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If you thought you were going to drop off, think again. With their


European adventure over, focuses firmly on Manchester City and while


they aimed to blossom in the Spring Series, they also have one eye on


next weekend's FA Cup final with Birmingham. We have both


competitions covered on tonight's show. Coming up, we talk silverware


with a player worth her weight in gold to City, PFA layer of the year


Lucy brands. We feature the WSL champion trip to budding while their


opponents warm-up for one day against Liverpool. And two-time FA


Cup winner Ellen White as her side -- has her sights set on further


glory with Birmingham. Plenty of FA Cup final pedigree in the studio


tonight as well. Welcome to Sue Smith and Richard Branson is. Ever


walked up those wimpy steps? No. We begin at Manchester City, where Lucy


brands is aiming to win an FA Cup winners medal to a trophy cabinet


already brimming with both team and individual awards. Ahead of the trip


to Reading, Sue went to catch up with the two-time PFA players Player


of the Year. The women's Player of the Year goes


to Lucy Bronze! Does it feel any different this time round? It feels


a bit better this time. Last time, I was thinking, why did I win it?


Whereas this time, I have been more successful as an individual and


people know more about me because I have done a lot more.


I have come to terms with playing big games now. Did you meet Mr


Beckham? He was doing his interviews. He walked past


afterwards to congratulate me and Kelly on winning the awards. So that


was nice. I have met him a few times, but it is nice that they


acknowledge it. Where you starstruck? I am never like that.


People are like, do you want to get your picture with Beckham? I am


like, he is right there, I don't need a picture. You seem to be


living up to your middle name, tough. What is the origin of that?


My full name is Lucio Roberta Tough Bronze. My mum is Portuguese and you


take a middle man as well. And she is tough because she is a


no-nonsense maths teacher. My auntie was a police officer. She is


Sergeant Tough and lived up to it. So I had no choice other than to


live up to the females of the family. But being a defender, you


never expect individual acknowledgement for winning the ball


and tackles and stuff. But that is something I am proud of. Is there


anything you still want to improving your game? Of course. I still class


myself as fairly young. I am only 25, so I still think I have got my


best years ahead of me, but I definitely think I have got things I


wish I was better at. This Euros and hopefully the next competitions are


when I really want to start pushing up to my potential. Double delight


for Manchester City. Two Major trophies in seven days, Lucy Bronze


with the winning goal. I have only made the FA Cup final wants, and


that one was when I was 16 or 17. Rachel Yankey was the superstar and


the pin-up of England. I was little Lucy Bronze. To get the opportunity


to get back in the finals is really big. For me personally, I am dying


to get my hands on the FA Cup. That is the big one. It is the one we


want to be part of. You will be directly up against Jeff Carter, who


won young PFA Player of the Year. That should be an interesting


battle. -- Jess Carter. I like her. She is a good player. She has a lot


of potential and she will be twice the player she is now, even though


she is playing well. Should be interesting. She will do anything to


win the game. And I hope she does play like that. You have to


concentrate on Reading. What do you expect from them? Obviously, they


have signed Dade and Jo. They will have improved. But we want to win


the league. So ultimately, we have to play these games and we want to


win them, no matter what the schedule looks like, home or away.


Winning is the priority. Lucy Bronze was on the scoresheet in midweek as


City where Hubbard Birmingham in what was a dress rehearsal for the


FA Cup final. Could the WSL one champion secure a first Spring


Series victory at Reading? COMMENTATOR: Reading are well into


their campaign. This is their fourth game of the Spring Series so far.


They make three changes to the side that lost 4-0 to Chelsea.


Cushing is rotating aside a bit more in these games already. They have


had lots of games already. It is going to be in the back of the net!


Dreadful defending from Reading. Nikita Parris has the easiest of


headers into the net. Reading are bosses of the run down for there.


And Manchester City take the lead in fortuitous circumstances.


Oh, terrific save. She denies City a second.


Oh, what a goal! And absolute screamer to draw Reading level. That


was a really good move by Reading, and a fabulous finish by more. She


is not known for her goal-scoring ability, Jade Moore. But that was


unstoppable drive. Oh, good save. Cleared again.


