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Hello and welcome to the Women's Football Show, which this week comes


from the north-east. We have Arsenal against Sunderland at the Hetton


Centre. We will also be looking at Manchester City in the Champions


League. First of all colour Alex Scott went to speak to some of the


Arsenal players. Kim, they say never go back - what


made you come back to Arsenal wanted it is like anything in life, are you


going to stay or are you going to improve and develop? For me, it was


another change. I think change is good, it means you are able to go


again, learn again and to develop. Little! Goal! Number eight! And it


is great! What experiences did you get from your time in America? I


think it allowed me to take my game to a different level in terms of


just playing with different players, playing in a different style. It is


quite fast, and it made me have to make decisions much quicker than


when I was in the league here. I played with such great players. From


being at Arsenal before, when we had the big characters like Kelly Smith,


Rachel Yankey, they have all gone, so do you feel that responsibility


now? Another reason why I came back was because, yes, it was going to


give me that different experience. Vice-captain, I had never really


thought about it, I never really wanted to be a captain. But maybe it


was my time to take that responsibility. Now, it is, what can


I do on and off the field to help people? That is the big change that


I have seen from the Kim before, and the Kim now, you have got this error


of confidence about you. You were recently on question of sport. Is


this the sort of thing that you are adding to Kim Little, little nuggets


but you can take from somewhere else? Yeah, having travelled and


experienced different things, it opens you up to different things,


and I have taken it upon myself to read books, life books, how you can


develop yourself, things which are relevant to sports teams. You read


all of these books and different things and you're going to pick up


habits which make you better and make the people around you better.


That is what I will try and do. Scotland have qualified for their


first major tournament. How proud I you? Yeah, I have never been in the


squad for ten years, since I was 16. Qualifying campaigns, European


campaigns. We have been so close to love this time, we made it. And


obviously, the first game is against England. Do you feel there is more


pressure on the England team then there is on you guys? I think so,


but I think that's just natural. England have done so well in the


past few years. So, pressure I think is more on England, but that's


pretty normal. So, your Scotland team, what are your strengths? I


think we are very strong and compact defensively" direct going forward as


well. I am writing this down! We have got great attributes and


hopefully we can minimise our weaknesses so that they don't get


exposed! That is all I will say! You're going to have a new Arsenal


manager after the Euros, how do you see Shelley Kerr progressing the


team? She has got a lot of different experiences within the game. I think


our current coach has been there for a long time, so I think a change is


a good thing. I think it will bring new ideas and I'm looking forward to


having a new coach. I hope that I can bring my experience as well, and


having a lot of caps with the national team can help. With


Scotland, our team is very young as well so I hope I can help develop


the next generation. Journey Kim Little will no doubt have a huge


part to play both for Arsenal and for Scotland in the Euros in the


summer. She can't play here today, which might be good news for


Melanie. The likes of Carli Lloyd, Kim Little, what does it say about


the standard of the league? It's certainly going to make the league


very interesting. It is a credit to the FA that we can have a league


which is so competitive. Big changes for you, how are you enjoying your


first stint at the helm but when it has been about five weeks now and we


have worked really hard to try to get our ideas over to the girls. And


you are a former player at Sunderland, but transitioning from a


full-time team last season to what is now part-time, what has that been


like? It hasn't really changed much, to be honest. We've still got nine


full-time players. So we start at about three o'clock every day and


work through. The schedule is pretty much the same as what it was last


year. Best of luck, Melanie. Will Sunderland, after holding Birmingham


in their last match, be able to hold out against this potent attacking


force, Arsenal? The Gunners have softened the blow of losing Kelly


Smith to retirement by signing a former USA international Heather


O'Reilly. She has a World Cup winners medal, amongst others. Also


returning to face her former club for the first time... Kim Little's


return should provide a constant supply line to the forwards. While


she won't be playing today, the Gunners are not short of creativity.


They have got 23 goals in their last five meetings against Sunderland.


