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Day 12

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What a happy man he must be. Glitz and glamour against a home-loving


girl from a tiny town in the Czech Republic. There will be Queen of


the All England Club? And which of the two best players in the world


will be King tomorrow? Game set and match. The Wimbledon dream has come


She has hardly missed anything this weekend. But that is magnificent.


What.. Takes your breath away. -- What a point. In masterclass from


Petra Kvitova for a start she looked so comfortable. Superb.


good. Trademark Sharapova. Target practice. It seems like 24 hours


ago but it was the first round, delayed by rain, and we thought


about playing on the middle Sunday. And here we are, one day left and


we are crowning champions. John and Tracy have a lot to talk about in


terms of how the Ladies' Championship was won and lost and


how the men's title will be won and lost to tomorrow. The hemisphere


has a sense of serenity. A lovely summer's day. I am sure it was


anything but tranquil in the minds and hearts of the two finalists in


the Ladies' Singles. Maria Sharapova with the experience,


while a first Grand Slam final for Petra Kvitova. How confident was


the Russian? How nervous was Kvitova on the bigger stage of her


life? Sharapova up one this seven years ago. Kvitova may have known


that no No. 8 seed had ever won the Ladies' Singles title. If she was


nervous, she did not show it early on because er I was well and truly


With our mandatory shot of the skyline, here we are joining the


Ladies' Singles final at 1-1 in the There is that left slice that will


come into her body jammer. But is a good call. To that of accredits


those two young men for helping her. She said her serve was not always


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


She has been with that team for UMPIRE: Miss Sharapova is


challenging the call. Did you like that play? Idea. -- I do. She has


finesse, she can hit drop shots. And it is in. I am impressed with


how well Kvitova uses her slice, for such a tall girl. That will be


important against Maria today. is an awkward player, with more


variety, she is quite handy at the For someone as tall as she is, she


gets down very low. Excellent Not a bad play. Sharapova saw it


coming. She guessed. She guessed right. She was forced to. She does


not have that speed that some of Bull's ladies out there do. --


A sofa second serve. -- soft. It puts so much pressure on your first


Obviously, that is the plan for both players, to sit -- to hit so


hard and flat, to get the opponent off balance. That is when they will


Another challenge from Sharapova. UMPIRE: The ball was called good.


She looks convinced. This is exactly why this challenge system


has come a long, because look at best. This is break point. Instead


of it being deuce, it is a second Well saved. Once you have committed


to your shot, whether or not the Player ends up being there or not,


it is hard to change gears. It is better to hit a firm ball and then


make Maria come up with a tough She got used to dealing with fast


serves, playing with the Williams sisters. I think that of a play is


flatter than the Williams sisters. -- I think Kvitova. More similar,


A difficult old for Kvitova, but she did it duly. Moving along, at


A look good, but it was effective. -- it looked good. Of that is why


she does not volley often, because she goes for winners. She does not


have to hit a lot of volleys. of swinging volleys, you will


It is unusual for a tour player to Kvitova's depth of shot is


impressive. That is coming back in She stayed ahead enough in that


points to get it done. Good scrambling by Kvitova. Good


movement from Sharapova, who says she feels stronger. That is so


important for her, to be quicker to Write down the middle. A smart


You see a player is going up the middle more and more often. It is a


The Achilles heel reappears. It was a very high toss. I wonder why she


It seems tougher to time one has is She was able to still get through


the semi-finals, despite that problem. Double-faults, we have


spoken about whether they would be her Achilles heel. And there they


were, letting her down again. Here we are now, 5-2 to Kvitova, and


Sharapova needs to win this game to Three doubles and a role. Two at


the end of the last game. -- in a role. She rarely backs off, even


when she struggles. She knows that Kvitova is a huge return. 10mph


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I think she should try to get a percentage up to 80%. She is that


60%. She should cut out the second serve entirely. Try different spin,


slice it sometimes, place it. But England's of how flat Kvitova was


hitting the ball compared to 9mph faster on the ground strokes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


She said that she should have Beautifully done. That is a tough


shot to deal with. Sharapova are taking some pace off the first


Even there, she will not hit the overhead. She still gets the job


She learned from a couple of points ago, she went to the slice this


Sharapova yet to drop a set in these championships. In danger of


She got her first ace in the semis at set point up. Now, first days,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


set point down. Hanging in there. - Service game held. Still, lots of


Perhaps more disturbingly, Maria is not hitting the ball as clean off


the ground as we are used to seeing it, especially this tournament.


is feeling more rushed than the He trouble set point for Kvitova.


- trouble sat point for per that A you would never have known this


was Petra Kvitova's first Grand Slam final.


