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Day 7

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The grace of Federer, the power of Del Potro, devouring his prey like


Djokovic. He is back in Wimbledon after a traumatic weekend and... He


The last 16, nearly all the big names are still there plus one or


two surprise packages. Every player wants to make the second week of a


Grand Slam and now it is getting Except it has been raining, and


irritating sort of rain. The monsoon would have been more


satisfying but instead it has been a drizzle which has left some of


the big matches up in the air. That's why we are indoors. Tracey,


we are protected from the elements. The other reason is that Rufus the


Hawk did 10 seconds after we filmed earlier, did what other birds do


all over the sofa. Oh, that beautiful sofa! It is less


beautiful than it was. But we've had the cleaners on and hopefully


by tomorrow night, it will be restored to its former glory. We


are indoors and we are going to start with Andy Murray because he


was, after a very, very long night on Saturday, and on Court One and


he doesn't have the protection of the roof. His opponent was Marin


Cillic of Croatia, one half of the second longest match never to take


place at Wimbledon. As is always the way when Murray plays Terris --


when Andy Murray plays tennis, he That is his go to shot, isn't it?


When in doubt, go to the Cilic Not a good defensive return. Cilic


Getting around but not quite A couple of errors. That went down


the middle and again, very effective. He could have taken a


couple of steps back on that ball and hit a normal ground stroke. He


didn't need to half volley that one. He has put himself in a bit of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


The real pressure shot was really the approach because he didn't work


-- he did well enough. That was pure reflexes. He wasn't sure where


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


A good start for Andy Murray and Missed it! He doesn't like it in


the front court. He should've known Great return! Now is the time


perhaps for Murray. The three set A final shot at the end of that


first set from a man who was perhaps tired from the weekend.


Andy Murray, one to the good. Here we are, early in the second set. It


is going with serve. Cilic now It is odd, isn't it? It can look so


spectacular. But he is still making errors. He doesn't look like he's


A fabulous return, that is. You don't see it that often and he took


it so early. He changed direction. You can see the first step again


from Cilic. Very laboured to get It hovered for a split second.


was an unforced error. Now he has to get his opponent moving. That


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Again, phenomenal speed! But Cilic was just calm enough. That was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


He was giving church no time to Just out! Is he going to challenge?


He is challenging it. Andy Murray looks pretty confident that it was


It was a slight Miss Hit which means there was some doubt put out


it was. And now, Andy Murray does It slackened off because the rain


came. That was the last ball hit him in a stand that was Andy Murray


leaving Wimbledon a few moments ago, checking out with the security guys.


He will return tomorrow at midday John McEnroe has joined us. What


did you make of it today? I didn't make a whole lot of it because have


got to be honest, he was running out of fuel. He doesn't have


anything left. He started well. It was an incredible effort for Marin


Cillic the other night but that takes a major toll. He got a great


start. He got the early break but reality set in. Obviously, it helps


him quite a bit because maybe the legs will come back. He is in a


heap of trouble anyway but that went from a one in 50 shot to a one


in 20 shot. The likelihood is he will lose the set -- the second set.


He is a breakdown. He will get something back tomorrow. That will


benefit him, give him a slightly better chance. What did you think


before the game behind -- began? Both Cilic and Andy Murray may have


been tired after Saturday night. was wonderful. I think it is Cilic


who is more physically tired. It was like he played seven secs. It


was tough for him. I was glad to see that Andy had better shorts!


No-ball malfunctions today, for anybody who cares about this.


just choose one ball, like Pete Sampras! But that was awesome. It


was spectacular, it was perfect for Mary. Then fate did the fair thing,


they played him on Court One. Why was not Andy Murray on Centre


Court? They felt morally obliged to try and level things up a bit.


shouldn't it be in his favour? Because we of British and we would


like him to win through the hardest possible route. You are so fair!


let's move on to Federer. Here he is for the 10th year in a row in


They were one or two hiccups but Federer played some amazing tennis


today. He did play amazing tennis but he called a trainer, which have


never seen. That is automatically cause for concern. There was


trouble brewing potentially but, as he often does, he stepped it up and


started to run away with things. The part that I worry about, he


still doesn't look quite like the Roger Federer that we've come to


know and love her. He the movement between him and Djokovic is pretty


significant right now. If that back is an issue, it is hard to manage -


- imagine that he could pull off an upset. Federer has always said that,


the great reasons for his success has been he has been very lucky not


to have many injuries. His body has been kind to him and he has managed


his scheduling make sure he doesn't put himself under enormous pressure.


