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Day 13

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What a happy man he must be. The best two players in the world. A


man with 10 Grand Slams against a man that has lost just once all


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year. No wonder everybody wanted to Nice soothing music for your


entertainment. The courts that have been by print for the past


fortnight are forlorn. We have the Championships gone, and we will


reflect on them with Greg Rusedski and Boris Becker. And after 126


men's singles matches we had just one or more to play today. Novak


Djokovic won the Australian Open, Nadal, the French. This was the


2011 Grand Slam decider. They have read 27 times. Nadal leading 16-11.


But Djokovic had beaten him four times this year but never in a


major championship. You could use all these facts in any way that he


all these facts in any way that he wanted. It was very even at the


start. But if Djokovic was going to be nervous, he did not show many


sides because he had his eye in The first nine games went as


expected and we find ourselves getting to be crucial end of the


first set. Nadal must halt to stay Roger Federer has been the only


person to beat Rafael Nadal in a Grand Slam final. Twice on this


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Watch how steady his head remains Here is a chance for Djokovic to


strike. He has a chance towards the end of this set of. He was down but


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Three straight points for Djokovic. He has done that with relentless


accuracy. There are his brothers. They are both players. They are not


as good as their big brother. Set What a start the Djokovic. He is


striding towards his seat. He is as JOHN INVERDALE: I wonder what they


JOHN INVERDALE: I wonder what they made of if there? Here we are into


the second set. It was like Nadal against Andy Murray. Nadal had to


hang on because otherwise it might Nadal is not used to losing


baseline exchanges. The athletic ability of Djokovic is keeping him


in these points. It is Nadal coming He made seven unforced errors in


his semi-final victory, coming from behind against Andy Murray. He has


made eight unforced errors here. This is a very important part of


the match. The momentum is all with Djokovic. He is going for the line


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and hitting them. Nadal has got to Evidence of the Serbian defence


which we have been talking about. Not only does he get to the white


And having stayed in the rally, he turns defence into attack. Another


mistake from Nadal. He is losing Fabulous anticipation from


Djokovic! He was off like a rocket. A forehand drop shot from the doubt.


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Long and demanding points been won These players are the cutting edge


of the modern game. In terms of athletic ability and the ability to


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A massive part of the match now. Djokovic wants to cement his break.


Nadal is trying to stop the train That was strength to strength!


Djokovic is playing one of the matches of his life. This is


becoming a battle out there. does not take a step back. He has


got the physical strength and belief to stand there and soak up


JOHN INVERDALE: The runaway train did not show any sign of stopping


as the second set continued. 4-1 became 5-1. He just couldn't mess.


The variety of shots, a forehand winners, drop shots and service


winners, it became a set winner. He would have thought the first two


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sets would have gone to the That is the first time Nadal has


got to love-30 on the Djokovic Not by very much but there is not a


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It could have been an ace. But he That is the confidence level of


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John Inverdale macro this became a very bizarre tennis match. We had a


lapse -- this became a very bizarre tennis match after a lapse of com -


- concentration. Suddenly, Nadal in complete control. This was a


complete mirror image of what happened in the second set. Nadal


found himself right back in the match. Everybody around the court


was saying, is this going to five? It is bound to be gearing to five.


But to do that, he had to win the Now it is Djokovic's Turn To Hold


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serve. He does not want to give What a fantastic passing shot!


Depressing for Djokovic to see that all racing back just three


centimetres above the net. That was a lot of right hand. Djokovic will


be disappointed to miss hit. Anywhere would have been good


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His girlfriend is getting involved in the match. Not married just yet.


Long-term girlfriend. She does not normally see him miss hit by that


There is his father there, Sebastien. Come on, take us to a


5th set! His eyes are flashing and He had to play that! He fancied


that. And the overhead was very tense. It was put away and he just


got away with that. He is feeling the pressure now. You can see the


way that Djokovic is looking up at the box. Before, it was so much


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confidence. Now a bit anxious. It Nadal is challenging the call. His


arms are out stretched. Djokovic is not sitting down either. Does that


think -- mean that he thinks that the ball was in? But it was out.


Nadal had a break point but it has That was the type of return we have


seen the Djokovic hissing in the first and second set. -- hissing. -


Depressing. That was on beforehand. It is an error. Djokovic supplied


the first game of this 4th set. -- It was a surprisingly cautious.


From Djokovic. He got a week reply and he had an opportunity to attack


and he catches to roll across and move backwards and let Nadal back


Better decision-making. He got the same shot. He hit that into the net


and he played the delicate drop volley. Two break points for an


APPLAUSE. An impeccable length on the ground stroke, from Novak


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Djokovic, and he gets the first Nadal looking to try and get back


on level terms at the first Break point in Djokovic's first


service game, he didn't take it. He really need to take this


Harder to watch than play in, and anybody's game now, we are back on


serve, let's move on from 2-1 Five straight points now for


Djokovic. A terrible start to a service game for the defending


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champion. One double fault in the You really don't want to be making


too many donations at this part of the match. Two unforced errors from


No! Jork earned the point. -- Djokovic earned the point. Yes


He doesn't like it! His boy faces Ooh? Was that good? Yes, it was.


