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Episode 12

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Manchester City were looking to land the knockout blow in their quest


to win the WSL title for the first time.


Chelsea, though, are not quite out for the count yet.


You look at the table and we are clear but it will go to the wire and


it will go to the head-to-head is. The pressure is on us, we are


chasing them, but we are OK to do that, it's not over yet. For us is


about maintaining momentum, that's the mentality we have here, we are


all winners. Three point is crucial at this stage of the season. Chelsea


determined to make Man City really earn the title. They still have to


play us at Birmingham and Arsenal. They have three tough games, I don't


expect it to be an easy ride for City.


It's been a crucial Sunday in the race for the title.


Joining us in the studio and pulling no punches


in their analysis, Rachel Brown-Finnis and Sue Smith.


Do you see what we did there? We begin at Borehamwood.


them needing just one more win to be crowned champions, but FA Cup


winners Arsenal still harboured hopes of a Champions League place.


Watching were Lucy Ward and Adam Summerton.


A good welcome from a big crowd. Arsenal manager Pedro Martinez Losa


has gone with a 3-5- two formation. England international Alex Scott one


who has dropped out. Daniela van de Donk has recovered from the head


injury that forced her off halfway through last weekend's cup defeat.


Man City made just one change that at that Continental cup win. The


England international 50th career appearance. Seven of the starting XI


have been named in the latest England squad. Scotland


international Jane Ross is the league's top scorer with seven goals


this season. Back on by Scott. Henning. Oshoala, still going with


it. The shot creeps wide, but it got a touch, it will be a corner to


Arsenal. Thankfully for Karen Bardsley dribbled past the post. A


deflection from Steph Houghton in the end. It's the closest we have


come to an opener. This time they go short. The Scotland international


Mitchel swings it into a great area, fantastic cross. Any sort of touch


and there could have been problems for Bardsley. Oshoala not in a


position where she could head it. Casey Stoney was inches away.


Good beer chance here for Parris. Great skill in that build-up. Parris


has started this game on fire, the movement and intensity of her play.


Header by strokes. -- Stokes. Carter.


The cross is deflected... Great save by Bardsley. Fabulous hit by Jordan


Nobbs. Two great reactions, one from Jordan Nobbs to get the cross in in


the first place. She distinctively volleyed. The second from Karen


Bardsley. Intercepted by Walsh, again quietly effective in midfield.


Good ball wide to get Parris involved. Ross is inside the penalty


area. Parris heading for the byline. Again, a real thorn in the side of


Arsenal's defence. She is attacking down that channel, running at


Henning, difficult for Henning to deal with it. Here is Nikita Parris.


Ross is the furthest forward. Christians are looking to get in


support. A tug by Williams on Parris. A free kick to Man City in a


good position for them. More often than not when Parris runs a player


is she gets a free kick, because the players have to do that. Just a


little bit of a nudge there. Man City have themselves a chance to get


in front through a set piece. The captain of Manchester City, and


England, Steph Houghton has placed the ball here. Won two WSL titles


and FA Cups with Arsenal. Five minutes into the second half, it's


deflected and in! Real Fortuna about the goal for Steph Houghton and Man


City. As they chased the title, Manchester City are in front.


Really, really unfortunate deflection for van Veenendaal. As it


deflected she couldn't get enough on it as a keypad to put it over. -- as


a keeper. Now Jill Scott for Manchester City. Parris to hit it


first time, great opportunity and a very clever dummy by Duggan. You


would have put money on Parris to get that on target, the way she has


been playing. A clever step over from Toni Duggan. He will be happy


so far, just wants to make sure his team sees it through. He knows the


threats this Arsenal team poses. He has 30 minutes plus to make sure his


team doesn't concede. -- 13 minutes. Ross gives chase. Parris goes


inside. The goalkeeper has come a long way and it almost ran for


Christians in but not quite. A clever, clever cutback from Parris.


Get herself forward into that space. And selfishly. We try today to make


them uncomfortable and play different. I think we get that


feeling for some moments but sadly they scored from a free kick, as


they have been doing all year, so in my opinion they deserve the trophy.


