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Day 10

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GRUNTING. If you don't stop making Can anybody stop Shazza? People


carry on camping it hoping to see you know who tomorrow. You know


you're heading thought the home straight when half the courts lie


empty. There is still plenty for Linsey and Pat to talk about. We


are going to look ahead to tomorrow, when you know who has his date with


destiny. For two 21-year-olds, today offered


a first chance of a Grand Slam final. Victoria Azaranka, the


fourth seed from Belarus, facing Petra Kvitova, the eighth seed from


the Czech Republic. Azaraenka, the queen of the elongated screams,


reached the quarter final here two years ago and twice won the girls


doubles as a junior. Kvitova reached this stage last year, and


was bidding to become the first left-hander to reach a final since


Martina Navratilova. Do spider Azarenka being ranked


higher, the bookmakers decided that Kvitova's forehand and serve red


hair the favourite. Here we are Kvitova is hitting some big, big


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Illustrated by a glorious sky on Points will be very similar. There


will not be a lot of variety in this match. Not a lot of top spin.


Such an early return. Back to Azarenka before she had almost


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Unbelievable depth. Too much to The taking of the opportunities.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Great! Forcing the first break of I like a little shriek when she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


BUZZING NOISE. That is very distracting. Azarenka


now knows what it feels like! I think that goes on longer than


Azarenka's noise. It has been 45 seconds so far, the siren. Nobody


is leaving their seats and rushing It is nice to hear the crowd clap.


It means you do not take that annoy a nice! I have a vision of people


running around him directions to find the bottom. NOISE STOPS.


many founded. -- somebody found Azarenka ran think it up a little


bit. Getting Kvitova on her back foot. Kvitova, way over from that


centre line trying to get more The timing his spectacular. She


does not have much time to react. A quick shoulder turn. Keeps those


Only two ever left-handed winners. Martina Navratilova and Anne Jones.


Kvitova is heading halfway towards It is extraordinary how many set


points have be ready good points. - - it is extraordinary how many set


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Cara Black and her older brother one. - - won. Chance is developing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


She is just keeping the lid on. Did not Paul back fair. - - Didn't


pull back there. She needs to give That was lack of footwork. When you


get nervous, the feet and not quite Azarenka just trying to weather the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


It takes your breath away. A roar Azarenka is a great fighter. She


Kvitova was in such control in the first set, but it's deserted here


after that. Azarenka found herself in complete control and took the


second set. Let's moving to the There's Wembley Stadium. We talked


about Crystal Palace earlier. For one played tonight. - - Fulham are


playing tonight. Here's Petra Wonderful return. Kvitova off-


balance. We have not seen a drop shot -- we have not seen a drop


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Brilliant. When they play well at the same time, it is a spectacle.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Nice way to get rid of the break One of eight break points converted


four Azarenka. Much of that is due to Kvitova raising the level. It


It's in the steam had run out of Azarenka. Here we are, with Kvitova


on the point of going one better. It ended in a rather tame and


When I came onto the court, it felt special and the nerves went. It was


so close. Me and hair had some chances. It was good. I was not


ready shot. I know she can play really well. You are surprised that


your best shots are coming back, but I had to fight. There was no


looking back. I just had to try to take more control. It slipped away.


I will get this are out of the wake first, because when Azarenka plays,


it is indisputably cloud. I listened to Radio 5 Live and


somebody had a stop watch. He had a stopwatch and how long the grunting


talking each match. He said each grunt was taking too 0.5 seconds


burying rally. On the basis of the average power been seven shots, the


average number of set being a 3, six minutes and 59 seconds was the


grunting total in a match. You talk about... It seemed as if the match


was in Kvitova's hands. The most telling statistic was faulty


winners fog Kvitova, and just nine for as a banker. She could not find


a way to control the match. When one played well, the other played


badly, and vice versa. They never got into a good rhythm as well. It


is a big occasion for Azarenka. She struggled to get past the quarter-


finals stage. Kvitova, one semi- final here before. She seemed to go


after it more. That was why she won. They both had a great opportunity.


Kvitova has been in that situation. It was a big opportunity for both


of them. Kvitova started off well. She lost it for a while. She has


been a quiet achiever, I suppose, through the tournament. She has


only lost one set. The first week of the tournament, all the best


matches where women's singles matches. Since the men's matches


have got to the latter stage, it is almost a slump. Is it inevitable,


at this stage, the balance of power switches? It is such a departure


from the last 20 years, when the top women seeds would get through


easily. Roger is not in the semi- finals. The guy is crews much more


now. -- the guy is crews much more now. The women have more


competitive matches from the beginning. It is not as established


who is at the top. They play such high-level towards the end of the


Grand Slams. Samba against Djokovic tomorrow. What is your take? --


Tsonga against Djokovic. I have not been that impressed with Djokovic.


He is still winning. He has not clicked yet. Well pressure has been


on him. He is almost number one. This match will turn a little bit


So, what a reducing? Not much! So, you took a minute to say nothing?


