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Day 8

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Match is suspended. When raindrops Keep falling on your head, that is


A day when another roof would have been handy for Andy Murray, Serena


Williams was the only non-European left in the draw but it was a day


when the only certain winner was aware For once again. -- was the


So, it has been an on off day to test the patience of a saint. There


is played going on on the Centre Court and we will keep you up-to-


date with us now. If you want to go on the red button, you can follow


the progress of Tamira Paszek and her opponent. We will round up what


has been a busy day. As I say, it is the kind of day went Boris and


Lynsey have been wearing their design no raincoats. To be debating


point overnight was whether Andy Murray had a raw deal because he


came off court last night, a set and a break up against Marin Cillic.


Would he be able to finish the game We had that ridiculous match last


week where they came on to play 1 point, a double fault, and that was


the end of the match. Andy Murray won a point, to take a 4-1 lead.


Then down came the rain and the covers came back on. We wondered


when on earth they would reappear. It wasn't that long. Here we are,


Andy Murray playing well, and taking a 2-0 lead. The nightmare


scenario was Andy Murray to set sup, endless threats of rain in the air,


Cilic starts fighting back. It is a five set thriller and we don't


finish until Friday. That was the nightmare scenario. So, Andy, you


That was Cilic running out of ideas there. In an ideal world, he would


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hit those two groundstrokes and There wasn't any place on that ball


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Oh, yes. He has got to break points. Two break points saved in the blink


The rain has eased a bit, it is Oh, that was some return fare from


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Oh, well played. That was a super Well, he went for it. Beck second


Very well played, Murray. He Important game, that. Moving from


Gillic -- Cilic is making the same mistakes as he was before. The


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He is always looking for fat, and invariably he is getting it, a


And he kept that level of pay up for the next few games. Here he was


at match point for his place in yet another Wimbledon quarter-final.


Richard Krajicek said earlier on radio that he said form -- Andy


Murray looks like a Wimbledon champion. Sunday probably seems


like an awfully long day away but he is through. This is what he made


It was a tough match. It was bitty and we stopped a lot. Last night


was difficult. I was in a good position. He started this third set


well. He was hitting the ball more cleanly. I served very well in the


third set especially. As you mentioned, it was


frustrating with the weather. He played at noon, played a couple of


games and then went off again. What do you do? A Beckley this time it


was not too long. I went back, changed, had a little chat and


listened to some music. I warmed up again. I watched some of the match


on Centre Court as well. What music do you listen to? Ed Sheeran.


He is playing well, really well. he is playing excellently. This is


the best tennis I have seen him play. It seems he is more focused.


It has made him be more aggressive. That is the type of play that will


take him further than he has been in a Grand Slam. Everyone has been


saying it for a number of years, he needs to be on the front foot


rather than the back foot. A it is easier said than done. Maybe


something did click on Saturday night. In the last 45 minutes, when


he had no choice, he had to win those games quickly and maybe he


realised that is the way to play better. She wants to play your best


tennis entering the second week. Cilic was the winner at Queen's


Club and is on a good run himself. Maybe he realised to go all the way


he has to change his way a little bit, and not just for a set. It has


been the best match for him so far. Let's not pre-empt whom he will


play in the semi-final. Is he looking more authoritative?


Definitely. Even better than his second-round match. He has picked


it up. In the Australian Open in the semi-finals when he lost that


match, he was still being aggressive against Djokovic. He we


didn't win it but was so close. He became more defensive through the


spring. In the last few days, he picked it up. This could have been


a very difficult situation with all the rain and not being on Centre


Court. He handled it like a champion. He has seemed more


chilled. He seemed very chilled and at home. Maturity doesn't come


overnight. It comes in stages. There are weeks when you get the


message and there are other weeks when you don't want to hear the


message. Wimbledon is the most important tournament of the year.


He was under pressure against Baghdatis. He has handled it well


but it is not good enough. He has been in the quarter finals and the


semi-finals before. He must be thinking to go all the way he has


to change. He has a new coach so maybe the whole structure is


different this year. A OK, you can see that the covers are on on the


outside courts but there is still play going on on Centre Court.