But maybe, is there a residual problem fair that he has been


keeping from us? He has struggled with his back this year. After the


Australian Open, he struggled. He struggled in Madrid as well. There


were a few times when you could see he was more stiff than usual. It is


tough but he has said that it has worked its way out also because


very cold today. He has played more matches than the other top players


since the US Open. That is a problem. It catches up with you at


30 years of age. He wants that one -- number-one ranking back that


Sampras had. Just a couple more weeks to break his record. They


quick word about Djokovic. That was the perfect match for him, against


a good made by somebody who he knew he was going to beat and he did.


This was scarily good. He has beaten 11 times in a row but this


was just what the doctor ordered. He looked unbeatable. Of course, as


we know, because no doubt went off and played that match and lost it.


Anything can happen. But this is going to be of concern for all the


players left in the draw. He is already in the quarter-finals. He


served at 75 % for the match. We know he has the best return in the


game. This was never a match. This was no stress whatsoever. They week


ago today, on a first night, we were talking about a hangover they


might have been for Djokovic, having lost to the French Open


final and lost the opportunity of that place immortality. Has that


hangover gone now? It seems like it has. He is not under the same level


of stress that he was at the French Open, where he was trying to equal


another tennis player. He is in a situation where he is more


comfortable. I think it has really helped him. Here we are with a week


to go. He was in the best shape? For me it is Djokovic. I think he


is, as John said, moving so well now. He has put himself right up


there. He is serving bigger, hitting big. He has got through the


first week and is through the court has tonight. He is looking tough to


beat. He is my pick. The first time I've switched midstream. I have


switched from Federer to Djokovic. The difference in the movement is


so significant right now. And of course the back issue now as well.


There is still some tennis to be played but he will be tough to beat.


Let's move on to the women's draw. The first match is a repeat of last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Here they were again with the top On the line! She hunted it down.


That was the best short forehand of the day from Sharapova, sprinting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


If the gruntometer was out, it Very, very impressive, at the point


Once again, the mark of a real champion, of the mark of someone


who thinks this might be her year at Wimbledon. In this 9th game, it


wasn't a question of Lisicki playing poorly, it was a question


of Sharapova or elevating her play when she needed to. I read a lovely


piece the other day describing her on the court, dressed in white in


particular, talking about how balletic she can be. She has a


combination of power and ballet. She was likened to the White Swan


in Swan Lake. She moves around with such grace. It is an area of her


game which has improved. She used to be gangly but there is an


elegance about the way she plays these days. Moving much better and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


that is a critical reason why she A very high quality first set. It


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


is getting better with each game The life of a coach. It is always


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


How about that?! How much better to The top seed in a great deal of


As we move into the second set, Lisicki is one game to the good and


Sabine Lisicki has come out inspired after the rain delay.


that is the type of play and we saw from her to get up 5-2 in that


first set, really trying to dictate with the forehand especially, hard


Her second double fault of the day. The first came at a very critical


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Since the resumption we have had seven points. Maria Sharapova has


The top seed, many people's Studio from which there was no


digging herself out. Here we are People often say, I just came here


and did my job. Fantastic to see somebody energise and just draw the


full at the moment of triumph. Fantastic. Soak Sabine Lisicki is


through to the quarterfinals. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


You have not the number one seed out of Wimbledon. I could not tell


whether you were laughing or crying. I think there's at the same time! -


- I think both at the same time. For the third time I have beaten


the French Open champion here so I am just so happy. I have lost the


three previous meetings against her and now I just played well and a


won for the first time. How did you make sure you did not lose his


meeting with Maria? I just went for my shots. From the first point on,


I love playing out there. I love it here. And he did not let your guard


down, because you cannot do that with Maria? Of course. But I am a


fighter, too. I fight until the last point. The last game was tough


but I fought it out so I am happy. She mentioned the crowd. It was


interesting watching it. I was very surprised that the crowd was so


partisan, so much on her side against Sharapova. She gives so


much to the crowd. She is intense when she is playing. One time she


challenged and she asked the ball- boy for the ball. She wanted to see


if there was white paste. Then she was smiling. So much the German


press have been complaining it that she is Territt -- to emotional at


times. I would recommend that she does not listen to every single


where they are saying. All the media. That goes without saying, I


suppose. I'll be OK over there? Sorry, I have completely


disconnected myself so I have no means of communicating with the


outside world. I will just keep talking. She has no reason not to


enjoy what she was doing today. She plays spectacular tennis. We know


she has huge serve and powerful groundstrokes and their game plan


was to go after her air strikes. She had her ankle in April but then


she lost four matches in a row. -- she injured her ankle. I'm sure


hand -- I saw her when that happened and she was very depressed.