OK. If Tsonga plays the way he did against Federer, he will win but


Djokovic will kick it up a level. We do have another match tomorrow.


The world number one against the world No. 4. Andy Murray is playing


a man with 10 Grand Slams. In Madrid and Barcelona, how are they


doing these things? Well, when the Spanish seemed Murray, do they


worry? Andy Murray against a Rafael Nadal.


You're that tennis commentator for Spanish TV how excited is Spain


about this semi-final? So Spain is always excited when Nadal is


playing, or even more when it is a Grand Slam semi-final. Now he has a


chance again to win another big title. So it is going to be a big


game in Spain. Dare I ask, who do they think is going to win? Do they


think Nadal is a sure thing? Yes. If you ask any Spanish people, they


will tell you that Rafter will win. We think he will win almost every


match. What does Spain think of Andy Murray? I think there are lot


of people that like Andy Murray. Really? Yes. There are lot of


people, too, that they do not like Andy Murray off the court. On the


court, everybody has to like Murray, because he is one of the biggest


because he is one of the biggest players. But they get me the think


Nadal is going to do it, Murray no contest? If Murray wins the first


set, it is going to be a tough match, but if Nadal wins it, it is


going to be good for him. You see the Murray-mania we have here. Is


then Nadal mania in Spain? Yes. Everybody is crazy in Madrid and


Barcelona. Everybody wants a photo with him. Everyone -- every one


wants to touch him. The people like him the most as a sportsman.


When he went to Barcelona, he had a billboard. The biggest one I have


ever seen. Fantastic. It is interesting to save the first


set will be the key. It is always important in a big match. The key


for me is, really, the mental ability of Andy Murray. His game is


getting closer to Nadal's. He has beaten him before. But there seemed


to be a few gaps in his concentration which she cannot


afford. That and second serves. They will be huge. That is probably


the only time any player will have half a chance to attack. Both of


them can drop a ball short sometimes. We like to think the


pressure that the media put on people is going to be the factor in


this, but if you are champion, you play in a bubble, don't you? Do you


think that is true to Murray? Or could the occasion be a factor?


cannot help but feel he is under pressure. He is getting more


experienced with the media and the fans and their expectations. He has


so much experience behind him with the semi-finals, but it is going to


be about stepping up the level of play. He realises what a big deal


it would be here. He grew up watching Henman go through this.


For him, he has got to learn and take more risks in these matches


and not just let those balls and. He has to attack. He hasn't done


this in the semi-finals before. will ask for your verdicts earlier


in the -- later in the programme. Next, Petra Kvitova or was


contemplating a place in the final when her to prospective opponents


walked out on court. -- when her two prospective opponents.


Maria Sharapova was up against the unseeded German, Sabine Lisicki.


Sharapova is almost a part-time tennis player. The winner in 2004,


she was chasing her first Grand Slam final for three years. Lisicki,


who in Sri condemn to a world ranking in the 200s a few months


ago, she was fighting history in a be great. Not since Billie-Jean


King 48 years ago had an unseeded player made it through to the final.


We were talking about expectations a moment ago. Sharapova,


overwhelmingly favoured against the 21-year-old, could either seize the


moment like never before or would freeze before the ice queen. She


held serve safely enough. Here is what happened when the Russian's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


The more experienced woman tight at That was a return with them. It is


great to see Lisicki playing so free so early in this match. Looks


totally at ease on this big occasion so far. Suddenly Sharapova


immediately facing three break Well, talk about ugly opening


service game. A double fault to start, double fault to finish.


2-0 became 3-0. Sharapova then held serve. Here we are at 3-1. This is


a big opportunity for the German to APPLAUSE.


She may well have fouled her rhythm. Good choice, good execution from


Lisicki has good feel on a drop shot. When she goes for the


forehand drop shot, she takes two hands back with her. She tries to


give it some this guy is. -- some Maria is starting to find her range


on that forehand. Finding an opportunity to step in. She has a


very big first serve, Lisicki, but the second is very attack Kabul. --


APPLAUSE. A good choice of shot by Lisicki


because Maria actually had taken two steps forward to cover the drop


It is important for Lisicki to mix CROWD GROANS.


APPLAUSE. . We should do a coffee-table book


of views from the Wimbledon River. Fantastic London skyline. Here we


are at 4-4. A key moment for the Those are the shots that are so


effective on grass, more so than on other surfaces. The deep, right


back to the server. It is difficult for the server to handle that pace


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


You get the sense Lisicki is on her heels a lot more during this match.


Not in control as she was earlier on. Maria is starting to find her


CROWD GROANS. Sharapova census her moment. --


APPLAUSE. There it is! Sharapova, earlier


problems overcome and now in control of this first set.


A very stern face from Sharapova but despite the double faults and


the unforced errors, she found herself at set point. She


dispatched her first ace at that point Mac. Her steely determination.


She's determined to be in the final once again. Into the early stages


of the second set, Lisicki got off to a wretched start. Sharapova with


an opportunity to break her serve at the start. The double fault


disease is catching. Here is When hitting balls like that, you


can afford to serve double faults. Unforced errors as well into the


bargain. So, Sharapova, 3-0 up. That is on page 42 of our book.