Brilliant defending by Reading. Reading temporarily down to ten as


Jade Moore makes way for treatment. Penalty to Reading! They have


conceded a spot kick. Lauren Bruton scored a penalty in this fixture


last season. Can she do it again? She makes no mistake. Bruton sends


Bardsley the wrong way, and Reading have turned this one around from a


goal down. They now lead Manchester City 2-1. We know substitute Megan


Campbell has a long throw in her locker. It is a good one, it is


dangerous and it is poked in by Nikita Parris. Reading's lead didn't


last long at all, Parris with the easiest of finishes after Megan


Campbell's throw caused chaos in the Reading box. And Manchester City are


back on level terms and going for the victory. City have their tails


up now. This is why Campbell was brought on. She made an immediate


impact with her first throw. Here comes another good one. It has gone


in! Jill Scott takes the celebrations. Again, Reading


couldn't deal with the trajectory of that throw-in. And two quickfire


goals have put Manchester City back into the lead here.


It is a good header and a good save again. Carli Lloyd tried to nodding


towards goal. So a third straight defeat for


Reading in the Spring Series. But Manchester City have a first win of


the campaign. A draw and a win to start their defence of the WSL web


titled. Full-time at Adams Park in April. Reading two, Manchester City


three. We expected a tough game, but we didn't expect at half-time for it


to go that way. A big afternoon in particular for Nikita Parris. We


asked her to find some form and be more clinical and today she was


excellent. That is all we want. We want our players to work hard and


keep up their enthusiasm. Nikita, congratulations. Your two goals were


vital. Definitely. That is all I want, to score goals for club and


country. Seems you got the substitutes bang on. We were


disappointed not to have Megan on the pitch a lot more, but she is fit


now. It is competitive to get in the squad. The throw-in is definitely an


asset and we will definitely use it. I have been able to do it since I


was 14. As I grew, it got longer. It is a nice asset to have. Going 1-0


down after five minutes, we could have crumbled. But the girls showed


great character today and to put on a performance like they did after


the result on Wednesday and to have the league leaders on the back foot


for big chunks of the game, they were outstanding.


Kelly Chambers said they did the work, but did they shoot themselves


in the foot? They did. There were some basic errors which led to their


downfall. Reading play three at the back and they put themselves under


unnecessary pressure. If you lose possession of the ball, you have got


to get narrow defensively. They are not putting enough


pressure. It is three versus two. And still, Reading are asleep at


this point. They are not busting a gut to keep the ball out of the


goal. I want to say trajectory to you! Did they throw it away? To be


honest, yes. And that does make a big difference. We were talking


about this. You are not used to facing a throw-in like this. But it


is basic errors. It is difficult to defend, but you have one defender in


front and one behind. Nikita Parris is on her toes. Then the Reading


defenders lose Nikita Parris. Jill Scott flicks it on from a brilliant


Megan Campbell throw-in. You should learn from those. Well, we see from


the second one that they don't. They have three defenders around Jill


Scott. None of them are stopping her drifting off to the back post. The


goalkeeper will be disappointed that she didn't make that punch count and


get rid of the ball. You are itching to come in as a striker! Well, for


Man City, it is clearly positive. Talking of assets, two new assets


for Reading. Jo Potter and Jade Moore are fantastic signings. They


have experience in WSL and at international level. Jo Potter is


very versatile. Here, she is playing centre of her back three. She might


not be the quickest player in the world, but she has speed of thought.


She is aware of what is happening. She sees that her defenders are


under pressure and she reads the game well. When she gets the ball,


she is very composed. She looks for a player to pass two. She is reading


the game well. She has also got that range of passing. What a bore that


was. This was the second. You know exactly what you will get from Jade


Moore. She is tenacious. She epitomises Reading's style of play.


She protects that back four. Every time she gets the ball, she is


looking to go forward. Because Reading play five in the middle, it


allows her to get forward so she can commit players forward. What a


strike that was. We don't see enough of that from Jade Moore. Because


normally, she is a defensive midfielder, you don't see her


getting forward. But she is allowed to do that.


