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Day 9

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What a happy man he must be a. fact four in store. - - The fab


Good evening. What a day. If you have missed what happened, you are


in for a treat. Greg and Boris are spoilt for choice with so many


issues to discuss. We will start with the fabulous four. Roger


Federer's opponent today was Jo- Wilfried Tsonga, known for his


Federer was looking for his 60th singles victory at Wimbledon.


Tsonga has been serving well, and of course he got to the finals at


Queen's. For the bookmakers, there was only one possible outcome to


this match. It looked as though they had got this ban on in the


After Federer won the first set, Tsonga got back into the game. We


find ourselves in a second set tie- Suddenly, Federer has got the bit


between his teeth. He was hitting the ball so powerfully today. It is


not often you see Federer stranded like that. Hitting the ball like


that, as hard as that, samba found himself 5-4 up in the third set. --


Tsonga found himself 5-4 of in the He is going to have to work himself


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a out of this position if he is He is two points from taking a set


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And we are keen to challenge again. -- looking to challenge again. He


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realised that was a good call. Back Quality every step of the way from


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Superbly resistance from Federer. Deuce. Tsonga is becoming a little


bit predictable. He goes for the same corner as every time. -- he


goes for the same corners every That's the serve that got him all


the way to the Australian Open final. It might bring him Miss set.


Some pictures do not need words. Just savour that scan and. In a


week where boxing metaphors at everywhere, this was turning into a


Samba was throwing the punches and Federer was having to take them --


Tsonga was throwing the punches and This is an interesting stage of


That was a very nice backhand from Tsonga. No complaint from Federer,


He has showcased this single handed back hander. He did not have it the


last time I know it! He is really enjoying it. He looks like Stefan


Edberg. Maybe you should think about playing it more often single-


handed. -- maybe he should think about playing it more often single


Tsonga is looking to turn this into a muscle match, and no one is


And Tillakaratne Dilshan break That is what usually happens.


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Phaidra really was rocking and rolling here. Tsonga was a victim


the most unbelievable a lot of punishment on him. -- Federer


really was rocking and rolling here. Two set all. All that Tsonga needed


was to get one break. This is what happened. Surely, Federer would


find a way out of this situation. He had never been two set up in a


Grand Slam situation and lost. Here is Jo-Wilfried sombre -- here is


Jo-Wilfried sombre, to send Federer There he is, twisting and shouting


How does it feel to have not the mighty Roger Federer out? He is the


biggest champion. He achieved a lot of things. He is the best player in


the world. I am so happy to win against him, especially on grass.


It is one of his favourite surfaces. I am so happy today. Throughout the


match, I did not give him much, but there was a lucky break in the


third set for him. He played well throughout the match. Especially he


served well. He played incredibly you ever think, Boris, that Tsonga


lapses. He does not ready put Tsonga was the man of the moment.


Some of the headline-writers are already writing about a swansong.


Is this the end of Federer in terms of being a Grand Slam champion? It


He played so well at the French Open and showed the world it is not


just about Djokovic. They changed the grass about a


decade ago, they grow it longer. The balls were like pellets, that


suited him, he was more aggressive. I think it will be tough for him to


win this championship. Is it six Grand Slams that Federer has not


won? A year-and-a-half has gone by since he won the title. Time is not


on his side, let's be honest. 16 Grand Slam wins, a wife and two


beautiful children. Why should he trained even more? He has done it


all. That is the question for himself, where his motivation will


It is fascinating to think what might happen with Federer in the


future. Rafael Nadal is the second member of hour fabulous four. Would


Mardy Fish is from Minnesota. He is playing against the defending


champion, who dropped just one set so far. The formbook was a day to


as far as the first set was concerned. The big question was how


would the foot be after he had that slight injury? There was no sign of


any problems. I am amazed by it Nadal. I thought he would pull out.


Next thing you know, he is running What Amman this is, I have never


seen a player like Nadal in my seen a player like Nadal in my


lifetime. In the end, Nadal came through safely. His face just told


you how delighted he was to have you how delighted he was to have


overcome yet another opponent. Did your foot give you much


trouble? It is better. I am fine. The previous match was tough for me.