Sunderland make one Show from their impressive draw with Birmingham. You


signings Anke Preuss and Dominique Bruinenberg both play. Beth Mead, on


the bench today for Arsenal, after breaking her collarbone. Kim Little


is also out injured. Carter, almost got the header in on


goal. The manager will be pleased with how his side has started this


game. Sunderland, hanging on at the moment. Preparing to take the corner


is van de Donk. That's saved well by Preuss. Good opportunity for


Arsenal. What a save! Well, Sunderland that time


worked it well. The quality delivery was there, and it's an excellent


save from Van Veenendaal. So, another opportunity for Sunderland.


Arsenal haven't quite got this one away yet... And the shot from


Bruinenberg flashes just wide! Sunderland certainly showing Arsenal


they are capable of troubling them. Good run by Begovic, finds a bit of


space. Opportunity for Arsenal... -- good run by Nobbs. Good save by


Preuss, turning it away from the onrushing Carter. Arsenal


threatening. The ball in, and O'Reilly, just across the face of


goal! Great play. Staniforth, good tenacity and early pressure from


Sunderland in this second-half. Bruinenberg tries one, and van de


Donk had to tip it over! The Arsenal goalkeeper called into action again


from Bruinenberg! Sunderland getting closer! Leon... Maddy Hill...


Straight at Van Veenendaal. Good movement from Sunderland, and the


execution just needed to be better from Hill.


Van Veenendaal arriving, it's supposed to! -- van de Donk. The


Arsenal forward has been penalised for a foul on Abby Holmes. So close


for Arsenal. Excellent recovery by Hayley Sharp, danger still not


cleared. Well, in the end, Sharp got out again to put her off, but


Arsenal's movement in and around the box, causing Sunderland problems.


Nice turn by van de Donk. Cleared behind for a corner by Holmes.


Sunderland having to hold firm, particularly with Arsenal taking


this corner short. Punched behind by Preuss. Begin, Arsenal take it


short. Headed away by Williams. It falls to Patten. Now, another


corner. This time, van de Donk swings it in. Nobbs, great save!


Preuss keeping Arsenal at bay! Katie McCabe chips it in, looking for


Carter. Back to Nobbs. And the shot again saved by Preuss.


In the end, Miss controlled by van de Donk. Another good stop by


Preuss. And there is the full-time whistle. A hugely impressive point


for Sunderland against Arsenal. Their first point against the


Gunners since 2009. Arsenal just could not find a way through.


So, honours even here at the Hetton Centre. The first taste of the


spring season, a frustrating afternoon, I can imagine? Yeah,


absolutely, from our respect, we expect more from that for ourselves.


When we had the chances, we did not create as many as we wanted, but it


was not our best football. I think we don't have too much time, we have


Liverpool on Thursday. We are capable of a lot more in this Spring


Series. We have to keep you leave in our system and in each other, and


we'll be fine. You have got a lot of players out but it did seem it was


the final third, maybe the final ball, lacking in quality? I think it


is all about connection in football, it's all about linking up with your


team-mates ready for whatever reason, we were just off in that


final third. Wasn't anybody's fault. 11 people out there have to be on


the same wavelength. It just didn't seem that way in the final third. To


be fair, Sunderland played a really good game, I was really impressed


with their physical capacity. I was impressed with the way that they


strung together some really good football. They had good outlets. I


thought they played a little bit, I was really impressed with their


team. And the way that they tried to play. Then again, coming back to us,


we are capable of a lot more. I have a lot of belief in this group and


the manager does as well. You mentioned the connection between


players, there is a lot of excitement about the Arsenal squad,


but there are a lot of new faces - is it to be expected that it might


take a while to jail? I think so. To be fair, we have been training


together since January, so we have had a fair number of months together


now, so we expect more. We know what we can do on the training pitch and


in matches. That being said, I think we will grow into the Spring Series.


All the best for your next game, against Liverpool, later in the


week. So, Sunderland, defensively, they were very strong. They were,


they limited Arsenal to very few shots in the first half. There were


lots of crosses in. Known real free play from the centre, Sunderland


stop that happening. This is the third clean sheet in a row for


Sunderland, who were letting in a lot of goals towards the end of last


season, so I think they have made improvements. We will see how they


kept on as the Spring Series goes on. It has been a decade since


Arsenal became the first British side to lift European silverware.


