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Good evening. Manchester City might have added bit of a way to finally


get their hands and the WSL trophy, but the title clinching victory over


Chelsea is still fresh in the memory. The top two in the women's


game going head-to-head. The equation is simple. Chelsea must


win, or Manchester City will be the new name on the WSL title.


Angry leaders, who only need one point, or front.


There goes Bronze. That was rash. That is a penalty. It is Toni


Duggan, from the spot. She will make it 2-0. Mission accomplished.


History is made in Manchester. There is a new name on the WSL trophy. It


is that of Manchester City Women. It was Coronation Day for Manchester


City today. It is very appropriate that we are joined by footballing


royalty. On the sofa tonight, welcome to Rachel Brown-Finnis and


Alex Scott. We begin at the Academy Stadium. Manchester City had already


clinched the league title, but before they got their hands on the


trophy, they aim to avoid defeat against Birmingham and achieved a


remarkable feat of finishing their early campaign unbeaten. In the


commentary box to see whether they could was Nigel Adderley. Rarely has


a guard of honour been more richly deserved. The Champions League to


complete an unbeaten league season. The strength of Nick Cushing's squad


is indicated by the fact that Karen Bardsley, Tessel Middag, and Asllani


are all rotated back into the starting line-up after the cup final


victory over today's opponents. Birmingham were brave in defeat that


day. David Parker has re-called Abbey-Leigh Stringer, Charlie


Wellings, and Corina Schroder. Their strength this season has been their


defence, which may be tested today. It has been a record-breaking season


for Manchester City. But Birmingham have had their moments as well. This


is Hegerberg, skipping away from the challenge of Houghton. What she


caught by Bronze? She was, it is a penalty inside the opening five


minutes. Not the start that Manchester City were anticipating.


It is Aoife Mannion. Townley done. The champions are behind. It is only


the fourth legal Manchester City have conceded this season. There is


a risky champagne may going flat. Liverpool the only side to avoid


defeat to Manchester City in the WSL so far this season. Birmingham have


made the ideal start. Ross, that is nice. Asllani again.


She may have to go alone. The angles were against. It is a routine save


for Ann-Katrin Berger. Manchester City having to work very hard to


find a way back into this game. The shot is fired in. Not too far


away. That was more like the Manchester City we have seen for


much of the season. Toni Duggan always has the ability to shoot from


long-range. Carter's sewing. Birmingham do well to recycle the


ball. Bardsley has lost it. The shot from Wellings is blocked. Birmingham


so close to a second goal. That was a real escape for the champions.


Karen Bardsley almost embarrassed. The hanging cross which she failed


to deal with. The shot from Wellings, striking Beattie.


Ross was looking for the early ball. Berger, unable to prevent the


equaliser. It seems clear that Demi Stokes did not mean it, but


Manchester City will be grateful for that. Moments after burning almost


went 2-0 up, Demi Stokes with a fortunate equaliser. She was trying


to speak out Jane Ross. Ann-Katrin Berger, right underneath the cross,


unable to prevent its sneaking in at the far post.


Duggan. There was lots of pace in the past, but Stanley should get


there. Lots of possibilities for City. It is a corner in the end.


Lawley with the final touch. I Manchester City about to deny


Birmingham with another late goal? The header from Beattie. What a save


from Berger. The Birmingham goalkeeper partially redeemed


herself for her involvement in the equaliser. Duggan with another


corner. Deeper this time. Berger does not deal with it. Stokes is


there, but the whistle has gone. There will be some relief for


Ann-Katrin Berger. Another good delivery. The initial challenge from


Scott was the one penalised. Birmingham give the ball away. This


is Nikita Parris once again. She is so unlucky. Nikita Parris has been


such a threat this season. Expertly phoned by Jill Scott. She will not


come much closer than that. Mannion with a clearance. It is all over.


For only the third time this season, Manchester City are denied victory


in the WSL. Not quite the celebration they were hoping for.


