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# oh, I feel so alive. # I feel so alive. Good evening. The WSL1 title


race resumed at the weekend with Chelsea wanted to close the gap on


Manchester City. Can they some in the spirit of 2015 or is the clock


ticking on their reign as champions? COMMENTATOR: And the FA Cup winners


are the league champions, it is double joy for Chelsea in 2015.


Manchester City are pretty relentless in this battle for


Chelsea with the WSL title. It has been a shocking week for Chelsea.


They have lost a cup final and now they had been beaten by their main


rivals in the title race. The advantage is with them but there is


still a long way to go. What a message of intent sent out by


Manchester City. Chelsea miss an opportunity to go top of the table.


Manchester City march on, still unbeaten. Arsenal beat Chelsea on


their own patch. What a significant result. Manchester City in control


of this game and in control of the title race. Yes, time is running out


for Chelsea if they are to retain their title because of the imperious


form of Manchester City and a certain Izzy Christiansen, who we


are happy to have tonight alongside with Rachel Browne. Welcome. We


begin at Academy stadium, where a win for their teammates would


increase City's lead at the top 213 points before Chelsea's at


Birmingham. -- to 13 points. Manchester City are three wins away


from securing the WSL1 title which seems inevitable. Two changes to the


team that beat Don caster 4-0 last time-out. Jill Scott returns and


Daphne ahead of Georgia Stanley -- Doncaster. The suite is on the


bench. Reading pushed Manchester City all the way when they met three


weeks gave. -- Swede. Two changes to the team that lost 2-1 eventually.


Kylie Davies returns to the starting 11. Nick Cushing staying relaxed


despite the title being tantalisingly close. It is passed


straight into the path. She Jane finds Ross. Oh, so close! And that


was a chance made out of a huge mistake. They tried to play it out


off the back and they were nearly given the ultimate punishment. Ross


smashes the crossbar. Rowe is pushed over. Appeals for a penalty. It was


Beatie, treading a fine line. The referee a move. City on the attack


once again. That was a great run from Lucy, who fires across. Jane


Ross, again, fails to break the deadlock. She got on the end of it.