Manchester City were on course to become the second, but they had it


all to do as they headed to Lyon to try to overturn a 3-1 deficit. And


inside the opening two minutes, Lyon have a penalty. Great all, equaliser


for Manchester City! Shot! Lyon take the lead again! Le Sommer finishes,


and it will be a mountain for Manchester City to climb in the


second leg in France! Three away goals required for Manchester City


if they are to progress to the Champions League final in their


debut season in the competition, otherwise it will be a


record-equalling sixth final 43 times winners Lyon. Shot! Not a bad


effort at all from the German international! And a decent save


from Bardsley. Ada Hegerberg, Le Sommer... Shot shoots from distance


again. Bardsley, confident with that one.


Here's Majri. Back to Majri! Saved by Bardsley at her near post. I


think Ada Hegerberg wanted her to cut that one back. Lovely skill.


Jill Scott has a chance to shoot...! Went for placement, comfortable save


in the end from Sarah Bouhaddi. Lovely ball down the line by shot.


Oh! So close! It was merely an own goal from Stephs! -- from Kritzer!


Lloyd... Good save. Good chance, this. For Manchester City. What a


dreadful error by the goalkeeper! And Carli Lloyd gives Manchester


City hope! A dreadful attempted pass by Sarah Bouhaddi. It was only going


to end one way. City lid on the night. And it's touched in by Le


Sommer! But it's not going to count! The French striker, adjudged to be


offside, and rightly so. City get away with that one. And that's it.


Manchester City's Champions League journey comes to an end at the


semifinal stage. They have won on the night, but just too much to do


from the first leg. Lyon are through. So, it will be Lyon against


Paris Saint-Germain in the first all French Women's Champions League


final on the 1st of June in Cardiff. For Manchester City, it was a big


step up and they must take great optimism from going over to Lyon and


beating them over there? Yeah, that's no easy task. Nobody normally


gets anything from there. I think it is really a sign of how much


Manchester City have progressed, playing against a Lyon team which is


full of world-class players. We spoke about how Manchester City have


improved their squad over the years and how dominant they have become in


this league. Ringing in Carli Lloyd, but at Lyon, they have world-class


players across-the-board. So I think City have made huge progress. It was


a great opportunity for them to go up against a team like Lyon - how


far away are Manchester City from regularly competing at that level


and perhaps going even further? I think they're a vision when they


started, just a few years ago, was to win trophies and get into the


Champions League. -- I think their vision. They really have matched


Lyon in a lot of departments, and that's what the likes of Manchester


City and Chelsea will progress. I can see Manchester City coming, with


the resources that they have at the club, a dominant force across


Europe. It's just going to take a bit more time. These experiences,


for a lot of them, it is their first time up against the likes of Lyon in


such a big name. That will stand them in good stead. Some of these


Manchester City players are still valid young. Wall this experience


will help them for next year. For Manchester City, attention now turns


back to domestic matters. And that is what we will do now. If more


matches to catch up on, starting with one of the favourites for the


Spring Series title, Chelsea. Yeovil Town made their first trip to west


London to take on a new look Chelsea side. It was Ji So-Yun who opened


the scoring at the end of the first half. One minute later, Karen


Carney's corner led to this... After hitting the woodwork in the first


half, it was US international Crystal Dunn with a close range


header. A super run down the middle from Ji set up 18-year-old Cuthbert.


And Dunn powered past the defence to get Chelsea's fifth. The Blues would


find their sixth goal but not without drama. Yeovil's goalkeeper


Charlie Haynes was injured and replaced. There was no mistaking


Liverpool this week, as they turned up against Reading in their correct


kit. They made their intentions clear with Natasha Harding getting


them off to a good start. Reading responded quickly through Chaplen.