For a moment I did not know if I had a serious injury. But with


antiinflammatories, it seemed to work.


If Federer has got to the top of the hill and is perhaps heading


slightly down, is Nadal still improving? I think so. He thrives


on competition, he is the ultimate competitor, the more adversity, the


better and meaner he gets. He is only 25, he has 10 Grand Slams. If


he stays healthy, I don't know how many more times he will win.


Federer has set the bar. You always need somebody to catch, for Nadal,


it is Federer's 16. To tie Bjorn Borg's record of six French Opens,


and now he wants to tie Federer's record of six Wimbledons.


Rafael Nadal conscious of this? Is he a record chaser? He comes across


very soft spoken, Humble, almost an introvert when out in public, but


once he puts those tennis shoes on, that is the last thing you want to


face across the net. A back with the Fab Four in a


moment, but let's consider the women's semi-finals. Logic says it


will be Maria Sharapova against Victoria Azarenka in the final on


Saturday... The German! Hang on a moment, we are coming on to that.


That is the point of the next item, which is about a German play and


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somebody from the Czech Republic How good is your German?


reached the semi-final. She had injuries and was not playing tennis


for quite a long time. Suddenly she is back in Wimbledon, playing her


best. Anything could happen. There has been a lull in German tennis.


Might she be taking it forward again? We hope so. We are been


waiting for so long. Steffi Graf put the bar sky high. We wanted to


have a good semi-final and hopefully come out on top. Tell us


about Petra Kvitova there, and a fantastic serve. I think she has


one of the best serves in the women's game. She remind you of


Martina Navratilova with her serve. She plays well on all surfaces. I


think she is starting to get to her peak. I would not be surprised if


she went to the finals. So you predictions are? In all honesty, I


think Sharapova is better, and also Victoria Azarenka. I'm going to go


with Petra Kvitova -- I'm going to go with Petra Kvitova, with


Sharapova winning the title. Bernard Tomic is leading the new-


# You say you want a revolution Djokovic, player favourite.


Determined to reach his first Wimbledon final. Tonic was not


overawed. It was like a tale of two cities. Bernard Tomic was


sensational. Here we are end the second set, where Bernard Tomic was


very much in the ascendancy. He is playing the world number two, and


he is taking him to the cleaners. Pete hitting the ball so hard. --


he is hitting the ball so hard. Here we are in the third set.


Bernard Tomic get a break. Nobody on Court One knew what was


happening on Centre Court. This was the quality of the tennis for the


first two or three games of the third set. Here's Djokovic, turning


That's when the game started This is where Bernard Tomic needs


to take some extra time. He has to A bad unforced error from Djokovic,


Not much margin for error in Bernard Tomic's game. When he get


nervous, the unforced errors start Both men have their problems, there


issues. You start to fear for Five points, five unforced errors!


Djokovic has not really done much, A horrible, horrible service game


from Bernard Tomic. At this point, Tomic was playing


horrible tennis. Djokovic found himself two sets to one to the good


and got an early break in the 4th It is quite frustrating, the harder


Djokovic hits the ball, the better It has been a long time since Tomic


had a double fault, that is his Now it is Tomic's turn to suffer.


He is doing the right thing, taking a little extra time and not rushing


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UMPIRE: Mr Djokovic is challenging It was long. Why did you tell him


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That was not a great return. An Thinking about the challenge, but


And after being so close to claiming the set, Tomic faces break


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What a caress to finish it! Djokovic is closing in now, closing


into the semi-finals. Djokovic was not to be denied. Here


he is serving 40-15. Tomic could not get to that ball, so another


semi-final for Novak Djokovic. Will he be here on Sunday on Centre


Court for his first Wimbledon Court for his first Wimbledon


final? Well done. A really tricky match.


You are playing somebody you know very well, it is like beating up


your kid brother, but you what through to the semi-final. I am


delighted to be through. It is a great result. It was a very equal


match today. The first set I played quite well, I played one very bad


service game, he got back into the match. From that moment he was the


better player. I had some very, very difficult service games that I


managed to hold. He was up and the third end you got back on track.