Once again it is wide. Excellent run from Lucy Bronze and a terrific


challenge from Scott has put the ball out of harm's way. Decent


delivery, looking for Jill Scott. Oh, it is fumbled, still not


cleared. City starting the second half on the front foot. Now, what a


chance that was for City. The free kick is left to Duggan. In


towards the head of Beatie. And there it is! Manchester City finally


take the lead. Jan Beatie, from a pinpoint delivery by Tony Duggan,


Reading resistance finally broken and Manchester City scored their


31st goal of the season. Chambers will be bitterly disappointed that


the first side conceded so early in the second half after an impressive


defensive display in the first. Fletcher picks the loose ball up and


is challenged by Harris. Another delivery coming up, and it is not a


bad one but it is headed away by Beatie. Christiansen, now here is


Ross and Manchester City came that this up here on the break. They have


got numbers forward. Here is Scott. Christiansen evades her and Paris


was leaning back. She misses the target by some distance. Almost the


perfect counter attack by Manchester City. Bronze finds Ross, the


glancing header cannot find that, oh, but she has stolen it off


Maggie. She wants a free kick and she has got one just on the edge of


the penalty area, and she was clearly having her shirt pulled --


MacGee. Good decision by the referee, and it was outside the


area. And it is Steph Wharton with the freekick, and it is good, it is


very good! The keeper was rooted to the spot. Manchester City go two


goals are up and that should be that at the Academy Stadium and


Manchester City's March towards the WSL1 title continues -- two goals


up. We are frustrated that in the first half we created chances and


knew that we could be better but in the second half I thought we were


always in control and we didn't let the keeper had a save to make. For


us it is about maintaining momentum and keep going until the Arsenal


game next week. We have had a lot of teams come here and we have been to


a lot of teams who have sat back and hit us on the counter and Reading


are very good at that, organised, committed and strong. They have got


good players and they are a really good team. I have gone away from the


game utterly disappointed with silly fouls given away. We executed the


game plan well today. Manchester City didn't break us down. I have


come away from the game really frustrated because we could have


taken something today. Yeah, frustration for Reading, but


congratulations to you, Izzy. The gameplan almost worked. Yes, Reading


did everything they could to frustrate us. Both managers some of


the game nicely. You could say we are a little fortunate to come away


with three points. I think these images show very well how compact


Reading were and how they frustrated us. They are very quick to the


second balls and a limited the chances of going forward for us. All


credit to them. I think they nullified the usual threat of


Manchester City, the overlapping fullback, certainly down the right


side with Lucy Bronze. I think Harriet Scott did a good job of


denying Lucy Bronze the run of the pitch, and when they regained


possession they kept possession, they played tidy balls out of the


back through the midfield, they didn't just kick it, they wanted to


maintain possession, so it frustrated Manchester City who


couldn't implement their dominance. We see here tackle after tackle.


Every single player is very well drilled. There was no player,


certainly in the midfield, who were in five or six yards of another, and


after one tackle came in another came into tidy up. For the majority


of the game that manager, Kelly Chambers, was delighted with what


she saw, but the utter frustration from the manager with not defending


those set pieces which cost them. Yes, but top teams, if you switch


off for any amount of time, that is what they do, they punish you, and


this came from a nothing foul and what major city have is a real flair


with Steph Wharton, Jane Ross, it is a lovely ball in from Tony Duggan,


the inswing the right foot and basically Reading don't get tired.


They don't get tight, they don't have their arms across each other.


To try to beat that standing jump with Beatie, you are just never


going to do it, and she puts it away with ease, and City have their


reward on that. This one, the Reading captain should have cleared


her lion earlier, she has paid for it, she is tugging on Ross's shirt


and we have seen Steph Houghton, the signs are ominous, outside of the


box, right foot for club and country she tends to score. On this occasion


I don't think the wall did a very good job. We see on the end here,


Alan, the wall is disjointed, it is moving, she creeps towards the ball,


sorry, the walk is not solid, it doesn't help that, but not a bad


strike as well. Maybe the goalkeeper should have set up the wall, or were


they not doing the job? She has to set up the wall to her left or right


post. You have to trust that the wall will cover that half. On this


occasion, whoever's thought it was, we don't know. Should Redding have


had eight penalty? -- Reading have had a penalty? Definitely. Beatie


absolutely smashes into the back. 100% penalty. And you know, for


Reading to go ahead, this could have really changed the game. OK, well,


Manchester City's win puts pressure on Chelsea, the defending champions


who couldn't slip up against Birmingham who were aiming to extend


a ten match unbeaten run in WSL1. COMMENTATOR: Alongside the distant


pursuit of Manchester City, Chelsea find themselves chased in the race


for the Champions League. Birmingham are a contender in what has been a


remarkable season for them. And David Parker recalls two players


following the win over Liverpool. Chelsea captain Katie Chapman has


been brought in by Emma Hayes. Following Swedish heroics at the


Olympics, there is one on the bench, and Becky Spencer faces her old


club. And Birmingham are such a durable


unit defensively but they give the ball away here. Coming infield and


finding the net superbly! Oluko's hot streak continues and Katherine


Berger caught out at the near post and Aluko given the invitation and


she has completed its superbly. It is unlike Chelsea to make such an


uncertain start. Rafferty, and that is another good cross, and Karen


Carney scores against her former club! Understandably, there is no


celebration but Chelsea take a firm grip on this game with two goals in


the opening seven minutes. Another really well constructed goal, the


excellent cross from Rafferty and Carney ghosted in unmarked. Here is


Chapman, and now Carney and Davidson, it should be three, it is!


Chelsea's dominance continues, and following a five-week break, they


have made a blistering return to WSL. Gemma Davison with a typical


finish. Westwood, the ball straight to


Aluko, Birmingham cannot afford to do that. Here is Carney, it is Aluko


again, the goalkeeper makes the save button Ji makes it four and Chelsea


are simply irresistible here to date but it was Birmingham who gave the


ball away initially. Ji was there to make it 4-0.


Ji, oh, she rather sold herself short. Jackman, the effort drifted


over the top. Mel Lawley right at the end of the first half, but Ji


creating problems therefore Jilly Flaherty but Lawley unable to


capitalise. Well one from Westwood but she has


given the ball away again. Chapman finding Davison, and Davison of AIDS


Westwood and now Aluko and Rafferty should have made it five. -- aids.