Demi Stokes was a rather fortunate equaliser. Birmingham City more than


deserved draw. Full-time, 1-1. The Manchester City and England captain


Steph Houghton, a real leader for club and country. They have


dominated the season from Baywatch. -- from day one. For the first time,


Manchester City Ivy WSL1 champions. They could be the team to beat for


many years to come. This has been a special season for many reasons. You


have your brand-new baby girl, you have Champions League football, the


league title, and the cup, what has it been like? It has been a crazy


year. The baby aside, we wanted to win after last year. We know we are


good enough to win the league. We came shot last year. Chelsea


deserved last year, there good team. We had the players to win, we just


had to be consistent. Consistency is the reason we have one. I am


buzzing. We have shared the day with other fans. We have put in so much


hard work and I can deservedly say -- I can say that we are deservedly


double winners. The players are selfless. They do things for the


team. I knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when. To do it


without a defeat is incredible. Incredible. You know what it is like


to be part of an invincible team, a title winning team that went


unbeaten season. How much of an achievement is this for City? It is


an amazing achievement and when they deserved. These players have had an


aura about them all season. They go into every game believing they can


win. They have had a football arrogance about them. It is easy for


a player to say that they can win again, but it is another thing


believing it. They have always found a way to win, even when they have


not played their best football. Rachel, do you expect Man City to go


on and dominate no? Three years in the making, they finished fifth in


the first season, runners-up last season, and champions this time


around? I think they will go on to dominate. They have built over the


last three years and they have got better and better. I see them


continuing in that mould. They very nearly lost their unbeaten run.


Yes,. Six minutes into that game. Birmingham put of pressure on them.


Manchester City did have chances to go further ahead in the game. But


for me, Birmingham, it kind of epitomises the second half of the


season for them. For me, this is a penalty. Whether she is buying it


intentionally or otherwise, Lucy Bronze does catch Hegerberg's


trailing leg. It has shocked them into action. They have not needed


that this season. We have seen Demi Stokes. The overlapping full box --


the overlapping fullbacks have been crushing teams this season. Demi


Stokes is probably not expecting to score. I am looking at this from a


goalkeeper's perspective. The goalkeeper should have done better.


This is why. Demi Stokes is going to cross the ball. The goalkeeper's


position has to be more central, to react. If she had started Central,


she would have had more time to react. She would have given herself


a better chance to get that over the bar. She redeemed yourself later in


the game. It is four goals conceded in 16 games. That is impressive?


That is really what has been the basis, the foundation for Manchester


City's season. We have spoken about the back five, Karen Bardsley in the


back four or City. But Keira Walsh, as a holding midfielder in front of


that back four, and Karen Bardsley, she has been outstanding. It is


quite simple, what she does. The City players have someone in front


of them who they completely trust. Even if she is tightly marked, they


give the ball because they know she will get out of situations and play


the ball forward to the attacking players. She naturally sits in front


of the back four. Man City kept switching players, trying to find


someone to fill that anchor position, in the first tab of the


season, when Keira Walsh was injured. She has come back in, fully


fit. City had been a better version of themselves. For me, lots of that


is down to the emergence and the continuing improvement of Keira


Walsh. Let's talk about the other end. Do you think Jane Ross was the


missing piece of the jigsaw? She has scored 13 goals. She has been


amazing all season. When you talk about the City team, you talk about


Steph Houghton, Lucy Bronze, Jill Scott. But Jane Ross has been


pivotal all season. She does the hard work. She makes runs for the


players to get on the ball. She clear goal in front of goal. She was


not the big signing the Manchester City, or other teams, and they did


not think she would be so influential. She has come into the


team and looks like she has been playing there for 56 years. She


looks like she knows all the linkup moves. She looks like she has never


been anywhere else. She is an intelligent player. Being under the


radar fits with her personality. She does not like the limelight. A quick


word on Birmingham. What about their progress this season? I was really


impressed with them. At the beginning of the season, with


players you had moved on, I was not expecting a lot from Birmingham


City. I have to hold my hands up. They were hard to break down in the


first half of the season. After the break, they brought in exciting


players like Hegerberg. They have been tight at the back. They have


started to score goals. They have not been beaten since April. At the


other end of the table, relegated Doncaster faced Alex's Arsenal on


Sunday. There are still searching for their first point of what has


been a testing campaign. Matt Davies reports.


