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Day 11

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Three-quarters of the century, 75 years of hurt since a British man


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won the singles title here. But Whenever you were in the tennis


world today, this was a big game. But so was this one. There would be


the last two men standing? For one of the last two women tomorrow, it


will be over and out. Game, set and match! The Wimbledon dream has come


true! There has been something in the air, hanging over Wimbledon all


day. A sense of a dissipation, trepidation. Could he, would he? --


anticipation. John McEnroe will be here imminently to talk about the


hows and the Ys after Andy Murray's match against Rafa Nadal. -- why as.


That was the main course but the Novak Djokovic knew that a win


against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga would guarantee in the position of world


No. 1 but more than that, it would continue his extraordinary record


this year. Just one defeat. But if you can beat Federer, you can beat


anybody. The key question, was whether Djokovic was over the


heartbreak of Roland Garros and whether Jo-Wilfried Tsonga could


possibly play like that again. As possibly play like that again. As


we mentioned, it is worth re- emphasising, it is almost as long


since a Frenchman won the title as it is a Brit. For Djokovic, today


was about representing his country. Winning Wimbledon and the


Australian Open and the Davis Cup with an idea would be quite a hat-


trick. But Sangatte picked up from where he left off, hitting the ball


In terms of entertainment, untouchable. Both players looked


like they were enjoying it, which is what created such a great


atmosphere. Sangatte is such a great showman. It greater great


atmosphere. -- Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. One or two little simple errors


crept in. So we find ourselves with Djokovic one set up in the second


And the Serbian two-thirds of the way there. At this point, Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga's little had dropped. Watch some of these points.


-- a level. The first set was a repeat -- the third set was a


repeat of the first. The speed of these big men, their touchers


fantastic. Agility, and also the fact that there is so much at stake.


No matter where the bowlers, they get it. Look at that, and look at


that. And look at that. -- where A If you thought that last one was


You can probably hear the decibel count on Centre Court was up a


couple of notches. Everybody was on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's side. They


wanted this to go on and on and on. The big man was playing to the


crowd. After all that drama and excitement on yet another glorious


evening, we find ourselves in a tie-break. It is 3-3, and Djokovic


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With so much time for that return, The search has been there for him.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Each pushing the other to the wall. Djokovic, or on the verge of a


He is going to have to wait a Jo-Wilfried Tsonga let it go to the


back of the net and then came up with that little serve-volley. Way


This has turned out to be quite entertaining, to put it mildly. I


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cannot wait to see what these two When it is as quiet as that on


Centre Court, and then that rapturous applause. The first set


You will not get a better chance than that. 83mph second serve. He


goes for the crazy forehand. At least he can see the funny side to


It took longer to produce the answer for. Not exactly the one he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


was looking for. Once again, much.. And he's made it. That is a quite


remarkable shot from Djokovic. Set point down. That was a tremendous,


tremendous drop volley. That was Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at his best.


there is any doubt about how fast this guy, Novak Djokovic, is, he is


one of the best athletes you will ever see on a tennis court. And


also, to have the control to play that shot, that showed great hands.


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Control and speed, a great UMPIRE: Djokovic challenging the


call. It goes to Hawkeye. He is not going to get a reprieve. UMPIRE:


Djokovic has three challenges Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is on his way


back. When did somebody last come from


two sets down to beat the world No. 3 and the world No. Two in


consecutive matches? The 4th set, after the great crescendo of


excitement, was something of a let- down. The crowd were not there.


Some of them thought it was going to get to five sets, and that kill


the atmosphere. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was like a balloon that had run out


of there. Despite some magic like that. In the end, Novak Djokovic,


who has spoken so often about this being his lifelong ambition, to get


to the Wimbledon final, had done just that. Unequivocally, you can


say that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has added so much of his Wimbledon


championships. He has been one of those players that has lit up the


last 12 days are so. But Djokovic, one defeat a year. He will be the


world No. 1 come what may on Sunday. And as things stand, he is the man


of the year. It is difficult to put into words. This is one of the best


feelings I have ever had on a tennis court. My dreams are coming


through. -- coming true. I'm so happy to be playing well. I love


the way you kissed the Centre Court grass. I have not seen that before.