This game is on the red button if you want to pursue it. Who would


Murray played in the quarter- finals? Would it be David Ferrer or


Del Potro is known for taking the game as long as it can go. This is


Just anticipate so and plays the drop shot to perfection. Look how


he moves his feet up to the ball. He caresses it beautifully and runs


They say it is the big 7th game in tennis and this point coming up


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And he cannot save even one of the two. It is a break to Ferrer. He is


A big miss. Forever then held serve. Here is Del Potro at the point of


I look at Del Potro, and we were talking about him getting into the


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top five, and he needs to have more This is going to be a challenge.


Ferreira is not sure. -- Ferrer. It may be over, it maybe not. It is


It was saved for a nominal -- phenomenal performance today from


David Ferrer. A first quarter-final at Wimbledon for the man that can


perform on every surface, make no mistake. His next match will be


Do you feel you are getting better and better? Well, I am trying to


improve every day, to play better every day. The opponents are


difficult to beat. Today I played really good. The opponents get


better and tougher, and up next you've got Andy Murray. Your


thoughts on playing him next. it is going to be very difficult to


beat Andy Murray on any surface but on grass, it is even more difficult.


I will try to do my best. I will try to play like today and we will


see. Ind the Battle of the bandannas,


you thought Del Potro was an outside contender to win this.


Explained that result. Well, obviously, David Ferrer is a wall.


Whatever you hit at him, he is going to come back with something.


We shouldn't forget he is 6 ft 6 so moving on a grass court is not the


easiest for him. And then he lost patience. I thought he was the


favourite today. But David Ferrer, all credit to him, he always finds


10 years ago, Daniel Ferrer was the archetypal Spaniard on play. Have


you had said to him at the start of 2002, one day you will be a


quarter-finalist at Wimbledon, he would have laughed at you. But he


is getting better with age. first day and age, the clay-court


specialists are transcending surfaces. They are so versatile.


David Ferrer is moving so well, he has lost one set to Roddick and Del


Potro on grass. That's incredible. And he never gives up. Every ball,


you've got to put so far out of reach. He is the ultimate champion.


If you want a player, besides Nadal, running for your life, it will be


David Ferrer. This guy wakes up in the morning and he runs. This is


how he plays tennis. He has the ultimate attitude on the tennis


court. His technique, I call it average. The serve is a bit funny.


But he has a heart of gold. He puts it out there every time and he is


never going to lose it. You have to beat him and then the match point


is down and you wake until the umpire calls, because he might


still come back. I will ask at the end he was going to win the


quarter-final. Before that, it has been a good day for two of our


We think we know France. There are all kinds of stereotypical images


burnt into our brains. And then there is the perceived arrogance.


But Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is that one of man mould-breaker. Yes, he is


French flair is not the only thing in his repertoire. It's also about


being bowled. And he has, as we British might say, that certain


something. The No. 5 seed was too much for Mardy Fish on Court No. 2


today. He had treatment on his back. Fish only occasionally floundered


on the way but he has made a great account of himself here. He had a


trademark celebration. Continue in this form and the weekend may


beckon. We think we know Germany. Alsatians, Einstein, and of course


David Hassell off. But we know very little about their two men's


quarter-finalists. Florian Mayer upset the seedings today. He


reached the quarter-finals eight years ago, aged just 20 and this


his his first in a Grand Slam since. He was in need of some cheering up


and this will do nicely. In the last round, another 28 year-old


German knocked out the man who knocked out Rafa Nadal. After


almost six years off the tour, his return has been remarkable. He


simply had a few too many happy returns of his own on Court No. 12.