Reading then scored again. Harding then added to her tally, making it


two apiece. Liverpool restored their lead before the break, a tidy tap-in


from Caroline Weir. And victory was sealed for Liverpool early in the


second half, faxed to Laura Coombs, leaving Liverpool sitting pretty at


the top of Women's Super League One, with Reading right behind them. In


the early stages of this Spring Series, it is Liverpool who lead the


way. Chelsea are now in second. Manchester City are yet to get their


campaign under way. Bristol City and Yeovil Town are still looking for


their first points of the series. Big result for Chelsea there, how


big a statement is that? I think it is. You look at the signings that


they've made in the off-season, it has all come together. Absolutely


blowing away Yeovil, who unfortunately so far, they have


leaked a lot of goals. You can see there is a big gap. And I think it


is a statement. Likes of Man City, Arsenal overhaul contending for the


title, for this series, and for next year, it is huge, they have got


players from all over the world now. To bringing these players, like


Crystal Dunn, not only does it bring the standard of women's football up


within Chelsea, it really highlights to the rest of the league what teams


need to be doing to compete. It is difficult for the players who were


at Notts County, but some good news, in that they will now be able to


sign for clubs in England and abroad. The difficulty will be


trying to find a club who still needs players? And clubs who still


have a budget for players as well. The announcement was two days before


the start of the season. At that point, most teams have their house


in order. They have done their pre-season, they do not really have


any spots left in their roster. So for the likes of the England


international players, Laura Bassett, Carly Telford, they will be


on the doorstep, ready to go to the Euros, they need to be playing


regularly. I hope that they can quickly find a new home and get back


to playing regular football, because that's what this next couple of


months is all about. Up in Scotland, may be cropping down a level, or


just sent a clubs, I will play for nothing? I would play for nothing,


100%. It's all about preparing for the European Championships. --


dropping down. Whatever it takes. Keep training every single day, I


need to be part of an infrastructure, part of a club, at


ever it takes. So what, it is two months out of your whole career.


Maybe they will have to suck it up, really, but it is for the bigger


picture. And we wish them all the best. Today we saw the launch of the


BBC Women's Footballer Of The Year Award. Here are the five nominees.


TRANSLATION: Our goal was to win a medal and in the end, we got old.


That was an amazingly beautiful feeling. I have never before made it


to the finals at the Olympics. It was an enormous success for me. And


because of that, I knew then that I would stop after the Olympics. The


highlight was with the new Champions League trophy. It was a great


feeling, winning with the team after so many months of hard work, and


having the same ambition, I would say it was much more special than I


thought it would be, winning the Champions League. Contact I had gone


the right way five times and I managed to save two. The last save


is probably the one that I was most proud of, because I really had to


stretch. Weep performed above everyone's expectations. It was an


exciting time, it was a big rush, but it was worth it, because it was


an historic moment for me and I think overall for women's football.


I remember my first couple of years on the national team, and thinking,


how the heck do we have two score so many girls in her career?! Nobody is


ever going to reach that. I had her jersey growing up, and to think that


I passed her last year, it's kind of crazy. You can vote by heading to


the BBC Sport website. Rachel, that would be some 5-aside team, wouldn't


it just a little bit! Any one of those would be a worthy winner.


Speaking of international football, the draw for the Women's World Cup


qualifiers was made earlier this week. Here are the groups. While in


Group 3... England have got to be fairly happy with their group,


Rachel, they were always going to get a decent group, being in the top


pot, but it is nice to have Wales in there as well? Oh, it is, it is


fantastic to get two Home Nations matched up against each other.


England will be happiest, Scotland and I think will also be happy with


the draw. Yes. It does give them a little hope for perhaps finishing


with one of the best second placed positions? And how wonderful would


that be, to get Scotland into a World Cup? It is where they expect


themselves to be. And opportunity to qualify for a World Cup is a great


opportunity. That is about all we have time for. But there is plenty


more sport coming up on the BBC. On Monday afternoon, coverage of the


world snooker championship final continues on BBC Two. Liverpool then


continue their pursuit of a top four finish at Vicarage Road, facing


Watford at eight o'clock. Commentary is on Radio 5 Live. And there is


more WSL Spring Series action on Wednesday night, Manchester City


hosting Birmingham. That's a dress rehearsal for the FA Cup final. You


will be able to see it live on the red button and on the BBC Sport


website. We will be backed back next Sunday to look ahead to that FA Cup


Final. Goodbye for now. Full disclosure - you're looking at


a room of double glazing salesmen. we're not quite the social pariahs


you lot probably know and loathe.


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