But she already said she was looking towards Wimbledon. Quarters,


2010. Semifinals, 2011. I loved the way she plays. Maria Carolan care,


she has always worked hard. But none of those art big hitters.


back in contact with mission control. A quick word about


Sharapova. When she has been down you're always felt there was


something to get her back into the match but watching today I never


felt there was any point when she was going to overcome Lisicki.


is because Lisicki played so well. Sharapova said afterwards that she


had many chances and she did. She was down 5-2 in the first set, got


the break and then was up and then double-faulted. She returned


protect the French to win but it was still of a bit of a concern


what would happen with the South -- serve because it is tougher to


break when you play Lisicki on grass. I still thought that game,


get the momentum, it was surprising that went away. She not only lost


the match today as her No. 1 ranking. Yes, it will go either to


read from cow or Victoria Azarenka. One of the big things about women's


tennis at the moment is she made the number two in the world but who


actually is Victoria Azarenka? She is the miss from Minsk,


Australian Open champion, world number two, once the number one.


Victoria Azarenka has a prize fighter's strut. She hoots when she


is hot and screams when she is not there. She has bat has a presence


on court, attitude counts when it comes from Azarenka's corner. And


yet there is a certain anonymity about one so lofty, stiff-wristed.


We would not think it but Victoria is a bit of a secret, to the UK


masses at least. That's the time has come for a public unveiling of


a potential Wimbledon champion in waiting.


Tracey, talk to us about her performance today and her as a


player. Her performance today was a phenomenal against Ivanovic. She


has been playing very well. She has yet to lose a set here and I think


she's somebody we should stop mentioning because at the bidding


of the tournament we talked so much about Sharapova and Serena Williams


but Azarenka won the Australian Open earlier this year. And


Azarenka is -- has such a great return and she got in the


semifinals here last year on grass. I think she probably does not mind


that not so many people are talking about her. She's kind of in the


shadows. I am sure I will get some angry letters from the WTA but part


of the reason she is not as popular as she could be his bat and


throwing things. I know they are talking about doing something about


it. -- that no groaning at thing it. Sharapova does it amended two of


them play it is like you need earplugs. Kirilenko makes an


extraordinary noise as well. But Azarenka's is a double noise.


extended. I think John is right. That is one thing. I think the


crunching. But many people loved Sharapova as well. They do not love


the noises. Azarenka, she needs to learn to embrace the press a little


more. Especially with the debris rape -- WTA talking about these


noises. She said they had not talked to her. Then she said, good


luck with that. That is kind of a smutty comment, instead of talking


about it. -- PACE Motty comment. - a snotty comment. But isn't it nice


that she likes to go under the radar? There is a part that could


rub the players the wrong way. She has an attitude and she is not


popular. I mentioned that Kirilenko made a lot of noise on one court. I


was next door watching another court, Serena Williams against


Schvedova or. She had played April his opponent to who get to the


final of the French Open, and yet Serena Williams got to the third


COMMENTATOR: Six games, 24 strict It really was extraordinary. Only


the second time it has ever happened at Wimbledon. The match


today, you would have thought might have been a one-way street but


Sabina started off very impressively and certainly in terms


of the first set, she was boss in the match. But the great thing


about her parents from Kazakhstan, who is a Russian by birth but has


taken Kazakhstan nationality... Her Sarin it was looking like an --


Serena Williams was looking like a potential champion in the first set.


Here we are in the second set. Should the day there is a leading


They need those glasses, there is a very misty the player and one to


one there. This game really could have gone either way. So here we


find ourselves at 5-5 in the deciding set. The crucial thing


here now is it has just started to rain, so Yaroslava or so read about


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


-- Yaroslava or Schvedova is going COMMENTATOR: That ended up cramping


Sabina Williams on the baseline. The return was superb. I do not


think she expected her opponent to move so well and pick it up. One of


the features of this match has been the athleticism of the big player


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


from Kazakhstan. She has picked up Soak the double fault card creeps


up to six. A crucial time. Some great points once more. She'd just


And she has done it. Williams Sarin has four wins to go it she


hopes to emulate Vinas' ft of five The trap here for Serena Williams


is to rush, because there is a lot of moisture in the air and she must


just want to get it done and dusted. But you do not want to brush. I was


always taught, the longer -- the more you rush, the longer things


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


An extraordinary stroke play it up by it misjudging that return from


Williams, Williams has secured much Her GPS was just off course on that


particular occasion. Match point, Williams jumped for joy. At the


realisation she has secured a victory on Miss fourth round


encounter up. Now she can enjoy the moment, soaking up the applause


from this crowd here on the court that is now filled to capacity.


