie Murray Bextor first start following the move from


Celtic as manager Emma Coates looks to revamp the bottom club in the


league. Rafferty. England. She almost slips it through to Aluko.


Roberts finding her goalkeeper. Doncaster survived, perhaps just a


temporary reprieve. Here is Aluko and Chelsea have the lead! Eniola


Aluko providing the finish, a well worked goal. Giving Chelsea the


edge. Spencer, the clearance finding Aluko. Here is England. More


horrific play from Chelsea. Almost a wonderful second goal. Delicately


done by Beth England against former club, inches away from what would


have been the goals of the season so far. Another challenge and another


free kick conceded by bright. Chelsea giving Doncaster a number of


set these opportunities around the penalty area. Going for gold, and a


five -- fine save from Spencer. The goalkeeper really excelling. Carney.


Bright finds Rafferty. Carney in support. Now G. Back towards Aluko


again. And Chelsea almost finished the first half with a second goal.


Chelsea had so many options. Aluko eventually linking up with England.


Simpkins got to her just in time. A silky turn from Omarsdottir,


Humphrey to her left but she looks to the right. Humphrey! What a


chance for the equalising goal. Emma Coates's team with a real


opportunity to put Chelsea under real pressure. And here is Aluko,


England in support. What says! Beth England close to scoring once again


against former club and this time she was denied by the agility of


Nicola Hobbs. Carney. Davison just giving Chelsea something different


as they move forward now. Including passes like that too gorgeous. And


she makes it to- nil full stop it has never been straightforward for


Chelsea today. They finally looked to put Doncaster Belles away. -- Ana


Borges. Aluko looking to go all the way, a powerful run outstanding goal


from Aluko. All her own work as she skipped away from challenge after


challenge and then produced an explosive finish. And she delivers a


real moment to remember for the champions. Ji So-Yun. Now Davison.


Chelsea queueing up for the cross and there is number four. And


finally Beth England has the goal but she deserves. Davison has been


central to Chelsea 's improvement in the second half of the fourth goal


finished off by Beth England. Chelsea have not been utterly


dominant in terms of performance but you cannot argue with the scoreline.


We used the full width of the pitch and that made the difference.


Getting out wide, stretching the game out. The fitness was better


than theirs. There are a much improved side under the new manager


so credit to them. You can see glimmers, and the periods that we


are doing well are extended for longer periods of time. We have got


to do that for 90 minutes. At first it was about winning the game,


keeping a clean sheet, that was our main objective today. I'm pleased to


get on the scoresheet. A lot has been said about your partnership


with less. She always work so hard and is great in the air, always in


the right position. I was happy for her to get on the scoresheet. We


have been doing a lot of pairings in training put up it is just about


getting the goals. Gemma coming on had a massive impact. We are


starting to click a bit more. Starting to gel a little bit after


six months. So Chelsea back to winning ways.


Beth England in for Davison to good effect. Absolutely. Beth England is


a strong presence, she is disciplined in the role and links up


extremely well with Aluko, creating any chances throughout the game.


Linking up logically well with Ji So-Yun as well. Beth England in this


case becomes a higher player and should have taken that chance but


good interchange between the three. They have been working on that in


training because it was instinctive stuff. Their heads were down, Beth


England knew where Aluko was an threaded the ball through perfectly


for her to finish efficiently. Emma Hayes spoke about post-match,


Chelsea, their wit proved the difference. Doncaster were compact


down the middle, and this battle we had between Ana Borges, really bore


no fruit for Chelsea. On loan from Liverpool, Pacheco did not allow the


ball and the player to get past. So not a lot of joy for Chelsea. A bit


one-dimensional, Ana Borges, she has the speed but not a lot of skill or


trickery and it just was not working for Chelsea. And congested in the


middle. Very much so. That was recognised and they brought on


Davison, very much a live wire who likes to create the space. Gemma


Davison and Ana Borges against the Djeko. They kept drawing Pacheco out


wide. And then Ana Borges was allowed to pick up passes. A torrid


time for Pacheco. Gemma Davison very effective. Momentum has been key for


both sides, Doncaster playing catch up in terms of fixtures. For Chelsea


they have an enforced hiatus of five weeks without a fixture. How harmful


could that be to their title chances? It could be but only if you


let it. Manchester City and reference to the fact that they in


their four weeks off they played friendly games and scored a lot of


goals. Coming into the last thing with a lot of confidence. Chelsea


need to do the same. Two more games to catch up on, we start with


Sunderland who welcomed Arsenal, they had scored 12 goals against


them in the previous two meetings. Would there not change? -- would


their luck change? Asked not used to being in front


against Sunderland and it took them ten minutes to take the lead.