Aluko finding Rafferty, and although she was closed down she will be


disappointed with that finish. And Birmingham city give the ball away


again. Here is Aluko. Now Borges. Three blue shirts around her. But


she found Carney, who is so unlucky. It rattles off the crossbar. Karen


Carney close to another goal. Real power behind that and Chelsea almost


make it five. And here was a long rundown field for Davison. And


Chelsea have missed some chances to make it five here. All the way from


Spencer. And Davison showing her pace. Chelsea really could have had


a hat full here. Convincing performance and importantly we


wanted a fast start because we know Birmingham are hard to break down


but it was a fabulous first half performance that made the


difference. We have gifted them for goals. We have put it on a plate for


them. We started horrendously. We conceded more goals in 25 minutes


than in the last four or 13 games -- four. Full credit to Chelsea who


were top drawer but it was nothing they did, we give them the ball in


their own half and they punished us. The pressures, you know, of course


is on us, but they have to play us, they have to play Birmingham at


Arsenal, so they have had three tough games, it is not over yet and


it won't be over if we put in performances like that. STUDIO: The


12 match unbeaten run coming to an end for Birmingham but they are


frustrated because they didn't help themselves. Not at all and not many


teams go to Birmingham and come away with a 4-0 win, normally it is one


goal in it, but Birmingham gave away possession so easily from the back


and midfield. They like to play out from the back but it was easy,


especially for Chelsea, Davison and Carney with so much pace. And you


back off and give space and she will slot the ball in every time. And Ji


and Aluko are a well oiled machine, they know where beat one is and that


was too easy. We see here again, Stringer gives away the ball for


Birmingham, Terris gets dragged across to leave it open for Davison


and another top-class player with a simple finish. Birmingham are not


normally this disorganised. They have evolved in the last 12 months


and as David Parker said they will be disappointed with their


performance and I am sure they will want to put it right. Ji, her


quality, playing it out why to Carney, pivotal in this game,


Birmingham are at sixes and sevens, they should have pushed out and


press the ball and then they should they should have pushed out and


have got out to make sure that Ji was offside for this particular


goal. They were at sea and it was out of character. Hopefully for


Birmingham just a blip in their performance. You mention Aluko.


Karen Carney scored in her first game. She has been in and out of the


season and the team this season but how instrumental what she? The


highlight show how instrumental she is. We have seen her in an England


shirt. Last time she got a hat-trick. She seems to be


instrumental to how Chelsea started in the game. She is creating an


scoring and making things happen. That is what you need. She plays so


well with pays out wide. Making things happen, it is so good to see


her doing well. She joins in so well. As they can play a year have


to be up and down the pitch. She has played out wide for England. --


player you have to be. She was everywhere in this game against


Birmingham. And she was instrumental in all of the goals. She can put a


tackle in when required. She is very strong. She can shield the ball. She


really has absolutely everything in her locker, from the short, tidy


passes to shielding the ball, spraying it out wide and seeing


those plays. She has 100 caps for her country. Is it better that she


is not relied upon at Chelsea as she was at Birmingham when she played


and wasn't anywhere near as fit. That is what Chelsea and Emma Hayes


do well. Managing players, training loads, what they do on a day-to-day


basis, how many minutes they train and assess whether they are fit and


ready to go out match day. Things are looking good at the top of the


table for you. You need two more wins from your final three games in


theory to guarantee winning the title. What is the feeling amongst


the players. -- amongst the players? We are satisfied. There is a long


way to go. The magnitude of the creams will suggest they will be


very difficult games. The mood within the camp is positive. We know


that we have to improve -- games. That has to be improved. I hold my


hand up. But as you say, we feel we have room for improvement, and that


is a good place to be. It won't be easy, because you have difficult


fixtures remaining. Arsenal away, that can be feisty. Chelsea at home,


that can be feisty. Birmingham at home as well, that can be feisty.


This WSL is extremely competitive. It is a cliche to say there are no


easy games but they are difficult matches. Yes, three fixtures we


wouldn't want at the end of the season. It is what it is. Last


season it went to the wire and this season it is going to do the same.