It is hard to express your emotions in a very short time, but hopefully


there will be more celebrations. The difference was that he moved so


well. He moved so well on the court, he was unbelievable today. I think


I was able to beat everybody, but I was able to beat everybody, but


not him. Where was that match won and lost? He had the opportunity in


the first set. He let that slip away. It was more of an uphill


battle. He let Djokovic in, and he was fighting and self. Once he gave


in, all the sudden he was deflected. -- fighting himself. He had to put


so much in to beat Federer a couple of days ago. That was when it was


over. There was always going to be a question mark of how Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga would react after beating Federer, and whether he was going


to be able to keep the momentum going. If he could have got the


first set -- third set, it could have moved positively. But Djokovic,


another match, he was able to win an important set and got on a roll.


But Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was hanging in there, and he did a good job of


hanging on to things. Djokovic had hanging on to things. Djokovic had


too much for him. That reminded me of last year. He was playing tight,


Djokovic. He was being defensive, not proactive. He was allowing Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga to dictate play. He was in trouble. I do not know if


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did not sense that, but he must have caught on to


that. You cannot let a guy like that back into the match. He had to


win that. Even when he won the third, it never felt like he was


third, it never felt like he was going to come back. For People


watching who perhaps do not watch much tennis, if you say Nadal, they


will say, amazing football -- amazing footwork, if you talk about


Federer, they will think of grace and style. What do you think of


Djokovic? Metronomic, repetitive consistency? Right now, you get the


best athlete in the game. His movement is the normal on the court.


It is very difficult to defend on a grass court. You can defend on a


clay court, you can defend on a slow grass-court, but very


difficult on a grass court. Djokovic, with his movement he is


almost lighting consistently. That kind of athletic ability is a big


platform for his game. He has got very good ground strokes, he can


get more aggressive, but his athletic ability is one of his


great things. He slides into shots, so that when he stops... Try this


at home, he pushes off his legs. Five or six years ago, I remember


watching him and thinking, wow, this guy spends a lot of time


stretching. He has incredible flexibility in important areas. The


fastest movers I have ever seen, Bjorn Borg was there today, Rafa


Nadal, this guy, Michael Chang, and remember Johan Kriek? The fastest.


That is unbelievable. Look what Jo- Wilfried Tsonga said, what got him


was his speed. His skills, covering everything. Who will Djokovic play


in the final? We will show you the second match in just a moment, but


first, looking ahead to the women's final. Featuring Maria Sharapova


against Petra Kvitova. Russia against the Czech Republic. Still


matches going on behind us. It is the over 85s, John, you should be


out there! The is misbehaving again. -- he is misbehaving. The point of


tomorrow, is Kvitova the future of the game? Sharapova, winning this


seven years ago, is her game up for taking on the challenge? We have


been talking to the first woman from Russia to actually reach the


finals here at Wimbledon, -- at I think she is ready. She is


I think she is ready. She is playing well. She had lots of


problems after she won Wimbledon in 2004. She was a beautiful goal but


now, she is a different person. She has had lots of injuries. I think


now she is ready. She is mature. She has become a winner again.


will she approached a player like Petra Kvitova? The serve is


important. Maria, she will find a way to return the serve. And she


will do that. She will keep the serve on the level. Then I think


she has a good chance. How is she viewed in Russia? Is she popular


she is the first Wimbledon champion. She is beautiful, she is successful,


she is a winner. She is doing so many good things for the country.


Playing like that, being like that, and she is a fighter. She has


always fighting. You cannot say that she has what she has because


of her looks. She has spirit, and she is very popular. And she is


very beautiful For a start we have established that. How would you


compare the Sharapova of 2011 to the 17 years ago? There is no fear.