Compose, relaxed, assured, in the zone. -- composed. Heading into the


second set, the pressure is on the Tightened up in the second set in


the semis, and it would be surprising if she did not. One set


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


away from her first Grand Slam Tested to the limit. Kvitova, with


such a loose swing on the forehand. This, very impressive. Sharapova


tries to get the angle back. Not enough pace on it. Plenty of time


for Kvitova to get on balance. would have liked to have seen her


try a drop shot. She had her off the court. She hit it right back to


her. Sharapova will challenge the call. UMPIRE: The ball was called


out for a start she does not need this. More time to think about her


UMPIRE: Miss Sharapova has two challenger is remain in. That was


the worry, more time to think. -- challenges remaining. Here we are


It was called in and it will be challenged. She has to challenge


that. What do you sense? I sense that it caught the back of the line.


I think it was good as well. What a way to break serve for.


John Inverdale Mac water shot from our camera. I'm told that his 30 or


40 miles away. What amazing picture. Earlier on, we have gone from zero


to one or two at 1-2 and Sharapova She is not playing well right now


after getting that break. That is because Kvitova has Russia. She has


not been able to get into a rhythm. It is contagious. Sharapova has had


more aces. Kvitova did not expect that. That is her third double this


She is able to hold the ball, but she does not good enough on it.


Sharapova cannot react if she get it to the back of the line. She


lined it up, and it is not on her front food, yet she is powerful


enough to hit it away. Much better Good adjustment. She gets a break


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


She will keep searching for a way No doubt a Sharapova can sense


There that is a very poor shot, as simple as that. It is not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


That is a great shot! That backhand, she was so off-balance, it was way


behind her and then descended back with that kind of pace. At that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I'm sure that she thought that. Was hers. Petra Kvitova playing some


really nice defence and hanging in there. Ladies and gentlemen, as a


courtesy to the players, please do not clap during the point, thank


Advantage, Petra Kvitova. She keeps passing all of the mental


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


She didn't pick the change up serve Either player it just takes a


little pace off a shot and lease it hanging just a bit too short and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


the other takes advantage. She That looked like the chalk flew up.


The ball was good. Worth a second She really slowed the ball down and


she whipped on it. The change up on It is not often that Sharapova is


constantly on the back foot. loved the way that Petra Kvitova


was more than willing to move in Just a huge return a serve.


Phenomenal from Sharapova. This is her Sharapova got back into


the finals. It is tough to swallow for her. She is getting a taste of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Great hitting from both players, but crucially the error from the


Russian. So here we are, that is the cover after hour coffee-table


book, I think, that we will get round to making at some point. Here


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Such a great couple of points. She gets so much power from anywhere on


She couldn't have asked for it to This is her first ever Wimbledon


title, three championship point score. Game, set and match!


Stunning end! Petra Kvitova is the Our first ace of the final.


Everybody is standing including the nine times champion, she knows how


it feels to win the first one. One wonders how many Petra Kvitova has


That was a real heavyweight contest. Riveting tennis and really powerful


tennis. Certainly, this is the lady who may well take the game to new


levels in years to come. In the Royal Box were Martina


Navratilova's and they were applauding more than anyone at a


person from the Czech Republic winning the title. And also the


first left-hander since Martina so many years ago.


You came across a player who was just inspired today. Yes, there is


only one winner at the end of the day, that is what makes the


tournament special. Big congratulations for her victory. I


have had fantastic support over so many years and to be back on this


stage and holding the runner-up trophy, obviously I wanted the big


one, but it is something I will be back for! Thank you. Thank you very


much, Maria Sharapova! Petra Kvitova, Wimbledon champion,


how does that sound? It is hard to find some words. I can see the


great players in the Royal Box. showed no sign of nerves. In the


final game, your coach and your trainer were very excited, but you


looked so calm. Away you nervous? Of course I was nervous. I thought


that I could win Wimbledon. I needed to focus on each point.


that the best match you have ever played? Well, I think so of course!


You mentioned so many great champions in the Royal Box today. I


know they are especially proud of you. Have they inspired you? It is


very nice that they are watching me and supporting me. They have given


me some advice and it is great. Your family is here today, isn't


it? There they are. Have you got a message for them? I love you guys.


You now know that as Wimbledon champion you have a lot of


interviews to do, but first we what a picture of you with that


Wimbledon trophy. Are you ready for your lap of honour? Yes, I am ready.


Fantastic, Wimbledon champion, Fantastic picture there. Her mum


and dad, literally watch the game and they have flown home. They


could have changed their flight, she has made plenty of money!


good he she, or how good could she be? She is already excellent, her


game is pretty complete and very powerful. She overpowered Maria


Sharapova, someone who hits with so much pace, but that is fantastic.


