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Good evening. History beckoned for Manchester City when they faced


Chelsea this afternoon. City were unbeaten in the last four league


meetings with Emma Hayes side and if they made it five they would secure


the WSL 1 title for the first and dethrone the reigning champions.


Could they continue to give Chelsea the Blues?


It is a three horse race for the title but a win for Chelsea at


Manchester City and they will be league champions. Scott! The leaders


are behind. And it is two. It is heartache for the Blues, it was in


their own hands but defeat to Manchester City has allowed


Liverpool to snatch the title. This fixture does bring back bad memories


for Chelsea Ladies. Aluko! Fantastic finish. Duggan. Chelsea punished,


Manchester City level. Toni Duggan! She cannot stop scoring against the


Blues. Manchester City are becoming a real nemesis for Chelsea in the


WSL. The WSL match of the season so far. Stokes! Manchester City have a


priceless lead. Manchester City in control of this game and the title


race. Manchester City denied Chelsea the


title in 2014 but can the Blues spoiled the party for City this time


round? Chelsea were aiming to end that run


today and prolong the title race in the process. City were keen to seal


it on the own patch. Later we will have highlight from Doncaster's


relegation battle with Reading and with exceptional quality and insight


from Sue Smith and Rachel Brown-Finnis. Only one place to


begin and that is at the Academy Stadium where it was a simple


equation for City, avoid defeat against Chelsea and they would


secure their first league title. It promised to be an exhausting


encounter, watched by a record of over 4000 bands along with Lucy Ward


and Steve Bower. -- fans. COMMENTATOR: The top two in the


women's game going head-to-head and the equation is simple. Chelsea must


win or Manchester City Women will be the new name on the WSL title. Same


again for Mantis to city, understandably after their 1-0 win


at Arsenal -- for Manchester City. Jane Ross has 13 gold in her last 18


games in all competitions. Chelsea are forced into a change, Claire


Rafferty is ruled out and Jade Bailey, who has been a substitute in


two of her last three games, comes in, otherwise the attacking Rowett


is there for all to see with Davison, Ji, Aluko and Carney all


starting. Before the games we will have a minute's silence to remember


Sylvia Gore, a real pioneer of women's football, who recently


passed away, a club ambassador and an MBE.


A bit of space for Ji, trying to get away from Lucy Bronze, in towards


Carney who went down. Carney and Aluko appealing to Sarah Garratt,


the referee, for a penalty but the official was not interested. Ji get


in behind Lucy Bronze and put in a testing ball and she could've got in


front. Demi Stokes was just strong. Christiansen. Out to Duggan. Up


against blunder and floated towards Ross -- Hannah Blundell. She could


not get the power or direction on the header. Interesting spec


including the Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany, here to


support the Manchester City Women. Parris. The former Everton player.


Couldn't get round Millie Bright but Manchester City have a corner.


Another set piece, I am sure they have worked on these and in such a


tight game with their title rivals, sometimes you need something to set


you apart. More direct that time from Duggan and it found the head of


Jill Scott. She did not get the last touch. She causes problems at set


pieces. Strong and athletic. She was appealing for a handball. That is


terrific! She got that one! And Manchester City have the lead.


Duggan's Cross, Scott's header, and the leaders, who only need a point,


are in front. It is a great header, I think in the end it got a knock


off Katie Chapman. Away by Ji. A nice ball from


Houghton, Parris. Tried to go alone. Good ball in, just that first touch


set her up. She was in a good position.


Here goes Bronze and that was rash. And that is a penalty. Gilly


Flaherty knows it. When you dive in like that, you have to get the ball


and she didn't. Lucy Bronze got a touch to it and got taken out and


that is the easiest division the referee will make today. What a


moment, it is Toni Duggan, eight in eight in the WSL against Chelsea.


She makes it 2-0! And brings that WSL title within touching best and


is -- touching distance for Manchester City Women. Rebecca


Spencer went the wrong way but she was pretty cool about it, a pressure


penalty. It is a pretty big ask to score three against Man City.