Defensively it's the best we've been all season. I was sitting on the ice


box, I wasn't worried at all. Big performances, this team grows every


day and I think it showed there. Best defensive performance of the


season. Just three goals conceded in 14 games. What is the secret of


their defensive success rate? As it is going forward, teamwork. Every


single player knows their role very well and it showed from a dependent


defensive capacity. They have worked on it all week. When we look at the


highlights, they all work really well together. They attack very,


very quickly together. Jane Ross is a higher player. When they don't


have the ball, the wider players drop in and defend. They don't give


any space in behind for Arsenal to play. The likes of Carter and


Oshoala don't have any joy. They get bodies behind the ball, ten players


behind the ball here. The first ball is won in the air and on corners


they get all the players back. There is another body, a city body, 90


times out of a hundred they will win the second ball. They hunt in packs.


Players get tight. First balls and second balls and most of the time


they play with composure, so when they reclaim the ball they maintain


possession. All very fluid but not so for Arsenal, why is that? It's


difficult to Arsenal, the fact they change their personnel and formation


so much. That is hard for a team to get any momentum or consistency. You


have a very, very strong side, international players sat on the


bench. That might mean they're not playing for weeks on end. I don't


think Pedro knew his best starting XI probably until the second part of


the season and that will have some sort of effect on his team, which


UCL has. It looks that way. Nikita Parris a player you know very well.


Fantastic again today. As she developed over the years? She was


outstanding. At Everton she showed all the same quality she had today


and has done all season at Man City. Going forward she is really


difficult to deal with for all defenders. She sticks to her


defensive roles. She has been told today she needs to fulfil them


exceptionally well. We know Nikita Parris is enjoying the game when we


see tricks of the training ground like this. I've never quite seen a


somersault with a ball between the legs for anyone but feel free to try


a! From the first half and second-half, Nikita Parris, as well


as her Manchester team-mates are tracking back all over the pitch.


She's been excellent. Through the whole game she looks lively and


confident. She wants to get on the ball and make things happen.


Brilliant little flick, I want that! Only one goal, Jane Ross is a


goal-scorer and will claim this. Yes, quite fortuitous and took a


massive deflection. You know Steph Houghton will take that and shoot at


goal. I'm not sure why Arsenal did put more than two in the wall. They


should have had more in the wall and then Jane Ross might not have got


it. Victory for Manchester City meant Chelsea had to avoid defeat


at Reading to keep their fading title hopes alive.


all the pressure on Chelsea today, only they can prevent the title


going to Manchester City. They must get something Adams Park to prolong


the title race for another couple of weeks at least. Reading still


without a win in the league. They make one change to the side that


lost late on to Liverpool. Fletcher coming in. One change for Chelsea,


who came from behind to beat Notts County last time out. Claire


Rafferty comes in at left-back for Anna Borges. Davidson and Aluko


combining their to win possession back high up the pitch. Here is


Karen Carney. Blondel with the ball to the back post. Carney! Side


netting. A chance for Chelsea, a decent ball from Hannah Blundell.


Difficult angle, though. Lots of possession, Chelsea, but haven't


really tested Mary Earps in the Reading goal so far. They might do


here. Here is Rafferty with the cross. Mary Earps wasn't sure about


that at all. Safety first from the Reading keeper. Didn't think


Rafferty was going for gold there. A good ball to Scott. Well taken. --


going for goal. Here is Rachel Rowe. A chance for Reading, and very close


indeed. Excellent, stooping header from Fletcher. Did really well to


get in front of Flaherty, Fletcher. Chelsea mount a counter here.


Blundell, lots of time. Gemma Davison.


Davison draws the foul from Scott. Just had her hand on her shoulder.


Carney and Davison over the ball. Carney with the delivery. Chapman is


there. Over the top. Chelsea captain was unmarked, just couldn't keep it


down. Aluko gets their ahead of McGeady.


-- Kirsty McGee. Reading clear. They mount an attack themselves. Here is


Fletcher. Onside. Melissa Fletcher! Perhaps should have done better


than. Just couldn't quite get her foot round it.


Aluko's decent turn. Still going. Here's Davison, challenge by Rowe.


Illegally, according to the referee. The taller players up from the back.


Kane with the delivery... Free header! And its Katie Chapman once


again! Chapman's her third goal in two games. Completely unmarked.


She's given Chelsea a preciously here at Adams Park. -- a precious


lead. Well read by Scott. Flashed just wide there. Gave Spence


something to think about. Davison's still going. To wrap it


up...! Wonderful individual goal from Gemma Davison! There were just


backing of her. One of her trademark mazy runs, and then the finish to


boot as well. And that is a powerful finish. And that wraps it up.