Well, that had top spin on it. That dived on to the baseline, and she


thought that... Her boyfriend had That's out. Djokovic has got the


Believe the whole country of Serbia are on their feet. They are all


watching. Bad service game for Serving for the Championships. Four


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It is the hardest service game he Kit only be tension. -- it can only


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Nadal still had the courage o of conviction to go for that forehand,


after making two very poor unforced Mum and dad approve of the serve


and volley. He has had so much success with that tactic. Now, it's


There's the new champion! Novak Djokovic. Fabulous in four sets.


He can't believe it yet! Look at I believe he is tasting the grass


on Centre Court! It tastes good. the man who tomorrow will find


himself world number two, the second best on the day, to the man


who is now going to be the new world number one tomorrow morning.


Rafa and Roger's days of domination History is written by the winners.


And the record books will show on a weekend when tennis shared the back


pages with boxing but Djokovic pummelled Nadal into submission on


the Centre Court. The first perhaps Well it has been something of a


tradition that we have had champions on the roof, live on the


programme, and this year is no exception. So, Novak Djokovic, many,


many congratulations, Thank you. You spent the last several hours


talking about the game, and you are board with talking about it but I


am going to ask you one more time. How does it feel? It feels


fantastic. It is hard to find the words to describe the feeling,


especially the moment when I took the trophy in my hands. I felt like


a little boy holding his favour roit -- favourite toy. I had a


taste of grass. How did it taste. Really good. A little dry?


tasted like real grass but a champion feel. It would be more


moist at the start of the fortnight. They say the hardest point to win


is the last point so when you were there, with one point from victory,


what were you thinking that the point? Can you focus still? Well,


look, you know, I have played two amazing sets against Rafa, and then


I dropped my focus a bit. I got relaxed and I got him back to the


match. It was really crucial for me to hold serves in the beginning of


the fourth set and try to put pressure on his service games. I


played great. I was emotionally calm in the moments I needed to be.


I took my chance, I was trying to take my thoughts back to the


matches we had in those four consecutives in the finals. I was


aware I never won against him in the best of five. There is no


better way to win this Wimbledon title than beating the player who


hasn't lost here in the last three years. Boris was at the fight last


night. In the commentary box we said it was like hey and Klitschko.


He wasn't in it. You were Klitschko. Have you played a better set than


that, do you think on grass, ever? No. Honly the no. It has been the


best match on a grass court I have played. Came in the right moment.


We spoke to your country's Foreign Minister, after the match. He said


it was the greatest day in Serbia's history, he couldn't almost put


into words what it meant for people back home. How conscious are you of


being the ambassador role you play for your country? Well, I am not


fully aware of what is going on back in the country, but I hope


definitely that people are celebrating the success, like their


success, the country's success, because I really would like to


experience the nice celebration time tomorrow. I will be there, so


I will see what is going on. But I am very proud to be able to have


the position obviously to have the responsibility of representing my


country in the best possible way. And you are world number one, and


you are Wimbledon champion. You said on court it has been a good


two days at the office. How do you wind down for a bit now? It is the


rollercoaster. It is the US Open and the Australian open, then the


French and then we are back here next year. How do you take time


out? I need to take some time off. I need to enjoy the success I have,


and it has been more than a good two days at the office. It has been


an incredible 12 months for now. Now off for some deserved rest and


coming back for more. I am still very young. I want to win Wimbledon


more times. I want to win more Grand Slams. I have other goals.


You have this extraordinary record, one defeat. Can you put your finger


on what has changed for you in the last 12 months? Well, I have


improved by a small percentage, serve and a couple of other shots


in my game. But generally I just mentally, I am more stable, and I


have more self-belief when I play the big guys, and in a major event


I know what do on the court. Great. I look at you and the big question


mark I had about your winning was your movement p I thought which


match I feel comfortable enough to win? I had ups and down, and I had


the matchs for example against Bernard Tomic where I didn't feel


great. After the first set, I didn't like his style of the game,


that day, I was making a lot of errors and I was more pushing the


ball back into play rather than hitting it and going for winners.