Confidence is there for all to see for Manchester City now. Parris


almost squeezed it home. That was close. I think a lot of the stadium


thought that was in. Carney. Trying to find England, can


she get ahead of Steph Houghton? She can, but she can only find the arms


of Karen Bardsley. The first time, on 72 minutes, that Chelsea have got


between the centre halves with an opportunity to score.


Scott striding down the right-hand side. A good full-back and a chance


for the third. Asllani knows she should have made it three. You would


have put money on her hitting the back of the net. It was a good


touch, just needed to curl it with the left but not enough on it.


Carney. And a wild effort from Jade Bailey,


she was under pressure. Mission accomplished! History is


made in Manchester. There is a new name on the WSL trophy and it is


that of Manchester City Women. A journey that began only three years


ago ends with the ultimate target. Unbeaten and champions. Chelsea were


under pressure to get the win but we played really well, especially


second half and it is an unbelievable feeling, everyone of us


deserves it. It is all about the squad, about the staff that have


worked very hard to get that in the best shape. Physically and


technically and tactically we have been the best. Congratulations to


Manchester City, they have deserved it, they have been conceded and Best


consistent and conceded the fewest goals. We have scored more goals


than a year ago but also conceded more. I think the pain of not


finishing it in other years has been the difference this season. Young,


hungry, passionate players who love their football and is all we want,


as squad of players put football first and that is what everybody at


this club does. The men's team is successful, we have seen the


Melbourne city women's going unbeaten last year and we are now


unbeaten and the hard work starts. We won't get carried away but


winning one title is one thing, that is not my priority, it is to grow


the fans and play good football and to be successful over a consistent


period. Congratulations to Manchester City,


pretty much summed up by the interviews, Emma Hayes saying they


had been the best side, conceded the fewest goals. Did you expect them to


win it in just their third season? It is quite some doing. When Nick


Cushing and his staff set out a plan, they would have wanted to win


something. Year by year they have progressed and been strong in


defence, letting in a few goals. They have also scored more than ever


before. They have been so hard to break down and that is the


consistent think that City have done so well. What about their style?


Nick Cushing said before that he wanted this record crowd, there were


over 4000. He wants them to come back next season and bring a friend


to keep growing the crowd. Do you think they will do with the way they


play? Without a doubt, I have been so impressed with their style of


defensively solid, only conceding three goals. Yet implement this


style and philosophy and the players are buying into it. And every time


they step onto the pitch they know exactly what they are going to do


other teams think they know how to play against them but they can't.


They are so efficient. They are good to watch and play one and two touch


passing and it is good when they go forward, they score goals and have


creative players. I would pay to watch them. They will charge you


next time, never mind your freebie! But today they did not have to be at


their best and they won it from an own goal and a penalty. It was not a


vintage football. They just had to get the point and that is what they


did. It was a good ball from Toni Duggan, she whips in the corner and


it is Jill Scott she is aiming for. She is the playmaker in there who


can write about everybody. You think what a fantastic header it is but


when you look from this angle you can see that it is an own goal from


Katie Chapman and unfortunate for her. She is just running back in and


her momentum takes her through. This is Man City, what we see every week,


Lucy Bronze making those attacking runs, whether and under lap or


overlap. Millie Bright misses it and this is a definite penalty. You


can't argue with that. Toni Duggan steps up and this is it


pressure situation am a cool and calm and collected finish. It is not


in the corner but she said the keeper the wrong way and you can see


how much it means to the players. I love that celebration, we all


thought she had scored it! She would have got away with it if it wasn't


for all the cameras. Defensively, three goals conceded in 15 games,


Chelsea have conceded 14 so far. 12 clean sheet out of those 15 for


City, it says it all. They have only conceded one at home,


City, all season. What they do so well is that the team defend. The


defenders win it but it's the midfield who pick up the second


ball. The second ball is basically what clears it. What City do very


well offensively are piling players forward, they do exceptionally well


defensively. They get bodies behind the ball and become very compact.