It is good that she is a lefty because there are not many left


handed players. She has the backhand slice, she can volley


extremely well and did not have to use it too much today. She has good


finesse around the court and she has got stronger this year. John,


there was not a lot of subtlety in that match. It was brute force. It


was a great spectacle, but it was real punch, punch, punch, in a way


that we do not tend to see in the women's game. Is that a taste of


what is to come? She may have raised the bar. We have seen women


raised the bar in the past 20 years. Maybe this is the start. The


striking ability she had today to hit winners from anywhere on the


court. It did not look erratic, she always looked like she could make


it. We have got a future star here, she is absolutely fantastic.


forehand will be her trade mark shot. It is a remarkable shot, it


is so fluid and powerful. It is so effortless, that is how she gets


the power. She is so relaxed when she hits it. The serve is a big


weapon of hers. It is really tough to get him points against her. She


starts out with a huge return of serve. She is starting out on the


front foot. If you are going on the court and you cannot match fire


with fire, going forward how will we beat a player like that? Will it


be a variety of tactics? Sharapova does not have the variety. If


somebody like Justine Henin had for variety and versatility. I think


that Petra Kvitova will get better. The Williams sisters played the


tournament but they were not at their best. These veterans will be


coming back. Now we have this new stop that was born today. One final


point on Petra Kvitova, you felt that Martina Navratilova was seeing


herself 20 years ago and thinking that that was her. Did you have


that feeling? I think so. She said that Petra Kvitova would win and


she said that she wanted to see a left-hander winning the game. I


think she thinks that she could be very good. I do not think we will


see another Martina, but I think she really likes the way that she


plays. We have one champion crowned, what about tomorrow? What do you


actually really know about Novak We never doubted he could play


But up until the end of last year, he was just as happy laughing as


I think I have matured as a player and as a person, on and off the


court. He has beaten Nadal four times this year, Federer 3, Andy


Murray twice. It was just a couple of years of really hard work that


Djokovic is through to his first ever Wimbledon final and his years


getting better and better! Now only one man can stop him fulfilling his


dream. Obviously, we would love Andy to be playing tomorrow, is


this the best final we could have hoped for? In terms of the match,


no question, they are the best two players by a long way. Neither of


them had played last -- the that well in the tournament up until the


semi-finals. As soon as it came to the semi-finals, both of them


elevated the game. They are the best players in the world. I cannot


wait. There are so many different tactics they could use in this


match. We do not know who will come out on top. I think that they are


the two best players this year overall. The Djokovic had 43 wins


straight in a row. Djokovic won the Australian Open, Nadal won the


French Open. It is very fitting that they should play there. Nadal


has a bit of an edge, but he has lost all Grand Slams this year.


Novak Djokovic will have a lot more confidence. But Nadal has won here


a couple of times. You say there are a lot of ways this match could


turn out. What tactics do expect them to employ? They both have so


much variety. It will be fascinating to see how they come up


against each other. The best forehand in the world his wrath are


Nadal. You have the best defender in the world, who can also hit


winners, in Djokovic. I think third to Nadal has a bit more variation


when he comes into the net. You have pace from both and they are


both great athletes. It will be fascinating to see how they go


after each other. I think it will come down to the will. I think that


that is when Nadal, for me, wins. To say you -- up to stay with him


for five sets is difficult. We will get your verdict in a second, Tracy.


There was one British competitor The Fred Perry statue stands as the


British reminder to times past. Now young master from Stockport offers


Britain a hint of a bright future. 17 year old Liam Broady entered


Court 1 today to contest the boys' singles final. He was off to a


swift start. 6-2 he won the opener. Broady seeded one place above the


Luke Saville at 15, but there was a greater distance between them as


the Briton secured a break in the the Briton secured a break in the


second set. However, Luke Saville was not for folding. They breed


them bowled in Australia and he broke back. He won the set 6-4 and


it was one set all. Broady was aiming to become the first British


win that -- winner of this event since 1962. But then came the


Aussie search. Luke Saville with a crucial break. The point of the


match was a break point for Broady, he had his chances to kill it off,


but he didn't. Luke Saville was At 2-5 down, Broady faced match


point against him. The 40 nine-year wait for a British boys winner will


continue to the half century. Another young Australian ignites


his country's tennis hopes. But Liam Broady is already eyeing a


trophy upgrade. I had a bit of limelight this week under have


really enjoyed it. I am going to work harder and try and get more of


it. If you had asked me about the finals at the beginning of the week,


I would have said sure, but it does It is interesting that he mentioned


the limelight, is it almost better that he did not win today? I think


it is. We go away overboard with these things. The juniors are


important, but are a lot of the juniors are already playing on the


tour. It is not as strong as it used to be. He has done very well


and he has a good mentality, but we do not know if that will transmit


into the senior level. Let's take it easy and let's not go overboard.


He is exactly right. When Laura Ross Serna -- Laura Robson one,


every paper had her on the front pages. Guess who won the men's


The Brian brothers and one that there game today. Mike and Bob to


Britain will definitely have a Wimbledon winner tomorrow in the


boys' doubles. Oliver Golding and his partner came through their


Kveta Peschke became the second Czech to win a trophy today. She


and her partner Katarina Srebotnik for won their first Grand Slam


title as a team. The icing on the cake, this victory takes them to


the top of the doubles rankings. Finally, our very own Andrew Castle


living it up on court three. Is this his it Gentlemen's as senior


invitations doubles partner try and do influence the umpire with his


charm and champagne? It did not This is the running order. Nadal


against the Djokovic, live tomorrow from 1pm. Who will win? I think it


Nadal. He played so well against Andy Murray, he really had to.


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