Can Chelsea finish with a flourish? Borges! It's three! Chelsea wrapping


things up in style. A flattering scoreline in the end. Borges on the


stretch, just out of the reach of Mary Earps. And that's the final


whistle at Adams Park. Chelsea battled hard. In the end, three


goals in the second half, started off by the captain, Katie Chapman.


And then a second individual goal from Davison. And then late on, the


third came from the substitute Borges. We came here, we knew that


we needed three points from this game. The first half was not great


but we picked up in the second half and we got the result. You want to


go into the game against Manchester City with something to play for?


Yes, but we have to go back to the drawing board now. We have to go


away for internationals and play for our country and then come back and


think about City. Will you have an extra instruction to take care on


international duty? I'm sure she will want us to take care. We will


do everything we can to look after ourselves and then come back and go


up to City. Just a point for City against Chelsea in that game and


they will have to run the title. But Chelsea will not give up without a


fight? Definitely not. Hazel will instil that in her players, to take


this to the very last game. I think Chelsea didn't have very good July.


Since then they've got better. I watched them against a very


defensive side in Birmingham, and they were excellent going forward.


Again, today, excellent going forward. It was just that July when


they will be disappointed they did not pick up the points they needed.


Vulnerable from set leases, Reading, today? Yes, and in some ways they


are the easiest thing to work on. This ball came in towards Katie


Chapman, who is going to be the target player. We see here how many


Reading defenders there are in the box. There's plenty, five against


three. Chapman checks away, it's a great run from her. But at no point


are any of those defenders making physical contact with any of the


Chelsea players. It's such a simple thing. Single why -- single-minded


run there, but was it a foul? Yes, I think it was. I don't think there


was any intent. Gemma Davison just wants to get it and run with it,


drive at players and commit them. Choo brings the player down. It is a


foul. Whether it's intentional or not, it is a foul. That defender


could have gone to close Davison down. I don't think it would have


had any impact because I think Gemma Davison was in full flight and is


very clinical in those positions. It was a fun has to goal. But I think


there was a foul. And this one was just good play. Drew Spence


involved, but Karen Carney, who had a fantastic game, getting out wide


and creating the space the Borges coming inside. Chelsea, the waive


any interchange positions is so good to watch. All the forward players


are playing well together. It's a pleasure to see. And we have


clarified it with the authorities - there does not have to be intent, if


you take a player out, it does count as a foul. That's going to be a


fascinating game, isn't it? Manchester City against Chelsea. How


do you see it panning out? Well, we've seen from today, when Karen


Carney is playing well, Chelsea play well. They have to be firing on all


cylinders, be 100% prepared, because Manchester City are the consistent


team, and I can see a nothing other than a City win. Yes, defensive list


on, aren't they? Yeovil had an opportunity to go


three points clear at the top of the table at home


against London Bees, and they looked to have the points


wrapped up after a brace from Lucy Quinn gave them a two-goal


advantage at the break. But London Bees came flying


back in the second half. Evie Clark giving the visitors hope,


Jo Wilson made it 2-2 within ten minutes of the restart,


and in the 70th minute, Nicola Watts completed an


incredible turnaround. And with Bristol City,


Durham and Everton all winning, The top two of course


gain promotion to WSL 1. You've been in a similar position,


how do you see it panning out? Four teams can win it, it's all to play


for. They want to go up into WSL 1. Finally tonight, the women's game


lost one of its true Sylvia Gore, England's first


goalscorer in an official international, died


at the age of 71. She was a key figure in the growth


of the women's game in this country. Rachel and Sue, you both


knew her well - she leaves For me, she's just a real friend,


thoughtful person. I remember breaking my leg and after my mum and


dad came to visit me, the next person was Sylvia Gore, she was that


type of character. She will be a real loss. She took me to go and


play for girls team. I'm sure there's so many other people our


area that that would have happened to. Our thoughts are very much with


Sylvia Gore's family. Before we go, just time


to tell you we're back with the Women's Football Show


on Sunday 26th September, where we will have extended


highlights of that top-of-the-table clash between Manchester City and


Chelsea. There's the small matter


of England's final European Championships Qualifier to look


forward to as well. The Lionesses face Estonia


at Meadow Lane on Thursday 15th You'll be able to see that game live


on the BBC Two at five past seven. And tickets are still available


from the box office, should you wish to go along


and lend your support. Sue and Rachel won't


be requiring tickets, Manchester City and Chelsea


both got the job done.


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