With plans unveiled for an elite training facility and some new


signings, hopes were high but it did not take long for the storm clouds


to gather. Early defeats led to the dismissal of manager Glenn Harris


after just three games. 25-year-old assistant Emma Coates was handed the


managerial role during the mid-season break but suffered defeat


to Notts County during her first match in charge. I'm hoping the


results will follow in. For me we have to build confidence. With the


departure of Natasha Dowie and long-term injuries, she was unable


to arrest the Bells' decline in the league. Notts County where the


antagonist again when Doncaster Belles were relegated. It has


exposed areas that on and off the pitch we need to strengthen but at


the same time we have got the strengths and that allows us to


regroup and make sure when we do come back we come back and we stay


up. Said Doncaster will aim to bounce back next season but the


immediate focus was on the match against Arsenal. Arsenal needed a


win to keep their slim championship hopes alive. It was substitute Jody


Taylor making her debut for the Gunners who broke the deadlock six


minutes after coming off the bench. Eight minutes later she showed her


predatory instincts again to follow up on Anna Moorhouse's say.


Doncaster went in search into a way back into the game but Emily Seebohm


kins 's that was well saved leaving Doncaster just one game left to pick


up some points -- MLE Simpkins. It is all on next week. We really do


not want to go down on zero points. As Emma said it has exposed lessons


on and off the pitch. They have learned lessons, is that the


positive to take from it? On the pitch with a change of manager after


three games did not help many of the players. Natasha Dowie signed for


Glenn Harris and once he had gone, that was time for her to move on.


Injuries as well, but they are things you cannot control. What you


can control as performances on the pitch. Doncaster Belles at the start


of the season were really poor. I think Emma Coates has strengthened,


as in her team are more defensively well organised and they have created


chances in games. At this level you cannot afford to start the season so


poor performance wise, and also to concede so many chances but not to


capitalise on the chances they have got. If they want to bounce back


next season, they have to put those lessons learned into practice


immediately. It was good for Jodie Taylor to make her full debut. It


was like having a new signing. Since the World Cup last year, she has


suffered from so many injuries to so to see her back on the pitch and


scoring goals, she is an exceptional player. When a player is injured


that amount of time, it is hard mentally. Even though you are part


of the team, you do not feel part of the team, you feel excluded. She has


been in every day to the gym. And Kim Little is coming back to


Arsenal. A PFA Player of the Year. Amazing. She is a world-class


player. She signed for Arsenal when she was 16 or 17. At the time, we


said who is this young Scottish player? She grew into a world-class


player. Her link up play. She is the sort of player who make something


out of nothing. It is just amazing that she is back at the club and the


English fans get to see her in women's football again over here. It


will be a boost for the whole league to watch Kim Little in action. I had


the pleasure of playing with her in the Olympic team for London 2012. It


is the first time I got to they have first-hand. To train with her day


in, day out, you got to see the fine detail of why she is so good. And


she played at the Euros as well with Scotland. Now, two more games to


catch up on. We begin with Chelsea. Despite missing out on the title, a


win for the Blues at Reading would secure the championship title for a


third successive season. Chelsea went into this game knowing


victory against Reading would book their place in the Champions League.


Chelsea doubled their lead told minutes after the restart.


Reading were offered a route back into this one when Lauren Bruton was


upended in the box. She dusted herself down to convert the penalty.


Any hope the visitors had of completing an unlikely comeback was


ended soon after. Eniola Aluko scored her second of the match.


Reading boss Kelly Chambers will be proud of the spirit shown by her


side. Melissa Fletcher converted. Chelsea held on to ensure they will


enjoy a third successive season of Champions League football. Notts


County and Sunderland are guaranteed survival. Notts County took the lead


in the 33rd minute, Rachel Reid scoring. . Abby Joyce' 's cross


header. In the second-half, County came


close to the lead again. But it bounced off the woodwork. And Clark


went close again with 15 minutes remaining. Hair acrobatics were


somehow saved by Olsson. Sunderland, Notts County and Reading


are all assured of their place in the top flight next season following


Doncaster's relegation. Alex, how would you assess Arsenal's


season? It must be disappointing to miss out on the Champions League? I


would say it has been one of mixed emotions. We came into the season


leaving we could fight for all silverware and they went to Wembley.