Will there be other teams in the league looking at that and thinking


that maybe City have a few problems at the back? Birmingham City will be


rubbing their hands together playing against Manchester City and the


frailties they showed. Only a second start of the season coming back, and


the central partnership between Steph Houghton and her partner


needed some ironing out there were miscommunications. Lynette does


really well on the ball is bouncing around, but Hauksson goes to the


ball and it's a nice penalty for them to get onto the scoresheet.


Lucy Bronze, do you feel she had a quiet game? She did today, but


without a doubt she is a world-class player. I think what makes her even


better is the fact she does not realise is she's as good as she is.


It will be a tight league, which is what we want to see. Liverpool are


the form side in the WSL and they faced the FK cup final opponents of


Manchester City, Birmingham. The Blues have made a promising start to


life under new manager Mark Skinner, the former centre of excellence


director who guided his side to Wembley with victories over Arsenal


and Chelsea resided over an unbeaten start to the league campaign,


securing an impressive point at Manchester City. It's been three


years since Liverpool won WSL title but the Reds are the early


pacesetters and have scored four goals in each of their opening three


fixtures. Chris Holland was on hand to see of the trend would continue


at St Andrews. -- to see if. Harrop, the captain. The long ball


cutout. It has found its way to Ellie Brazil. Fantastic save by


Chamberlain. Ellie Brazil with the shot. And it


has hit the crossbar. What an effort that was from Ellie Brazil. A


fantastic effort. Liverpool send the ball into the


box, and it is a chance, and a goal for Liverpool. Jess Clarke with a


diving header. A terrible mistake in the heart of defence from


Birmingham. IEC into that box, what a fantastic


chance for Ayisi. Another shot, cleared by Liverpool. What a chance


the Ayisi. Liverpool come forward again through Jess Clarke, ball into


the box, and the header met by the keeper. A shot into an open goal,


and in off the inside of the post. What a chance for Liverpool.


Ayisi with the ball at her feet. It has hit the crossbar again.


Fantastic chance from Ayisi. The second time Birmingham have hit the


bar in short succession. Ayisi has found the ball at her feet


and she's on a fantastic run. Will she take a shot? Not sure what to


do. Ellen White, but unable to score and the ball is cleared by the feet


of Chamberlain. Chamberlain able to collect the late effort. Less than


ten minutes to go. It will be Greenwood to send the ball in the


box, a shot at goal, and it is scored by Gemma Bonner, the captain.


Fantastic finish, and she really gambled on the indecision in the


Birmingham defence, and she celebrates that one like it wins the


match. In the second half pressing


performance was better than the first half. We did not get to grips


with it in the first half and we stopped the flow in the second and


created some good chances. If you laze a game of football it is a


chance to find another gear -- lose a game. We have to find a way of


finishing the details of the end, and then the game would be


comfortable. Comfortable they say and it's great having the woodwork


as a defender, but the clean sheet, Liverpool will enjoy that moment.


Yes, something to build on. They are free scoring in this Spring series.


They've recruited really well so everything is going as good as it


can be for Liverpool. Contenders? Yes, properly one of four. Like


Rachel Selt they have recruited well. Stony experience, Jess Clarke,


and she goes unnoticed but I think she is effective. It has to be the


last two games for me. That will show because they have Man City and


Chelsea and we will see how good they are. It's a credit to Scott


Rogers and what he is building at Liverpool. Scott Rogers doing well


at Liverpool. More from Birmingham shortly, but two more Spring series


games to catch up with, starting with Arsenal who was searching for a


first win of the campaign at Yeovilton.