There is a respect, that she has worked this hard to come back.


Anyone who can serve two aces and 15 double-faults and win 6-3, 6-3,


shows me that she is the Rafa Nadal of the women's tour. She plays


every point. To come back and won a set like that, that is impressive.


I would be surprised if she did not win. I would like to see Petra


Kvitova not be overwhelmed, because Kvitova not be overwhelmed, because


she is one of my favourites. If you were in Kvitova's corner, could you


say that by and large, you will get two or three games or three points


on her serve for? In which case, you can rationalise it and say that


all you need is nine games and you have won the match. You know that


it is an area that should be attacked. When you get those second


serves, it Sharapova misses her first serve, you should be moving


around and try to make her think about those second serves. She has


certainly had troubles in the past, 20 double faults in a match, and


the women return so well. It is a question mark, if she struggles


with her serve, will that creep into her game? It is Sharapova's


tournament to lose. To that of a's first Grand Slam. It is the first


one. How will she control the situation? How much of it is down


to her? The raised no answer. there was a book, everyone would do


the same thing. -- there is no answer. It has taken enough time,


and she is a bit better to handle it. She has been in SMEs last year.


It is the perfect game for the surface, but she plays fast. It


could run away from her. Sharapova for both? I think so. Sharapova,


three sets. The Match of the Day, maybe it was going to be the match


of the year. So much written about it. Would the occasion inspire Andy


Murray? It would not intimidate Rafa off. How much would the weight


of history have any bearing on Murray's performance? 11-4 or two


Nadal in statistics. So many experts thought that now was the


hour for our man. Obviously, Murray's third semi-final at


Wimbledon. Nadal looking for a 13th Grand Slam final. Whichever way you


look at it, he was the favourite. But the reception that Murray got


when he walked on to court, it was as tumultuous as you would have


expected. He needed to get a good start. He had an injury that had to


be treated in the very first game. Hard to explain what was going on.


Hard to explain what was going on. Any thoughts? Nerves. That is what


I would call it. Against Lopez in the round before, he tweaked


something, and I think he was concerned. It did have a little bit


of a bearing. It was something that he was unhappy with for the match.


In the early stages, Murray was playing some fantastic tennis.


was the best set and a half of tennis that he has ever played.


Ever? Ever. That was the best ever tennis that he has ever played?


Wimbledon, without a doubt. No question. He was playing


unbelievably well. Exactly the right game-plan, going after the


ball, putting pressure on Nadal. His serve was working perfectly.


Fantastic tennis,.. -- fantastic Taking his time now. Preparing for


This is what Nadal does. He gets the ball back, effectively, where


others would not. That was a massive first serve, 130mph, and it


look like an open court for Murray's volley. The next thing you


know, the ball was over your head and it is unplayable. This is Nadal,


APPLAUSE. He just soaked up the pressure there, Nadal. Then all of


a sudden from a defensive position, turns it into attack. That was a


huge point. Of course you are going to press. Sometimes you are going


to overpress, because the ball keeps coming back. This is a long


game at over six minutes. Five all, by most people's estimation,, the


first set is absolutely crucial for The fastest serve of the tournament


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for Murray. By onemph. -- one mile Good start to the game for Murray.


Sometimes you wonder whether he could sneak in behind one of these


big ground shots. You feel may be a quick move then, he could take the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


I have seen him do this on the tournament. Murray on a second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Applause. Murray looks like an all out attacking force today. But you


have not put Nadal away until you have won the point. But Murray does


have three set points. Nadal choosing serve volley, interesting.


First time in the match. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Nadal certainly


concerned because Murray was playing brilliant tennis as John


said a few moments ago. So let us move on to the early stages of the


second set, it is going with serve, here is Nadal 1-2 down. APPLAUSE.