What caused the reversal of fortunes? He is such an


unpredictable player. He is very young. His first Grand Slam


quarter-finals, it means a lot, he had nothing to lose. He was hitting


a lot of winners, it was hard to predict where he would go. He was


not making a lot of unforced errors. That made it really difficult. I


have tried to change the pace, but he was better. It was playing cat


and mouse. I was just happy to get through in the end. We will talk


about the cat in a moment, but as far as Tomic being a mouse, foreign


18 year-olds he has had an amazing two-and-a-half weeks, coming


through qualifying, his first Grand Slam quarter-finals, he is clearly


a man on the move? Yes. The youngest guy to get to the quarter-


finals was the man standing behind me, Boris Becker... Last century!


If you think of the last teenager in the quarter-finals, Roger


Federer, the pedigree is looking very good. He has a very


interesting game. He changes the pace, deflect the ball, plays very


flat, he is someone to look out for. He has played an awful lot of


tennis in the last two-and-a-half weeks, did he just get tired?


especially when he was up 3-1, he went walkabout for seven games. He


might have been mentally fatigued, he had played eight matches. It


maybe was a little bit too much tennis, but he will be very proud.


What do you think about how brilliant Djokovic has been all the


way through to the epic semi-final at Roland Garros? Do you detect he


is slightly off his game? He was maybe tested today, I don't really


believe he was tested and the other matches. He is flying under the


radar. He lost only one match to Roger Federer. He has won six other


tournaments, beating Nadal back-to- back, clay, but nobody talks about


it. He is fine with that, he has experienced, he is in the semi-


finals. He is not playing his best tennis but he was not challenged


today. He is under the radar because he does not move as well on


the grass courts, I don't see him as comfortable. You think he can


win the other three majors, on the grass, I am not too sure. Tsonga


has a great record at 5-2 against him, but I bet he feels good about


his chances. Now the last of the FA before, our


man, a bigger and somebody who, if you believe the papers, has rather


Murray was eyeing a third Grand Slam semi-final this year, but


Feliciano Lopez was probably wielding the most potent weapon in


the entire draw, his serve, he has 22 aces more than anyone else. It


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 99 seconds


Maybe a little closer than he thought when he went for the


challenge, but more out of frustration for losing it. He has


Just a cup of these early exchanges, you feel Murray has had lost


chances, and he would like to get He has pecked him back to deuce,


but he might have got a break. His instincts were right, he would have


had a second serve that 0-30. -- For me, the best returner in the


It is the solid 121 mph second serve. Brave when you make it and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 99 seconds


Credit to Lopez, he took his chance Lewis Hamilton with his brother.


Enjoying their time here. It has not been such an enjoyable time for


Lewis Hamilton in F1 recently, he will hope his fortunes change for


Murray was just frustrated he could not get more on the return. It was


a good second serve into the body but he really needed to get the


ball deep or onto the Lopez The Spaniard has shown good


It was broken that time. The best return of the first set.


The familiar clenching of the first, Six games to three, muted applause


in the players' box. Given what happened UN Centre Court earlier,


you never quite knew what would happen. But in the second set...


Some great play from Murray. So easy.


Two sets up, things going swimmingly, but the Spaniard was


not going to lie down. Some lovely Doing to Murray what Murray often


does to everybody else. Two games does to everybody else. Two games


all, this is the time for Murray to kick on all four Lopez to fight


back into contention. -- for Murray to pick on, or for Lopez to fight


Ever since the physio came on court, Murray does not want to waste more


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energy than necessary, he wants to He has done that so often in his


Into the semi-finals again, watched by lots of famous people. I am sure


Describe your motions of reaching another semi-final. I do not ready


have any right now. It is one of those things that you think about


The way you have played, you must going with supreme confidence?


need to to have a chance. I will have to play my best to do that.


Handling the occasion, you have been there before, will you be any


less nervous or will it be the same as previously? I want to be nervous


going into the match. That is important, it shows that you care,


but once you get out there you have to make sure that nerves do not


cloud your way of thinking. Maybe as you want them to, and you are


thinking clearly out there. Let's talk Murray Nadal in a moment,


but what about Murray today? He had a perfect game against Lopez, he is


one of the best returners in the game against potentially the best


server. The grass is not as fast as it was, the balls are slower.