Speculative and not dealt with by Williams who compounded her error by


bringing down Carter in the box. Rachael Laws did well to fend off


the Willian spot kick. But nothing she could do about the rebound. The


gunner is beginning to play with supreme confidence. This only topped


by the exquisite finish. The fourth goal of the season for Nobbs. And


she could have as a second not long after. The cut back perfect. The


shop denied by the woodwork. Martinez called on Dominique Janssen


to fill in at left-back and the Dutch youngster was instrumental in


the third goal. The game now seemingly out of sight for


Sunderland. Despite tough results, Carlton Fairweather side have showed


dogged determination the season and never gave up on the game.


Sunderland Dell does did enough to push the ball past the post. Then


Arsenal put the cherry on top of excellent performance, Van de Donk


had the straight and paste to fend off Daniel Brown. Again it was


Williams to step up to the 12 yards and this time made no mistake and


buried her penalty to register a 16th goal for Arsenal over


Sunderland the season. Birmingham arrived at Adams Park open to extend


their unbeaten run against a red inside still looking for the first


win in WSL1. It was Reading who came out strongly in the second half.


Fletcher with an improvised finish to put them in front. Branyan


responded well, breaking with day. Schofield found Lyndon and the


German striker brought the best out of birds. The pressure told as the


red innkeeper was eventually beaten. Harrop was across. Lyndon


registering her first goal on British soil. Blues boss David


Parker frustrated that his side did not leave with all three points


after a series of good chances. Wellings had the best of these. The


game ended with honours even. That one for Birmingham keeps them


in contention for a Champions League spot. Arsenal, their fourth


successive win sees them keep those with Chelsea and Manchester City at


the top. To quote Sunderland defender Henry Sharp, Arsenal are


the best footballing team in the league. Do you think that they can


gate-crash the title race? Manchester City have got points on


the board, and coming towards the business end of the season that is


what counts. But they looked confident since the FA Cup final


win. Emma Hayes incensed at the decision not to award Chelsea


penalty last week. Do you think often Fairweather would be aggrieved


against the Sunderland penalty? Maybe in the heat of the game but


watching the run back, unfortunately it is a penalty. Van de Donk holds


the ball up, draws in a little tap from Daniel Brown. She


inexperienced, Van de Donk is experienced and that is the


difference. The referee is close enough and probably heard the


contact. Whether it is a soft novelty, it is contact. In the box,


it is a penalty. A massive win for the top three, Arsenal, Man City and


Chelsea, but at the bottom three promoted sides. It is a bit worrying


and shows the difference. WSL2 is virtually all amateur with some


semiprofessional. WSL1, to compete in that, you they have to be a fully


professional outfit or verging on that at least. It is difficult, WSL2


teams need to look at it and plan for their promotion prospects.


Yeoville will be having to follow in the footsteps of Sunderland and


Reading and achieve promotion as champions of yourself too. They will


have to do it without their top scorer Sarah will chirp she scored


her 12th goal of the season in the victory over Bambi. But she


announced that she was pregnant. Good luck to Sarah. Yeoville at the


top of WSL2 then, Everton kept up the pressure on the top two after


they made it back-to-back victories without 1- nil win at Oxford United.


That is about it from us, thank you to Rachel, we're back at the same


time next week when two former Douglas L1 champions go


head-to-head. We will have highlights of Arsenal against


Liverpool at 11:15pm on BBC Two or from 8:30am on the red button.


Manchester City with the pacesetters in WSL1 during the first half the


season and they remain top after yesterday's blistering first-half


performance against Notts County. Goodbye for now.


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