That was some kind of rally. It has APPLAUSE. Interesting enough, Nadal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


again tries his luck with the serve volley. APPLAUSE. Oh! It has been


called... Um left baseline, ball is called in. I think it was called


out to be honest. She put her hand out. The lady on this line here put


her hand out. And she was right. But then, well whatever. There has


ban call. I think she had her hand up. So it is all a bit confusing


but the bottom line is Murray missed it and it was a sitter and


it would have given him two break points to go up a break. That could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


be a big moment. An important one. APPLAUSE. UMPIRE: Game, Nadal.


has got his mum, sister, girlfriend. Murray same line up, substitute


sister for Jamie. It is easy sitting in a commentary box, but


how important was that miss, that 15-0 going to be? When Murray put


that volley wide in the next game it meant vadle -- Nadal has


brokenen him whereas he might have broken Nadal. After that it was


very much the Spaniard's set. Almost faultless. Not one unforced


error in the entire second set from Nadal. In the third set he was


almost as good. When you are playing against a brick wall like


that it is difficult, but any way, what was going to happen with the


situation in the fourth set? Here we are with Nadal two to the good,


Git is that no pace on that backhand slice. He is not dealing


with that one well. It is mid court that. Is the area Murray wants to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Murray is Inspirational return. And it is a


good job the roof isn't closed, because it would have been blown


off with the roar from. -- there. Seemingly out of nowhere, Murray


with a break point. This to get back into this semifinal. APPLAUSE.


Hats off to Murray though. Good effort. Yes, exactly, that was good,


do it again. Do it again. Could have got there if he had pushed off


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


a little quicker. And Nadal is Murray hasn't broken serve since


the end of the first set. He has been out played in sets two and


three, this gets him back into the Absolutely stunning. Nothing Murray


could do more than that really. Careful on that return, of second


servement it just pushed the forehand back and let Nadal dictate


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


APPLAUSE. Looked like he could have taken one more step towards that


forehand there, Murray. UMPIRE: Advantage Nadal. This is an eight-


and-a-half minute game. That is a long time. Whoever loses it, is


going to feel like they have taken Murray. Is from a challenge? That


is good enough for Murray. He threw everything he had at his man there.


That final shot we joid from that rally symbolic of the match. Is it


too similar police toibg is a that unforced error count of 39 to seven,


was the deciding factor in this match, but any way Rafael Nadal in


the end, just that little bit too good. And so it will be Nadal


against Djokovic in the final on Sunday. The best two players in the


world. On the greatest stage of them all. Congratulations, you have


reached another final what is your first reaction? Thank you very much.


A dream to be back in the final, another time, so, very happy. I


feel, you know, I feel sad for Andy, he deserved to be in this final too.


It is tough for him to lose this match today, but, well I wish him


all the best for the rest of the years all the best especially for


the years. Andy commiserations on the result. Give us your view on


the match. Well, I think the score line shows how the match went. The


line shows how the match went. The first set. I played well. I was


very aggressive, for most of the match. I had a chance early in the


second set, didn't get it. Started to make a few mistakes after that.