He has gone further than he ever has before in a Grand Slam. Tales


We have gone back a quarter of a century, there are two Germans.


happy. Their best surface is clay. But Florian Meyer is an awkward


player. You watch him and you wonder if he can win a set. He has


a jumping backhand on one leg. But he is a clever tack tigs and he


makes you play worse. Either you blow him I off course or can he


beat you. He played well in Eastbourne. He is comfortable on


grass and he's always talented. He has the talent to maybe break into


the top ten. On a good day he can play everyone. Leaving aside Ferrer


and Murray, do you see it as a Djokovic, Federer, Tsonga going


through. It seems likely. Federer, a question mark with his back. He


has the benefit of being on Ken ser court tomorrow. But a Djokovic has


looked solid. He has been the king of the Grand Slams the last year


and a half and he has been looking good here so far. Back with that in


a moment. Now let's focus on the women's quarter finals. The first


one today, the big match, two former champions trading blows,


Petra Kvitova against Serena Williams. Not many rallies in this.


Just some amazing shots. Mostly from the American's racquet and


Serena took the first set. Here we're in the second set and the


Czech was trading blows equally. Here is Williams serving 4-5 down.


If she loses her serve we will be locked at one set all. And who


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She had Williams on the back feet - JOHN MCENROE: Excellent depth again.


Brought that error from Serena Williams. That is two points from a


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LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Needed that Petra Kvitova's first break point


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That is great play. I don't think you see it as much as you should.


You try to back off her. Kvitova did well. Smart to be prepared for


that. But Serena very alert there. Responding as champions do when


The nerves are flying around. Kvitova -- Kvitova's playing better


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Two chess masters on the attack, The heavy artillery from Serena


Oh dear! Too much time to think about that one. If ever there was a


moment, that was the moment, Kvitova into the net, break to


Serena and Kvitova broken by a barn-storming performance from


Serena Williams. She was to use that word - awesome. Just the power


from first to last. That was a real heavy weight contest and it was a


lot of knock out blows. Of course there is a softer side to Serena.


As you are about to feigned out. Yesterday, flower, today I thought


I would get you some check lates if that's OK. Oh wow shra. I thought


about it. He said he would have something for me. Thank you very


much. I'm loving this tradition. I might have one if you don't mind


will give the rest away. I will have some as well. A surprise for


you once you get to the final. Or things up my sleeve. I will keep


working. Never mind the tennis analysis, what do you think his


chances are? He has got to keep trying! It is a long road, a long


travel. What did you make of ser sr today. Her sperveing was


extraordinary. -- serving. It has been great. It is what has kept her


in. Today, she had it off the ground and was moving better. She


was on balance for her ground strokes. Boris? She lived and died


by her serve. That kept her N but in order to beat the defending


champion you have to do more than just serving. I think her whole


approach was better, she was more agile and was able to move on the


grass. The last few matches, she was stiff and couldn't bend low.


It's the quarter-final. That is what you're supposed to do. She has


won this tournament and knows she has to raise her game. He said I


have to get better. That is what she did. It is an obvious question,


if there was an obvious answer, Kvitova would have found it. Those


massive serves right down the middle, what do you, if you know


it's coming and it was going there nine times out of ten, what do you


do, do you go in, or stand back sh That is the challenge. Kvitova was


always keeping the same return positioning. If somebody's serving


well the best thing is to mix it up and maybe start leaning a bit. But


Serena hits all the spots well. Each time Kvitova would lean, she


would throw one out wide and it would open it up again. But Kvitova


didn't change her game and tried to keep hitting through it and she


wasn't good enough. That is one of great big server, how many were you


looking at where your opponent was standing and how much were you


thinkinging I'm going to keep going. On a good think that is what you


think. Most days are not that good. You look at the return and exactly,


she changed her position all the time. It made me think what is


going. Shall I go to my favourite corner. Kvitova is still mature


enough. It has been a year ago and she came and starred here. I think


she has to watch this game on tape and realise what has to, she has to


change in order to make Serena Williams think and try to change


her serve. A final point on Serena Williams, how has she gone in three


weeks from that catastrophic performance in Paris to this?


first few rounds were dicey. But it is an upward curve. Yes, this with


was the first match she looked free on the court. She was positive with


herself and pumping herself. Burr she believed in her shot and was


moving well. Possibly she has played it out of her system.


will talk more about the quarter- finals in a moment. But there is


two matches outstanding. One is on two matches outstanding. One is on


centre court now. This is perhaps more even than we might have


thought. 3-3 in the second set between Tamira Paszek and rerching.