After a 4-4 thriller, Arsenal were keen to give Yeovil another taste of


life. There was a handball in the box which gave the gun is an


opportunity to score with seven minutes on the clock. Despite the


keeper going the right way, Jody Taylor had no problem opening the


scoring. Yeovil have conceded 13 goals in the last three, and with


the help of Daniel Carter, the Glovers rose with an own goal --


Danielle Carter. Yeovil's problems were set to continue as Jodie Taylor


was on the hunt for more and succeeded with her right foot giving


her a second, and three for the Gunners. With Yeovil struggling to


keep up with the Arsenal pace, Carter used it to her advantage. A


corner play from Anna Patton was meant with precision. -- met with


precision. Just before half-time, it was Yeovil's chance to offer a


surprise for the Gunners and saw Lucy Quinn chipping the keeper to


reduce the deficit. After the break, a super run by


Daniel van de Donk was ended after she was fouled in the box --


Danielle. A penalty was awarded to the visitors. Another goal for the


Gunners with USA international Heather O'Reilly scoring her first


of the campaign. Sunderland took on Bristol looking for their first win


of the series and almost took the lead. Lucy Staniforth's free kick


cannoned off the bar. Sunderland continue to try their luck from


range, followed by a spectacular save. Bristol City's first real


chance came when Megan Alexander crossed into the path of Clare


Hemsley, but she failed to hit the target from close range. But with 15


minutes remaining, Sunderland were given a golden opportunity to take


the lead. Staniforth stepped up to convert the penalty and it was


enough to give Sunderland are winning their first -- and their


first successive clean sheets. The win for Sunderland moves up to


fourth in the table with Liverpool leading the way. Yeovil find


themselves at the foot of the table without a point. Perhaps maybe not


the worst thing is the goal conceded. That is something they


need to make sure they do better with. You look at Doncaster when


they moved up, maybe they were too expansive and played the style of


football they might want but you can't do it against the likes of


Manchester City and Chelsea as they will tear you apart. Readying


adapted better because they may themselves difficult to break down


and they were solid and they ground out results and got points, so that


is what Yeovilton need to do -- Yeovil. Score goals from set pieces


or something like that. Yeovil, they are part-time, and at this level and


in this day and age WSL one, you need to be full-time to attract the


players. That will be one of the problems problems Yeovil. There is a


period of time ahead of the Winter league starting, but they need to


recruit a better level of players and with part-time status, it


doesn't look like they are fit enough either. Any younger players


to come in? They do it? We were part-time for a long period, but


have those training programmes and you are presented as a full-time


player. That is one of the things that Yeovil need to do. They have to


bring through young players and maybe bring in young international


players who have that experience week in, week out. You look at


Sunderland and the resilience they have as well. Let's go back to the


FA Cup because burning are hoping to lift the trophy for just the second


time they face Manchester City on Saturday. Ellen White already has


two winners medals and Kelly Summers has been to meet the striker whose


penalty fired The Blues to Wembley after a tense shoot out in Solihull.


I was a nervous wreck on line. This is it, if this goes in, Birmingham


have one. It was a nervous one. Now or never for Ellen White, one of the


most experienced on the field. I knew in my head what I would do.


What was the feeling like when it did hit the back of the net? I felt


a lot of emotions. I wanted to cry and scream at the same time. It was


crazy to see the girls all running, and it was a great feeling. I think


I was just so excited to know we were in the FA Cup. A lot of the


hard work comes down to that moment. It was a hard game, 120 minutes,


along the game and thankfully we won it. Tell us about the celebration as


well. Yes, one of my favourite players, he does that. So I turned


round and did that and the girls came running up and we were pretty


happy. Tell us how much you are enjoying life at Birmingham at the


moment. Really enjoying it. What a way to start, the FA Cup final. The


staff are really ambitious and are really talented squad. Some young,


exciting players in the England age groups and some experienced players


as well. That excited me. I'm really happy playing for Birmingham with a


mark as the manager. The players we have got, I'm just happy at the


moment. Tell us a bit about Marc Singer get -- Mark Skinner. He is an


unknown quantity. He is a good guy. A lovely guy. He's a lovely guy, a


great manager, really great communication. All of his sessions


are different, creative. You are playing with a smile on your face


and that is what you want to do. That's one of the reasons I wanted


to do that and join here, as a manager, he is exciting. Notts


County have officially withdrawn from the Spring series. The


immediate concern is the uncertain future faced by the staff and


players. You spend three very happy years there. How did you feel when


the news came out? I was devastated for the girls, the staff, for the


way it came about. Two days before the spring series started. I have a


lot of close friends in that team. I hope everyone can find a club as


soon as possible and enjoy playing football again. Hopefully the next


two or three months they will be a positive situation. It is Rachel


Yankey, Ellen White, brilliant. They have supported me through injuries


and I had some great moments. Laura Bassett has teed it up.