Pretty much from the get go Murray was the favourite to win. I have to


agree. I thought he would be successful before the match.


frog came out of my throat! It was one of those matches where you knew


Murray was not going to lose, but he was very convincing. The only


problem was he hurt his groin slightly in the third set, we are


hoping he is 100% healthy for Rafael Nadal. Nadal has a bad foot.


But for a man with a bad foot, he moved well today. We will talk


about the semi-finals in a moment, but we still have action going on.


The draws are thinning out, a lot The only other British males still


in singles action, Liam Broady, be the junior world number 1 for the


single time in as many tournaments today. The 17 year-old from


Stockport knocked out his opponent 6-4, 7-5, to reach the quarter-


finals. After becoming the first British


duo in 18 years to reach the quarter-finals of the Men's Doubles,


Colin Fleming and Hutchins were beaten.


Looking for their 11th Grand Slam Men's Doubles titles, the Bryan


brothers entered the last eight after surviving a five-set epic.


Resuming at 3-3 against Paul Hanley of Australia and Simon Aspelin of


Sweden after play was suspended yesterday, they broke a final set


deadlock to win by 16 games to 14. The match lasted a total of four


hours, 11 minutes. Fellow Americans Liezel Huber and


Lisa Raymond finished on the losing end of their marathon match in the


Women's Doubles quarter-finals. After taking the first set, they


lost in the third 13-11. No day of four wildcard semi-finalists Sabine


Lisicki. Ahead of her showdown with Sharapova tomorrow, she was busy


marching into the Ladies' Doubles quarter-finals with partner


Samantha Stosur. If Sabine Lisicki has a rival for


anybody who smiles as much on the tennis court, I think it would be


Heather Watson of Britain, but sadly she and Ross Hutchins went


out of their match, which you might have watched earlier on BBC Two. It


was not a great day all round for Ross Hutchins, having lost in the


men's and Mixed Doubles. Colin Fleming lost as his doubles partner,


Fleming lost as his doubles partner, but here he is, one set all, and he


might yet win with Jocelyn Rae. Laura Robson is in the crowd


watching that. Well done to them. Looking at what is happening


tomorrow, women's semi-finals day. Boris Becker, as we look at the


wonderful outline of Battersea wonderful outline of Battersea


Power Station, listed four reasons that sometimes as gay people, but


tonight it looks fantastic, the attitude that Sabine Lisicki has,


she makes a mistake and smiles, can you do that and be a champion?


could not, but I am sure the players can. It is good to see. She


is on the comeback trail. She had a is on the comeback trail. She had a


day off. She has a good time, why not? I look at Sharapova, she looks


like a woman on a mission. They had but windy day when she lost to Li


Na, that was the only time she could not win. From round one she


does not give an inch to anybody, that is why I think she is the


favourite. After an epic day, this favourite. After an epic day, this


is the semi-final line-up that we have for Friday afternoon for the


men's. Who will win? I pick Nadal from the


beginning of the Championships, my heart says Murray but my head says


Nadal. Tsonga/Djokovic is fascinating. From Tsonga's


performance today, I think there performance today, I think there


could be an upset. I will go with Murray. Hopefully. It is his time.


I have not seen him play so well. He went through to the quarter-


finals, Nadal, I think he is still a bit injured with the ankle. The


more he runs, you will feel it eventually. More importantly, I


feel it is Andy Murray's time. Tsonga is the man at the moment,


but can he do it two matches in a row? I put my money on Djokovic.


Could we have a repeat of the Queen's final, Tsonga against


Murray? It has only happened once in history, Connors and McEnroe,


1982, the same result at Queen's and Wimbledon. Wouldn't that be


fabulous? And if the final at Wimbledon on Sunday was as good a


final as the one at Queen's. It is an extraordinary day. You would


never have thought that Federer would have found himself two sets


up and going out in five, the first time it has ever happened to


arguably the greatest player in the world in his entire Grand Slam


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