It is an exciting pinnacle and I hope that things go our way. If you


could leave it to the last minute for our benefit that would be lovely


thank you. More games to catch up on, Madeleine with Arsenal hoping to


maintain slim hopes of securing a Champions League slot with victory


over Notts County -- with Arsenal hoping. Arsenal arrived at Meadow


Lane after beating Notts County 3-0 at the last game. Find work here


from the Tim Watts, proving what would be a quiet start. One-on-one


with Walsh here and the Nigerian came out on top to put the Gunners


in front. With only two wins in the league this season, County were


breast of confidence but they were given hope when Ellen White was


beaten by their keep. The referee had little alternative but to issue


the red card. Despite the numerical advantage, Notts County were on the


offensive. A superb save prevented Arsenal's lead to double. However,


with this heavy deflation in the box, it couldn't cross the line and


it was a moment to forget for the goalkeeper. Jess Clarke was stand


out for the Lies in a difficult afternoon, but she could not finish


it at the death as Arsenal beat Notts County. Mathematically still


in the title race, their focus stays on the Champions League


qualification. Liverpool came into the meeting with Doncaster unbeaten


in six matches with Bells yet to get off the mark in WSL1. It could have


been and other heavy defeat for the Bells buffer uninspired -- but for


an inspired performance from the keeper. She was called into action


here and Hobbs did well to tip the ball over the bar to give the game


level. Having rarely threatened, Don caster had the best chance of the


game. This unorthodox ball brought it in but she couldn't beat the


keeper. It was to be costly. Three minutes after the restart, Liverpool


got the winner. Natasha Harding's strike worthy. The keeper unable to


do anything about that beautiful curled effort. Scott Rogers' team


could have doubled their advantage. This header was cleared a wave with


Sophie Barker. Liverpool make it seven games unbeaten. Don caster are


still searching for their first points in the WSL1 this season.


STUDIO: Don caster still at the foot of the table. They are still


awaiting their first point of the season -- Doncaster. They have three


games in hand on Sunderland and two on Reading, although they have


superior goal difference. If Don -- Doncaster do go down, who will climb


up to the top-flight? Everton emerged victorious after earning a


fortuitous ninth minute penalty. Alan was judged to have fouled Kelly


Jones. She despatched the spot kick which was the decisive goal as Ali


Spencer's team move them to points of their opponents, who sit in


second place. Yeovil miss the opportunity to extend their lead at


the top, they drew 1-1 at Sheffield. Durham kept up the pressure on the


top three with a 2-1 win over Oxford. So, you have an exciting day


on Thursday. You will be glued to the women's Champions League draw.


In it for the first time. You could get a massive club. What do you


think Wasilla it is exciting and I can't wait to see who we are going


to face. -- what you think about it? It is exciting. Hopefully we can see


how we do, basically, so I am excited. It would be great to see.


Rachel, goalkeeping perspective, your old mate Hope Solo in the


Olympics, a little gamesmanship? And I think so. This is the


quarter-final game. Sweden against USA penalty shootout. Here we have


got Hope Solo changing her gloves, making sure she delays this, making


her way, but we see she picked the wrong way. She is my teammate and


she said she chose the wrong player to do that too. She is mentally one


of the strongest players she has ever played with. It didn't faze her


at all. She has despatched the penalty and away they go to the


semifinals. After the game she hit the headlines big-time, didn't she,


for calling Sweden a bunch of cowards for the way that they sat


back in that game. She was suspended for six months by US soccer. What is


your take on that? She said she is not good at losing. You have to have


a professional mentality and attitude. So, you know, US Soccer,


they make the decision, she will only Mr Mac games but she is


certainly an outspoken character. It wasn't perhaps at... -- she will


only miss two games. Is it the cumulative effect of various


misdemeanours are the last two months? She certainly has previous,


left estate, has Hope Solo, so I think that is possibly one of the


reasons why it is possible. Six-month out for Hope Solo, not as


long until we are back, though there is a break until we return on Monday


the 25th of September when we have the best of the action from what


could be the title decider with Manchester City aiming to dethrone


Chelsea, that is at 11:15pm on BBC Two. Before that you can see


England's final European Championships unqualified against


Estonia on Thursday the 15th of September, live on BBC Two at


7:05pm. You scored against them in your first match of international


football, so another one of those. Thank you to both of you. A big win


for Chelsea. It looks like it might be a matter of time before City are


crowned champions of England. to America's biggest


and busiest city. We're meeting the people who work


around the clock...


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