I saw Tamira Paszek has played fearless tennis. But Victoria


Azarenka not many people have talked about her, but she is


playing well It would be a huge upset for Paszek to win again.


have been told Agnieszka Radwanska and Maria Kirilenko, who are 4 will


have 4 in the third and final set are going on after that match,


irrespective of how late that might be. This might be, if that is still


going at 23-23 in the third, well they won't. Well it with be another


long night on centre court. One game that has been completed was


guaranteeed to ensure one German would make it through. Because


Sabine Lisicki was playing Angelique Kerber. She comes from


Keel in northern Germany, that is gined with Coventry. So in the


third set and Angelique Kerber could have won. Here with are with


could have won. Here with are with She's challenging. Lisicki would


have done if there hadn't been a call. She was having to cover a lot


of milage out there. Ore it's in. Is that clean winner, because


Lisicki didn't gate play on it does That episode made her feel a whole


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


It is nail-biting again. You have talked about the difficulty of


beating somebody when you haven't beaten before and the senorty of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Did Lisicki think the return was going out? She seemed to stop a


little. I think she probably did. Was that in? It looked long.


challenge left. We hear it was long. Another break. Three games in a row


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


She has had three match points, she has the luxury of that he more - in


It is lucky No 5 at Wimbledon. Having lost five Championship


points at Eastbourne. It is delight for Angelique Kerber. The first


time she has played on centre court at women wm -- Wimbledon, she has


booked a place into her first booked a place into her first


Wimbledon semi-final. I start well and played the first set good. And


in the second set, I mean I had my chances. I had my four match points


and I couldn't take it. But she played very good in this moment. In


the third set, she is serving for match and I tried to play as long I


can on the court and focus on me and play my game. I'm happy that I


could change the third set to me. There didn't seem to be much love


lost at the end. Absolutely not. I was surprised. There was hard lay


hand shake. It was like, don't shake my hand. But we know it is


all margins and just that. That line call which went in her favour


and led to this reaction. The match seemed to just change. Yes it is a


bit still not enough discussed how important mental warfare it. You


have to make you play bad and I'm going to win. In this moment,


Angela Kerber was relaxed. She was down and she came back and relaxed


her and made Lisicki tighten up. She hardly won a point after that.


It was amazing. Kerber lost the final in Eastbourne with five match


points. She was fried in the third set emotionally. That is not easy


to recover from. And then at the end again that line call, she


smiled on court, started to play and came through, a huge mental


effort to stay positive. A big mental effort for Agnieszka


Radwanska and Maria Kirilenko who are waiting to come on. They are 4-


4 in the final set. What is your take on it. Agnieszka Radwanska


will always be consistent. She moves well, likes to come in. Maria


Kirilenko has had so much potential and has not lived up to. Finally


she is starting to play better and to believe she has served


unbelievable in this match. And it has been played outdoors in the


cold. It moves indoor and it will help Maria Kirilenko more. That


match will follow Victoria Azarenka against Tamira Paszek. Victoria


Azarenka won the first set. Here we're, these are laifr picturings,


she has got a break of serve. This might be the moment of truth in a


few moments. Victoria Azarenka should go through. Tomorrow,


tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow. It is men's quarter-final day. This


So your decision on David Ferrer against Andy Murray is? Murray. He


is going to take revenge of his loss in Paris. He is more


comfortable on grass. I will go with him. You can't bet against


Murray here. Well you could, but it is a hard time getting out of here.


You have said David Ferrer was the great one who never gave up and you


would want to play for your life. Now you're voting against him and


you're the man who tipped Juan Martin Del Potro to win the whole


thing. Keep talking, make me look good. I think the surface is the


difference. Ferrer on clay, yes, on the grass I rate Andy Murray's


chances. Where is he going to win it? Why? Where what aspect of the


game. More powerful, nor natural. He has to play as powerful as the


last match. Once he starts, Ferrer dictate the points, forget about it.


Thank you. An exciting day tomorrow. Today was the end of road for some


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