With the Nikita Parris becoming very narrow and there's no room. Chelsea


cannot dribble through. They can't play through them with a pass. Keira


Walsh been outstanding, a young good potential player for England, I'm


sure, as an anchor, just in front of the back four. She's very, very


composed. She picks up the second ball. They worked very well together


in that triangle. Keira Walsh just in front. It's the first tackle,


it's Isobel Christiansen picking up the tackle, Jill Scott picking up


the second ball as well and this is what they restricted Chelsea to


today, a long-range effort from 35 yards which Ellie Aluko won't be too


happy seeing it controlled with the feed but that's the reason


ultimately why Manchester City have been dominant and have gone on to


win the title this season. The discipline, have they recruited the


characters they got in that squad on purpose? How do they compared to the


type of characters say in the Chelsea squad? You look at the


players Nick Cushing brought in the Chelsea squad? You look at the


players Nick Cushing Broughton initially, Steph Houghton, it's part


of the reason they are strong defensively. The players he has


added to the Manchester City setup are students of the game. You look


at people like Daphne Corboz, Jane Ross, every single player comes in


and buys straight into the philosophy that Nick Cushing wants


everyone to employ. Nobody questions what they are expected to do. Their


work ethic and work for their team-mates on the pitch is


unbelievable. No one player has won the league this season, no player


has been outstanding, it's been a real team effort. What about the


legacy? They have won it, the name is on the trophy for the first time,


but what are we expecting going forward? Will they dominate and have


a period of Arsenal style dominance, or will it between them, Chelsea,


Arsenal? I think they will dominate. They have added a few players but


they've kept a real strong core and they do things right, both on and


off the field and everybody needs to look at their structure, every team,


and try and do similar things to what Manchester City do. Because


they are very, very strong team defensively and going forward. City


have raised the bar on and off the pitch and what other teams need to


do is follow suit, from the resources that the training ground,


have everything on a plate for them so they can be fully professional


footballers. If other teams don't do that, they will not get near City.


Still no word on the Nick Cushing baby yet, five days overdue. From


matters at the top of the table to the bottom now. Relegation


threatened to Doncaster are still searching for their first point of


the season and they welcome the struggling Reading side, in search


of their first win. It was a proverbial six pointer at the key


vote. Commentary from Nigel Adderley. -- at the Keepmoat


Stadium. It seems absurd and one of these


clubs will go down, but victory tonight will give either real hope


of survival. The one Doncaster change from a 4-1 defeat at


Sunderland says Marta Balowska-Mathews comment. Christie


Murray plays for the first time since Scotland's Euro 2017


qualification. Kayleigh Hines and Nia Jones returned for Reading, Emma


Follis is their top scorer with four, the same figure Doncaster have


managed in ten league games. It will be a tense night for Kelly Chambers


and Emma Coates. Here is Allen. Now Jane. A good battle between her and


Mayumi Pacheco and Reading have the first corner. They have a 6-point


buffer coming into this game. Molly Bartrip's corner. Lenard run little


with the header away. Strong play from Kayleigh Hines and the Belles


are unable to clear. Arriving is Emma Follis and it's the perfect


start for Reading. Doncaster never got to grips with the second ball. A


terrific delivery from Remi Allen and Emma Follis did the rest. The


Belles really under pressure, considering the lack of goals so far


this season. A possibility. They were gifted a real opportunity there


but it's a routine save for Mary Earps. Doncaster still have five


games to play following this one. Here is Murray. She is so unlucky.


The bottom club just need things to go for them.


Emerson -- Emily Simpkins running into trouble. Reading look to break


once again here with Lauren Bruton. A promising run which will end in


another Reading free kick. Lauren Bruton brought down by a combination


of Sophie Barker and has a look. Have they got something planned


here? The answer is yes. Here's Fletcher and the clearance, it's Nia


Jones and its 2-0 to Reading. Nia Jones justifying her recall. But I


don't think she knew too much about it. Leandro Little's clearance, and


that's an inadvertence finish. Doncaster simply have to score the


next goal in the game. Mayumi Pacheco won the free kick. Cleared


away as far as Emily Simpkins. And there's the goal. The Belles back in


the game. Right at the start of the second half. Emily Simpkins


threading have finished through the crowd. -- threading her finish


through the crowd. There is hope for Emma Coates. Here is Allen, she's


had a fine game so far. So too has Emma Follis and there's Jones, off


the woodwork and I think the final touch was off Mayumi Pacheco.


Reading so close to a third, which would have been an own goal.