That was a fantastic game. Serena Williams was victorious and if you


were watching a couple of days ago you may have seen her press


conference when she was asked how she was feeling and she said, I am


OK, playing well but the more thing I want more than anything is for


someone some torrent to give me some red roses. So...


I hope you do not mind, we have taken the opportunity to get you


some roses. Why it is my favourite colour. That is so sweet! And you


so much. So every time you win we will give you some more flowers.


Thank you. He is horribly smooth the! He was


so excited about that. I thought she wanted red roses? Yes, and he


did not tell her that they were �2.99 from a garage down the road.


Sarin it looks better. -- Serena Williams looked better. Her lack of


movement struck me because she was always so awesome at that. Today


was better returns. The serve is always there. We shall -- sort 23


aces. I keep waiting for that breakout matcha and obviously, that


would be the time to do it. She has had two extremely close matches and


I do not know if it is because she is 30, she is not as confident as


she normally is, came off the first round last... But it does seem


like... Because she was so quick around the court and it seems that


she is in good shape. It is just the spring does not seem to be


there. That first step that is not the same. And Yaroslava share the


Deva did not do a press conference after that, so we do not know why


she took her glasses off. She will be further upset to note that was


the only match that was being played at that particular point. I


think the glasses topped up a bit. Because she is a wild card who


perhaps does not have the same pride that the big names would have


done, if she had gone to the umpire -- who does not have the same


impact, if she had gone to the umpire and said, I wear glasses,


one to come off, but they have not listened to her? She would have


been pooh-poohed? Pooh-poohed? It sounds sort of lame. She may be has


a right to complain but we saw Francesca Schiavone complained.


will talk about the rain. We have managed to complete the women's


final -- quarterfinal line-up despite the rain.


Kim Clijsters is a glittering bronze lamp champion but it was


only an exhibition match three years ago that brought her out of


retirement to add to have made a collection. But this year she is


going to retire again and today we witnessed her last appearance at


these championships. Eighth is seeded German Kerber was


unstoppable, even for a player of It was a straight-sets end to a


Wimbledon career that began in 1999 but the Olympics and US Open still


beckon and after that, her next job is not too bad either. I am very


happy that I had a chance to travel the world with my family and my has


done is supporting me as well. In a few months, and it will be


different again. I will be the wise taking care ask my husband and


daughter, and I am looking forward to that as well. Wimbledon champion


Petra Kvitova banners up in trouble against Shia that Tony. But then


it's a's former French Open champion started to slip. --


Schiavone. The rain started and Schiavone it was not happy. She


highlighted her agitation. Nothing was sacred, not even the balls.


Kvitova kept her cool and took the deciding third set 6-1 and faces


Serena Williams in the quarters. Another Italian failed in the last


16 today, to Austria the'CES Paszek. -- 2 Austria's Paszek. Paszek dates


that winning smile into a quarterfinal against Victoria


Azarenka. Italy is not having the best couple of days because


Radwanska was too good for Giorgio Del boy, another Italian tumbling


in the last 16. The Giorgi was dismissed in straight sets. A


tougher challenge for Reds franker's quarterfinal opponent,


Kirilenko. She dropped the second set on a tie-break only to win the


decider at 6-3 against the Chinese player on court well. With British


weather, you have to prepare all eventualities. Was Pakistan's


Istomin drug Mikhail Youzhny to five sets. The spitting rain may


not have dampened down the pollen quite as much as some would have


liked. Dry eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, but would suggest


antihistamine but for fear of drowsiness. So let's stick clearly


to anti-his statement. His opponent today took a brace against Federer


in the finals. He has quite a good record against you? You have played


13 times and he has won 13 times? Congratulations for the most


contrived link so far in our Paszek, at the bottom against


Azarenka. There will be one German into the semifinals. It means that


we have an interesting quarterfinal set up there. Would you look at the


Williams game of being the one you Absolutely. It is going to be a


hard hitting match and neither one of them has played up to BET top


capability yet, so they are going to have to come at early. There is


no doubt about that but it is nice to see the open hearth so available.


Been open top half. Marie Kirilenko, they always get beaten up by these


bigger, stronger girls. They get to play each other, which is nice. So


one of them will at least get to the semifinals. He and his like it.


The number one ranking at stake. Because it has rained, several


matches are going to have to be picked up at various points


set and a break up. Tsonga lost to Fish. He lost the first set to Fish.


Ferre and Del Potro have not started yet, neither have Brian


Baker and Kohlschreiber. Tomorrow you have a real bonus if you have


tickets on both Centre Court and Court One because on the Centre


Court, Arthur David Ferrer against Del Potro digs things off and it is


a 12 noon start, worth emphasising We ought to say what has been


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