And then Rafa played better, he started hitting the ball better


from the back of the court. I didn't return as well and that was


it. You did get off to the perfect start, winning that first set and


playing very well. Yeah, I did play well. At the start. But, that is


the thing, I was playing aggressive, taking chances and in the first set


it was going in. In the second set I started making mistakes and I


kept pressing maybe a bit too much and made more error, and maybe that


was the time to to play a bit more patient and, that is something I


have to learn from. When you analyse your career, you must feel


you are going deaffully the right direction, this year, the


Australian Open final, the French semifinal, the Wimbledon semifinal,


you are making the progress that you would want, aren't you? Yes, I


just need to get, I think, probably ten, 15% better, because I think


that is right now, how far behind I am from Rafa. You know, and the


guys right at the top of the game, so that is what I need to do now,


is go away, and work on some things, and improve. Well, sport is all ifs


and buts, but let us bring it down to one point in that match. It is


like saying how could he miss that goal from six yards out? If Murray


had put this ball away, to have two break points, and to have got to a


3-1 in the second set. What might have happened. He played perfect


tennis up to this point. Such a good return. He sets up the


forehand, and it is one of those shots, that you just, you just


can't miss it. It is, it is misable, but you can't miss it. And if he


takes that point, and gets the two break point, the momentum is with


him, it can be a totally different match. It is amazing how one shot


really changed the course of the match. Think the one frustration is


that if the roles had been reversed and it was Nadal, and Nadal would


have been disappointed and frustrated to miss that shot, but I


think he would have been able to find a way out of it quicker, for


Murray to lose seven games in a row at this stage, then, you know, all


of a sudden 20 minutes later it was 2-0 in the third set and it was


Nadal e's match. It is very frustrating moment. Obviously a


huge swing. There is no doubt about it. Was wha I was disappointed his


attitude went so down hill so fast, after that, the negative, you know,


it went out the windows everything he talked about about getting more


positive. If he is hurting, if he is looking at his leg, and "I'm in


this pain" get some treatment. Do what you have to do. Thirdly if you


have in a situation where it is slipping away from you, somehow, I


mean I have said this before but you have to get this crowd. The


crowd was feeding off his negativity. Let us be real. He has


got to make them believe he believes he can win the match. It


wasn't until late there was that moment at 2-1 in the fourth, that


perhaps he could have got back into it, but that is the part that


disappointed me, that it just turned on a dime. Why? He was still


in a good position. Is there a danger of focusing on the negatives


of Murray, and not accentuating the positives of Nadal, who is


brilliant? I think it's a fair point. Murray played for as John


said, he played as good a set on grass as he has ever played in our


opinion, and it was fantastic, and, it doesn't immediate his level to


drop very much, for nad toll have an opportunity, because Nadal


wasn't playing too badly. He wasn't playing his best. The next game


Murray missed a few of the forehands he had been making and


suddenly Nadal's game goes through the gear, and then, when he is able


to play at that level, he starts dictating with his forehand. What


can you do? Murray says he should have played more patiently. If you


do that, Nadal starts hit morgue forehands and more winner, so you


start being more abre Si you are making unforced error, that is the


predicament. Andy says he wants to go away and improve. That is what


he has to do. His game is so good, but, the... The era he is in Nadal


is better than him at the moment and Djokovic is right there as well.


It is 10-0. We will talk about Novak and Rafa. You didn't have to


be on centre the court see some good tennis. Ten out of ten for


Liam Brody this season. An 11th win and he will be in the boys's


singles final. The Stockport boy refused to kick the winning habit


against cube her whose frustration were evident as Brody ran out a


winner. He is one win away from becoming British's first winner


since 1962. He played Luke Saville in the final. It mean everything.


At the boys' double last year it feels great. When grass resembled


ice as another young Briton Oliver Golding won. The top seed won 6- --


7-6. The Bryan brothers survived their second marathon match in


success to reach the final. Michael Llodra and Zimonjic were a poor


imitation of the American twins for two sets, hit back to force a fifth,


only to lose it to Bob and Mike 9-7. That after the Bryans won their it


in the fifth this is how you do it fellas. A Czech Slovenian


combination made smooth passage So, quick word about Sunday. It is


16-11, the match ups. Djokovic... Has won the last four.


Twice on clay. But mot in a big one. I, the same call I am making I will


keep it short, as I did in the French. Nadal in five sets.


Djokovic in three. No! No way, no way. I think Djokovic will win.


in three. I am not necessarily thinking in three but just to be


different. Ten seconds, what do you say to Andy Murray tonight? Keep


going, you know, he has played greatment he has been in the finals


of Australia. He has to get better and he can. I think he will win


Islams. You have to try harder in the tougher moments. That is what


makes Nadal so great. You have to dig in and find another gear.


that nothing to do with here? me. It is easier to talk up here


and bay commentator now I am done and an old man. O last question,


how many Grand Slams is Rafael Nadal going to win? Ooh... 16 to


Federer. I give him a couple more French Openen, I don't see anyone


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