Doncaster now carrying more of a fight. They've got the free kick for


the foul on Murray. Doncaster now a factor in this game. It's Emily


Simpkins. Almost another long-range goal from Emily Simpkins. This time


there's Mary Earps and Marta Balowska-Mathews is inches away from


the equaliser. There was panic stations inside the Reading penalty


area. Reading do have pace on the break. Here is Emma Follis once


again. Oh, that's brilliant. Emma Follis restores Reading's two goal


lead. She did so well to get the ball up and down from there. It may


be enough to beat the Belles. Here's Rachel Rowe, waiting to come


onto the field. Rachel Rowe has it once again, can she finished? Yes,


she can. That surely settles it. Reading have their first win in WSL


one, but Doncaster is hopes of survival begin to ebb away. I'm over


the moon for the goals. They have put a shift in the past couple of


weeks, great performances against the top teams in the league and it


was important to get three points. Our target at the start of the


season was to stay in this league and we have put ourselves in a good


position today to do that. For the next two games we will go out and


enjoy position today to do that. For the


next two games we will go out and enjoy it and make the most of it. A


huge win for Reading there but from a Doncaster perspective, I'm -- Sue,


you are Donnie player, not taking their chances in the final third and


conceding cheaply at the back. You're right, it's been the same


season. At times we've played well and probably should have got more


out of that game, especially in the first half we performed OK. But like


you have said defensively we are very naive at times. Going forward,


we're not scoring. This is the corner coming in and initially it's


a good clearance from the Andrew Little. You can see Emily Simpkins


is squeezing the ball out. That's exactly what we need to do, but it's


this second phase of play, where Doncaster have struggled all season.


They try to clear the ball, maybe a bit fortuitous here but Remi Allen


has time to look up and you can see here Mayumi Pacheco hasn't opened


her body, she's just looking at the ball, she doesn't see there is a


player behind her, so what she needs to do is open up her body more.


Here's a free kick, this is the second goal. If you are on the wind


of -- if you are on the end of the wall you have to be aware the player


might run behind you. Then you see the three players, they are all


looking at the ball. They don't know whether players are behind them.


Yes, it's a very well worked free kick from Reading but from Doncaster


perspective they have to defend better, they have to know whether


players are. Rachel, Reading in recent shows have been showing how


organised they have been, solid game plan, but today in this match we saw


them very effective going forwards on the counterattack. Yes, it's nice


to see and talk about Reading as far as they're being prolific and


certainly more dominant going forwards and what they do do very


well, they are very organised at the back. When they get the chances,


they break. They break quickly. Doncaster gave them quite a lot of


space to run with the ball and didn't really contest that but


Reading took advantage of that. Doncaster gave the ball away on this


occasion but similarly, thread the ball past and Reading move from


their defensive third to their attacking third in just two passes.


Here, a quick loose possession but this is a lovely ball here. We have


the defender kind of not on her bike and she should be, she has her arm


up for offside. No way is it offside. It's a lovely ball through


to Rachel Rowe. There's no pressure on the ball. Brilliant strike and it


gets Reading ahead. What they do again, flooding players forward,


final third, again, no pressure on the ball, and a simple finish for


Rachel Rowe to tap it into the corner. From a Doncaster of view


it's looking pretty bleak now, in 11 defeats


corner. From a Doncaster of view it's looking pretty bleak now, in 11


defeats of 11 games. So you do go down at the end of the season, what


is that going to mean for the club going forwards do you reckon? Any


ideas? I think the club will have to put in two things if we stay up.


What will happen if we go down, you would think first of all financially


it will have a massive implications, so those players that are full-time


may have to go to semiprofessional or part-time. Probably we're


training every day at the moment so that will probably change to maybe


training twice or three times a week. We are going backwards in that


respect by going down. It will be difficult for Doncaster but I'm sure


we will want to come back up this season after if that does happen. We


will have a look at your running shortly but before we do, one of


Doncaster's other relegation rivals, Notts County and Sunderland. A win


for either at Meadow Lane would all but secured their safety as Dan


Roebuck reports. Sunderland newer win would put them


12 points clear of the drop. Rachel Williams failed to deal with this


free kick, Tori Williams pounced to make it 1-0. Seven minutes into the


second half the lady pies were level. Jo Potter's corner was met by


Rachel Williams, who made amends by knocking home the equaliser. Notts


County completed the turnaround midway through the second half. A


long throw flicked on by Potter, the office of -- ever present Jess Clark


beat Rachel Laws. Sunderland not safe just yet, 2-1 at half-time.