But you know, I overcome those match, and I guess, on the road to


the title, you get some downs as well. Since when you have Rafa's


personal mobile? You own him at the moment. You are the only one in


years to do real damage to him. When threver is a baseline rally. I


don't feel you threatened. You are not under pressure and Rafa is the


first one that loses patience. How do you do it? Well, you know, in


the past couple of years I played so many times against Rafa and


Roger, that they made me a better player. That is the whole


explanation. I needed to improve in order to win against the guy, to


achieve the goals of winning, winning Wimbledon, with them it is


difficult, because they have been so dominant, but you know, I know


that I have an aggressive style of the game. I am a baseline player,


but I just find the right way to play against him. I guess mentally,


you do have a little advantage if you are winning match after match


against your main rival. One final point if I may. A couple of years


ago Roger Federer was sitting in that seat and he was talking about


how when he was a teenager whizz badly behaved and smashing racquets.


He realised he had to change if he was going to become the champion


do that now. The point I was going to make two or three years ago, you


were the joker, you were the guy who was doing impressions and


clearly somebody said to you, or maybe you said to yourself I have


to become, if you like more straight, more focused, more


determined, and you have done it., So is that, is it just, if you like,


the result of hard work and absolute concentration that has put


you where you are now? Dedication to the sport. I agree with you, you


know, there has been moments, you know, where I was paying more a--


attention to other things than on the court. Look, you know, I was


young, I am still very young. I have been learning throughout the


year, playing on the highest level in men's tennis, put a lot of hard


work, a lot of hours on the court and now it is paying off. I really


want to be a champion, and I really want to, you know maintain this


great run. And last thing, does winning Wimbledon feel as good as


you always imagine it would do? will figure that out after, after


sleeping over tonight or not sleeping over. Dipend. Just have a


fantastic evening. Thank you for joining us. Novak Djokovic is


Wimbledon champion and a few more It has been a good week for Czech


female tennis players a after Petra Kvitova's wing in the singles. Add


to that list Iveta Benesova joy in the mixed double, together with her


partner Jurgen Melzer they proved too God for Mahesh Bhupathi, and


Elena Vesnina, winning in straight sets. Australian tennis looks to


have bright future. 24 hours after Luke Saville triumphed in the boys,


Ashleigh Bartoli took the girls, beating Irina Khromacheva on Court


One. Barty is the first Aussie to win the junior events for girls


since 1980 and received congratulations from Yvonne


Goolagong. The pav pav made a shot not exclusive to Mr Murray. There


was success for Britain as Pavic's partner was George Morgan and they


edged out another Brit, Oliver Top seeds in the ladies wheelchair


doubles Esther Vergeer and Sharon Walraven retained their title. They


kept their nerve, to win 6-4, 3-6, 7-5 and have now won the last five


Grand Slam events. It is a dangerous job being a line judge


sometimes. But, no harm down done. There was a Dutch double as Maikel


Scheffers and ving vung got the best of Michael Jeremiasz and


Stephane Houdet. The top seeds from the Netherlands winning 7-5, 6-2.


They say you never lose it. For a fleeting moment 1997 Martina Hingis


did. But the Swiss miss regained her composure to partner Lindsay


Davenport against Jana Novotna and Martina Navratilova. Between them


they had won 31 titles. It was Hingis and Davenport who prevailed


in front of a full house on court 18. Part of the BBC team and still


a champion. So, it is all over. And from a male tennis point of view,


where is the balance of power now? It is Djokovic and Nadal there, and


Federer and Murray one notch down or where? At that very moment I


would put Djokovic ahead. This is a historic moment in tennis. We have


a new number one and he happens to win his first Wimbledon. Blief many


more to come. So we will remember this day of the day that Novak


Djokovic, he came to stop. I would agree with Boris, a guy who goes 48


win, one lost, lost a match to Federer in the semis of the French


and dis mantled Nadal. There is a change in power. Djokovic has won.


Nadal below and Federer and Murray three and four. It is a great time


in tennis. It is the last chance to discuss this. If you could offer


one piece of advice to Andy Murray, he is heading off to America now,


to, well, who knows, the US Open could well be his great moment, but


how does he go from there? What does he need to do? Just to replay


of the first set-and-a-half against Nadal. That was the winning recipe.


It has to be become second nature. He has to play like that all the


time. He has played the best I have seen him play. You have to continue


doing it. I agree. Stay with the team he has now. His coach is


excellent. They have only worked with him for six weeks and they


made a massive change. Imagine in a year's time if he stays on that


path. He will be able to play two three sets like that. Do it every


match. That is the only way you are going to beat these guys. And your


take on the championship as a whole? There were so many memory,


great ladies matches on the first day. What is the, what is her name?


Give me a clue? Venus Williams against Date-Krumm. That was the


best match. Djokovic, he has been my biggest story today. For me on


the women's Kvitova. Thank God we have a new lady's star. A lefty.


Can play from the back of court. Why do you like a lefty server?


me that is exciting and Djokovic the new emergence of possibly a guy


who could dominate this game for a while It has been a great fortnight.


The party is over, here it is probably only starting in Belgrade.


Thank you for your company over the last 13've nince. It is probably


fair to say this remains one of the great sporting celebrations each


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