Anyway, Sharapova, a set to the good. Serving for another Grand


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


UMPIRE: Lisicki is challenging the APPLAUSE.


Not going to go gently, Lisicki. She has started to be more


aggressive on this backhand return. We saw a couple of beauties cross-


court in the last game. It is important to take the serve early


and put the pressure on Maria as APPLAUSE.


Now she seems to be playing as free as she was in those first few games,


swinging away, not that much pressure. That is when she plays


her best tennis, when she is relaxed. We can see that smile on


her face a little bit more. Sharapova suddenly finds ace number


Maria doesn't like to take her hand off the racket, and she was so


CROWD GROANS. You felt it might go that way.


Sharapova gives it away. Lisicki, still a break down, but still


fighting. Still alive, somehow, in Maria would much rather be


returning for a match than serving for a match. Especially with


today's performance with serving. She can block the last 510 minutes


Lisicki, cranking up the power required. All of a sudden, these


last two service games, the first APPLAUSE.


Well, that was a great shot by APPLAUSE.


And almighty swipe on a forehand from Maria Sharapova it brings up


APPLAUSE. It is out!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Maria Sharapova is through to the


final. It has been a long wait, but that Wimbledon final is calling


again, once more. Sharapova, the smile might sup Centre Court.


Many congratulations. It feels like after all the trials and


tribulations of the last 3.5 years, you were back where you belong.


is amazing to be back in the final of Wimbledon. It has been a while.


To be here and to get to the final, I am really happy. It stated back


to the start of the match when Lisicki got off to a good start.


How did you turn it around? played really well and I did the


opposite. It was tough. I had to stay focused. I got back on track.


I remained really focused What do we say about that game?


Well, it was good of Maria to pull through. She admitted it, she


didn't play her best. Certainly the same with Lisicki. We saw a higher


level throughout the tournament. Maria is a fighter. 13 double


faults, though, and she's still got through it. It is easier to get


through what on grass because she has such heavy ground strokes.


There is no question her level is going to have to raise one or two


not she is in the final. What did you make of it, Pat? I thought


Lisicki played really well in the beginning. Sharapova length on the


ground strokes was iffy, her serve was dodgy as well. But once she got


into the rallies, her depth of forehand improved a lot. Sabine


Lisicki, after she lost the first set, she had a bad patch for a


little bit. And it was the end of it. Sharapova... Towards the end of


the second set, some of those rallies were spectacular. But then,


the odd shock as well. A double fault or a horrible volley. The


wind was blowing up. It will be an interesting find of. So, the final,


Kvitova... If you are going to serve 13 double faults, you were


giving away half a set. What does that say? Is Kvitova good enough to


take advantage of it? I don't know! Pressure! It is a good. Make. This


is not the first time she has served two double faults. She still


comes up to a winning. That is how good her second service. Her ground


strokes are powerful. But can she tidy it up? Kvitova will be the


first returner that will put pressure on Maria and make her feel


the pain if she is serving a lot of double faults. She has had a


relatively good draw in terms of power players. Cibulkova was a very


good draw for Maria and Lisicki didn't do enough today when she saw


second serve. But Kvitova will be in the baseline, looking to pounds.


-- looking to pounce. It is all about one British man


these days. It might not be far start the perennial search for


British champions isn't all about Andy Murray and Liam Broady kept up


his challenge to ended almost 50 you wait in the Boys' Singles title.


The left-hander from Stockport took the deciding set in the quarter-


final 13-11 and faces an Australian next. People were thinking, there


is another Brit going out! I was pretty disappointed with myself


with not taking it in the second set. But I got the job done in the


end. There will be no repeat of Laura Robson's success after our


last remaining representative lost There was more bad news for Brit


supporters as the Mixed Doubles pairing of Fleming and Rae that one


for Scotland last year in the Commonwealth games, they lost to


straight sets to the Israeli perv. Don't despair. These shenanigans


made put a smile on your face. Daniel Capel picked up an injury


and couldn't play in the Invitational doubles. Step forward


Daniel cash from the crowd. And Pat Cash was on the other side of the


net with his partner. Like father, like son, the talent is clearly


there. But the try-outs for a 4th player continued and the ball boys


got they go. Wimbledon will winners of the future, perhaps? Wimbledon


winners from the past, Krajicek and Ivanisevic were also in action on


court three. Well, at least one of them was. Goran became distracted


by the crowd, and having posed provocatively for photos, the


Croatian decided he would rather part of the lovely ladies in the


front row, leaving Krajicek to take on the opponents all on his own.


And Mal -- not an insurmountable task, but two champions are better


than one. Your family, a family of rebels.


Soap, who is playing tomorrow? Tsonga versus Djokovic, Nadal


versus marry. You have five seconds each to tell us who is going to win


between Nadal and Murray. Nadal. I don't know why. Andy Murray has got


to play his best. It is not easy. am going to go whoever is going to


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