Force versus fifth as Birmingham Post deliverable. The Blues had the


chance to leapfrog the Reds at with victory at Damson Park and the home


side struck, some great hold-up play allowed the debutant Corina Schroder


to find space. A gold to remember for Birmingham's new defender. Just


after the hour mark Liverpool have the chance to level. Penalty given.


Midfielder Katie Zelem stepped up to take the spot kick. No mistake from


the England under 20 international and Scott Rogers' side were back on


terms at 1-1. The Blues had the last word though. Just Carter's long


throw headed home by Kerys Harrop. 2-1 the final score, the Reds' first


league defeat since May. clean sheet out of those 15 for


City, it says it all. Confirmation of how things stand,


things are looking ominous for Doncaster. A 16 game season this


year. City will not play on the final day bearing in mind is an odd


number of teams in the division so one team always had to it out.


Looking at the relegation fixtures for the teams still in the mix down


there, it is obviously not looking great for Doncaster but what is the


mindset of the players? Are they still hopeful? You have so many


games in hand, it skews it a bit. Mathematically it is possible we can


stay up but I think it is the mindset, that mentality and


confidence, when you played 11 games and lost 11, how do you keep that


team motivated to go into the next game? As a player you have to


believe you can still get out of it because they can but it is that


confidence. And you can get into a rut, a winning mentality but also


losing mentality. The girls were distraught yesterday, they had to


beat Sunderland and didn't, they had to beat Reading and that didn't


happen and so it is difficult. The three newly promoted teams are in


the bottom three. It looks heavily weighted as if they will go back


down but how do the FA or the clubs bridged the gap? There are vast


differences. WSL 2 is mainly amateur with some semiprofessional teams but


the majority of WSL 1 artfully professional with some


semiprofessional teams. The teams coming up have to make the huge


investment -- they are fully professional. We have seen the newly


promoted teams likely to go back down. It is investment in money and


resources and players. We will see, Doncaster could beat the drop but


who would replace them? The top four in WSL 2 were separated by just


three points before some intriguing matches over the weekend.


It was second against fourth on Saturday when Brittleton the hosted


Durham. The home side made a great start -- Bristol City. Olivia


Ferguson profited from a mistake, putting her team 1-0 up. It was her


third goal of the season and she was involved again as they pushed for a


second. Some neat play with Chloe Arthur released Ferguson and her


cross was met by Laurent Hemp. Smart goalkeeping but not enough to save


the team from defeat. Bristol moved temporarily three points clear until


Yeovil welcomed Everton. They needed to win to return to the top of the


table and their breakthrough came when a poem called coursed -- a


throwing caused problems and Kelly Aldridge capitalised. Jamie share


would describe their last games at three cup finals as they bid for


promotion. They almost got breathing space in the first of the three when


this effort ricocheted wide. It did not matter as it finished 1-0 add a


valuable three points in the promotion race.


That looked to be a defining weekend for Yeovil Town and Bristol City who


are in the driving seat. Two teams are promoted automatically from WSL


2, one team drops down from WSL 1. A big weekend for Manchester City,


winning the title for the first time and reflected maybe for the first


time the front page of a national newspaper showing a title winning


picture. Manchester City making the front page. Is that progress for the


women's game? It is marvellous, magnificent to see the women's game


showcased on the front pages of the national papers. Well deserved. A


bit more needed in terms of coverage? There is never enough I


think the fact that it was well deserved for Manchester City, they


have been the most consistent team this season. I think it is


fantastic. And you want all the sports editors to be commissioning:


-- columns. There is a bit of wait until they get their hands on the


trophy, we will be back with the highlight of their final game at


home to Birmingham on Sunday the 30th of October. Thank you to Rachel


and Sue, Manchester City have won the leak with a game to spare. Will


they go on to dominate the women's game or will it just be want in a


blue moon? Good night.


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