The free kick was pretty exciting. It was touched to Ellen White.


Beautifully worked. Fantastically finished. It went horrifically in


training. I was dying it right and centre. But it happened to work


perfectly on the night. It looked quite a good goal. Yes, it blew up,


really. It kept getting bigger and bigger, and a lot of celebrities


started tweeting about it and messaging about it. I imagine people


still talk to about it. Do you still watch it sometimes? I've seen it a


few times. I'm trying to get as many views as possible. Another memory


with Notts County is that you reached the first-ever FA Cup final


to be played at Wembley. Tell us about that experience. It was an


incredible feeling, to be honest. Wembley is such an amazing stadium


and the home of English football. For us to walk out there and women's


football to be represented at Wembley was an amazing achievement


for us. We just did not play as well as we could have, but the whole day


and everything about it was a really special moment and for it to be at


Wembley, last year, and again this year, it's great for women's


football. I hear it will be a decent crowd as well. It is great memories,


but I wanted to win, and I still want to win. What would it mean for


you to banish those memories less Chamakh everything, to be honest. I


want to get my hands on the trophy -- but we can't disrespect


Manchester City because they're a fantastic team. They got to the


semifinal of the Champions League and had a really good season last


year, so we have a great team we are up against, but I want to get rid of


those memories of losing a couple of years ago and have a great memory of


winning it with my new team. And you will be able to see the


Women's FA Cup final live this Saturday evening.


Sue, you are going to be at Wembley. So this is when you don't sit on the


fence. Ellen White had a huge smile on her face. The whole team seems to


be playing with more joy. That is why we all start playing football,


because we love it. It is great to hear Ellen White saying that on the


half of her and her team-mates. Maybe things have changed at


Birmingham. They have brought in two laid-back personalities who will


project an air of confidence across the players. Maybe that is what they


need, the shackles coming off. And he has a real energy about him. I


think he has instilled that into his players. First of all, it looks like


they are well drilled, but the fact that they are enjoying it, they have


a real belief now that they can go out and win games convincingly,


which I am not sure they had last season. I am thinking this is a


walkover for Birmingham. Things have changed at Birmingham. They brought


in players in the second half of the last season. And they have continued


on the upward trend. They have caused Man City some problems. They


have. City will be looking forward to the cup final, but Birmingham


will be a very difficult opposition. And it will be a difficult day. But


Man City have had a tough run-in. They have played Saturday,


Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday. So it is quite a backlog of games. But


whether they have the squad or not still show up on the Saturday... It


is the fact that they have been away from home as well. That is tough.


Who are you going for? Blues. I will go with Man City. Soup? I agree. I


think it will be a tight game, but Man City will have too much for them


going forward. They have a lot of attacking players and Birmingham


will do well, but Birmingham will just take it. And that record crowd


at Wembley will give it an extra drive. I am so excited. An FA Cup


final at Wembley is so exciting. To see the biggest crowd of all time,


it keeps building and building. That is about it from us this week.


Plenty more football to come on the BBC, though. Chelsea can move one


step closer to the Premier League title with victory over


Middlesbrough. Don't forget, there is still time


for you to cast your vote for women's Footballer of the Year by


heading to the BBC Sport website, where you will also be able to find


out the terms and conditions. We will be back in a fortnight. Thank


you to Rachel particularly for bringing the Spring Series dress


with her to the occasion. Hopefully, we will see that at the FA Cup final


against. Manchester City came from behind to get off the mark against


Reading in the Spring Series after Nick Cushing threw caution to the


wind at Adams Park. Bye Finau.


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