Winning the FA Cup is about moving forward now and the arrival of Kim


Little and with Jodie Taylor we can challenge for silverware again next


season. What does moving forward mean? We have new younger players


coming through and the arrival of Kim Little which I alluded to


before. A fresh environment and fresh players and players stepping


up to the plate of it. It is about finding a way to win even when


you're not playing the best. Who perhaps has not fulfilled their


potential? How would you have expected Chelsea to do? I would


thought Manchester City, because they seem to have gained the meant


from day one, that if they got momentum in the first half of the


season they would continue that and they been very consistent. Chelsea


have been less consistent and ultimately, that is what cost them


over the course of the season. Sunderland have been really


disappointing after last season and coming into the WSL1 and really


kicking everyone's predictions into touch in that first year, they have


really underperformed this season. They have not had a plan B, I think.


But the Doncaster Belles as well, coming up with so much promise and


fire and expectations of themselves, not even getting off the mark this


season. So there will be a number of teams, but I can see the similar top


three contending for honours again next season. A few final league


positions to finalise. Everything has been resolved in WSL1 but there


was plenty to play for in WSL two and it promised to be a dramatic


weekend with Everton, Bristol City and Yeovil all involved in a 3-way


tussle for the two automatic promotion spots.


It has been just over a year since Bristol City's relegation from WSL1


was confirmed. The vixens got off to the perfect


start. Everton needed to avoid defeat to maintain their own


promotion ambitions and found a way back into the game before half-time


when referee said a player pulls shirt.


Seven minutes after the restart, the Toffees foul behind again -- fell


behind again. 20 minutes later city increased


their lead to 3-1 thanks to a brilliant goal from Ensley.


Everton refused to give in and pulled a goal back. Georgie's shot


was saved by Caitlin Leach. The nerves were tested further in


the six minute of injury time and Chloe Arthur was penalised will stop


Claudia Walker had the opportunity to keep her side in the hunt for


promotion but Leach managed to tip the spot kick onto the post and


secure Bristol City and immediate return to WSL1. We have come here to


win, we expect to win and if we do win, although we are getting


promoted we want to win the league. We have still got half a job. We


will finish off the other half next week.


Yeovil went into their game against London these knowing a win would


promote them above Bristol City. The Lady Glover 's got off to the


perfect start. London Bees were looking to pick up another win. Jo


Wilson and EV Clark were unable to capitalise. Yeovil made the Bees


paid to take the chances after the break.


With nine minutes remaining, the lady Glovers put the game to bed.


Yeovil took advantage and substitute Nadia Lawrence finished off a good


team move and ensured the race for the WSL1 title was confirmed. We are


going up! We are going up! We said at the start of the year one game,


one goal at a time and I believe that. Preparations are in order but


we will make sure we are ready for 2017. Congratulations then to Yeovil


and Bristol City who are promoted to WSL1. Both managers are extremely


focused on winning the title. Rachel, commiserations to your


former side Everton? Yes, in the first half of the season they were


really consistent. They threw away a lot of leads which is really


unfortunate. Yeovil representing the south-west. What will teams like the


Overland Bristol City have to do in WSL1 when it comes to playing the


likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City? It is a massive


step up but you never know with newly promoted teams if they will


buckle under the pressure or treat every game like a Cup Final and come


out all guns lasing so it will be interesting to see which ones do


well. OK. That is about it from us. We will be back next Monday night


for our final show of the season. It will be a bit of a change of


scenery. We will take you behind-the-scenes at Manchester City


and we will be reflecting on their historic campaign.


Well, a big thank you to Rachel and to Alex. Halloween is just about


upon us and Manchester City survived an early scare to make it through


the league season, unbeaten on the day they were finally crowned queens


of WSL1. Goodbye for now. Everyone stops


to watch the car crash, don't they? The series


everyone is talking about... That girl that came back -


that was not her.


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